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EFC staff briefing FAQs- last updated 30 June 2017.

1. Will there be a new HR department?

Details of any changes to the structure of the organisation will form part of further discussions and
review of the arrangements. The intention remains to ensure appropriate support is available that is
efficient and effective at both institutions.

2. Is this a collaboration or a take-over?

It is firmly a collaboration and strategic partnership. Both organisations are very aware of the
challenges that the sector faces and the intention is to ensure we are stronger together and that we
complement one anothers provision and offer.

3. Will courses be moved from one site to another (if a merger)?

This again is a matter for review of the curriculum at both institutions and the criteria will be
accessibility and progression for learners in the best and most effective and efficient ways. It is too
early to respond yes or no. Any decision will be carefully considered and communicated. As always,
staff and students will have a role to play to share their views and be heard.

4. Will the merger affect the structure and programmes we run?

It needs to be emphasised again that at this stage both colleges are very clear that they intend to
assess their ability to join up forces strategically and collaborate for the benefit of the communities
we serve. Any change to the structure of the programmes will be assessed against the merit and
benefit that such change may bring to the learners, communities and businesses.

5. When will we have access to our budgets?

Budget is being set as we speak and is due to go to the board of governors at the end of July. Soon
after this you will have the details published.

6. How are HR getting on with recruiting all the teachers that have
There is no difference to previous years with regards to summer time staff turnover. Adverts are put
out and assessment of risk and hard to recruit areas are being carried out. We have been extremely
lucky to have many talented and dedicated colleagues joining us and will do our utmost to ensure
we continue to have the right staff in the right post for the beginning of the term. If you know of any
colleagues interested in any vacancies from other institutions or outside EFC, be sure to inform them
on our vacancies.

7. When will we be able to recruit new Apprentices?

The college is unable to deliver any new apprentices until we have our next Ofsted and have a good
Ofsted result. Until then, we are unable to directly deliver to any new apprentices or grow our
existing cohort. However, we are actively looking to see if we can take part in delivering the
technical aspect of the apprenticeship for other providers using our talented staff and high quality

EFC staff briefing FAQs- last updated 30 June 2017.

8. Will we be able to cope with students from a grade 1 catchment

Not sure if I understand the question correctly. Could you please elaborate by writing to please?

9. Was it such a clear choice? What about the 2nd place?

We had 9 suiters, 4 contenders and debated the merit of all 4 long and hard. It was a clear choice
and agreed by the panel, our advisers and support from ESFA, FE commissioner team and
intervention team. So we are confident we have chosen the right partner.

10. What is happening with support staff? What happened to

the restructure?
Focus remains on delivery in the classroom. Review of the support staff structure directly in contact
with students is ongoing as you know. There is no intention to restructure immediately in the
support areas.

11. Will we be having training with BSC?

This will certainly be on the cards. We have a lot to learn and much to share so watch this space.

12. Will we still be EFC?

Yes, one of the criteria that we put forward was that the college retain the name and local identify.

13. Proposed impact on staff?

None discussed. This will be revisited based on a thorough review of our plans for the future and
benefit for learners. It is not envisaged to be any immediate impact

14. Will people have to use both sites? Will there be any
movement between the sites. If so, how will this be done?
Not decided. This will be revisited based on a thorough review of our plans for the future and benefit
to learners.

15. Redundancy?
Too early to establish. No immediate plans.

16. What assurances can be given to staff about contracts,

terms and conditions?
EFC is reviewing its contract currently. This will be put on hold until further notice.

EFC staff briefing FAQs- last updated 30 June 2017.

17. In the last few weeks, LESOLO, CANDI and many other
colleges that have recently merged have announced more
redundancies. Is a merger the best way forward for EFC?
This is exactly the point of entering into a strategic partnership with a view to decide if a merger is or
isnt the best way forward. Remember, we are at the beginning of our journey and are doing this for
the right reasons: Sustainability of our provision and improved experience and offer for our learners.