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A NEW BOOK BY JEWISHTIMES PUBLISHER Religions conflict.Mesora.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. RABBI MOSHE BEN-CHAIM they all can’t be God’s word. I display the brilliance of the Torah compared to man made religions. 2017 .” Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim Enjoy the book preview and audio recording of the author’s live talk: CLICK THIS LIVE LINK WHEN VIEWING ONLINE: 2 | WWW.MESORA. I ask the questions we each need to ask. How do we choose which is God’s true religion? “In my new book. I explain how the Torah (Bible) is proven as God’s only religion and how all others are fabrications. I offer answers.

org/jewishtimes/default.mesora.Mesora. of your provided the content Egypt—we do not know what has happened to Weekly Parsha Archives http://www.mesora.php?u=http://www.mesora. 2017 | 3 .htm http://www.mesorag/ http://www.htm http://www.htm Audio Archives Saul: How do we understand the medrash Rashi cites that either the magicians or Micha created the Gold Calf? http://www.htm Jewishtimes Archives RABBI MOSHE BEN-CHAIM http://www.Mesora.php?u= http://www.htm http://www. your make us a god who shall go before us. and bring them to me.mesora.htm http://www.php?u=http://www.facebokm/shrae. 10 The Power of Words DANI ROTH Contacts We invite feedback at this address: Dani Roth shares an important comments@mesora. “Take off the gold rings that are on the ears is not altered.htm send any from other religions.htm http://www.php?u= http://www.php?u=http://www.mesora.htm for that man Moses.mesora.facebook. and your daughters.htm http://www.facebook.mesora. The role of sanctity in Judaism differs To Rabbi: Let’s cite the verse and the entire Search “When the people saw that Moses delayed in coming down from the 14 The First Rashi DAVID RINDE How does Rashi’s answer address the question of the Jews’ right to Israel? delivered by email.php?u=http://www.php?u=http://www.htm RABBI ISRAEL CHAIT Subscriptions are free.php?u=http://www.facebook.” And all the people took off the gold rings that ( and then proceed to analyze it: Interactive Classes Donations https://www.facebook.htm http://www. (516)569-8888 Advertising https://www.facebook.php?u=http://www.php?u=http://www.htm Content at Mesora. the people gathered against Aaron and said to http://www.htm http://www.php?u=http://www.php?u=http://www.php?u= http://www.php?u= Subscribers will also receive our advertisers' emails and our regular email announcements.php?u=http://www.facebook.” Aaron said to ON NEXT PAGE) WWW.htm Explain this Medrash Philosophy Archives http://www.Mesora.php?u=http://www. “ htp:/ http://www.mesora.mesora.php?u=http://www. and credits are http://www.mesora. who brought us from the land of Articles may be reprinted without consent of the Jewishtimes or the lesson of how speech hurts and What are its email message to: unique characteristics? subscribe@mesora.php?u= LETTERS http://www.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5.facebook.facebook.mesora. THE JOURNAL ON JEWISH THOUGHT The Jewishtimes is published Fridays and May 5 3 Medrashim RABBI MOSHE BEN-CHAIM A reader inquires of the Gold Calf’s formation: How are conflicting parties responsible and what are the strange details? How do we decipher this medrash? 6 Kedusha: Sanctity 12 Light Unto Nations RABBI REUVEN MANN Rabbi Mann examines the Jews’ role and what earns God‘s providence.Mesora.htm http://www.

” Micha was idolatrous. Ramban and Or Hachaim dismiss Calf. using an item When blaming either the magicians or Micha. Israel. where man Gold Calf as a means to relate to God. And they exclaimed. Micha is the perfect candidate as the one who made the Calf.” They merely used the Micha. They have plate upon which Moses had written not confronted monotheism. thus the plate was Furthermore. one’s psychological the notion that the Jews thought the Calf to be ed the Gold Calf with a tool. As this Joseph in this medrash may point to the Jewish why was that object God’s name? projection exists only in fantasy. why did an array of physical entities—usually human. but some other element. 32:4). This he took from them and formed sy—saying the magicians “made” the calf. the Calf would have equally been retained. but metaphors or allegories. 32:4) comments: dependency on parents. There are some who say that Micah the having been raised with monotheistic idolator was there. or mesh it with his Judaism. so their transition “Come up. but used Jewish These conflicting histories regarding who raiments (ephod) and retained the services of a crafted the Gold Calf indicate that they are not Levite. The assuaged his conflict. and made it into a molten in truth. ox. Had these been One form is expressed by the magicians. The root of idolatry is youth. the rabbis said leaders responsible for Jewish monotheism. his relationship intend to convey the two forms of idolatry. who had been drawn teachings. 32:1-4). Their relationship to it as a Depending on one’s origins. As noted. the Egyptian face this challenge. “No fool would say the gold parents are in fact not powerful. thereby resolving his conflict between literal. But the Jew must either Micha cast that plate into the melting pot abandon idolatry. Thus. “This is your god. those who created and infantile in their understanding of the used a plate bearing God’s name or identity. the verse cannot be contradicted related to both Moshe and Joseph. he has a more difficult task. LETTERS were in their ears and brought them to identify one idolatrous methodology—fanta- Aaron. god is akin to making the idol. and oid or beast-like to resemble the parent. they raise the coffin of Joseph (who is maintain their idolatrous emotion with no compared to an ox) out of the Nile. Micha we are attributing to them not the creation of which says that Aaron sculpted the Calf. like all other poor traits. just as the Golden Calf was magicians and the Egyptians were primitive idolatrous dynamics. Ramban said. ■ 4 | WWW. This is to be “As soon as Aaron had thrown the gold abandoned. That element rabbis intent is that the magicians merely identity for his idolatry. calf. All people possess the infantile psychological Rashi (Exod. Additionally. Where does that was in their ears is what brought them up What is unique to the Egyptian magicians and the adult displace his image of the powerful out of Egypt (Exod. Jews too into the fire in a melting pot. The for the rabbis lesson of this second mode of literal accounts. unlike the magicians. come up. powerful. No human is exempt. to infantile adults. He unaware. Certainly Judaism and idolatry by dressing his idolatry in this is so. He forth from the foundations of a building in experiences a conflict of which gentiles are Egypt where he was nearly crushed.” garb. where teaching that behind idolatry is the need for the the Torah would not state that Aaron made the children view parents (physical entities) as supernatural. Micha also retained in both versions. and retained a Jewish this idol. The rabbis to idolatry will have one of two dynamics. related to God’s name.MESORA. But the verse clearly states Aaron sculpt. that parent? Idolatry is the response. as opposed to other personalities.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. as the Torah openly identifies Aaron a Hebrew guise. and universe. I believe the rabbis deified that gold idol. and bumps in the road. But if magicians who joined the Jews’ exodus a Jew fails to extricate himself from the made the golden calf through their magic. ox!” in order to to adulthood experiences no conflicts. they only deified this gold idol. nature finds conflict in the realization that his God.” abstract projection. Idolatry the rabbis connected them with the Calf? projects a powerful character onto any one of aims a relating to a deity. 2017 . is idolatry’s dynamics. the magicians used “magic” in making the Calf. The Role of Moshe and Micha require an object to create the calf. When mature. idolatrous emotion of deifying physical entities. Ki Tisa 19). But it with a stylus. and the calf (the young ox) came out He does so by cloaking his idolatry in “Jewish (Tanchuma. Gentiles seamlessly grow from had in his possession God’s name and a infantile infants. but a physical cloaking. who brought you out of the Another idolatrous method is not mere land of Egypt (Exod. and Micha’s conflict.

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htm Pure They state of PARSHA http://www. in order for one to be a possible when one is a poresh. 2017 | 7 .mesora. If one pleasures. punishment is merely a means to have respecting God? although advocating a lifestyle of control the person from being abstinence. man could only achieve true happi- constantly strive to be kadosh.mesora.php?u=http://www.facebook. sanctity.mesora.htm http://www.mesora. and not limited by.htm http://www.htm KEDOSHIM We commandment. ON NEXT PAGE)” Chazal teach us that kedusha concept of a poresh is not so the rational faculty.php?u=http://www.htm a is This abstains from the physical because of creates a dilemma based upon our There is a critical distinction fear of punishment than he is not truly aforesaid definition.htm who abstains - Throughout the He is abstaining In Judaism. and thereby remain in a The concept of a “poresh”.himself.mesora.facebook.htm http://www.htm Sanctity Rabbi Israel Chait — Written by Rabbi Mendy Feder A very central theme through.php?u=http://www. Such an idea would be intellectual nature.facebook.mesora. based upon their Creator by His very that human nature has two from the physical prohibition only (CONT.mesora.htm Kedusha: http://www.mesora. tially a Poresh .php?u=http://www.facebook.mesora. must have greater signifi.facebook.htm http://www.htm cance than simply abstaining. we are commanded to really has the desire to do the The philosophers.php?u=http://www.php?u= In Leviticus chapter 19 verse 2. They therefore we are commanded to be kadosh nothing more than an exercise of preached a lifestyle of but flow naturally to the area of reason for one to live a moral life style.htm The Torah’s However to the Torah Jew the concept that they naturally flow to wisdom.php?u=http://www. there would be no longer attracted to the areas of the strive to mold our nature to be essen- sexual.htm http://www.mesora. what relevance does it philosophers.mesora. http://www. the wisdom.mesora.mesora. true withholding something from himself.php?u=http://www.mesora.php?u=http://www. Insofar as one’s essence is and attain sanctity in order that we greatest philosophical minds without truly that of a poresh. The fear of prohibitions. http://www.php?u=http://www. essence of a poresh is an individual to be ed action but he is just controlling ness in the pursuits of his http://www.htm http://www. the source of http://www.php?u=http://www. an ciation of human nature.facebook. as This would imply that the person human nature they concluded that Torah Jews. Man has an instinctual out Judaism is the concept ofabstention infers that the person is nature and an intellectual nature. then we can This implies that if not for this of his true nature.htm http://www. If holy means between the Torah’s concept of “ We are taught that if we lead a abstain from the sexual whereby all ones energies flow to the only then will he relate to the creator.mesora.php?u=http://www.htm http://www.htm http://www.facebook. If a person to be holy because God is succeeds in redirecting his energies so that the Torah is redundant. His energies are no have a relationship with G-d. who is poresh because it is a reflection lifestyle of abstinence.htm http://www.facebook.php?u=http://www.htm http://www.php?u= Such a person is still guided merely to abstain from the sexual ah” – abstention – and that of the by the pleasure principle.facebook.facebook.mesora.php?u= http://www. “kedusha”.htm This metaphysical ous to. there is the benefit of the Torah have come to the “image of God” in himself.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. The best life is one of relationship with the creator is only abstention from the physical because “I the Lord your God am self-restraint and denial.php?u=http://www. Although Based upon their investigation of the term seems rather abstract.php?u=http://www. The Torah additionally instructs us acquisition of he partakes of can relate to God.php?u= based it upon their appre. The a metaphysical dimension if one is a the same conclusion.htm http://www.htm http://www.facebook. The of abstinence has much greater signif- means to be “poresh mey arayot”. requires great intellectual conviction.htm It would therefore seem poresh from the Torah perspective.

We must be scrupulous in living life in line with his essential nature. “I your God am holy. the Rabbis taught that metaphysical relationship with the they felt there was a virtue in moral the reason Job lost his wealth was creator. Since God is not However. This is not to be taken literally as espousing an austere existence. not an end. with an appreciation of “I your God am austere existence. He is simply pursuing not physical and whose essence is appreciation of the life of wisdom. “all the ways of the Mishna Torah in his book on kedusha Therefore. This obviously cannot be taken literal- metaphysical. of the mitzvos. After learning this lesson and redirecting his energies. the our pursuit of true holiness. Thus we can appreciate eating pork because he doesn’t like it. We are told that rooted in the physical pleasures. he used his prosperity simply as a means in Avodas Hashem. but that he is not Rashi is expressing the importance of the spiritual level a person can relate to God having it to demonstrate his acceptance concept of kedusha. The imperative of “kedoshim teheeyu” live life the best way. Elokim. one should not refrain from it. Such a person’s energies are still based upon the intellectual dictates of the offered in this world. He is in a unique state. subject to physical whims and passions. If one is fortunate to live a life of kedusha his energies must because he feels that indulging said restrictions. God. that God would command man not to foods and prohibited sexual relations. worship of God. It is obvious that His point is evident. where. ly for most of the 613 commandments the Torah imperative to be holy because The proper attitude is for one to say that are not within the parsha of Kedoshim. Nor did Rashi teaches us that the parsha of talmid chacham – a wise person – is they have an emotional repulsion to Kedoshim is so basic that “kol goofay naturally drawn towards the principles of pleasure. best life since they hold that “kol d’rache. after he realized that the physical was only a means to relate to God. He struggles to elevate his essential concept to the Torah observant behavior from purely the instinctual to Jew. he did not direct his energies to the learning of Torah and its teaching.” At such a high he really desires pork. His desire mirrored in the world of the ideational. the basic instinctual drives of man. that adherence to its basic princi- The Rabbis agree with the philoso.MESORA. to the physical. that the life of the ideational is the based upon mans true nature. Thus. he is not fulfilling the relationship with the creator. One can only attain must be appreciated in the proper God desires man to achieve happiness by kedusha by channeling his energies from perspective. Quite the contrary is true hatorah teluyin bah”. This does not mean health reasons. was he capable of regaining his riches. 2017 . his intellect. This philosophy is charac. True Torah not predicated on the physical. which he did not where his energies will naturally flow to “I your God am holy. for longevity has displaced his appetitive commands that man aspire to live a life Chazal did enjoy the benefits that God desires. He viewed it as an end in and of itself. because we are taught “ei efshar bli basar ples of the Torah are summarized within by his energies naturally flow to the chazeer”. the mitzvah of kedusha is an Torah are pleasant”. ■ 8 | WWW. which venerates him greater physical pain.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. However a the lifestyles of priests and nuns. If one However the Torah recognizes that by sexual and appetitive and directing them abstains from being a glutton because of living a life of wisdom. he pleasures of this world. He had the blessings of Ultimately he can aspire to kedusha so too man is directed to be holy because the physical world. but his energies were not drawn to wisdom since the learning of Torah will the Rabbis did not fully partake of the the physical. naturally flow toward wisdom of Torah.” We are taught that deny. where one works to channel his energies through wisdom. However. the level of kedusha – holiness – which is ples can lead one to perfection as a Ben phers. who is denial of the physical but rather an commandment. all the basic princi- the Torah. This does not as evidenced by his appellation. It is such a vital and as his energies naturally flow to wisdom. The Vilna Gaon explains the concept of “pas bemelach tochal” that one should subsist on bread and salt. His will obtain true kedusha and be blessed mean that they essentially sought an energies naturally flowed to wisdom. This means that if one is to succeed as a talmid chocham – a wise student of Torah – he demands total commitment. his tzelem Torah. Rebbi was very wealthy and there was sanctity requires a painstaking process Only then is one able to approach God nothing lacking from on his table. PARSHA because he had an over attachment to materialism. Maimonides in his ha darchay noam”. It would be absurd incorporates the laws of the forbidden extremely valuable concept in Judaism. They did not believe in holy” and be fortunate to have a repressing their desires simply because Alternatively. one desire in favor of another. He lived the life of a kadosh give him the greatest pleasure. The Gaon explains that at the beginning of one’s learning he must “pas b’melach tochal”. one initiates a to the intellect. physical desires would ultimately cause teristic of Catholicism.


“I have the ‫ תירוץ‬said Rabbi Lenwood “You should apologize. The next place in this class!” The next day ‫ מנשה‬came back to day when Rabbi Lenwood got to “But Rebbi. though. I have a Lenwood answered. His parents knew they would ׁ ‫ שמע מינא‬to never forget the power ‫ חד‬kid came up to Rabbi Lenwood ‫ בעי‬to save up enough money to get of words. ‫מנשה‬ class he noticed ‫ּכו ֵּלי עלמא‬ was not make it ‫ניחא‬.” “Truth does school and everyone apologized. STUDENTS the ‫ אפרים‬into school.ּ‫ תא ׁשמע‬. I will school.” was very happy. This was hard for Power them because they had almost no money. At the ‫יפא‬ ָ ‫ ֵס‬of the Rebbi in disgust. Everyone made fun of ‫ ד אפרים‬he was poor. ‫ אפרים‬came and saw that there was a welcome back It was a bright spring ‫ צפרא‬and and answered him. “‫ מאי‬is a kid named ‫ אפרים‬and he was very school. Rabbi Lenwood walked in front of asked how the Rebbi did it. At recess all of the kids talking about one kid named ‫מנשה‬. ‫ יהב‬out homework ‫לה ּו‬. its true. And don’t ‫ טירחא‬him anymore.” The kids all ‫בעי‬ “What would apologizing do?” “Apologizing can do a lot. He apologized ‫ ליה‬and told ‫אפרים‬ to ‫ אזיל‬to school because something special was going on." ׁ The kids did not listen and contin- ued saying ‫ לשון הרע‬but the next day ׁ ‫ מנשה‬wasn’t in school. going ‫”?א‬ ַ poor. ‫ה‬ ַ ְ ׁ ׁ Rabbi Lenwood was walking to we saw ‫ מנשה‬only did one page of ‫ ָש תא‬you should apologize to ‫מנשה‬. ׁ “But Rebbi”. The Rebbi asked. ‫ איכּ א‬a surprise. Once there was everyone misses him. ‫ היכא‬he educates many his homework!” “STOP!” Yelled the get him to ‫את ָי‬ ִ back to school. When ‫ אפרים‬stopped coming one kid came to his apartment that his parents had barely enough money to rent. one of the kids told his by Dani Roth Rebbi. it’s still ‫לשון הרע‬. ‫ אפרים‬stopped coming to school. “‫ הכא‬we’re talking about a small thing. The story isn’t over.” young children. ■ 10 | WWW. “At ‫ רישא‬of class party for him and everyone apologized. 2017 . so come back to laughing. “I told ‫ מנשה‬that talked about ‫ מנשה‬they started story to tell all of you. When ‫אפרים‬ ords was in school one person found out and then the whole school knew that of W ‫ אפרים‬was poor. Every single kid knew that it was because of ‫לשון הרע‬. They did it. All of the kids told Rabbi Lenwood that ‫ מנשה‬wasn’t there. “‫ ”?איני‬said Rabbi Lenwood. Rabbi He also noticed how when they the class and said .” “Big or small. “‫ ”לשון הרע‬has no ׁ day. All the kids were wonder-ing what to do.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. They worked really hard and they ‫ נמי‬got as much ‫ צדקה‬as they could.MESORA.


mesora.facebook.php?u= http://www.htm http://www.php?u=http://www.php?u= They viewed it as an illegitimate movement based on secular ideologies that were inimical to Torah our messianic hopes and expectations were always rooted in our religious http://www. We fully believed that when Hashem decided the time was right.htm http://www. It never even remotely occurred to us that we would establish a political movement based on secular national- istic principles and initiate a diplomat- ic and military struggle to liberate our ancient most of the leading Rabbis were opposed to Zionism was not R ABBI REUVEN MANN endorsed by all segments of the Jewish people.facebook.php?u=http://www.htm http://www.facebook.facebook.htm http://www. but not all Jews observed this http://www. We expected that the redemption would come about through purely metaphysical Not surprisingly.php?u=http://www.facebook.mesora.htm http://www. He would lift us out of the diaspora “on the wings of eagles” and restore us to His Prom- ised It may seem strange Where did this strange anomaly originate? From the http://www.mesora.mesora.mesora.htm http://www. 69 years after the founding of the State of http://www.php?u=http://www.facebook.mesora.facebook.htm ISRAEL http://www.php?u=http://www.php?u=http://www. Religious Jews have never viewed the Exile as permanent and pray three times a day for the restoration of A LIGHT UNTO A few days ago many Jews throughout the world celebrat- ed Yom Ha’atzma’ Zionism could not embody the Redeemer that the prophets had foretold and that so many generations had waited and yearned http://www.htm http://www.facebook. we can only say Israel Indepen- NATIONS dence http://www.htm http://www.htm http://www.mesora.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY http://www.php?u=http://www.php?u=http://www.facebook. ( http://www.php?u= At first glance this seems odd.php?u=http://www.mesora.htm http://www. ON NEXT PAGE) 12 | 2017 .org/jewishtimes/ http://www. the most substantial resistance emanated from the religious http://www.php?u=

Israel can become a shining light that illuminates Of course we must give thanks to Hashem for the the path of all mankind. Not only that. but might ask. we learn that Hashem only intervenes if there is a basis of merit. When brought about by the political maneuvers of nonreli. that I should go to Jewish history. could have foreseen the emergence of an with him to assure a successful outcome. support and gratitude. become the center of Judaism and the Jewish people. but We gaze in wonder at the magnificence of the on what they would do in the future. not even the most starry-eyed Zionist diplomatic experience didn’t matter. In spite of their early resistance. Its medical innovations and ability to provide tain. miracle after the fact. “For I will be with you. for He would be dreamer. plan. were in for a ing than the ones that came before it? great surprise. the IDF. Israel which the American Vice President refers to as our “most cherished ally. We owe them our full the Torah’s unique brand of compassion. worthy of Divine intervention. From Moshe’s second question. who man the battle fronts. but the plan of with a king? and b) even if somehow I am. Pharaoh and that I should take the Jews out of Egypt?” Rashi explains that Moshe posed two The words of Proverbs are pertinent: “Many are questions here: a) how am I qualified to negotiate the thoughts in the heart of man. And this should be our attitude especially the Kotel HaMa’aravi (Western Wall). Hashem charged Moshe to lead the Jews out of gious activists was the most unanticipated event in Egypt.destined to receive the Torah on Sinai and to become ly all elements of the religious sector have developed G-d’s people and this makes them worthy of being a respect and appreciation for Israel. scientific and technological power.nation out of Egypt. They are Jewish state. make it possible We can become worthy of the miracle by establish- for all of us to enjoy the blessings of this great country ing a society based on profound wisdom. but Israel has built up a world-class The Jews had sunk to a low spiritual level in Egypt. Torah study thrives there. ■ WWW. which has redeemed. “Who am I. by what merit did we earn this treasure? Is this generation somehow more deserv.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. Rashi explains that Hashem’s answer addressed both questions. Shabbat shalom. justice. Contrary to all human calculation.MESORA. he responded. and this is immigrants from far and wide. army that gained mighty victories and conquered and Moshe wanted to understand why they were precious places like Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). to the restoration of our homeland. We should view it as a historic opportunity to elevate our national Who makes all this possible? The brave soldiers of existence to a much higher level. and with peace and tranquility. it slavery? survived the repeated attempts of its numerous enemies to crush it. We never know the Divine participants in this great endeavor. He told Moshe that his lack of No one. and developed into the sign that I have sent you: when you take the an economic. May we all merit to become great gift He has given us. The emergence of a secular Israel One of Rashi’s teachings is relevant here. ISRAEL They.” Against all odds. the state merit do the Jews deserve to be redeemed from emerged.” And regarding the issue of merit. they will serve me on this moun- house. and Jews from We thus see that one can become worthy of a around the world have access to their holy places.” emergency first-responder care to crisis locations around the world has earned universal acclaim. This staunchly caring nation has absorbed Jewish Hashem replied. like the rest of the Jewish world. that will prevail. kippa-wearing and secular. 2017 | 13 . virtual. G-d said that it was not based on what the Jews did in the past. male and female. by what Hashem.

we can reply that since supposed the book of Torah to be.mesora.mesora.php?u= http://www.mesora.htm http://www.facebook.php?u=http://www.php?u=http://www. im.mesora.htm To answer these questions it is Mitzvah given to Bnei http://www. Chazal Jewish people and the nations of the is often used as a ubiquitous reference forward question we see a cryptic world? Is this argument supposed to to the entirety of Judaism it is easy to answer.facebook.php?u= http://www. He willed that the and He willed it be taken away a book of Mitzvos? Imagine trying to In order to appreciate this from them and given to place the Torah in the appropriate distinction we need to understand the This is a strange answer to the section of a Chazal ask why Breishis? Seemingly this only explains belongs? the Torah does not begin with the first the need for the creation http://www.htm http://www. work? Do we really expect making forget that there are two Torahs.php?u= the world accuse Bnei Yisroel of maskana (conclusion)? Chazal’s The Torah Shbaal Peh on the other stealing the land of Israel from the question makes clear what it hand IS a “book” of Mitzvos.htm http://www. According to the maskana Torah Shbaal Peh or something land of Israel be given to the Canaan.facebook.php?u=http://www.htm http://www.htm ISRAEL http://www.htm Chazal’s question here the world. How does this answer explain the need for all of sefer belongs in the legal section since it is a book of Mitzvos.htm http://www.php?u= book of http://www. it is His to not provide a clear alternative to this whether it is a similar kind of work to give and take Were the two Torahs (CONT.facebook.php?u= what kind of a book IS the Torah if not different entirely.php?u=http://www. ON NEXT PAGE) 14 | WWW.mesora.facebook.htm This way if the nations of Lastly what is the theory of the concerns only the Torah Shbichtav.htm Rashi David Rinde T he first Rashi in Breishis quotes a famous Chazal about why the Torah begins how it does with Torah does not begin with the first mitzvah.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5.facebook. Which section is the maskana suggesting the Torah the story of creation.php?u=http://www. a are analyzing what kind of the book HaShem made the world He owns Secondly how are we to understand important to refine the scope of the Rosh Chodesh at the end of Geulas the hypothetical dialogue between the 2017 .php?u= The maskana does Torah Shbichtav is and are asking If HaShem owns the world.htm http://www.php?u=http://www.htm http://www.htm http://www.facebook.htm Chazal’s starting conceptual difference between the question Chazal asked about why the premise suggests that the Torah two http://www.facebook.htm http://www.htm http://www.mesora. Chazal explain that the Torah reference to our Torah and to the act Torah Shbichtav and Torah Shbaal begins with the creation account to of creation to carry political weight Peh (the Written and Oral Torahs teach about HaShem’s might creating with the rest of the world? respectively).htm The First ISRAEL http://www.htm http://www.htm Because the term “Torah” Miztrayim? In answer to this straight.htm

It is a blueprint for society and must include role models. not just the scholars and chachamim concerned with Mitzvos and Halacha. science. and only for as long. We as a nation must internalize that our role is but to play a part in fostering the knowledge of His Great Name amongst the children of Adam. It serves as a cultural orient that directs the nation’s values and sense of self. as the Owner pleases. ■ The Journal on Jewish thought Since 2002.MESORA.Mesora. Israel and politics. with only www. they are simply tenants who have been allowed to stay for as long. 2017 | 15 .org public domain and anyone can read and interpret it as he likes. Each nation feels it is the blessed children of the gods or fate and the world rightly revolves around them. ethics and every other cultural cue required by a people in its entirety. We are not a special people by any inherent grace. but rather the recipients of His grace as the covenantal people in the covenantal land. With this clarification of the scope of Chazal’s question we can attempt to answer the questions. but it is far more than that. ISRAEL identical in kind there would have been no reason to separate their respective modes of transmission between an oral and written form. It is in the advtg@Mesora. The dialogue with the nations is not necessarily diplomatic advice.ORG/JEWISHTIMES MAY 5. What other people even stops to question the basis of their legitimacy? The standard narrative is just the opposite. One basic deduction we can make about the difference between them is the effect each mode ADVERTISE of transmission would have on people’s access to that Torah. This sets the tone for the entire Torah Shbichtav which is a book that communicates to the entire Jewish people the code and ethos by which it is to live. An oral tradition is necessarily restricted. thought-provoking original articles on Judaism. The Jewish people however cannot fall prey to such self-aggrandizements without losing the essential character of Israelite civilization – Kiddush HaShem. crafting the place that each society feels it occupies by framing heroes and villains and charting where the nation came from and where its destiny lies. philosophy. rather it serves as a literary device to the hypothetical nations of the world asking the Jew by what right does he come to be and occupy space in the world? Who is he? For a nation to even ask this question of itself is truly extraordinary. Such a book will certainly include those people entrusted with the tradition having full access. The Written Torah then is a political book in the ancient sense of the term (political philosophy in our times). Stories are often used in this way in the ancient (and modern) world. simply waiting for them to realize their grand destiny as the exceptional nation chosen to rule the world. WWW. A written book however belongs to no one. (516)569-8888 The public nature of the Torah Shbichtav means that it speaks to all people. Instructing the nation about what kind of body politic the Jewish people should form and what their place in His world is. The Torah therefore confronts the Jewish people with the uncomfort- able fact that the land of Israel is not really their property.

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