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The Thalamus striatum
GABAergic striatal neurons
GABAergic striatal
neuroscience & medicine neurons containing
substance P
monosynaptic contacts
s, polysynaptic

l yst
ists olog
a eld
s p eci neur ers f i supress
deep brain s, s, ch he
d ent ntist esear d in t
stu cie , r te increase
stimulation for euros rgens teres SNr
n rosu ll in
mechanism neu d for
an GPe, STN
Deep Brain Stimulation excitatory glutamatergic
Neuronal & Network Mechanism projection

inhibited by

Recordings from the cell body of
corpus pineale
computer model of neurons showed crus fornicis
suppression of activity during HFS, but
activity recorded in the cell body was truncus corpori callosi

not similar with the neural output

vent. lat.
generated in the axon even though
activity in the somas of neurons is
suppressed under HFS, the axons in a fissura long. cerebri nuc. habenulae medialis
rage of 2 mm have the output in concor- truncus corpori callosi
corpus geniculatum mediale
dance with the applied stimuli.
vent. lat. nuc. habenulae medialis
Cameron C. et al J Neurophysiol 2004.crus posterius caps. internae pulvinar
TRANSLATIONAL PHYSIOLOGY Cellular retrolenticularis corpus geniculatum mediale
corpus geniculatum laterale
Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation: Model- vent. lat. cornu temporale cauda nuc. caudati
Based Analysis of Activation and Inhibi- subst. grisea centralis
colliculus cranialis
tion hippocampus

DBS determines on thalamic neurons a emin.colat.
homosynaptic depression restricted to fimbria hippocampi
the stimulated pathway, leaving the sulcus hippocampi
postsynaptic cell responsive to synaptic comisura habenularum
input from another, independent
pathway. Also, DBS reduces tremor
without disrupting normal motor
control. Homosynaptic depression is
essentially a presynaptic phenomenon, convergent pathways
and desensitization of postsynaptic
AMPA receptors does not play a signifi-
cant role probably the cause for homo- ted
synaptic depression is transmitter deple- pro
tion. ga
Trent R. Anderson et al,The Journal of n
Neuroscience, 2006,Neurobiology of dbs electrode
Disease Selective Attenuation of Afferent
Synaptic Transmission as a Mechanism of Deep Brain Stimulation Research Review
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