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Jaime Vendera

PO Box 116
Franklin Furnace, OH 45629

Jaime Vendera is one of the most sought-after vocal coaches on the planet. Refining true
opera technique to adapt to his own vocal needs, Jaime nearly tripled his two-octave range
and turned his barely audible voice into 120 decibels of raw vocal power. When singers need
to add more vocal range, power and projection, maintain their voices, or build up vocal stamina
necessary to perform every night, they call Jaime.

Ben Thomas of Dweezil Zappa says that Jaime is the Mr. Miyagi of vocal coaches, while Mat
Devine of Kill Hannah considers him more of a Yoda. James LaBrie of Dream Theater said,
Because of my lessons with Jaime, my voice is feeling and sounding better than it has in
twenty years. I am spot-on every night. He is the Vocal Guru. Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge
said, One time during a tour, I was so sick I could barely make it through the set. It looked as
if we were going to have to cancel the next show. Jaime spent some time giving me some tips
that helped me regain my voice. By the next night, I was able to perform the show. He is
fantastic! Raise Your Voice Second Edition is THE book for singers. I recommend his book
and his private instruction to ALL singers.

Jaime is a world-renowned, glass-shattering, voice-strengthening specialist. He is not

considered a typical voice teacher. He has an unusual approach to vocal training. His training
allows a singer to unlock their voice by creating a variety of primal sounds. This allows them to
unleash the power of vocal resonance and projection. His secret lies in his unique approach to
training. It is a combination of tapping into your primal scream, unleashing the power of true
breathing and using your mind to master your voice. It develops vocal muscles, much like
body-builders develop their biceps by lifting weights. His self-developed vocal training system,

the Isolation Method, allows a singer to build the voice note by note, in minimal time. His
Vocal Stress Release program, which views the entire body as a vocal instrument, releases all
physical stress. The combination of the two prepares the human instrument for a perfect

His critically acclaimed training manuals Raise Your Voice 1 & 2, Reclaim Your Voice,
and The Ultimate Breathing Workout have been used by countless singers worldwide,
amateur and professional. He has worked with professional artists from several record
companies, including Atlantic, Epic and Universal records. Combining his vocal training
methods with his Mindset program (the secret to his success drive) Jaime turns singers into
vocal monsters. Not only does he teach his unique methods through private & online lessons,
he also conducts vocal seminars and workshops worldwide. These methods are explained
through his product line and program The Ultimate Vocal Workout.

Jaime has used his simple principles to set a world record by shattering a glass by the power
of his voice, without amplification of any sort. He has proven this accomplishment on over fifty
television shows worldwide (US, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, and Italy)
including Discovery Channels MythBusters, The Dr. Oz Show, and National Geographics,
Humanly Impossible, a. Jaime has broken glasses on television shows all over the world.
Because of his vocal methods, he never loses his voice. A few of his favorite shows include:

Television Appearances:
Good Morning America (US) 2004
MythBusters (US) 2005
Sonic1 Toothbrush infomercial (US) 2005
Ive Got a Secret (US) 2006
Le Soiree DeLtrange (France) 2007
Unbelievable (Japan ) 2007
Time Warp (US) 2007
The Amazing Human Program (Japan) 2007
Galileo (Germany) 2010
Kyouka Show (Japan) 2010
Dr. Oz (US) 2010
Harry Potter promotional show (Japan) 2010
Humanly Impossible (US) 2011
Super Human Showdown (London) 2012
Rickys Radical Reinventions (Europe) 2012
King of the World Vocal Power (China) 2012
Unbelievable (China) 2012
Riddles at the Ends of the Earth (Japan) 2012
Impossible (Japan) 2014
The Truth (UpRoxx)-US 2015

Jaimes books have been read, praised and endorsed by members and singers of bands such
as: TNT, Nitro, Dream Theater, Journey, Zappa Plays Zappa, Candlebox, Saliva, Dokken,
Stryper, Shinedown, The Rasmus, Alter Bridge, Machina, Avalon, Theory of a Deadman, Kill

Hannah, RA, The Dreaming, Thriving Ivory, Kevin Rudolf, Future Leaders of the World, and
more. As well, he has also worked with and given tips to many of the mentioned artists.

Products by Jaime Vendera:

11 Simple Steps to Writing, Designing, Self-Publishing & Marketing Your Very First Book
Official Guide to Jim Gillettes Vocal Power
Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual
Online Teaching Secrets Revealed
The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary
The Ultimate Breathing Workout
Unleash Your Creative Mindset
Can I Really Sing with a Cold?
Can I Really Sing Higher?
Sing Out Loud books I-IV
The Air & Water Diet
Reclaim Your Voice
Raise Your Voice
Whats Missing?
Voice RX

*Co-writer and co-producer for all titles at

Warm Up MP3s
The Rock & Metal Singers Warm Up Routine
The Rock & metal Singers Workout Routine
The Ultimate Vocal Workout
Voice RX Warm Up

Instructional Audio Programs

Extreme Scream 1-Deth Metal Grit
Extreme Scream2-Low & Mid-Range Grit
Extreme Scream3-High Grit
Metal Vibrato

Beyond the Voice Instructional Video Series

BTV#1-Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up
BTV#2-Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout
BTV#3-Beyond Stage Presence
BTV#4-Beyond Vocal Strength Training
BTV#5-Beyond Vocal Health & Fitness

Tuned XD- Singers & Musicians Music Trainer & Multitool

Jaime started playing professionally at the age of sixteen. At nineteen, he moved to

Hollywood, California to study Voice at the Musicians Institute. He has also increased his
vocal knowledge under the guidance of teachers such as Jim Gillette, Elizabeth Sabine and
Thomas Appell. On his own, Jaime has studied voice, yoga, massage therapy, reflexology,
hypnosis, anatomy and natural healing. Jaime is endorsed by many companies including TC
Helicon, Alesis, Pro Tours, Qlink, Superior Vocal Health, IK Multimedia, Studio Projects, and
VAM acoustics. He is the official Vocal coach for Guitar Interactive Magazine ( and
the official spokesman for VAM Acoustics, featured on the packaging for the Vocal Acoustic
Monitor. Jaime teaches his unique methods through private & online lessons. He has
conducted vocal/performance & mindset workshops in the US, Middle East, Europe, and

At his workshops and seminars, Jaime teaches how to

Increase vocal range
Maximize breathing to increase vocal power
Improve vocal stamina
Add resonance to your singing voice
Improve your speaking voice
Develop your on-stage persona
Overcome stage fright

Jaime has shattered over one hundred seventy-five glasses using only his unamplified voice
and over 70 by amplification. He is also the owner of Vendera Publishing and 711 Press.
Vendera Publishing caters to non-fiction books on a variety of subjects, while 711 Press, co-
owned by Daniel Middleton, is strictly the fiction side of publishing designed to create movies
and television shows in book form. He also created and runs the Vendera Vocal Academy,
am online two-year vocal training program taught through a virtual vocal facility.