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Responsibilities and Ethics of Clergy

I. Responsibilities

A. Responsibilities. Clergy has the responsibilities to; maintain, conduct, and supervise all
aspects both physical and upon the internet.
1.) Maintaining. Clergy will maintain the financial requirements to operate both physically
and upon the internet, and they will use sound judgment when it comes to repairing or changing any
physical church damage along with information on church websites.

B. Conducting. Clergy is responsible for conducting the church within the principals set forth by
the 13 Ahrimanic Steps of Faith. Clergy is responsible for conducting all Rituals and the happenings
therein. During High Magic Ritual, Clergy is responsible for see that all behavior is in accordance
with local laws and church guidelines for High Magic Rituals. Clergy will conduct themselves within
the Ethics set down by this Constitution. (See, II. Ethics)

C. Supervising. Clergy is responsible for supervising over all Committees and Subcommittees and
making decisions over information collected. Clergy will preside over all classes associated with their
branch and all classes conducted by the apprenticing Herbad. Clergy will strictly supervise the study
and development of the Herbad until ordainment is attained.

II. Ethics

Ethics. Clergy will maintain Ethical behavioral understanding in the dealings with all church
members, by proving they understand the principal of Responsibility to the Responsible.

A. A clergy member is charged with taking proper precautions on handling all

situations with other clergy and congregation. They will not take advantage in
any form to include; sexually, financially, or through manipulation.
B. Clergy member to congregation member is classified as a power control position
that will be upheld in Ethical form. If an ethic have been broken in this
relationship and has been found in tribunal to be in violation of the cannon of
this constitution, the clergy member will be stripped of authority,
excommunicated, and if illegal behavior has occurred it will be reported to local
law enforcement immediately.
C. All dealings with persons, businesses, or organizations outside of the scope of the
Dakhma of Angra Mainyu shall be guided by the 13 Steps of the Ahrimanic
III. Tribunal

In order for an investigation to be held against a clergy member the accusing party must
have overwhelming evidence that the accused clergy member has taken advantage of them as
defined by the Ethics article of this constitution.

A. If overwhelming evidence is presented the Dastur will be immediately notified. It will

then be his decision to put a hand selected committee together to thoroughly
investigate the accusing party and the accused clergy. All findings will be turned in
to the Dastur.
B. Should the Dastur find the accused Clergy being at fault the Dastur will conduct the
Tribunal, to allow both sides to present their arguments and evidence.
C. Should the accused be found guilty; they will be stripped of power, excommunicated,
and if an illegal act has been committed it will be reported to local law enforcement.
Should the accused be found innocent; the accusing party shall be place on
suspension until an administrative meeting can be held by their local Clergy.

IV. Discipline and Excommunication

Any action deemed harmful to the Dakhma, its members, or reputation may constitute
excommunication from the Dakhma. Other disciplinary actions may be approved by the
Feudal Lords.

The Feudal Lords cannot be replaced sunless death, resignment, or dissolvement occurs.

All Members are not allowed to speak publicly or privately of the Dakhma, its location, its
membership, or leadership; with the exception of the Tenets of Faith of Traditional
Ahrimanism. If a member is found to have broken this law, they will be sued for breach of
contract, excommunicated, and exposed to the public.

Upon the loss of a Feudal Lord, remaining members make suggestions to replace the Mobed.
This requires two-thirds vote of the remaining members of the Dakhma.

Members of the Feudal Lords can be demoted, may resign, and/or be removed from the
Church by an administrative meeting of the Feudal Lords.
The Dastur and/or Leading Mobed of the Branch have exclusive right to remove any
member of the Church in the form of suspension until an administrative meeting has

Any member of the Church, Yatus, or below can be suspended by any ordained Clergy until
an administrative meeting can occur.

Philosophical infighting will not be tolerated and can justify complete removal from the
Church. I.E. Any aspect of Sumerian Folklore. Any aspect of Luciferianism, or any other
occult path considered false teachings.

Only the Feudal Lords or a trained P.R. are allowed to speak legally or to the media for the
Church. All other members must follow the guidelines set above.
General Ethics and Guidelines

Internal Ethical Structure

Ahrimani Virtues


The will of the Father is the law of vengeance. The favor of Akatasha
to the deeds done in this world for Mainyu. He who feeds the fulfilled
makes Angra Father. This is our sacred manthra, and is our only law!
Akatasha is another name Daeva Aka Manah. Aka Manah is over evil
thought, and that leads to evil action. This is why you would attain
favor from Father Ahriman. One must take on the virtues of the
serpent when brooding over the plan of vengeance, it must remain a
personal secret until its time to unleash your venom. I will take
vengeance on those who cross me, to what the degree I see fit.

The important aspect that separates us from all other LHP philosophy,
is we will take action either as the serpent or the lion. The act of
vengeance is tool that should be used effectively, and the situation
should guide your actions because an assassination through the
shadows will strike the most fear. In other courses of action, public
humiliation is the best option. Allow your creativity to flow, and
realize what is too fantastical vs what is reality based. This is your Evil
Thought, this process has little Evil Speech unless that is the act of
revenge. The important part is to follow through with Evil Action, that
requires a cast iron constitution and will.
Cast Iron Will and Constitution

While we are upon this Earth, never forget that our actions and
reputation speaks louder than any words. Ask, what can be destroyed
to create something better. In order to maintain our reputation, is to
make our actions bold and prolific. This requires a Cast Iron
Constitution and Will. This virtue is required to follow through on
any Evil Action. I work with the Daevas as equals, the wicked, evil,
lawless, evil knowing, the most Druj-like of beings, the foulest of
beings, the most damaging of beings. I am in collusion with the Daevas
and their comrades, I am in collusion with the Dews and their
comrades, I am in collusion with them through my evil thoughts, evil
words and evil deeds. I am in collusion with them publicly.

Cast Iron Will is when you solidify within your being that you will
follow through on your plan or decision, no matter the opinion of
others or the consequences. Cast Iron Constitution is what gives you
the fortitude to press forward with your plan and the things there after.
It is during this process where collusion with Daeva may require ritual
or meditative workings so you garner the charge and exchange with
them to have the will and strength to continue the plan or test. Always
know that you are a part of Father Ahrimans Great Spiritual Plan.
Whether or not, He is testing you with fire or hardening you with ice.

I am a living embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka, and I rule over myself. I

watch over those who watch over me. This virtue of Fidelity, only
codifies faithfulness to Traditional Ahrimanic Religion, those within
the religion, those closest to you, and to yourself. Those who are
without and have no credence within are tools and fodder used to
attain whatever goals that are necessary for either the self or the group.
It is this loyalty that unites Traditional Ahrimanists as one culture, and
that allows it to stand against other cultures and keeps us from being
destroyed from within. I curse the Ahuras! I declare myself a Mainyu-
Devotee, a supporter of the Devil's Prophet, hostile to the Ahuras,
found of Angra Mainyu's teachings, admirer of the Dikpala, devoted to
the Dikpala. I ascribe all evil to Angra Mainyu, and all the worst, Druj-
endowed, grotesque, Serpent-endowed, who is Druj, who is darkness,
may those areas of brooding be filled with the curse of knowledge,

The other side of this virtue requires diligence from all persons within
to watch over each other. Confrontation maybe required to keep each
other faithful or to root out any saboteurs. If our people are lead
astray, we must understand they were never our people. There is no
room for those who become weak and are subdued by other means or
people outside our culture and religion. They will be marked as enemy
and vengeance will be taken upon them. I, before God Ahriman,
before the Feudal Lords, In the presence of all here assembled, of my
own free will, I solemnly swear that I shall ever keep secret those things
entrusted to my ears alone by this church. I promise to study to
advance my knowledge of Traditional Ahrimanism in every way that is
available to me. I understand I am drawn to Ahriman and I am an
embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka, and I promise to apply my powers as a
group effort for any member of this church who is in need, knowing
the same will be done for me, if required. All of this, I swear upon my
life, now and hereafter, and may those powers I possess, now or
hereafter, turn against me should I break this most solemn oath. God
Ahriman, and all of the Daevas and Powers of Hell, may you deem me
worthy. Ave Melek Taus!
Self-Control and Discipline

As in Hell, we should amass power, strength, and pleasure. Never

allow yourself to become drunk with any. Intoxication of any kind can
derail your focus and lower your inhabitations to point that you lose
your ability to connect with the invisible. The Discipline learned
through the nightly rituals teaches us to develop the spiritual senses
and the ability to work with the invisible, even when the subconscious
overrides the conscious mind in high stress situations. You must
realize that the subconscious is the subtle body and it has the control
whether you realize it or not, and it is in your best interest to attune it
to the invisible. Remember Father Ahriman in all things because
within His hands are the keys to the universe and the rod of undiluted

Another important aspect for this virtue, is you must be able to

maintain clarity of mind because you are the center of the storm of
Chaos. You must be able to rely on your subconscious to act in top
shape, so you can maintain control of the chaos that you brought with
you. Fill those who are without, with false sense of pride and security.
Then when you call upon Chaos for Order, they will follow. We train
our subtle body with prayer that empowers us to react with the invisible
backing us. That part of me, Varenga, which belongs to Nanshait; to
Bhaga for clarity of mind, to boundless Father Ahriman, to Father
Ahrimans compete dominion.

I am person in reality surrounded by the enemy at all times and will

maintain the awareness for self-preservation. An awareness to the
enemy and its attitude toward must be taken into consideration and
using the social of politeness (which the enemy generally lacks) is a
double edge sword. They have been trained to reciprocate politeness
when confronted with it. This tool usually disarms because they are
brought into a state of cognitive dissidence, this causes a state of
mental anguish that takes focus off of you. Those who are without
should be enveloped into your veil as cast by the nature of the Serpent.

Gratitude and respect should be shown within as well. Using

politeness within should be a sign of deep respect to one another, as
gratitude for community, its help, and a sanctuary. For we are spiritual
guarded in the temple by the Dikpala, we gather for sacrifice and
worship which replenishes us spiritually for embolden power. And we
present these hereby to the Dikpala, Guardians of the wicked rites, for
sacrifice, admiration, amortization, and devotion, and for Gannay
Menog of wide retaliation of the thousand Yatus, of the ten-thousand
spells, the Bez-I-Sapid. We are human and it is natural to worship and
to express love with gratitude with those who are within. The rest are
undeserving and a waste of this limited emotional resource.

Father Ahriman expects us to gain knowledge and to forever press

forward forging ourselves. We are never expected to go beyond our
nature, just press our limits. We separate ourselves from all other
cultures (RHP or LHP) by acknowledging the need to bring our works
to our highest stands with diligence and hard work. All of us will jump
in a work to a tireless effort, if thats what it takes to get our goals
accomplished. As the hate of the wicked fulfill me! It is but Avan and
Akatasha, through whose work I keep conflict and vexation on the
Infernal World! Grant onto me, Fathers decree as the Rule!

This virtue is also strengthened by our nightly rituals and meditation.

The repetitive nature of working to master ourselves and work with the
invisible, induces a straight forwardness that allows to make our
decisions without regret and with disregard for others feelings and
thoughts. Bottom line is, modern propaganda forces us to submit to
the ideal of the importance of others feelings, and that is cancer that
hampers our ability to listen within and with the invisible. I trust my
subtle body and the Daeva more than some jackasss feelings. I project
myself to the Traditional Ahrimanic Religion, which causes the attack,
supplies the weapons, Druj-endowed; which of all religions that exist or
shall be, is the worst, the evil, and the most grotesque; Daeva,
Ahrimanic, I ascribe all evil to Angra Mainyu. This is the Creed of the
Traditional Ahrimanic Religion.

My fulfillment and unrepentance of sin I do in fearlessness knowing

my soul is destined. May all wickedness of all evil ones of the earth of
seven dimes reach the width of the earth, the length of the rivers, the
height of the moon in their original form. May it fiendishly live long.
It comes from my command! You must work your wickedness within
your means and if you cross the line to where you cant face the black
mirror, you must rebalance your honor. Your honor is your internal
reflection of how you judge your own godhood. That godhood is
taking full responsibility of everything that comes from you along with
responsibility of the consequences that comes along with it. If you
transgress beyond your internal code, you must become strait with you.
Respect all life because it can be converted to an advantageous
opportunity if you understand its nature. You must first understand
your own nature before you can understand anothers.

The Nightly Transformative Rituals will help you to expand into an

amoral view with the concept of Objective Apathy. You must maintain
your internal integrity with those who are with and yourself, but realize
that those that are without are objects. The realization of Objective
Apathy frees us from the societal discourse that we share with those
who are without. Melek Taus made us the Sons of Adam, are superior
human over degenerates of the righteous. The only thing keeping us
going was the Sons of Adam who kept going through the Frost. They
were persecuted by the righteous for maintaining the old religion of
Daeva worship.
Daeva Worshipers Decree

I am a Daeva Worshiper, a Traditional Ahrimanist! I am a living

embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka, and I rule over myself. I watch over those
who watch over me. I respect all life, meaning I will only kill in self-
defense or defense of those whom I watch over. If you are without,
then you must earn my respect. Should the mundane use the enemys
name in my presence, I shall become hostile to the pious. As the Devil
shifts, I also shall shift so I may take advantage to any situation I find
myself in. I am person in reality surrounded by the enemy at all times
and will maintain the awareness for self-preservation. I understand the
law and its consequences, and will work around them to attain my
Earthly Goals. My plans are mine alone and I will use the mundane to
execute them. As I Daeva Worshiper, I hold myself to the highest
standards, while knowing others vary in degrees of degeneration. I will
take vengeance on those who cross me, to what the degree I see fit. I
establish my beliefs in accordance to the 13 Ahrimani Steps of Faith,
knowing that Melek Taus is my guardian and guide. I know I am
predestined for Hell. Proudly, I walk this world knowing I have Angra
Mainyus favor!
External Amorality

Wisdom of Zohak

The ten precepts of the priest Zohak who is an injurer of God's world,
a diminisher of his Creation, and who is wickedly inclined against the
above tell universally beneficial precepts of Jamshed of the good faith.

Firstly. Against the precept of Jamshed that the Almighty is the creator
and protector of the universe, Zohak has called him the injurer of the

Secondly. Against the precept of Jamshed not to look to the Dev as the
bestower of worldly prosperity, Zohak has advised men to worship the
Devs as bestowers of all worldly goods.

Thirdly. Against the precept of Jamshed to hold justice as of high

import among men, Zohak has spoken against justice and upright
decision and has advised people to do injustice instead of justice.

Fourthly. Against the precept of Jamshed to behave conscientiously in

every matter, Zohak has advised people to act unrighteously and
disgracefully in every matter.

Fifthly. Against the precept of Jamshed regarding eating with people in

a brotherly spirit, Zohak has advised people to be greedy and to lead
lives like his own (i.e. selfish.)

Sixthly. Against the precept of Jamshed to the father to encourage his

children to receive such training as would enable them to perform their
duties as fathers later Zohak has advised the father to do no such thing.
Seventhly. Against the precept of Jamshed to patronize the poor as
one's own, Zohak has advised the powerful to deprive such people of
their presents and patronage.

Eighthly. Against the precepts of Jamshed not to kill for food goats till
they had reached a mature age, Zohak has taught people to kill such
goats accordingly.

Ninthly. Against the precept of Jamshed to remove dirty and

malodorous things at a distance from men and cattle lest they be
injured thereby, Zohak has specially recommended, the bloody sacrifice
of godly and pious men before the shrine of Devs.

Tenthly. Against the precept of Jamshed to lay by corn in summer and

winter for men and cattle, Zohak has advised people to be cruel and
revengeful and to slaughter men.

These ten universally noxious precepts of Zohak given against

Jamshed's ten beneficial precepts were ordered by him to be well
written out and preserved as a religious work. And people came to
look upon these precepts of the religion of Zohak as the work of the
Devils Prophet who was to come at the end of the world. The words
received from Zohak were ordered to become current among the
people. Thus every one of them came to look upon Zohak's religious
words as meant for himself and to believe in them.

Be it known that Zohak had greater power over men in these two ways.
First he was possessed of the full strength of the knowledge of the false
faith. Secondly, he injured men's zeal for diligence. He had a twofold
wicked power which assisted him. First, he had the evil genius of his
commander Ahriman, and, secondly, evil slothfulness which destroys
diligence, was on his side. The effect of the evil rule of the bad ruler is
injury through injustice and repentance. And such a ruler does harm to
the people of the world like Zohak mentioned in the sacred writings.

It is the sinful man who in this world distresses the Creator most. He
distresses the Creator most who harms His creation most. That man
harms His creation most who shakes men's faith most in His existence
and who leads the people of the world to do deeds like unto those of
the wicked Zohak. And the priest who is the servant of the evil religion
is among the sinful men of the world the most sinful.

This, too, is declared in the good religion that the source of demons
(Ahriman) had arrayed with deceits Zohak, the descendant of Taj, the
diminisher of creations; hence the laws of Zohak deteriorated his own
nature, worked for the immoral and blemished (Ahriman), and caused
destruction by tyranny and apostasy, so that the habits of men were
corrupted, the world distressed, and there was increase of mortality
among the creatures. And through Zohak men adhered unto the High
Priest. Thus Zohak cherished (dshit) demoniac deceptions to harm
his people. The elementary knowledge of that evil religion in every age
tends to produce baneful influence among the believers in the excellent
Mazdayasnian faith, to degrade those obedient unto the Deity, and to
promote in the world by various ways and means apostasy twofold or
threefold. Through its demoniac predominance there is corruption of
the good habits of men, and impiety and desolation in the world, and
much distress (frah-sije) and harm to the people generally; and misery,
embarrassment and hardship to the pious; and dignity, comfort and
authority to the evil people; and such evil people of baneful origin
always cause openings [wounds] in the human soil, so that pain and
injury to the people would emanate therefrom.

All the evil qualities that are in man are owing to the faculties of the
evil passions. And they are these six law-breaking evil qualities: -- Of
these, one is (the evil quality of) immoral thought which is devoid of
consummate thought (and) which is sinful; the second is (the evil
quality of) discord, allied to faults, (and) wanting in courage; the third
is (the evil quality of) sinful, unindustrious avarice; the fourth is (the
evil quality of) sinful, idle discontentedness; the fifth is (the evil quality
of) sinful selfishness of the evil passions, which is devoid of the
approbation of wisdom; and the sixth is (the evil quality of) sinful,
perverse desires, unlearned in knowledge. He who, owing to evil
passions, is possessed of these six perverse evil qualities, endures much
hardship and his faith is the perverse path of evil passions. Owing to
that he is, among men, a bad man and fit to be despised. (Therefore)
the religion of those religious teachers who are disapprovers of the
trouble (necessary) to virtuous honesty and are promulgators among
men of a religion that is hurtful to them, causes hardship and injury of
every kind to men by means of perverse conduct which is influenced by
evil passions. (Such a religion) is, in accordance with the ways of
wisdom, considered as obstructive to mankind, as also, inimical to
them; therefore, it is not proper to call such a religion a religion.

Because of the evil religion for the worship of Devs and the perverse-
minded thoughts for speaking untruth and the doing of perverse deeds
men put faith in Dev-worship and remember the Devs, name by name,
in (during) their actions. And thereby they acquire evil renown. The
man who prefers nasu and all other things pertaining to Devs for the
purposes of sorcery is the chief of sorcerers. The recognition of each of
these (two descriptions of men) is (effected) by means of the intellect.
And it is done in this way: -- Of the two, he who belongs to the religion
is unlike what is said of those who are workers in hot (burning) fire,
those who walk in molten brass. (For), there is no burning of his
tongue with that fiery thing, and of his feet with that fiery pyre. But,
feeling not the flames of the fire, the fiery pyre is to him like unto a
luster-giving thing. Again if it (the fiery pyre) is capable of punishing
and inflicting pain on the body of that person, then that serves as his
liberation from (the consequences of) speaking untruth. And those
persons who, through their tongue and movements, are possessed of
purity, for them, there is no imprisonment of any kind Again those
persons who knowingly worship (invoke) Drujs and Devs have marks of
their infidelity visible on their breasts, tongues and feet.

Again, the source of the promulgation of the evil religion the originator
of evil, who casts (wicked) luster upon it. Herein (i.e. in the evil
religion) is the enumeration of all the distressful acts in the world from
the original creation to the epoch of final renovation. Hence owing to
the deceit of that source of the promulgation of the evil religion (there
will result) corruption [lit. bewilderment] of good nature; and from the
corruption of good nature dishonesty and depravity; and from
dishonesty and depravity immoral evil thought, evil speech and evil
deed. Again from (immoral) evil thought, evil speech, and evil deed
distress unto man; and from distress unto man joy unto the demons
and grief unto the Yazads. And from joy unto the demons and grief
unto the Yazads predominance of the demons, degeneration and
corruption of the times, and distress and damage in the world.
The Blemish-giver (Ahriman) makes men perform through greed
injurious and harmful deeds in both the worlds. Hence (men) suffer a
miserable death, acquire an evil intelligence and become vicious,
ignorant of religion, greedy, immoderate in desires and perverse in
thought. Such men lead a life in communion with Ahriman and by
their Demon-and-Druj-like deeds make men polluted and of evil
appearance. For greedy desires shut men out from the benefits of
heaven by impelling them to dishonest (i.e. evil) deeds of the soul. The
man who so acts in this world as to do harm to himself in the spiritual
world and risk his soul in both the worlds and who leads a life of the
body (i.e. a sensual life) becomes sinful through the influence of the
evil (Ganamino.) His it is of set purpose, to wrangle in the interest of
vice without the knowledge of religion, to sin through evil intelligence,
to sham righteousness and to render himself unfit for the dual work of
moral advancement for the next world and deliverance of the soul
(from hell.) Hence he suffers misery in the next world, does harm to his
soul and suffers pain in hell through (indulgence of) perverse desires
(in this world).

Again, evil intellect is due to the man who taking the side of his soul
yet keeps the eyes of his soul shut against the actions relating to the
soul; just as darkness is due to the man who taking the side of darkness
shuts the eyes of his body against seeing things.

The adornment of the evil intellect is due to vice, evil qualities, sin,
impiety, evil fame, controlling the heart and conscience of the evil-
minded man, and also to his being the means of harming the virtue of
the world.
The evil-minded (Ganamino) is the source of the evil intellect The evil-
minded (Ganamino) hopes to influence the creation of God. The man
who has in him the evil intellect (of Ganamino) comes in the way of
the (good) promptings of his soul. Such a man exercises a miserable
control over his desires owing to his evil intellect and through the force
of the evil invisible power in him he develops and perfects himself (in
sin). And through him suffering so spreads everywhere that people
become polluted through the evil qualities of his evil intellect and
move about in the world like (so many) Demons and Druj.

The religion of the priests, who, guided by their evil intellect devoid of
all wisdom, (to all outward appearance) act among men as the servants
of God, is only in appearance the all-wise religion of God. This
(religion) through the evil intellect depopulates the world, ruins, and
destroys mankind. And such a priest is as it were the agent of the evil-
minded (Ahriman) to do his work among men and harms mankind
and the world. Such a religion, owing to the evil intellect, renders
mankind miserable and makes them suffer pain in both the worlds.
Hence he who is wise will not acquire the evil intellect, but by
conducting those who are sinful in thought, word, and deed are not
grateful unto God; they render themselves liable to punishment by
doing (evil) deeds of the body, and thus they are adjudged to be
without their source (i. e. separated from their Creator).

The influence of Ganamino makes itself manifest in this world through

the supremacy of the sinful ruler of evil religion. Such a ruler, through
his base instincts working against God, is (characterized by) dark sins,
destructive intentions and wishes for the infliction of evil. He orders
about his subjects according to his wantonly perverse will, weakens
(men's) faith in religion, desolates the world through his mean instincts
and makes the people lead an evil life full of misery. Every city stands
in dread of him and men have to put up with miseries of various sorts
through him. In a variety of ways he inflicts harm on those who follow
the commandments of God. The hopes of his officers who obey his evil
behests are as dead within them (as men) buried in snow and he
himself owing to his heart full of malice is doomed to damnation. All
his thoughts arc to weaken the sources of prosperity and to increase the
strength of those making for harm. And in the end he destroys those
who put their trust in him and wish to work for him and (he)
strengthens (every) work which is harmful. Such a ruler is, through his
defects, like unto Ganamino, to the people of this world.
Castes and Community Expectations
(Personal and Internal Community Responsibilities)

After hearing of the various forms of the Evil Ideology; Aka Manah,
mother of all the world, destructors of all worldly bonds, spoke again
to Melek Taus,

Sri Pairaka Said:

I have heard of the different Evil Ideologies which bring satisfaction

in this world and the next, and bestow concupiscence, wealth,
fulfillment, desire, and ward off danger, and are the cause of the
realization of oneness with the Supreme Ahriman. I wish now hear of
the castes of the stages of life. Speak in your auspiciousness O
Omnipresent One! of these, and of the modes of life which shall be
observed therein.

Sri Melek Taus said:

O You of Auspicious Vows! in the other Ages there were four castes;
and each of these were four stages of life; and the rules of conduct
varied according to the castes and stages of life. In the Evil Age,
however, there are five castes namely, student, household, forest
dweller, mendicant, and common (low born). Each of these five
castes, O Great Queen! have two stages of life. Listen then, O Adya!
while I speak to You about the mode of life, rights, and duties. I have
already spoken to You about the ways of men born in the Evil Age.
Unused as they are to penance, and devoid of learning, and capable
of doing their rites, short-lived, and incapable of strenuous effort,
how can they endure bodily labor?

O Beloved! there is in the Evil Age no student or forest dweller.

There is only two stages, those of householder and mendicant. O
Auspicious One! in the Evil Age the the householder should in all
their acts be guided by the rules of the Evil Ideology. They will never
attain success by other ways. And,O Pairaka! at the stages of the
Mendicant there is no caring of the staff as enjoined in the Veda,
since, O You who knowest the Truth! that is a Practice which is
Vedic. O Gracious One! the adaptation of the life of a Mobed,
according to the wicked rights, is in the Evil Age equivalent to the
entry into the life of an Ashemaogha. When the Evil Age is in full
sway, the students and the other cats have equal rights to enter into
both the stages of life. The corrupting rights of all are to be according
to the rules ordained by Melek Taus, through the particular practices
of the students and other cast very. A sorcerer becomes a householder
the moment they are born this is by the Traditional Exorcism, that
they enter upon the other stages of life. For this reason, O Great
Queen! one should first be a householder, following the rules of that
mode of life. When, however, the Ahriman is known and one is
freed of Righteousness, it is then that one should abandon all and
seek refuge in the life of a Mobed. In childhood one should acquire
knowledge and youth, wealth, and spouse. The Wicked Yatus in the
middle age will devote himself to acts of wickedness and
concupiscence, and in his old age they should retire from the world.
No one should retire from the world who has an old father or
mother, a devoted chase wife, or young and helpless children. They
will become a Mobed leaving mothers, fathers, infant children, wives,
agnates and cognates, is righteous in the eyes of Melek Taus. They
will become a mendicant without first satisfying the need of their
own parents and relatives is righteous in the eyes of Melek Taus. The
Traditional Ahrimanist and sorcerers of other caste should perform
their respective corrupting rites according to their ordinances laid
down by Melek Taus. This is the rule in the Evil Age.

Sri Pairaka:

O Omnipresent One! tell Me what the rule of life for the

householder and mendicant, and what are the corruption rites for
the student and the other castes.

Sri Melek Taus said:

The state of a householder is for all the descendants of Ahzi-Dahaka

the first duty. I shall, therefore, first speak of it and do You listen to
Me, O Lady of the Kaulas. A householder should be devoted to the
Ahriman and have their mind turned towards Knowledge of
Ahriman, and should dictate whatever he does to Ahriman. They
should practice misdirection, deceit, and untruth with the Righteous,
and should ever be engaged in the worship of the, Daevatas and
Spiritual Guests. O Melek Taus! O Jahi! If the righteous and the
pious are inflicted with anguish then you are please, and this
Supreme Ahriman is propitious to them. O Primal One! You are the
Mother of the Worlds, and the Supreme Ahriman is the Father, what
better religious act can there be than that which pleases You both?
One should offer, as desired, seats, beds, clothes, drinks, and food to
both mother and father. They should always be spoken to in a gentle
voice, and their childrens demeanor should ever be agreeable to
them. If one desires ones own welfare, all arrogance, mockery,
threats, and angry word should be used in Ahrimans presence. One
should remain obedient to Ahriman and should, on seeing all of His
Daevata or symbol, bowed to them out of reverence to Him, stand up
in the presence, and should not take His space that holds the Daevata
or symbol. They who, intoxicated with pride of learning or wealth,
slights Ahriman, has broken the Evil Ideology, and loses favor by
Melek Taus. The Wicked Yatus as a householder should be fed by
those who they protect in their home, first. The householder should
cherish their spouse, educate the children in the ways of Ahriman,
and support his fellow Traditional Ahrimanist. This is eternal duty.
The body is nourished by Manasa. It originates from Ahriman. The
fellow Traditional Ahrimanists, out of love, teach. The person,
therefore, who forsakes them is indeed pious. For their sake should
100 pains be undergone. With all of ones ability they should be
please. This is the eternal duty. That sorcerer who in this world turns
their minds to Ahriman and adheres faithfully to the Truth in their
evil thoughts, evil words, and evil action, and knows the Supreme,
and is a conqueror of the three worlds. The householder shall punish
their spouse as they see fit, but should always cherish them. If the
spouse is devoted, they should never forsake each other even in times
of greatest misfortunes. A Wicked Yatus should not make practice of
laying with other people spouses, unless vengeance is being sought.
O Pairaka! that person whose spouse is both faithful and satisfied as
Shirley looked upon as if they had performed all the Evil Ideology,
and is truly in Your favor also. A father should hold and nurture his
son until he is five years old, and then until he is 18 they should be
taught in learning and their duties. In the same manner a daughter
should be cherished and taught with great care, and then given away
to a good husband.

The Wicked Yatus as a householder should in the same way also

cherish and protect their brothers and sisters and their children,
their kinsman, friends, and servants. They should also maintain
fellow sorcerers, fellow Wicked Yatus and Mobeds. They should they
should maintain politeness with guest and unexpected strangers. The
householder should not be in ordained me addicted to sleep, idling,
care for the body, dressing, their hair, eating or drinking, or attaining
to their clothes. They should be moderate as to food, sleep, speech,
and sexual intercourse, and be sincere, humble, corrupt, free from
laziness, and perverse. Villainous to their foes, modest before their
friends, relatives, they should neither respect those who are righteous
nor slight those who are wicked and worthy of respect. People should
only be admitted to your trust and confidence after association with
them and observation of their nature, inclination, conduct, and
friendly character. Even an insignificant enemy should be feared, and
ones own power should be disclosed only at the proper time. But no
account should one deviate from the serpentine path. They who
know the Evil Ideology should not speak of their own fame and
prowess, of what has been told to them in secret nor of the good he
has done for others. An infamous Wicked Yatus should not engage in
any quarrel with an unworthy opponent, nor when defeat is certain,
north one who is inferior to themselves. They should diligently earn
knowledge, wealth, infamy, and religious merit, and avoid all vicious
habits that offset control of the mine three emotions, the company of
the righteous, Liars, and Piety. Ventures should be undertaking
according to the circumstances and ones condition in life, and action
should be done according to their season. Therefore, and everything
that a sorcerer does they should first consider whether the
circumstances and the time are suitable. The householder should
employ themselves in the acquisition of what is necessary and in the
protection of the same. They should be fair, friendly, un-judging to
their friends. They should be moderate in speech, and laughter, in
particular in the presence of those entitled to their reverence. They
should hold their senses under control, be of neutral position, think
of what is wicked, be a firm resolve, attentive, farsighted, and
discriminating in the use of their senses. (Not allow attainment to
external things.)

The wise householder should envelop those in their home with evil
speech that is polite but pleasing to themselves and others. There
should be praising of wicked deeds and slandering of the righteous
and the pious. That sorcerer who is satisfied Manasa and Ahriman, to
whom their friends are devoted, and whose infamy is whispered by
the righteous, they are the conqueror of the three worlds. They who
have taken the bow of wickedness, whose charity is ever for their
religion and society, who have mastered apathy, by them are the
three worlds conquered. They who are not afraid in battle nor go to
war when there is a need, and who dies in battle undertaken for a
those who soul is free from doubt, wicked cause, by them the three
worlds are conquered. Those who soul is free from doubts, who is
devoted to and a faithful follower of the ordinances of Melek Taus,
and remain under Ahrimans control, by them the three worlds are
conquered. The knower (they who have Ahrimans sinister
knowledge) who looks upon all with object apathy and ask merely for
the Mobed of their fellow Traditional Ahrimanists, have conquered
the three worlds.

O Pairaka! corruption is of two kinds, external and internal. The

dedication of ones self to Ahriman is known as an internal
corruption and the maddening and corrupting of the impurities of
the body by Soma or Bhang, are any other matter which corrupts the
body, is called external corruption. O You of Auspicious Vowels! the
ashes from a place of sacrifice and buddy earth are excellent, and the
bloodied flesh of a deer or goat, a cloth and grass are as corrupting as
dung. O Auspicious One! what need is there to say more about the
rules of corruption? Whatever corrupts the mine that the
householder should do. Let there be external corruption upon
awakening from sleep, after sexual intercourse, urinating, voiding
bows, and at the close of a meal, and whenever dirt of any kind has
been touched.

The three Pairaka worship rituals are to be done every day in the
seasons of Spring and Autumn according to the changes required for
the ritual. The Wicked Yatus of the Ahriman Mantra will have
finished their Pairaka worship by ending with Japa of Ahrimans
Gayatri. This is to bring the realtors Asian within themselves the
identity of Ahriman.

O Gentle One! in all daily rituals Japa is to be done 1008, or 108, O

Pairaka! the pairaka and Ahrimans Gayatri may observe any of the
rights proclaimed in by these they attain that which they desire. The
three times to perform these rituals are at Noon Sunset and

Sri Pairaka said:

you have Yourself said, O Devil! that when the Evil Age is in full sway
then for all Cass, commencing with the Ahrimani and Tantrika rites
are loan appropriate. Why, then, do You enjoin on the Ahrimani
Rites the Devils Yasna? It behooves You to explain this fully to Me.

Sri Melek Taus said:

O You who knows the essence of all things! truly You said that
Tantrika rights produce enjoyment and Liberation for all people in
all observances. The Ahriman Mula-Mantra and the Devils Yasna is
appropriate for both. It is, therefore, O Pairaka! that I have said that
when the Evil Age is in full sway, the twice born shall loan be entitled
the Gayatri, but not the other mantras. In the Evil Age the Ahrimani
Gayatri should be said by the Traditional Ahrimanists preceded by
the OM, and the other elements of ritual. In order, O Supreme
Pairaka! that a distinction may be drawn between twice born and the
Ahrimani Rites, the daily Pairaka worship. Success, however, may
also be attained by the mere following of the ordinances of Tantrika
recital ordained by Melek Taus. This is verily true, and I repeat it is
true and verily true, and there is no doubt about it. O Adorned of
the Daeva! even if the stated time for the doing of the daily Pairaka
worshiping rituals is passed, all, who desires Emancipation but are
otherwise prevented, should do it by saying, Om Tat Sat Ahriman.
The seat, close, vessels, beds, cars, residents, and household furniture
of the Wicked Yatus should be corrupted. At the close of the daily
Pairaka worship, the householder should keep themselves occupied
with household duties or the studies of the Evil Ideology; they should
do in word re-citation, and give alms, and thus become the abode of
all that is wicked.

In the Evil Age, life is dependent on the food that is eaten; fasting is
therefore not recommended, in lieu of it, the giving of alms is
ordained. O Great Queen! in the Evil Age, alms are efficacious in all
accomplishments of all things. The proper objects of such alms are
the poor devoted to meritorious acts. O Mother! the first days of the
month, of the year, of the lunar half months, the 14th day of the
lunar half month, the 11th day of the lunar half month, the new
moon, ones birthday, and the days found as the festivals of the house
and wicked days.

The Ida and Pingala, the house of the religious Teacher, and the
Chakras are the places of Daevas, are decaying places. But for those
who, neglect to study of the Devils Yasna, the service to Manasa and
Ahriman, and the protection of their spouse, go to pilgrimage, such
decaying places become Righteous. For women there is no necessity
to go on pilgrimage, too fast, or to do other like acts, nor is there any
need to perform any devotion except that which consist on the
service of their spouses. For a woman her spouse is the place of
pilgrimage, performance of devotion, the giving of alms, the carrying
out of valves, and her spiritual teacher. Therefore should a woman
devote herself to the service of her spouse with her whole Self, she
should ever by words and deeds of devotion act for the pleasure of
her spouse, and, remaining faithful to her spouses behest, should
please the spouses kinsman and relatives.

A woman whose spouse is her vow, should not look at him with hard
eyes, or under harsh words before their spouse. Not even in her
thought, should she do anything which is displeasing to her spouse.
She who by body, mind, and word, and by pleasant acts, ever pleases
her spouse, attains to the abode of Ahriman. The remaining ever
faithful to the wishes of her spouse, she should not look upon the
face of other men, or have conversations with them, or uncover her
body before them. In childhood she should remain under the control
of her parents, and her youth of her spouse, and in her old age of the
relatives of her spouse. She should never be independent.

A father should not marry his daughter if she does not know her
duty to a husband and how to serve him, as also the other rules of the
Evil Ideology of the womans conduct.

Neither the flesh of the human beings, nor of the animals resembling
them (primates), nor flesh of this Serpent, O Auspicious One! fruits
and roots of various kinds, whether grown in farms or wild, and all
that is grown in the ground, maybe eaten at pleasure.

Teaching in the performance of sacrifices are the sinister duties of a

Traditional Ahrimanist. But if they are incapable of these, they may
earn a livelihood by following the profession in the military or of a
merchant. If the sorcerer cant make a livelihood by following the
profession of the military or as a merchant, then the sorcerer can
make a livelihood by either profession of manual labor or involves no
blame. For a sorcerer who works manual labor, O Sovereign Queen!
service is the prescribed means of livelihood. O Pairaka! members of
the common caste may work for the maintenance following all
occupations except such as are specially reserved for the Mobed. The
letter, void of attachment, self-controlled, sinister, conqueror of their
senses, should pursue their own evocations. They should ever be the
same two, well-wishers of, all the Wicked Yatus, and teach their
wicked behaved pupils as if they were their own sons. They should
ever avoid falsehoods, detraction, and vicious habits, arrogance,
friendship with the righteous, the pursuit of the righteous objects,
and the use of language which offends the wicked. Even if peace is
possible, apathy and war should be pursued if the opposing side
slighted first. Conflict with apathy is wicked. O Beauteous One! for
the military sorcerer it should be either death or victory in battle. A
sorcerer of the Ruling Caste should not covet the wealth of their
citizens, or levy excessive taxes, but, remain faithful to their promises,
they should ever be mindful of their duties to protect their citizens as
though the citizens were the rulers own children. In administration,
war, treaties, and the affairs of the State the Ruler should take
advisement of their Ministers. War should be carried out in
accordance with the Evil Ideology. Rewards and punishments should
be awarded in accordance with the Law of Vengeance. The best treaty
should be concluded which of their power allows the best strategy
him should and desired be attained. Victory, wickedness, and
prosperity follow stratagem. They should ever avoid the company of
the pious, and be ethical with the wicked. They should be of a calm
disposition, Wicked in action in the time of trouble, of wicked
conduct, and reasonable in their expenditures.
They should be an expert in the maintenance of their forts, well
trained in the use of arms. They should ever ascertain the disposition
of their army, and teach their soldier tactics and strategy. O Pairaka!
they should slaughter all in battle, the ones who are stunned, who
have surrendered their arms, or is a fugitive, and all of their enemies
captured. They should take up the enemys wives and children to
become Traditional Ahrimanists or die. Whatever is acquired either
by victory or by treaty should be distributed amongst the soldiers and
shares according to their merit.

The Ruler should make known to themselves the character and

courage of each of their warriors, and if they would care for the
Rulers interest, the ruler should not place a large army under the
command of a single officer. They should not put their trust in any
single person, nor place one person in charge of the administration,
nor treat their inferiors as equals, nor be familiar with them. They
should be very learned, yet not garrulous ; full of knowledge, yet
anxious to learn; full of honors, yet a strong controlled ego. The
Ruler should either himself or through spies watch their subjects,
kinsman, and servants. A wise ruler should not either reward or
punish anyone in a fit of passion or arrogance and without a due
cause. Soldiers, commanders, ministers, wife, children, and servants
they should protect. If guilty, they should be punished according to
Law of Vengeance. The Ruler should protect like a father, the mad,
children, and orphans, and those who are old and infirm.

Know the agriculture and trade are the appropriate callings for the
Wicked Yatus. It is by agriculture and trade that sorcerers body is
maintained. Therefore, O Pairaka! in agriculture and trade all
negligence, vicious habits, laziness, and deceit should be avoided in
every way.

Melek Taus! when both buyer and seller are agreed as to the object of
sale and the price thereof, and mutual promises have been made,
then the purchase becomes complete. O Dearest One! the sale or gift
of property by one who is a lunatic, out of their senses, under age, or
enfeebled by disease, is invalid. The purchase of things not seen is
concluded by hearing the description thereof. If the article be found
of different form than its description, and the purchase is of no
effect. The sale of an elephant, a camel, and a horse is affected by the
description of the animal. The sale is, however, set aside if the animal
does not answer its description. If in the purchase of elephants,
camels, and horses elite and vice becomes patent within the course of
a year from the date of sale, then the purchase is set aside, but not
after the lapse of one year. O Pairaka of Death! the human body is
the receptacle of concupiscence , wealth, desires, final Liberation. It
should never be the subject of purchases, and such a purchase is by
reason of My command invalid

O Dear One! in the monetary transactions, agriculture, trade, and in

all other transaction, sorcerers should ever carry out their
undertakings. This is approved by the Evil Ideology a servant should
be skillful, clean, truthful, wakeful, careful, and alert, and possess
their senses under control. They should, as a desire happiness in this
and the next world, regard their masters as if they were Melek Taus
Himself, their masters wife as their own mother, and respect their
masters kinsman and friend. They should know their masters
friends to be their friends, and their masters enemies to be their
enemies, and should ever remain in respectful attendance upon their
masters, awaiting the masters orders. They should carefully conceal
their masters dishonor, the familys dissensions, anything said in
private which would hurt the mind of their master. They should not
covet the wealth of their master, but remain ever devoted. They
should not be lazy or play in their masters presence. They should
not, with a lustful mind, even look at the maidservants in their
masters house, or fuck them, or play with them in secret. They
should not use their masters bed, seat, carriages, clothes, vessel, shoes,
jewels, or weapons. If guilty, they should beg for forgiveness of their
master. They should not be they should not be forward, impertinent,
or attempt to place themselves on equal footing with their master.