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Britney Jayne

HLTH 634


I. Executive Overview
A. Proposal
1. Healthy Wolly Kids is a health intervention that will take place at
Wollaston Church of the Nazarene, or Wolly Naz as many call it. It is a
group with a passion and prayer for parents to positively influence and
effectively change the way their children look at food, and themselves.
Healthy Wolly Kids knows that research shows eating behaviors and
psychology both contribute to childhood obesity. By focusing on family
strategies to eat more fruits and vegetables, less added sugar, and having
healthy conversations about a Godly body image, parents can help
children be their healthiest selves to ultimately decrease the childhood
obesity epidemic.
2. As an agency that has a foundation in public health, nutrition, community
outreach, and childcare, Healthy Wolly Kids is very qualified for this
health intervention. As a Masters of Public Health and Nutrition student,
the director has a strong background in the principles of nutrition and
body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth. As members of the
Wollaston Church, they also have strong knowledge of the mission of the
church in order to represent the core values in everything taught.
B. Need For Intervention
1. Children in the ages of 6-19 that attend Wolly Naz are the target
population for this intervention. The percentage of children with obesity in
the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s, and shows no
sign of slowing down. Today, 1 in 5 school-aged children has obesity.
2. Over time, consuming more energy from foods and beverages than the
body uses for healthy functioning, growth, and physical activity, leads to
extra weight gain. This energy imbalance is a key factor behind the high
rates of obesity seen in the United States and globally. There are many
problems childhood obesity brings. It has many intermediate and long-
term impacts on physical, social, and emotional health. Children with
obesity are at higher risk for having other chronic health conditions,
having obesity as an adult, and more likely to suffer from depression and
lower self-esteem.
C. Explanation of Intervention
1. The Goals of Intervention:
a. By the end of the program, 85% of the parent participants will
have 2 practical changes they can make to the family meal plan
and diet to include an additional serving of vegetables and one less
source of added sugar.
b. By the end of the program, 85% of the parent participants will
have 2 applicable Bible verses to share with their children on how
they were made in Gods image, and how God wishes for us to
take care of our bodies.

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Britney Jayne
HLTH 634

c. By the end of the program, 75% of parent participants will state

that they now have the confidence to know how to influence a
positive change in their familys emotional and physical health.
2. By gathering a group of parents in a local church who have expressed
interest and a need for healthy eating tips for families, as well as ways to
increase body image in their children, Healthy Wolly Kids aims to address
an issue to see positive change. In a group setting, the intervention will
provide information, handouts, and recommended sources to actively help
parents plan means, understand portion size, and provide healthy snack
options. Using tips and recommended family interventions, Healthy Wolly
Kids will help parents increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables and
decrease the amount of added sugar in their childrens diets. With Biblical
references, Healthy Wolly Kids will encourage parents to see the
importance of vocalizing to their children to love the body God has given
them and to treat it well: to treat it as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
3. The desired outcome of Healthy Wolly Kids is for parents to feel
empowered to take control of their familys health.
a. The short-term outcome is for parents of Wollaston Nazarene to
know the importance of doing everything they can for their
children to protect them from obesity. It is to empower them to feel
they have the knowledge to always find the tools and information
they need to put their childrens health as a top priority.
b. The long-term outcome is to expand Healthy Wolly Kids to the
local community, using a foundation of parental influence
interventions. The desire is to find an intervention that can
effectively transform the health of a community to decrease the
prevalence of childhood obesity.
II. The Customers (Market Review)
A. Intended Audience
1. BehavioralThe behaviors of the intended audience are a medium
degree of readiness or greater. The intervention will not be successful if
the participant parents are not ready for change, as success is going to be
based on parent compliance. They will be ready to ask questions and seek
guidance and make good choices for their childrens health.
2. CulturalThe language preference for the intervention is English, as
Wollaston Church is an English speaking church. All ethnicities and
family structures are welcome. All religions are welcome, although the
intervention will be centered on belief that the Bible is the word of God.
This will be made apparent to all potential participants prior to the
beginning of the intervention. Families with any special diet requirements
are welcome to come and information will be provided based on particular
3. DemographicThere are no demographics being targeted. Families of all
occupations, incomes, educational levels, and family situations are
welcome and will be met where they are.

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Britney Jayne
HLTH 634

4. PhysicalThe only physical characteristic of the intended audience is

having a child from 6-19 years of age.
5. PsychographicThe hope is to have participants with attitudes that are
excited for change, with a positive outlook on life and health. In order for
them to express to their children the importance of loving their bodies as
the temple of God, they must believe that as well or the intervention will
not be as successful.
B. The secondary audience would be any community member who knows someone
with kids aged 6-19 or is going to have kids that age soon. If friends and family
members see the message, the hope is they will share it with their loved ones.
III. The Product (Product Review)
A. The Intervention Service
1. The service being provided is a weekly, 1 hour-long educational seminar
for 12 weeks after the church service at Wolly Naz. This cycle will
continue until all attenders have had the availability to participate. Then an
evaluation will take place to see if it can be transformed into a community
intervention, working with other churches and health centers in Quincy.
2. The service will offer a discussion with time for questions. There will be
handouts, meal plans, recipes, cooking strategies, portion size information,
healthy snacking tips, and Biblical principles in accordance with the
Nazarene faith.
3. It compares with other healthy eating strategies in that it is based for a
church community first. This allows for convenience, as the families are
already present. It allows for a common ground; a foundation in Christ. It
also is a group of people who will continuously be beside each other,
which allows for support through all stages of the intervention.
B. The service is unique in nature in that it is heavily a parental intervention to
address childhood obesity. Parents need support, and by gathering members of the
church to meet together it will ensure a sense of security and daily support.
IV. Strategies
A. Position
1. Imaging: The image being portrayed is an overall healthy well-being. It is
a focus on mind, body, and spirit to achieve wellness. People will feel
welcomed, safe, and supported.
2. Distinctiveness: The greatest selling point is the importance of each
individual situation to the staff. Anyone can come in at any stage of life,
looking to make one small and simple change or many changes,
depending on the readiness of each individual parent/guardian.
B. Product
1. Features: The features and customer services that will be emphasized are
the take home materials, recipes, grocery lists, meal plan examples,
credible sources to further examine, and the staff knowledge. The unique
snack examples will also provide families with real examples at work.
2. Necessity: This is important to the target audience because many parents
simply do not have the time to put in research that may not even be
credible. Childhood obesity is a serious current and future health concern.

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Britney Jayne
HLTH 634

Parents should not only be aware of this concern, but need to understand
how they can play a major role in changing this outcome.
C. Price
1. Price: The price will be $20 per family.
2. Value: This price was set to ensure that materials such as handouts, ink,
and research time are compensated. Healthy snack examples will also be
served each time, so the price includes this expense.
D. Promotion
1. Selling points: The strong selling points will be the valuable information
gained, the empowerment parents will feel to take control of their
families health, and the strong sense of a small community foundation.
2. Promotional places: The Healthy Wolly Kids intervention will be
promoted at the church. The initial intervention is specifically designed to
be after service, and for the families attending the church. All are welcome
if they hear about it through word of mouth, but the specific design of this
intervention is for a strong parental support group within the church.
V. Budget
A. Promotion and Advertising Budget (1 Year)
1. Unit Costs:
a. Paper and Ink for Handouts: $300
b. Video Rental Equipment for video to be played at church: $200
c. Healthy Snack Examples to hand out at sign ups: $500
2. Total Cost: Yearly total cost for advertising= $1,000
B. Fortunately because this is an intervention targeted at a church community, the
need for advertising is minimal. Brochures and handouts will be made to explain
the key parts of Healthy Wolly Kids. The projection for this cost is $300 dollars.
The church is able to order supplies through their provider, which will decrease
shipping and handling costs, and aid in bulk discounts. Video equipment can be
rented through Rule Camera for $200 a day. This will allow for a good quality
video to be made by Healthy Wolly Kids that can be played before the start of
service at the church or on a side TV to explain more and see faces behind the
intervention. Where the sign ups will be, the staff will prepare snack examples to
show interested members what snack knowledge Healthy Wolly Kids has to offer.
With the use of these simple advertising strategies, Healthy Wolly Kids will be
shown to all members of the congregation.

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