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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II

Exercise - I (5) basis.absorbing

Directions(1-10)Pick out the most effective pair of
words from the given pair of words to make the sentence 6. Many people take spirituality very seriously
meaningfully complete. and..about those who dont ,worrying about them
1. The teacher mustthe unique style of a learner in andthem to believe.
order to the desired knowledge. (a) thinkcriticizing
(a) advocatedirect (b) prideappraising
(b) perpetuate.develop (c) rationalizeenabling
(c) appreciate..focus (d) wonderprodding
(d) absorb.maintain (e) ponderventuring
(e) discover.harmless
7. unless new reserves are found soon, the worlds
2. Not all countries benefitfrom liberalization. The supply of coal is beingin such a way that with
benefits tend tothe advantaged and to those with the demand continuing to grow at present rates, reserves will
right education to be able to benefit from the beby the year 2050.
opportunities presented. (a) consumed.completed
(a) equallygenerate (b) depletedexhausted
(b) richly.downgrade (c ) reducedargument
(c) suitably.ascribe (d) burnt..destroyed
(d) uniformly.percolate (e) utilized..perished
(e) judiciously.facilitate
8. If you are tend to respond to stressful
3. He hassense of words. Therefore, the sentence situations, in a calm, secure, steady and.way.
he constructs are always..with rich meaning. (a) resilient..rational
(a) profound.pregnant (b) obduratemanageable
(b) distinguished (c) propitious..stable
(c) terrifictempted (d) delectable..flexible
(d) meaningfulfull (e) supportive.positive
(e) outstanding.consistent
9. Management can be defined as the process
4. He was an..musician, had been awarded the George of.organizational goals by working with and through
medal during the second world war andwith the tile human and non-human resources to..improve value
of Rai Bahadur. added to the world.
(a) outstandingpopularise (a) getting.deliberately
(b) underestimated..declared (b) managing..purposefully
(c) accomplishedhonoured (c) targeting.critically
(d) impressive.assigned (d) realizingdialectically
(e) obdurate.proclaimed (e) reaching.continuously.

5. whether it be shallow or not, commitment is 10. If you are an introvert, prefer working
thethe bedrock of any.loving relationship. alone and if possible will..towards project where you
(a) expression.perfunctory can work by yourself or with as few people as possible.
(b) foundationgenuinely (a) like.depart
(c) manifestation..deep (b) advocatemove
(d) keyalarmingly (c) tend..gravitate
(d) express.attract
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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II
(e) feel.follow experienced a necessary increase in theof the
Direction (11-15):Each question below has two blanks. (a) urbanized, role
There are five pairs of words below each sentence. Each (b) objective, role
pair is, numbered. Choose the pair of words which can (c) synthesized, efficiency
be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same (d) civilized, convenience
order so as to complete the sentence meaningfully.
(e) concretized, vision.
11. Theplaying of loud music has led the angry
residents of this vicinity to file a police complaint and
move court against the organizers lack of..for the Direction (16-20):In each of the following sentences
peoples need for a peaceful neighborhood. there are two blanks spaces. Below each sentence there
are five pairs of words denoted by numbers(a),(b),(c),(d)
(a) peaceful, thought
and (e). find out which pair of words can be filled up in
(b) abrupt, hope the blanks in the sentence in the Same sequence to make
(c) incessant, consideration the sentence meaningfully complete.
(d) fashionable, friendliness
(e) intermittent, interpretation 16. More isof conditions of the tribals in
Maharashtra than..conditions of those in the other
12. The.of the chronic balance of payments deficit parts of the country.
which has.the finance ministry under three prime (a) certain..the
ministers is very real. (b) known..of
(a) temptation, reviled (c) aware..of
(b) understanding, menaced (d) favourablethose
(c) impact, underestimated (e) uncertain.all
(d) obligation, blessed 17. Althoughis not a very desirable feeling, we
(e) dilemma, plagued need a certain amount of it to.well.
(a) anxiety..exist
13. Britain for the present, is deeplyin economic (b) griefenjoy
troubles, and the economic future, heavilylooks (c) impatience..preach
uncertain. (d) anger.define
(a) engrossed, responsive (e) jealousy..bad
(b) ingrained, skeptical 18.Although he is a person he occasionally loses
(c) saturate, enveloped his..
(d) mired, mortgaged (a) quiet.power
(e) restrained, participative (b) cheerful.grief
(c) balancedtemper
14. our constitution was based on the belief that the (d) thoughtful..anxiety
free..of ideas, people and cultures is essential to (e) generous.wealth
the.of a democratic society.
19. In a.tone, the leader made a the
(a) selection, concurrence mob.
(b) interchange, preservation (a) realistic..zeal
(c) reversal, upholding (b) lower.conviction
(d) dissemination, congruence (c) loud..argument
(e) distinction, design (d) softappeal
(e) pitch.statement
15. As this country has become moreindustrial and
internationalized, it has like all western democracies,

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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II
20. The tunnel was so.and congested that we (c) profits, within
became. (d) covers, under
(a) long.enthusiastic (e) promises, by
(b) deepcautious
(c) dark.frightened 26. To avoid.there is a need forplanning of the
(d) crowded..isolated project.
(e) sharp..worried (a) cancellation, broad
(b) problem, deliberate
21..the activities of moneylenders could have an (c) pitfalls, systematic
adverse impact on those who..access to bank credit. (d) inconvenience, convenient
(a) encouraging, enjoying (e) losses, temporary
(b) permitting, denied
(c) confining, entitled 27. A good management will decide not only the..of
(d) promoting, benefit equipment but also itsfor deciding priorities.
(e) curbing, lack (a) need, urgency
(b) usefulness, urgency
22. The budget announced critical (c) cost, value
sectors like education and healthcare. (d) requirement, necessities
(a) expenditure, capital (e) technology, methodology
(b) sanction, initiative
(c) allotment, security 28..appears to be a small error in the beginning may
(d) disbursement, investment turn out to be the long run.
(e) allocation, resources (a) it, disaster
(b) what, blunder
23. The government has decided not to make (c) that, debacle
anychanges in the countrys tax. (d) it, slip
(a) sweeping, regime (e) what, incident
(b) transparent, hike
(c) drastically, net 29. Being nature he always uses his.skills.
(d) constitutional, revenue (a) adamant, soft
(e) existing, structure (b) polite, basic
(c) humble, experimental
24. The RBI has..a statement that the implementation (d) pushy, persuasive
of KYC norms should not lead to the denial of (e) mild, aggressive customers.
(a) released, asset
30. Demand and supply do notthe same relationship
(b) issued, services as the one that..between height and weight.
(c) drafted, clearing (a) possess, has
(d) made, tariff (b) incur, is
(e) notified, transaction (c) defend, volunteers
(d) bear, borne
25. The new scheme..all persons with disabilities (e) have, exists
defined.the disabilities act.
(a) discriminates, according
31.If the yield the desired result, try
(b) recognizes, beneath to..the whole procedure in the given sequence.

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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II
(a) entitles, dump (d) argued, culprit
(b) ignores, reproduce (e) believe, ground
(c) fails, reoperate
(d) imitates, generate 37. Skeptics would not.that the earth actually moves,
(e) equips, encompass let alone that it.around the sun.
32. He is his approach that not a single point (a) permit, orbits
ever.his attention. (b) accept, revolves
(a) meticulous, escapes (c) experience, circles
(b) casual, erodes (d) assume, went
(c) fanatic, brings (e) challenge, spins
(d) deliberate, attracts
(e) nasty, coincides 38. unpredictable..of the child could not lead the
consultants to any.
33.Generallystudents.those who are mediocre. (a) performance, setting
(a) humble, surmount (b) belief, judgement
(b) meritorious, surpass (c) operation, purpose
(c) bright, overestimate (d) behavior, conclusion
(d) intelligent, surrender (e) react, decision
(e) studious, respect
39. A public servant who is guilty will
34and..should not be tolerated in ou country notpublishment and no .person will be
which boasts of ahimsa as its way of life. punishment.
(a) politicking, elections (a) be, sincere
(b) dishonor, efficiency (b) flee, guilty
(c) lethargy, procrastination (c) defend, common.
(d) nepotism, selfishness (d) avoid, uninformed
(e) hatred, violence (e) escape, innocent
40. Few professions can..the sheer variety and
constant.of being a doctor.
35. He..a wrong act because it was..for him to
do so due to circumstantial forces.. (a) like, struggle
(a) compelled, necessary (b) share, enthusiasts
(b) refused, dangerous (c) match, challenge
(c) did, avoidable (d) draw, work-load
(d) commitment, inevitable (e) justify, exception
(e) simplified, harmful
41. The popularize Indian classical
music among the youth which has lostwith its
Directions(36-40):Each question below has two blanks,
cultural roots.
each blank indicating that something has been omitted.
Choose the set of words for each blank best fits the (a) endeavours, touch
meaning of the sentence as a whole. (b) wishes, interes
36. Many teachersthe lack of professional freedom (c) efforts, experience
as the..for leaving the job. (d) exerts, intrigue
(a) cited, reason (e) need, relation
(b) explained, force
(c) claimed, understanding

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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II
42. one of the major critiques of the examination system 47. Modern music doesnt lendto longevity,
is that itto a spirit ofcompetition among the sometimes it is hard even to remember what the biggest
students. hit from.of years ago was.
(a) results, defective (a) itself , couple
(b) accompanies, adequate (b) much, few
(3) develops, intense (c) money, some
(4) takes, severe (d) matter, spatter
(5) leads, unhealthy (e) substance, variety

43. Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, 48. Opportunitieswhen they are seized and.when night, the polar regions. they are not.
(a) watch, upward (a) gather, evade
(b) noticed, peculiar (b) needed, reflect
(c) observed, only (c) create, disperse
(d) found, most (d) shout, calm
(e) follows, mainly (e) multiply, die

44. The actress..from a chilled out girl off screen to 49. At the sound of the bell we areto pause, relax
an intense actor on screen in just a few minutes our body and become gentlyof our in breath and out-
is.amazing. breath.
(a) change, improperly (a) asked, thoughtless
(b) revolution, just (b) requested, wishful
(c) transformation, simply (c) invited, aware
(d) adjustment, really (d) forced, meaningful
(e) renovation, truthfully (e) braced, calm

45. The governmental..spurred dramatic listen to the sounds of nature, we find that we
improvements in the way waste management is..out can afterwards carry on with whatever we were doing in
in many hospitals. a more..and loving way.
(a) rule, thrown (a) feeling, helpful
(b) plans, conduct (b) waiting, rough
(c) crusade, done (c) dreaming, dramatic
(d) efforts, carried (d) pausing, attentive
(e) venture, disposed (e) hurting, creative

46. The petitioner immediate stay from the

court on allotment of the flats till..of investigation into
the alleged irregularities.
(a) asked, process
(b) sought, completion
(c) propagated, finish
(d) demanded, course
(e) granted, end

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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II

Exercise-II (d) invent, growing

Direction (1-5)Each question below has two blank (e) generate, slowing
indicating that something has been omitted.Choose the
set of words for each back that best fits the meaning of 6. Centre should.ministries whose functionswith
the sentence as whole the state ministries to save money, deliver efficiency and
1. As the boat..all those on board fortunately managed avoid duplication of work.
to reach the bank of the river.with the help of the life (a) finish, differ
(b) establish, contradict
(a) capasized, drowned
(c) constitute, matches
(b) fell, harmlessly
(d) abolish, overlap
(c) dropped, uninjured
(e) block, vary
(d) deceased, unhurt
(e) sank, safety
7. Many peoplegenetically modified food but the
reality is that all the food that we eat has been
2. Ashima.her team with a lot of skill and genetically modified naturally by thousands of years
the..increase in the sales by the team is a measure of of
her success. (a) praise, manipulation
(a) dominates, poor (b) grow, mismanagement
(b) condemn, sudden (c) criticize, farming
(c) manages, significant (d) avoid, experience
(d) directs, worthless (e) condemn, abuse
(e) overpowers, exceptional
8.Given that only seven percent of the countrys labour
3. On being asked for the passport, his dismay force is in the organized sector, training
that he bring it along with him to the airport. operations..for the unorganized sectors should also
(a) shocked, failed be..
(b) realized, forgotten (a) available, enhanced
(c) pleaded, neglected (b) absent, improved
(d) understood, lost (c) lacking, sustained
(e) recognized, missed (d) existing, restricted
(e) offered, limited
4. Helen quickly..the career ladder and is now
the..managing director, the company has ever 9. Government initiatives and participation of many
appointed. industrial houses to the villagers have led to
(a) jumped , shortest the..of farmers.
(b) entered, oldest (a) providing, plight
(c) started, junior most (b) disbursing, betterment
(d) climbed, youngest (c) denying, revitalization
(e) ascended, inexperienced (d) subsidizing, suffering
(e) taking, advancement
5. A famous economist says that government should do
more to.... jobs in the area in order to curb therate of 10. Indians of total work force in the
unemployment. next five years but Indian needs to introspect whether its
(a) create, rising education system is..for these demographic dividends
(b) need, increasing (a) become, adequate
(c) employ, high (b) consist, incompetent
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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II
(c) constitute, unequipped (c) experiences, mark
(d) represent, sound (d) galore, celebrate
(e) comprise, prepared (e) risen, generate

11.What goes into making a marriage can only 16. Adding to a growing body of researchcutting back
trial and error and couples are best left to..out what on sweetened beverages it is now found that
works. drinking..sugary drinks may help lower blood
(a) discovered, translate pressure.
(b) regulated, find (a) for, all
(c) learnt, figure (b) sustaining, increased
(d) seen, thrash (c) against, lesser
(e) experienced, judge (d) behind, more
(e) supporting, fewer
12.The producer is known to.with new stars and fresh
talent,and though there have been a few hits and misses 17. The blame game for the air tragedy is already in
this filmmaker totally.for the new breed. full.with the authorities involved making
(a) try, demands attempts tofor themselves.
(b) experiment, vouchers (a) sway, defend
(c) sign, goes (b) view, try
(d) produce, promises (c) fledged, protect
(e) work, supports (d) swing, cover
(e) roll, hide
13. The government stated that had the..right to use as
much force as was necessary to regain control of 18. The actress, wearing a dark grey suit and open terrorist. necked shirt, sat.the proceedings looking nervous
(a) free, marked throughout, occasionally frowning as her lawyer.with
(b) practical, left the judge.
(c) fundamental, infest (a) through, argued
(d) basic, undertaken (b) on, spoke
(e) legitimate, dominated (c) for, addressed
(d) with, discussed
14. Obesity and alcohol..together to.the risk of liver (e) along, lectured
disease in both men and women.
(a) act, increase 19.It was an excellent social evening with people from
(b) result, aggravate all.of life getting a chance to let their hair..
(c) taken, arrest (a) areas, drop
(d) put, highten (b) realms, flow
(e) mix, lower (c) arena, undone
(d) walks, down
15. There were screams, chills and the (e) types, loose
discotheque the other night as the director along with the
producers hosted a party to..the success of their latest 20. There can be no denying the fact that in sports, star
horror flick. coaches have get something extra out of
(a) combined, downplay their..
(b) alike, mourn (a) apprehension, work
(b) ability, team
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Fill in the blanks - assignment-II
(c) fear, member (b) registration-evoked
(d) capability, house (c) entrance-made
(e) desirous, players (d) admission-visited
(e) experimenting-generated
21. After .payrolls and tightening perks to cope with
the economic slowdown, last year, software companies
are finding that a rising number of engineering and
management graduates are transferring
vocations such as manufacturing and banking.
(a) trimming, loyalties
(b) reducing, accounts
(c) hiking, services
(d) increased, affections
(e) dropped, potentials

22. It is very important to.that when the swine flu

virus enters a human body, it takes a minimum of one
day to a maximum of eight days for the desease to
(a) gauge, extensively
(b) ascertain, further
(c) understand , fully
(d) verify, remarkably
(e) fathom, clearly

23. Scientist, working to save the earth, havedry

water that soaks carbon three times better than water,
and hence helpsglobal warming.
(a) aided-cut
(b) created-combat
(c) built-stop
(d) produced-increased
(e) invented-monitoring

24. The first round of the contest had the

studentsthemselves and.about their hobbies.
(a) introducing-talking
(b) sensitizing-sketching
(c) showcsting-planning
(d) acclimatizing-mentioning
(e) gearing-chalking

25. The varsitys poll process for..of new candidates

has..poor response with only ten thousand applications
being received till date.
(a) entrusting-seen

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