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RELLERMO Production and Operations Management

III-11 February 10, 2016



Evaluate the experience of the Hovey and Beard Company as it reflects on job
design, human relationships and the supervisors role. How would you react as
supervisor to the situation where workers determine how the work will be performed? If
you were designing the spray-painting set-up, would you design it differently?

What happened in their company regarding the problem of human jobs with the
spray-painting machine set-up was a typical scenario which often happens in a
certain manufacturing company where workers find it difficult to handle or
operate a machine especially when it is new and the workers do not have
enough knowledge about operating such machine. I admire the supervisor for
considering his workers capabilities and concerns about the new machgine set-
up. To be an efficient manager, being technically skilled is not enough. You
should also o have good relationship with your people you are
have to be understanding and considerate regarding with their feeling ang
concerns about their job. In the situation given, the new policy benefited both
the women workers and the whole sales and production of the company, thus I
agree with how the supervisor worked with the concerns of the workers. I do not
see anything wrong with the new policy that workers and the supervisor had
agreed, therefore I would rather not design the machine set-up differently.


1. What is the maximum number of applications per hour that can be handled by the
present configuration of the process?

The maximum number of application per hour by the present configuration of

the process are 60 applications.

2. How many applications can be processed per hour if a second clerk is added to check
for violations?

The maximum number of application per hour if the second clerk is added to
check for violation are 90 applications although the number applications produced of
the third step will increase from 60 to 120 application per hour
3. Assuming the addition of one more clerk, what is the maximum number of
applications the process can handle?

If the second clerk is added to check violation, the maximum number of

applications could be increased 90 applications per hour.

4. How would you suggest modifying the process to accommodate 120 applications per
To accommodate 120 applications per hour, we suggest to add the second
operator for check file (step 3) and conduct eye test (step 4)

Chapter 10:

1. Brueggers maintains relatively little inventory at either its plants or its retail stores.
List the benefits and risks of this policy.


The business will have a lease investment

They will be able to have a reduced storage facility
There will be an easier organization of resources
There will be a reduced wastage
Fresh products can be delivered to the customers


Inability to meet high demand

High cost of production
Lack of standardization to products to increase the capital
High transportation cost
Breakage in supply chain can lead to unavailability of the stock.
2. Quality is very important to Brueggers.

(a) What features of bagels do customers look at to judge their quality of bagels?

Customers judge the quality of their products by the appearance, taste and
health benefit.
(b) At what points in the production process do workers check bagel quality?

Choosing appropriate suppliers for their ingredients to maintain quality products.

Monitoring and evaluating the process at each step.
Keeping equipment's in good working conditions
Watch for deformed bagels and remove them if any.

(c) List the steps in the production process, beginning with purchasing ingredients, and
ending with the sale, and state how quality can be positively affected at each step.

Basic ingredients are mixed together

Proper ratio of ingredients
Good quality of ingredients
Dough are transferred to machines
Cleanliness of machines
Shape of bagel should be maintained Shipping to stores
Packing should be done properly
Temperature should be maintained while transportation Temporarily storage
Proper handling Boiling and baking of bagel
Temperature maintenance
3. Which inventory models could be used for ordering the ingredients for bagels? Which
model do you think would be most appropriate for deciding how many bagels to make
in a given batch?

Economic order quantity (EOQ) or the size of order which minimizes total costs
of carrying and cost of ordering.
Replenishment model
Safety calculation
Reorder point

4. Brueggers has bagel-making machines at its plants. Another possibility would be to

have a bagel-making machine at each store, what advantages does each alternative

A. Advantage of having machine at main plant

a) Less investment since there are few machines

b) Proper utilization of manpower

c) Less tools required

d) Recipe secret can be maintained

e) Quality, shape & size can be maintained

f) Inventory maintenance at single point/location

B. Advantages of having machines at every retail stores:

a) It saves time since there will be less effort to produce the products by
using the machine located in the retail store.
b) Transportation cost goes down since the machine is already located at the
retail store.

c) Reduced wastage and damages.

d) Can meet any demand of customer at short notice.