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Week 1 Day 5

I. Objectives:
A. Content Standard: The learner listens critically; communicate feelings and ideas orally and in
writing with high level of proficiency; and reads various text types materials to serve learning
B. Performance Standard: Evaluate the film shown as to the effectivity of its convention and forms
C. Learning Competencies: ENGVC Ia-5.1.1; Describe different forms and conventions of film
and moving pictures (lights)
II. Subject Matter: Viewing: Film Convention
III. References:
1. Joy in Learning English 5, pages 27-28
2. Wonders in English 6, pp. 48-49
IV. Procedure:
A. Preparation:
1. Review on the important elements and features of writing a poem such as: rhymes,
meter, moods, tone, theme, etc.
B. Presentation:
1. Ask the children about their most favorite movie or telenovela. What keeps you
interested in watching that particular movie/telenovela? What makes it different
from other movies?
2. Discuss the given elements of Film Convention
a. Characters in the film or in stage, whether protagonist or antagonist,
characters are the important element of make-up and the way the characters
say and act give a glimpse of the personality they convey to the audience.
b. Lighting scenes may be dark, shadowy, or brightly lit.
- It draws the audience to the details focusing either on the
characters or things
- Lighting effects in films and plays provide spectacles or the
necessary atmosphere needed in the scene.
c. Dialogue are the lines spoken between the character in a film or play. The
dialogue is written in a script and followed by the director and the members of
the cast.
3. Play any available movie in the school and after watching the movie, discuss the
answers to these questions:
a. Sound effects
1. Does the kind of music suit the kind of movie? Why?
2. Is the pacing appropriate or not? Why?
3. Does the music help create the right mood or emotional feel? Why?
b. Lighting Effects
1. How does the lighting vary from one scene to scene? Give examples of
2. What meaning does backlight convey?
3. What does a light across a character form convey?
Further discussion and explanations are needed to understand the concept of film
V. Evaluation: Play another film in class. Then form groups to discuss and analyze the sound and light
effects used in the movie show.

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