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Franklin Local Board Plan 2017

Name: Paula Crosswell

Organisation: Patumahoe Village Inc
Role: Co-ordinator

Our organisation is more than happy to speak on behalf of this submission to the Franklin
Local Board Plan 2017 at a public hearing being held on 8 August 2017.

QUESTION 1. On a scale of one to five, are we on the right track with our proposed
local board plan.

5 - I strongly agree that the local board is on the right track

Many aspects of the proposed Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 are aligned with what we have
previously advocated for on behalf of our community.

Though we have only consulted in our local area, this plan will also benefit communities and
residents in the whole of Franklin.

Question 2: Tell us what you like most about our proposed local
board plan?

In regards to the possibilities in provides to our diverse communities:

No 5. Communities feel ownership & connection to their area.

However, ithe focus areas of Numbers 1 - 4 also match with the values our community have
told us are important to them.

Question 3: One of our ideas is to investigate introducing a local

targeted rate for Franklin residents to help pay for new initiatives
or improvements not currently proposed. Do you?


We have submitted in favour of this proposal several times in the past, both at Franklin Local
Board level, and Auckland Council level.

If a true current indication of local residents support was required, we have a plan in place to
undertake renewed information sharing and consultation with the community.

Franklin Local Coard Plan 2017

Submission from Patumahoe Village Inc
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Question 4: If you support the introduction of a targeted rate
for your area, what would you like to see it spent on?

Our community planning project resulted in a comprehensive Patumahoe Draft Structure Plan,
which investigated the priorities and values of the community. The focus was that the result
was community-led rather than committee led.

Although, the process was robust and thorough, given the transitional nature of Patumahoe in
the last few years and the large number of new residents, we would undertake a
comprehensive review of the priorities and values of the current residents and adjust or amend
this Patumahoe Structure Plan accordingly.

If we coordinated this effort with discussiions about targeted rates, then this information can be
presented to the Franklin Local Board knowing that we have made every effort to give all
residents - both old and new - a chance to have their voice included in an updated Patumahoe
Structure Plan.

We have deliberately put money aside for this purpose.

Question 5: Do you have any other comments about our

proposed local board plan?

Our committee is currently in recess, waiting to update and consult with community when the
opportunity presents itself.

Our committee members are more than willing to give the current Franklin Local Board a
presentation on our consultation methods and findings which would take around 20 minutes,
with 10 min Q & A if required.

It would also allow the new members of the Board to understand the planning advice and
decisions that made up the current Patumahoe Draft Structure Plan.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if the Franklin Local Board would like a presentation:

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to submit on behalf of Patumahoe Village Inc.

Yours sincerely,

Paula Crosswell

Franklin Local Coard Plan 2017

Submission from Patumahoe Village Inc
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