Philosophy of Operations

BIG IDEA & QUESTION: WHAT IF - "behind" all of these project ideas (deepsoul/Peace Arts) we created a nonprofit research company called: "Renaissance Research" (#RRA <-TwitterHashtag) is available!) Renaissance Research would be a "Research and Development Hub" - Focused on doing Collaborative Research and Journalism to aggregate Strategic Knowledge and Social Capital flows to be used for the development of renaissance minded, kingdom hearted social transformation initiatives. Renaissance Research could easily become our "calling card" in approaching various organizations re: collaboration and sponsership. THEN... all of the DNA work could be slotted into RR. ie: "The DNA Process" could an Renaissance Research strategy model.


DNA Social Transformation Model

Renaissance Research Agency develops the DNA Social Transformation Model as an 'end to end' strategy designed to integrate culture and leadership research with renaissance minded social entrepreneurship.

Strategy Layer





Operation Layer

Social Research Initiatives

Data Repository

Social Transformation Initiatives

Could we integrate our research with mainstream 3rd party social research platforms? (EG: Wikipedia, Facebooks new 'research' Beta?)

Project Layer

Arts Research Project

DNA Summit

Peace Arts


Solar Crash? Do we Build this project as a rebrand/shared initiative under an existing Arts brand? Nidus Festival? Jeremiah Community? Sketch in Toronto? Voxtropolis? Develop Coalitions & Collaborations in Phases Potential Stakeholder Coalition.... Cardus GMR EFC Muskoka Woods Christian Weekly CTS Imago Engaging Artists in Opportunities Lausanne

CONVO with Earl

Potential values (needs clarification):

building this project

Do we need a shared platform for

Verifying the hypothesis (exploring the relationships between institution & Artist)... Pilgrim principle vs. Indigineous Principle within the context of young adults, urban arts and culture? Where does the theology of these two missiological points of View begin and lead us? (is redemption replacement or fulfillment?) Art & Spirituality... Critical reasoning & Urban art & cultural leadership Where do artists find themselves (their own identities) across these tensions?

Understanding Urban Culture Trends in relation to the church

Gather Value for other artists (they hear that they aren't alone... they share gathered resources and vision - etc...)

Make their voice visible and portable: Portable Visibility...

Journalism Research Project on Faith/ Institution/identity of Toronto Artists to launch PAC/DeepSoul.


Visual Language of Postmodern Culture...

What is the ramification of understanding - these festivals as "true to the city"? Hypothesis: Toronto is a deeply spiritual city... What is that? Where does it begin and end? Little City Toronto vs. Big City Toronto... What are our perceptions of the City? How are our perceptions shaped by our projections? Finding Place - question of where is home? The role and Effect of Nested Institutions on creating and contextualizing definitions and expectations of place, home, and community for Artists... Journalism Project CONTENT : Give voice to the Toronto(GTA?) Faith Artist - in the Industry...

Mae Guerrette / Cyril Guerrette

Brian Patterson "Little City & How" Collective Alyssa Bistonath

Doug Romanow (get links to other artists)

Andrew Huang

Entry Points into the Toronto Arts world:

Belinda Lee

Brian Han

Laura Bolender

Sharon Hann

Jasmyn Fyffe

Aisha Simpson

Sketch - Phylis Novaks

Adam Vegys

Create Central Project Dashboard "NOW" Steps:

Clarify Topics

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