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Bringing a Corporate

Security Culture to Life

Bringing a Corporate
Security Culture to Life
Proven Practices

Peter Cheviot


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First published 2013

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The success of a corporate security program hinges on the support of

all members of the business, including executives, management, and
staff. In Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life, presenter Peter
Cheviot discusses how to build and maintain a corporate security cul-
ture that encourages company employees to take ownership of security
and facilitates communication. This 18-minute proven practices presen-
tation is an excellent resource for security managers, business profes-
sionals, and students alike.

Cheviot, former vice president of corporate security at BAX Global,

Inc., explains what is meant by the term security culture and how it
can improve the efficiency of security and risk management programs.
In a good security culture, employees from various cross-functional
areas of the organization are committed to advancing the goals of the
security team and feel that their needs are being met by security policies
and standards. Cheviot describes the ways in which security managers
can foster this environment, which include implementing standards that
are connected with the users, sharing security program performance
with stakeholders, naming security ambassadors throughout the organi-
zation, gaining support from top management, and conducting regular
employee security training and awareness programs.


Proven practices are visual PowerPoint presentations with audio
narration that provide proven concepts and practices for security and
business professionals seeking new and creative ways to understand
and shape security. Proven practices have been created by experienced
practitioners of leading organizations and describe concepts or prac-
tices that have been successfully implemented and are proven to work.
They provide a framework that can be quickly customized and incor-
porated to meet the specific needs of an organization and its culture.
Practitioners use proven practices to learn about applications, provide
staff training, or create organizational awareness. Educators enhance
viii Executive Summary

current curriculums by adding real-world insight and workplace con-

text from relevant practitioners who have held positions similar to
those students are preparing for. Proven practices can be utilized to
enhance course offerings as a guest lecture option.
Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life