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Pasadena Elementary Schools

Summer Reading Challenge

Your goal is to earn as many points as possible before school starts in
September! Choose a square to read from the grid. When you have
completed the challenge, color in the square and complete the book
title and author on the recording sheet.

Each completed square is 4 points. 4 points x 25 squares= 100 points!

Summer Reading Challenge Starts: June 9, 2017
Summer Reading Challenge Ends: September 6, 2017
Read a Read a book Read to a family Reread a Read a book
biography based on a true member favorite book made into a
story movie
Read a book on Read a book Read an Read a tall tale Turn out the
a blanket in with a GREEN adventure book lights and
the grass or at cover read by
the beach flashlight
Read a song Read a funny Read a Take turns Read a
turned into a book Wordless reading aloud realistic
book Picture Book with a friend fiction book
Read a book Read a fantasy, Read a book Read on a Read a book
about space fairy tale, about history sunny or rainy with animals
fable or day (fiction or
folktale nonfiction)
Read a Read in your Read a book Read a book Read a
Newberry pajamas about sports about a topic mystery or
Award or that you would detective book
Caldecott like to learn
Award Winner more about
Please record on the reading log on the back as you complete a challenge!

Name _______________________ Grade ________

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________

Summer Challenge Book and Author Points
A biography
A book based on a true
Read to a family member
Reread a favorite book
A book made into a movie
Read a book on a blanket in
the grass or at the beach
A book with a GREEN
An adventure book
Read a tall tale
Turn out the lights and
read by flashlight
A song turned into a book
A funny book
A Wordless Picture Book
Take turns reading aloud
with a friend
A realistic fiction book
Read a fantasy, fairy tale,
fable or folktale
A book about history
Read on a sunny or rainy
A book with animals
(fiction or nonfiction)
A Newberry Award or
Caldecott Award Winner
Read in your pajamas
A book about sports
A book about sports
Read an article from the
newspaper, on- line or
A mystery or detective
Total Points: