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Marta Fernndez Pena

Telephone: +34655780418 - +962 790 364 377
Skype : martta.fdezz
Address: Um Uthaina area, Amman, Jordan.

Nationality: Spain Date of birth: 24/01/1991


I am a very active and energetic person who loves teamwork and who enjoys assuming
responsibilities as a leader and driving new initiatives. I stand out as an honest woman,
committed to my work, and always willing to improve, learn and undertake new challenges.
Furthermore, my ideals and values are very important in all the fields of my life.


2017: Diploma in Security, Protection and Negotiation in Humanitarian Aid. IECAH (Instituto
Espaol de Cooperacin y Ayuda Humanitaria). (90 h)

2016-2017 (Currently): Master in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. Kal

Institute, Humanitarian Aid Studies Centre. Diplomas achieved:

- Project Management I, II, III: Logic Framework formulation, management on the

implementation and missions and field offices (138h).
- Disasters management (92h).
- Humanitarian intervention I, II: Sectors, Sfera Project and UNHCR protocol (92h).
- Gender approach and other crosscutting issues (92h).
- Development and Cooperation (92h).

2014-2015: Master in Diplomacy and International Public Service- International Cooperation

and Human Rights branch in the Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona
and CEI International Affairs (Barcelona Diplomatic School).

- Research project focusing on ISIS and the R2P in Syria and Iraq.

2009-2013: Grade in Political Science- International Relations branch (Universitat Pompeu


2016- Now- Institution: Center for Strategic Studies- University of Jordan. Role: Technical Staff

2016- Now- Institution: Instituto Cervantes- Amman. Role: Spanish teacher- Level A1.

April- May 2016- Company: ECCL-Language Center. Role: Spanish teacher- Intensive course for
Level A1.1

2015- 2016- Institution: Spanish Cooperation Agency. Role: Technical Assistence.

Responsibilities and tasks: Manage, coordinate and monitory MASAR program projects (7 NGOs), find out
new projects to finance, write internal and external reports about those projects, evaluate projects which
are being done, participate on the different meeting with our partners and write reports about news
related to HHRR.

2012- 2015- Company: Starbucks Coffee. Role: Team Supervisor.

Responsibilities and tasks: Lead and coordinate a working group (3-9 people), achieve the companies
objectives, economic and order management and sales and quality management.

2013 (6 months)- Institution: Parlament de Catalunya- Grup Parlamentari Socialista. Role:

Technical assistant.
Responsibilities and tasks: Prepare reports to help the parliamentarians in negotiating law projects; write
press notices and elaborate a database and a blog to control the government.

2011 (8 months): Company: Zara. Role: Shop assistant.


Languages: Spanish and Catalan: Mother tongue. French: Intermediate (Level B.1- UPF).
English: Advanced level (Level C.1- UPF)

Informatics: Advanced level in Windows 8 (Office, Internet). Basic level of SAP and SPSS.

Social and Political engagement

- Political participation: Committed with a political party in different initiatives, organizing,

fundraising and taking part in them. Having responsibility and representative roles. Writing
different reports and driving relations with other parties, organizations and the Public
- Student participation: Taking part in a student association organizing activities, leading the
economic management and being a liaison with the institutional organisms and other
associations. I was, for two years, the president of the student association.
- Social participation: Collaborations with NGOs and Private Foundations in Barcelona and with
some social movements. I gave classes to kids with limited resources, I participated and
organized food collecting and I raised funds for solidarty projects (such as building one school in
Togo, for example).