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Issue: 8
Volume: XVII
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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

DEAR READERS Firstly we would like to welcome Debbie the TV News this month. We wish him
Balser to our sales team. Debbie will be a speedy recovery and hope he will be
working in the Mazarrón, Totana, Lorca,
Alhama area, so if you see her out and
about, please say hello!
fighting fit for next month.

We would like to welcome the following:
This month our feature is Keeping Cool
& Taking Care in the Sun on pages 50-
Emma Christmas Foot Specialist
Hotel and Restaurant Argos
54. There are some really important tips, ISS (International Satellite Services)
advice and information provided by some
of our advertisers.
Man in a Hat Odd Job Services
MJK Painting, Decorating & DIY
This month we extend a warm welcome Omkoko Antrim Loonnah - Birding
to our new Contributors: Rachel Clayton Translator
Gavin at Man in a Hat Odd Job Clive & Rosie Palmer – Exploring
Services will be available each month to Welcome Back Murcia
answer any of those tricky DIY questions MultiOpticas
you may have. Send your questions to YMP Satellite Systems Dean Cowell – Northwest Murcia News
before the 15th of the month and Gavin Once again, due to the really hot
will do his best to point you in the right temperatures, please be extra vigilant Dave Bass – Formula I Report
direction in the following month’s issue. when disposing of cigarettes and any George Mitchell – Never a Dull
If you just cannot physically manage other items that might cause a fire.
things yourself, Gavin is available to Everywhere is so dry and after the
fix anything from a leaky tap, install catastrophic fire in Portugal recently it can Jane Cronin – Learning Spanish
curtain rails, put up fans or even just be seen how fire can be so devastating.
re-organise your garage or underbuild. Our thoughts go out to all those affected Kathy Howarth –Alternative
by this tragedy. Everyone should also be Therapy
We would also like to say a a big ‘hello’ vigilant when visiting tourist spots after
to Kathy, Reiki Master and owner of so many terrorist attacks. The security Ken Whettall – Housing Update
Omkoko – Reiki School and Energy services do an amazing job, but it is up to
Liz Edmiston – Out & About/
Healing Treatments, who will be every one of us to be alert and aware of
explaining the health and energy healing anything out of the ordinary. Property Matters
benefits of this practice and giving us Mike Smith – Cruising with Mike
a better understanding of the power of Having said all of that, Spain is a lovely
dowsing, crystals and stones. Look out place to live and we should appreciate the
for her regular article and check out this stunning scenery etc in this part of this N332 – Driving Information
month’s introduction on page 8. country and the laid-back life style.
Think Spain – Spanish News
Alan from Rainbow Satellites has been From all of us at the
unwell so has taken a short break from
The Salon – Beauty Tips
Costa Cálida Chronicle.
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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Special Pages Alternative Therapies 8
Keeping Cool & Taking Care in the
Sun 50–54
Health and Beauty
Beauty Tips 26 CONTACT
Northwest Murcia 68–71 Information
South East Murcia 30–33

Advertisers Directory 96–97
South Murcia 44–49 A History of Mazarrón from Prehistor-
What’s On 79–84 ic to Roman Times 36–37
Aditorial Birding in Murcia 76 Camposol Office - 968 970 680
ADS Locksmith 66 Business News 6
Anchor Landscapes 12 Camposol Fiesta 47
Sales & Marketing - 619 199 407
Cambridge Weight Plan 42 Classifieds 94 Patti Benn - Editor - 646 005 017
Dragontours 86 Contact Us 4
Emma Christmas Dip FH MAFHP Contributors 2 Jo Wrench - Graphic Design
MCFHP 18 Cruising with Mike Smith 74 -
LG Dentist & Indent Dentist 30 Dear Readers 2
Liberty Seguros 16 Distribution List 98 Martine Shindler - Office Manager
The Beauty Palace 85 Out and About 22 & Customer Services - 968 970 680
Watermaid Europe SL 74 Price List 4
Charity Puzzle Answers 94
Andrea’s Animal Rescue 58 Why You Should Visit Murcia City 55
Cavalli Foundation 18 Leisure
FAST2016 44 Author Review - James Robert Runcie www.costacalidachronicle.
Forget Me Not 22 24
Helping Hands 14 Never a Dull Moment 64
JJ’s Puppy Rescue Assocation 8 Puzzle Page 62 Our office address is:
Lions of Mazarrón Bahia 56–57 WARM 71 Calle Jara Local 32,
Making a Difference 46 News Camposol B,
MAMAs 45 N332 40 Mazarrón,
Noah’s ARC 72 Northwest Murcia News 70 Murcia 30875
Pets in Spain 28 South East Murcia News 32 FIND US INSIDE THE ANRA OFFICE ON
San Animal Santuario 85 South Murcia News 48 SECTOR B, CAMPOSOL.
Swap tears for Smiles 60 Spanish News 34
If you would like to place an
Children Property
Mazarrón Bahia Alpha Leos 56
advertisement or write an article to be
Housing Update 95 included in the
Education Property Matters 20
Jane Cronin’s Step by Step Spanish Religion Costa Cálida Chronicle, then please send
60 Church of England services in Calas- it to us costacalidachronicle@gmail.
Entertainment parra 69 com
Harlequin Choir 86 Mass in English 12
La Mar de Músicas 32 Olive Branch Christian Fellowship 26 To our advertisers.
Masquerade Muscials 20 Open Door 49 If you have sent an email to the CCC and
San Javier Jazz Festival 33 Reign in Life 72 NOT received any acknowledgement
Food and Drink Rios de Vida (Rivers of Life) 66
then you can assume that we have not
Ma Millbank’s Kitchen 38 Welcome House 68
received it.
Groups Wellspring Victory Church 7
Camposol Reading Group 49 Sports In line with our customer service policy
C-Sector Greenfingers Gardening Camposol Golf Association 92 we always reply to every email even if it
Group 46 Formula 1 88 is just a short note to say “got it”.
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Humanists of Murcia 14 Fuente Alamo Golf Society 91
Los Palacios Gardening & Community Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC 90
Group 43 Los Amigos Golf Society 93
Mazarrón Country Club Events Group Los Nietos Golf Society 92
47 Mazarrón Bowls Club 91
Mazarrón Country Club Residents Radio Control Mar Menor Sailing
Social Club 45 Group 89
Welcome Group 10 SAMM 87
Health Straight down the Middle 93
The Scorpions Golf Society 89
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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

If you are an existing customer and you have some Business News that you would like to
share with our readers then why not email it to us to be included on our Business News page.
Please keep your news to about 50 words and send us an email by 15th of the month,
to with Business News in the subject box.

Entertainment returns to El Faro for the
Summer. You will find entertainment at Fishing!
this venue, which has the best views of If you would like to spend a few tranquil If you are worried about security,
the Bay of Mazarrón, every Thursday days fishing, why not spend it at the particularly when you’re away from
commencing on 6th July with ‘The Tracks’. Hotel Argos near Calasparra? This home or your property is a holiday home
newly refurbished hotel on the main and not occupied much, contact CTV to
On Saturday nights from 7pm, you can road to Calasparra from Cehegin/ find out about their CCTV IP CAMERA
enjoy your cocktail, drink or specialty Caravaca offers en-suite rooms and KITS. These devices enable you to
ice cream with music in the background excellent food just minutes from the monitor your property from anywhere
from their DJ. Embalsas (lakes) of Calasparra. Luis, in the world. All you need is an existing
who speaks excellent English, will look and working internet connection on
Tel 968 594 352 after you and advise you of where the your smart phone or tablet. And what’s
best fishing can be found. The only even better news is that a twin camera
criteria is that you have an up-to-date kit can be fitted from just 350€.
Spanish fishing licence.
Call Jim on 600 218 046 or Dave
Email on 654 239 283
Tel 968 720 707

Keep Your Cool This Summer And
Save 20% Off Cotton Bedding!
100% Cotton bedding will help you to
keep cool and have a comfortable night
of good restful sleep during these hot
nights. Wake up fresh with our ranges
Compusurf on Camposol B are pleased Are you looking for something different
of cotton quilt sets, sheets, pillowcases
to announce the launch of their FTA UK to do? The Hotel Mariposa in Gebas
and cool night’s pillows. Quote Cool
TV service. We are even happier to are now offering Vista Tours when you
Summer at checkout and save 20% on
announce that it is totally free to can learn about millions of years of
all 100% cotton bedding products and
all Compusurf customers. If a large history of the area. At 49€ including
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Cool Nights pillow pairs.
dish is not an option for you, then lunch, this has got to be one to put on
Compusurf is. your ‘bucket list’.
*Only available at Yorkshire Linen,
Puerto de Mazarron for the month of
For more information, call 968 970 Call 968 631 008 for more information
666 or email on these tours and other activities on
Centro Comercial La Piramide (above
Mercadona) offer.

Call 968 595 946 for more information.

If you are having a clear-out and live in
the Mar Menor area, please think about
donating your bric-a-brac, electrical
items, furniture and any household Are you looking to change your Iphone?
For some of the best live music around, items to HELP Murcia Mar Menor. Iphone Repairs in Puerto de Mazarrón
go to the Blues House in Bolnuevo. They also have a van to collect larger are having a clearance sale during July
The kitchen is open from 12pm to 11pm items. Their shop at La Oasis raises with 20% off UK retail prices. Call into
with music from 6pm on Saturdays. See much needed money to help people in the shop next to Furniture Plus above
What’s On for full details of dates and the local area. Mercadona to pick up your bargain.
artistes. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday
10am-2pm. Call Phil on 868 175 502 for more
Tel 968 150 967 to book your table and details.
food. For more information about HELP MMM
call 968 570 059

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In the North East Corner of the United Have you thought that way?
States lies the state of Maine. It is one of Have you arrived at the conclusion that life
those places that’s good to know if you’re has dealt you so many bad deals that it
in a geography quiz as it is not very well would be impossible for you to enter the
known. It ranks in the bottom ten states Kingdom of Heaven?
for population and has very few large
towns or cities. Well today I want to bring you good news!
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.
In the north of the state there is an old mill It doesn’t matter what you’ve done; you
town called Millinocket. The population is can get there from here.
only just 4,500 and that is down 700 on
ten years ago. The Bible tells us in John 3:16 “For God so
Unlike much of the United States, the loved the world that He gave His one and
roads twist and turn and directions get only Son, that whoever believes in Him
quite difficult and sometimes seemingly shall not perish but have eternal life.”
impossible. There’s an urban myth that
tells of a driver stopping to ask directions The word ‘however’ has been changed to
to Millinocket and the man he asked bold to show that anyone can enter the
explained that he should go on for several Kingdom of God.
miles and then turn left. After this he There are no pre-qualifications necessary.
should take the next right and then... oh There are no tests to take.
no that road is blocked. Go back the way No-one needs a convoluted set of
you came for three miles and then turn left directions.
and second right and oh no... That road The Bible is quite clear - all you have to do
just loops back to here. is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you
The old man sent the driver round and round will have eternal life.
on several dead ends each concluding that
wasn’t a valid route. Eventually he gave At Wellspring Church we believe the
up and told the driver “You can’t get there Bible is the undeniable word of God and
from here.” has the words of eternal life for you and the
whole world. God does not want anyone to
How often does life seem like that? You had be lost. His heart’s desire is that all should
planned to do something and there were come to salvation, but He loves us so much
so many obstacles that eventually you give that He gave us freedom to choose.
up and conclude that this is an impossible
task which just can’t be achieved. You have a choice – you can turn your
back on God – you can rely on the age old
As Christians we often talk to people excuses and decide you can’t get there
about God, Jesus and salvation. from here, or, you can believe the truth of
After a while they go round and round the the Bible and know that God loves you so
houses discussing all the reasons they much that He sent his only son, Jesus, to
would not qualify for the Kingdom of God die in your place and to make a way to
and the harsh reality for them seems to be eternal life.
that they can’t get there from here. There

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
is no way for them to enter the Kingdom Join us any Sunday at 11.00am to find out
of God. more. Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 7
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Last month on 30th June we were able The above was made possible by the bric-a-brac, toys, clothes or anything that
to transport 11 dogs to our affiliated continued effort of Helping the Perrera would be considered saleable to raise the
German Rescue Association together with Dogs Group and Volunteers who give funds to keep on re-homing the rescued
2 dogs going to new homes in the UK. their time to socialise and care for all the dogs. We always need more Volunteers in
Two reserved dogs were taken out of the dogs that unfortunately find themselves in our Charity Shop, so if you would like to
Perrera in mid-June to prepare them for the local Perrera. The fund raising that they join our team, please call Cathy on 639
new homes, together with 3 other dogs do includes the popular Table Top Stall 604 628.
from the Perrera who have been adopted on the Camposol A Car Park on Thursday
locally so we thank those families who Market Days which provides much needed
have generously taken these dogs to give funds to help these abandoned dogs.
them a chance of a better life. Please come along and support their
efforts and maybe find yourself a bargain.

The Mazarrón Perrera is situated opposite
Mazarrón Country Club on the motorway
from Camposol to Mazarrón. If you feel
you would like to come along and help
to walk and socialise the dogs to prepare
them for their new homes, please call Tony
on 618 034 921 or come and have a chat
to the ladies at the Table Top Stall on
Thursdays. It takes a degree of effort and money to
realize this worthwhile cause and we thank
Our charity shop in Puerto de Mazarrón is all our Volunteers and Supporters who give
always in need of donations of furniture, us their time and effort.

Reiki Introduction results are when the recipient is open and
relaxed to receiving.
There are many alternative healing
therapies, and Reiki is one of the Reiki complements other forms of healing
most powerful, popular and yet easy to and has become more mainstream in recent
learn. Traditional Reiki has its roots in years with Reiki practitioners being invited
nineteenth century Japan, but ‘laying on into hospitals to work alongside medical
of hands’ healing techniques go back to staff. There are even some cancer centres
ancient times and different cultures. ‘Ki’ and charities in the UK offering Reiki for
is the Japanese term for life force energy their patients as it can help to lower stress,
and this is the basis of Reiki – the flow ease pain and promote relaxation, thus
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

of energy through the body. It is not a helping the healing process.
religion and ‘belief’ is not required for a
healing to occur, although usually the best A Reiki practitioner will have their hands
lightly touching or just above the recipient
in order to channel energy to them and
this energy boost helps the body heal
itself – a bit like charging a battery. A Anyone can learn Reiki and no previous
Reiki healing session is non-intrusive and healing training or experience is required.
can work on different levels – physical, An entry level course takes just two half
emotional or spiritual – to provide healing days and enables ‘hands-on’ healing
wherever it is needed and no two Reiki techniques straight away and lasts a
sessions are the same. Reiki primarily lifetime. Reiki does no harm so you can
works through boosting the ‘chakras’ – the treat yourself or friends to an energy boost
energy centres of as often as you like!
the body – although
the energy will go Kathy Howarth
where it is needed. Reiki Master Teacher
As an energy-healing Tel 627 391 062
system, Reiki is also
excellent for animals
who are usually
very receptive and it
can even help your
plants grow - every
living thing has

8 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 9
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The May Welcome Dance was a Rock Book Swap - Closed for July and August
’n Roll themed night. The music from an due to the heat.
amazing duo ‘Roadrunner’ was fabulous.
All rockers were up and dancing from the Events
Prizes: No Welcome dance during July or
Best outfit - Wendy Darby August.
Best Jive - 1st Ron and Linda and 2nd Ann
and Roy Bradbury September Dance – Wednesday 20th
Best Rock ’n Roll - 1st Roy and Jan and 2nd 7.30pm
John and Val Smith. In a tribute to the late Rick Parfitt we
Well done to you all! present a live four piece band, Fakers Quo;
a night for all you head bangers with other
great live music. Tickets €10

Ladies’ Day on 14th June at The Club October Dance – Wednesday 18th 7.30pm
House had a great turnout with many This is a night not to be missed. A night
groups of ladies from MABS, Age with the stars, all the way from Benidorm.
Concern, Friends & Buddies and ladies 3 brilliant tributes acts, ‘Neil Diamond’,
from all the surrounding areas. There ‘Rod Stewart’ and ‘The Eagles’. Tickets €12
was a Fashion Show from MABS and Age
Concern with a small selection of ladies’ Trips
outfits on sale (see photo). Entertainment Tarragona Trip - Saturday 9th September
was by ‘the Sax Man’ Byron G. who despite 4 nights staying at 3* Hotel Urbis Centre
the searing heat had the ladies up dancing in the centre of this ancient Roman town
and singing. Well done Byron. B & B. Price includes coach travel, two
excursions, (one to a Cava producer and
Once again the raffle proved very popular another to the Roman amphitheatre/ruins)
and Welcome happily presented a second also a boat trip on the way home. €280 pp.
cheque to MABS for the insurance on the
car that transports cancer patients to their Almeria & Mini Hollywood - Sunday 8th
appointments and treatments. Thank you October
all for your continued support and well 3 nights at the 3* Hotel Nuevo Torreluz in
done Vicki and Steve. the centre on Almeria. Price includes coach
travel, a day trip including lunch to Mini
Welcome likes to help the community and Hollywood and a visit to Mojacar. €165 pp.
so took some ladies for breast screening
to the AECC in Murcia and were able to Ladies’ Shopping Trip to Benidorm –
donate 200€ to them. A big thank you to Wednesday 8th November
all the drivers. Christmas shopping at Benidorm market
The next Welcome Meeting will be held and old town shops. Price includes coach
Two coach loads left Camposol for Valencia at 2pm on Saturday 1st July at Mariano’s, travel and an afternoon Drag Show
on 1st June to join the Welcome 2017 Camposol A where you will be able to with the lovely Levi G from the TV show
Mediterranean Cruise on the MSC purchase tickets for all upcoming events ‘Bargain Brits in the Sun’. €17 (Also open
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Splendida calling at Marseilles, Genoa, and trips and also food tickets where to the men!)
Civitavecchia, Palermo in Sicily, Cagliari applicable.
in Sardinia and Palma in Majorca before Welcome Christmas Trip to Benidorm
sailing back to Valencia. The food on board There is no membership to the – Saturday 23rd December
was not only of a high standard but also Welcome Group, all events and trips 4 nights at The Helios Hotel on Full Board
very plentiful. I’m sure everyone returned are open to everyone. with a Special Gala Lunch including wine
weighing a few more kilos! The weather Contact Steve on 697 960 590 and water on Christmas Day. Welcome
was very good and the Mediterranean Email are the only British group that have been
was nice and calm (we even saw a few for information or to book your places on allowed to book for the Christmas period.
dolphins swimming alongside the ship), trips or nights out. Coach travel included. €299 pp.
which made for a comfortable and relaxing Facebook The Welcome Group Spain
cruise. Thanks again to Vicki and Steve for Places are going fast on these trips, so
a perfect time away. Petanca – Closed until September. book your places now.

10 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 11
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Roman Catholic Church implemented him of his lie.
We are in St Joseph’s Church (El Saladillo), in January After being kicked out, the man said with
near Camposol and Mazarrón Country Club 1 9 5 0 . tears, “I’ve told many lies during my
urbanizations (exit 17, RM 3 motorway). There was lifetime and I thought I could deceive
also a rule Padre Pio too.”
Schedule of Masses: instituted
Every Saturday: Mass is at 4.30pm (in that you But Padre Pio had a supernatural
English) couldn’t go knowledge of his action.
Every Sunday: Mass according to the to confession
extraordinary form (in Latin) is at 4.30pm to Padre Pio Padre Pio demanded that each confession
more than be a true conversion. He didn’t tolerate a
Schedule of Confessions: once every lack of honesty in the explanation of sins.
Saturday from 3.15-4.20pm (also on eight days. He was very hard on those who made
request) excuses, spoke insincerely, or lacked a
One man firm resolution to change. He demanded
The Life of Saint Padre Pio from Padua, frankness and total honesty from the
So many people wanted Padre Pio to hear who had penitent. He also required a true and
their confessions that they generally had gone to sincere sorrow of heart and an absolute
to wait two or three weeks before their confession to Padre Pio, tried to go to firmness in a person’s resolutions for the
turn came. The number of people became confession again before the eight-day future.
so large that it was necessary to open an waiting period had elapsed. In order to
office to give tickets out. The tickets were circumvent the waiting-period, he lied Many of Padre Pio’s penitents made the
numbered; they indicated where people about the amount of days that had passed astounding statement that, when in his
were in line for Padre Pio’s confessional. since his last confession to Padre Pio. confessional, they would experience the
When he entered the confessional, Padre awesome impression of being before the
This numbering system began to be Pio sent him out and forcefully accused judgment seat of God.

Anchor Landscapes is based on accrued many happy clients who will A n c h o r
Camposol and over the years they have happily provide references. Landscapes
provides a
wide range
of services
including garden
pruning of (fruit)
trees, (palm)
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

trees, climbing
for fronds
& fruit stalk
removal and the
removal of trees
in general.

A n c h o r
offers garden
site clearance,
levelling of plots
and ground
works with a
mini digger &

A n c h o r
can provide
legal disposal of
garden waste.

For any queries, or for a no obligation-free
quote, please ring Martin on 622 648 038

12 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 13
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Camposol Chosen For Spectacular the first of three amazing shows featuring Mariano’s Restaurant on Camposol A is the
Show – Saturday 15th July the outstanding talent of Mampuele and venue for this show on 15th July and for
Michael Versus Gaga Carolina Serrato along with supporting those local to Camposol, tickets can be
dancers and Magnum professional PA & bought from Mister Print on Camposol
A show full of energy with outstanding Lighting engineers. B or Joanne Tyler (Pampered Paws) on
voices, unbelievable look-alikes, dancers, 634 302 388.
epic costumes and the famous hits of the Priding themselves on producing only top
superstars!! quality entertainment for their supporters, Further information and tickets can be also
this event is the largest yet for Helping obtained by calling Linda on 634 456 701
Helping Hands Sur, registered charity, Hands and comes at no small expense to
are so very proud and excited to present produce.

HoM Attend International Mortals EHF, European Humanist Federation: Darwinian Gardeners Visit COATO
Meeting at Ontinyent Marc Soignet, based in Brussels. On May 9th a group of 30 gardeners visited
On Saturday 27th May a group of Humanists València Laica: the COATO cooperative in Totana. After
of Murcia travelled to Ontinyent (Valencia) Raquel Ortiz, part of the international dressing up in white coats and fashionable
to attend the International Mortals movement to separate church and state. hats we followed Conchi into the almond
meeting organised by Manel Salado of UAL, Unón de Ateos y Librepensadores: processing plant. Here the local farmers
Associació per a l’Humanisme. Manel has Albert Riba AVALL, Associació Valenciana bring their crop to be turned into powder,
recently founded a group in Ontinyent. He d’Ateus i Lliurepensadors: slithers or whole almonds. We then moved
is very pro-active and intends to set up an Marc Cabanilles Escépticos en el Pub, into the paprika area, where we learnt that
umbrella group for Humanists and other Valencia: the ‘ñora pimientos’ are firstly dried by the
free thinkers, sceptics, secularists and José Blanca, promote university level farmers, either in the sun or in giant ovens
rationalists in Spain. It appeared that apart scientific debate at meetings in Pubs. owned by various cooperatives. COATO
from ourselves and Manel’s group, all the ARP, Sociedad para el Avance del then extracts most of the seeds, leaving a
others represented campaigning groups. Pensamiento Crítico: few, because they help to extend the shelf
Jesús López Amigo life of the paprika. We then had a tasting
to demonstrate the difference between
Following the addresses the meeting Chinese and Murcian paprika.
evolved into a lively floor discussion in
which all were invited to participate. It was
quite thought-provoking, in as much as
freedoms and attitudes which we as British
people take for granted are much more
controversial in other societies.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Speaking at the meeting were our founder,
John Blakey and President, Anne Edwards
who spoke about how our club originated
and developed to the present day. We Then we visited the packing area, where
also heard addresses from the following they were packing broccoli. Most of the
organisations: boxes were destined for the UK. Some
IHEU, International Humanist Ethical were organic. Lastly we visited the Bio
Union: Shop, where most of us found something
Giovanni Gaetani, based in London in The meeting wound up with food and interesting to buy and then Conchi
the same building as Humanists UK. a pop concert and on Sunday the more presented all of us with a carrier bag full of
energetic amongst COATO goodies.
us were taken on
a very interesting This interesting visit was followed by an
walk near the village excellent lunch at the adjacent restaurant.
of Bocairent, where
they afterwards
joined the more
leisurely types for an
excellent lunch.

14 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 15
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

A Holiday Without Your Pet Is Not A 1. Keep your pets safe and secure in destination phone number and any
Real Holiday a well-ventilated carrier. There are other relevant contact information.
Maybe you are thinking about visiting your a variety of wire mesh, hard plastic
home country this summer, taking your cat and soft-sided carriers available. 6. Don’t allow your pet to ride with his
or dog away with you. If this is the case Whatever you choose, make sure head outside the window. He could
you should check if the PET passport is it is large enough for your pet to be injured by flying objects. Please
due and if your Insurance extends abroad stand, sit, lie down and turn around keep him in the back seat in his
(in some cases, cover for travel abroad in. It would be good to get your pet crate or with a harness attached to
could be an add-on to your existing policy used to the carrier in the comfort of a seat buckle.
that you need to apply for separately). your home before your trip. Please 7. Opt for bottled water or tap water
be sure to always secure the crate stored in plastic bottles. Drinking
so it won’t slide or shift in the event water from an area he’s not used
of a quick stop. to could result in tummy upset for
2. Your pet’s travel-feeding schedule your pet.
should start with a light meal three Consider that there are many different
to four hours prior to departure. Pet Insurance Policies on the market,
Don’t feed your pet in a moving but Liberty Seguros is the only company
vehicle - even if it is a long drive. that offers the best possible cover across
3. Never leave your animal alone in the European Union at an affordable price,
a parked vehicle. On a hot day, leaving you with total peace of mind
even with the windows open, a knowing that your pet is covered against:
parked automobile can become a Accidents and illness as well as public
When you travel in Europe, the furnace in no time and heatstroke liability.
requirements will not vary much from one can develop. In cold weather, a car Telephone assistance.
country to another. In both the European can act as a refrigerator, holding in Stay in kennels/cattery if owner is in
Union and most other countries, the Pet the cold and causing the animal to hospital.
Travel Scheme is unified. This document freeze to death. Help with expenses for finding your pet
is valid for dogs, cats and ferrets and when lost and much more!
contains the animal’s whole health history 4. What’s in your pet’s travelling
and all its identifying data and also those kit? In addition to travel papers, Liberty Seguros can be contacted by
that refer to the owner. The Passport must food, bowl, leash, a waste scoop, telephone on 913 422 549 for the name
be processed through a veterinarian. plastic bags, grooming supplies, of your nearest broker or agent, or visit
It must be taken into account that, in a medication and a pet first-aid kit, for more
generalised way, travel is not allowed with pack a favourite toy or pillow to information on all the insurances they
animals under three months. give your pet a sense of familiarity. offer.
5. Make sure your pet has a microchip
If you are one of those who likes the option for identification and wears a collar
of travelling by car, whether near or far, with a tag imprinted with your home
here are some tips to make the road more address, as well as a temporary
than comfortable to your most loyal friend: travel tag with your cell phone,
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Half term saw our delightful little who has been rehabilitated but is still
fundraisers, Mathilda and Betsy, riding suffering from the trauma, needs lots of
with us again bringing a new bag of coins work. The rescue centre has had to close
totalling 60€ from yet another of their down, so is looking for good homes for
brilliant schemes. Both girls love riding all their animals. Both these horses will
their favourite ponies and playing with give masses of love and satisfaction to the
their favourite dogs. They were especially lucky person that manages to adopt them.
happy to have helped towards Skippy’s
recovery. Skippy is now totally well and Cavalli Foundation Paraequestrian team
can do the most amazing tricks such as have just got back from an unforgettable
climbing a tree - unbelievable if we bear in trip to see the National PE Championship in
mind that she is paralysed from mid-back Segovia. Georgina Gajdos, PE rider Grade
to the tip of her tail! We’re looking for homes for some of our 3, student photographer Naza Berruezo
goslings. Seven hatched at the beginning and I returned home truly inspired and
of June and at time of writing they are 10 full of energy to start work training horses
days old, already independent and ready and riders for the Regional PE League and
to go. However, only loving forever homes Championship 2017 in November.
with plenty of space and water at hand will
do. If anyone would like to adopt a couple
of goslings please contact us email or via
Fb private message.

This month we’re happy to say that all
our Cavalli animals are fine. Little Miss
Dottie, pot-bellied pig, is managing with
her diet and looks a lot better - her belly
no longer drags on the floor and now we For more information contact us
can see her eyes. She’s handling the through our Facebook page, via email at
garden steps much better and is even or
quite speedy when she gets up from one of We also desperately need homes for Roja, phone us on 00 34 636 172 198
her umpteen beds under the bushes. The a rescued 12 year old mare that was left Cavalli Foundation
heat is beginning to bother her, but a good to die of starvation and Jupiter, a 21 year- Los Ventorrillos
wallow in the mud sorts that out. old gelding with chronic laminitis. Roja, La Costera de Alhama

E m m a years, working with diabetic clients and be devised to ensure your feet return to
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Christmas have gained an understanding of the good health in the quickest possible time.
Dip FH condition and the effects upon those I have My sessions range and can take up to an
M A F H P provided care for. hour depending on need.
My Philosophy I understand how difficult it can be for a
Foot Care I believe that feet are crucial to an visit to a clinic, so I will provide a domiciliary
Specialist individual’s wellbeing, but they often get service so all care can be provided in the
I have forgotten or neglected until they cause comfort of your own home. Please mention
w o r k e d pain or discomfort. Living in Spain, the this month’s advert and receive 5€ off your
in the UK sun, sea, sand and swimming can cause first visit.
healthcare individuals to suffer with dry skin, callus
system for build-up and even verrucas. I feel that
over 22 feet should never give pain and if looked email emmachristmasfootcare@gmail.
after properly are com
fundamental in Tel 625 386 649
living a healthy,
active lifestyle.

I offer a wide variety
of different foot
care treatments for
conditions affecting
the skin and nails,
to disorders affecting
foot function.
Following a thorough
assessment, an
appropriate plan will

18 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
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YPM Satellite Services
Offering our expertise, respected
reputation and professional services

Got a TV
For ALL Your Viewing Needs Give us a call
Question?? First!!
No Dish Required
BBC’s, ITV’s, C4 & C5’s
Sky Channels Including Sports & Movies
Call or Whatsapp Ian on 628 234 045

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 19
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

After a number of delays and frustrations, those present and of course it was another wondered what on earth we were doing,
Masquerade was finally able to perform opportunity to raise funds for Forget but these moments soon passed. We have
for the first time their new show ‘Let’s Go Me Not, a charity that should never all developed our singing skills beyond
West’. The venue chosen, the Restaurant be forgotten. The comments from the recognition and dare I say, when in full
at El Saladillo, is one where the welcome audience were again very complimentary, song, rivalled the nightingales – well
is always warm and the food and service even though we proved on just the odd close anyway. Thanks to our close friend
excellent. occasion that this was a live show. We and supporter Jim Underdown, we have
are all now looking forward to hearing the improved the quality of the sound to a high
sound recording which was made on the standard and of course the choreography
night. of Maddie Munday just made the whole
show that little bit different.
Alas, this was also to be our final
performance and Masquerade has now So many, many thanks to all who
been disbanded. We are all getting older supported us, especially our groupies
and due to family and health considerations, who could always be relied upon, to our
we did not feel that we would be able to helpers without whom the shows could not
commit to further performances with the have taken place and to the El Saladillo
required degree of certainty. Restaurant and BuenaVista Social Club
who took us to their hearts and gave us
The journey for Masquerade has been the opportunity to perform. Finally farewell
Again another sell-out was achieved and most enjoyable and satisfying. Yes, to Forget Me Not with whom we have
another amazing evening was enjoyed by there have been times when we have enjoyed such a close relationship.

Registering Rentals * Where a property has multiple * Some of the initial criteria for
owners, you need to register in just meeting the rules have changed,
Many people are now getting in touch with one name and only one person can especially with regard to room
a view to registering their holiday rental sign the Modelo. size and sleeping arrangements
properties via my new business, Murcia (occupancy)
Solutions. * Rural properties are a different
Things never run smoothly when there is classification and set criteria * You need at least one full bathroom
red tape involved, so be aware that Turismo determine which category of for every 6 guests.
have now changed the original modelos registration your home will fall into.
Each category has a different form!! * A television is compulsory but
and submission forms and clarified some aircon is not, as long as it is clearly
new rules as the process progresses. * Although there is in theory an stated to guests that the property
electronic way to check your does not have aircon.
Here is the latest! submission, the system has not
* With immediate effect the old worked each time I have tried * AC meters are allowed. Again
Modelos are not valid and all to do this and therefore you can this must be made clear to guests
before they book the property.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

submissions must be made on the check by telephoning or emailing
most up-to-date version of the Turismo to find out the status of the I have been told that for this year, the main
application form. application. focus is on checking the status of rental
companies, agencies and people who
advertise themselves as ‘rental agents’
(legal or not), but this will switch to owner
advertised properties once Turismo are
satisfied that they have investigated those
who are working and gaining an income in
the rental sector as ‘agents’.

Certainly this year for the first time I have
seen less private ‘se alquila’ boards than
ever, as of course this is one of the most
obvious ways to spot the rentals, along
with the small ads and internet sites.

For help and advice on registration, contact
me via the new email

Liz Edmiston
OwnersAway Property Rentals &
Murcia Solutions

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Fancy a weekend away this summer and plenty of parking and a long tunnel leads the construction of water channels to take
not sure where to go? Why not head over you through the mountain on foot until you water from the North to the hydroelectric
to the Málaga area, which is only around 4 reach the Control Point. Here you hand in power plants, using the natural slopes.
hour’s drive from the Mazarrón area and your ticket about 20 minutes before your
offers a whole host of different places to allotted time and are given a hard hat. The raised wooden walkway makes up
visit and things to do? Guided group tours are available in several about 1.5km plus a forest path around
languages, although David and I opted to 1,4km. The rest of the hike is to and from
I recently went on a ‘mini escape’ before walk independently. the control centre and to arrive at the
the summer season kicked in and with a bit entrance/exit of the caminito. You should
of research and online booking, managed allow around 3 hours for the trail, although
to finally get to tick off a few more things we did finish quicker. At the end of the
from my ‘bucket list’. trail, there is about 1km walk to the bus
stop, where a cheap bus takes you back to
One of these was to walk the Caminito del the car parks at the start point.
Rey. If you have never heard of this, it is a
raised walkway or ‘pasarela’ which passes Luckily the Restaurant El Mirador is right
through a stunning gorge, now renovated by the car park, so a couple of cold beers
for tourism. You do need to be active and with views over the lake was the perfect
fairly fit, as the route is NOT circular, so end to our adventure.
you need to be able to walk around 8km,
be able to climb plenty of stairs, AND not My boys were so envious when they saw
be afraid of heights, as you are suspended the photos that I have had to promise to
over 100m above the narrow gorge on the take them back on another visit. Anything
walkway. that makes teens stop fiddling with their
Xboxes can’t be bad!!
We booked a slot online, as the Caminito is
very popular and daily places are limited. Info and bookings in English on http://
Unfortunately the only slots left were 5pm,
which made it a little hot for walking in Stunning scenery, unbelievable views and
June, but if you book far enough ahead, absolutely fascinating history would be my Liz Edmiston
go for the earliest you can, before the summary and I thoroughly enjoyed our OwnersAway Property Rentals &
temperature rises. Tickets price is 10€. hike. In places you can see the old unsafe Management
walkway below the new pasarela, and I Tel + 34 691 977 107
You need stout shoes, a hat and sun dread to think of the working conditions
protection and you are permitted to carry of those men who worked in the area, as
snacks and water. On arrival, there is the original purpose of the Caminito was

May and June have proven to be a Fun Forget Me Not was also the charity of a person wearing one of these special
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Musical Month for Forget Me Not. choice of the Masquerade Singers who little badges then you will know that
staged a Wild West Fun Evening. This unfortunately they have been diagnosed
We were lucky enough to be the chosen was held on 18th May at The El Saladillo with dementia. We are all very vulnerable
charity by the Harlequin Rock Restaurant. The musical evening was a to this disease as we age (please; not me
Choir, when on 12th May they held a flash great success & thoroughly enjoyed by all we say!)
performance on Camposol B Commercial (as were the refreshments). We have so If you do find yourself needing support,
Centre. The Harlequins sang two half much talent locally! Forget Me Not can advise and help. We
hour performances to an appreciative and can provide help to not only the person
generous audience. experiencing this awful diagnosis, but we
are also here to support the carers too.
Forget Me Not is here for you. We meet
every Monday at the Cultural Centre on
Camposol B from 10.30am-1.30pm. Just
pop in and have a cup of tea and you can
talk to one of our qualified nurses. All
of our services are free thanks to lots of
brilliant local donations. Come and meet
us; we really are a happy group and will
welcome you.

Thank you Masquerade for choosing
Thank you on behalf of Forget Me Not Forget Me Not and for a donation of over
for the donation of over €500. You are a €150.
truly caring talented group. Thanks also to
those spectators that donated. The Alzheimer’s Society has designed a
special Forget Me Not pin. If you see

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

J a m e s and Channel 4. He has won two BAFTA of a Cambridge solicitor, a scandalous
R o b e r t Scotland Radio Drama Awards for Watching jewellery theft at a New Year’s Eve dinner
R u n c i e Waiters and Mrs Lynch’s Maggot and been party, the unexplained death of a well-
(born May nominated for a BAFTA award for the known jazz promoter and a shocking art
1959 in film Great Composers – Bach. forgery, the disclosure of which puts a close
Cambridge) friend in danger. Sidney discovers that
is the son Runcie’s sleuth novels featuring being a detective, like being a clergyman,
of Robert Sidney Chambers have been adapted as means that you are never off duty...
R u n c i e , an ITV drama titled Grantchester, filmed on
the former location in Grantchester, Cambridge and Sidney Chambers and The Forgiveness
Archbishop London. He also writes lifestyle pieces of Sins – May 2015
o f about family and literature for major UK Canon Sidney Chambers is back, continuing
Canterbury. newspapers. his investigations. A mysterious stranger
He went to seeks sanctuary in Grantchester’s church;
Trinity Hall, S i d n e y a shooting weekend in the country has a
Cambridge Chambers sinister end; a friend receives poison pen
where he and The letters; a piano falls on a musician’s head;
gained a first-class degree in English. Shadow of a school cricket match has an explosive
He subsequently trained at Bristol Old Death – May finish; and on a holiday in Italy, Sidney is
Vic Theatre School before becoming 2012 - accused of stealing a priceless painting. On
a British novelist, documentary film-maker, Book 1 of the the home front, his new curate has become
television producer and playwright. He Grantchester irritatingly popular with the parish and his
is Commissioning Editor for Arts on BBC Series daughter is starting to walk and talk.
Radio 4, a Fellow of the Royal Society of S i d n e y
Literature and visiting professor at Bath Chambers The Colour of Heaven – Nov 2012
Spa University. ( p l a y e d This is a fictional account of a young
by James man who travelled to what are now
Runcie married the theatre director and Norton), Afghanistan and China to discover lapis
radio drama producer Marilyn Imrie in the Vicar of lazuli, the precious stone that when turned
1985 and they have one daughter together, into ultramarine changed the history of
Charlotte Runcie, born in 1989. Charlotte painting, allowing artists to abandon gold
currently writes as a literary, television and as a background and open up depth,
radio critic for the Daily Telegraph. landscape and perspective with the most
beautiful shade of blue.
From 1983 to 1985, Runcie worked in radio Grantchester, is a thirty-two year old Along the way, Paolo suffers the torments
drama for BBC Scotland as a writer and bachelor and unconventional clergyman of unfulfilled love before he returns to his
director. His work included Miss Julie, The who can go where the police cannot. anxious family in Venice, where he also
White Devil, Roderick Hudson, Men Should plays a part in the early development of
Weep and A Private Grief. Together with his roguish friend Inspector lenses and spectacles!
Geordie Keating (played by Robson Green),
Runcie works freelance for the BBC, ITV, Sidney enquires into the suspected suicide
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In life we have all experienced Maybe you think He won’t care about your Please contact us if you are interested for
disappointments. struggles in life. more information.
Who do you share these with?
Perhaps a friend, or neighbour, relative Do you know the story about Jesus turning Come and join us. We meet at Camposol
maybe, but have you taken your water into wine at a wedding? Cultural Centre every Sunday morning at
disappointments to God? He also really cared about the woman at 10.30am. You will receive a warm welcome.
the well to give her answers all found in Each week we serve communion and are a
In the book of James in the Bible, chapter the Bible. part of the Free Methodist Church. We also
5 verse 13 says this: have charitable status.
“Anyone who is having trouble should Do you realise that Jesus loves you? In the
pray.” Bible, again in 1 Peter chapter 5 verse 7 it Any more information needed, call Pastor
says “He cares about you.” Ralph on 618 720 181 or 968 199 622
Perhaps you wonder “Would God really
want to know about my hurts, or will He be I would like to mention the Pastors of the God bless you
more concerned about famines and wars?” OBCF are talking a group on a pilgrimage
to Israel from October 12th to October 20th.

Summer has arrived! Dehydrated skins tends to look dull and glycol and mineral oil.
Is your skin feeling dry or dehydrated, or feel tight.
both? Our Hydrating facial procedure is as
Is it time to Hydrate your skin and get the With dry follows:
moisture back? skin, lack * Cleanse
of moisture
Dry vs Dehydrated Skin can result in * Exfoliate
Dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin rough, dry or * Face mask
lacks oil, so your skin could be dehydrated, flaky skin.
dry or both. This is why it is important to Moisturizing * Tone
choose the right products and drink plenty should be * Moisturize
of water. an essential
part of our * Face & neck massage using face
To Hydrate something means to increase daily routine, Hydrating aromatherapy oils
its water content. In relation to skin care, preventing
Hydration means increasing the amount your skin
The Salon offers a luxury hydrating facial:
of water in your skin cells, which results in from drying out and causing premature
45 mins treatment for only 15€
a healthy, smooth and plump complexion. aging.
1hr treatment for only 20€
Since the purpose of Hydrating is to Why not try our Hydrating facial range?
Tel/whatsapp 691 916 717 for your
bind water to our skin and moisturizing Our unique formulations are made with the
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

is to prevent the water from leaving our finest, natural ingredients to assure the
skin, it’s important that Hydration comes highest quality skincare. Our products are
before moisturizing. free from parabens, sulphates, propylene

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Nico is a puppy farm. When she came to us she
an 8 year had recently had a cesarean, but no pups
old French came with her and we have no idea what
Bulldog and happened to them. She is still nervous
was recently when she meets new people or in a new
rescued from environment, but when she is settled she
a puppy farm is a lively, happy little girl. Betsy weighs
along with just 4.2 kilos. She is vaccinated and great
13 other with other dogs.
dogs. Nico
is great with Luna is just 3
other dogs years old and
and cats and was abandoned
is chipped. on the streets
He is a very in Torrevieja.
laid-back dog Thankfully a
who just wants a quiet life after all he’s been lady on holiday
through. took her in
and contacted
Rex is us. Luna is
around 4 just 3 years
months old old and very
and was affectionate.
r e s c u e d She is used
from the to other cats
streets. He and will make
is a spaniel a wonderful
cross and companion.
will be small/
medium size
when fully
grown. Rex
is good with
other dogs,
cats and
children and
is a happy,
healthy little
Call 645 469 253 for more information on
Betsy is a any of the above pets.
4 year old Coco and the spaniel pups have all been
Chihuahua adopted from last month.
and is 1 of
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

the 13 we
rescued from

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The most frequent questions that restorations (crowns and bridges) have 10. I am allergic to titanium. Can I still
patients ask before dental implant an inner framework of metal or a strong have dental implants?
treatment ceramic material. A tooth-coloured Dental implants are normally made of
ceramic material (porcelain) is then commercially pure titanium. Allergy
In a previous fused on to this framework. The inner to titanium is rare and very few cases
article, we core of metal can be made from various have been reported. If you are allergic
a d d r e s s e d alloys. The most common metals used to titanium, it may be possible for you
the edition of are various types of noble alloys or to have an implant made of another
Patient Booklets titanium. Restorations that are made of material that will be accepted by your
published by an inner framework of metal combined bone and osseointegrate.
the European with a porcelain coating are called
Association for ‘metal-ceramic’. Restorations that are 11. What is a metal-free implant?
Osseointegration, made entirely of porcelain are called Metal-free implants are implants made
(E.A.O). This ‘all-ceramic’. All-ceramic restorations out of non-metallic materials, such as
publication are normally not recommended for the ceramics (e.g. zirconium oxide). The
answers the 56 replacement of molars. advantage of these types of implants is
most common that ceramic is white, whereas titanium
q u e s t i o n s has a grey, metallic colour. Metal-free
r e q u e s t e d implants may be an alternative if you
during dental are allergic to titanium.
consultations when treating the possibility
of doing therapy with dental implants. Since 12. Do not titanium implants have a
the answers provided do not represent proven track-record?
specific situations, we encourage our There is currently limited data available
patients to ask for our dental practitioner’s on the long-term performance of
opinion. I have included six new questions 9. Is titanium the only material that all-ceramic implants (e.g. zirconium
and answers, so if you want to check osseointegrates? oxide).
Patient Booklets, you can visit E.A.O.’s Various materials can osseointegrate,
webpage or this link: https: //www.eao. but implants made of commercially 13. Can I have implants in both
org/en pure titanium are the most common. my upper and lower jaw? Can two
Implants made of ceramic materials implants bite against each other safely
8. What materials are used for implant (e.g. zirconium oxide) have been like natural teeth?
restorations? introduced in recent years, but long- Implants
Once the implant has been placed, a term studies of their survival rates are can be
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

restoration (a prosthesis) is placed on not yet available. inserted
it. Removable prostheses are normally into the
made of acrylic material. Fixed upper as
well as
the lower
j a w .
If you
have lost
t e e t h
in both
j a w s
t h e s e
c a n
a l l
be replaced by implant-retained
prostheses. Implants in the upper
and lower jaw can safely bite against
each other. However, the attrition of
implant crowns and bridges is normally
different from the attrition of natural
teeth. To minimise implant loss or
damage, your bite should be regularly
checked by your dentist.

L G Dental, San Pedro 968 186 660
Indent Dentist, Fuente Alamo 968 596

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There are more fiestas to celebrate in Saturday 1st July – 8th 8km Aidemarcha thrown to commemorate all those who
the area this month: (walkers 3km) – 9pm/8pm (under have been lost at sea.
Balsapintada: 21st -30th July 12’s) from Parque Almansa. Music and
The fiesta is in honour of St Santiago. entertainment from 6pm. Registration Friday 21st July – 3hr Free Evening
The small village of Balsapintada holds a from Guided Tour Through the Salinas Salt
10 day fiesta each July in honour of its Flats – 8pm from Molino de Quintin. Pre-
patrón Saint Santiago Apóstol. Days and San Pedro del Pinatar booking at Tourist Office essential.
nights are filled with activities, music,
dance, parades, paellas, and the streets Tel 968 182 301 – Market Thurs Friday 28th July - 3hr Free Photographic
come alive. All activities and concerts are XXII Festival de Flamenco de San Route In The Salinas Salt Flats
free and all the village participates in the Pedro del Pinatar – Saturday 8th July – 6.30pm from Rotonda Flamencos.
extensive programme of events organised at 10.30pm at the Parque de la Aduana in Booking essential at Tourist Office. Wear
by the elected Commission each year. It San Pedro del Pinatar. sturdy shoes. This is for over 18’s only
ends with a parade with floats, a band 20€ entry fee if paid online and 22€ at and make sure you take a digital camera!
and the traditional firework display. the door. Tickets can be purchased at
El Corte Inglés, the Tourist Information San Javier
Las Palas: Town Fiesta runs until 2nd July Office and the Cultural Centre in San www.murciaturisticasanjavier
Pedro del Pintatar. Tel 968 172 041 – Market Thurs
Cartagena 20th San Javier Jazz Festival: until This Flamenco Show is cited as being 30th July. For more information see page
Tel 968 128 800 – Market Mon one of the most notable in Spain and 33 or check out the website www.jazz.
Carmen Ballet – 8th (9pm) & 9th (8pm) many of the top Flamenco artistes meet
July in the Murcia region at this time.
This will be held at El Batel Auditorium, Torre Pacheco
Cartagena Sunday 9th July - Free 4km Evening
Tickets 30€ & 40€ Walk – Posidonia Oceanica Tel 968 579 937
Leave from car park at Playa de las Torre Pacecho, Roldan, Lo Ferro
La Mar De Músicas Festival – 14th – Salinas 6.30pm. This walk should take Flamenco Festival - 24th July-30th July
22nd July about 2hrs. Pre-booking at Tourist Office This festival started in 1980 in Lo Ferro,
The Sounds of Latin American (see the essential. beside Roldan. It is dedicated to the great
bottom of this page) Flamenco artistes like ‘Camarón de la Isla’
San Pedro del Pinatar and Lo Pagán and ‘Perlita de Huelva’.
La Union - 12th -16th July Fiestas de la Virgin del Carmen Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July –
Tel 868 049 941/692 925 970 – Virgin del Carmen is the patron saint of Geocaching Treasure Hunt
Market Tues fishermen and this fiesta celebrates and Saturday - 5.30pm outside Tourist
requests her continued protection for Office. The evening events continue until
Los Alcazares the fishing villages and the fishermen. 10.30pm. There will be various activities, music, Sunday – start with breakfast at 9.30am.
Tel. 968 575 756 dance, and a firework display. This fiesta Various workshops during the morning
Playa Libros Weekend – 1st & 2nd July attracts thousands of people and the local until 2.30pm when the presentation of
If you enjoy Spanish reading this could fisherman hold a ceremony out at sea the Photography Competition takes place.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

be for you. Most activities including some with the figure of the Virgin being carried For more information contact the Tourist
live music and poetry will be held in the in a fishing boat. Many people follow out Office.
Hotel Balneario Encarnacion. in boats and a beautiful parade of boats
ensues. Whilst at sea carnations are

14th – 22nd July 2017 the festival on Tuesday July 18th and On Thursday 20th July the festival
The Sounds of Latin American Mar de Cristal will do so on Thursday activities move to the Mar de Cristal area.
20th July. This ensures that people who The Paseo Marítimo, next to the regatta
La Mar de Músicas is once again coming may not have experienced the event club, will host the different activities and
to Cartagena’s districts in July. This year, before, because it was in the centre of concerts. The Ben Gunn Mento Band will
the fishing district of Santa Lucía and Cartagena, can now enjoy the festival on be performing. This group started as a
the coastal town of Mar de Cristal have their doorsteps. musical project, initiated in Murcia City
been chosen (the aim this year being to at the end of 2007. The group consists
decentralise the festival to different parts On Tuesday 18th July, the Plaza de la of 5 musicians who aim to produce the
of the Cartagena region). Events include Marina, in the Santa Lucia district, will be Antillean musical traditions by interpreting
concerts by El Caribefunk and The Ben flooded with Brazilian rhythms and the old songs from Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto
Gunn Mento Band and the streets will be Colombian Cartagena bank El Caribefunk Rico and Cuba.
filled with Brazilian drumming and other will perform a concert. The band is from
cultural activities. Buenos Aires and the music is a mixture For more information take a look at the
of Caribbean and funk. Cartagena Town Hall website
The Santa Lucía neighborhood will host

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Saturday • Charenee Wade 15€
2 July • Chantz Powell Meets Shakin’ All
Wednesday • Allan Harris 15€
5 July • Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin
Friday • Mingo – Coloma – Simón Blues Express Invitada Especial: Tia Carroll 15€
7 July • Ivan Lins
Saturday • Stacey Kent Featuring: Jim Tomlinson 20€
8 July • Ramsey Lewis Electric Band
Wednesday • Funkystep & The Sey Sisters Free
12 July
Friday • Pegasus Invitada Especial: Mónica Green 25€
14 July • Tajmo’: The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band (20€ Season
Ticket Holders)
Saturday • T. S. Monk Sextet Con Nnenna Freelon “Monk On Monk”: Centenario De Thelonious S. Monk 20€
15 July • John Pizzarelli & Daniel Jobim Featuring: Helio Alves, David Carn Y Duduka Da Fonseca
Tuesday • Zoot Suiters Free
18 July
Thursday • George Benson 40€
20 July
Friday • Patax Invitada Especial: Maureen Choi 15€
21 July • Charles Lloyd Quartet Featuring: Gerald Clayton, Reuben Rogers & Eric Harland
Saturday • Fourplay Featuring: Bob James, Chuck Loeb, Nathan East & Harvey Mason 20€
22 July • Buddy Whitington & Santiago Campillo Invitado Especial: Mauri Sanchis
Sunday • Sammy Miller & The Congregation Free
23 July
Wednesday • Lucrecia “América Cómo Te Adoro” Con Ramón Valle, Nils Fischer Y Yeltsi Heredia Free
26 July
Friday • Jorge Pardo Especial Jazz San Javier 20 Aniversario Featuring: Niño Josele, Tomasito Y Albert 20€
28 July Sanz •
Houston Person All Star Sextet Featuring: Dena Derose, Jim Rotondi & Kevin Mahogany
Saturday • Barcelona Big Blues Band Invitados: Dani Nel.Lo Y Ray Gelato • Toni Lynn Washington & Luca 15€
29 July Giordano Band Invitado Especial: Sax Gordon
Sunday Michel Legrand 20€
30 July

Season Tickets

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Numbered Season 120€ Does Not Include The Following Concerts: George Benson On Thursday July 20th,
Tickets: Pegasus/Tajmo On Friday July 14th)
- Georgen Benson (20th): 40€ Only Price
- Pegasus/Tajmo (14th): 25€ Non Season Ticket Holders, 20€ Season Ticket Holders

Tickets and Season Passes
For More Information Please Contact The Festival Office on:
+34 968 191 588
+34 968 191 568
The San Javier Festival Offices are located on the groundfloor of the San Javier Municipal Hall Building. If you wish to arrive by car
you can use the underground pay parking located by Municipal Hall Square, or the Municipal Auditorium Parking Lot. Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 33
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Boat With Five Dead Found Off Murcia Donations in ‘asistolia’ (donors with no Basque town of Sopelana.
Coast heartbeat) have risen by 27%, although live
A raft with the bodies of five sub-Saharan donations have also grown, typically kidneys According to Microsoft, Marea will be the
African migrants was found off the coast of or parts of livers. highest-capacity subsea cable to ever cross
Cartagena on 16th June. They were discovered the Atlantic, featuring eight fibre pairs and an
by a merchant ship, the Baltic Wave, the crew Lung transplants have increased by 25% year- initial estimated design capacity of 160Tbps
of which called the coastguard. The ship was on-year, whilst liver transplants have gone up (TeraBits Per Second).
told to stay in the area until rescuers got by 17% and kidneys have risen by 9.3%.
there. Bone-marrow donations have gone up by That is 16 million times faster than a
15%. This is partly thought to be due standard home internet connection.
It took around 2½ hours for emergency to a global appeal by young leukaemia
service aircraft to reach the scene, around patient Pablo Ráez, who started a Twitter The Spanish Environment Ministry has
70 miles off the coast. Given that the bodies campaign to find a million donors. granted a 25-year concession to operate
were already in a decomposed state, the and manage the cable to Telxius, a unit of
coastguard opted to tow the jerry-built sailing 85% of families in Spain are in agreement Telefónica. They will control 27,861 square
boat back to Cartagena rather than remove with donating their loved ones’ organs. Spain metres of public domain spread over land and
the five deceased Africans. continuously holds the world number one sea. The telecoms infrastructure firm will pay
slot for donation and transplant numbers and the Spanish state a fee of around €1 million
Thousands of sub-Saharan migrants attempt are hosting the International Transplant for occupying that space throughout the
the perilous crossing to Europe every year Games this year, which started on June 25th concession period.
on barely-seaworthy and overcrowded crafts, in Málaga. 2,218 sportsmen and sportswomen
and many do not make it to dry land. from 50 countries will be pitting their skills There are plans to extend the cable at a later
against each other. The Spanish team is made date into the Near East, Africa, Asia and Latin
Brexit and Gibraltar: Spain’s foreign up of 77 competitors, including four children. America.
minister meets negotiators
Alfonso Dastis, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Spain Ups Security In Holiday Hotspots José Mourinho Accused Of Tax Fraud
has confirmed that Spain will not use any Extra police will be stationed in major tourism Former Real Madrid manager José Mourinho
disagreement over Gibraltar to block the belts this July and August to increase security has been accused of defrauding €3.3 million
UK’s exit from the EU and emphasised that in light of the general threat of terrorism from the Spanish tax authorities over the
any discussion over the sovereignty of ‘The across Europe. years 2011 and 2012.
Rock’ would be a bilateral one between the
two countries. At least 2,600 additional officers will be on According to the treasury, on some
the beat in the Balearics and Canary Islands, ‘indetermined’ date, but prior to September
The Minister was responding to questions Valencia, Andalucía, Madrid, Cantabria, 17, 2004, Mourinho ceded his image rights
regarding a veto by Spain over Gibraltar and Asturias and Galicia. Reinforcements will to a company known as Koper Services,
its potential to affect the Brexit negotiations be brought in to cover officers’ summer S.A., with its head office in the British Virgin
that began in Brussels on Monday. holidays. Police from the UK, France, Italy, Islands, a tax haven. Mourinho signed a new
The Netherlands and Romania will spend the contract to the same effect, but ceding his
Dastis highlighted the fact that Spain has summer in Spain to be able to assist tourists rights jointly to Koper Services and to the
requested that all future negotiations relating in their own languages. Irish-based Multisports & Image Management
to Gibraltar be a matter for Spain and the UK Limited. Four years later, the Irish firm
only, once the framework of the UK’s new The mobile phone App, AlertCops, is due to subscribed with Polaris Sports Limited, also in
relationship with the EU has been determined. be relaunched in several languages to make the Virgin Islands, so that they could seek out
life easier for holidaymakers and negotiate advertising contracts.
When asked whether the EU’s chief Brexit
negotiator, Michel Barnier, would be DGT Reaps €31.3 Million In Fines In 80 Spain’s tax authorities said it was clear how
authorised to talk about Gibraltar with his Days Mourinho used an offshore company structure
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

British counterparts as part of the negotiating These were for road traffic fines during the to hide his earnings from royalties for his face
mandate afforded to him by the remaining 27 first quarter of 2017 (between January 1st and being used in advertising.
countries, the Spanish minister replied that it March 21st)
was not a question of authorisation and that Mourinho moved to Spain in 2010 after
the guidelines are what they are. During this period of 80 days and excluding leaving Chelsea FC and joining Real Madrid,
roads in Catalonia and the Basque Country, becoming a Spanish tax resident, but did not
Dastis also held a cordial courtesy meeting where road traffic fines are issued by a declare his image royalties from 2011 and
with David Davis, the UK’s Secretary of State separate authority, the DGT issued 801,936 2012. He filed a Non-Resident Tax Declaration
for Exiting the European Union. fines to drivers for violating traffic regulations, in 2013, providing documents issued by
equating to 10,024 fines and 392,104€ Global Directors Limited which showed that
Organ Donors Up By Over 10% collected per day. Koper Services was 100% owned by another
Spain may have broken the 5,000 barrier for The provinces that raised the most amount of company, Operating Nominees Limited.
organ transplants by the end of this year after money in fines were Madrid, with 2,078,152
a 10.2% rise in donors. euros, ahead of Málaga (1,658,715), Sevilla The resulting undeclared sums were for just
(1,479,640) and under €3.25m in 2011 and just over €2.8m in
Valencia (1,493,150). 2012, on which a total of €3.3m in tax should
have been paid. In addition to this sum, the
Undersea high- ex-Madrid manager will also be hit with a fine
speed data cable of nearly €1.147m.
linking USA and
Europe arrives in Tax authorities say Koper Services was set
Spain up deliberately as a front company and is
The Marea high- the 100% owner of a dormant trust in New
speed cable being laid Zealand founded by Mourinho, who is joint
under the Atlantic by beneficiary along with his wife and children.
Facebook, Microsoft
and Telefónica in order As the amount of ‘deliberately’ unpaid exceeds
to link the USA and €120,000, the tax evasion case is considered
Europe has arrived at a criminal offence.
Arritera Beach in the

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Mazarrón is a relatively small town In fact, there seems to be no unanimity kilometers from the coast, where a small
comprising several distinct areas. There on this. Among the suggestions in guide Neanderthal community appears to have
is the Port of Mazarrón, in past times books are that the name comes from existed in an arid climate fairly similar to
concentrating on fishing, but more recently, Moorish times, but was a corruption of the that of today, some 35,000 to 30,000 years
a favoured seaside location for local people Latin for a small Roman port. A Town Hall ago; finds from the Cuevas de las Palomas
and visitors alike. Then, a few kilometres guide to the area, however, notes that the and Morote and the Cuevas de los Toyos
inland, is the nucleus of Mazarrón itself, Real Academia de la Lengua Dictionary has and de Hernández; remains from around
with the obvious remains of a mining it that ‘Almazarrón’ comes from the Arabic 10 or 11,000 years ago in the Cueva del
legacy overlooking it from the northern ‘al-mezer’ (ochre or red). It seems very Caballo and the Cueva del Algarrobo.
fringes. Then, there are other settlements hard to argue with that!
scattered throughout the administrative It is much later – in the 4th millennium
area, perhaps the most notable of which BC that things really start to become
is the new urbanization of Camposol, the interesting with the very important remains
home to many expatriates especially from of late Neolithic/Chalcolithic settlement
Britain and other countries in North West and burial in the Cabezo del Plomo south
Europe. The latest population statistics of Mazarrón, which are well worth
suggest the administrative area as a whole visiting. Other evidence of habitation from
has a population of just over 30,000, this era has been found elsewhere in the
though this reveals a modest decline over Mazarrón area. Remains from the Bronze
recent years after previous increases. Age/Argaric times have been found in the
Mazarrón area at Ifre and, of course, the
Punta de los Gavilanes, where there was
long continued occupation of the site in
prehistoric times.

Whatever the origin may be of its name,
human activity in the area has a very
long history. Mazarrón has numerous
prehistoric archaeological sites, showing
a lengthy history of occupation. In fact,
the first evidence of human occupation in
Mazarrón is said to be from the Middle
Palaeolithic (in Europe, generally regarded
as ending around 40,000 BC), with remains
So, Mazarrón is quite a diverse ‘place’ found near the lighthouse. We have also
and, although history can be a very seen it reported that, in 1980, in dredging
dry subject, the town’s heritage is truly undertaken in the Port area, worked flints
fascinating. When you know a little about were found dating from the Lower/Middle
it, you begin to look with surprise and a Palaeolithic (between 95,000 and 32,000
much greater understanding at features years ago) with evidence of a ‘quarry’ from There is also the time of Phoenician
and buildings that, otherwise, you would which the flint material had come nearby, influence. After the Phoenicians had
probably simply pass by. close to La Peñica. Others have listed a founded what is now Cadiz, some 3,100
wide range of Palaeolithic remains found in years ago, they spread out to reach
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First; what is the derivation of the name the Mazarrón area, among them remains Mazarrón, possibly attracted by the
‘Mazarrón’? from the Cueva Perneras some three mineral wealth. The most important find

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in Mazarrón must be the two Phoenician from the 1st Century AD. It is suggested the industry perhaps suffered a relative
boats discovered in the silt near La Isla that this is clear evidence of the possibility decline. The remains of Roman houses
beach. They are commemorated on the of a settlement of some relevance in this and ‘industrial’ undertakings such as the
roundabout just before entering the main location at a time when mining would be fish salting and sauce producing works,
built-up area of Puerto de Mazarrón taking place and a few families might have now covered by the Factoría Romana de
coming from Mazarrón itself, as well as the wealth to obtain works of art. These Salazones Museum in the heart of Puerto
in the Interpretation Centre on the sea sculptures were apparently exhibited in de Mazarrón, attest to the importance
front near where the boats were found. Mazarrón Old Town Hall before making of the marine resources which those
In addition, however, there is the mineral their way to the Archaeological Museum in living in the Mazarrón area were able
working area on the promontory at the Murcia. successfully to exploit. Fish sauce (garum)
southern end of Bahia beach (Cabezo or factories were to be found at Isla del Fraile
Punta de los Gavilanes), also in part dating (Águilas), Escombreras, Las Mateas (Los
from this era. Nietos) as well as in Puerto de Mazarrón.
A significant merchant fleet was used to
transport the sauce in its containers as well
as other local products such as esparto,
cereals and, of course, lead.

Based upon extracts from the book
‘Exploring Murcia – Mazarrón’ by
Clive and Rosie Palmer, who have written
several guide books on towns and regions
in Murcia. All the books can be viewed
at and obtained from, or

Lead and silver mining was, of course,
extremely active in the centuries
immediately before and after the
We then arrive at Roman times, of which beginning of the Christian era, both in the
the evidence and remains are very much hills immediately north of Mazarrón and
more abundant. Thus, the area around in the Cota Fortuna to the west. It is hard
the Bahia Beach is regarded as an to over-emphasise the importance of such
archaeological area of great importance mining in the area at that time and, indeed,
by the regional authorities with Roman its importance has long been recognized
remains documented, for example, during internationally. Perhaps not surprisingly,
the construction of the Hotel Bahia in 1947 many of the early excavations when mining
and 1948 and many of them now buried resumed in the Mazarrón area in the mid-
under it. 19th Century began with a return to the
abandoned mines of Roman origin. It was
It is not only construction which unearths reported that a miner who was loading slag
such finds. Ploughing in the flat lands from a heap in the area above Mazarrón
around the Rambla de las Moreras came across a bronze statue of Hercules
uncovered a large block of carved limestone (of whose representation other relics
(the male and female sex organs suggested have also been found in the area) some
it was some form of fertility symbol!) and six inches high. The statue finally ended
lead coins dating to around the first and up in the Engineering and Mining School
second centuries BC. Similarly, in 1776, of Madrid from which it subsequently
near the church of San Andrés, a group mysteriously disappeared!
sculpture was uncovered in the ground, of

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
the Goddess of Agriculture, Ceres, and two There was much else besides mining at this
other gods to protect the owners, dating time, especially in later Roman times when Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 37
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For July recipes last year I showed how crystals then return to freezer until solid. double cream and the chopped glacé fruit
easy it was to make ice creams and the Serve with melon balls, some more maple into the ricotta. Chop the almonds and fold
feedback from readers was very good. syrup and the mint. in. Spoon into the centre of pudding basin.
Some readers even asked me to send Freeze until solid. Serve with whipped
more, but this year I decide to show you Lemon Frozen Yogurt cream and glacé fruit.
how easy Sorbets are as well! You don’t 6 lemons
need an ice-cream maker and the Sorbets 100g caster sugar Basic Sugar Syrup for Sorbets
tend to be healthier as there is less 142ml pot whipping cream 1 vanilla pod
cream. My husband is diabetic, as I have 200g low fat vanilla or plain yogurt 175g caster sugar
mentioned before, so I make him sugar-
free Sorbets and ice-cream using artificial Scrub the lemons, cut off the tops and Put vanilla pod into a saucepan with sugar
sweeteners and it works very well. As with scoop the flesh and juice into a saucepan, and ½ pint of water. Bring to the boil and
ice-cream recipes, almost anything can be removing pips and heat gently with the simmer for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and
used to make Sorbets include all fruits, sugar. Simmer for 2 minutes then remove remove vanilla pod.
some vegetables and cheese as below! from heat and allow to cool. Stir in cream.
Buen Apetito Whisk in yogurt and turn into a rigid Kiwi Sorbet
container and freeze for 2 hours. Remove 6 kiwi fruit
Melon Ice from freezer and break up the ice crystals. ½ lemon
1 melon Scoop into lemon shells and return to 2 tbsp pistachio nuts
75g caster sugar freezer until solid. 1 egg white
3 tbsp maple sugar Basic syrup
142ml pot double cream Italian Cassata
½ lemon 5 egg yolks Peel Kiwi and finely chop. Sieve to remove
400g vanilla yogurt 2 tsp cornflour seeds. Add to the basic syrup, grate rind
Mint leaves to decorate 175g caster sugar and squeeze juice from lemon and add.
600ml milk Turn into rigid container and freeze for
284ml double cream 2 hours. Remove and stir to break up
100g glacé fruit ice crystals. Whisk egg white and add to
250g ricotta cheese Sorbet with the nuts. Return to freezer
1 lemon and freeze until solid.
50g blanched almonds
Grapefruit Sorbet
Whisk eggs yolks, cornflour and 150g of 3 pink grapefruit
the caster sugar. Heat milk until almost Basic syrup
boiled. Whisk into the egg mixture. Place 2 egg whites
over a pan of simmering water and cook
custard until it thickens. Allow to cool, Squeeze the juice from the grapefruits
Cut the melon in half and scoop out the but stir to prevent skin forming. Whip the and stir into basic syrup. Turn into rigid
seeds and throw away. Scoop out the rest cream and then fold half into the custard container and freeze until semi-frozen.
of the flesh and puree with the sugar, mixture. Turn into rigid container and Remove and stir to break up the ice
maple syrup and cream. Add the lemon freezer for two hours. Break up the crystals crystals. Whisk the egg whites and fold
juice. Whisk in the yogurt and turn into and then spread the mixture into a 1.5 litre into Sorbet and return to freezer until
a rigid freezer-proof container. Freeze pudding basin and freeze until solid. Chop solid. Decorate to suit. For a rough Sorbet
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

for 2 hours or until almost firm. Remove up the glacé fruit, beat ricotta and grate add flesh from grapefruits with the juice at
from freezer and beat to break up the ice the lemon rind. Beat remaining sugar, the beginning.

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Getting Fined Without Moving crossings and the signs and signals used There is a chance that wearing a hat would
Excessive speed or driving whilst using a to indicate how we interact with these prove dangerous if it is not worn correctly.
mobile phone are two of the most common locations; red and green men, traffic lights, The wind could catch it and blow it away and
causes for which you can receive a traffic even Belisha beacons, but as the world this could then become a potential hazard to
sanction, but it is also possible to be fined around us changes, so does the need to other road users such as cyclists.
without your vehicle moving and not only for adapt signs and signals in order for them to
parking where you shouldn’t! be noticed. It makes sense to wear a hat in order
to protect yourself from the sun and
Many drivers seem oblivious to the fact that The image of sulky teens with their heads its damaging rays, but it is not a legal
you can be fined for washing your car in the bowed down reading their mobiles might requirement.
street, or for carrying out repairs. Although be an easy one for our mind to conjure up,
the fines are largely symbolic, depending on but as social media, messaging, live news, Manufacturers of open-top cars design them
the municipality, they exist none the less. updates and our digital assistants follow us to be as safe as cars with full roofs. They
Water, oil and other deposits can interfere in our pocket devices, it is becoming more are often fitted with strengthened supports
with the road surface and can become a risk. common for our phones to serve as a greater around the windscreen for example and roll
There are also environmental concerns over distraction as we walk down the street. bars, although these are not often as clearly
the disposal of waste such as water, or other identifiable as those fitted in rally cars. In
fluids. Car wash facilities have complex In cities like Murcia, signs have been painted commercially available vehicles they are
recycling and drainage systems to minimise on the pavement warning pedestrians to often integral to the structure.
waste of the precious commodity of water. be more alert, often accompanied in areas
with tactile paving and ribbed tiles designed If we are positioned correctly, wearing our
Not having a clean car can result in a fine! to help those with visual impairment now seatbelt in the correct manner, open-top
Even if the vehicle isn’t going to move, the helping those who choose to not look ahead. cars are usually perfectly safe. Sometimes,
lights and reflectors and the number plates vehicle occupants are seen with their hands
must be kept clear if the vehicle is moving, A new type of light alert has been installed held up or out of the cars and on a rare
so must the windows. to prevent mobile phone distractions in occasion even standing. You must keep your
Having a number plate in a poor condition, the Netherlands. It is called, +Lichtlijn. extremities, arms, legs etc., well within the
whether you are driving or not, can result in The new system has been located at a confines of the vehicle for the roll bars to
a fine of 80€. If the vehicle is permitted on pedestrian crossing at an intersection near provide protection.
the road, the number plate must be clear. several schools. It consists of a line of light
integrated into the sidewalk that changes Sitting Correctly in a Car
More offences liable for a fine: from red to green, synchronised with the It is an increasingly common sight to see
Not wearing a high visibility vest if you leave main traffic light and is visible by pedestrians passengers with their legs up and feet on
your vehicle in an emergency. looking at their mobile phones. the dashboard. This also occurs in all types
Not placing warning triangles, or putting of vehicles and seems to increase with
them in the wrong place. Creating excessive What do you think? the summer months. It is an extremely
noise or disturbances such as using the horn Is this a good development? dangerous practice.
inappropriately. Let us know your thoughts by emailing It is also illegal.
There are a number of fines possible at petrol
stations; some of these pose a serious risk: Never Leave Valuables on Show The legs and feet can obscure the driver’s
You must not smoke when refuelling, or light Opportunistic thieves are everywhere and view and in the event of a collision there are
incendiaries such as matches. they will target any vehicle where valuables two very common injuries, both of which
You are not permitted to refuel with your are on show. often result in amputation. In the event of a
lights on, or the engine running. collision, the airbags are normally deployed.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

You are not allowed to use your mobile Thieves will target any personal items left on If a passenger’s legs are over these airbags
phone or have the radio on. show. If you must leave items in your car, put they will feel the full force of that deployment,
them under the seat or in any compartments which normally results in fractures to
Any of these activities can lead to a 200€ available. If you have a parcel shelf, always the legs and sometimes pelvic damage.
fine and the loss of 3 points. use it to cover up shopping or personal If airbags do not deploy it is easy for the
items. body to be thrown forward, underneath the
If you have moved house and you have not seatbelt, an action known as submarining.
notified the DGT of your new address, you Do We Have to Wear a Hat? This forces the body, feet first, like a torpedo
can also receive a sanction. It is a simple John asked, “Is it true that drivers of open through the windscreen, resulting in severe
process and it’s free, so it is worth notifying top cars must wear some sort of hat to lacerations, often accompanied by fractures.
them as soon as possible. protect them from the intense rays of the
sun?” The only safe way to sit in any vehicle
Pedestrian Lights – 2017 Style is within the design of the seat, with
We are hopefully all aware of pedestrian The answer according to law is ‘no’! seatbelt securely fastened.

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Day in the life of a Cambridge Weight Later in the morning I have a special 1 I then send any follow-up messages to
Plan Consultant hour appointment for a new client as there clients who have asked questions during
is a lot of information to go through, plus the morning, or just a message to see
I need to complete a medical assessment how a client is doing and how their day or
form. I take ‘before’ photos which nobody week is going so far. It’s good to check in
likes (until they have lost weight and they and say ‘Hi’ so they know you are there.
see the after photo!), as well as weighing I also check in with my diabetic clients to
and measuring the client. Each new client check their sugar readings for the day, as
receives a starter pack consisting of ‘Step’s diabetics need a little closer attention to
booklet (which becomes their weight-loss ensure they are within safe sugar levels.
It’s 6am and I am up with my bucket of bible), a weight and measurement record At the moment I am preparing to submit
black coffee and start by having a few card, my own tailor-made information my client entry for CWP Spain’s Slimmer
quiet minutes checking my email account sheet, plus nutritional information sheets. of the Year, so I complete the necessary
and my messenger. If it is a matter of a paperwork and then mail it off to my
simple reply then I will do so there and Director. I also email my colleagues on the
then, otherwise I will leave it until the Costa Blanca and Almeria as we are setting
afternoon which is my ‘admin time’. up a regional working party with a view to
take CWP forward in our areas.
I am based
at the Golf I need to set up all my social media posts
Club 3 days on a daily basis which include Facebook
a week, but posts, Instagram & Twitter and I schedule
today is my them all to be posted the next morning.
mobile day I usually share inspirational posts, or any
so off I go of my clients ‘before and after’ photos,
to see my or any other health-based information
clients. or links which I think are interesting or
Each client
I see has I also have my own secret group for all of
a 20min my clients, where I also share motivational
allotted slot. posts to keep them focussed, or I share
I weigh, information about new products or recipes
measure they can try. I also congratulate any recent
and then I finish seeing my clients today by 2pm, so weight-loss achievements made, as I find
spend the it’s home for lunch and then the afternoon being part of a group is inspiring plus
rest of the is mainly admin time. it’s good to have people with the same
consultation time checking on their common ground to communicate with.
welfare, setting or re-assessing weight Firstly I will reply to any email enquires
loss goals, review medications where or messages regarding Cambridge During the afternoon clients send through
necessary and just going through anything Weight Plan. Today I have to submit a their product requests for the following
which the client wants to discuss regarding medical enquiry form to my Medical Team day, so I box up the orders and get them
their weight-loss journey. I also hand out regarding a potential client as they have ready for the morning. Once orders are
rosettes or certificates for each stone lost a heart condition and I need to get their done I do a stock check and then phone
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

which really helps inspire the client. medications checked off by HQ. Dan in the Head Office with my order
which is delivered in 24 hours.

I then get a polite reminder from the lovely
Martine at the Costa Cálida Chronicle to
remind me that my article is due! I write an
educational health article for the magazine
once a month.

It’s then time to walk my dogs, relax, have
dinner and appreciate what a fantastic job
I have.

Mel Lay is an Accredited Cambridge
Weight Plan Consultant. If you have any
enquiries please call 673 162 695 or email or check out her
Facebook page for more information.

42 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The hot weather is finally with us again go towards improving the area we live in.
and any tasks will have to either begin Thanks to Mia and Pat who sold the tickets,
early morning or late evening. Caps and June for making up the hamper, Sara from
hats and sunscreen are a must in this Cat’s, Leanne from Tel’s, Alen for donating
weather so anyone out and about please a €20 voucher for his shop and all our other
respect the sun! sponsors and hardworking volunteers.

We are currently re-spraying the weeds Keep up to date with all happenings
growing on the streets in Los Palacios, and events on our Facebook page, Los
Camposol A as unfortunately more weeds Palacios Gardening and Community
are coming through. We hope to have this Group.
completed by the beginning of July and
would appreciate if those residents, who
are able to, could attend to the front of
their own properties and pavements.

We had a Raffle at the Music Night on
the Commercial Centre on Saturday 10th
June and raised €322. This money will

The wall below the Correos building at the
car park at the Commercial Centre has
now been repaired. The perpetrator of the
crime has not come forward, as yet, to
help with the repair costs, so we have had
to fund this with money that could have
been spent elsewhere. Mick has done a
great job with the rebuild and plastering of
the wall, as has Dave who has painted the
wall and the Correos building.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

At present the Los Palacios area is looking
quite clean and tidy, but there is always
work to be done and we would appreciate
anyone who would like to volunteer to help.
We would only require an hour or two each
week or whatever you could manage. It’s
very rewarding work and you get to meet
new people, have a coffee and generally
have a bit of craic!
Thank you for all your donations and
support, especially on Thursdays at our
bucket collections and Fridays at our
libraries. Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 43
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The whole CST Team turned out for the so very much to Dorothy Baillie and Terry vehicle. The cost will be considerable so
Spring Fayre at Mariano’s on Saturday Haggerty who organised this event. The the fundraising is extremely important. We
27th May. Responders and Supporters all trophies were supplied by Alley Palais; are also enquiring about purchasing new
assisted in making the day a complete the winner was Sally Rose and runner up AEDs (defibrillators) and the cost of these
success. was Alan Thompson. Food was supplied will be substantial at approximately £1,000
by Paul and Jane (P & J’s at Alley Palais). each.
CST/FAST rely solely on fundraising to A big thank you and sincere gratitude to
allow us to provide the Emergency Fast all who supported this event and also for
Response Service to both residents and the donation of raffle prizes. This will be
visitors alike on Camposol. Local businesses an annual event with €400 being raised in
provided the prizes for the Grand Draw. support of CST/FAST.
Patrick Baker won the first prize, donated
by TJ Electricals and Mercers. Almost
every business on Camposol contributed
something. We would like to convey our
most sincere gratitude to all of you. There
were 30 traders selling their wares, from
handbags and jewellery to cakes and pies.
Music and announcements were provided The FAST Responders and Supporters
by local DJ Carl Thomas. also gathered for a Social Evening at a
local restaurant on Camposol and a great
time was had by all. Many thanks to Mandy
for arranging this. We try to have at least
one social evening a month.

We have 7 new Responders who are being
That same evening, there was a Music trained and will, when fully trained, be
and Dance Evening held outside Cat’s authorised by the Murcian Health Authority
and Tel’s Bars; music was provided by to carry out CPR. They will be trained in
Wildcat. Sincere gratitude to all involved in all first aid and life saving techniques.
organising this event in aid of CST/FAST, Training is carried out in house at no cost to
especially Sara from Cat’s and Leanne FAST, by our accredited trainers, but the
from Tel’s. More than €1000 was raised on accreditation and authorisation is costly.
the night.
If you are thinking of doing something
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The next fundraising event held on Saturday One of our vehicles is in need of replacing with your spare time, then why not join
3rd June was the Darts Competition soon and we are looking to purchase a FAST. You will make new friends and be
which was held at Alley Palais. Thank you good, reliable previously well cared for involved in all or as many activities as you
wish. All you need is a few hours a week to
help the community that is Camposol. We
have regular social evenings and trips to
many different places. Come along and see
how you can help. We are at the Cultural
Centre, Camposol B, every Tuesday from

If you belong to a group, or if you have a
business and would like a demonstration of
our First Aid and Life-Saving skills, please
contact us at one of our email addresses.
We can be found each Friday morning
outside TJ Electricals on Camposol B.

Email addresses

Help Us To Help You! … Ayúdanos A
Ayúdarte !
Aidez Nous A Pouvoir Vous Aider! …
Helfen Sie Uns Helfen!
Help Ons Om Jullie Te Kunnen Helpen!

44 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Hi everyone on the way home. This should prove to This will be the usual banquet-style meal, 6
be another fantastic trip. Non-refundable starters (all of them) main course, dessert
Well its certainly getting hotter now. I deposits of €50 pp are now being taken. and coffee, there will be wine, beer, soft
hope it’s not going to be as hot as last year. Cost is €175 pp members and €185 pp drinks and water throughout the meal. We
We have now been on our Mystery Trip non-members. Single room supplement will of course be doing our Grand Christmas
and the Moors and Christians. applies. Draw with fantastic prizes. Entertainment
There is a possibility of a day trip to is by the fantastic Terry Jay.
We went to Orihuela for our Mystery Barcelona included in the trip. Members €25 and non-members €27,
Trip; what a lovely place it is with park including bus from both MCC and Camposol.
area in the centre and fountains. Everyone Due to cancellations we have a couple
enjoyed it and the lunch was great. of rooms available for this fantastic 2018 EVENTS
trip. Please don’t delay in getting in touch We will be going to the Orihuela Medieval
The Moors and Christians in Mojacar was with us for this great value trip. Market (one of the largest in Spain). This
great and as usual the lunch in Bedar was will be a fantastic day out and includes
brilliant. Cehegin Artisan Market & Lunch at lunch. The date for this is usually end of
Esperanza at Calasparra - Sunday January or beginning of February. Date
Forthcoming Events October 29th and cost TBA
Everyone always looks forward to this
Tarragona 21st September fantastic meal - 3 starters (you get all of March - Day Trip to Thader and Ikea for
We have organized another 4 day trip in them), choice of lamb or salmon followed by the sales
a centrally situated 4 star Hotel on a B & dessert and coffee and drinks throughout
B basis for the Santa Tecla Fiesta (human the meal. This is a great value trip at €25 April - our usual Easter Monday Table
towers and big head parade). On our members and €27 non-members. Top Sale and Children’s Egg Hunt.
last day we will be calling into Cambrils
More details and trips to follow

For tickets and info please ring Shirley on
968 956 070 or Ruth on 968 956 118 or

Our website is now up and running with
lots of information and photos of previous
events and of course our last trip. If you
wish to make any comments you can do so
on the blog. Please visit us on
Christmas Party At The Hotel Costa,
Mazarrón – 1st December

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Hola to all our friends! If there are any Spanish reading, you are gladly take anything from bric-a-brac to a
welcome as well! house clearances! If you need us to collect
Summer is well and truly upon us and after larger items please let us know by email
a rather long winter it’s very welcome. Harvey or phone (see bottom of page). You could
Already we are being reminded to take T h i s also drop it off yourself and enjoy a browse
care of our water. Tonight when walking handsome around our vast assortment of goodies and
my dogs I saw a cat going down the plastic young dog bag yourself a bargain!
sides of a water deposit looking for a drink. was recently
I thought ‘uho’, but he knew what he was diagnosed Collection Point
doing and after a long drink clawed his way with a canine Richard is on the lower car park on
back up with twelve eyes watching. form of Camposol B every Tuesday 10am-12pm.
Have you rescued a Dog or Cat? and an Shop Location
That is very commendable and so kind of intensive Our store is in Puerto De Mazarrón. Go past
you. The next thing to do is get your pet all course of Mercadona/Lidl down the hill to the Consum
ship-shape! First a health check and then treatment supermarket. Turn left immediately below
get him or her sterilized. We can help you was urgently it and we are third on the left up that road.
with this. We require that you ask Pacos required as
or Huellas (these are the excellent vets he had only Tel 666 186 037
that we deal with) for a quote. They will just recovered from previous health issues. Email mazarronanimalmedi_aid@zoho.
write you one out with the price and you This was arranged and MAMAS was able com
can drop it off at the shop so that it can be to help with a donation towards the cost. We Are Here To Help You and Your Pet
dealt with at the next committee meeting. Fortunately he has now been given the all
You need to know the dog’s weight and clear and we wish him the very best for
whether male or female – simple! We can the future.
also give you a hand with an unexpectedly
large vet bill; again get the details and Donations
drop it into us. Please don’t throw anything away! We Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 45
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Our Maintenance Team are still clearing, have been trimming trees and palms, please, we ask again for everyone to be
weeding and spraying all streets of clearing dry undergrowth, weeding and vigilant and report anything untoward
Camposol C North as usual throughout the yes; watering! This needs to continue in strict confidence. It’s very sad that
hotter months, but the phenomenal weed as some plants are not yet established a few spoil things for so many. On a
growth this year is making it a much longer because of the driest conditions we can brighter note, we have received a donation
job, so if we don’t get to your road as often remember. If you would like to give any from Talleres Norberto in Mazarrón
during the Summer, please bear with us; plants near your home or holiday home a to sponsor several planters with their
the streets are done in strict rotation. drink, or leave any full water bottles behind advertising. If any other local business is
They also cleared a large amount of silt the Welcome Wall if possible, it would be interested in doing the same, we would
after a huge water leak on Calle Castillo really appreciated. love to hear from you!
Two healthy conifers donated by a resident Please support our social functions as they
(thank you!) were planted behind the post raise much needed funds: Save the dates
boxes and a stone table and chairs were for our:
collected from Camposol D and delivered Autumn Games Night - 22nd Sept with
to the Brownies’ Community Garden. Carl Thomas ‘The Big Welshman’.
Please note, our 3 Green Waste skips have
been moved further along the Golf Club Christmas Meal & Dance - 24th November
Road away from the new raised bed, so with Barrington.
please do not leave any waste there as
the area has been cleared and tidied for Both of these events will be held at the
a future project; thank you. If you can Golf Club.
spare a couple of hours volunteering on
a Wednesday morning, just join us at the For more news and information, John our
Welcome Wall on the dual carriageway - Chairman can be contacted on 634 325
breakfast butties are free! 427 or look at Facebook, our chalkboards
& our website
This month we are pleased to welcome Unfortunately, the bench by the Welcome http://www.
back Paul and new Volunteers Julian and Wall was vandalised recently and a large greenfingersgardenandsocialgroup.
Adam, here on holiday. All our Volunteers stone planter plus plants were stolen; com

We would like to thank all our supporters those who attended this event. 8 pm. 2€ to
for their continued support over the past a reserve a
months whilst we have been re-structuring Farewell to Martin Ross – Saturday 8th table can be
the charity. This has been a transition July purchased
period for us to set out our future aims to at any of the
help those most in need in our community. two bars.
All proceeds
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Our van will now resume at the car park on to MAD, so
Camposol A on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm please come
for any donations you wish to pledge to along and
us. Our shop opening times are Tuesdays, support this
Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am- event.
We are aiming to resume our Table Top
Our aims are to continue to help those Stall on Camposol B Commercial Centre in
families who are most in need. We will the Autumn, so we are appealing for some
still be working with Social Services, The volunteers to pledge their help.
Red Cross and Caritas. Newly registered
families with Social Services have a Martin Ross For van collections of donated items and
short fall of 3 weeks whilst their claim is and The deliveries please call Graham on 603 389
processed, therefore we will be able to step Beagles, 006
in and help with food and other essential are saying Shop 634 321 161
items. We are looking into the possible goodbye Email
proviso for children to have regular dental, for the last
hearing and eye check-ups to detect any time. The
health problems they may have. School Gekkos will
books are a concern for many families. At also be there
300€ per child they are beyond the means and some
of many families, therefore helping with members of
the cost of essential subject books would the ‘q Tips’,
be a considerable help in the education of Paul Young’s
these children. original
band. It
On 20th May at Bar Med in Puerto de promises to
Mazarrón, the sum of 150€ was raised on be a fabulous evening outside Tel’s and
our behalf, so we would like to thank all Cat’s Bar on Camposol A commencing at

46 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Pool Party - 29th July Halloween Party Night Dinner and Granada 3 Nights B & B in Granada –
This will be held around the beautiful Dance - Tuesday 31st October Fancy Friday 18th May 2018
setting at Country Club pool. dress optional. Party to be held at Staying at spectacular Dario Comfort 2*
Choice of food steak and chips/fish and the new salon on MCC. 7.30pm start Hotel in the heart of the historic City of
chips. Price €17.50 members (non-members Granada. Day trip to Malaga optional.
Price €17.50 members (non-members €20) €20) Please be advised due to the location, the
bus will drop us off 300 metres from hotel.
Fun afternoon and evening trip to 4 Nights Half Board Trip to the Price €215pp members sharing a room
Gay Parade at Benidorm - Saturday 9th Wonderful Las Piramides Hotel in (non-members €230)
September Fuengirola – Thursday 2nd November Price €280pp members single room
Coach leaves 1pm- returning late. Included in the price are two optional (non-members €295). Deposit €110pp
Pick up at MCC Taberna 1pm and Camposol trips to Malaga and Gibraltar (Marks double room €160pp per single room.
at 1.10pm & Spencer’s) Christmas shopping.
Price €12 members (non-members €14) Price €185pp members two sharing a Contacts
double room (non-Members €200pp). Tony 968 956 418
Price €260 members single room (non- Vivian 968 956 050
Exciting Evening Trip To See The members €280). Deposit required at time Angela 968 956 414
Romans and Carthaginian Parade – of booking.
Saturday 23rd September We will be Camposol B on July 14th outside
This trip will take you through the beautiful New Year’s Eve Gala Night Rudy’s from 10am-12pm to sell tickets
historic City of Cartagena. Pick up at In the new salon on MCC with and take bookings or in the library on MCC
MCC Taberna 4pm and Camposol 4.10pm entertainment by Paul Christie cabaret act. every Tuesday and Thursday 2pm-4pm
Price €8 members (non-members €10) Menu to follow. Non-refundable deposit of (located in the old office building).
€20 required due to limited spaces.

The Camposol Fiesta team wish to thank the high humidity levels. Madrid is in the 4th 150€ electronics voucher - donated by
all of our supporters and sponsors in their centre of Spain with little or no humidity. Mercers
involvement in our fundraising events and It still has high temperatures, but with a 5th 50€ meat voucher - donated by CHM
trips. It is the profits from these events comfier feel than experienced here. Plus many more …
and trips that will provide an excellent 3
day Fiesta for everyone to enjoy. Camposol Fiesta Grand Draw tickets Contact us by email
are now available and we have some
Our recent fundraising event included a day excellent prizes - tickets are just 3€ each! Visit us on Camposol B on Tuesday’s 4-5pm
trip visiting Bullas, El Zacatin Market with 1st 500€ holiday voucher - donated by at Rudy’s or on Fridays outside the Quality
its Artisan stalls. We then continued on IBEX Restaurant 10.30am-12.30pm
to the family run Bodegas Balcona where 2nd 350€ 40” TV - donated by Mercers
we tasted a number of wines together with 3rd overnight stay for 2, including a four
tapas. A great day was had by all. course evening meal, quad biking and

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
continental breakfast - donated by La

Join us on our Trip to Madrid, 15th - 17th
3 days, 2 nights in a 4* hotel with coach
travel from Camposol/Condado/MCC.
English speaking tour guide throughout
for just 230€ pp. The itinerary is adapted
to gain the most of our visit to this
magnificent city.

Some have concerns about the July heat
in Madrid. In and around Mazarrón during
this time we have temperatures of 36ºc,
but the ‘real feel’ is more like 46ºC due to Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 47
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Aguilas Friday 21st July – Loquillo & Los Teamwork and productivity, cinema, Marañones @ Lorca Castle – 11pm – literature and comics will be the theme of
Tel 968 493 285 – Sat Market 22€-27€ two training places.
Every Sunday – Antique & Collectable
Market near the Railway Station. From Saturday 22nd July – Miguel Poveda The first of the courses will take place
10am (Flamenco) @ Lorca Castle – 11pm – from 11th – 13th July and is entitled
22€-27€ “Cinema, literature, comics, specialized
Sunday 2nd July – 3 hour Free Guided texts: the phraseology surrounds us.”
Theatrical Tour in Spanish - 10.30am Friday 28th July – Chambao & It will last 25 hours and is for maximum
- Booking essential from Tourist Office Muchachito Bombo Infierno @ Lorca of 100 students. It will be directed by
(small cost to enter Castle). Quite a trek Castle – 11pm – 22€-27€ Arianna Alessandro and Elena Macías and
up to the Castle. will provide free setup credits and CRAU
Mazarrón credits.
Thursday 6th July – La Luna Musical
Show – 9pm @ Auditorio Infanta Elena. Tel 968 594 426 – Sat Market The second course will be held from 17th -
5€ Free Guided Tours in Mazarrón area. 20th July and will focus on “Teamwork and
Visit the Tourist Office or www. productivity for personal and professional
Friday 7th July (3€ including beer/soft for full details of all development”. It will be directed by
drink) & Saturday 8th 18€ (15€ if paid in tours. José Vicente Martínez and is directed
advance) – 2nd Aguilas Rock Festival at managers, professionals, students
7pm @ Plaza de Antonio Cortijos 20th – 22nd July – El Muelle Music and anyone who wants to improve their
Contact Aguilas Tourist Office for full Festival @ Puerto de Mazarrón personal productivity and or that of their
details. Thurs 22nd – Siempre Asi & El Luiso work teams. It will last 25 hours and have
Fri 21st – Duo Dinamico a maximum of 50 students. Equally it will
Saturday 8th & 29th July – Free Guided Sat 22nd – M-Clan, Rosendo, Los contribute credits of free configuration
Tour of Historic Aguilas (in Spanish) – Zigarros & Carlos Zudu and CRAU.
11am from Tourist Office Tickets from 22€ from Tourist Office
More information and inscriptions at
Saturday 15th July – Puro Hip-Hop Youth Summer Camp In Nerpio From
Festival @ Plaza de Antonio Cortijos 31st July to 6th August mazarron/
12pm This activity is aimed at children and
Tickets 15€ (10€ if paid in advance) young people from 7 to 17 years. Puerto Lumbreras
Full details from Tourist Office Information and registration at Tel 968 436 153 Every Wednesday and Saturday evening
Saturday 29th July – Vanessa Martin visit the Astronomical Observatory
25€ The summer camp is one of the youth Station 10pm
Check with Tourist Office for more activities and among the objectives it 1 hour including a walk along astronomical
information on venue and times. covers is the development of personal route (take torch!)
autonomy, coexistence outside the 2.50€ (children under 10 years free).
Alhama de Murcia family environment and activities in the Booking at Tourist Office. natural environment. The activity is held
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Tel 968 633 512 – Tues Market in the Camping Las Nogueras in Albacete. Sat 15th & Sun 16th/Sat 29th & Sun 30th
Bienal Photographic Exhibition @ Places are limited and the price is 255€ July – Tour of Medina Nogalte Castle
Museo Arquelogico Los Baños. From 7th including full board accommodation in a & Cave Houses in Spanish – 8.30pm
July until 31st August hostel. 3€ (children under 10 years free & groups
of 25 or more 2€pp)
Monday 10th July - Working Camp @ More information from the Department of Free entry without guide: Fri/Sat/Sun
Archaelogical site Cerro del Castillo Youth in the Municipal Sports Pavilion. Tel 7pm-10pm & Thurs 7pm-11pm
Las Paleras 968 591 810 Booking and more information at Tourist
Registration essential at Casa Cultura Office
Nono García Will Teach How to Paint
Lorca With Watercolours – until 20th July Totana The workshop is directed at unemployed
Tel 968 441 914 - Thurs Market people enrolled in the SEF, in possession Tel 968 423 902 – Wed Market
Saturday 1st & 15th & 22nd July – Free of the title of graduate in ESO. In total, Saturday 15th July – 5km Road Race
Guided Tour of Historical Lorca in there will be 370 theoretical hours and 80 – 9pm from Plaza de la Constitucion
Spanish. non-work hours. (7.30pm for 350mtr run, 7.45pm 400mtr,
8.30pm from Tourist Office 8pm 700mtr, 8.15pm 1,300mts & 9pm
Nono Garcia, born in Mula, will give 1,500mtr)
Tendencias Lorca Summer Fest 2017 classes in Casas Consistoriales from Booking essential before 13th July. Full
@ Lorca Castle. There will be a free 10am-2pm. Nono García studied at the details from Tourist Office.
mini-bus from Convento de la Merced School of Plastic Arts in Murcia and among
up to the Castle. This concert is by his most recent awards is the Montblanc Saturday 22nd July – Free Guided Tour
‘invitation’. Full information from Tourist Prize and his entry at the II International Historical Totana 10.15am from Town
Office. Biennial of Acuarela Fabriano. Hall. Pre-booking essential

Friday 7th July – Free Concert @ Lorca Enrolment For Two New Summer
Castle – Los Secretos – 11pm Courses at The University
Internacional del Mar In Mazarrón

48 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

book•worm /ˈbʊkˌwɜrm/n. [countable]: Tastes differs – also amongst bookworms Dominium by C J Samson
1) One who greatly enjoys reading or – and the sweet/sour flavour of Where The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
studying. 2) Insects - any of various the Wild Cherries Grow, and the The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
insects that feed on books. strongly spiced Silent Child were picked by Phaedra Patrick
up differently by the group’s members. Sam and Chester: How a ….. by Jo
Whether you Nobody could ‘worm’ themselves out of the Bailey-Merritt
physically or fact that both were well written and worth The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by
psychologically reading. Jenny Colgan
feed on books, The Keeper of Lost things by Ruth
a life without Summer is now here and Camposol Hogan
books is an Reading Group have suspended their Forgotten Women by Freda Lightfoot
empty life for monthly meetings during the summer The Japanese Lover by Isabelle Allende
a bookworm. months until September. That leaves 3 The Hidden Legacy by G J Minett.
Maybe you months to fill with good reading. Instead Wow, fourteen totally different books
think that of fixing a couple of books for everybody to covering all genres and by writers with
bookworms are solitary? You could not be read, we decided to take all the suggestions as diverse a writing style imaginable. It
further from the truth. Bookworms enjoy and let the individual members choose is going to be difficult to choose – but of
to get together and devour a couple of which/how many of them they want to course if you do not have anything else to
good books; and everybody is welcome. read. do and can read a book in 6-9 days. You
could read all of them for the next meeting
Camposol Reading Group’s choices for The list is: on September 7th at 2pm in The Cultural
books to feast on in May were: Where the The Sixth Window by Rachel Abbott Centre, Camposol B.
Wild Cherries Grow by Laura Madeleine, The Kicking the Bucket List by Cathy
and Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil. Hopkins Feel free to contact Chris Leiper for further
These were lively discussed at the meeting The Forgotten Summer and The Olive information on 968 199 441 or email
on June 1st. Farm both by Carol Drinkwater
A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale

Stuck behind a Combine Harvester You are a mist that appears for a little
recently reminded me of an incident when while and then vanishes.” James 4 v
I was driving a Combine. Concentrating on 14...Think about that... If you would like to be informed of our
adjusting the table looking out for rocks or events and be added to our mailing list
other hazards, I was aware of the standing You can find us on Condado de Alhama in please email opendoorgettogether@
crop suddenly shifting in front of me and the Al Kasar Centre. Come and join us. We
seconds later a rabbit shot out straight into offer something a bit different. Sit around Christian Centre 615 543 106
the Combine. There was no time to react and chat over a cup of tea or coffee and Ken 646 705 403
and the rabbit only caused a moment’s learn about God and what He can do for Carol 665 186 901
hesitation as the Combine drum mulched YOU.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
it into the grain tank. Okay it happens from
time to time and to farmers rabbits are For opening times for the Christian Centre,
not pets: not sure about the grain being
entirely vegetarian after that, but we will
gloss over that for the moment.

This all happened very rapidly and seconds
later it was clear why the rabbit had been
running, as the farm dog, which was a pet,
bounded straight towards the Combine
blinded by the crop and the chase.
Realising what was about to happen I shut
the Combine down but these machines
don’t stop quickly and there was no way
to warn the dog of the danger. As the dog
lifted his head and saw the combine table
right in front of him he somehow managed
to throw in a side-step and launched
himself over the table spear point missing
it by next to nothing.

Goodness I would not have been popular
if I had added the dog to the rabbit mulch
and I think that was the start of my hair

The point that struck me was how on the
edge our lives can be, especially in the
light of recent atrocities and tragedies.

“Why, you do not even know what will more details and other planned get-
tomorrow. What is your life? togethers please go to Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 49
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Keeping cool when temperatures reach plenty of water or sports drinks de Mazarrón you can avail of the services
record highs isn’t just about comfort; with electrolytes. Avoid caffeine of Maura Dunne from ADS Sunbeds and
dangerously high temperatures can result and alcohol as these will promote Umbrellas. The umbrellas are the large
in heat-related illnesses ranging from heat dehydration. straw type which offer 2m in diameter of
cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. shade and they are guaranteed not to fall
The following tips can help you keep cool 8. Small, portable, battery-powered over if it gets windy!
all summer long: fans can help keep you cool; Tel 646 969 455
1. Make sure that any possibly one that attaches to a
outdoor exercise is taken during water bottle that sprays a cooling Drinking Water
cooler times (early morning or late mist. Summer temperatures have risen and one
evening) and scale it down by a 9. If you are wearing a cap or hat, of the major problems at this time of year
few minutes by walking instead pour ice cold water into it, then is keeping ourselves hydrated; we need
or running. quickly invert it and place on your to drink more water. Water makes up
head. about two thirds of our body. Without
2. Wear light coloured loose-fitting water we would not be able to survive.
clothing. Cotton clothing and 10. Instead of hot foods, try lighter When the weather is extremely hot our
bedding will keep you cooler than summer food such as frequent bodies lose water faster than it normally
synthetics and long sleeved items small meals or snacks containing does, so now is the time to get a drinking
will protect you from insects and cold fruit or low fat dairy products. water filter system fitted. Healthy H2O
the sun. See Yorkshire Linen’s can install a quality drinking water system
special offer on cotton bedding in from as little as €55. See their main advert
the Business News on page 6. at the bottom of the page.
3. Fill a spray bottle with water and
keep it in the refrigerator for a Air Conditioning
quick refreshing spray to your This can be an absolute life-saver when
face after being outdoors and used sensibly either in the home or in the
keep plastic bottles of water in the car.
freezer. As the ice melts, you’ll have
a supply of cold water with you. Cool Solutions have been installing air
conditioning in the area for over 15 years
4. Fans can help circulate air and and have the best prices (from just 500€)
make you feel cooler even in an air- on all new units including Mitsubishi, LG,
conditioned house. Panasonic and Samsung. In addition to
5. Try storing lotions or cosmetic installation, they can repair, service and
toners in the refrigerator to use on Be aware if you are on the beach that re-gas all units. Over the last 2 years the
hot, overtired feet. the breeze will disguise the heat of the demand has outweighed supply during the
sun. A day on the beach gives you the summer, meaning long delays to source
6. Take frequent baths or showers option to dip into the sea to cool down as units, so don’t wait until it’s too late – call
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

with cool or tepid water. often as you like and generally there is a now on 608 499 422
7. Combat dehydration by drinking breeze at the coast. If you go to Puerto Continued on page 52

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Use Common Sense
Continued from page 50
1. If the heat is intolerable, stay indoors
Louis Harris Electrical are specialists in
when you can and avoid activities in direct
air conditioning who offer a range of air
sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces.
conditioning systems throughout the Costa
2. Draw curtains and put the blinds down.
Cálida, whether it’s for a studio apartment,
3. Pay special attention to the elderly,
large villa or commercial premises. All
infants and anyone with a chronic illness,
their work is guaranteed, the quality is of
as they may dehydrate easily and be more
a high standard and their customer care
susceptible to heat-related illnesses.
and after sales service is of paramount
4. There have been various incidents when
importance to them. They have over 30
pets and children have been left in cars
years’ experience, established in Spain
during the hot weather with catastrophic
since 2002. Call Louis to discuss your
results. Even leaving a window open will
requirements and for a free no-obligation
not guarantee that the car will not heat up
quotation on 619 712 821
to unbearable temperatures.

Protecting Yourself From the Sun
The sun gives out a range of energy. This
is called the electromagnetic spectrum and
it is made up of different forms of energy
including infra-red radiation, visible light
and ultraviolet radiation (UVR). UVR is the
part of the sun’s spectrum that can cause
skin damage including sunburn and in
the longer term can lead to skin cancer.
The speed with which sun damage occurs
depends on two things: the strength of
TJ Electricals on Camposol B offer a
UVR and your natural skin colour.
choice of the latest wall mounted inverter
air conditioning units from well-known
Stay safe in the sun, keep cool and avoid
brands including Bosch, Panasonic and
dehydration and skin damage by remaining
Fujitsu. Units come in a range of outputs
in the shade for certainly the hottest parts
to make sure the unit you choose is perfect
of the day. ANRA can arrange installation
for the area. Prices include delivery and full
of high quality, made to measure awnings,
installation by their own in house qualified
pergolas and canopies using a family
engineer and come complete with a 2 year
run business with their own factory. A
warranty on the unit and the installation.
wide variety of colours and designs are
TJ Electricals also repair air conditioning
available and they offer a no-obligation,
units, so don’t suffer any longer in the
free quotation.
Summer heat, call now on 868 181 121
Tel 629 733 427
It’s now the time of the year that you need
If you do not have any natural shade in
to get your Aircon in your car re-gassed
the garden or round the pool, it is worth
to ensure you stay cool over the summer
investing in a pergola or sun shade to
months. Kwik Fix, located 5 minutes
protect you from the sun.
from Camposol & Condado, offer this
service from 35€. They are also offering
Kruger Canopies, seven years on, is
free summer checks during July on tyres,
still making made-to-measure for all your
lights and fluid levels to ensure your car is
outdoor shade solutions in durable canvas,
running in tip top condition. See their full
at affordable prices. Why not spruce up
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

advert for list of services provided.
Tel 968 972 006
Continued on page 54

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

cause this. Try not to burn. This is Keep inside pets cool with the fan or air
Continued from page 52
particularly important for children conditioning on and make sure that they
your swing hammock, renew your seat
and babies should not be placed in have fresh cold water regularly. Add ice
cushions, protect your hot tub with a
direct sunlight at all. cubes to keep it cool for longer.
canvas cover or shade your car or your
favourite spot with a sail? 9. It is very important to wear Don’t walk your dog straight after it has
Tel 968 590 258 for a no-obligation quote. sunglasses which filter UV to been fed.
protect your eyes. The benefits of
Make the most of your outdoor space polarized lenses can be numbered
with an awning or canopy. Whether you into three areas:
are looking to create some much needed
shade, extend your living area or keep your Performance
property cool, WS Cover Multiservice can Polarized lenses reduce glare,
help you achieve this. They specialise in improving visual comfort and
bespoke awnings & canopies for domestic visual acuity and are the best
& commercial use and offer a wide range option for eyes that have gone
of styles, fabrics, colour & patterns. For a under any eye surgery (cataract,
quotation, email wspoolcover@gmail. retina detachment, refraction
com surgery).
Protect Your Skin Polarized lenses provide optimal
Protecting your skin from the sun is protection against harmful UV
important for everyone, especially if light, which can damage your
you are receiving cancer treatments like retina for the rest of your life.
chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological Comfort
therapies. These can make your skin more Polarized lenses make sure that all
sensitive to damage. It’s important to take reflected light will be shielded by
extra care during and after treatment. these filters, so you will be able to
see the world in really high quality Heat stroke can cause organ dysfunction.
This month’s Beauty Tips (page 26) is
vision. If your dog lives outside, wet it down during
all about keeping your skin hydrated
Is very important to buy sun-glasses from the hot weather. Some signs that your
during the summer months.
an optician because all their sunglasses dog is suffering are; panting, excessive
have 100% UV filter. Cheap sun-glasses drooling, red gums, raised heartbeat,
Tips for protecting yourself from the
don’t pass through the quality control of dehydration, seizures, muscle tremors,
the EU and many are copies, with plastic wobbly uncoordinated drunken state, little
1. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep
lenses which can damage your vision, or no urine.
the sun off your face.
corneas and retina.
2. Avoid strenuous activity during the MultiOpticas, Camposol B Take your dog for a trim if it has long fur.
hottest hours and make sure you Tel 968 199 361 All good vets have a dog grooming parlour
drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids and Pampered Paws on Camposol not
to balance the loss of body fluid Never underestimate how ill you can only have a purpose/built dog grooming
through perspiration. become from careless exposure to the studio, but they offer home visits for that
sun. personal service.
3. Use sun-cream with a high sun
protection factor (SPF). Grooming your dog during the summer
What Does SPF Mean?
4. Try to sit in the shade. The SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is a helps keep your dog cooler. Regular
measure of how much a sunscreen protects brushing on double coated dogs helps
5. Avoid the sun between 11am and your skin. The higher the SPF, the greater remove dead undercoat and allows the skin
3pm when it is at its strongest. the protection. It is measured by timing to breath. Make sure you remember to clip
how long skin covered with sunscreen belly fur to allow them to lay directly on
6. If you’ve had radiotherapy, keep
takes to burn compared with unprotected cool floors. Breeds that can be clipped all
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

the affected area well covered. Ask
skin. If your skin would burn in 10 minutes over helps keep an eye on ticks and fleas
your doctor whether you need to
in the midday sun, using an SPF of 2 would too. For a professional and experienced
take special care to protect yourself.
double the time spent before burning to 20 Dog Groomer, call Joanne at Pampered
7. Consider wearing a T-shirt to minutes. Use sunscreens to give yourself Paws on 634 302 388
protect yourself from the sun while greater protection rather than to stay in
swimming and re-apply sunscreen the sun for longer. How To Cool Your Dog Down
lotion frequently after swimming or Spray your dog with cool water.
exercise. Which SPF Should You Choose? Run a cool bath and bathe the dog.
Choose an SPF with a factor of 15 or over, Wrap your dog in cool towels, placing more
8. Overexposure can cause sunburn, under armpits, between hind legs and
but limit the amount of time you spend in
leading to premature skin ageing around the neck.
the sun. Don’t forget to apply it thickly over
and an increased risk of skin cancer.
all exposed areas and re-apply regularly,
It is the ultraviolet rays which If you are worried about your dog, get
especially after swimming. Remember
areas such as the dog to the vets asap.
ears, neck, hands,
feet and that bald Vets
patch! Clinica Veterinaria, Pto de Mazarrón
Tel 968 152 931 (Emerg) 608 466 553
Keeping Your Pets Clinica Veterinaria, Camposol
Cool Tel 968 199 263
Take special care Clinica Veterinaria Sur Este
when walking dogs Tel 965 352 438
on hot tarmac – if Maskota Vet, Fuente Alamo
it is too hot on your Tel 968 597 929 (Emerg) 619 378 473
feet, it will be too hot
for your dog. Avoid
walking between

54 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

When people hear of Murcia they usually
think of the coastline and in particular the Mar
Menor & La Manga, rarely imagining how
much fun a trip into the City of Murcia could

The City of Murcia is set in the heart of a
rich fertile plain at just 43 metres above sea
level. Unlike the rest of the Murcia region,
programme of festivities: carnivals Santa – when the ornate wooden sculptures
where the terrain is dry and rugged, the soil
(February), Easter (March/April), the Spring of the Murcia City’s famous artist, Salzillo,
here is irrigated by the River Segura and the
Festivals (March/April), the Fair of Murcia are paraded throughout the streets. Just
land has been widely and fruitfully cultivated.
(September) and Christmas, which, together after Semana Santa, the Spring Festival -
In the city itself the old quarter is made up
with cinema, theatre and music festivals, Fiestas de Primavera - is a week–long party
of a maze of narrow streets huddled together
conferences and art exhibitions make Murcia that includes the outstanding Bando de la
around the Cathedral. This labyrinth is only
the place to go. Many of these events take Huerta and the Entierro de la Sardina (Burying
broken by the main roads crossing through it
place in the Teatro Romea and Centro de of the Sardine).
such as the Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo.
Spend a weekend in the diverse and truly
For you shopaholics Murcia City has an
Easter is a perfect time to visit Murcia to Spanish city, Murcia.
excellent range of boutique designer stores,
see a traditional Spanish fiesta – Semana
many literally rolling out the red carpet to
welcome visitors.

The most pleasant parts of Murcia City and
the most typically Murcian, are to be found
around the gardens on the banks of the River
Segura where the beautiful bridges criss-
cross. A considerable part of the population
of Murcia do not in fact live in the city itself,
but they live in houses and farmsteads
scattered around it. A wide variety of fruits
and vegetables are grown, not only for the
Spanish domestic market, but also for export
to the rest of Europe. For this reason Murcia
is often referred to as La Huerta de Europa -
The Market Garden of Europe.

The benefit of all this wonderful fresh produce In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
can be enjoyed in the hundreds of bars
and restaurants hidden in the city streets.
Murcia City has all types of restaurants for
you to sample, from tapas bars to top class
degustacion restaurants. Fortunately Murcia
hasn’t completely succumbed to the draw
of McDonalds & KFC and whilst you can find
these wonderful eating establishments (!)
you have to try hard. For those of you who
enjoy your pizza, there are at least three
truly excellent Italian eateries in the city,
with a profusion of the home delivery pizza
places too!

If you’re wondering where to start with
sampling the Murcian food then head
out to Plaza de Las Flores which is a
pedestrianised square with an excellent and
diverse selection of food and prices. You have
to try a typical Murcian Pie at Zaher Bar (the
cider is good too) and seafood at La Tapa
Restaurant in the Plaza de las Flores square.

Murcia also benefits from a diverse Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 55
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The Mazarrón Bahia Alpha Leos recently Members, having undertaken their final
held their Club Officer Elections. Members term of exams & evaluations, have had
were proposed then seconded & the new a quieter month than usual. During their
Committee for the year 2017/18 was voted regular meetings and in addition to the
in as follows: continuing Camposol Fiesta preparations
President - Sam Reid and tending to the Leo garden area, Parent
Vice- President & Secretary - Holly Ryan Committee Members have taught the Leos
Treasurer - Millie Samways some traditional English school/fairground
Fundraising - Maddison McGovan games such as hop scotch & French
Social - Gabriella Doyle skipping, knocking down stacked cups & a
Welfare - Leighton Archer rugby ball ‘coconut’ shy. Coming soon is
Many congratulations & good luck to you the Leos’ Summer Party which will be
all in your new roles! reported within next month’s article.

The last month brought sadness to the The Mazarrón Bahia Alpha Leos hold
Club’s young members as Leo Leaders official meetings at 7pm on the 1st & 3rd
broke the news that our good friend Jane Fridays of the month in the Camposol
Taylor had suddenly passed away. Jane Cultural Centre - the Club is open to
was held in high regard by the Leos - she children aged 12-18 years.
had supported the Club since its formation.
With that ‘special touch’ & approach she will not be forgotten. For more information contact Gina
possessed, plus her unwavering public Barker (Lions/Leo Club Advisor) at
support of the children, Jane made an As the school year draws to a close, Club
impact on Leos both past & present that

The Lions of Mazarrón Bahia partied just so talented. 205 for your ticket. Places are limited so
until the early hours on Wednesday 7th June please buy your ticket early.
to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of Byron G Man on the Sax played all the
the Foundation of Lions Clubs in Chicago favourites, especially ‘Baker Street’ and The Race Night at Mariano’s is on 21st
USA in 1917. This was for all of us, a once showed his wide repertoire of songs and September. The 8€ entry includes a chicken
in a lifetime event. instruments. All this was coordinated by & chips supper. Come and join us for what
Barrington, so well-known in the area. The promises to be a fun-filled evening. This
The entertainment started with the dancing started almost as soon as Andy is NOT BIG SCREEN horse racing. You
fantastic Spangles. Their presentation and Malone started singing and continued until can own a horse, appoint your own jockey
music was a most enjoyable experience midnight. Many thanks to everyone who and bet on your own horse. It is real fun!!!!
and started the party in real style. This came along. Tickets are available from the Lion’s
was followed by Andy Malone, a new face Friday Stall on Camposol B Commercial
in the Mazarrón area. What can you say We have two events in September: Centre or by ringing 634 324 562
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

about this man’s musical range and voice? The first is the Lions Garden Party on
He was ‘Frank’, ‘Neil Diamond’ and ‘Elvis’ - September 14th. Please ring 605 112 If you fancy a different kind of night out
come along to Mariano’s on November 3rd,
we have a Comedy Hypnotist booked and
this looks to be an entertaining evening
(no-one will be embarrassed should they
volunteer to take part!)

If you would like to become a Lion, you
can just come along and participate in one
of our monthly meetings (1st Monday of
the month at Cat’s Bar, Camposol A (or call
605 112 205 for Membership Director)
and you can find out first-hand how you
can make a difference! Information can
be obtained by visiting our website www.

Having A Clear Out?
We are in urgent need of any items you are
able to donate for our Friday Stall. We
can collect any larger items.

As always, the Lions of Mazarrón Bahia
would like to thank you for your past,
present and future support. It is your
continued support that helps us to help
others in our Community.

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Last month we started a massive campaign for that forever lap to keep warm. If short
to raise money in order for us to purchase walks are your thing then Ruby with her
some land and move forward with our short legs is the girl for you.
work rescuing and helping ill-treated
animals. We want to raise 100,000€ to They all have
buy some land and be able to expand passports,
our charity. We have set up a gofundme are micro
appeal to help us achieve this massive c h i p p e d
target and fully
andreas-animal-rescue-needs-help. vaccinated,
along with
I know this is not going to be a quick fix p a c k e d
thing, but we have to be positive and I know bags!! Call
Kevin and I and our bunch of dedicated me on 690
followers, supporters and volunteers will 906 565
make this happen. Currently any new and I can
equines that come into AAR’s care have to arrange an
go into livery at a cost of 100€ per month. introduction.
We currently have 5 in livery and it won’t
We still have Freddy, Jerry, Zante and
stop there. We have also set up an Animal As usual
India that are looking for their new homes.
Rescue Needs Rescuing Fundraising I will be
However these are dogs not donkeys, so
page on Facebook which will shortly be on Camposol B Car Park, every Monday
they won’t need a paddock or stables; just
up to date with the current status of the from 11.30am-1.30pm to collect any
loving people who like walking. Freddy
appeal and unwanted goods. All your donations are
(3 Years) is a Pointer/Dalmatian cross.
things going very gratefully received. They can also be
He has great manners and has had some
on. dropped off at either of our shops in Roldan
training. Jerry, (18 months) was in the
or Mazarron Town, 10.30am-1.30pm.
campo to the North of Murcia. He was
We have
rescued by a loyal supporter of ours and
recently Thank you.
has been brought back to a good healthy
managed to
boy. He is wire haired and again a loving
rehome 3 of Andrea x
boy who just likes to please. Zante and
the donkeys
India his sister were left outside our gates
that were in
as 6 week old puppies. What a gorgeous
livery. They
pair of dogs they have grown up to be.
are going
Both are so soft and cuddly. Zante is very
to Alicante
German Shepherd looking and India looks
to live with
Mastine with a lighter colouring. These
L e a n n e
four currently live in our home and are not
and Alex, a
kennelled. They are house trained and will
walk on the lead. The pups do need a little
more training. Our little Ruby is waiting
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 59
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Well, the summer has arrived and it is very baby food, cereal and milk. Thank you so need for toiletries such as shampoo,
hot. This is the time of year our families much. shower gel, toothpaste and brushes and
feel it most, especially those without water disposable razors. We are so humbled by
and electricity. We are delivering good the amount of donations we receive and
quantities of food every fortnight and we for the hard work put in by our lovely Table
have been asked if possible for baby food. Top volunteers. Thank you and God bless
Thankfully, our church The Olive Branch, you all.
as always ran round to collect as much as
they could and during June we delivered Drop off Point
Fortnightly Table Top Sale, Camposol B

Arthur & Marge 659 270 885/689 653
Email: swaptearsforsmilesspain@
We also thank our dear friend Susan who swap-tears-4-smiles
makes wonderful jewellery for our Table w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m /
Top Sale and gives lots of other things for swaptearsforsmiles-spain
us to sell.

At this time of year we always have a

-er Verb Endings In The Present of eating. The changes we make to the straight away as it is an important principle
Simple ending are what give us the information and can affect understanding when we are
We are still at the early stages of our about who does the eating and when they speaking.
mission to learn about the Present Simple do it.
tense and how it is formed. Remember This means that the three letters ‘com’ There are many standard ‘–er’ verbs, all
that verbs in the Present Simple are are repeated for the six versions of the of which behave in exactly the same way.
divided into three categories – standard, verb when we conjugate in the Present For example:
root-changing and irregular. We are Simple; that is when we change the forms aprender - to learn
looking at standard verbs and last month to express 1st, 2nd and 3rd persons singular beber - to drink
we saw what happened to them when they and plural. correr - to run
belong to the group with an ‘-ar’ ending leer - to read
on the Infinitive. We now need to look at The endings of ‘-er’ verbs are similar to name but a few.
standard verbs that end in ‘-er’. to those of the ‘-ar’ verbs, except that
wherever there was an ‘a’ before there is Leer usually raises a few eyebrows
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Our single most important principle now an ‘e’. This gives us: because English speakers find it odd to
remains exactly the same, which is that we Como Comemos accept that if the ending of the verb is ‘-er’
must first look at our Infinitive verb and Comes Coméis then the root must be ‘le’, with both letters
split it into its two component parts – the Come Comen ‘e’ pronounced independently.
ending and the root. This gives us:
The ending only ever has two letters, in I am not going to keep repeating the Leo Leemos
this case ‘–er’, so whatever is left is the translations of each of these forms because Lees Leéis
root, be it one letter or ten. they are difficult to fit onto the page and Lee Leen
Let’s take a very well known verb as an take away from the clarity of the Spanish.
example: Comer meaning of course ‘to However, if you are unsure, you can refer There are other standard ‘-er’ verbs which
eat’. to last month’s article about ‘–ar’ verbs to make a minor change in the 1st person
Our ending is ‘–er’ so our root is ‘com’ and see what each change means. singular.
this is the part that expresses the idea Some examples are:
When we are saying caer - to fall
these out loud, it coger - to pick up
is important to get hacer - to make/to do
the emphasis in ver - to see/to match
the right place. On
the 1st, 2nd and 3rd We will talk about these next month before
persons singular and moving on to ‘-ir’ verbs. Hopefully that’s
3rd person plural the give you some food for thought for a while.
beat goes on the See you next month!
root – ‘com’, whereas
on the 1st and 2nd Jane Cronin’s “Step by Step Spanish”
persons plural the articles are available as e-books at www.
beat falls on the where you can also obtain
ending. You should Jane’s “Step by Step Internet Spanish”
try to get this right course.

60 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

52 words of 3 letters or more.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and


Answers on page 94

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

You Can’t Smoke in Here! piece, don’t do it; ever. I looked at him with my mouth open.
Apart from the odd gem of a bargain, you
get what you pay for hotel wise. My little It was only 10.30am and whilst most of “I’m serious! The police often pop into our
hotel in central Amsterdam, was basic; the windows and booths were not yet cafés just to make sure all is ok. If you’re
definitely budget style accommodation, yet open, some ladies were at work. Many of caught vaping in here, you might get a
it still cost 50€. That’s not budget prices in the girls working in Amsterdam are from fine. As for me - I will lose my license to
my view, even if this is a major European Eastern Europe and it has to be said, most sell cannabis.”
capital. of them are absolutely stunning. Gorgeous
in fact! I walked the tiny side streets of the With my coffee in hand, I fought my way
red light district. through the increasing fog of cannabis
smoke and took my innocent vape outside.
What makes someone do this for a As I sat down at a table out front, I tried
living I wondered? to make sense of it all. In the window
Money for sure, but, is it worth it? across the road, a scantily clad women was
Selling yourself for money? I guess it must selling her body for sex; all above board
be a circle that each girl has first to square and allowed by the authorities. Inside the
inside her own head before she gets coffee shop I’d just been in, people were
involved in this game. getting stoned on cannabis; all above
board and allowed by the authorities. I was
By 11.30am, I was cold and a warming forced outside to vape, because that’s not
cup of coffee was needed. Now, the phrase allowed inside by the authorities. Makes
‘coffee shop’ has a completely different you wonder doesn’t it!!
meaning here in Amsterdam. You don’t
go to coffee shops for tea and cake. After a languid lunch with friends, I took
You go to smoke cannabis. There are the late afternoon train to Berlin. What
I was meeting friends for a late lunch, dozens of these ‘coffee shops’ all over a joyous way to spend five hours, sitting
so had the morning to myself. I’ve done Amsterdam. Cannabis is of course legal in back in a comfy seat and reading.
the tourist things numerous times in Amsterdam - or is it? Well, we are all led
Amsterdam; this time I simply wanted to to believe it is legal, but in reality it’s not.
spend my time down by the canals, which Soft drugs such as cannabis are ‘tolerated’
is of course the heart of the red light and it can only be legally smoked in
district. specially licensed coffee shops. If you’re
caught smoking on the street, expect to
get arrested. If you’re caught with
more than 5 grams (for personal use)
you’re in deep trouble. Even though I
don’t smoke cannabis, (I don’t even smoke
tobacco anymore), I do like these coffee
shops; nice atmosphere, so I decided to
pop in for a coffee and a vape of my e-cig.
Inside, the air was thick with cannabis
smoke – a lovely smell. I stood at the
bar and ordered a large black coffee. I
remembering thinking that I could get With the Netherlands and Germany both
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

stoned just standing there and simply in Schengen, there of course is no border
breathing. I took out my e-cig and between these two countries. As we
vaped away - no cannabis, no tobacco, crossed out of Dutch territory and into
Oft called the ‘oldest profession in the no chemicals, no tar; nothing bad, just Germany, I looked around at my fellow
world’, whatever your views on prostitution, e-liquid that produced a pleasant vapour. passengers; well their bags to be precise.
it’s not going to go away. Prostitution is Who knows what may be in any of these
legal in Holland and Amsterdam is famous “You can’t smoke that in here,” said the bags? Open borders allow for no checks
for it and its open tolerance towards it. guy who was making my Americano. on who or what is coming or going. Guns,
Here, working girls even have their own drugs, you name it, can all now move
union and are also taxpayers. Thinking that he might be thinking it was a between country after country with total
Apart from pickpockets, which of course cigarette, I held it up and said, “Its ok, I’m ease. Madness in my opinion.
are all the world over, the red light district not smoking, I’m vaping.”
is very safe indeed. Police hang around At 9.30pm I arrived in central Berlin at
in groups and the girls themselves have I continued to vape as he came over to me. Hauptbahnhof and got myself onto the
private security and panic buttons inside S-Bahn. The German public transport
their booths, should they find themselves “I knew you’re vaping, but you can’t do system is very efficient, yet it was busy
in trouble. That said, it’s not all perfect. that in here, it’s the smoking ban.” and a chore to once again drag my luggage
Forced prostitution and trafficking still on and off of trains and up and down
continues; something the authorities I looked around at the people sitting escalators and platforms. The unglamorous
constantly try to stamp out. puffing away on their thick cannabis joints. and cold light of day reality of travelling.

One golden rule when you are here - never, “Smoking ban, you’re having a laugh!” I headed to my small self-contained
ever, ever, under any circumstances apartment on the very outskirts of what
go up to a girl in a window and take “The smoking ban does not affect cannabis once was communist East Berlin; a perfect
a photograph or video of her. It is in here; only tobacco, but you can’t vape base for getting under the skin of the old
forbidden! At best, you will be screamed either. I’m not joking. Look, if you continue supposedly long gone East Germany …
at. At worst, you may well be attacked by to do that, I must ask you to leave.”
bodyguards. If you like your body in one

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Bi-lingual Evangelical Church in Fuente Don’t limit God and what He can do in your control our lives. It’s the way we think in
Alamo. life by dwelling in the past. our hearts that controls the direction we
How do you see yourself? He has so much to offer you. will take. Sometimes it just seems easier
Do you see yourself as happy, fulfilled, and He wants you to succeed. to resist change and snuggle down in your
successful? comfortable little world, but if you don’t stir
Do you look back on a life full of sadness, The world’s way to success may be far yourself up you’ll just settle on the bottom.
regret and under achievement? removed from what God has in mind. Are
you prepared to give God a try, to humble I’m encouraging you not to limit what God
What I’m about to say may be hard to yourself, submit to His will and follow His wants to do in your life.
believe for those who don’t have a belief plan for your life? That’s a tough call. I’m encouraging you to strive towards
in God, but your circumstances don’t have something bigger and better and it takes
to totally control whether or not you’re Is it the fear of change that’s stopping you? real effort to change, but you’ll never be a
content. You can experience a wonderful Most of us are resistant to change. success without it.
sense of peace and joy by inviting The Lord Is it the image that you have of yourself
into your life and asking Him to reveal all that’s preventing you from inviting God into Give God a try.
the wonderful things He has planned for your life?
you. Our Sunday morning services start at
Why not stop the small thinking? The 11.30am at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.
Instead of spending time in self- image that you have of yourself maybe
examination and nit-picking criticism, try what’s limiting what He can do for you For more information telephone Rachel
seeing yourself as God sees you. and through you. You may have a million (English) on 618 963 976 or Pastors Ginés
God has designed you for success. and one reasons not to want to change, and Toñi (Spanish) on 629 283 080
He loves you and He wants the best for you. but not one of those reasons is enough to

Protect Your Belongings, Homes And Property break-ins and attempted break- Consider an investment in window locks
Property ins have been common in recent months and double glazing. For anyone having a
Here comes the summer once again; sun, and now may be a good time to review home or property built, consider burglar-
sea, sangria and lazy days on the beach or your home security systems. You will proof doors and toughened glass in your
by the pool. Statistically this is the time of never be able to stop a determined burglar, double glazed windows. If possible, install
year when opportunist thieves and burglars but by taking a few precautions you can an approved alarm system and security
are out in force. Do not let these people make their entry so difficult that they will lighting.
ruin your enjoyment during this holiday hopefully give up and try elsewhere.
season. If you are taking possession of a newly
Rejas/Security Grilles purchased property, make sure you know
Car Crime These are the first line of defence on your who is in possession of all your keys. It may
Recent reports confirm that there have property, so make sure that your rejas are be worthwhile having the locks changed if
been a number of vehicle theft incidents installed properly and the lock systems you do not know who else may have a key.
with valuables and bags being snatched fitted with ‘flush cylinders’. This will make
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

from cars. Always be aware when travelling it as difficult as possible for intruders If you require further information, security
by car. Keep your valuables locked away to access through them. If your lock checks for your property, upgrades or
and keep your handbags out of sight. Be cylinder is protruding several millimetres, changes to your locking systems; please
cautious of any individuals approaching a determined burglar will be able to gain contact: Francis at ADS Locksmiths.
you in car parks or other public areas. entry with relative ease, a fact that many
Many people have had valuables stolen homeowners have experienced in the Tel (+ 34) 600 255 250
while trying to assist individuals who have past. Alternatively it may be possible to
approached their car asking for help; while fit security covers over protruding lock Put This Number In Your Mobile
you are distracted an accomplice usually cylinders on your rejas and gates. You May Need It In An Emergency
carries out the theft. Remember if your
bag is stolen it may well have your keys Access Doors and Windows Remember…Keep safe and enjoy the
and address details in it. Good quality high security lock cylinders summer season.
should be fitted to all entrance doors as a
Burglaries superior high security cylinder is unpickable.

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Christian Fellowship WELCOME HOUSE memories for me. My son-in-law keeps abhors sin, He gave us God the Son who
A different way of doing “church” telling me everything comes in threes, took on the sins of the world, past, present good and bad. and future, making a pathway for us to the
casawelcome2013 Father who sent Him. God has such a great
I started wondering where this came from. love for us He wants no one to perish.
During the last couple of weeks I’ve found Google will know! Wikipedia talks about
three items I’d given up on ever seeing ‘the rule of three’. Certainly I can think of When God looks at us He sees Jesus.
again! I was so pleased; none of them of several pastors talking about three point His obedience to the father renders him
particular value, but they all evoked special sermons. blameless.

Then there’s the nursery rhymes - Three The Holy Spirit
Little Piggies, Thee Billy Goats Gruff and God sent as a comforter who nudges and
what about The Three Musketeers? prompts us, our conscience, to help with
our prayers when we’re lost for words; a
The Anglican Church just celebrated Trinity mediator between us and God.
Sunday; what’s that all about?
So we have three persons in one with
In Christian circles you’ll hear the Trinity the Father holding them all together.
mentioned. It is one of the hardest
subjects for folk to get their heads around. This certainly gives a different viewpoint
You’ve got God the Father, God the Son on why things come in threes.
and God the Holy Spirit - three in one.
If you would like to contact us regarding
How can that be? Three and yet, only anything we have publicised or may be
one. planning in the future, or just for a chat
our contact details are
The best analogy I’ve heard was from a
child describing the Trinity being like an
egg which has three parts; a shell, the Tel 633 447 937
white and the yolk. You can use the white
and yolk separately, but without the shell “Welcome House” can be found at 3A
they fall apart. They each have a specific Campillio Y Suertes, Cehegin.
part to play.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Similarly because the Father is pure and

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Church of England services in Calasparra road to Esperanza Sanctuary.

Whatever your political persuasion, Why not come along? You might like the
you know things aren’t right. Man’s experience and find it a bit different from
determination to be nasty, selfish and how you see ‘church’.
greedy knows no bounds, yet I try to
focus on all the good in society and in the Please email me at
world and the good people who care about or ring me on 634 386 179. I don’t bite!
others. They will always win. Thank God. Just come along; you might be pleasantly
God doesn’t cause problems; He helps Rev Andrew
us find a way out - if we will let Him. We
have been given free choice. Most choose
good and to act honourably and lovingly,
whatever their religion. The few must
never have the power to let hate and
despair reign.

My hero over many decades is Johnny
Cash - The Man in Black. The last verse in
that famous song is:
Ah, I’d love to wear a rainbow every day,
And tell the world that everything’s OK,
But I’ll try to carry off a
little darkness on my back,
‘Till things are brighter, I’m the Man In

Johnny was a Christian and a pragmatist.
His background and success made a deep
impression on him; not all positive, but
Johnny knew what he was saved from and
upheld Christian values, learned at his
mother’s knee. This gives me hope and

If you would like to know more about God
and His place in our world and our lives,
or you would like to join with us in praying
for our world, or if you just want to give
thanks to God for something in your own
life, or have a problem, I hold Church of
England services in English in a room next
to the Alandalus Bar, Tierra del Sol on the

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays in the month at
11am. This is just off the RM714 on the Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 69
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna around Cehegin – Tel 968 723 550 for your application in for consideration by
do, but there ain’t no cure for the more information. 17th July. Application form and rules are
summertime blues. Oh yes there is! Hit The first week of July kicks off with fiestas available from the Town Hall and the
the road, spin the wheels and sing out in honour of St John the Baptist – look prizes are worth winning.
loud. Wherever you’re going, let ‘em forward to live music, concerts and a fair.
know you’re coming! Make it memorable. The Archaeological See of Begastri MULA –
is opened for tours on Saturdays and T: 968 661 501
Check out the tourist offices regularly for Sundays at 10.10am/11.15am/12.20pm
the latest information using the contact - 2€ pp. The tour begins with a video MURCIA
details as shown. presentation followed by a guided tour
to see the remains of the Iberian culture T: 968 358 749
BULLAS before the IV century BC. A guided tour Lest We Forget: there is now a branch in English will on demand. of the Royal British Legion. Email
T: 968 652 244
Sunday 2nd – Free Guided Tour of Sunday 16th – Guided Tour in English -
Bullas c. 1900, in Spanish, (often guides 10.10am - 2€ pp. No need to book. Art Exhibition @ The Museo de Bellas
do speak some English) coincides with Artes until 9th July
the monthly El Zacatín Artisan Market. The Eco Park (Tourism Activity Park) Urban art works by 85 renowned graffiti
11am/12pm/1pm – it’s best to pre-book ‘Coto de las Maravillas’ has activities for artists from around the world including
via the Tourist Office. Tickets can be all the family with a choice of paintballing, Spain. Tues-Fri 10am-2pm & 5pm-
collected from the tourist info point in the horse riding, an assault course, a 8pm; Saturday 11am-2pm & 5pm-8pm;
market place 15 mins before departure, Quidditch pitch as well as much more for Sundays and public holidays 11am-2pm.
or there may be availability on the day. all ages. Campsite within the park with
refreshments available in the bar. Open Art Exhibition @ The Palacio Almudi
CALASPARRA every weekend. For more info and entry until 16th July at other times telephone 691 200 353 A collection of artwork dedicated to
T: 968 745 325 or access www.cotodelasmaravillas. Murcian and European artists of the 20th
5th August - Vuelta a la Sierra del com century; part of the collection of the Obra
Puerto 42km Walk – 9pm from Social de Caja Mediterraneo.
Calasparra Train Station. Go to www. JUMILLA for more Saturday 8th – Murcia Clásica Free
information. T: 968 780 237 Guided Tour (in Spanish) showcasing
The Bodegas of Jumilla invite you to enjoy the rich history and heritage of the city
CARAVACA live music in July with wine tasting and centre. The Tourist Office has maps and nibbles for only 25€ pp – tickets direct some leaflets in English – it’s an excellent
T: 968 702 424 from each bodega as follows: way to explore for future return visits.
Saturday 1st – Art Exhibition open 1st July: Bodegas Hacienda del Carche - 10.30am from Tourist Office in Plaza de
through to November 2017: The Glory Live music. Tickets: 968 975 941/600 Belluga, on to the Cathedral, the Palacio
of the Renaissance features renowned 479 005 Episcopal, Plaza de los Apóstoles, Museo
artwork from the Prado Museum. Contact 8th July: Bodegas Pío del Ramo - Music de San Juan de Dios, Plaza de la Cruz,
the tourist office for more information. from El Sitio de mi Garaje. Tickets: the Casino, Calle Trapería, Plaza de Santo
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

968 323 230/610 418 098 Domingo and concludes in the Plaza de
Saturday 1st – Annual Free Concert 15th July: Bodegas Alceño - Live music Romea, where the theatre is located.
by the Agrupación musical Caravaca de from Vinilo. Tickets: 968 780 141 Pre-booking essential at Tourist Office.
la Cruz starts at 10pm within the castle 22nd July: Bodegas Xenysel - Live music
walls of the Basilica. The tourist train runs from Retropop. Tickets: 617 290 Saturday 8th – 3rd “Moon Bike” Season
from 9.15pm from the Plaza del Arco to 171/911 924 002. continues for 2017. 10km-15km with
get you up the steep route if needed. 29th July: Bodegas Viña Campanero - no steep climbs. Start at Glorieta de
Monday 3rd - La Voz de la Cruz, Vox in Live music from Vicky Aguamarina. Espana (in front of Murcia Town Hall) by
Crucem, features a series of Classical Tickets: 968 780 754/696 959 560 the River Segura at 8.30pm. No pre-
Music in both Caravaca and Murcia registration is required. Cycles should
to promote the cultural and historical MORATALLA have adequate lighting and bell and you
heritage of our region. Contact the tourist should wear light coloured, or reflective,
office for more info. T: 968 730 208 clothing. Cycle helmet must be worn in
11th – 17th July - Fiesta del Cristo del urban areas. Those under 16 years must
Sunday 16th – Free Guided Tour of the Rayo and Bull Running be accompanied by an adult at all times.
historical quarter in Spanish (English info Check with Tourist Office for full detail. Municipal bikes are available on 968
boards abound) starts from Castle and 200 293. Adjustments to your bike are
Basilica at 11.15am and lasts about 1.5 Saturdays and Sundays during July – available if you arrive an hour before the
hours. Guides often speak English and Visit Castillo Fortaleza of Moratalla start. Tourist Office has a full list of routes
leaflets in English also available. Pre- – 10.30am-2pm and 4.30pm-6pm – 2€ and start times for this season. No ride
book via the tourist office and for parking entry – book at Tourist Office. Monday- in August.
and directions info. Friday by pre-arrangement. Evenings
6pm-8.30pm. YECLA
CEHEGÍN Budding musicians and songwriters take T: 968 754 104
T: 968 723 550 note! Moratalla is hosting an amateur
Throughout July and August you’ll find music contest Moratalla Under The
a wealth of fun events happening in and Stars in August, but you have to get

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Even though WARM haven’t been walking, collaboration I’ve included some photos from this
I thought I would tell you what else has our group season’s outings that I hope will whet the
been going on. couldn’t appetite for future experiences and to put
possibly you all in the mood for a summer of ‘eat,
Firstly, I’ve just finished the annual function. drink and relax’.
deleting of all names from the old season’s I’ve had a
circulation list and have the new list for unanimous
those who wish to walk during the season response
of 2017/2018. I add names to the list in favour of
throughout the year, so please don’t going ahead
hesitate to get in touch if you fancy joining with the
us on some of our outings. plan to form
a legally
entity that
can get more
affordable insurance. Hopefully by next
month’s issue we will be well on the way to
completing the process.

Summer is a fantastic opportunity to do
the recces for walks, so long as you get For those on the mailing list, more photos
up early enough to avoid the worst heat of can be seen on the WARM Facebook page.
Secondly, this year has felt very special the day and protect yourself properly. My
– it’s been my first year of doing the co- husband’s grandfather died of sunstroke, Full details of future outings will be sent
ordination of WARM and I really have been so we always pay respect to the power of automatically to those who are already
very grateful to all the ‘volunteers’ who had the sun. This morning for example, we got on the WARM mailing list, normally a
their arms twisted to lead a walk. They’ve up at 4.30am (actually it wasn’t, but my fortnight ahead. As always, if there is
been incredibly supportive and I’m not the mobile was still on English time!) in order anyone who would like their email address
only one who has been grateful for all their to explore a walk in the Sierra de la Pila. to be added to the list then please contact
efforts. Not very long ago Jose Antonio I should have known better than to wear me (Jessica) on
sent me an article from a Spanish walking shorts – clambering through thistles and
magazine about the necessity of insurance other spiny undergrowth soon reminded
cover for outdoor activities and the possible me why trousers are always best for a
liability for the cost of rescue (hopefully recce! We were only out for 3 hours, but
never needed but …). I’ve been in touch were pretty shattered by the end and very
with a range of appropriate professionals, grateful for a rest, a drink and some salty
trying to find the cheapest way of ensuring tapas.
that we’re all protected. The need for
protection applies particularly to the As you can see, despite being ‘closed’
walk leaders because without their kind season, the work continues. Meanwhile,

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Dreams some are messages from the Lord. His When a butler dreamt of crushing grapes
Have you had any good dreams recently? dreams encourage us, instruct us, direct from three vine branches into the king’s
The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Word. us and correct us. cup, would you have guessed it meant
That means He likes to talk! He has a lot to that in three days he would be freed from
say and there is no point in talking away if Job 33:14-16 For God may speak in one prison and given his job back?
there is no-one listening. way, or in another; yet man does not
perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the Not all dreams are a message from God,
Jesus said that His sheep know Him and night, when deep sleep falls upon men, but those that are can be interpreted from
they hear His voice, yet sometimes we still while slumbering on their beds, then He meanings found in the Bible, or by asking
have trouble hearing Him. That is why, opens the ears of men and seals their the Holy Spirit for the interpretation.
when we are fast asleep and our minds are instruction.
not distracted by other things, or our ears If you would like help to interpret your
filled with other sounds, Jesus may give us Dreams are pictures. They are a message dreams so that you can hear what the
a dream. given in symbolic form. The symbols are Lord might have been saying to you in
not always obvious in their meaning. your sleep, then contact us at Reign in
There are different types of dreams. Some Life (email
are ordinary dreams that get rid of the For example, when Peter dreamt of a ) and we will see if we can help.
rubbish in your mind so that you can begin whole load of animals coming down in a
afresh the next day. Some are healing sheet, would you have guessed it meant To find out more, visit www.reigninlife.
dreams, helping you overcome fears and that the gospel message is not just for the
negative experiences of your past and Jews, but for everyone?

2017 Golf Day - Saturday October 7th into his face. chicken, with rice & wine, all for just 10€.
Following last year’s brilliant event, our “Right,” he says, shakily, “let’s get on.” Tickets are on sale at our Camposol shop
Annual Golf Day will again be held at from Monday 3rd July and are likely to sell
Camposol Club de Golf. We set the cupboards up and move on to out very quickly, so if you would like to join
the next job; thankfully, light. us, get in quickly!
The golf will start at 9.30am and there will The following week, when I arrive at the
be a disco and food from 2pm with a Charity shop I’m greeted by slightly irate Kate
Raffle. The golf format is ‘Pinehurst Pairs’ (wife of said Ivan) with “Stop trying to kill
with a shotgun start. There will be prizes Ivan!”
& medals for Nearest the Pin on par 3’s,
Longest Drive on the 16th and medals for Ivan had
Overall Winners and Runners-Up. There will been helping
be a presentation of our Winner’s Shield. out the
M o n d a y
Entry fee is 5€ for members and 25€ for c r e w .
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

non-members. Each entry includes a 5€ Wa l k i n g
donation to support the dogs of Noah’s backwards
ARC. Buggies are available for 20€. Players and carrying
should book with Stuart at The Golf Club. one end of
a wardrobe
There will be a choice of either chilli (we think We collect and deliver furniture, bric-a-
or curry with rice or chips for 5€. with Duncan) brac etc., arrange house clearances and
Tickets are also available for the disco & food he trips over moving of items for a small donation on
for non-golfers who would like to support the step in Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We
Noah’s ARC whilst enjoying the fun! the door. can also arrange Ecoparque runs for a
D u n c a n donation. To book, pop in or phone our
At this stage we are looking for sponsors carries on shop in Camposol.
for each hole at a cost of 50€ per hole. walking and
If you would like to sponsor a hole or Ivan ends up Donations/sponsorships and queries about
donate a raffle price please contact peter. on the floor with a resounding crash, an volunteering can be made online at www. expletive and a wardrobe. Demonstrating, Facebook at
to all, in the words of the immortal song – NoahsArc Mazarron or at our shops.
Stop Trying To Kill Ivan! (cont’d from “What’s he gonna look like with a wardrobe
May issue) on him?” If you would like to offer a permanent or
I look on with concern; two ridiculously foster home for any of our dogs needing
heavy items over an eight foot balustrade Next month – Are you sure that’s a one help please get in touch.
on Ivan’s second week wasn’t a good way Street, George? (Where’s Ivan when Details of our dogs can be found on our
idea. My consternation increases as Ivan’s I need him?) website.
laboured breathing continues and he hangs Rescue phone 699 352 818
his head between his knees. Party Night Shops
“Oh no, I think I’ve killed Ivan…..” I mutter. Our next Party Night at the Camposol golf Open Mon-Sat 10am-2pm
club is on Friday September 1st; an evening Camposol 634 332 335
A bottle of water later and Ivan’s pallor with the incredible Geckos. Antoine will Puerto de Mazarrón 634 364 553
gradually wanes and colour comes back serve his signature black pepper & lemon

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

How can an automatic chemical dosing by automatically ensuring the levels of all Tablet and Granular Chlorine products
system benefit my pool? chlorine in the water remain steady. – maintaining pH to ensure most effective
Required by Law in any pool used by use of Chlorine at low safe levels.
general public – who are not family or So what are the benefits? pH at 7.2 = 70% of chlorine in the pool is
friends Most pool chemicals are corrosive working
to the pool, the pool equipment pH at 8, only 20% is working!
The chemical makeup of your pool water is and the people swimming in it.
extremely important. If you find yourself Chemical dosing systems are small, Automatic chemical/mineral dosing
constantly relying on chemical additives effective pieces of kit that measure and systems are one of the most effective
to keep your pool water clean, there may correct any errors in the chemicals required methods to maintain your pool water
be an issue with your pool’s chemical to maintain your pool within Healthy sanitising.
composition. This could lead to long-term Guidelines, maintaining clean swimming
issues requiring careful correction, upkeep, water: pH and disinfection. While pool owners will still need pool
and maintenance. Thankfully, there’s a chemicals, using an automatic dosing
solution. The obvious benefit of an automatic system bypasses the hassle of measuring
chemical dosing system is that it provides pool chemicals.
Chlorine is perhaps the most important continuous monitoring (while the pool is
chemical used to keep the water sanitised filtering the water) stability to the chemical Any questions?
and ensure an enjoyable swimming makeup of pool water. Email
experience. Chemical or Mineral dosing
systems are designed specifically to Less unnecessary chemicals added – in
address issues of upkeep and correction particular Cyanuric acid which is present in

This month I would like to focus on a view and 122 deluxe). Another modern prevails with men wearing collared shirts
different type of cruise ship that recently term these days is that passengers are (no ties) and ladies in pant-suits or
visited Cartagena; the luxurious Wind ‘guests’! coordinates. There are no formal nights,
Surf, one of the largest motor sailing but bathing suits or tank-tops are not
cruise ships in the world. Though just 310 ‘guests’, on board and allowed in the restaurant at dinner.
although I have not had the privilege of
cruising on this ship, I have been informed Wind Surf
that it is surprisingly expansive, feeling Built in 1990 as “Club Med 1”
much bigger inside than one would expect. and refurbished in 2013, the Wind Surf
has 5 masts, 7 sails, (computerised
operation so no fear of guests being
required to ‘haul the mainsail’) with an
average speed of 11.4 knots. It is large
enough to entertain, but small enough to
navigate into small harbours which results
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

in a difference with the majority of larger
cruise ships.

The Wind Surf has a capacity of up to 310 Facilities on board include, casino, library,
passengers and a crew of 214, resulting wind spa, pool, fitness centre and a
in an extraordinarily high ratio of crew to restaurant serving excellent cuisine. Being
passengers. My experience of larger ships a vessel with a smaller number of ‘guests’,
is an average of 1 crew member per 2 there is great interaction with officers and
passengers. crew including a welcome by the Captain to
Guests tend to be well travelled and active the bridge.
There are 154 staterooms - note, cruise in mind (count me out then most people
ships have ‘staterooms’ these days, not would say, unless the subject is maritime As an indication to itinerary, the current
cabins. The difference? None! (31 ocean related), with age ranges from 30 to 80. The cruise commenced in Barcelona with
Wind Surf tends to calls at Tarragona, Ibiza, Cartagena and
appeal to those that departed for Almeria, Malaga and Tangier,
prefer a traditional completing in Lisbon.
cruise ship, but
want to try a more In summary, this is a different type of
exotic experience; cruising both luxurious and relaxing.
allegedly appealing
to honeymooners.
Open to offers!!!

Dress Code
During the day dress
on board is decidedly
casual. Evenings,
‘country club casual’

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

As a kid I remember spending hours flicking an overhang such as the ceilings of old wetland sites. Keep an eye out if you have
through my book of European birds and buildings, or under bridges or archways. a walk along the side of the River Segura,
marvelling at all the exotic looking ones It is an almost semi-circular nest with an especially if there are Willow and Poplar
that could be seen in mainland Europe. entrance tunnel (looks a bit like a sample groves!
There was one that particularly caught my jar!) that is glued to the ceiling of its chosen
eye, a Red-Rumped Swallow (Spanish, site; all constructed with mud collected in
Golondrina Daurica), a close relative of its beak! The effort and skill required to
our widespread Barn (common) Swallow build such a nest is very impressive. The
and a rare visitor to our shores during photo shows a nest under a bridge (it
migration. For several years, I wasted is about a foot long) that I came across
hours checking all the swallows I saw, just recently.
in case it was a Red-Rumped. Needless
to say, I didn’t get a glimpse of one!

It wasn’t until 30 years later when my
wife and I were holidaying in Spain that
I finally saw one. We were walking along
the ruined battlements of the castle in
Trujillo in Extremadura when a strange
looking Swallow flew alongside us on
the ramparts. I can still remember the In the last few weeks I have been carefully
excitement I felt on realising that I was watching a Song Thrush that has set up
watching the elusive bird of my childhood territory in the Huerta de Ulea. It spends a
dreams. Now, I am much more blasé about huge amount of time singing from several
them as these summer visitors come to posts within its territory. Unlike our UK
drink from our swimming pool. On the subject of amazing nests, last birds, Song Thrushes in Spain tend to be
summer I found the nest of a Penduline Tit shy and secretive, but not this one. Some
When you see a Swallow make sure you (Spanish, Pájaro Moscón) near the village of you might be thinking, why such interest
have a second look to check if it is our of Ulea alongside the River Segura. Despite in a common or garden Song Thrush?
normal Barn Swallow or a Red-Rumped being resident, it’s an elusive little devil and Well, although it is a familiar garden bird
Swallow. However, be careful as the Red has taken me a number of years to find it. in the UK, it definitely shouldn’t be here
Rumps aren’t always that red! They can It likes to nest along riversides, especially at the moment. In Murcia, it is a winter
be identified by a creamy pink patch on the if there are White Poplars or Willows. The visitor or passage migrant and has never
back of the neck and the rump. The Barn male weaves an impressive suspended been recorded breeding this far south in
Swallow is a uniform colour on its back; a sphere from the ends of fine branches Spain, so it is a bit of a mystery why it
very dark bluey black. For beginners who to attract the females. The nest has an is still here. Up until now I haven’t seen
sometimes struggle to pick out Swallows entrance hole near the top and is pale and another one, so I think it is probably a very
from swifts and house martins, a useful downy looking because of the interwoven lonely, frustrated bachelor that sings every
pointer is that if it is flying fairly low seed hairs from the Poplar trees; a real day, trying to find a partner. However, I
hunting flies (up to 3-4 metres), it is more work of art! The bird itself is tiny; about the am keeping an eye on it to make sure that
than likely a Swallow. size of a Blue Tit (4 inches), with a black it isn’t fooling me with a hidden girlfriend
mask which gives it the appearance of a somewhere amongst the lemon groves!
Besides being a bird of my childhood highwayman. Unfortunately for birders, it
dreams, the Red-Rumped Swallow is tends to wander from place to place, so If anybody wishes to comment or has
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

fascinating because of the amazing nest it isn’t always where you think it should a query, please contact me on mdoh@
that it builds. It constructs its nest under be, but it does always favour riverside and

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Ex-Servicemen’s Association Wednesday 13th September
Mazarrón District (Founded 1 May 7.30pm for 8pm
2006) Restaurante Siena
Mazarrón Town
EVENTS – 2017 Evening Meal
Wednesday 12th July Membership enquiries
7.30pm for 8pm Ian 629 818 611
Restaurante Maypu Function enquiries
Between Mazarrón and the Port Roy 634 356 220
Evening Meal
Wednesday 9th August
7.30pm for 8pm
Restaurante Pekin 5 Chinese
Puerto De Mazarrón
Evening Meal

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 77
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Name Location Price Courses Starters Main Dessert Drink Coffee Available
Amapola Bolnuevo € 15,00 3 3 3 yes btle wine no Everyday
Bar Yan Calasparra € 6,50 3 4 14 yes 1 drink or dessert Mon-Fri
Bombay Indian Calasparra € 10,00 3 5 any main yes no no Everyday
Cafe El Alamillo € 11,95 salad + 3 3 3 yes 1 drink yes Tues-Fri
Curry Mahal Puerto de € 5,95 1 chicken/ no no no Everyday
Mazarrón beef
Curry Mahal Puerto de € 9,95 3 4 chicken/ no 1 drink Everyday
Mazarrón beef
El Castillo del Perin € 15 5 4 Fixed yes yes yes Tues-Sun
Pinar (€ 16 on
Hotel/ Calasparra € 10,00 salad + 3 4 6 yes 1 drink yes Mon-Fri
La Chara Isla Plana € 9,00 3 4 4 yes 1 drink or dessert Tue-Sat
La Mariposa Gebas €9,00 4 4 4 yes no yes Exc Weds
La Tasca Calasparra € 10,00 salad + 4 5 5 yes yes yes Tues-Fri
La Vuelta El Alamillo, Pto € 11,50 salad+3 3 3 yes 1 drink or dessert Tues-Fri
Piccolo Camposol B € 9,95 salad +2 4 4 no 1 drink yes Everyday
Quality Indian Camposol B € 9,95 2 5 any main no no no Everyday
Spice Villa Camposol B From 3 5 chicken/ no yes no Everyday
€ 5,95 lamb
Totana Tennis Totana € 9,00 salad + 3 4 3 yes 1 drink yes Mon-Fri
Tropic Ana’s Camposol A € 6,00 2 4 10 opt 1 drink no Everyday
Viggos Pto de Mazarrón € 10,00 4 3 3 yes 1 drink or dessert Mon-Sat
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

78 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

RED – Entertainment
ORANGE – Special menus GREEN – Charity & non-profit making events
PURPLE –Market, exhibitions, leisure & meetings BLACK – Fiestas & important events
Please refer to the relevant advert or editorial for more details of events
For More Details on Events Please Go To Relevant Group/Charity/Tourist Office in Contents on Page 4

Every Day Art Exhibition @ The Museo de Bellas Artes, Murcia (until 9th July)
Tues-Friday 10am-2pm & 5pm-8pm; Sat 11am-2pm & 5-8pm; Sun/Public Holidays 11am-2pm
Art Exhibition @ The Palacio Almudi, Mucia (until 16th July)
“Wow” Painting Exhibition @ Mazarrón (until 22nd July) Mon-Sat 10am-2pm &
Weds-Fri 5.30pm-8.30pm

Breakfasts @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A from 3.50€ (9am-12pm)
Breakfasts @ Liz’s Café, Camposol B from 9am
Breakfasts @ The Diner & Bar, Camposol B
Breakfasts @ La Vuelta, El Alamillo (exc Mon)
Menu de Degustaciòn @ El Mojon, Gebas - tapas selection sharer for 2 inc wine
11.95€ (exc Mon & Tues)
Early Bird Menu @ Curry Mahal, Pto de Mazarrón from 9.95€ 6-8pm
Menu del Noche @ Bombay Indian, Calasparra 12€
Earlybird Menu @ Spice Villa, Camposol B 12.50€ inc btl wine for 2 6-8pm
Earlybird Menu @ Quality Indian, Camposol B 12.95€ 6-8pm
4 Course Menu del Noche @ Curry Mahal, Pto de Mazarrón from 9.95€
Special 5 Course Menu/5 Wines to Complement @ El Castillo, El Pinar
18€, 20€ on Sunday (exc Mon)
Degustación (tasting) of Food/Wines/Cava @ Restaurante El Castillo, Perin
18€ (exc Mon)
Evening Menu @ Amapola Restaurant, Bolnuevo 18€

Every Mon Mazarrón Bay Bridge Club @ Pto de Mazarrón 9.30am
Yoga with Adrian @ Camposol A 10am
Los Palacios Garden & Community Group Working Party @ Camposol A 10am
Reiki Morning @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10.30am-12.30pm
Ladies’ Chatterbox Sew and Sew @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2.15pm
Yoga with Lisa in Spanish @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 8pm

Platos Combinados Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 6-8.30pm

Forget Me Not Respite Care @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10.30am-1.30pm
Andrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Car Park, Camposol B 11.30am-1.30pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Every Tue Camposol B Clean Working Party @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B 8.30-10.30am
Camposol D Sector Community Group Working Party @ Camposol D
Mazarrón Bowls Club Roll Up Day 10.30am
Yoga with Lisa @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10am
Computer Clinic @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 1-3pm
MCC Residents Library Open @ Mazarrón Country Club 2-4pm
Guitar Group @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 4-7pm
English/Spanish Language Exchange @ Isla Plana Social Centre 6-9pm

Menu de Noche @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A

MAMAS Collection/Book Stall @ Camposol B Car Park 10am-12pm
FAST Available for New Volunteers @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11am Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 79
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Making a Difference for Collections @ Camposol A 10am-12pm

Every Wed Mar Menor Golf Society Competition
Camposol C Gardening Group Clean Up @ Camposol C 9am
Yoga with Adrian @ Camposol A 10am
Spanish Lessons for Beginners @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am
Yoga with Lisa @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10.30am
RC Sailing Mar Menor Meeting 10.30am
SAMM International One Metre Club 11am
Spanish Lessons - Intermediate @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11am
Mazarrón AA Group @ Meeting Room adjacent to Cañada de Gallego Church 5.30pm
Tai Chi @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 5pm
Line Dancing for Beginners @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7pm
Beacon of Light Meetings @ Cañadas del Romero 7pm
Visit the Astronomical Observatory Station, Puerto Lumbreras 2.50€ (children free) 10pm

Tapas & Wine Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 2 Tapas & Glass of Wine for 5€
Happy Dinner @ Amapola Restaurant, Bolnuevo 35€ per cpl

Age Concern Available @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pm
MABS Mazarrón Craft Group @ MABS Centre, Camposol B 11.30am
HAH Mar Menor Book & DVD Club 2.30-4.30pm

Every Thu Camposol Market @ Camposol A
Mazarrón Bay Bridge Club @ Pto de Mazarrón 9.30am
Pranayama/Yoga Nigra/Meditation Practice @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10am
Mazarrón Bowls Club Roll Up Day 10.30am
Spangles Ladies Barbershop Harmony Chorus Rehearsals @ Los Alcazarès 10am
Folk & Blues Club @ Camposol 1pm
Buddhist Meditation @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 2pm
MCC Residents Library Open @ Mazarrón Country Club 2-4pm
French/Spanish Language Exchange @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 5-8pm
Belly Dancing 7pm/Yoga in Spanish with Lisa 8pm @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana
Line Dancing/Intermediate onwards @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B

Live Entertainment @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 11.30pm

Little Starfish Dog Rescue Table Top Sale @ Lower Car Park, Camposol A from 10am
Age Concern Available @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pm
JJ’s Puppy Rescue Table Top Sale @ Lower Car Park, Camposol A 11am-1pm
Andrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Mazarrón Country Club 11.30am-1pm
HAH Mar Menor Book/Card Stall @ Los Narejos 2-4pm

Every Fri Friday Art Group @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 9.45am-12.30pm
Spanish Lessons/Beginners @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am
Yoga with Lisa @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10am
Los Palacios Gardening/Community Group Book Stall @ Camposol A 10.30am-12.30pm
SAMM International One Metre Club
Spanish Lessons/Intermediate @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11am
10 Pin Bowling/Camposol C Greenfingers Garden Group @ Totana 4pm
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

English/Spanish/German Language Exchange @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 6-9pm

Fish & Chips @ Viggos, Pto de Mazarrón
Mixed Grill Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Romantic 5 Course Dinner @ Amapola Restaurant, Bolnuevo 21€ per person

FAST @ Camposol B Commercial Centre
MABS Mazarrón booking events etc outside Compusurf, Camposol B 11am

Every Sat Tours of Bastida in Totana 3€ 10am & 12pm
Visit Castillo Fortaleza of Moratalla 10.30am-2pm & 4.30pm-6pm 2€
The Archaeological See of Begastri Tours @ Cehegín 10.10am/11.15am/12.20am 2€
Tourism Activity Park Coto de las Maravillas Open, Cehegín

80 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Harlequin Rock Choir @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.15pm
Free tour of Aqua Archaeological Museum, Cartagena 6.30pm
Visit the Astronomical Observatory Station, Puerto Lumbreras 2.50€ (children free) 10pm

Pizza & Burger Night @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 7pm

DJ @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 7pm

MABS MMM Book Sale @ Los Alcázares 10am-2pm
HELP MMM Sale of up-market clothes @ Los Alcázares 10am-1pm
JJ’s Puppy Rescue Table Top Sale @ Pto de Mazarrón

Every Sun Antique Market @ Aguilas 10am-1pm
The Archaeological See of Begastri Open @ Cehegín 10.10am/11.15am/12.20am 2€
Visit Castillo Fortaleza of Moratalla 2€ 10.30am-2pm & 4.30pm-6pm
Tourism Activity Park Coto de las Maravillas Open, Cehegín
Board Games @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 5pm

3 Course Sunday Lunch @ La Vuelta, El Alamillo 13.50€ inc a drink
Paella Day @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón
Cold Meats & Salad Bar @ Liz Café, Camposol B

Live Entertainment @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

San Animal Santuario Dog Walking @ Aguilas
Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre Open Day @ Rojales 1-4pm

JULY How to Paint With Watercolours @ Casas Consistoriales, Mazarrón 10am-2pm (until 20th July)

San Javier Jazz Festival until Sunday 30th July (see page ? for full details)

Saturday 1 Playa Libros Weekend in Los Alcazares
Welcome Meeting @ Camposol A 2pm
Geocaching Treasure Hunt @ Torre Pacheco 5pm-10.30pm
Week Long Fiesta in honour of Saint John the Baptist- Fair/Concerts/Live Music
Art Exhibition “The Glory of the Renaissance” @ Caravaca (until November)
3 hour Free Guided Theatrical Tour of Aguilas in Spanish 10.30am
Free Guided Tour of Historical Lorca in Spanish 8.30pm from Tourist Office
8th 8km Aidemarcha, Los Alcazares 9pm/8pm (under 12’s)

Italian Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Wine Tasting & Nibbles/Live Music @ Jumilla 25€

Annual Free Concert @ Basilica, Caravaca 10pm

Sunday 2 Playa Libros Weekend in Los Alcazares
Geocaching Treasure Hunt @ Torre Pacheco 9.30am
Free Guided Tour of Bullas 11am/12pm/1pm

Highway 61 @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Tuesday 4 River Rafting/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas inc transport/guide/safety equip
Stamp Collectors Meeting @ Biblioteca, Pto de Mazarrón 6pm

Wednesday 5 Los Nietos Golf Club Golf Day

MABS MMM Volunteer’s Meeting @ Centro Civico, Roda Bar, Roda 11.15am
Age Concern Volunteer Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 12pm
Age Concern Talking Shop Social @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30-3.30pm

Thursday 6 Kayaking/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas inc transport to lake/equip

Anniversary Party with Entertainment @ Amapola Restaurant, Bolnuevo 12€ Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 81
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

La Luna Musical Show @ Auditorio Infanta Elena, Aguilas 5€ 9pm
The Tracks @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 11.30pm

Friday 7 Bienal Photographic Exhibition @ Museo Arquelogico Los Baños, Alhama (until 31st August)
Artisan Market @ Bullas 9am-2pm
Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC BBQ & Quiz Night

Marilyn Shipley @ La Mariposa, Gebas
2nd Aguilas Rock Festival @ Plaza de Antonio Cortijos, Aguilas 7pm 15€/18€
Free Concert @ Lorca Castle – Los Secretos 11pm

Saturday 8 ADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista Centre, Lo Pagan 10.30am
Murcia Clásica Free Guided Tour (in Spanish) 10.30am from Tourist Office
Free Guided Tour of Historic Aguilas (in Spanish) 11am from Tourist Office
Murcia’s 3rd “Moon Bike” Season Trip 8.30pm from Town Hall
Carmen Ballet @ El Batel Auditorium, Cartagena 30€/40€ 9pm
XXII Festival de Flamenco de San Pedro del Pinatar @ Parque de la Aduana
20€/22€ 10.30pm

Special Menu Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Wine Tasting/Nibbles/Music from El Sitio de mi Garaje @ Jumilla

JJ’s Puppy Rescue Table Top Sale @ Pto de Mazarrón
MAD Music Night @ Camposol A 2€ to reserve a seat 8pm

Sunday 9 Artisan Market @ Mula
Carmen Ballet @ El Batel Auditorium, Cartagena 30€/40€ 8pm
Free 4km Evening Walk, San Pedro del Pinatar – Posidonia Oceanica 6pm

The Streeters @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

Monday 10 River Rafting/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas inc transport/guide/safety equip
Working Camp @ Archaelogical Site Cerro del Castillo Las Paleras, Alhama

Tuesday 11 Cristo del Rayo, Moratalla (bull running and shows etc until 17th)

Downhill Cycling/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 39€ inc bike/guide/safety equip
Cinema, Literature, Comics, Specialized Texts Course @
The University Internacional del Mar In Mazarrón (until 13th)

Wednesday 12 Fiestas de la Virgin del Carmen San Pedro & Lo Pagan (until 16th)

Trip to Benidorm with Viajes Dragontours 19€
Fuente Old Guards Golf Society Game
General Meeting of Sailing Association Mar Menor @ Los Narejos 11am
Los Nietos Golf Club AGM 6pm

MABS Murcia NW Volunteer’s Meeting @ 5pm
ESAMD Dinner @ Pto de Mazarrón 7.30pm
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Thursday 13 Oh Brother @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 11.30pm

Friday 14 Kayaking/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas inc transport to lake/equip

FAST Book Stall @Camposol B Commercial Centre

La Mar De Músicas Festival in Cartagena - The Sounds of Latin American
(until 22nd July. See page ??)

Saturday 15 Camposol Fiesta 3 Day Trip to Madrid 230€ inc 4 Star Hotel/Breakfast/Coach/Guided Tours
Free Guided Tour of Historical Lorca in Spanish 8.30pm from Tourist Office
Tour of Medina Nogalte Castle & Cave Houses, Puerto Lumbreras in Spanish 3€ 8.30pm
5km Road Race from Plaza de la Constitucion, Totana 9pm

82 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Ploughmans Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Ibiza Party/Music/4 Course Menu inc btl wine for 2 @ Amapola Restaurant,
Bolnuevo 20€
Live music from Vinilo/Wine Tasting/Nibbles @ Jumilla
Puro Hip-Hop Festival @ Plaza de Antonio Cortijos, Aguilas 12pm 10€/15€

Helping Hands “Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga Tribute” @ Camposol A 20€ 8pm

Sunday 16 Virgen del Carmen, Mazarrón

Artisan Market @ Caravaca
“Ruta del Ferrocarril” (Railway Route) with Aguilas Tourist Information Centre
Artisan Market @ Sanctuary de la Esperanza, Calasparra 10am-6pm
The Archaeological See of Begastri Tour in English @ Cehegín 2€ 10.10am
Guided Tour of Cehegin in English 2€ 10.10am
Free Guided Tour of Historical Caravaca 11.15am from Basilica
Tour of Medina Nogalte Castle & Cave Houses, Puerto Lumbreras in Spanish 3€ 8.30pm

Riverside Blues @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

Monday 17 Downhill Cycling/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 39€ inc bike/guide/safety equip
Teamwork and productivity for personal and professional development course @
The University Internacional del Mar In Mazarrón (until 20th)

Tuesday 18 La Mar de Musica Festival @ Plaza de la Marina, Santa Lucia District, Cartagena

HELP MMM General Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 11.30am

Thursday 20 Kayaking/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas inc transport to lake/equip

La Soul Band @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 11.30pm
El Muelle Music Festival @ Puerto de Mazarrón (20th, 21st & 22nd)
La Mar de Musica Festival @ Paseo Maritimo, Mar de Cristal, Cartagena

Friday 21 Balsapintada Fiesta (until 30th July)

River Rafting/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas inc transport/guide/safety equip
Free Evening Guided Tour Through the Salinas Salt Flats 8pm

Steve Fisher @ La Mariposa, Gebas
Flamenco Night/4 Course Menu inc btl wine for 2 @ Amapola Restaurant,
Bolnuevo 20€
Loquillo & Los Marañones @ Lorca Castle 22€/27€ 11pm

MABS Mazarrón Book Sale @ Camposol B Commercial Centre 9am-1pm
MABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pm
MABS MMM Share & Care Group @ San Javier 11am-1pm
Mazarrón Bahia Leo Club @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7-9pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Saturday 22 Artisan Market @ Paseo de las Comunidades Autónomos, Pto de Mazarrón 10am-2pm
Free Guided Tour Historical Totana 10.15am
Free Guided Tour of Historical Lorca in Spanish 8.30pm from Tourist Office

French Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A

Live music from Retropop /Wine Tasting/Nibbles @ Jumilla
Miguel Poveda (Flamenco) @ Lorca Castle 22€/27€ 11pm

Sunday 23 Snowblind @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

Monday 24 Torre Pacecho, Roldan, Lo Ferro Flamenco Festival (until 30th) Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 83
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Downhill Cycling/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 39€ inc bike/guide/safety equip

Tuesday 25 Santiago (St James, Patron Saint of Spain)
Fiestas de Santiago, Totana
Santiago Apostle, Lorca

Monthly “B” Clean Meeting @ Camposol B

MABS Mazarrón Volunteer Meeting @ Camposol B 11.30am

Wednesday 26 Trip to Benidorm with Viajes Dragontours 19€
Straight Down The Middle Golf Society Game
Welcome House Card Crafting Class @ Cehegín 11am

Thursday 27 Open Door Chill n Grill/Live Entertainment @ Los Almagros 7.30pm

Radio Tequila @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 11.30pm

Friday 28 Free Photographic Route In The Salinas Salt Flats 6.30pm

Age Concern Table Top Sale @ Camposol B Commercial Centre
FAST Book Stall @ Camposol B Commercial Centre
HELP MMM Charity Market @ Los Alcazáres 11am-1pm

Chambao & Muchachito Bombo Infierno @ Lorca Castle 22€/27€ 11pm

Saturday 29 Free Guided Tour of Historic Aguilas (in Spanish) 11am from Tourist Office
MCC Events Group Pool Party @ Mazarrón Country Club 18€ (20€ non-members) inc food
Tour of Medina Nogalte Castle & Cave Houses, Puerto Lumbreras in Spanish 3€ 8.30pm

Paella Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A

New Year Summer Party/Music/Special Menu @ Amapola Restaurant, Bolnuevo
Live music from Vicky Aguamarina/Wine Tasting/Nibbles @ Jumilla

Sunday 30 San Abdon y San Senèn, Calasparra

Artisan Market @ Plaza del Castillo, Cehegin 10am
Tour of Medina Nogalte Castle & Cave Houses, Puerto Lumbreras in Spanish 3€ 8.30pm

The Gekkos @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

Monday 31 Encierros de San Zenòn, Cehegín
Youth Summer Camp In Nerpio (until 6th August)


Tuesday 1 Stamp Collectors Meeting @ Biblioteca, Pto de Mazarrón 6pm

HAH Volunteer’s Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 10.30am
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Wednesday 2 MABS MMM Volunteer’s Meeting @ Centro Civico, Roda Bar, Roda 11.15
Age Concern Volunteer’s Meeting @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 12pm

Thursday 3 Downhill Cycling/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 39€ inc bike/guide/safety equip

La Llave @ El Faro, Pto de Mazarrón from 11.30pm

Friday 4 Semana de la Juventud, Blanca

MABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pm
Mazarrón Bahia Leo Club @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7-9pm

Saturday 5 Vuelta a la Sierra del Puerto 42km Walk – 9pm from Calasparra Train Station.
ADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista Centre, Lo Pagan 10.30am

JJ’s Puppy Rescue Table Top Sale @ Pto de Mazarrón

Sunday 6 Artisan Market @ Bullas 9am-2pm

Colt 45 @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 6pm

HAH Volunteer’s Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 10.30am

84 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The Beauty Palace on Camposol B would retention, deficiencies. She is also an experienced
like to welcome Julie to their Beauty Palace oedema, aromatherapist, blending her own oils to
family. s w o l l e n suit health issues, using them in facials,
j o i n t s , Indian head massage and body massages.
Julie is a cellulite, Julie also provides; Reiki & Crystal Healing,
member of p o o r Deep Tissue Massage, Bamboo Massage,
the Guild i m m u n i t y, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage,
of Holistic c l e a r s Hopi Ear Candling & Body Wraps.
& Beauty blockages,
T h e ra p i s t s , increases As an introductory offer Julie is taking
a qualified metabolism bookings for a free, no obligation
Nutritionist and detoxes consultation in July, so take your first step
and has a the body. to improve your health now.
diploma in
Anatomy & Julie will Call 968 971 828 to book your free
Physiology. build a consultation.
S h e personalised
specialises in Manual Lymphatic Drainage food plan to help improve health
Massage. This massage helps with fluid symptoms and detect probable nutrient

Working Together To Stamp Out We need people to take notice of Fosterers
Animal Cruelty where mistreatment is happening and We desperately
Protectores Nueva Era Águilas is currently to take action by ‘denouncing’ people need people
dealing with a case regarding mistreatment at the local police station. Without your who are able to
of animals; 3 dogs to be precise - one of eyes and ears and a clear denuncia we foster kittens
which is confirmed dead. We believe it won’t be able to effect change. Please or puppies in
to be the first legal case (resulting from a help. their homes,
denuncia) to be presented to the court in often at short
Lorca. If you need advice on how the denuncia notice. We also
process works in Spain please contact San need fosterers
On Tuesday 13th June, volunteers from Animal on 676 276 199 or email lorna@ able to take in
San Animal Santuario and Helping adult dogs who
Hands Sur went to the court at Lorca to aren’t coping
support Nueva Era and to show that we are New Pups On The well in kennels.
united as a group and will work together to Block
ensure that the necessary bodies/people These 2 little Volunteers
finally start to take the law seriously and poppets are the last We are always looking for volunteers to
realise that animals have rights too. of the litter of 5. help out with the animals - for dog walking,

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Their brothers have feeding and/or playing and grooming.
found homes. They
are approximately 9 Please contact:
weeks old and will Lorna by email at
be medium sized or whatsapp 676 276 199
dogs. The tan puppy Sandra at or
is a little girl and the 655 807 080
other is her brother.
They were living You can keep up to date with all San
amongst crates on Animal news and events by checking
an industrial estate in the heat and the in on our Facebook page San Animal
dust. Less than 1 week on, they know what Santuario or if you have a Twitter account
it is to be loved and looked after. you can follow us at @san_animal. Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 85
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Making Plans For Summer And Beyond cost airline, now offering flights to France Norwegian Cruise Company sails from New
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy family (Marseilles, Bordeaux or Nantes) and York to the Caribbean. Pop in and see us,
visits, trips to the beach, or an escape far to Venice, flying directly from Alicante; to plan your perfect winter holiday giving
from the Murcian heat; for example to perfect for exploring Provence, Brittany or you something to dream about during the
Iceland. If that seems a bit exaggerated the Atlantic coast of France. long hot summer days and nights.
– although I must admit I find dreaming
of Iceland, looking at the odd glacier, For those of you who prefer to plan ahead, As always, we remind you to get your
enjoying less than steaming temperatures, to the cold coming winter, now is the time travel insurance with us, for any of your
very attractive! - you might consider going to book your Caribbean cruise, either for planned trips, or perhaps an annual travel
to the North of Spain for a break. There you Christmas or later. Pullmantur has some insurance, covering not only you, but your
can find green forests, cooling rivers and great offers now, for your winter cruise, personal belongings as well, ensuring you
a magnificent sea-coast to say nothing of all-inclusive and as a novelty, offering an will not lose money on a booking, in the
the gastronomic pleasures there. You have interesting choice of back-to-back cruises event you should fall ill and are unable to
the verdant and kind hills of Galicia and in order to visit many different islands and travel. We have the information you need,
Cantabria, the awesome craggy mountains enjoy a fortnight of cruising pleasure. guaranteeing the best option for each
of Asturias and the Basque country, where person and trip.
you have more than 40 Michelin star
restaurants – three with 3* as of this year. Our future day-trips include the Benidorm
market days, on alternate Wednesdays
during the summer months, with of course,
optional Water-park or Theme-park tickets
for the grandchildren and family fun.

On August 12th we will go to Mojacar, for
their annual ‘Fire Festival’ and a magical
evening, including star-gazing to witness
the meteor showers so prevalent during
For example: Fly to Santo Domingo in the this time of year.
Dominican Republic, sailing to St Maartens,
St Lucia and St Kitts during the first week We look forward to seeing you soon.
and the second, stopping at Barbados, Email
Don’t forget that Dragontours can book Dominica, St Vincent and Granada. There Dragontours, Camposol A, Local 30
your hotel or accommodation to any are also offers from Tampa or Miami, Tel 968 199 021
destination. We can book your flights if or combine shopping in New York City
you prefer to fly. There is also a new low- with a Caribbean cruise. The wonderful

In the last month or so the Harlequin and sang at the Open Door Christian while. We hope that, one day, they’ll join
Choir has had a few ‘firsts’. The first Centre in aid of Swap Tears for Smiles, our choir! The Calle Delicias staff were
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

performance in Puerto Mazarrón, the with John again strumming his guitar busy serving food and drinks and some of
first time in Mazarrón Town and the first during our interval. us even treated ourselves to their delicious
performance to the public of our Abba chocolates and pastries at the end of the
compilation. evening. They were also extremely kind
and gave us a very generous donation
towards the charity for that evening, Help
the Poor, making a total collection of over

Recently we added up how much we’ve
raised since July 2016 and including the
events mentioned in this article, the
Harlequin Rock Choir has helped raise
over 4,500€ as well as much needed
household goods for the poor.

As one of our members put it, we hope
The Abba compilation and the rest of our we are inspiring people to help others. If
repertoire was enjoyed by all who saw us at you are inspired to help others and enjoy
the Peyma Restaurant in Puerto Mazarrón the feel good pleasure of singing, join us
on 20th May; so much so that we collected I almost forgot! Another ‘first’ was on on Saturdays at 1.15pm in the Cultural
over 460€ from our generous audience for 3rd June when we were delighted to sing Centre, Camposol.
the Help the Poor charity managed by Outside Calle Delicias, that lovely ‘salon
John and Joy Sloman with John playing his de té’ in Mazarron’s Post Office Square. Ring me, Ida, on 654 411 964 or
guitar whilst we took a much needed break Those of you who have seen us before email for more
during the warm day. know that the front row dances on to the information. Contact me in the same way
performance area. Nothing unusual about if you would like us to be part of an event
Only six days later we enjoyed the view of that! Well the ‘first’ was two ladies walking to raise funds for charity, bearing in mind
the lake in Al Kasar, Condado de Alhama by and dancing with us at the front for a that we need 4 to 6 weeks’ notice.

86 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Perfect Racing Weather SAMM Spring Bash 2017 The diehards played a mini golf competition
Sunday May 7th, 10am and SAMM officials One of the regular highlights of the Sailing at Golf de Luxe, Los Alcazares and then
and competitors arrived at CTD for the Association Mar Menor’s social calendar is continued on to the El Abasto Restaurant in
third race day of the Spring 2017 season. ‘The Spring Bash’ held every year over La Aparecida for Menu del Dia where they
The sky was blue, the sun warm, but where three days at the Hotel Costa Narejos. were joined by more of the less energetic
was the wind? Don’t worry, the forecast members.
said it was coming and by the time the first The 2017 event kicked off with a picnic
race was due to start it had arrived at a on Isla Perdeguera (Sardine Island) in
gentle 7 knots. the Mar Menor. Twelve boats, both sail
and power, made their way over with 38
The two Sailfish 18’s were first away at SAMM members on board for a picnic on
11.45am followed 10 minutes later by one the beach. There was a good wind going
two man and five single handed dinghies and an even stronger wind on the return
for the planned four lap race. The Sailfish trip. The sun shone all day and there was
maintained their lead for the first lap, but a wonderful ambience and everyone had
were passed by three of the dinghies during a great time, especially Steve Creed who
the second lap. Due to the conditions the seemed to love falling in the water. He
pace was slow and unexciting so the Race did it three times and his wife Sandy, who
Officer shortened the race to three laps. sat on the bow of the SAMM support boat
on the return trip pretending to be Kate
The wind was up to 9 knots by the start of Winslet, ended up just as wet.
the second race at 2.30pm and gradually A great time and great memories to
increased to 12 knots, which produced the recount in the future.
excitement missing in the first race. The
Sailfish were again away first. Mistral got
the best start but was soon overtaken by
Sirocco. The Laser 2000 and RS Quba
Kiwi had the best start of the six dinghies
and these two and the Topaz Duo were
soon fighting for the lead. The Skipper 12
was struggling, especially when trying to
tack to get through the gate and lost so
much time in the process that she retired
after three laps. The finish was difficult,
requiring a tack to finish up-wind. The RS
Quba Kiwi got it wrong and hit the finish

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
mark requiring a 360° penalty and re-
finish. The RS Quba Lola almost did the After the evening meal in the hotel,
same as did the Sailfish Mistral. Commodore Paul Shard hosted a quiz
competition with questions that forced the
A bit of fun ensued when the Sailfish teams to think out of the box.
Sirocco twice dropped their boat hook
overboard when trying to pick up their The regular SAMM monthly meeting was
mooring under sail because the outboard held on Wednesday morning, but the
would not start. Thankfully it was recovered planned afternoon petanca competition
both times by some skilful manoeuvring was cancelled due to the high temperature.
and they eventually were safely secured. In the evening the members had a fabulous
time at a Barn Dance with music and
After the calling provided by the fantastic Ian Smith,
handicaps supported by wife Carol and Bob Williams.
were applied
the RS Quba
Kiwi with
Tug Wilson
at the helm
was found
to have won
both races
despite the
mishap at
the finish of
the second. Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 87
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Formula 1 Report by Dave Bass with gearbox gremlins. There were a few little warmer. Sai got out early after his
position changes during the round of pit premature exit in FP1. Alo managed to get
Formula 1 Grand Prix stops, mainly Vet getting ahead of Räi back out with 30 minutes remaining after
de Monaco 2017 and Ric passing Ver. Weh was handed some technical troubles. Van suffered
Round 6. 78 laps @ a 5 second penalty for an unsafe release with an MGU-H problem. Ver stopped on
3.340km/2.075ml on JB, but JB got his own back later by track with a smoking Red Bull causing the
260.520km/161.887ml. running into Weh, flipping the Sauber onto session to be red flagged as the marshals
Lap record 1m 14.439s its side and against the wall on lap 60. The recovered his car. Räi, Ham, Vet, Bot &
held by M Schumacher Ferrari (2004) safety car was deployed for 7 laps. Eri was Ver made the top five.
passing the safety car to unlap himself
The first ever race to be held at the and slid into the barrier at the infamous FP3 on Saturday morning was much
Principality was way back in 1929 and Sainte Devote. Van crashed into the wall brighter and after a problem free session
was initiated by cigarette manufacturer giving McLaren another double DNF. Per but still with a lot of lock-ups and near
Anthony Noghés who also set up the ran into Kvy ending the chance of Toro misses with the walls, Vet, Räi, Ham, Ver
Automobile Club de Monaco and under Rosso getting both cars in the points and & Bot were the top five.
the auspices of Prince Louis 11 with Louis the Mexican having to pit again dropping
Chiron the Monégasque driver at that time. him down to 14th and he was also given a Qualifying in the afternoon with an
This was the 75th race held around the 10 second time penalty & 2 penalty points. increased temperature at 21ºC, the first
streets of the Principality. Str went into the garage for yet another 18 minute session went very well and
retirement, but he and Kvy were still without problems until Weh spun off and
FP1 - During the first 90 minutes there classified. Thirteen of the twenty starters hit the tyre barriers in the final minutes.
were quite a few close encounters with the finished the race all on the lead lap thanks Out went both Sauber cars along with
barriers and some lock-ups and a few off- to the late safety car. Mag, Str & Van. The top five drivers were
circuit runs at the Nouvelle Chicane. Hul Bot, Ham, Vet, Ver & Mas.
suffered with an energy store problem and Superb drive from Vet to get Ferrari’s first
completed only 3 laps. Eri had gearbox win at the Principality since 2001. Per Q2 was also a problem free session, but
gremlins and only did 3 laps. Ham topped posted the fastest lap clocking a time of both Toro Rosso cars went out along with
the timesheets with Vet, Ver, Bot & Ric 1m 14.820s. The drivers made 31 pit stops Pal, Gro & Alo. The top five were Ham,
making up the top five. and the pit-stop award went to Red Bull. Bot, Räi, Vet & Ver. Ham got his 6th pole
position at Montreal and his 65th career
FP2 in the afternoon was still a bit hazy Vet’s lead has increased to 25 points from pole to equal that of A Senna.
but 22C, Hul & Eri got back out on circuit. Ham. Räi gave Ferrari another 1 – 2 finish
This time it was Pal who made an early with Ric joining them on the podium. Race Day
exit with a smoking Renault; more lock- Ferrari now lead the constructor’s battle by Kvy stalled on the grid at the sighting lap
ups, offs down the slip roads and barrier 17 points to Mercedes with Red Bull way and attempted to make up his positions.
kissing. The VSC was deployed when Str back a further 82 points further adrift. The Weh had to start from the pit lane after
crashed his Williams at Massenet/Casino biggest joke of all is that JB in his one- having a new gearbox and rear wing.
Square. Vet, Ric, Räi, Kvy & Sai were the off appearance was handed a post-race Vet got clipped and had to pit for a new
top five runners. penalty for causing the accident with Weh wing. Sai clipped Gro, hit the wall and
a 3 place grid drop for the next race and 2 spun backwards across the track and hit
It was a beautiful day on Saturday morning. penalty points on his licence. Mas taking the Brazilian out. The safety
McLaren had to change the MGU-H/TC car was deployed. Ver had another power
(fifth elements) on JB’s car after detecting unit problem and stopped on track. VSC
a problem overnight giving the Briton a 15 Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada deployed for four of laps. Kvy was handed
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

place grid drop for the race. Again there a drive through as well as a 10 second
were some lock-ups and escape road visits. Lap record time penalty for an incorrect grid position
Towards the end Oco clipped the wall and 1m 13.622 at the start. Mag had a 5 second penalty
broke his steering sending him into the held by R. for overtaking during the VSC period. Kvy
barriers; VSC for a short while. Both Kvy Barrichello retired with a rear wheel nut problem, then
& Ric ended their session down the slip F e r r a r i Alo dropped out with PU failure just 3 laps
road at Sainte Devote. Palmer and Max (2004). from the end whilst running in 10th place
both hit the barriers but making it back to expecting his and the team’s first point of
the pits. A lot of near misses & kissing Canada celebrate 50 years of motor racing the season.
with the barriers. Seb, Räi, Bot, Ver & this year. Since 1967 there have been
Ham were the top five. 54 Canadian Grand Prix although the first The race produced lots of action and
six held at Mosport Park in Ontario were some very good overtaking manoeuvres.
Qualifying in the afternoon was again bright not part of the World Championship. This Ham got his 6th win and 3rd consecutive at
and sunny with the Force India mechanics course is built on a man-made island on this circuit. Bot & Ric joined him on the
working franticly to get Oco back out. Eri the St Lawrence Seaway laid out amid podium. Ham posted the fastest lap with a
went down the slip road with a broken left lakes and parkland. 1m 14.551s time on lap 64.
rear. Out with him went Weh, Str, Pal &
Oco. Van crashed in the at the end but There was an overcast start to the weekend Vet still leads the drivers battle over Ham,
did go through, but out went Mas & Ham at Montreal on a very dusty circuit. Sai but by a reduced margin of 12 points with
for the first time this year and Mag, Hül suffered with technical troubles on his Val a further 36 points behind on 93.
& Kvy, the top five were Räi, Vet, Ver, out lap therefore did not run in the first
Bot & Ric. 90 minute session. Alo again lost time Mercedes are now 8 points ahead of Ferrari
with hydraulic pressure loss and there with Red Bull a further 102 points adrift
JB started from the pit lane after having a were a lot of lock-ups, spins and off-circuit and Force India on a charge for 3rd place
set up change. There was some very close excursions. Ham, Vet, Bot, Räi & Per 41 points behind in 4th place.
racing going into Sainte Devote, especially made up the top five.
the two Red Bull drivers. Hül was the first
to fall by the wayside on lap 16, suffering FP2 at 2pm local time was brighter and a

88 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

The Scorpions Golf Society held a Hole 3 and best Front 9 s/f 20 - Mick Longest Drive Hole 7 Men - David
Stableford tournament at their home Springer McBernie
course of La Serena Golf on Tuesday 13th
June 2017. The day was kindly sponsored
by Graeme Wilson of Avalon and organised
extremely ably by “Timotei “who then
assisted Graeme in the presentation of the
extensive number of prizes; most of which
were a Ten Euro Voucher to spend in the
Pro Shop at La Serena.
The course, as usual, was in prime
condition and with a SW 12mph breeze
blowing, it helped to keep the players cool.

The winners were mixed so the 13 prizes
well distributed! Overall Winner on a Stableford score
Hole 17 and Longest Drive Hole 7 with a very impressive 42 points was -
Nearest the Pins on all par 3’s Women - Carol Springer Carol Springer

Thank you to our sponsors and organiser
for a very enjoyable day.

Iain Furniss

Members are now competing in the into a circular pattern to await rescue. place. Also well placed was Peter Stollery
summer series of races for the Julian Unfortunately this did not happen and our of Guildford in 5th. Video of all the racing is
Hook Cup. Spread over seven weeks Bosun, Terry, set a new record for long available at
with six individual races each week, we range recovery, stopping the runaway just
are now at week five and are seeing some before it ran aground on a sandbank. Search on their website for IOM to access
close competition. The final result will links to a selection of their programmes on
be decided on June 21st, after this issue YouTube.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
goes to press. Latest results, photos and
videos can be found, as always, by clicking
the ‘News’ link on our website www.

The moral of the story? Check your
radio settings! Two of our members competed recently
in the 7th Trofeo R/C held at Club de
Further afield the IOM (International Mar de Almeria. When numbers reach
One Metre) World Championship took 24 or more it’s usual to split the entries
place at Pierrelatte, France between 14th into two fleets, meaning around 12 boats
There was drama earlier in the month when and 20th May. On a man-made lake and on the water at any one time. On this
one of our boats set off, out of control, to with live video feed each day provided occasion however, there were 21 skippers
cross the Mar Menor. This was an unusual by Rodeoprod, the event drew entries competing, all racing in one fleet, which
situation with modern radio control from seventy six of the world’s best radio made manoeuvring at close quarters,
equipment which is generally very reliable. controlled yacht sailors. After six days particularly on the start line, challenging
As an additional safety precaution, many of racing, Spanish national champion to say the least! After a two days of
sets have a ‘fail safe’ setting which, in the Guillermo Beltri took 2nd place behind interesting racing and traditional Spanish
unlikely event of the receiver losing the Zvonko Jelacic of Croatia, the new World hospitality in the evening Stuart and Terry
transmitter signal, will let out the sails Champion. Best placed UK competitor finished in 16th and 20th place respectively.
and apply full rudder, putting the boat was Rob Walsh of Fleetwood Club in 3rd Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 89
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Mazarrón FC’s season ended in Mazarrón team which was only registered to Mini Hollywood Wild West Theme
disappointment when they were beaten in with the Murcia Football Federation literally Park in Almeria in late summer and the
their play-off semi final by UD LOs Garres. hours before the deadline at the start of annual President’s Ball to be held later
the season to finish fourth in the league. this year.
Los Garros won the first leg 2-0 on their In addition, they won the Preferente
home ground leaving Mazarrón a difficult Autonomica Fair Play Award and were Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC weekly
task in the return game at the Estadio also nominated for the Surprise Team meetings are held every Thursday at The
Municipal. Captain Juan Andreo, normally of the Year Award, but lost out to Club House, Camposol C at 4 pm with the
so dependable from the penalty spot, Alcantarilla FC. exception of the last Thursday of each
missed a chance to give Mazarrón the month which is reserved for the Members’
lead after Javi Torrano was brought down Business Meeting and open to members
in the penalty area. Juan Andreo’s spot only.
kick was saved by the Los Garres’ keeper
which meant that Chino’s late goal was not During July and early August,
enough to force extra time and Mazarrón meetings are suspended. However,
went out 2-1 on aggregate. some members still pop into The Club
House every Thursday afternoon at 4pm
for a chat and a refreshing drink in beautiful
surroundings and to pick up membership
forms for the membership year 2017-18
which starts on 1st August. Membership fee
for the 2017-18 season has been increased
to €20, the first increase in the 11 years of
Although the season is now over, Los Amigos’s existence. Members receive
preparations are well under way for the a discount on coach travel to away games
2017-18 season which starts in August. and to most social functions organised by
A number of the current squad have Los Amigos.
already indicated that they will re-signing
for Mazarrón in readiness for pre-season Dave Perks’s two year stint as President
training towards the end of July. There was comes to an end in August and Vice
an excellent spirit among the players this President Alan Lyle will be taking over the
In a strange turn of events, popular year; the best for many years and it is President’s role. There is a vacancy on the
coach Jose Sanchez was dismissed after hoped that this ‘family spirit’ will persuade Executive Committee as Press Officer Dave
the defeat in the first leg, meaning that most of the squad to return to Mazarrón Capper is standing down after eight years
Mazarrón went into the important second for another attempt to achieve promotion on the Committee. Dave Perks thanked
leg with assistant coach Fernando in charge. to the Tercera Division. Dave and his wife Tina for all their efforts
Jose was the second coach to be sacked for Los Amigos and Mazarrón FC at the
in what was a really successful season for End of Season Function in May and
Mazarrón, making the decisions even made a presentation to them both.
harder to understand.

Under Jose Sanchez, Mazarrón had lost
only once in the fourteen games he had
taken charge of in the regular season;
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

winning the last five games in a row.
The coach was a breath of fresh air to
the expats; someone who was always
available to talk to and, most importantly,
to communicate so well in English. Just a
week before his dismissal, he was helping
out with the translations at the Player
of the Year Awards. Good managers All tickets for the summer BBQ and
are hard to come by as we have found in Quiz Night hosted by Los Amigos Vice
recent years and we can only wish Jose all President Alan Lyle and his wife Sue on 7th The AGM takes place at The Club House,
the very best for the future and thank him July at 7 pm have now been sold. Thanks Camposol on Thursday 24th August and only
for his splendid efforts for Mazarrón FC. once again to Alan and Sue for hosting this members who have joined for the 2017-18
event at their villa. season will be eligible to attend and vote.
If you cannot call at The Club House for a
Arrangements are already being made membership form on a Thursday afternoon
for the 9th Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC please email pamada.1130@yahoo.
Gala Evening and Dinner which will be
held at the Hotel la Cumbre, Puerto de
Mazarrón on Tuesday 28th March 2018.
We hope to have confirmation of the Guest
Speaker in time for next month’s edition.
As in previous years, a Race Night and a
Celebrity Golf Day are also planned for
the Gala Week which this year raised over
€5,500 in support of Mazarrón FC.

Despite the disappointing end to the season, Other events being considered by the Los
it was still a remarkable achievement for a Amigos Executive Committee are a visit

90 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Our Captain‘s Day was held this year at also with 34 points with the issue decided score of 31 points.
the very popular Hacienda del Alamo golf on countback. Peter’s score also gave him
course and 31 members and their guests top spot in Division Three and likewise for The Nearest the Pin awards were won by
met to enjoy a another fine day of golfing. Chris in Division One. Chris Andrews and Richard Dixon with
The format was Stapleford and the event Richard winning two out of the four prizes,
was kindly sponsored by Graeme Wilson both within 5 metres, but the Twos Money
of Avalon Europe with some good scores Pot rolls over to our next game at Condado
being recorded on what is a long and with 60€ to be won by our members.
testing golf course to say the least.

Following on from the golf, we travelled
a short distance to enjoy lunch at the
Spaniards Inn where we were joined by
wives and partners for the presentations.

Runner-Up in Division One was Kevin Jones
with 33 points, while In Division Three,
Andy Paul took the second place award
with 28 points.
Our next game is at La Serena on
Meanwhile in Division Two, Jeff Brain was Wednesday July 12th and should anyone
ahead of the rest with 29 points, followed wish to join FOGGS or just play as a guest,
by Karen Jones with 27 points. please contact us by email at info@
We had some very good golfers as guests,
Peter Kirke was Overall Winner with 34 which was great to see and Jeff Ewing took
points, closely followed by Chris Andrews the Guest Prize with a very respectable

Mazarrón Bowls Club Successes the top players in Spain throughout the Summer arrived with a vengeance in early
B r i a n competition. June which resulted in MBC changing to
Robertson, evening roll-ups on 20th June; this brought
Vice President An EGM was welcome relief to many of our players not
of Mazarrón held at the having to play in the heat of the day.
Bowls Club, end of May
fought his way at which Jim The membership at MBC is continuing to

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
through to the Coughlan grow, with new members, having read
final of the w a s about our activities in the Costa Cálida
Men’s Singles appointed Chronicle and now wishing to try this
Championship Club Captain sport. Don’t forget MBC always welcomes
at the Spanish for the next New Members; so come along on a
Nationals at two years. Tuesday or Thursday evening for the roll-
the end of Jim is an up sessions at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.
May! The finals experienced You will be given a warm welcome and an
match resulted player having played in Scotland for opportunity to try the game.
in a close finish many years and MBC look forward to
with Brian him leading the League teams to success For further information please contact The
coming from in the forthcoming season. He brings to Secretary, Sue Hattrell, on 968 163 769
behind to take MBC his experience and new ideas which or email
the Spanish he looks forward to
Men’s Singles implementing, along
Champion with organising
title for 2017. training sessions for
This now both new and current
qualifies him members.
to enter for the
World Singles The 2017 President
Championships in Australia in 2018. versus the Captain
match was held
In the Ladies’ Singles competition of in early June and
the Spanish Nationals, Nina McKenzie this year was won
of Mazarrón Bowls Club reached the comfortably by the
semi-finals before being narrowly beaten. Captain’s team,
This was an outstanding achievement much to the new
for both players, having beaten some of Captain’s delight!! Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 91
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Our June Stapleford Competition
was held at Hacienda Riquelme with 21
players attending. The course was in good
condition with tricky greens and a strong
breeze making a challenge to all players.

The Overall Winner was Peter Eades with
a magnificent 36 points off a 19 handicap.

Other prizes on offer were:
Nearest The Pin which went to Tim
Bromage and Darrell Merritt.
Our next event is on 5th July at Lo Romero.
Longest Drive, Mick Lockley.
The Annual General Meeting has been
Nearest The Pin 2nd shot, ‘Brummie’ Dave planned for 12th July at El Fraille at 6 pm.
Anybody wanting details about the
Runner-Up was veteran Vic Beattie with 31 After golf we returned to Bar El Fraille for a society please contact Iian Furniss at
points off a 17 handicap. BBQ and social evening which was enjoyed
by all.

CGA Sponsor Monthly Club Runner-Up - Des Bunn 32pts. Both prizes were to the value of 20€ each.
The Camposol Golf Association Men’s Cat. 2 (19-28) There was also several Card Draws
sponsored the Monthly Competition on Winner - Jim Hall 32pts. with mystery prizes. Everybody had a
31st May. The Club Captain Des Bunn, aided Runner-Up - Bernard Langley 31pts. thoroughly enjoyable day.
by Lloyd Roberts, Chairman of the CGA
and their Treasurer Clive Porter presented Ladies’ Placings Cheque Presentation
the prizes to the following Winners: Winner - Olly Hill 35pts. The Camposol Golf Association
presented a cheque for 400€ to MABS on
Overall Winner - Malcolm Lee 35pts. 17th June at their Charity Golf Day. They
Received a Decathlon Voucher for 40€ also sponsored the Nearest the Pin prizes
Runner-Up - Irene Langley 35pts. on the 11th hole for both Ladies and Gents.
Received a Decathlon Voucher for 30€
Away Day at Altorreal
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Men’s Cat 1 (0-18) The CGA are organising an away day at
Winner - Eugene Toye 34pts. Altorreal on 22nd September. The price for
Green Fee with a buggy is 38€, but with
sponsorship from our funds it will only be
30€ with a buggy for our members. We
are hoping to go to the Trevi Restaurant
on our return to Camposol after our game.

Christmas Dinner Dance 2017
This again will be held at Hotel Costa’s
Celebration Rooms and has now been
booked for 8th December.

Betty Roberts
Nearest the Pin Winners who received a
special memento prize were:
Hole 3 - Paul Betts
Hole 5 - Dave Oakes
Hole 11 - Jean Smith
Hole 13 - C Farr

Men’s Longest Drive
Des Bunn received Golf Balls.

Ladies’ Longest Drive
Jean Smith received a voucher for the Spa
Room at the Golf Club.

92 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

On May 22nd with an early start on a lovely score a par; all done by balancing virtually consistent Geoff Perry (see photo) followed
warm sunny morning, the members of on one leg and managing at the same time very closely in the Runner-Up spot by Brian
Straight down the Middle played the to avoid falling in the lake. A debate then McAlister. 3rd place went to Steve Foster.
monthly Stableford golf tournament on the followed to agree if it had been luck or
very well maintained La Serena course at skill?!! Nearest the Pin winner was new member
Los Alcazares. Glen Nicholson.
With a very good score of 37 points, the
With water hazards on 16 of the 18 holes, Winner of the competition was the very A reminder to members that
most members will be visiting the local golf our next game is at Camposol on 26th
stores to replace the many balls lost in a July.
watery grave. As always there is somebody
who bucks the trend! One member came Straight Down the Middle Golf Society
away with a net gain of 15 balls which is always ready to welcome new members.
he retrieved whilst helping others in For details please email Secretary Peter
his foursome to rescue their balls from Smithson on
the water’s edge! The same gentleman or tel 968 045 475
amazed the Captain and myself with a trick
shot to hit a ball situated an inch from the
water’s edge in mud and reeds, up a metre
+ high bank to within 2 foot of the pin to

Los Amigos Golf Society Valle Del Este Geoff Ewins, Roy Braddow, Les Dryden. Nearest the Pin
Report. 2nd with 99 points - Bob Rowe, Mike Joseph, Hole 2 - Martin Hill 58cms
8am Monday 22ndMay saw 48 members of John Dawson, Joe Malone. Hole 6 - Terry Pegg 60cms
the Los Amigos GS travelling by coach 3rd with 97 points - Dennis Fisher, Dave Hole 12 - Eddy Spong 4mtrs
to Valle Del Este golf resort for the annual Pugh, Pete Stocks, John Murphy. Hole 14 - Mike Joseph 1.69mtrs
Captain’s Day Competition. Upon
arrival we went straight to the Sports Two days later, 84 players and partners
Bar and enjoyed a full English breakfast. attended the presentation evening in
Camposol Club de Golf.
The conditions, sunny and 23 degrees
were virtually perfect for a good game of
golf. The competition format was teams of
four playing with a yellow ball. The player
with the yellow ball scores double points
on a specified hole then hands it to a team

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
Unfortunately, some members had to
walk due to insufficient buggies, but that
did not deter any of us. Two players, the
‘Distributor’ and the ‘Controller’ scheduled
to walk, struck lucky when offered a
buggy. No brainer! However, an observer
of this team would not be blamed for
thinking these two players had swapped
their professions. The ‘Distributor’ made a
really good job of keeping his shots under
control on the fairway and the ‘Controller’
managed to distribute his shots over the
rest of the course!

Naturally, playing a round of golf creates
a terrific thirst and without exception all
members enjoyed a post-game round of
sandwiches and some thirst-quenching
nectar. Homeward bound, one member
requested a much needed convenience
stop; however, Cap’n Bob managed to
avert the request. Reminiscent of Amy
Winehouse the following was heard.
Geoff said, “I need a P Bob!”

But Bob said, “No, no, no!”

1st with 105 points - Mike Drummond, Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 93
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Boggle Answers: CREPE PEER EON PET
9 letter word is CREPT PEON ERE PIE
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94 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Property Sales In Murcia Region Drop the end of the summer. In the meantime
By Almost 20%! we can be contacted on our usual numbers
In my July 2016 column I was happy to and email addresses. (Please see details
report a hefty 43% increase in property on page 41 in our latest advert here in the
sales in Murcia, which came top of the Costa Calida Chronicle.)
regions, with the highest sales increase
in the whole of Spain. Fast forward to Kenneth Whettall
today and the picture is somewhat less Commercial Director
encouraging. Recent figures from the Fuente Alamo Real Estate/Murcia
National Institute of Statistics (INE) Coast & Country
highlight a decline in sales for large parts of
Spain, whilst some buck the trend. Many of Tel 0034 968 598 173
the regions popular with overseas buyers
record the biggest decline in sales. There
are many opinions offered by property
commentators for these surprise results,
but in all honesty there is no particular
excuse that could be highlighted as a major
contributor. It’s likely that a reduction in
overseas buyers from the UK, Russia and
Norway, a squeeze by the banks on loan-
to-value rates for new mortgages and a lag
in the releasing of new-build completions
with the land registry are significant
enough collectively to make a dent.

Spanish Property Prices Show
Significant Falls!
More negative news comes from the
Idealista Price Index and the Notaires
Association. Bucking the downward trend
is Barcelona with a 6.1% increase in the
value of properties, but much of the rest
of Spain sees prices stagnant or down
by an average of 1.3%. In our region of
Murcia, recorded sale prices are almost 2%
lower than the 1st quarter of 2017. This is
entirely expected when coupled with the
19% decline in actual sales, resulting in
vendors more likely to accept lower offers
as property viewings slow down.

We Are Moving Offices
Due to the expiration of our existing lease

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and
we will be moving offices at the end of
June. Our new premises will be opened at Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 95
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Prime Property Murcia (24)
646 692 471 Costa Cálida Chronicle Sales 619 199 407 97
Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

Albacete Alicante

3. Calasparra
Moratalla 26. Fortuna
27. Blanca N-332
6. Caravaca De Archena
7. Cehegin Orihuela
La Cruz A-7
RM-15 Molina de
33. Bullas 16. Mula
Murcia Torrevieja
17. Pliego
El Berro
La Paca Pilar De La Horadada
1. Alhama 34. 11. La Torre 28. San Pedro del Pinatar
de Murcia Roldan
Aledo RM-2 29. Torre 19. San Javier
9. Fuente
21. Totana Pacheco
RM-3 Alamo
12. Los Alcazares
A-7 RM-23
A-30 AP-7
32. El Paraton Cuesta
Vélez Rubio 5. Cañadas del
Las Palas Blanca 8. El Algar 10. La Manga
A-91 Lorca Romero 4. Camposol RM-3 13. Los Belones
20. Tallante 24. Cabo de Palos
32. La Union
14. Mazarrón 25. La Manga Club
22. Purias 35. Cartagena
AP-7 2. Bolnuevo 18. Puerto de

31. Águilas

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017

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Costa Cálida Chronicle - July 2017
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