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girl planned to abort her baby because there were many things that rans

through her mind just like how to tell her parents about her case, will her
parents still accept or reject her, she also minds about what will her
friends reactions will be, will they remain a friend on her and will this
situation of her creates a discrimination to her family. That thoughts
cannot really be vanished on her mind during that moment it is because
the baby was conceived out of wedlock. The faguy who impregnated her
abandoned her, this means that she must deal with this alone.
But, abortion isnt her first choice because she was also afraid of the
procedure, she wants to find a way out. But for her, telling this case to her
parents would not be possible. She taught that her parents would really
be upset on her upon knowing her case. Her father would lose his position
in the church, their family will be ostracized and detested by their religious
community. She said she could handle the pregnancy, even maybe keep
the baby for good if her life was the only thing at stake here. But she
thought of her parents surely she would break not only their hearts but
their trusts as well. She knew that she could never, ever, go back. The
thought of losing her family only strengthened her decision. Thus, she
ended up aborting the baby. Her parents know nothing about what has
happened, her relationship with her parents remained because they dont
know what their daughter has done.
The issue here is, is the act of abortion morally acceptable or not? Does
abortion violate the codes of ethics? Or is abortion clearly immoral?

Divine Command Theory

According to the Divine Command Theory also known as the Divine
Law, the authority that dictates the morality of every mans action is God.
It is God that determines what is right or wrong. The theory emphasizes
that morality was determined by what God commands and a man to be
considered as moral he must follow Gods commands. What is written to
the scriptures is assumed by the community of believers to be absolutely
Abortion is really illegal in our country but it doesnt mean that it is
not happening here. Abortions are barely happening in our society today
specially in teens experiencing early pregnancy. In this case, considering
the perspective of the Divine Command Theory, women being pregnant
and would commit abortion is absolutely immoral. The act or state of being
pregnant itself is moral because pregnancy is done freely and voluntarily
and God never said that being pregnant is against his law not unless you
have violated his commandments just like the girl in the case. Some
consider women who commit abortion as Godless and uneducated. The
act of abortion is even an offense to the will of God. Abortion is the
termination of a life that has begun. It is murder. Today, many people are
pro-choice and believe it is a womans right to choose an abortion. But
Gods Word is very clear that we do not have the right to terminate a life.
This words are found in the bible. (Exodus 20:13 You shall not

She also violated the commandment of God which says that non-
married individuals must remain fresh until marriage. She committed
fornication. Fornication is having sexual intercourse between non-married
individuals. Adultery and fornication are almost the same, their only
difference is that adultery is sex between a married person and someone
who is not. Today, many young people or even adults live together, have
sexual intercourse, and consider it to be normal behavior. They often have
no shame nor believe they are offending God. Because people nowadays
usually sets their own doctrine or standards in their living and got to the
point where they unconsciously forgot the norms of the society they are
living and the teachings of God regardless what religion they are in. It may
sound bad but that is the reality. The Bible clearly calls this sin because
according to Hebrews 13:4 Marriage should be honored by all, and
the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all
the sexually immoral.
Legalism Perspective

According also to the principle of Legalism or the Human Positive

Law, abortion is an immoral act. Because legalism states that the morality
of an act is dictated by the laws created by man, this simply means the
laws of the state. The act is criminalized by Philippine law. Articles 256,
258 and 259 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines mandate
imprisonment for women who undergo abortion, as well as for any person
who assists in the procedure. Article 258 further imposes a higher prison
term on the woman or her parents if the abortion is undertaken "in order
to conceal [the woman's] dishonor". This means that abortion is an offense
to law of the Philippines. Thus, this is an immoral act.

Why is abortion moral?

Emotivism Perspective
When we use the point of view of Emotivism, abortion can be a moral
act because in this theory it states or suggests that morality is only a
response to a situation, they also assert that it is on peoples emotional
awareness where morality is built, a function of making morally correct or
incorrect decisions. In her case, being pregnant and committing abortion
because she thinks that if she will not give up the baby she will end up
being a disgrace to her family and she cannot accept if that happen.
Because of her emotions, she ended up aborting the baby. This is her
emotional response in her situation. And she feels that abortion is her only
way keep her relationship with her parents, thus, she will definitely do it.
And as a result, she feels good because she didnt lose her relationship
with her parents which is her primary reason why she committed abortion.
It is her emotional reward now for making her decision out of her emotions.