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Dr. Smith


June 5, 2017

Why Failure Keep Students Away from Their Dreams.

Why do students fail? The reasons why some high school students fail in schools this days is because they

have lack of interest and are less attentive in class. They often feel stressed, which makes them

discouraged about education. These few reasons explain why they tend to overlook the importance of

school and want to leave a free life where they wont be bothered about education but to want to meet

up when its late.

According to Mary Sherry, passing students who have not mastered the work cheats them and

the employers who expect graduates to have basic skills (560). Because of the they lack these basic skills,

they have difficulties in performing very good in college or outside collage. The way for students to

improve their collegiate educational experience is for them to gain critical thinking skills. The teacher

should explain the topics in more detail and ask students open-ended questions about the topics being

discussed in class. Teachers can also give students assignments and its the duty of the students to

complete them and provide feedback on the assignment being given to them.

Students should understand what is being thought in class and to also be able in developing their

ideas in supporting their point of view inn their academic careers. Students should also ask themselves

questions that links to the assignments that are being given in class and they are expected to give good

response to the assignment in other to pass. When a student fails to follow up with the task that were
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given to him or her and being helped by the high school teachers, it makes the student lazy and that

creates unnecessary excuses. Although, trying to help a student pass in class at that point in time will

make the child happy. However, the child in other aspect would be missing a lot of skills he or she would

have striven to learn. informations and most of all the skills of thinking critically because the work given

to them expects them to do according to the way they were taught and to do better.

The point is, failure dont define a student who falls but still strive to do good. To fail is not to make them

weak but will challenge them and make the student strive hard to improve making sure they dont fail


I could link this ideas to that of my days in high school when my learning skills were very bad but

persisting to be a good student and have better grade in my high school. Although the challenges in my

class where very strong that I almost lost hope in myself, had no friends who wanted to talk or relate with

me, my seat mate always leaving me to seat alone while he meets with the others to seat with them

making me feel like a loser. At that point in time I was beginning to know the two-big difference about me

and had to build the side I felt was very good for me which was math, inter-science, physic and chemistry.

Even though I tried to gain more into that by adding English into it I was getting nervosa of myself and had

to learn it by all means and was a little bit good in English. I was still in my teenager years at that time and

had to run little business that helped me to make little money for my school books and other items if

needed. My school days was rough but was fun because at every cost of the struggle I was happy that am

in school learning. My spoken English were perfect but when writing them down and trying to create an

idea it becomes very difficulty and that brings in the act of discouragement of not wanting to further up

and to just quit. I started fighting my weakness and struggled with my success in other to pass. One faithful

morning my English teacher called me to his office and said to me that am slacking behind in his subject,

that was my high school teacher. Someone known to be very strict and have never sat a student down to

talk, no joy in his face as he was well known as one of the teachers that would send you out of his class If
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his assignment was not done and submitted. He then asked me to tell him how I feel in his class and how

he can help me improve but he was very clear to tell me that he wont spare me and would fail me for the

school secession, when I heard that, the fear in me was too high that I had to learn how to be awake late

night in other to finish my homework before morning since I was still have about four to five assignment

to submit according to the way the school subject time table was being set.

I made sure that all work was done and submitted but was not able to get one done because I

broke down and was very ill which he gave me time to do the work and bring to him the next day. The

reason why he had to threaten me by failing me not to say am weak but to wake up the inner me and

push away the weak thought in me, he made me discover that I needed to step up and do better than I

was and that giving was not the way to get away with things mostly school but to strive and get it. That

also reminded me of a book I came across by one of the New York Times Bestselling Authors "How

Successful People Think" by John C. Maxwell: "The right thought, with the right people, who have the right

intentions, in the right environment, at the right time, and for the right reason, equals the right result.

Adding to that a person who knows how may always have a job, but the person who knows why will be

the boss. Good thinkers solve problems, they never slack neither do they lack ideas that can build an

organization and they always hope for a better feature. The book was one of its kind and have made me

to strongly believe that weakness is for those who tend to welcome it and success is for all who are ready

to walk that thousand miles to achieve it. I then became that student who would never choose failure and

abandon success, did all my best in school and was able to finish with a B in his class.

Technically, Sherry, saying this was to pass a direct message to the student telling each one of

them how their performance so far would look like or have been looking like depending on the way they

strive or not just like that of my teacher who sat me down and was seriously telling me he would fail me.

failure is a way to stand and try again not to stop and accept defeat.
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Furthermore, most school kids tend to overlook the importance of school, not just been in school

but to learn and develop their thoughts and have strong ideas in there academical performance and life

in general or the merit it gives and were it could lead them to in the feature. Some student most times

count on being pardon or getting help from the school teachers which in the actual sense has adverse

effects on them as a student aid. Although not failing a student makes the child think his or she is making

it to the right destination. However, failing the child will tell if or not the student was ready for the next

task ahead. That also would tell the teacher that the child needs to have better improvement in his or her

school life and to concentrate as well because at that point in time the teacher has done his or her part

teaching the student it is then the duty of the student to make sure that all information the teacher gives

is well understood and followed appropriately, due to the fact that the teachers try their best in teaching

and expects the student to do better, it happens to be that the student made no positive steps or

sometimes they feel relaxed. I could relate this idea of the story to my days in collage. When I was getting

into college as a fresh man, I thought it was same thing just as high school not knowing that its in collages

that the Latin quote Tempus fugit was strictly talked about when I was still in my secondary school. I

saw the other side of challenge and was very close to giving up but didnt because I kept telling myself

what am after and the goal am to meet in few years left for me.

In the case of flunking a student who didnt do well, it should be used which means failing the

student should be swiftly introduced for them to have that healthy fear of failure will surly make them be

up and doing and would not want to fail again.

Mary Sherry, paragraph six in the book In Praise of the F Word. Said changing the seating

position of a student in class dont make the student to be more attentive. In my high school days, we

were about 29 students in class and me being the one that was slacking behind while others are passing

was bad. For instance, a student who have not discovered his or herself will always continue to fail until

that very moment the student tends to recall all what brought him or her to school and the goals he or
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she is after in life. Student who dont see or have the sweet test of education or dont see it as a space

where they can fit in and strive hard keeps on failing regardless. If I was told that I would not have made

it to this point in life I would simply believe the words that comes out from the person because I put in

more work in other to defeat my weakness and also put in the might that I wont give up that was why

am still able to face the hard times in collage even when its hard.

In conclusion, I would support the idea of failing a student and telling the student to step up for

time is never on no once sides which means student who have made it today one way or the other have

felt the test of failure and have chosen not to go down that road again, just as I have tested it and still test

it but striving never to fail again because failure is not for the strong but for the weak.
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