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Muneeb Javaid

157 Doubtfire Crescent

Markham Ontario
L3S 3V6
Phone: 647-877-9637


Political Science (BA) York University

2014-Present 4700 Keele St
Graduating October 2017 Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3

- B average for all courses taken towards major.

- B+ average in 4 Case Study Papers written analysing effects of constitutional legislation in 2016
for PPAS 3135: Public Law 1 and PPAS 3136 Public Law 2.
- B+ grade received in 2016 for research paper written for POLS 2940: Introduction to
International Politics. The paper, titled, Co-existence, Islam and The United States: The failure
of Republican Foreign Policy, earned a grade of 78%.
- Participated in voluntary debate assignment (Israel v Palestine) in which my team and I
presented various aspects of the conflict and offered policy recommendations. Focused on
Refugee Policy. Commended for teams strong arguments and effective delivery of presentation.

Liberal Arts (Diploma) Seneca College @ York

2012-2014 70 The Pond Rd
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 3M6

- Graduated with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.70.

- Earned an A+ in YKC100 Critical Thinking I and A in YKC200 Critical Thinking II in the fall semester
of 2013.
- Earned a A in Research and Writing in the winter semester of 2013
- Completed Introduction to Computer Applications gaining ability to use Microsoft Office
applications with a high degree of proficiency.
- Completed CAN104 First Nations People as an elective taken towards completion of diploma.


Security Guard at Northwest Protection Services.

April 2016-Present (40-60 hours/week)

- Performed Access Control, CCTV monitoring, report writing and close protection detail duties as
- Provided security services for events (concerts, musical festivals, conventions)
- Provided excellent customer service to clients, venders, celebrities, and attendees
- Worked with various individuals including clients, vendors, peace officers, and other security
personal to ensure protection of people and property at venues and solve complex problems
related to security at the venues

Warehouse Worker (Contract) at UPS SCS.

February 2016- May 2016 (16-24 hours/week)

- Picking, Packing, Shipping and Recycling Pharmaceutical Products

- Maintaining Integrity of Product by meeting and exceeding health and safety standards at UPS
SCS and according to provincial legislation

Healthcare Security Guard at Paladin Security.

November 2013-July 2015 (24-60 hours/week)

- Provided excellent service to clients and patients, working closely with security team, hospital
personnel, peace officers and EMS workers
- Dealt with existing and newly arriving form 1 patients as required
- Provided security services for hospital personnel and patients to ensure the protection of people
and property on the premises
- Communicated with patients of varying ages, physical and mental abilities to ensure their safety
and the safety of Doctors and Nurses

Front End Associate at Wal-Mart Canada.

November 2011 to September 2014 (24 hours/week)

- Provided friendly and professional service to customers arriving at cash registers

- Trained in various theft control procedures including credit card fraud and money laundering
- Assisted customers of varying abilities with loading and unloading carts as needed
- Maintained a clean, safe and enjoyable environment by ensuring aisles were clean and well
- Coordinated with managers on implementing new policies effectively

Entertainer at Cedar Fair (Canadas Wonderland).

October 2011 to November 2016 (24 hours/week)

- Worked with team to ensure excellent guest experience for all guests
- Communicated with team to create new and innovative scares for new and existing mazes
- Maintained the highest degree of safety by following safety protocols and reporting any
mischief by guests or co-workers
Muneeb Javaid

157 Doubtfire Crescent, Markham, ON | L3S 3V6

Home: 905.472.6017, Business: 647.877.9637

To Whom It May Concern,

Re: Job ID 3A007-Policy03, Junior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Children and Youth

I have recently learned through an online posting of a 12 month contractual position as a Junior
Policy Analyst for the Feathers of Hope division of the ministry of Children and Youth Services
and am very interested in this position.

Having earned a diploma in Liberal Arts and now working towards completing my BA in
Political Science, I have acquired both a broad understanding historical social issues as well as a
more narrowed understanding of issues concerning Canadian Politics. My combined 5 years in
postsecondary education has allowed me to develop and enhance my research and writing
abilities, with the last 2 semesters having a particular focus on Public Administration and the
Policy Process. This, combined with my 7 years of work experience in the private sector has
given me the necessary experience and tools to perform well in this position.

During my BA at York University, I was afforded the opportunity to write extensively on issues
related to Political Science. This included many research essays on foreign policy, In which I
was able to effectively research the matters at hand and provide possible solutions to these
issues. An example of this is a research essay I have written for the POLS 2940 Intro to
International Politics course, in which I researched American attitudes towards a minority group
and the implications they had on US foreign policy. My focus was on coexistence and
cooperation between both foreign policy makers in the US as well as members of the minority
group by developing new and meaningful relationships.

The Feathers of Hope initiative is one I feel strongly about and one I believe addresses many of
the kinds of problems I researched in the essay mentioned above. The focus of the program on
First Nations youth is one that is much needed after a history of abuses against this particular
group. Whether that is reconciling with the issues of residential schools or more recent problems
such as alcoholism, First Nations youth indeed face challenges not faced by their non-First
Nations counterparts in Ontario today. The problems Feathers of Hope has addressed are crucial
in understanding the lived experience of First Nations Youth, problems like alcoholism, violence
and rising rates of suicide among youth. However these problems do not occur in a vacuum and
are ongoing issues that must be actively researched in order to come up with solutions in the
community and on the policy side on how to solve them.
As a Junior Analyst for Feather of Hope, I would be able to focus my research on the kinds of
issues mentioned above. Engaging even further with community members and youth to
determine whether or not the programs in place have been effective and where improvement is
needed. The challenges faced by First Nations youth are incredible and I look forward with
working with and motivating a team who takes those challenges as seriously as myself. Having
myself worked with youth in a hospitals, particularly those at risk of suicide and those dealing
with mental health concerns, I believe I would be the ideal candidate for this position. My ability
to research and analyze new and complex issues as well as my practical ability to engage with
youth would offer a fantastic opportunity for both myself and the Feathers of Hope program to
grow and develop a tremendous partnership.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my suitability for this position through a personal
interview. Having presented here a brief overview of what I am confident is a strong potential for
a great partnership between myself and the Feathers of Hope division of the Ministry of Children
and Youth Services. You can reach me during daytime and evening hours at 647.877.967 or via
email at Thank you for considering my application and I wish you all
the best in filling this significant and rewarding position.

Sincerely yours,

Muneeb Javaid