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A Necrography of Modern America in a Post-Apocalyptic World


When I look back on my life, I want to be able to say, Yes, I made my mark and stood up for

what I believe in. But most likely, when I depart this human existence for whatever lies beyond, I will

merely grunt and gnash, like so many who came before me, then wind up with my head cleaved in twain.

These are the thoughts that keep me awake into the wee hours of the night. Instead of entering

a blissful slumber ripe with stunning visuals and implied sensuality, I am forced to relive and recount the

horrific events that have led me to this former palace of terrors which now stands rebuilt and serves as

the adobe that will see me unto my end.

It is with a heavy heart, and none too much regret, that I begin this journal of events to allow

whatever future generations survive this unholy apocalypse a simple glimpse into the cause of this

catastrophe and as to how, of all the possible locations to relocate and repopulate, I, as originally co-

conspirator now leader of this severely motley crew, chose, of all places, the darkest house upon the

darkest hill in three states range - the John D. Montoya State Institute for the Rehabilitation of the

Criminally Insane.

But perhaps I should start from the beginning of this terrifying debacle and move the story

forward from there. The only question I have is, where, oh Lord where, and is the true beginning of the

worst story ever told; the utter destruction of the human race followed by the unanticipated resurrection

of the dead?

Chapter 1 Origins
From the beginning, mans tenuous hold on the cycle of life has been fragile at best. The ancient

Egyptians realized this as they prepared their honored dead for the journey to the underworld. The

mummification rituals of this mystically endowed and highly knowledgeable society serve more purpose

than was originally understood or even explained. It is a widely held belief that the rituals themselves

were merely preparations for the bodys passage into the underworld. The truth behind this blatant lie is

far more sinister.

In [citation] B.C., during the reign of [citation], there arose the first true plague of the Egyptians,

unmentioned in the Old Testament and believed to be the origin of this atrocious infliction on mankind.

A dry summer, a bizarre flash-flooding of the Nile, a mysterious chemical compound thought to have

originated in the mountains of [citation], and a near famine thought to have been averted by those

events all contributed to the unnatural rising of the dead. Although the actual records of this event are

hidden in the hieroglyphs of the Great Pyramids of Giza within the volumes of text written upon its walls,

the majority of the scientific community ignored the obvious warnings carved into the stone there.

The ancient Egyptians knew the dead could rise from the grave in the most terrible of

circumstances. The rituals were created to prevent just that occurrence. But even those rituals were far

from complete and the myth surrounding the curse of the mummies entombed in the pyramids has far

more root in truth than imagination.