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My philosophy of teaching is to create a safe environment that allows for
freedom of learning where all-around flexible and adaptable teaching style
(formal authority, demonstrator, facilitator, and delegator), differentiated
instruction, and cooperative learning is being carried out with mutual love and
respect among my learners. I believe that learner-oriented teaching promotes
enduring understanding and learning that is both continuing and purposeful. I
believe that the most significant learning occurs in situations that are both
meaningful and realistic.
As a teacher, it is my responsibility to discover the diversity and uniqueness of my
learners, what kinds of mathematical knowledge and experience they bring to
the class, and what they want to attain so that I can adapt a 21st century
knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values with emphasis on a curriculum that fits
their needs and yet leaves enough room to accommodate lessons that emerge
from independent and group discovery.
I always believe in the statement of Socrates that Education is the kindling of a
flame, not the filling of a vessel. I embrace differentiated instruction and
cooperative learning method in teaching and other active learning activities
with the use of hands-on materials and multimedia visuals and tools because
they stimulate motivation, participation, intellectual discussion, cooperative
problem solving, and camaraderie and lay the foundation for life-long
collaborative practice.
By assessing where my learners are with respect to our departments learning
goals and mine, I can provide the framework they need to build connections
between what they already know and the new understandings they seek to
I believe that teachers who demonstrate interest and thirst for learning motivate
students to achieve and so choose to develop his personal proficiency through
attending seminars and workshops, collaborating with colleagues on
instructional strategies, and through pursuing higher studies.
As an all-around flexible and adaptable teacher, believe that innovative
teaching practices can cover up the lack of facilities or school materials and
congested classrooms; and these are not hindrances for my students growth
and desire to achieve their learning goals. It is my sincere joy when I see my
students give quality presentations and quantitative output and most of all when
they achieve their dreams right before my eyes.