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DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology International Islamic University 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Updated June 2007

Graduation Requirement A student shall complete 128 credit hours of coursework including a successful completion a minimum of 8 weeks of Practical Training. Table 1 shows the curriculum structure of BIT (July 2002 intake onwards): Program Structure University Required Courses Kulliyyah Required Courses Department Required Courses Department Elective Courses Practical Training Total requirements for graduation Credit Hours 23 33 60 12 0 128 (126 for International students)

University Required Courses University required courses are grouped into three (3) categories; general studies courses, language courses and co-curricular courses. Students are required to fulfill the specified required credits in each category accordingly. University Required Courses (23 credit hours) General Studies Course (12 credit hours) Course Code Course Name UNGS 2030 Islamic Worldview UNGS 2040 Islam, Knowledge and Civilization UNGS 2050 Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life RKUD 3030 Methods of Da'wah Language Courses (5 credit hours) LM 1010 Bahasa Malaysia for Foreign Students LM 1011 Bahasa Malaysia for Foreign Students II LM 2015 Business Communication for Malaysian Students LE 4000 Language for Academic Purposes LE 4600 Language for Occupational Purposes LQ 0181 Elementary Quranic Language I LQ 0182 Elementary Quranic Language II TQ 1000 Tilawah Al-Quran I TQ 2000 Tilawah Al-Quran II Co-curricular Courses (3 credit hours) Spiritual Please refer to STAF upon offering. Each semester’s package program carries 0.5 points and can disseminate in six academic semesters. Leadership Please refer to STAF upon offering. Each semester’s package program carries 0.5 points and can disseminate in six academic semesters. Interest-based Student’s own-initiative or selection of non-STAF package offered program(s) but endorsed by the STAF. Crediting will depend upon discretion of the IIUM academic affairs.

Credit Hours 3 3 3 3 0 0 2 3 3 0 0 0 0 3 3 3


Kulliyyah Required Courses A minimum of 33 credit hours have to be completed from the Kulliyyah required courses. Kulliyyah Required Courses (33 credit hours) Course Code MGT 1050 INFO 1101 INFO 1301 CSC 1101 CSC 1701 CSC 1401 INFO 1601 INFO 1701 INFO 4501 CSC 2201 INFO 4502 Course Title Introduction to Management Introduction to Database Internet Applications Structured Programming Language Mathematics for Computing Introduction to Computer Organization Foundation of Quantitative Analysis Information Retrieval ICT & Islam Computer Networking Cyber Law and Ethics Credit Hours 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Department Required Courses A minimum of 60 credit hours have to be completed from the Department required courses. Department Required Courses (60 credit hours) Course Code MKTG 1050 MGT 1110 MGT 3050 ECON 1550 ACC 2055 CSC 2101 CSC 2102 CSC 2601 CSC 3301 CSC 3401 INFO 2101 INFO 2201 INFO 2401 INFO 2501 INFO 3301 INFO 3401 INFO 3501 INFO 4503 INFO 4998 INFO 4999 Course Title Introduction to Marketing Introduction to Organizational Behavior Decision Science Introductory Economics for Engineering Financial Accounting 1 Data Structures & Algorithms Java Programming IT Security I Principles of Artificial Intelligence Operating Systems Database Programming Multimedia Technology System Analysis & Design Management Information Systems E-Commerce Human Computer Interaction IT Project Management Information Resource & Strategy Management Final Year Project I Final Year Project II Credit hours 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


Department Elective Courses During the final year, students are given the flexibility to freely select their elective courses which best suit their career goals. A minimum of 12 credit hours (or four courses) have to be fulfilled from the following Department elective courses list. Course Code INFO 4102 INFO 4101 INFO 3302 INFO 4203 INFO 4201 INFO 3302 CSC 3501 CSC 3602 CSC 4201 CSC 4202 CSC 4205 Department Elective Courses (12 credit hours) Course Name Advanced Database Data Mining Web Programming Creative Design Technique Animation Technique Web Programming Software Engineering IT Security II Network and System Administration Advanced Networks Network Programming Credit Hours 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

(PLEASE REFER TO APPENDIX B FOR COURSE SYNOPSIS) Pre-Requisites Courses Pre-requisites courses are pre-required subjects that need to be fulfilled before a particular consequent course can be registered. Below is the list of the pre-requisite courses:University Required Courses Course Code Course Name UNGS 2030 The Islamic Worldview UNGS 2040 Islam & Knowledge UNGS 2050 Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life LM 1011 Bahasa Malaysia for Foreign Students II Kulliyah Required Courses Course Code Course Name CSC 1401 Introduction to Computer Organization CSC 2201 Computer Networking INFO 4501 ICT and ISLAM INFO 4502 Cyber Law & Islamic Ethics

Pre-requisites -noneUNGS 2030 UNGS 2040 LM 1010 Pre-requisites CSC 1701 CSC 1701 INFO 4502 INFO 3401


Pre-Requisites Courses (continued) Department Required Courses Course Code Course Name CSC 2601 IT Security I INFO 2501 Management Information Systems CSC 3401 Operating Systems CSC 2101 Data Structures & Algorithms INFO 2201 Multimedia Technology INFO 2101 Database Programming INFO 3501 IT Project Management INFO 3401 Human Computer Interaction CSC 2102 Java Programming INFO 2401 Systems Analysis & Design INFO 3301 E-Commerce CSC 3301 Principles of Artificial Intelligence INFO 4503 Information Resource & Strategy Management INFO 4997 Practical Training INFO 4998 Final Year Project I

Pre-requisites CSC 2201 MKTG 1050 CSC 1401 CSC 1101,CSC 1401 INFO 1301 CSC 1101, INFO 1101 INFO 2401 INFO 2201, INFO 2401 CSC 1101 INFO 2501 INFO 2201, MKTG 1050 CSC 1101 INFO 3501, INFO 3301 INFO 2201, INFO 2101, INFO 3501, CSC 2201 INFO 2201, INFO 2101, INFO 3501, INFO 3401, CSC 2201 INFO 4998 Pre-requisites INFO 2401 CSC 2601, CSC 3401 INFO 2201 INFO 2201 INFO 2101 INFO 2101 INFO 1301, INFO 2101 CSC 2201 CSC 2201 CSC 2201

INFO 4999 Final Year Project II Department Electives Course Code Course Name CSC 3501 Software Engineering CSC 3602 IT Security II INFO 3201 Creative Design Techniques INFO 4201 Animation Techniques INFO 4102 Advanced Database INFO 4101 Data Mining INFO 3302 Web Programming CSC 4202 Advanced Networks CSC 4205 Network Programming CSC 4201 Networks and System Administration


FINAL YEAR PROJECT (FYP) The Final Year Project (FYP) offers student an opportunity to undertake an individual or a group work which student would find both challenging and interesting. The project is to be completed within the span of two (2) consecutive regular semesters, coded as INFO 4998 and INFO 4999. Each course carries 3 credit hours and graded separately. FYP registration is restricted to 3rd and 4th year students only. Students must complete the following departmental courses: 1) INFO 3501 Project Management in IT 2) INFO 3401 Human Computer Interaction 3) INFO 2201 Multimedia Technology 4) INFO 2101 Database Programming 5) CSC 2201 Computer Networking Each student would be allocated with a supervisor who will offer guidance and whom student will meet on a weekly or biweekly basis. Students are advised to discuss their proposed topics with their potential supervisors as soon as they approach the end of Level 3. They should decide the project area (currently Multimedia, Network or System Development) and plan to take not more than 15 credit hours in the semesters that they are taking FYP. Students would initially be required to submit a project proposal, an interim report after one semester, then, on completion of the project, to produce a Final Report of approximately 10,000 words in length. In addition, students are required to present their software products to a panel of FYP assessors. Assessment is based on the management of the project, the methodology, the intellectual quality and originality of the work, the structure and coherence of the report. For the past two semesters, the Kulliyyah has awarded Best Final Year Projects for outstanding projects, judged by an independent Panel of Assessors. The Awards were presented at the Grand KICT Graduation Dinner. A copy of past FYP report is available at the KICT Resource Centre, next to DLIS Office. For the details, please refer to the Final Year Project Guide or the respective Final Year Project Coordinator. PRACTICAL TRAINING Practical Training is a pre-condition for graduation of BIT programme, with 0 credit hours. The purpose of this training is to provide students with an exposure to real work environment and how projects are implemented in organizations. The duration of the practical training is about 3 months, and usually conducted during Semester 3 during the final year. Only 3rd and 4th year students are allowed to undergo the Practical Training. Prior to getting approval, students must pass all four courses:INFO 2201 (Multimedia Technology)


 

INFO2101 (Database Programming) INFO 3501 (IT Project Management ) CSC 2201 (Computer Networking)

Generally, students are encouraged to find their own placements; in case of difficulty, the Department will assist them in getting the place. Either case, students must make sure that they are assigned to IT projects, or at least attached to an IT department or unit. During the training, each student will be assigned a supervisor i.e. a DIS lecturer as a liaison person between the department and the organization. The Supervisor will visit the student, and at the end of the period, he/she will assess the student. In addition, assessment will also incorporate the company’s feedback and the student’s report. For the details, please refer to the Practical Training Booklet or the Practical training Coordinator.