Volu m e 48 | Issu e 3A | Weds, 6/ 28/ 17

An Updat e of Dest r u ct i on
By Nico Di Angelo and Sam m i J.

It w as a sunny day at CRCAP w hen Nico and
Sam m i decided to do an update of the
destr uction. They w alked outside and saw
w or ker s slow ly r etur ning to w or k . It w asn?t ver y
inter esting, so they r etur ned inside. About thr ee
m inutes later , Ciar an asked Nico and Sam m i if
they w anted to see the dr illing of the foundation
for the old cr eative star ts building. They quickly
r an outside again, r ealized that they could get a
A Wor d f r om Rach el better view fr om the shor t stor y w or kshop r oom ,
By Rachel Patten and headed in. The view w as astounding. The
dr ill slow ly w or ked its w ay into the foundation
Do you w ant to m ix technology and that had held for so m any year s. Just south of the
cr eativity? Ar e you still looking for the dr ill w as a m an continuously thr ow ing r ubble
1st per iod class for you? Com e join fr om the old building into a bigger pile so the
Por tfolio Web Design! We'll lear n how cr ane could collect it m or e easily. It w as all ver y
to m ake a cool w ebsite to show case hear tbr eaking to see the buildings that had given
your incr edible w r iting and other ar t. bir th to so m any cr eative m inds be dem olished,
Check out w hat our cam per s have m ade and then shipped off to som e old factor y.
in only tw o days:
https://henr ysclassical.w or dpr ess.com ?I n spect El em en t ?
https://r alucasblogsite.w or dpr ess.com by Jacob Gr assi

How t o An n oy You r Si bl i n gs! ! ! Left click . That is conventional click . That is
By Piper New m an actually click click . Right click; that br ings up
options. Go to any w ebpage. Right click it. See
Allow m e to intr oduce you to the fine w hat options you have. Look at the bottom of that
ar t of m ischief. Tell your sibling ?hey, list. You m ight have an option called ?Inspect
do you w ant m e to go to a stor e and Elem ent? (unless you?r e on Safar i). Click on
pick you up a B.L.T.?? (If you don?t ?Inspect Elem ent? You ar e about to have a good
know w hat a B.L.T. is, it?s a bacon, tim e. If you did this r ight, the code you?r e looking
lettuce, and tom ato sandw ich!) But at is HTM L, the language that all w ebsites ar e
don?t think you'r e actually going to give w r itten in. The coding below defines how you see
them a juicy w onder ? no! You'r e going the w ebsite. The cool thing about inspect elem ent
to give them a bologna, lem on, and is, you can change that. If you w ant to change the
toenail clippings sandw ich. This m ight text you see on a w ebsite, r ight click the text, use
get you punished for a w eek, but it?s ?Inspect Elem ent?, and look thr ough all the
sor t of w or th it! Another w ay to annoy coding gibber ish until you see the text. (You don?t
your siblings is instead of tickling their need to under stand coding to do this.) Then, left
m outh w ith a feather and them getting (nor m al) click the place in the code w her e your
a face full of glor ious w hipped cr eam , text is, and change it to w hatever you w ant.
give them a m outhful of shaving cr eam ! W hen you close the coding w indow , you should
Sor r y folks, this is over. Next Daily see that the text on the w ebsite has changed. If
Double you w ill get m or e advice on you?r e clever enough w ith the code, you can also
being annoying to your siblings, but for change pictur es. Exper im ent. See w hat you can
now w e?r e done. Thanks for r eading my do. And if you?r e on Safar i, dow nload Google
ar ticle! Chr om e. Your br ow ser is pr etty useless.
Th e Of f i ce Qu i z RAI NBOW M USTACHE ADVI CE #3
By M ia Gor don
Hi Cam per s! It?s Rainbow M ustache
Have you ever w onder ed if you?r e a Dw ight or a again w ith som e m or e answ er s to
Jim ? Pam or an Angela? Well her e you can find your questions! I hope you enjoy
out. them !

It?s lunch time! M an, I am starved. W hat?s on the Q. How do I live my life? I NEED
menu friend? HELP!
A: duuuuur iiian, yeah A. Fir st of all you should gr ow a
B: Beets, because they ar e the color of my r ed m ustache! Second, you dye it
bur ning passion to be the m onar ch of this office r ainbow ! If that doesn?t w or k get a
C: I like br ead ...a lot stick on r ainbow m ustache! It is
D: fat fr ee m ilk, it?s healthy that sim ple!

It?s Friday! Thank goodness! W hat?re you up to Q. Do you paint your mustache?
mate? A. um m m m m ? noooooo!!!!!
A: I?m going to my to im pr ov class!
B: I am going to go to the beet far m to m eet up Q. W hat should I wear to my dogs
w ith my cousin M oes wedding? I NEED HEEEEEELP!
C: I?m going to have a com pany lunch! Shhhhh A. All I need is for you to w ear a
don?t tell M ichael r ainbow m ustache!!!!!!!!
D: I?m going to have a cat par ty? w ith my cats
Q. Hello. I know you!!
Great plans, great plans! So if you had to be an A. Oh hello cr eepy stalker fr iend!
animal what animal would you want to be? I know
it?s a weird question. Q. HOW DO I GROW A BEAUTEOUS
A: A m onkey! Yeah! Love those little fur r y guys M USTACHE?
B: A lion because lions ar e kings of the jungle, and A. You stick on a fake r ainbow one!
soon I w ill be the king of this office! Heh heh heh. DUUUUUUUUUUH
C: A dog? m aybe?
D: Cat Q. How do I snazz up my mustache?
A. Isn?t it obvious? You dye it
Nice, nice so how do you guys feel about your boss? r ainbow !!!!
A: He?s only the best guy ever , am I r ight?
B: He is an essential par t in my plot to gain pow er Q. HELP M E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and r espect in this w or k place A. Um m m it sounds like you ar e in
C: Uhhhh? Well I can?t descr ibe him in w or ds a life cr isis? so I w ould suggest
D: I hate him w ith a passion gr ow ing a m ustache!

If you got m ostly A you got my favor ite char acter : Q. W hat should I name my
M ichael!!!!!!!!! You ar e a funny, attention seeking succulent, Jorge?
per son, and you?r e quite lovable too! A. I w ould suggest Jor ge w ith ?Jr.?
If you got m ostly B you got: Dw ight!!!!! You?r e a at the end!
r eal car d, that?s all I can say.
If you got m ostly C you got: Jim !!!!!! You?r e a Q. Can you give us more clues of
jokester , but you also know w hen to take things who you are?
ser iously A. If I can think of any, sur e!
And if you got m ostly D you got: Angela!!!!! Thank you for the questions! I hope
Oh! If you got a m ix, you ar e the hottest in the to get som e m or e soon!
office: Ryan!!!!!!
Favor i t es Fr om t h e Past Year
By Nina Kahn


Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812: If you Black M irror: Ever since I finished
w er e at cam p last year or have ever talked to m e, w atching Str anger Things, I needed m or e
you know that this is my favor ite m usical and has cr eepy show s, and luckily, my fr iend told
been for over a year. Since I last w r ote for the Daily m e to w atch Black M ir r or. I had hear d
Double, Gr eat Com et opened on Br oadw ay and I about it befor e, but I w as never r eally
m ay or m ay not have seen it thr ee tim es. If you?r e inter ested until I w atched my fir st
unfam iliar w ith the show , it?s an electr opop oper a episode, the season 3 pr em ier e
based on a sm all par t of War & Peace, and it?s kind ?Nosedive?. I w as hooked. If you don?t
of the best thing I?ve ever seen. Ever ything about it know about this show , it is a
is so cr eative; fr om the costum es to the set to the hor r or /thr iller /sci-fi anthology ser ies,
lights to the m usic itself, the w hole exper ience is a m eaning ever y episode has a differ ent
br eath of fr esh air. If you can go see it, please do. setting and char acter s (think of The
The off-Br oadw ay and Br oadw ay cast album s ar e Tw ilight Zone). It?s dar k, distur bing, and
available now ! m akes you look at the w or ld differ ently
after each episode. This has quickly
Come From Away: Com e Fr om Aw ay tells the tr ue becom e one of my favor ite show s. Black
stor y of the 38 planes fr om ar ound the w or ld that M ir r or is available only on Netflix and
w er e diver ted to a sm all tow n in New foundland has 13 episodes, and a four th season is
after 9/11 and how the passenger s and tow nspeople scheduled to be r eleased soon.
bonded. If you?r e looking for a good cr y, listen to (Editor?s note: this show may not be
this show. The m usic incor por ates both tr aditional suitable for all audiences. Recommended
theater and folk sounds. It?s hear tw ar m ing, rating: PG-15)
em otional, and the cast r ecor ding is r eadily
available! Twin Peaks: The Return: I w atched the
or iginal ser ies of Tw in Peaks near ly 3
Falsettos: If you like having your hear t r ipped out year s ago, and have been w aiting for the
and cr ying, Falsettos is the m usical for you. This r evival for a pr etty long tim e. Definitely
r evival of the 1992 pr oduction follow s the stor y of a not as long a tim e as other s, because the
m an w ho is tr ying to keep his fam ily together after show ended in 1991, but you get my
he leaves his w ife for his fr iend. Not only does it point. It finally air ed in late M ay and it?s
have an all-star cast featur ing Chr istian Bor le, gr eat! To be honest, I have no idea w hat?s
Andr ew Rannells, and Stephanie J Block, but the going on in the r evival, as is the case w ith
m usic and stor yline ar e incr edible. Although it m ost David Lynch pr oductions, but
closed due to a lim ited r un, it w as pr ofessionally never theless, I?m enjoying the episodes so
film ed a few m onths ago and w ill be scr eening in far. The new episodes ar e on Show tim e,
m ovie theater s ver y soon, so go see it! The or iginal but if you?ve never w atched Tw in Peaks
and r evival r ecor dings ar e available! befor e, star t w ith the or iginal 2 seasons.

Ghost Quartet: This m usical (or song cycle, World of Tomorrow: I stum bled acr oss
depending on how you think of it) is w r itten by this shor t anim ated m ovie on Netflix a
Dave M alloy, w ho also w r ote Gr eat Com et, and few m onths ago and im m ediately clicked
featur es tw o other per for m er s fr om it (Br ittain on it because its cr eator , Don Her tzfeldt,
Ashfor d and Gelsey Bell). Ghost Quar tet is no longer m ade another shor t film I r eally enjoyed
r unning, but ther e is talk about a West Coast tour in entitled It?s Such a Beautiful Day.
upcom ing year s. It follow s the stor y of four Although Wor ld of Tom or r ow is a m er e
char acter s acr oss differ ent tim elines and univer ses, 15 m inutes long, it r eally packs a punch
w hich sounds r eally confusing, but after a couple of w ith its beautiful anim ation and m essage.
listens you star t to under stand the stor y. Classic This is a gr eat option if you?r e just sitting
Dave M alloy tr adem ar ks ar e all over this show ; ar ound and have no idea w hat to w atch,
scr eeching, no r hym ing, and a nonsensical plot ar e because it honestly never gets old no
all pr esent. Both the studio and live cast r ecor dings m atter how m any tim es you r ew atch it.
ar e available!
Th e Secr et I n t er v i ew ! Teach er s ar e M ak i n g sch ool w or se
By By Anthony B.
#aw esom e/anonym ous
and Piper (not Walker ) How fun ar e teacher s? That?s the point, they?r e NOT.
They r uin the fun and ban ever ything. Thanks a lot, teacher s!
Hello, folks! (and Teacher s ban ever ything! Look at fidget spinner s, for
Walker.) Today, I am instance. I get they?r e distr acting and all but banning them
going to inter view fr om ever ything like lunch and r ecess, that?s just CROSSING
som eone about spies, but THE LINE! (Also speaking of school lunch, it?s r eally GROSS).
the catch is ? that they Isn?t r ecess supposed to be distr acting and fun? I guess not
have no idea w hat they anym or e. Even teacher s star ted to take people?s putty, and
ar e being inter view ed actually star t to squish it ar ound and play w ith it. That?s w hat
on!!!!! So, the per son I confused m e m ost. So thanks again, teacher s for com ing
am inter view ing is ? closer and closer to r uining m or e of school.
Piper !!!!! NEDP. It?s an after school pr ogr am at Hillside. It?s like
pr ison. Luckily, I don?t go ther e. The teacher s tr y to be so safe
Q. Have you ever been to and pr otective ther e that they have to send you off w ith a
the Spy M useum? BUDDY to just get a dr ink of w ater. Isn?t that stupid? They
A. Yes. even send you off w ith a teacher to stand outside of the
bathr oom too! They ar e now just com pletely over pr otective.
Q. W hat are some things See w hat I m ean?
you learned there?
A. Disguise. (Also, if you w ant to lear n guitar , go check out and please
subscr ibe to my youtube channel, Riff Pickle)
Q. Anything else?
A. I lear ned about bom bs
and w eapons.

Q. W hat is the coolest fact
you know about spies or
A. This is a har d one.

Q. W ill you answer my
A. I don?t know.
Fu n Fact s abou t Dogs
Q. W hat is one fact, then? By Ottavia L.
A. Lipstick taser.
I chose to w r ite about Dogs because they ar e cute, funny,
Q. Anything else? sw eet, fun to play w ith, and I have a dog at hom e. His nam e is
A. No. But the Spy Bilbo. ? To the facts!!!!!
M useum is pr etty cool.
- 3 Dogs (fr om fir st class cabin!) sur vived the sinking of
Q. Do you know what you the Titanic? 2 Pom er anians and one Pekingese.
were just interviewed on? - It?s r um or ed that, at the end of a Beatles song ?A Day in
A. Spies? the life,? Paul M cCar tney r ecor ded an Ultr asonic
w histle, audible only to dogs, just for his Shetland
Q. Aw man, yes, you got it Sheepdog.
? you were just - Puppies have 28 teeth and nor m al Adult dogs have 42!
interviewed on spies. Sour ce: Petfinder.com
Th e Spor t s Gu ys How good ar e you at pow er hitting?
By The Spor ts Guys A: The Best
B: Som e above aver age
Hello ever yone! Welcom e back to cam p. Once C: Ver y bad
again, w e w ill be w r iting about spor ts and be D: A little below aver age
taking questions, suggestions, and com m ents E: Pr etty bad
for anything spor ts. You can subm it topics to F: The Wor st
us in our subm ission box in the Activity
Center (it?s a big r ed hanging thing w ith a How good ar e you at not letting up r uns w hile
bunch of other advice colum ns on it). Som e pitching?
topics w e w ill be cover ing ar e new s about the A: Ver y Good
Red Sox, differ ent new s in spor ts, analysis of B: A bit under aver age
popular team s, etc. Please stay tuned for C: Pr etty Good
m or e exciting new s! To get star ted, let?s hear D: A fair am ount over aver age
about the Red Sox season so far. E: The Wor st
F: Pr etty Bad
Red Sox Par tial Season Over view :
The Red Sox ar e still tied for fir st in the AL How good ar e you at str ikeouts w hile pitching?
East, as has been the fact for quite som e tim e A: The Best
now. The fact that the AL East is only B: Aver age
separ ated by 5.5 gam es fr om 1st to last place C: Ver y Good
w ould m ean that August 31 - Septem ber 3 D: A little above aver age
could decide the Division title if it stays this E: The Wor st
close. To look at the pitching, Chr is Sale is F: A tiny bit above aver age
having a m onstr ous season, leading the Red
Sox w ith a 10 - 3 r ecor d, a 2.77 ERA, and 155 How good ar e you at m aking plays in the field?
K?s (Str ikeouts). He also leads the league (By a A: A tiny bit above aver age
w hopping 39) in K?s. On a w or se note, Rick B: Ver y Good
Por cello is 4 - 9 w ith a 5.00 ERA and only 93 C: Ver y Bad
K?s. His inconsistency w or r ies us. The Bullpen D: Pr etty Bad
has been phenom enal this season, w ith a 3.00 E: Ver y good
ERA, 3r d in the M LB. Cr aig Kim br el has 21 F: The Wor st
saves, and is per fect in save chances.
Batting-w ise, they can have som e How good ar e you at putouts in the field?
inconsistency. W hat?s ver y tr oublesom e is A: Pr etty good
that ther e?s no Red Sox player in the top 50 in B: Ver y good
RBI leader s. The highest is M itch M or eland, C: Aver age
w ho has 41, 24 less than the leader , Paul D: A little above aver age
Goldschm idt, at 65. W hile M itch M or eland is E: The Wor st
in the top 50 for str ikeouts w ith 67, he does F: Ver y bad
pr oduce even w ithout constant efficiency.
We?r e 16th in the league for batting, w hich M ostly A?s: Houston Astr os: You ar e ver y good at
isn?t gr eat at all. They have 354 r uns, 687 hits, ever ything
9 tr iples, 76 hom e r uns, 328 RBIs, a .335 M ostly B?s: Rockies: You have var ious str engths but
aver age, a .415 slugging per centage, and a still ar en?t the best at ever ything
.750 OPS. M ostly C?s: Red Sox: You ar e pr etty good over all
but ar en?t the m ost consistent
M LB TEAM QUIZ M ostly D?s: Car dinals: You ar e OK at m any things
How good ar e you over all at hitting? and not the best at other s, so you com e together to
A: Ver y Good be a little under aver age
B: Pr etty Good M ostly E?s: M innesota Tw ins: You lack m any skills
C: A little over aver age but the ones you ar e good at m ake up for it
D: A little under aver age M ostly F?s: San Diego Padr es: You don?t have that
E: Pr etty Bad m any str engths, but ther e is a lot of r oom for
F: The Wor st im pr ovem ent

Sour ces: ESPN, M LB,
Pok em on Go Agai n 5. Collecting Candy is Easier ? You can now
By Jacob Gr assi m ake a Pokem on of your choice your ?buddy?
and w hen you w alk ar ound, your buddy w ill
Does anybody r em em ber the Pokem on Go cr aze of autom atically collect it?s type of candy ever y so
last year ? I do. All ar ound cam p, people w er e often. You can also feed Pokem on a new type of
playing the gam e. It w as on the new s constantly. So ber r y called a Pinap Ber r y that m akes it give
m any people w er e playing it that the ser ver s kept you double the candy w hen you catch it!
cr ashing! Only a select few people still play the
gam e. I am one of those few people. M any people 6. Easier to Find Pokemon! ? Last year ,
stopped playing sim ply because the novelty died. Pokem on Go had a featur e w her e all Pokem on
You could catch Pokem on in the r eal w or ld, sur e, w ould have one, tw o or thr ee footsteps
but the gam e w asn?t all that fun once the r eal life depending on how close they w er e, and you
Pokem on hype dissipated. The gam e w asn?t even could use this to tr ack Pokem on, sor t of. The
that good at m aking you feel like the Pokem on w as system w as disabled alm ost im m ediately to stop
actually ther e. Other s stopped playing because it fr om cr ashing Niantic?s ser ver s. Now ther e is
they becam e fr ustr ated w ith the gam e. Either the a better tr acking system in place that show s you
ser ver s didn?t w or k, they couldn?t find any exciting w hich PokeStop each near by Pokem on is
Pokem on instead being bom bar ded w ith Pidgey near est to.
and Rattata, or ther e w er en?t any PokeStops or
Gym s near their location. The catch m echanic w as 7. M ore Pokemon can Evolve! ? W ith Pokem on
finicky, Gym s w er e m onopolized by high level easier to find and candy easier to get fr om
tr ainer s, and people w er e r unning out of them , you?r e going to w ant to use that candy to
im por tant item s constantly. But m any of the evolve your Pokem on. That?s gr eat, because
pr oblem s people had w ith the gam e have been m or e Pokem on have evolved for m s now ! Zubat,
addr essed by Niantic, one year later. It?s never Oddish, Poliw ag, Slow poke, Onix, Chansey,
been a better tim e to be a Pokem on tr ainer ! So Hor sea, Scyther , Eevee and Por ygon all have
today, I?d like to shar e w ith you ten r easons w hy new evolutions! Plus, m any of the all new
you should get back into Pokem on Go, or join in on Pokem on evolve!
the fun if you didn?t tr y it last year
8. M ore is on the Way! ? Niantic has m ade
1. Server Problems Solved! ? The gam e doesn?t statem ent suggesting that later this year , even
cr ash anym or e, and lag is at an all tim e low , w hich later this sum m er , they w ill add new stuff to
is gr eat if you w ant to play the gam e. Pokem on Go! The ability to tr ade Pokem on w ith
your fr iends and com pete w ith them in 1v1
2. M ore Pokemon! ? Since the gam e?s July r elease, battles ar e tw o of the pr om ised featur es!
100 new Pokem on have been added to the gam e, Legendar y Pokem on that ar e so r ar e their ver y
and the num ber of Pidgeys and Rattatas has been existence is myth m ight also be catchable. And
decr eased a fair bit. You?r e bound to find m or e of cour se, even m or e new Pokem on w ill be
?m on and m or e kinds of ?m on w hen you play now. added som etim e!

3. M ore PokeStops!? Niantic has spr inkled it?s 9. This is Only the Tip of the Iceberg ? Over 800
m agic PokeDust all over the w or ld causing m or e types of Pokem on exist, but only 250 ar e in
PokeStops to pop up ever yw her e! If ther e w asn?t Pokem on Go r ight now. That?s 750+ Pokem on
one near your house last year , ther e m ight be now ! that could be added in the futur e, plus, Niantic
Plus, now you can spin gym s for item s. is still w or king to m ake the gam e m or e fun
ever y day! W ho know w hat w ill be added in the
4. Rare Pokemon can be Battled and Caught at futur e!
Gyms! ? Occasionally, a Pokem on w ith m or e
pow er than usual w ill attack a gym , and it?s your 10. Gyms right outside CRCAP! ? At the end of
job as a tr ainer to team up w ith near by tr ainer s to the cam p day, w hy not r elax by going over to
defeat that Pokem on and save the gym . The best the Dover Deli a.k .a Isabellas and getting an ice
par t is, not only do you get to catch the Pokem on, cr eam , then w alking ar ound tow n conquer ing
but you get r ar e item s fr om it as w ell and a chance the near by gym s for your team ? In conclusion,
to captur e the gym for your ow n team after w ar ds! you should pr obably play Pokem on Go again.
W h i ch Hu f f l epu f f ch ar act er ar e you ? An An n ou n cem en t
By Car oline Cole By Cr eative M usic Alliance

A couple of w eeks ago, I w as bor ed. It w as the fir st We ar e Cr eative M usic Alliance.
w eek of sum m er and I had finished the Har r y Potter We ar e m aking an album .
ser ies. So I picked up my phone and sur fed the It w ill not be available in the
inter net for a playbuzz quiz to find out w hich Har r y follow ing for m ats:
Potter char acter I w as w ithin each house. But w hen
I sear ched Google to tr y to find a quiz about w hich CD
Hufflepuff I w as, I failed to find anything. I w as m ad. Vinyl
Hufflepuff deser ves unconditional love! So I decided Cassette
to m ake this quiz for all of you! Enjoy and r em em ber Str eam ing
the pow er of the badger ! Wax Cylinder

Would you join Dumbledore?s Army? It w ill only be available thr ough
A. Absolutely! W hat w e lear n ther e m ay be one of Snapchat.
our m ost im por tant life skills.
B. I think I w ould, as long as my fr iends ar e w ith m e.
Follow CM Alliance on Snapchat.
C. I think I?d go and poke fun at Har r y Potter about
you-know -w ho.
D. It w ould be fun! Exper ience daily fifteen-second
incr em ental additions to our
Do you like Quidditch? fr eshm an debut.
A. I love w atching it.
B. I like it as long as I?m not playing.
C. I?m team captain, it?s my obsession. Th e Sh or t est Ar t i cl e I n Dai l y
D. I?m not that gr eat, but if I tr ied, m aybe I could be! Dou bl e Hi st or y
By Jacob Gr assi
Do you think you could be in another house?
A. I think I?d do w ell in Gr yffindor It?s this one.
B. I?m a Hufflepuff thr ough and thr ough!
C. I do not belong in this house. The sor ting hat is
bonker s.
D. Per haps Ravenclaw , but I like it her e in IF YOU GOT?
Hufflepuff. M ostly A?s you ar e Er nie
M acm illian! You ar e fr iends w ith
W hat is your opinion on Harry potter? Har r y Potter and car e about
A. He?s a gr eat guy, and r eally good at defense. defense w ith all of your hear t.
B. He is r eally nice to m e and his fr iends. M ostly B?s you ar e Hannah Abbott!
C. He?s not special at all. Just an attention gr abber You ar e a sw eet per son w ho can
w ho thinks too m uch of him self. see the beauty in other s and love
D. He?s am azing. I im agine he can do anything, your fr iends ver y m uch.
having beat you-know -w ho so m any tim es. M ostly C?s you ar e Zachar ias Sm ith!
Uh-oh. A sinister Hufflepuff. You
W hat is your opinion on Hermione Granger? m ay belong in another house, but
A. She?s r eally sm ar t and car es a lot about her for now , you have to sur vive her e.
fr iends. M ostly D?s you ar e Justin
B. She is the best in ever y class, and r eally kind, too. Finch-Fletchley! You have an
C. Big know -it-all optim istic outlook on m ost things
D. She?s br illiant in class. and ar e a good fr iend.
W h er e i s Hu ck Jen n i n gs? M ar i o Ar m y Spot t ed on CRCAP Cam pu s
By anonym ous By AnoNYm OuS777

Huck Jennings w as a for m er An ar my of M ar ios have been spotted r ight her e
cam per in CRCAP but has not at CRCAP on June 28, 2017. These M ar ios have
been seen this year ! been know n to r un and jum p sim ilar to w hat a 2
Fr iends have been asking w her e dim ensional char acter w ould do. ?I identify
is Huck? myself as a goom ba, and I?m afr aid they?r e going
A r um or has been going ar ound to jum p on my head and kill m e? exclaim s
that the Donald Tr um p advice Walker Ander son, the head of the Daily Double
colum nist is r eally Huck . new spaper. Luckily, no incident has been
r ecor ded of any of these M ar ios jum ping on
Ever yone in Com ic Gr aphic Novel anyone?s heads, or any other violent act. The
last year knew how m uch he leader of this M ar io ar my has been identified as
loved joking about Tr um p. Ow en, but no fur ther infor m ation is available at
this m om ent. The M ar io ar my is pr edicted to
If anyone has know ledge about only stay for this after noon, as pr edicted by
M r. Jennings please find m e on exper ts. If you spot the M ar io ar my, get inside
the m iddle building w alkw ay at quickly and hide so they w on?t notice you and
lunch . think you ar e a goom ba.