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Jessica Burke #2

Mnemonics are learning
strategies used to memorize new
information by associating it with
familiar information. Three main
strategies used in educational
settings to promote retrieval of
information are:

1. Keyword Method

2. Pegword Method

3. Letter Strategies

Studies show that mnemonics can be used with general education students, as
well as, students with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disabilities,
ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and students that are learning English as a second
language because it connects information together in a meaningful way which
leads to greater understanding. While mnemonics is a memorization strategy and
not a comprehension strategy, it facilities comprehension by strengthening recall
of facts and concepts. Studies reveal that when students use mnemonics it may
take longer to recall information, but they were able to recall a larger amount of
information than students that did not use mnemonics.

Mnemonic strategies can be used across subject areas,

with different teaching styles (i.e., lecture, book, or
hands-on), and in conjunction with each other.
Additional mnemonic strategies are described below.

symbols/ pictures - information in the form of a picture

music - songs of information
model - a representation of information (e.g. pie chart)
rhyme - information in the form of a poem
note organization - note cards, outlines, Cornell System
Keyword Method

Used to remember vocabulary and lists

Identify the information to be remembered in a list

Develop an acoustically similar word
Create a picture with the word(s) interacting
Practice retrieving the new information
o Recall the keyword
o Recall the picture
o Visualize the interaction in the picture
o Recall the information
ex. Flower is similar to Florida. Television is similar to Tallahassee. A flower is on a television.
Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.

Pegword Method

Used to remember sequences or digits

numbers 1-10 are linked with a rhyming word

new information is used with the number list to create a story
ex. A spider on a gate. The number 8 rhymes with gate. Spiders have eight legs.

Letter Strategies

Used to remember lists and concepts

Use the first letter of each item in the list and create a memorable sentence or rhyme
ex. acronyms and acrostics

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