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Polly Rosenbloom Weisberger
I suggest you all report this fundraiser to the site as a fraud because frankly it is! The gall raising money so they can
go on a vacation after such hateful behavior!
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Daniel Gertler · Food Runner/Bus Boy at Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel, Suites & Conference Centre
Ifyou truly hate Israel and want it to go away the absolute last thing you should do is be Anti-semitic because rampent
Anti-semitism is why the dream of Zionism started in the first place, an attempt to wipe out all the Jews in mainland
Europe is what caused so many to stream into the Levant. You don't like Israel and think it shouldn't exist? Why don't
you fucking prove it shouldn't instead of doubling down on you Anti-semitism. I'm very sorry some of you have suffered
threats because of what you said, but that's because I'm a decent human being who doesn't want to see others
harmed, something I apparently can't say for you ask you can't even comprehend you did wrong. Don't claim in your
description you look to create a safe space for all when you most clearly don't. And for all the claims that there were
other people marching with Magen David on their shirts I call bull. These people were clearly singled out for their
Magen David and it wasn't until tehy were confronted that it was even brought up they supported a Jewish state. So
clearly it was nothing to do with Zionism.
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Miriam Kalin
You can't be serious. You've got a lot of chutzpah, assholes.
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Michael Martinez
What a load! You caused your own shame. You caused the international community to cat further deriision on all
lesbians and the city of Chicago and now you're crying you need relief? Good gods! Why don;t your wealthy Muslim
benefactors buy you a trip? Where are the Queer Muslims you were raising up while degrading Jewish lesbians? Why
don;t you go to them to fund your "retreat" into oblivion? Your shameful and antisemetic actions were your own doing.
Yet here you are money grubbing for a vacation, not donating the money to Palestine or to a cuase that would unify
Jew and Musim/Arab peoples. You think only of yourselves. How disgusting! I am ashamed that you people consider
yourselves part of the Queer Community.
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Rebecca Henely · Paralegal at Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C.
With this shande of a self-aggrandizng fundraiser, you are essentially defending your choice to police LGBTQ Jews'
expression of their religion and their identity. If you really cared about anti-Zionism, you'd let Jews feel safe in your
community and not submit them to interrogating purity tests and then dig up connections you personally find sketchy
when you get called out on it.

Also, while I could co-sign other people's concerns about your "FromtheRivertotheSea" hashtag, I'll just also point out
that conflating Israel's real practices of deflecting criticism of their human rights abuses with their marginally better
record on LGBTQ rights with "being a visibly LGBTQ Jew" is an ugly practice. I would think a group that's good at
deflecting criticism like yourselves would know that. #FuckYourDefinitionOfPinkwashing
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Peter Casey
In case anyone doubts the assertion of using that hateful slogan.
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7/2/2017 Facebook
Melanie Gafni · IDC Herzliya - International School
Also it's VERY TELLING that you want people to pay for your vacation as opposed to having people donate to a cause
that helps the Palestinian people, or literally any other cause. You don't care about Palestine at all, you're a bunch of
selfish, cruel, antisemites.
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Rara Imler · Paid Protestor at George Soros
How many Jewish queers will be attending the retreat?
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Baruch Gottesman
LOL! It's an Arab nationalist space. You can only attend if you don't support some country which Arab
nationalist hate.

Meanwhile in Gaza, whose government they support, throws gays of buildings. The Palestine Reddit
discussed this and consensus was that in Palestine, being gay is a "genetic disorder".
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Aliza Samantha
I hope you rot in hell for your "retreat" you hypocritical, anti-Semitic pieces of shit. I'd rather give my money to all
inclusive LGBTQ organizations and not some Jew haters that don't know the difference between a Star of David and
the Israeli flag.
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Trish Walker · Chelsea, Alabama
This is appalling, and a clear appropriation of the language of those who actually struggle with mental health issues. I
support Palestine and Palestinian rights, but this is not how you should go about it. This was antisemitism, plain and
simple, and the Chicago Dyke March needs to own up to that before any real healing or progress can begin. For
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Mandy Perry
It's very clear they will not own up to it, as when one of their own members was attacked years ago, and they
committed to making positive change, one of their own members told that person that she had gotten her
"pound of flesh" and should be happy with an apology only.

They traffic in antisemitism. It's in their mission statement for this fundraiser. That hashtag, man.
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Mel Paisley Walton · Honeydripper Editor at SCAD - The University for Creative Careers
Or you could spend the money on something useful. A queer American Jewish friend of mine suggested perhaps
donating the money to a cause that helps give aid and support to people suffering from actual violence in Palestine.
It's time for my fellow liberals to stop trying to hold American Jews here in the states accountable for the actions of the
Isreali goverment--actions that every single liberal American Jew who I've spoken to are critical of. The Star of David is
the most recognizeably definitfe symbol of the Jewish faith. It is not a purely Zionist symbol in the first place. What you
need to do is take a step back, stop villainizing Jewish people because you over-reacted, admit that you possibly went
too far, and listen to Jewish queers trying to explain to you why this was a completely hypocritical use of
intersectionality. I'm embarassed that what otherwise seems like a super amazing and powerful group of women,
amazing queer women, are taking up a collection to coddle one another rather than putting your money where your
mouth is and doing some tangible good for queer folks in the Middle East.
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Elena Marcus Alberstone · Works at Stroum Jewish Community Center of Greater Seattle
A retreat? So you can rest and be re-energized to carry on your anti-semitism? Poor tired women. It's hard work being
hateful.… 2/11
7/2/2017 Facebook

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Rachel Frank · Stanford University School of Law
I think you all are really underestimating just how hurt liberal Jews are by this. It isn't the conduct at the march. Look,
we know the left doesn't like Israel. I think that's hypocritical and informed by antisemitism, but it is what it is. People
are entitled to their opinions.
It wasn't the conduct at the parade. It was the conduct afterwards, where CDP accused Jews of being white
supremacists (I'll be sure to tell the actual white supremacists, who don't consider us white). Where support for Jewish
self determination was vilified, declaring us to be the only group to lack the right of self determination. It was where
anyone claiming to support Zionism, even when (as most Zionism is) it is paired with Palestinian sovereignty, is evil. It
was where despite hundreds (if not thousands) of Jews expressing genuine hurt and dismay, a liberal, progressive
organization did the same thing we accuse the right of: they dug in their heals and rejected the claims, parading
around the few Jews who said there was no antisemitism. How is this different than the president finding the one black
man who thinks Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group?
That's how we are feeling. I honesty expected that after the news broke, we would get an apology. It wouldn't be one
that I especially agreed with, but it would be an apology and a statement that Jews are allowed to participate in far left
movements, as we always have. Instead what we got was a reaffirmation that not only is there entrenched
antisemitism on the left, but that it will go unrecognized, and that Jews are not extended the same benefit of doubt as
other minority groups in terms of defining what we find problematic. It is a similar feeling to November, when we
watched in horror as the map turned red, realizing that nearly half of the country was comfortable with rabid sexism
and racism to a degree that we had never fully understood before.
None of the progressive Jews you are alienating want criticism of Israel to end. We criticize Israel all the time. We just
want to be able to participate as Jews.
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Joe McReynolds
Yeah, their "I can't be anti-semitic, one of my best friends is Jewish!" defense is beyond pathetic.
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Liz Goldwyn · Teachers College, Columbia University
Can I quote you on Facebook?
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Amanda Rose Tiberius Decker · Chicago, Illinois
Are y'all gonna fund my self care retreat for being harassed by random.folks I don't know about this? Am I gonna get a
portion of these proceeds for having to educate your antisemetic asses?

This is literally a shanda.
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Lilka Marino · Arlington, Virginia
Also, it is very telling that this really isn't about Palestine, because outside of the original incident, they just double
down on their idea of Zionism and Jews and don't even mention Palestine. What have any of you done for
Palestinians lately besides this? Bash Gal Gadot for wishing safety for her family and friends in the IDF and calling
Hamas terrorists? Because not one moment have you done anything for your 'cause' here other than be antisemitic
and pat yourself on the shoulder. Do you know what we call that in actual social justice? White saviors. Meanwhile,
synagogues everywhere that pray for Israel also give tzedakkah to Palestinian relief charities and support members
arrested in two state solution and anti-occupation demonstrations and protests. For the love of G-d, stop doubling
down, admit you just wanted to try to do something and failed, and EDUCATE yourselves on what Zionism, the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the history of the Magen David, and how these issues actually are.
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Liz Goldwyn · Teachers College, Columbia University
Well said!
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7/2/2017 Facebook
Barak Bacharach · Columbia Law School
Will copies of the protocols of the elders of Zion be distributed?
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Annie Dickow · Blacksburg, Virginia
You need to engage Jews on why the majority of them felt your decision during the march was anti-Semitic -- and
learn. Don't excuse yourselves by saying "I found a Jew who agrees it wasn't anti-Semitic! I'm all good!" You can find a
broad range of opinions on any topic from any identity group. Here, you've got a lot of upset people making very good
arguments. You need to listen and learn. Educate yourself on how and why this was anti-Semitic so you don't make
the same kind of mistake in the future.
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Baruch Gottesman
They didn't find Jews who agreed with them. They found a Rockefeller Brother Fund sponsored Arab
nationalist organization with the word "Jew" in the name.

Billionaire Arab nationalist organizations like JVP are not "Jewish" in any halachic, ethnic or ideological sense.
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Olivia Feldman · Internship at StandWithUs
"We need money to take care of ourselves because calling for the genocide of Jews through phrases used previously
to call for the genocide of people's we've banned because people are starting to figure out we're not the progressive :
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Lilka Marino · Arlington, Virginia
If you think what you are going through is stressful, imagine what it must be like to suffer antisemitism from what
you've done. You are gaslighting and persecuting an entire community, especially LBGTQ Jews who needed that safe
space you banished them from because you are ignorant and refuse to educate yourselves because you think you're
so 'woke'. Shame on you.
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Liz Goldwyn · Teachers College, Columbia University
Rejecting a whole group of people isn't the best way to get support. In fact, it's a great way to lose support. Check your
antisemitic ideation, please.
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SM Rosenberg · Freelance Copyeditor/Proofreader at Sterling Publishing
hahahaha nope there are so many other queer organizations that don't go around spouting nonsense about how a
Jewish star is an Israeli star and how all zionism is some kind of crime and conspiracy, I'll give my money to them,
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Daniela Zyde Cohen · New Orleans, Louisiana
Let's don't abuse each other. 45's folks have already got that. We have the strength to engage in these difficult
conversations among ourselves. We should start by acknowledging that this current controversy around whatever
happened at the Chicago Dyke March is a symptom of a larger problem of unconscious antisemitism that needs to be
addressed in our community. It's not just Chicago: the Durham, NC Pride event is scheduled ON Yom Kippur. We've
got to speak our truth to each other, but we have to do it constructively. We can't let this divide us.
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Joe McReynolds
I'm down for a conversation on anti-semitism if it centers Jewish voices and involves goys listening and
learning rather than goysplaining to us.… 4/11
7/2/2017 Facebook

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Aliza Samantha
The thing is they blocked everyone that tried to have a rational conversation with them. Every one of my
comments, as well as everyone else thay critical of their actions, was deleted and I was banned. They don't
want to have a rational discussion, they want to victim blame and justify their disgusting behavior. This is just
another scam and it's pathetic. Its time to stop being nice to these idiots and call them out for what they are,
hypocrites, antisemites, and idiots. Being nice has gotten us NOWHERE.
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Ilana Newman
I really feel for you all, it must have been so hard to be told you're a pack of bigots and antisemites. I hope this retreat
is really fruitful for you all- maybe while you're patting yourselves on the back for hating queer Jews you can also think
about how good it felt to tell lesbians that they have to be ok with having sex with men.
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Judi Siklos
No thanks, I'll go donate to AWB instead.
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Jes Scheinpflug
Regardless of what happened, I'd like to believe everyone believes in nonviolence...

The Chicago Dyke March organizers were receiving death threats and rape threats prior to Saturday and this whole
fiasco. No human deserves that. Nobody.

Every human deserves self-care and everyone has friends, family and community who want to support that.

If you don't want to donate, don't come to this page.
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Burrow Kay
You are using a genocidal hashtag. How's that square with nonviolence?
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Joe McReynolds
I'm sorry that people threatened them! That's awful and should never happen. But racists (yes, anti-semitism
is a form of racism) get called out and ostracized and are not welcome in communities designed to support
and empower marginalized and oppressed people. That's a permanent project, not a sometimes thing. Until
they publicly and very apologetically learn not to oppress Jews, calling them out will be a permanent
confrontation from here on out.
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Lilka Marino · Arlington, Virginia
Imagine what Jews get on a regular basis from goyim telling them about their own discrimination and using
hate against them to silence them. I'll feel sympathy if they didn't make an entire community feel persecuted.
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Jes Scheinpflug
I do not want to silent anyone. I guess I just don't understand how coming to this page to speak will be
beneficial for anyone vs other avenues.

As someone who was actually at the event, who is queer of Jewish descent if that even matters, did not
experience this as anti-semitism. I also personally saw what happened at Creating Change and have seen the
misreporting done by AWB.… 5/11
7/2/2017 Facebook

Antisemistic is horrendous and I would never sweep that under the rug. These accounts are just pure bias
and inaccuracy.

Feel free to contact me directly via the CONTACT THE ORGANIZER button to continue this convo. Please try
to keep it respectful as I believe we all want to see the same ultimate outcome of solidarity.
Like · Reply · Jun 30, 2017 9:42am

Jes Scheinpflug
Like · Reply · Jun 30, 2017 9:43am

Jes Scheinpflug
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Amanda Rose Tiberius Decker · Chicago, Illinois
Hey Jess.

Just cuz youre Jewish and didn't experience antisemetism at the march doesnt mean others didnt. I've heard
many reports, and I personally feel unwelcome in the lgbtq community now.

Fiether, the fact you made this fundraiser is bullshit. Are you gonna pay me the money your group owes me
for trying to educate yall and your shills who I didn't even know who actively harassed me on my page about
being a white supremacist (even though I just put up a picture of the star and am Jewish and therefore would
be killed by white supremacists), or am I gonna hafta send yall an invoice?
Like · Reply · 10 · Jun 30, 2017 9:54am

Joe McReynolds
Jes, good luck convincing them that you're One Of The Good Jews.
Like · Reply · 6 · Jun 30, 2017 10:00am

Benjamin Rodkin · Villanova University
Jes Scheinpflug if antisemetism is so horrendous they should apologize for asking Jews about Zionism just
because they were Jewish. Even if not antisemetic, it was downright rude. If a man saw a Muslim woman in a
hijab and began demanding she answer questions about what she thinks of Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws
or how gays are treated in Arab countries or demanded to know her interpretation of Shariah - I am sure you
would deem that as grotesquely rude (at best) and probably Islamophobic. If Jews don't get the same
courtesy, that's called discrimination and discrimination is antisemetic. Jews have been held to a different -
and more onerous - standard than everyone else for 1700 years and at this point it's pretty f'in tiring.

For all of DCM declarations of LGBTQI solidarity, they've shown none for gays being forced to live in the
closet in Arab states - including Palestine. And for all their declarations of Palestinian solidarity they take this
opportunity not to raise money for Palestinians in need but to go on a damn vacation for themselves
Like · Reply · 6 · Jun 30, 2017 10:04am

Peter Casey
Jes Scheinpflug ... Denying the blatant antisemitism becomes a wee bit harder to sell when they see fit to use
a genocidal slogan.
Like · Reply · Jun 30, 2017 11:02am

Baruch Gottesman
Hadas Malka was killed right where If Not Now (who supported the racism in Chicago) called for violence.
How do you think she felt?… 6/11
7/2/2017 Facebook
They flew the Arab nationalist flag - in whose name two million Iraqis have been killed - how do you think
those victims felt?

I have no doubt that these folks who support Palestine and "Resistance" and Arab nationalism feel genuinely
hurt that people are upset. But how do they think Israeli non-Muslims feel every time there is a suicide bomb?
How do they think Iraqis feel when the "Resistance to Empire" destroys another village?

It takes real chutzpah for organizations on the forefront of "Resistance" and Arab nationalism and "anti-
Imperialism" to suddenly get all sensitive. Where were they when the shoe was on the other foot?
Like · Reply · Jun 30, 2017 11:06am

Baruch Gottesman
Jes Scheinpflug - It is so easy to call for "Resistance". So easy. It is so easy to advocate violence and Arab

What is not easy is the hard work of trying to understand your enemy.

Not billionaire Arab nationalist groups with the word "Jew" in their name. But actually understand your Jewish
enemy, not fringe groups you can use to give you Jew-washing cred.

You and JVP deeply love Palestine and I'm sure you've spend a lot of time in Gaza to show your support for
the government (the Arab nationalist flag of the Palestinian government was all over the march).

Next time you visit to show support, why don't you stop by right next door and meet some of your enemy?
Really meet and try to understand them?

(Not "ex-Jews", not "EU anti-occupation activists" - meet actual Zionists and try to understand their
perspective, which is obviously different than yours)

Violence and hate are easy. And as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund / JVP can tell you- it is very lucrative.

What isn't easy is learn empathy for your enemy. The 5K would be better spent adding a few more days
during your next trip to Palestine to also visit with your enemy and understand who they are.
Like · Reply · Jun 30, 2017 11:33am

Charles Smith · Chicago, Illinois
Pure chutzpah.
Like · Reply · 26 · Jun 30, 2017 8:41am

America Madeleine Yamaguchi ·
"From the river to the sea" is literally calling for Jewish genocide.
But sure. You totally deserve a self care retreat for being called antisemites. Just like when homophobes get called
homophobes they deserve a cookie. It hurt their feelings after all.
Like · Reply · 40 · Jun 30, 2017 8:24am

Peter Casey
In case anyone wants to play denialist about the use of that slogan:
Like · Reply · 1 · Jun 30, 2017 11:02am

Peter Casey
Fun fact. The comments are turned off at YouCaring.
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Joe McReynolds… 7/11
7/2/2017 Facebook
I wonder if they've actually considered reaching out to the queer Jews they've wronged and letting those Jews educate
them on how to be in better solidarity and unpack their own anti-semitism? ...Nah, they'd probably rather just double
Like · Reply · 39 · Jun 30, 2017 8:16am · Edited

Peter Casey
They've gone beyond doubling down to genocide slogans.
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Madeleine Tick · Digital Content at Illinois Legal Aid Online
Is this a joke? You're basically saying "Give us money because we're super tired after rounding up and expelling the
Jews from our rally." Pathetic.
Like · Reply · 40 · Jun 30, 2017 8:14am

Dylanne Brunkhorst · Khaleesi at Westeros
You're not getting a cent from me.
Like · Reply · 17 · Jun 30, 2017 7:51am

Joe McReynolds
I'm sorry that some people are treating y'all terribly! I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone. I'm also sorry that you've
treated Jews terribly with your unapologetic anti-semitism.
Like · Reply · 29 · Jun 30, 2017 7:39am

Melanie Gafni · IDC Herzliya - International School
I guess all that antisemitism made you all very tired I feel sorry for all the people wasting their money on you
losers. You deserve to suffer as much as the LGBT Jews that you're alientating from their own community.
Like · Reply · 23 · Jun 30, 2017 7:29am

Mindy Merdinger Blackstock
The screen shots they included clearly show that these women wanted to march as Jewish lesbians not as Zionists
regardless of the fact that they are Zionists, they are also Jews and Lesbians. What I take away from the organizers
statement is that even though these women made it clear with organizers that they were bringing a Jewish Pride flag
to avoid confusion and harassment, these women were subjected to interrogation and harassment regardless. It is an
attempt to justify antisemitic behavior. The Magen David has been a symbol of Judaism for THOUSANDS of years.
The Nazi's forced Jews to wear them for identification purposes. If these women had not been harassed and
interrogated about their personal beliefs that they were not openly displaying, maybe they wouldn't have needed to
change "Palestine" to "everyone" but if I felt like I was being targeted by a group that was hypocritically trying to
suppress my existence, I would likely have done the same thing. There is nothing offensive about the inclusive
"everyone" and there is no rational excuse for their behavior.
Like · Reply · 22 · Jun 30, 2017 7:29am

Dylan Schwayne
This is Dλke March Chicago’s statement on what happened and I need to break this down, because my rage over this
anti-Semitic dumpster fire of an event cannot be contained:
“Sadly, our celebration of dyke, queer, and trans solidarity was partially overshadowed by our decision to ask three
individuals carrying Israeli flags superimposed on rainbow flags to leave the rally.” The flags in question were not
“Israeli flags super-imposed on rainbow flags.” They were Rainbow flags with Magen David on them. That is not the
same. At all. Either these people are incredibly uneducated about basic symbology, and therefore have no business
running an event like this, or they knew these were not Israeli flags per se, but felt uncomfortable with public
“This decision was made after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Chicago Dyke
March Collective members.” Given that the flags were not Israeli flags, this second sentence can only imply that the
organisers saw participants who were being openly, visibly Jewish and then immediately took it upon themselves to go
up and quiz them about their beliefs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to make sure that they were “the right
kind of Jews,” before determining whether or not they could stay. Because they were not carrying Israeli flags, and… 8/11
7/2/2017 Facebook
were not commenting about the conflict, the only way they could “express repeated support for Zionism during [their]
conversations” was if they were confronted about their politics on the grounds of merely being Jewish and asked to
pass a loyalty test. Moreover, in the account from Ellie, the Persian Jewish woman whose statement I posted earlier,
there was absolutely no discussion where she “proclaimed Zionist leanings.” In fact, she maintained that she was not
in the least attempting to make a statement on Israel and was only there as a proud Queer Jew of Colour—yet they
ejected her anyway because her Jewishness was “triggering.”
“We have since learned that at least one of these individuals is a regional director for A Wider Bridge, an organization
with connections to the Israeli state.” So, again, they were totally unaware of her affiliation at the time of questioning.
There was no indication that she worked with this organisation at the time. They are openly admitting this. They didn’t
know this particular woman’s politics until they saw her Magen David and grilled her on her beliefs.
“A Wider Bridge has been protested for provocative actions at other LGBTQ events and has been condemned by
numerous organizations.” The labelling of this incident as a “provocation” is staggeringly insidious, as Jews have been
accused of being evil provocateurs with ulterior motives for literally centuries. The implication is that Jews are evil
puppet masters attempting to infiltrate and derail gentile communities, and the accusation has frequently been
weaponised to either incite or excuse anti-Jewish violence. This has been true throughout the world over, from
Germany to Iraq to Ethiopia, and now Chicago. It is a coded message branding Jews as perfidious and untrustworthy.
“You can’t believe anything they say about what happened because they are known liars who will deceive you for their
own gain in every way possible. Do not trust any Jew who has not submitted to you and proven themselves beyond
any reasonable doubt.”
“The Chicago Dyke March Collective is explicitly not anti-Semitic.” Did you read your own statement, or…?
“The Chicago Dyke March Collective supports the liberation of Palestine and all oppressed peoples everywhere.”
*Except the Jews.
Like · Reply · 32 · Jun 30, 2017 7:20am

Polly Rosenbloom Weisberger
Congratulations on showing your true anti Semitic racist selves. The oppressed have become the oppressors . FYI
Judaism is not only a religion but also an ethnic group! The Chicago Dyke March has managed to discriminate against
both! If businesses are forced not to discriminate than so should you!
Like · Reply · 15 · Jun 30, 2017 6:58am

Sarah Dina Schiff · Touro College
As i said on your page before you deleted my comment and blocked me from your page (because apparently this was
a threat lol): "you're making the LGBT+ community look bad. Just grow some balls and apologize."

But honestly, you've gone wayyyy too far at this point and an apology will mean near nothing
Like · Reply · 23 · Jun 30, 2017 6:25am

Sarah Dina Schiff · Touro College
Oh poor you you strained your poor pointer finger deleting comments from jews who were pointing out that the magen
david is a jewish symbol, not neccesarily israeli.

People spent a good amount of time and energy trying to educate you in a nice and peaceful manner but apparently
they were "attacking" you
Like · Reply · 31 · Jun 30, 2017 6:23am

Burrow Kay
I am part of the Chicago queer community & was at the Chicago Dyke March. They engaged in *egregious* anti-
Semitism at the march & are now fundraising (why I am reporting them) to go on a retreat to "heal" from people calling
them on their anti-Semitism. For a group that claims to be inclusive they patently are not. They are lying to potential
donors who may not know what happened & patting themselves on the back for discriminating against Jews.

p.s. #FromTheRiverToTheSea IS GENOCIDAL - it is taken from a speech that LITERALLY called for the genocide of
all Jews. Seriously. Y'all need to stop.… 9/11
7/2/2017 Facebook

Like · Reply · 43 · Jun 30, 2017 6:04am

Sam Hein · Arlington, Virginia
I think that the most shameful thing about this is that instead of honestly engaging with this issue and the criticism, you
threw up your hands and literally said you had been victimized by a Zionist conspiracy. Like really? The Star of David
is triggering, but you're happy to play the same "Zionist conspiracy" card that white supremacists and other oppressors
have used against Jews for what feels like all time?

But you're doubling down and now asking people to buy you a vacation so you can recouperate from the mistreatment
you've suffered? You would be better served by apologizing and underscoring the fact that Jews are welcome at your
Like · Reply · 33 · Jun 30, 2017 5:20am

Sarah Dina Schiff · Touro College
What about my self care retreat for all of the emotional labor trying to educate you on what you did and now feeling
unsafe in my LGBT spaces because I'm a Jew?

Fuck off.

"Boo hoo, we kicked jews out and now we're tired"




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Steve Chernin · Chief of Operations at Happiness and Growth
reported you hateful anti-semetic wastes of life.
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Jerry Janoff · Vancouver, British Columbia
and you believe that Jews and Zionists are not deserving. There is nothing racist about Zionism. If you support
Palestinian statehood but not Israeli statehood l, then you are by defention a racist and anti-semite.
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Jessica Danielle · New Orleans, Louisiana
You people have some fucking NERVE. Poor wittle antisemites need self-care after doubling down on bigotry for days.

Fuck outta here with that.
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Jessica Danielle · New Orleans, Louisiana
Also I figured maybe y'all didn't know this before but clearly now you do: that nifty little hashtag of yours
"#FromtheRivertotheSea" LITERALLY REFERS TO GENOCIDE AGAINST JEWS. It's from a speech that
LITERALLY PROMISED GENOCIDE OF THE JEWS. All your claims not to be antisemitic seem awfully
freakin' limp next to genocidal hashtags and endless doubling down.

I fucking can't.
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Trevor Mitchell Wyatt · Jazz Band Manager at ACU Jazz Ensemble… 10/11
7/2/2017 Facebook
"Chicago Dyke March has always been and will always continue to fight for liberation for all, especially queer and trans
folks who face further marginalization and discrimination based on their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age,
size, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, culture, immigrant status, spirituality, and ability." I can see you left
off Religion as well, since Judaism is a religion and you're totally willing to discriminate against Jews right?
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