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Chronology of World of Warcraft Novels

0 -1) "World of Warcraft: Chronicles (Volume 1)"

Actually this would not be a good book by which to begin to submerge in the Lore, but it is the bible of
the same. It narrates the events happened from the creation of the Universe until a few years before
"The Ascent of the Horde".

I insist, it is not the first book I recommend reading, for two reasons, it is not a novel in itself, and
second to avoid this is not the first to recommend, but still helps to understand the rest of the Lore.
Therefore I leave it to you to read it first or last.

NOTE: There are some In-Game books that form a set of Lore information called "Warcraft History".
These books are no longer canon because of World of Warcraft: Chronicles (Volume 1), which To
update the Lore (RetCon) modifying parts of old Lore, to update it, causing changes of greater or
smaller scale. This affects chapters I and II

On the other hand, chapters III, IV and V for now have not been "RetConeados" and to this day (April
/ 2016) are still in force, but the output of Volume 2 and 3 of World of Warcraft: Chronicles, Will
change. As a fact, I tell you that these chapters III, IV and V narrate chunks of history to "The Hate

Just add that another utility book to settle everything and clear all doubts is the Ultimate Visual Guide
(updated and extended version) which was published on: 05/05/2016

0-2) "World of Warcraft: Chronicles (Volume 2)"

I would recommend reading this book by chapters or just before "Dragon Day".

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All Products:

NOTE -> The history "A Warrior Made" before or after "The Ascent of the Horde". I put it before
because it is located before "The Ascent of the Horde", and in the last 3 pages "present" to the
leaders of the Orcs Clans that are mentioned in the novel. But being two small sleeves does not alter
the experience read before or after "The Climb of the Horde"

+ A Warrior Made (Part 1) (Manga: Legends Vol. 4)

+ A Warrior Made - Part 2 (Manga: Legends Vol. 5)

1) The Rise of the Horde [NOVEL]

+ Family Values (Manga: Legends Vol. 2)

- Intacto (Unbroken) (Story)

-> VIDEOGAME: Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (First War) <-

NOTE -> As Warcraft 1 does not have linear campaigns this is the order that would have to be
followed to better understand the video game: HUMAN 1> ORCO 1> ORCO 2> ORCO 3> HUMAN 2>
HUMAN 8> HUMAN 9> ORCO 7> ORCO 8> ORCO 9> ORCO 10> ORCO 11> ORCO 12> HUMAN 10>

2) The Last Guardian [NOVEL]

+ The First Guardian (Manga: Legends Vol. 5)

NOTE: The previously named manga, The First Guardian, is about 2,600 years old before "The Ascent
of the Horde" but this is not to be the first of the readings, it is more readable at any time.

-> VIDEOGAME: Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (Second War) <-

3) Tides of Darkness [NOVEL]

0 - 2) World of Warcraft: Chronicles (Volume 2) -> CHAPTER V: THE SECOND WAR

-> VIDEOGAME: Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal <-

4) Beyond the Dark Portal [NOVEL]

World of Warcraft: Chronicles (Volume 2) -> CHAPTER VI: BEYOND THE DARK PORTAL

5) Day of the Dragon [NOVEL]

6) Lord of the Clans [NOVEL]

7) Blood and Honor (NOVEL: digital)

- Road to Damnation (Story)

-> VIDEOGAME: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Third War) <-

8) Arthas: The Ascension of the Lich King (Arthas: Rise of the Lich King) [NOVEL]

+ Crematoria (Ashbringer) (Comic)

+ A Fire Cleansing (Manga: Legends Vol. 5)

X) Blood of the Highlanders (Story) [NOVEL: Legends]

+ World of Warcraft: Death Knight (Manga)

-> VIDEOGAME: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne <-

+ Warcraft: The Sunwell: The Hunt for the Dragon (The Sunwell: Dragon Hunt)

+ Warcraft: The Sunwell: Shadows of Ice (Manga)

+ Warcraft: The Sunwell: The Ghostlands (The Sunwell: Ghostlands) (Manga)

X) Vol'jin: The Judgment (Story) [NOVEL: Legends]


Note -> The events of the past The War of the Ancients occur 10,000 years before the opening of the
Dark Portal

9) War of the Ancients: The Well of Eternity [NOVEL]

10) War of the Ancients: The Demon Soul [NOVEL]

11) War of the Ancients: The Cataclysm (War of the Ancients: The Sundering) [NOVEL]