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Xavier University

Ateneo de Cagayan

College of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of Nursing Care Management 106.1 Lecture

A Syndicated Seminar

Submitted by: Group 4

Angeles, Beannca
Barretto, Kent Vincent
Don, Augie Marie
Gimotea, Philip Gabriel
Lao, Andrea Claudette
Panza, Therese Marie
Rosales, Evan Joseph
Uyguangco, Quennie

BSN 4 Block NA

Submitted to: Mrs. Leny Baguio, RN, MN

Mrs. Mary Grace Paayas, RN MAN
Mrs. Renzi Pepito, RN, MN
Mr. Philip Eli J. Nalzaro, RN, MN
Fourth Year Level- Clinical Instructors

Submitted on: June 13, 2017


You cant spell health without the force of health: A Syndicated Seminar on
Global Health Worker Shortage
The Rise of the Sinking City: A Syndicated Seminar on Urban Flooding in the
Be Cyber Secure! Think Before You Click: The Health and Psychosocial
Implications of Internet Addiction
Diamonds in the Rough: A Syndicated Seminar on Mining in the Philippines
Decoding the Sin Tax Conundrum: A Syndicated Seminar on Sin Tax Effect in
the Philippines

i. Vision

This seminar envisions to create an avenue for discussion and empower the
public regarding issues that concern promotion of health and safety.


This seminar commits to provide relevant knowledge, skills, and attitude that
will engage the public into optimal prevention against timely socio-economic issues
that affect individual, familial, and community health; to develop efficient and
effective dialogue in every perspective of the issue with the help of keynote speaker
adept on that specific field; and to encourage them to address accordingly and
appropriately whenever such circumstances arise.

ii. Philosophy

The nurse serves as a primary advocate to those who are voiceless, helpless,
and those who are constantly struggling such as those who are unconsciously
hooked with internet addiction. The nurse holds a responsibility in which he/she
educates the unconscious victim of the cyber epidemic about the health and social
implications of internet addiction. The nurse collaborates with the whole health care
team as they incorporate a balanced environment and an avoidance of the barriers
of achieving physical, emotional/ mental, and spiritual growth with a holistic approach
ensuring those victims motivation to reach stability. In order to promote the well-
being of each and every individual one family at a time, the group aims to use the
seminar as an eye opener to the public especially with the fact that in 2016, the
Philippines internet users earned the number one spot with the most time spent
browsing the net making up 43.5% of the world population. Upon completion of the
seminar, the group would like to raise the largest issues and consequences
concerning internet addiction.

ii. Goals

The following are the goals of the proponents of this seminar:

1. To hone effective and efficient management and organization skills of

expected tasks.
2. To develop amicable relationship and collaboration among members of the
group and participants.
3. To practice the principle of prioritization and competence as the group makes
decisions and gives precedence to the necessary responsibilities to be
4. To promote a working environment of teamwork, productivity, and
commitment as tasks are delegated according to a members capability and
5. To further the individual competencies of personal and professional growth,
management of resources, and communication.

iv. Policies and Guidelines

The group agreed to the following policies and guidelines:

1.) Whenever the group assigns tasks, each member will have an equal
opportunity to obtain a specific task as it will be assigned by draw lots. Before
final assignment, each member has the time to freely express his/her
concerns and this may be compensated by finding suitable tasks as agreed
among peers.

2.) There will be a group treasurer who will collect the weekly due of the amount
agreed per week and he/she is also responsible for the breakdown of
expenses or liquidation. The collection will start on the 2nd week of August and
will end on the 2nd week of October.

3.) Each and everyone is equally responsible for any revision possible when the
output is passed respectively by each member. When the output is passed
late without any valid reason, the member should be given a consequence
such as an extra task that is reasonable to counter the violation.

4.) Successful group work relies on truthfulness. Encourage each and everyone
to speak up what they think about a certain idea to foster a culture of honesty.
Specify that put up with something they dont agree is to speak untruthfully.

5.) Attendance will be checked every group meeting. Those who will be marked
absent will be noted on the attendance sheet unless he or she is excused.
Consequences will be posted as to what will be agreed by the group
members, it could be in a monetary value, or take-home assignment props
or output making.

6.) Enable systematic working patterns. Establishing a regular program of

meetings, task report backs and task allocation is likely to lead to effective
and productive group performance - for success depends on participation.
Each and everyone should respect and understand one another.

7.) The group agreed that this policies and guidelines will be followed and
implemented as soon as the group meeting started up until the on-date
seminar implementation. Consequences will be posted as to what will be
agreed by the group members.

v. Function of each committee

A. Food
The food committee are tasks for the food costing and in purchasing of
the appropriate snacks to be distributed. They will be also the one who
distribute the foods to the participants, guest speakers, student nurses and as
well as clinical instructors. This committee will coordinate to the finance
committee for the budget that allotted for food.
B. Finance
The finance committee are responsible for collecting the agree amount
of money that each group members will be contributing, safe keeping of the
money and receipt of the expenses, allotting and stretching a monetary
budget for each committee with the available total amount that will be
collected, dispensing of the money to each committee that needed a financial
assistance, and showing a formal breakdown of the expenses made. All the
other committee will have to approach this committee for their financial needs.
C. Secretariat
The secretariat committee are task to focus in keeping an up-to-date
written or encoded document of the activity/program status. This committee
are also responsible for contracting and sending of the letters to the guest
speakers, recording of attendance, registration of the participants/ audience,
making layouts for the tarpaulins and invitation card, producing the leaflets,
flyers, certificates and tokens for the guest speaker and the participants,
distributing of the leaflets and flyers in the community, reminding the
participants of the upcoming activities, and taking pictures before, during and
after the event. The person assigned in this committee are also responsible
for the reservation of the venue and specific materials to be used and safe
keeping of the formal letters and replies of the guest speakers. They will also
approach the finance committee for their financial needs.
D. Program
The program committee are task to brainstorm for the theme and
propose to the group whether they will agree or disagree to the theme
presented. They were also concentrates on the planning and organizing of the
entire program flow, to provide specific durations of the time for the
registration and for the entire program, crowd control, giving of certificate of
participation to the people who join the program and certificate of appreciation
and tokens to the guest speaker, question and answer for the audience. It is
also the responsibility of the program committee to assigned people who will
usher the participants and the guest speaker, intermission number to be
perform and also emceeing for the program. Under to this committee will be
the technical team who are in charge of the DLP and the music during the
event which in line with the theme.
E. Physical set-up
The physical set- up committees responsibility is the decoration of the
venue in syndicated seminar which will be held at nursing amphitheatre. They
were the main people who will responsible for making the props and
decorations for the program. All the decorations and set-up made by this
committee must coincide to the theme and title that the group has chosen.
This committee will also collaborate with program and secretariat committee
in coming up with the design of the invitations, leaflets, flyers, tarpaulins, and
certificate that will be given to the participants and guest speakers. The
person assigned with this committee will have to approach the finance
committee for their financial needs. This committee is also responsible for
emptying of the venue.

vi. Speakers

Name of the Speaker:

Name of the back up speaker:

Rationale for Psychiatrist:

A psychologist is a professional who evaluates and studies behavior and

mental processes. The group decided to invite a psychologist to discuss the relevant
information regarding the internet addiction issues which involves not only the
teenagers but also younger children and even adults. He is well versed to discuss
the effects and to what part of the brain is responsible psychologically involved.
The speaker could further explain the topic and could impart ideas and knowledge to
the participants, they focus extensively on psychotherapy and treating emotional and
mental suffering in patients with behavioral intervention which includes addiction.
Name of the Speaker:

Name of the back up speaker:

Rationale for Family Counselor:

A family counselor is designed to examine the important relationships in every

individual or in our lives. The family counselor is fit for this issue, for it affects not
only the person who is addicted to internet surfing but also the people around him.
The relationship among the family members and its communication is well affected.
The speaker will discuss the interventions, therapy or counselling that could help
address the particular issue Internet Addiction.

Plan on the day of the seminar

On the day of the syndicated seminar the group plan to usher the said guest
speaker from the gate up to the amphitheatre. Prior to the seminar, there will be a
selected student who will work on the letter and send at the security office if ever the
guest speaker would like to bring a car and it will never be burden for them to enter
at the campus. On the day of the seminar, three selected student will assigned to
usher the guest speaker. Two of them will stay at the gate earlier than the speaker
expected arrival time and one of them will ensure that the security office has
received the letter to prevent any disturbance. Then from the gate up to the
amphitheatre, the student will usher the speaker until the can be seated comfortably.

Organizational Structure

Xavier University
Ateneo de

Dr. Ramona Heidi C. Palad, RN, MAN,

Dean of College of Nursing
Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan

Mrs. Leny Baguio, RN, MN

Mrs. Mary Grace Paayas, RN MAN
Mrs. Renzi Pepito, RN, MN
Fourth Year Level- Clinical Instructors

Alexa Mariz C. Babia

Leader of the Group

Mailyne Nicole Salido

Assistant Leader of the Group

Head of Secretariat Mar

and Documentation Head of Program Head of Food and Head of Physical
Committee Committee Finance Committee Set-up Committee

Members Members Members Members


i. Description of Specific Roles and Responsibilities

a.) Project Head

Spearheads the over-all event and responsible for the successful initiation,
planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling the seminar
Supervises other committees and oversee the execution of tasks and everyone
else is doing their job properly.
Main deciding body of the group
Ensures the project's objectives are met

b.) Food and Finance Committee

Provide financial oversight for the seminar

Budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and
monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies
Collects dues based on what is needed on the project in each member
Keeps the record of all expenses such as receipts for transparency
Prepares the food/snacks and initiate distribution to the speakers, audience,
and clinical instructors.
Liquidates the materials used in the seminar

c.) Secretariat Committee

Brainstorms the theme of the seminar and will propose to the group for final
Tasked to find suitable speakers, making and distributing letters, certificates,
tokens, and evaluation forms
Creates medium in advertising the seminar such as video trailers, posters,
and tarpaulins.
d.) Program Committee

Main responsible of facilitating the program flow and provide program

invitation and time frame
Ensures smooth transition during the seminar, care the masters of ceremony
and intermission number to be performed.
Technical team was under this committee, which is in charge of the DLP and
background music aligned in the seminars theme.

e.) Physical Set-Up Committee

Assigned for the physical set-up in the venue of the syndicated seminar held
at Nursing Amphitheater.
Responsible for making decorations, props and back drop.
III. Budget Proposal

A. Documentation


Bond Paper 1 ream 195.00 195.00
Book Binding 3 pcs. 60.00 180.00
Hard Bound 1 pc. 195.00 200.00 565.00
B. Speakers


Professional Fee 3 2,500.00 7,500
Paper for Certificate 1 pack (5 pcs.) 7.00 7.00
Certificate Holder 3 60.00 60.00 7,575.00

C. Food and Drinks


Bottled Water 10 16.00 160.00
Bread for NA, NB 130 910.00 910.00
(Spanish Bread)
Drinks for Participants 130 11.00 1,430.00
(Zesto/Tapioca )
Food for CI & Speakers 10 40.00 400.00
Drinks for CI & Speakers 10 15.00 15.00 2,915.00

D. Physical Set-up


White Cartolina 10 pcs. 7.00 70.00
Red Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Yellow Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Orange Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Brown Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Green Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Light Green Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Blue Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Light Blie Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Dark Blue Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Black Cartolina 5 pcs. 7.00 35.00
Cardboard 3 pcs. 20.00 60.00
Scotch Tape 3 rolls 30.00 90.00
Glue Stick 6 pcs. 10.00 60.00
Masking Tape 2 rolls 30.00 60.00
Glue 3 bottles 40.00 120.00 760.00