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July 2017

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July 2017
July 2017
Church Directory: We will be working on a new church directory in August.
Here is the website to go to for online sign up:
If you have any questions please contact Brenda Long.
Pictures will be available for purchase.

Sunday Morning Worship Time has been
changed to 8:30am starting July 2nd….

Flower Gardeners:
If you have a bouquet of flowers to share on a Sunday morning,
sign up on the sheet on the serving counter--or, call the office and
check with Sandy. Thanks!

Cassia Winkels (Bride to be of Eric Erickson)
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Peace Lutheran Church
Registered at Target and Fleet Farm
Everyone Welcome!!

Pastor Sarah Evenson, Heather Danner, Lexi Danner, Ryanne Long, and Joyce
Hanson attended the Assembly which opened at 3:00 pm with Plenary Session I.
The theme of the 2017 Assembly was: Risky Business: Always Reforming.

A report from the Synod Women’s Organization was presented by Sue Ellwanger,
President. She reported that 7,287 quilts were sent to World Relief and other
organizations. There were pictures on power point of the churches that made quilts
and Peace Lutheran Ever Blessed Quilters were one of the groups. Their 30 th Annual
Convention will be held September 14 & 15 in Detroit Lakes with a theme of “Be

Nominations for Synod Secretary, Synod Treasurer, 2 Synod Consultation
Committee members, 3 Synod Discipline Committee members, 4 Conference
Representatives, and 2 At Large Council Members were introduced. There were no
nominations from the floor. A motion to accept all persons on the ballot was passed.

Hunger Presentation revealed there are 1 in 9 persons in the world that are
chronically hungry. The “Holy Cow” award went to Calvary Lutheran Church in Long
Prairie, with Trinity Lutheran of Moorhead, First Lutheran of Alexandria, and Calvary
Lutheran of Perham coming in the next positions.

Bishop’s Report:
2017 is the 10th anniversary of Bishop Larry Wohlrabe’s election. He has taught at
170 congregations and has presided over 79 ordinations, along with 217 installations
that have been held during this time. He has said farewell to 43 congregations (31
after human sexuality issue left the Synod and 12 closed their doors). There have
been 2 new ministries opened – one in Frazee and one in Hawley. 87 ministers retired,
39 resigned, and 55 have passed away. Bishop Wohlrabe will not be seeking a 3 rd term
so there will be an election for a new Bishop for 2019-2025 in 2018.

The Proposed 2018 Compensation Guidelines have been divided into 5 booklets: 1.
Ministers without Parsonages; 2. Ministers with Parsonages; 3. Congregations and
Church Workers; 4. Synodically Authorized Ministers (SAM); 5. Lay Church Workers.
A copy of these will be available at the church office.

Keynote Speaker was Rev. Dr. Mark Tranvik who presented 3 separate talks about
Martin Luther, Katherine (Von Bora) Luther, and Robert Graetz. I purchased his book,
“Martin Luther and the Called Life,” which I will donate to the church library after
I have read it.

A group presented the “Lutheran Radio Hour” with music, humor, and memories.
The day closed with root beer and Hymns.
Plenary Session 2 began with Holy Communion Services, Bishop Wohlrabe

Lutheran Youth Organization: 2018 Youth Gathering will be held in Houston,
Texas where they expect 30,000 youth in attendance.

ELCA Churchwide Report by Molly Beck Dean: Many sites to refer to were
presented i.e.;;;
womenandjustic;; which will explain the
Leadership Initiative, immigrant needs, poverty programs in Minnesota, mis-
sionaries for youth, congregational vitality, and the ELCA credit union that has
been created.

Pastor Sarah accepted an award for West Moe Church who will be celebrating
their 150th Anniversary this year.

Growth Groups: 11 break-out sessions were offered. Heather, Lexi, and
Ryanne attended the “2018 ELCA Youth Gathering” Session and I attended
“Collaborative Conversations” lead by Pastor Karla Mickelson. I learned many
new ideas for collaborations with internal church groups, external groups in
the communities, and with other congregations and religious groups which I
will gladly share.

Attendance: It was announced that there were 139 registered ministers, 277
lay persons, 10 youth, and 54 visitors in attendance for a total of 480 present
at the assembly.

Fiscal Proposal: 2017 revenues $1,710,706 – 1,706,021 expenses = $4,685 car-
ry over; 2018 revenues 1,727,207 – 1,727,188 expenses = $19 carry over

An open mike was held where several commented on the shortage of minis-

Committee on the Whole Discussion by Pastor Matthew Peterson: Will be us-
ing: Holy Cow Association and CAT (Congregation Assessment Tools) to
guide the task force in the transition to a new Bishop. Pastor Jean Ohman and
Ken Greiner from United Lutheran in Elbow Lake are on this task force. It was
suggested to have youth representation on the task force.

Resolutions: There were 5 resolutions presentations. After much discussion,
each resolution was passed. They are available on the Synod website.

The 2018 Synod Assembly will be held June 8th and 9th at Concordia College,
Moorhead with the theme “Pursuing Reconciliation” and the Keynote Speaker
will be Dr. Lois Malcolm from Luther Seminary.

Submitted by Joyce Hanson, Peace Council Member & Sunday School
Peace Church Council Meeting Minutes May 10 th, 2017
Present: Jim Johnson, Gaylene Hanson, Joyce Hanson, Lois Scherer, Lexi Danner, Marilyn Frykman, Tom Gardner, Treasurer, Sandy Kash-
mark Absent: Charles Johnson, Pastor Evenson
Visitors attending for brief discussion: Brenda Long, church directory project liaison and Youth Director, Heather Danner.
Prior to the formal call to order Brenda gave a brief update re: the 2017 church directory plans. Project will be coordinated with Jennifer Peder-
son Photography of Herman MN. Scheduled dates will be August 14 th through the 20th. Announcements will be made via monthly newsletters
and social media. Members may schedule times with the photographer via on line scheduling and also through direct phone contact. Brenda will
continue to do due diligence regarding costs, formats, scheduling information etc. and will inform Chairman Tom of any pertinent needs or
changes to project. Goal with the new directory is to have a resource with the faces/names/contact information/various ministries of our Peace
Youth Director, Heather gave a brief update regarding completion of the 2017 confirmation program, the planned Youth mission trip and fund
raising efforts and also presented the council with Thank you notes from our Release time students.
Chairman Tom called meeting order at 6:15 p.m.
Secretary’s report was presented in written form. Comment was made by Chairman Tom, the notation re: bus update under old business is still
pending. This will be scheduled in May. Motion was made to approve secretary’s report by Joyce, second by Lois. MC
Treasurer’s report was presented in written form. Motion to approve April’s transactions was made by Marilyn with second offered by
Gaylene. MC Balance of the treasurer’s report reviewed and motion to approve the financials made by Marilyn with second by Jim. MC
Pastor’s report was presented in written form by Chairman Tom in Pastor Evenson’s absence and will be filed with the monthly minutes. Sum-
mary consists of member visits, coordination with Heather and Joyce regarding youth ministries, attendance at WCA activities and possible col-
laborative with another Pastor for fall youth activities. The Moe Parish has requested the Peace announcements be available to the Moe mem-
bers also. Invitation from the Moe Churches was issued to the Peace family for a summer gathering at the Johnson Farm on August 25th. More
information will follow regarding this festivity. There has been very positive feedback regarding the Lenten worship series.
Old Business
Roof repair: work completed, final billing pending
Youth Mission trip: note Heather’s discussion prior to call to order
Senior Scholarships formal acknowledgements have been sent.
Confirmation service scheduled for May 21st at 11:00 a.m.
Church Directory: note Brenda’s input prior to call to order
500th year Anniversary of Reformation education, pending for fall
One student, Ryanne Long, will be attending Luther Crest. Scholarship will be awarded.

New Business
Dakota Kashmark will be contacted for summer lawn mowing.
Consensus of the council, a request for the renting out of our church bus will be denied.
Administrator, Sandy, will be researching the purchasing of new office furniture to replace the deteriorating furniture in the Administrator’s
office. Pending.
Discussion regarding a recent request from a community member for support in a financial crisis. A $100.00 was given for this local mis-
sion. Council consensuses for future requests are as follows: 1. based on individual need/request 2. Limit will be $100.00, drawn from
Thrivent funding-2017 3. Donation specific to vendor or commercial source, not the individual. 4. Linked as a mission gift. 5. Al-
ways get Pastoral input prior to the gift. 6. Discuss as a 2018 budget item if deemed necessary.
Mid-Year meeting with Moe Parish: glean information/input from Pastor Sarah and all of the various active Peace ministries, along with
input from the new Mutual ministry team.
Request from members to define and publish Pastor Sarah’s office hours at Peace in bulletin, newsletters and social media. Chairman Tom
will coordinate with Admin. Sandy.

Motion to adjourn made by Gaylene with a second by Lexi. MC
Adjourned at 7:20 p.m.
M. Frykman recording.
Let’s Build Kits of Care!
Our congregation is collecting items to assemble Personal
Care, School, and Baby Care Kits to donate to Project
Promise, a project of Lutheran World Relief. Our kits will go
around the world, helping people in need provide for their
families. YOU CAN HELP! To find out what items you can
donate we have lists for each kit in the front entryway.

Barrett/Hoffman Community Blood Drive

Thursday, July 13th 1-7pm

Messiah Lutheran Church Hoffman, MN

Appointment call Sandy Perry 320-528-2342

ALERT: The Red Cross is currently distributing
blood and platelet donations to hospitals faster than
donations are coming in. Please schedule an
appointment now to help save lives.
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