Volu m e 48 | Issu e 5A | Fr i, 6/ 30/ 17

Am er i ca?s Heal t h Car e Si t u at i on
Ex pl ai n ed
By Kaia Robinson

As m any of you m ay have hear d, Pr esident
Donald Tr um p along w ith the G.O.P. have
just pr oposed a new plan for healthcar e. As
w e ar e cur r ently living under Obam acar e,
or the Affor dable Healthcar e Act, I?ll
explain that fir st. Obam acar e r aises taxes
W hy Th eat er of t h e Absu r d i s t h e Best for the r ich in or der to fund healthcar e for
Cl ass Ever people over 65 (m edicar e), and for people
By Pig Deadpool (AKA Gr iffin Atw ood) w ho ear n less than about $16,000 per year
(m edicaid). Under Obam acar e, the num ber
TOTA is the best class ever because ? of Am er icans w ho don?t have health
1. It is r un by Ow en insur ance has decr eased by appr oxim ately
2. It?s TOTAlly absur d 20 m illion since ar ound 2010. Over the next
3. Ow en is aw esom e 10 year s, the num ber of uninsur ed
4. Ow en is absur d Am er icans is pr edicted to stay about the
5. Ever ything w e do ther e (except Johnny) is sam e, at 27 m illion, if Obam acar e stays in
TOTAlly aw esom e place. The G.O.P/ Tr um pcar e plans to stage
Anyone w ho does not like TOTA is com pletely a m ajor tax cut (that w ill exclusively
bogus! benefit the r ich) and finance this tax cut
w ith m oney dir ectly com ing out of the
W HAT TO WATCH ON NETFLI X M edicaid budget. Tr um pcar e w on?t help
By Colin Walsh low -incom e Am er icans pay for healthcar e
cover age. Under Tr um pcar e, the num ber of
I'll be m aking r ecom m endations for show s I uninsur ed Am er icans is pr edicted to r ise by
think should be w atched. I?ll go thr ough appr oxim ately 30 m illion over the next 10
car toons and T.V. for all ages. year s.

AGES 8-10: Phineas and Fer b, Star War s The Sour ces: New Yor k M agazine, Obam aCar e
Clone War s, and Johnny Test. Facts, Tr um pCar e

AGES 11-13: This age gr oup could star t to I s Aar on Gi v i n g Fr ee Lu n ch Li n e Cu t s?
w atch adult show s and dr am as w hile still By Car oline Cole
loving car toons. I suggest Nar cos, Gr ey's
Anatomy, Haw aii Five-O, Br ain Gam es, Fam ily Lately, a conspir acy theor y has com e to my
Guy, Am er ican Dad, and The Cleveland Show. attention that I find inter esting. It is about
our ver y ow n Aar on. The myster y states
ALL AGES: M oana, The Water boy, Hotel that Aar on is giving fr ee lunch line cuts and
Tr ansylvania 2, The Benchw ar m er s, Zootopia, VIP lunches to cam per s w ho tell him the
Tr olls, M inions, Alice and Wonder land secr et code w or d. Is this r um or tr ue? The
Thr ough the Looking Glass, For r est Gum p, Acting on Film class, w hich I am a par t of,
The Secr et Life of Pets, Kubo and the Tw o intends to find out. Would you like to help
Str ings, Kung Fu Panda 3, Finding Dor y, The us investigate? Well, you can! If you have
Nightm ar e Befor e Chr istm as, Nova Science som e fr ee tim e dur ing per iod five, com e
Now , the 2000 year old ver sion of How the and be inter view ed! We w ould love to have
Gr inch Stole Chr istm as, and The Flash. you!
Top 3 Ri ddl es Dog Days
By Anthony B. By Woctor W ho AKA Walker Adam s

1) W hat star ts w ith ?E?, ends w ith ?E?, and Dog days is an ar ticle w her e w e find out
has only one letter ? (It?s not ?E?). about people's dogs and talk about them .
Today, I inter view ed Kelsey.
2) W hat w as the tallest m ountain befor e
M ount Ever est w as discover ed?* Q: W hat is your dog?s name?
A: Olive
3) The one w ho m akes it sells it.
The one w ho buys it doesn't use it. Q: W hat gender is she?
The one w ho's using it doesn't know he's A: Fem ale
using it.
W hat is it?* * Q: How old is he/she?
A: 4 M onths as of last Sunday.
Answ er num ber 1) An envelope has one
letter in it and star ts and ends w ith ?E?. Q: W hat is he/her favorite food?
A: Peanut Butter
Answ er num ber 2) M ount Ever est, of
cour se. It w as still ther e, just not discover ed Q: How long have you had him/her?
yet! A: 6 w eeks

Answ er num ber 3) Now her e; an electr ic Well, that w as Dog Days. Thank you for
tr ain doesn?t blow sm oke. r eading about Kelsey?s dog, Olive.

* Playbuzz.com
* * IRiddler.com
So, recently, there has been some talk about
memes. So here we go ....

M em es
By Eli Gr assi

m em e
m ?m /
plur al noun: m em es
1. an elem ent of a cultur e or system of
behavior that m ay be consider ed to be
passed fr om one individual to another by
nongenetic m eans, especially im itation.
* a hum or ous im age, video, piece of text,
etc., that is copied (often w ith slight
var iations) and spr ead r apidly by Inter net
user s.

(stolen fr om Google's Dictionar y)

So, a m em e is basically som ething that you
see or hear , that you r epeat, or r em em ber.
Just som e quick info. Bye!
W h at Em oj i Ar e You ? 5. W hat is your facial expression in a random
By Hazel Bar zilay photo?
A. M y tongue is out and pr oud w ith
1. If you were at an amusement park what cr ossed eyes!
would you do first? B. Fake sm ile w ith my eyes cr ossed!
A. Go on the BIGGEST Roller Coaster C. Do bunny ear s on the per son next to
B. G on the giant sw ing r ide m e w ith a ?it isn?t m e? sm ile!
C. Take a look ar ound, ther e is so m uch to D. Jum p up in fr ont of ever ybody w ith
do my ar m s and tongue out!
D. I WOULD DO EVERYTHING E. Sm ile. M aybe on the second pictur e I
FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! w ould cr oss my eyes!
E. Am usem ent par k? All the r ides ar e too
scar y! M ostly A:

2. W hat would you get at an unlimited
A. 2 bur ger s, 2 hot dogs, and an or der of
lar ge fr ench fr ies?
B. 1 Ham bur ger , 1 Hot Dog, and a sm all M ostly B:
or der of fr ies
C. 1 Cheesebur ger w ith an or der of sm all
fr ies
D. EVERYTHING ON THE M ENU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E. A Hot Dog

3. W hat would you do if your mom and dad
were taking a picture in front of the sign of
a restaurant?
A. Wait until they take one pictur e and M ostly C:
then jum p in w ith your tongue sticking
B. Squeeze in next to your m om and sm ile
like you?r e supposed to be in the pictur e
C. Sw ing your hand in fr ont of the cam er a
on the 2nd pictur e
D. W ho am I kidding? It is a pictur e. It is
m eant for photo bom bing! M ostly D:
E. It?s ther e pictur e, it should be just them

4. Your bedtime is 9:30 but you are at the
best part in your book, what do you do?
A. I w ould r ead for another hour ! M aybe
even until I finish the book!
B. Read for another 20 m inutes, just until I
finish the good par t
C. M aybe r ead for another 5 m inutes, it M ostly E:
depends how tir ed I am
D. For goodness sakes w ho car es about a
bedtim e?
E. I w ouldn?t stay up late
Real l y Bad St af f Ni ck n am es
By Rachel Alper t-W isnia

Counselor s: 35. Ow en Scott? Oh W hen, Beam M e Up Scotty,
1. Walker Ander son? Walkie Talkie, Runner , Robot Scott
Ew ok, Weir do 36. Angeliquc Sm ith? Angelic Angeliquc, Jelly
2. David Baler ? Davey, Band Dude, Davinci, 37. Anna Sum m er gr ad? Banana, W inter gr ad,
David (pr onounced D-Ah-Veed) Anna M ontana
3. Bar r ett Lanigan? Car r ot, Bar r y B. Benson 38. Natalie Ter eshcenko? Nat, Nat Cat
4. Fr eder ick (Skip) Wr ightson? Fr eddy, Ricky, 39. Niki Thelism an? Nick, Talism an, Nikki
Skip to my Lou M inaj
5. Har r ison Sim on? Har r y Potter , Hair y Son 40. Kelsey Thor nton? Thor ny, Kels
Sigh M an 41. M aur a Tighe? Tigher
6. Rachel Shufelt? Ray-Ray, Rach, Ratchel 42. Amy Walr od? Shamy, Walr us
Satchel, Shoe-feeler 43. M ar ah Snoeyink? M ar , Rah Rah
7. Nellie Roger s? Nels, Sm elly Nellie, Roger That 44. M aur a Gattuso-M or e M aur a
8. Sally Cam pbell? Lunch Announcem ent Lady,
Cam pbell Soup, Nellie?s M om CITs/Junior Counselor s:
9. Aar on Gelb? Dir ector Dude 1. M adeline (M addie) Vanech? M ads, M ad
10. Ella Laniado? Um br ella, Fella, Coachella M addie
11. Adr ianna Br ow n? Char lie Br ow n, Pur ple, 2. Richar d (RJ) M or r ison? DJ RJ
Rihanna 3. M ichael Watson? M ikey, M agic M ike, M ike
12. M elissa Davenpor t? Lisa, M el Wazoooow ski, M ikey M ouse, M ike, John Watson
13. Seth Bodie? Seth Body, Death Seth 4. Laur en Pollock? Poll Poll
14. Ben Boyd? Benjam in Button, BOI-ed, Benji 5. Jake Goldber g? Jakey, Jake and the Beanstalk,
15. Rebekah Blair ? Build-a-Blair , Bekah Jake Iceber g
16. David Ber m ingham ? Davey, Davinci, Dave, 6. Sim enesh Sem ine? Cinnam on, Synonym
Ham my 7. Cam pbell (Cam ) Roger s? Cam pbell Soup,
17. Om ar Colon? Oh M ar God, Cologne, Colon Sally and M ar k?s son, Roger That
(The Intestine) 8. Sophia Scanla? Soph
18. Sar ah D?Angelo? Sar -Bear , Rah Rah 9. Chloe Savit? Chlo, Go W ith the Chlo, Save It
19. Richar d Davies? Richy, Itch 10. Ther esa Selva? Ther -dr op, Ther ese
20. Aleta Deyo? M ayo Deyo 11. Sim r et Sem ine? Sim enesh?s Sibling
21. Cooper Evans? Chicken Coop, 13. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Vallatini? Lizzy, Valentine,
Cooper -Scooper , Pooper -Cooper , Super Cooper Liz
22. Lis Ger nar d? Nar ds, Lizzy, M iss Lis 14. Clar e Donohoe? Clar ebear
23. Jenn Gr ossm an? Jenny, Gr oss M an, Jeans 15. Abigail Ingr am ? Instagr am , Abby, Abster
24. M ike Healey? Healie W heelie, M agic M ike, 16. Sam m i Janow er ? Sam m i the W ham m ie
M ikey, M ike Wazooooow ski, M ikey M ouse 17. Kather ine Roer ? Roar , Kat, Copy-Kat, Kathy
25. Bob Johnson? Bobby, Bob the Builder , 18. Jor dyn Ker r ? Ker r bear , Ker r taker , Jor dyn
Spongebob River
26. Alonzo Jones? Allonsy Alonzo! (Doctor W ho 19. Sar ah Kr ier ? Sar ebear ,
r efer ence), Allonsy, Indiana Jones, Jones BBQ & 20. Lily M acklin? Lil, Tiger Lily, Lily Pad
Foot M assage, Lone Jone 21. Lillian M cIntyr e? Lil, Lily Pad, Entir e
27. M elissa Weikar t? Lisa, M el, Go-Kar t 22. Em ily O?Gr ady? Em
28. Stephanie M acklin? Steph, Stephon 23. Rachel Patten? Rachel Platten, Rach, Ratchel
29. Kevin M ur phy? Kev, Keevon, Sm ur fy Satchel
30. M atthew Okun? M att, M attieu, Ok Okun 24. Noelle Pier ce? No L, Pier ced Ear
31. M ar y Oliveir a? M ar y Had a Little Lam b, 25. Rashana Reid? Rash, Read M or e Books
Rosem ar y
32. Adam Rochelle? Dam , Roach-elle, A dam , Author?s Note: I?m so sorry for most of these,
Adam Coachella they are horrible and complete epiphanies. But
33. M ar k Roger s? Nellie?s Dad, Roger That No. 2 feel free to call your favorite counselors or CITs
34. M ar y Louise Schecter ? M ar y Had a Little these names!
Lam b, Double Nam e Sur pr ise, M ar y Louis,
Lou-easy Peasy Lem on Squeezy
Som e CRCAP Cl asses We Need!
By The Yow ling, How ling, Angster Bling
After -Pool-Tow eling Roxanne Per iod: 3
Glassenber g 11-15
Location: W ho car es?!
Now , cam p has a looooottttt of classes. W hatever. I m ean, w hat?s the point? That?s
But obviously, w e can alw ays im pr ove stupid to even ask . How dum b. W hat to the ever.
on the class selections by thinking up W ho even car es? We don?t even car e if anyone
our ow n classes. So, w ithout fur ther signs up; w e don?t need anyone in this class.
ado, and I hope Aar on is listening, som e Don?t even show up.
gr eat and aw esom e classes that w e
need her e at cam p. Flatulence Fr iends
Per iod: 1
Advanced Walker Bur ning 8-12
Per iod: 2 Location: Old Building Dr am a Room 1
Location: Ar t Room 1 Flatulence has an unr easonable stigm a in our
12-15 society, and w e?r e her e br eak that taboo! We?r e
For only the m ost high level insult going to im pr ove our acting and public
innovator s. pr esentation skills w hile at the sam e tim e
Ever w anted to spend an entir e class teaching the w or ld about just how gr eat
block m aking fun of our dear Walker flatulence can be. And at the end off the session,
Ander son III? Well, then this is the class w e?ll r em ake a play to highlight our new found
for you. We?ll hone our pow er s of gas-expulsion skills.
pain-infliction and do our best to m ake
a gr ow n m an cr y. We'll use a var iety of Ther e?s A Fungus Am ong Us: The Ar t of Fungus
m edia to expr ess our feelings, including Per iod: 6
but not lim ited to paper -m ache, paint, 8-15
sidew alk chalk, chicken w ir e, and Location: Ar t Room 2
m or e! Join us w e r oast Walker like a Note: Students can not have any sor t of
Thanksgiving tur key. m ushr oom /dir t aller gy to par ticipate in this
Author?s Note: Walker told me this was class.
too violent. I just want to say that this Ah, fungus. Fr om the m ushr oom ?s gills to
was meant as in a verbal-insult class, not athlete's foot, it is tr uly a ver satile for m of life. In
as in violently harming anyone! I respect this class, w e?ll do ever ything fr om ar r anging
Walker, I think he?s great, I would not fungal bouquets for fr iends and fam ily, to
want to hurt him. I hope that that?s gr ow ing and cooking our ow n funguses, to
clear. m aking fungus pr ints and collages. Rubber
gloves and fungi w ill be pr ovided.
Gr untathon 2000
Per iod: 5 Autopsy Per for m ance Ar t
8-15 10-15
Location: The floor of Foster Hall Location: M iddle Building Oper ating Room
Hone your gr unting skills! W hether you (for m er ly the band br eakout r oom )
ar e a long-tim e gr unter or just dipping The ar t of the autopsy has a r ich and color ful
your toes into the gr unting pool, y6ou histor y extending back thr ough the ages. In this
can com e and gr unt w ith us. We?ll play up-and-com ing CRCAP class, students w ill study
gr unting gam es, do gr unting exer cise, that histor y and r eceive instr uction in basic
and jam together in a gr untastic scalpel handling, and than use their know ledge
m anner. On Festival Day, w e?ll per for m to cr eate w eir d and w onder ful and gor y
an or iginal gr unt piece w r itten by us! per for m ance ar t. Use your knives and im pr ess
* Gr unts* your fr iends!
W hy Don al d Tr u m p w i l l get I m peach ed! I deas I Al m ost Let Wal k er Pu bl i sh
By Colin Walsh By Ar iel Reinstein

Ther e ar e m any exam ples of w hy Sitting at this com puter , I think about cr azy
Donald Tr um p w ill get kicked out of the ideas that, at the tim e, sound r easonable.
Oval Office ? for exam ple, if anybody in a Som etim es, I w r ite the title and r ealize my
r egular job w as getting ever ybody kicked m istake, but som etim es I have to tell Walker
of the building, w hat w ould the boss do? In that I?ve m ade a m istake.
this case, the boss is the Legislative Br anch;
they need to think befor e they sign * Top Ten Days of the Week ? An idea I got
som ething because it's all par t of Donald?s fr om our suggestion box, and took on. Only
big plan to get ever ybody fir ed. Gr eat plan, after w ar ds did I r ealize my m istake. I had to
r ight?! tell Walker to not put it in. I then put the
Donald Tr um p fir ed one per son; that idea that I alm ost r uined back in the box. It
per son w as FBI dir ector Jam es Com ey. An w as alm ost a disaster.
ar ticle fr om Fact Check says ?Tr um p said * W hy is it Called ?The Daily Double? ?
the ?FBI has been in tur m oil,?and a W hite Don?t get m e w r ong, I have my conspir acies,
House spokesw om an said ?the r ank and file but I?m not about to publish my findings for
of the FBI had lost confidence?in Com ey. popular consum ption. I?m not about to go
?That is not accur ate,? accor ding to Acting w ith the w hole ?because it?s tw o blocks?
FBI Dir ector Andr ew M cCabe, w ho said thing. I?m not that gullible.
Com ey ?enjoyed br oad suppor t w ithin the * The Daily Double is Just a Super Chill
FBI, and still does to this day.? Sweatshop ? I?m not saying it isn?t, but
Ther e ar e m or e people and r easons ever yone alr eady know s this, so w hat?s the
that Tr um p fir ed people but it?s w hat point of putting it on paper ?
Tr um p thinks is r ight so the r easoning is * Hate Speed Round ? This w ould be a lot of
kinda stupid. Im agine that Donald Tr um p fun, w r iting a list of ever ything I could w r ite
is on a playgr ound and he?s fighting w ith and intense r ant about, but it w ouldn?t be
another gir l for a big toy. Say that the gir l challenging enough as a w r iter , even for my
gives up and gives him the toy, but then low DD standar ds. (If you w ant to hear my
w hen he gets the toy, he doesn?t know how r ants, subm it to my hate colum n.)
to use it. Also, ther e ar e m any unansw er ed
questions like: if Tr um p has nothing to Ther e?s pr obably a lot m or e that I?ve
hide, then w hy doesn?t he give a r eason for blocked fr om my m em or y, but these ar e the
all the people losing their jobs and going to m or e r ecent alm ost-disaster s. I?ll pr obably
w or k at their local M cdonald's? look back at this too and hate it, but for now
But, then again, he fir ed people for a I like it and I'm slightly desper ate for
living befor e he w as Pr esident! ar ticles to w r ite.

Em bar r assi n g Th i n gs Wal k er Sai d at t h e Last Teach er ?s M eet i n g
By Jam es M cCur ley

This article is based on a slip found in the idea box.

At his last teacher ?s m eeting at Gr eens Far m s Academy, Walker com plained about students
w ear ing Vineyar d Vines (a fancy clothing line), only he for got the nam e and com plained about
childr en w ear ing Nantucket Nectar s. Although no one com m ented at the tim e, they m ade
faces and star ted acting w eir d. After w ar ds, his colleagues m ade fun of Walker and he r ealized
his m istake. Although this w as an em bar r assing question, Walker answ er ed it ver y openly.
By M ar ia M oisuc

I know that it is w eir d to get gam ing ideas fr om a gir l, but I am going to list som e of my
favor ite gam es. It is obvious that you m ight know som e of these because they ar e popular.

1. Deceit. This is one of my favor ite gam es. It?s a 6 player , online gam e that you m ight find
inter esting. Tw o of the player s ar e ?infected? and the other ones ar e ?innocent?. The infected
tr ansfor m into a str ange cr eatur e dur ing the night and eat the innocent. The innocent need to
get to the exits and sur vive the attacks fr om the infected for sever al nights. But her e is the best
par t: you don?t know w hich ar e the infected people! As an infected, you need to act innocent
so the other s can?t find you and kill you w hile you ar e in hum an for m . Also, you can use your
m icr ophone to talk to the other people in the gam e.

2. Dead by Daylight. I think ever ybody know s this gam e! It?s also an online m ultiplayer gam e.
In this gam e you have 4 sur vivor s and one killer and you can choose w hich one you ar e (I like
playing killer ). The sur vivor s need to r epair 5 gener ator s to open the exit and w in the gam e
and the killer needs to kill them all by putting them on hooks. Ther e ar e sever al char acter s
that you can choose fr om and they all have differ ent abilities (som e killer s have super natur al
pow er s). This gam e has a lot of bugs w hich it kind of r uin it, but it?s still fun to play.

3. Friday The 13th. If you like old hor r or m ovies, you?ll like this gam e. It?s pr etty m uch the
gam e ver sion of the m ovies. W hether you get to be Jason (the killer , for the people w ho didn?t
see the m ovie) or a sur vivor is r andom . All the char acter s ar e fr om the m ovie and they have
differ ent abilities. You can also play as differ ent ver sions of Jason, w hich is ver y cool. You have
thr ee m aps and differ ent w ays to sur vive fr om Jason. Her e is a tip for people w ho play: if you
don?t alr eady know , you can kill Jason! You?ll need his m ask, his m other ?s sw eater (a fem ale
char acter should w ear it), and Tom my Jar vis w ith a m achete (for him to show up you?ll need 2
dead people).

4.Until Dawn. This a stor y gam e that changes based on your choices and ther e ar e a lot of w ays
to finish it. I can?t r eally give details on it because it changes fr om per son to per son and
because it w ould be a spoiler for people that didn?t play it. I?ll m ake it shor t. Som e high
schooler s go to one of their fr iends houses in the m ountains for a par ty, but they pull a pr ank
on the host?s sister and she and her tw in sister go into the w oods and ar e never seen again.

5. Outlast. Ever ybody hear d about this gam e, know n as ?the m other of hor r or gam es?. Ther e is
Outlast 1, Outlast W histleblow er , and Outlast 2 (r ecently r eleased). They ar e gam es w ith
stor ies that you can?t change (sim ilar to Until Daw n) and your char acter is either a guy w ith a
cam er a that is alw ays looking for som ething or som eone w ho m eets a lot of m onster s and
disgusting things.

This shor t list is of gam es in the hor r or categor y, although Deceit, Dead by Daylight, and Fr iday
the 13th ar e not that scar y at all. You could tr y this if you ar e too lazy to go outside and
By Ben Dennison

This quiz is m eant to challenge you. I had to look up 8. W hat is the last word of M ichael's
the answ er s for som e of these, so they ar e in fact ver y, ?Goodbye Poem? for Pam?
ver y har d. If you get at least 10 of the 14 cor r ect, you A. Pam
ar e a tr ue fan. Ther e ar en't any m ajor spoiler s, but to B. Love
get a 100%, you w ill need to have seen ever y episode. C. Sea
If you get them all cor r ect, you ar e better at gr ow ing D. Seagulls
beets than Dw ight is.
9. W hat is the name of Creed?s Band?
1. W hat is M ichael?s middle name? A. He doesn?t have one
A. Scar n B. The Gr assr oots
B. It?s unknow n C. The M otor heads
C. J. D. Br occoli Raab and the C-Shar ps
D. Gar y
10. W here does Stanley retire to?
2. How many wine glasses do Jan and M ichael have in A. Kansas
Season 4? B. Scr anton
A. 20 C. The Car ibbean
B. 4 D. Flor ida
C. 6
D. 4 11. W hat happens to Toby in Costa Rica
AND on which day does it happen?
3. W ho said, ?you can buy new stuff but you can?t buy a A. He falls off of a tr uck and cr acks his
new party? ? pelvis on the 9th day
A. Pam B. He falls off of a Zipline and br eaks his
B. Jim neck on the 3r d day
C. Jan C. He falls off of a boat and his hand gets
D. M ichael caught in the r udder on the 4th day
D. He falls off of a Zipline and br eaks his
4. W hat is M ichael?s book called? neck on the 12th day
A. ?Thr eat level: M idnight?
B. ?Som ehow I M anage? 12. W hat is Ryan?s Baby allergic to?
C. ?Hints Fr om the Desk of David Wallace? A. Peanut Butter
D. ?Running for Rabies? B. Bananas
C. Apples
5. W hat aisle is there a ?clean up? on? D. Str aw ber r ies
A. 6
B. 203 13. How much does does Pam weigh?
C. 5 A. 226 lbs
D. 14 B. 137 lbs
C. 126 lbs
6. How many Nigerian princesses does M ichael D. 144 lbs
A. 19 14. W hat is the name of the employee who
B. About 50 was mentioned in the ?Suggestion Box??
C. About 20 A. Tim
D. All of them B. Tom
C. Tam my
7. How many times does M ichael say ?no? when he D. Tam
finds out Toby is back?
A. 1 ANSW ERS: 1.D, 2.B, 3.A, 4.C, 5.C, 6.C, 7.D,
B. 17 8.B, 9.D, 10.B, 11.D, 12.C, 13.B, 14. B
C. 6
D. 23