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Mendoza, Julie Anne Mae S. HUM 1 Prof.


I. Title of the Film: TAKEN

II. Director: by Pierre Morel

III. Actors/ Characters/ Characterization:

a. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) he is a former CIA agent and a very loving father to his daughter
b. Kimberly Kim Mills (Maggie Grace) she is a spoiled 17- year old girl but a sweet and loving
daughter to her biological father Bryan Mills.
c. Lenore Mills (Famke Janssen) she is a rude ex-wife of Bryan Mills and a mother who spoils and
tolerates her daughter.
IV. Setting:
a. Los Angeles, California, USA- this is where the movie starts and where Bryan Mills, her daughter,
and his ex-wife lives.
b. Paris, France- this is where Kimberly Mills was abducted and where almost the whole movie moves
V. Summary:

Bryan Mills, a recently retired agent, left the Central Intelligence Agency to be near his daughter
Kim in California. Kim lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart while Bryan lives
alone in his small modest apartment. One day, Bryans friend invited him to be a temporary security of
Sheerah, a pop star icon, for her upcoming concert. On the concert day, Bryan asked some advice from
Sheerah for him to give to his daughter who also wishes to be a singer. After their quick conversation,
Bryan got a phone call from Kim inviting him for lunch. At the concert, Bryan escorted Sheerah away from
the crowd, but has been attacked by a knife-wielding assailant which Bryan quickly took down. After that
incident, Sheerah was very thankful to Bryan and she offered to assess Kims talent as a singer.

On the following day, Kim and Bryan meet for lunch and he was excited to tell about Sheerahs
offer for Kim. However, Lenore also came and it became clear to him that he was only invited for lunch to
sign the parental-consent form that Kim needs to take a vacation to Paris with her friend Amanda. Bryan is
reluctant to agree because he knows that it will be dangerous for Kim to travel at Paris alone. Because of
that, Kim becomes very upset. The next day, Bryan shows up at Stuarts mansion with the signed consent,
a cell phone for Kim and some conditions and advice. At the airport, Bryan discovers that Kim and her
friend are actually going to follow the rock band U2 on their European tour and will not just stay on Paris.
He becomes dismayed and angry but its already too late to do anything about it.

In Paris, Kim and Amanda meet a friendly, young Parisian named Peter. He suggests that the three
of them must share a taxi because of the expensive ride downtown. Kim reluctantly agrees but Amanda
immediately accepts his suggestion. When they arrive at their apartment, Peter immediately made a phone
call telling Kim and Amandas address. At the apartment, while Kim talks to her father on the phone, she
witnesses from the bathroom window that Amanda was being abducted by intruders. Bryan immediately
records their conversation and instructs Kim what to do. After a few moments, Kim was also abducted.
After that, Bryan send their taped conversation to his former CIA colleague and he found out that Kim was
taken by Albanian human trafficking syndicate. After he was supplied with more information about the
syndicate, he then flies to Paris using Stuarts private jet.

In Paris, Bryan get all the clues that he needed and investigates every place where his clues leads
him to. After many chasing, running and shooting, Bryan finally found Kim being auctioned under the guise
of a party being held. Unfortunately, He was captured but frees himself immediately. Then he found out
that Kim was being taken into a luxury yacht. He races for the yacht and fortunately he jumped onto the
yacht just in time. There, he beat all the opponents and finally rescued Kim. They returned to U.S and Kim
was finally reunited with her mother and stepfather. Afterward, Bryan took Kim to a very nice home and
there she saw pop star Sheerah who offered to help her in her singing talent.

VI. Questions:
1. Who is the most interesting character? Why?
For me, the most interesting character is Bryan Mills because he had some amazing skills in beating
up bad guys and the intelligence that really fits his character as a CIA agent. Also, I find him interesting
because of the good values that he shows as a father to her daughter.

2. Who is the least interesting character? Why?

For me, the least interesting character is Lenore Mills because she havent done anything good in
the movie but to spoil and tolerate her daughter.

3. Which is the most interesting part of the film? Why?

The most interesting part of the film is when he races for the yacht where Kim has been taken. That
particular scene really boost the level of intensity in the movie which made the viewers excited on how
Bryan would finally rescue her daughter.

4. Which is the least interesting part of the film? Why?

The least interesting part of the film is the opening scene before the conflict arises. I found it least
interesting because it only introduces who the characters are and what kind of people are they.

5. What is the conflict in the film? In what way it is solved at the end?
The conflict in the film is Kims abduction. She has been kidnapped and placed into a prostitution
ring by Albanian syndicate. His father, Bryan Mills went through a lot of things. He searched every
locations, get new leads to Kims abduction and chase and beat every bad guys that he encountered until he
rescued Kim.

6. State the redeeming values of the film.

One redeeming values of this film is love for family. This was greatly expressed by the main
character when he rescued her daughter from being abducted. Because of his love for his daughter, he
overcome all the difficulties that he encountered just to save his daughter and secure her safety again.
Another values is respecting and listening to every parents decision. This values is important for young
viewers because almost all of the new generations youth are now lacking of this values.

7. Would you recommend the film for viewing? To whom? Why?

Yes, I would recommend this film to teenagers from 13-years old and above. It is because this
movie will teach young people like them about the possible things that will happen to them whenever they
didnt listen to their parents. And aside from that, this movie teaches many other good values that teenagers
really needs to learn. Of course, Im recommending this movie to teenagers but with parental guidance to
explain to them those scenes that are sensitive to their age.

8. How will you rate the film?

I will rate it 4 out of 5 for moral values because it teaches good lessons to the viewers even if most
of its scenes contains violence. Also, I will rate it 4 out of 5 for artistry because the actors did really well in
portraying their characters in the movie considering also the skill placed by the director, cinematographer
and all the staff in this movie. They did well in making this movie look natural even if some scenes are not
possible in human mind.

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