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Dear Colleague,

The HR Department is carrying out an Employee Engagement Survey.

Before we get into the Survey per se, we feel it appropriate to clarify to you the meaning of
employee engagement, its facets and its components.

Employee Engagement means the extent to which an employee believes in the mission, purpose
and values of an organization and demonstrates that commitment through his actions as an
employee and his attitude towards the employer and customers. Employee Engagement is high
when the statements and conversations held reflect a natural enthusiasm for the Company, its
employees and their products or services provided.

Employee Engagement is made up of three components viz. Cognitive (Think), Emotional (Feel)
and Behavioral (Act). ‘Cognitive’ pertains to the belief that an employee has about his Company
and its values. ‘Emotional’ represents the feeling an employee has about his colleagues and
supervisors. ‘Behavioral’ is what the employee exhibits at work commitment.

Employee Engagement would include aspects like Employee Communication, Leadership, Team
Work, Pride of Working, Employee Welfare, Employee Empowerment, Rewards &
Recognitions, Energy & Drive to Work, Work Pressure, Improvement Opportunities, Company
Quality & Standards, Openness, Management Practice, Decision-Making, Company Image &
Reputation, Company Growth, Work Balance, HR Policies & Role, Culture of the Organization,
Planning, Clarity of Company Goals et al.

The aim of this Survey is to measure Employee Engagement in SIRF, to ascertain strengths and
areas of concern on the various aspects highlighted through this exercise and work out &
implement actions for effecting improvement.

The Survey is sought to be carried out by means of the foregoing Questionnaire designed for the
purpose. All employees at the level of Junior Executive and above will participate in the

The Questionnaire seeks to capture some of the aspects of Employee Engagement. Each of the
questions is followed by a set of options. Participants are required to carefully study each
question and tick ( ) the response they consider most appropriate based on their immediate
feeling and experience. Participants should tick only one option. All questions should be
answered. While responding to the questions, participants are expected to be honest and frank
since this will have a bearing on the authenticity of the results of the Survey.

Since this is a time-bound Survey, participants are earnestly requested to complete their responses
to the questionnaire and return the same positively on or before 15th April 2008.

We look forward to your honest & quick response and thank you for your support & cooperation
in participating in this Survey.

01.04.2008 General Manager -HR