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June 21

Identify the notes and rests used in a particular song.

Lesson Proper Learning Activities Learning Materials

Day 1 Subject Introduction
Lesson 1: Notes and Rests Grading System Music sheets
Elements of Music
Subject Introduction Singing
Singing How Do You Do Note Value Chart
Formative Questions Tune: If You Happy and You Know It
Music Piece Analyzation
Lesson Proper How do you do, everybody
Individual Activity How do you do?

In music, there are symbols. We are glad to welcome you

Among them are the different To our music class today
kinds of notes and rests. How do you do active classmates
How do you do?
This lesson will provide a
refresher on the different kinds of Formative Question
notes and rests and their 1. How important are notes
durations in music. You will be and rests in a composition?
guided as to how they must be 2. Why does one need to know
observed in a musical the correct time value of the
composition. different notes and rests?

Big Idea Music Piece Analyzation

Notes and rests are musical The pupils will be given a copy
symbols that have different of Santa Clara
durations or time values.
The teacher sings first the song
and then with the students.
Notes are musical symbols for
sound. Lesson Proper
Rests are musical symbols for Ask the students to recall the
silence. different kinds of notes.
A dot, when placed beside a
note or rest, increase the time Tell the pupils the importance
value or duration of the note of musical symbols that are
or rest by half of their original used to represent different kinds
value. of music heard.
It is important to observe the
correct duration of each note Discuss with them the meaning
and rest in music. of notes and rests and their
corresponding values or time
Guide them to pair the kinds of
notes and rests with their
corresponding time value.

Individual Activity
Since, the students already have
the copy of Santa Claras music
score, they will write the
corresponding time value of
each note and rest of the