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VBScript Tutorial Domain Name
VB HOME Registration & More!
VB Introduction WEB HOSTING
VB How to $15 Domain Name
VB Where to Registration
VB Variables Save $20 / year!
VB Procedures
Head section UK Domain Names
VB Conditional
Scripts can be placed in the head section. Usually we Web Hosting
VB Looping
put all the "functions" in the head section. The reason Merkaweb Dominios
for this is to be sure that the script is loaded before
Examples Buy UK Domain Names
the function is called.
VB Examples Register Domain Names
References Body section Website Hosting
VB Functions Execute a script that is placed in the body section. Domain Hosting
VB Keywords Scripts in the body section are executed when the Web Hosting
page is loading.
Cheap Domain Names UK
Domain Names UK
Quality Web Hosting
Webmail & POP3 Email
Where to Put the VBScript
Web Hosting UK
Scripts in a page will be executed immediately while Dedicated Servers UK
the page loads into the browser. This is not always Domain Names UK
what we want. Sometimes we want to execute a script Business Web Hosting
when a page loads, other times when a user triggers
Free Web Hosting
an event.
Cheap Web Hosting
Web Hosting Reseller
Scripts in the head section: Scripts to be executed
when they are called or when an event is triggered go Website Design UK
in the head section. When you place a script in the
Reseller Hosting
head section you will assure that the script is loaded
before anyone uses it: HTML & Flash
Download HTML Editor
Flash Web Builder
Flash Templates
<script type="text/vbscript"> HOTELS
some statements

Scripts in the body section: Scripts to be executed

when the page loads go in the body section. When you
place a script in the body section it generates the
content of the page: (1 of 4)4/15/2004 12:25:32 AM

VBScript Where To

Amsterdam Hotels
Boston Hotels
Chicago Hotels
London Hotels
<body> Los Angeles Hotels
<script type="text/vbscript"> Miami Hotels
some statements New York Hotels
</script> New Orleans Hotels
</body> Paris Hotels
Rome Hotels
Hotel Reservations
Scripts in both the body and the head section:
You can place an unlimited number of scripts in your Discount Hotels
document, so you can have scripts in both the body Hotel Rooms
and the head section.
Web Building
Website Templates
<html> Website Builder
<head> Flash Templates
<script type="text/vbscript"> Web Templates
some statements
Discount Apparel
Online Coupons
Cooking tools
<script type="text/vbscript">
Men & women clothing
some statements
</script> Office supply
</body> Home Finance
Shopping UK
UK Wholesalers
Mobile Phones
Direct TV
Plasma TV
Product Spotlight Prepaid Phones
123 Fast Loans
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presentation layer toolset for building stunning user
interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Tablet PC and Your Own Web Site?
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VBScript Where To

They have access to all of Microsoft's web

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VBScript Where To

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