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New Modes of

Art Writing 2
Intersections of the Critical and the Creative Voice

Friday 10th November 2017

Is there a space where creating and experiencing art Subjects and topics may be drawn from the list below, but
meets and converges with writing? If so, what is this please dont view this as prescriptive or exhaustive:
space? And how might we theorize it? How can we
use writing to explore the varied forms of visual arts * Encountering art through writing

practices? And how might we incorporate and situate * Performative writing about art
writing within the context of our artistic research, and the
* Critical writing about art
wider practices of the arts and humanities?
* Art Historical Writing
We would like to examine how art may incorporate
* Self-life writing responding to Art Practice
different forms of writing to consider how traditional
positions of objectivity and subjectivity can be challenged * Ekphrasis: Writing from the visual
and whether there are ways of bridging the gap between * Writing as visual arts practice
different writing practices, in order for new forms to
emerge. * Auto-ethnography. Writing from personal experience

in order to understand cultural experience.

New Modes of Art Writing 2 intends to provide a space
where we might rethink writing as a further agency of our Please submit abstracts of no more than 300 words for
creative practice, encouraging exploration of its potential for 20-minute papers, performances or to run a workshop
as an artistic form and as a method of critical enquiry. together with a 200 word biography by Friday 1st
September 2017 via email to
The one day symposium aims to encourage regional,
national and international applications from PhD
Questions and expressions of interest can also be
researchers and independent scholars. We invite
addressed for the attention of Gary Spicer at the same
applicants to submit abstracts for 20-minute papers,
email address in advance of the deadline.
performances or to run a workshop.

For further information: visit the conference website

Best regards,
Gary Spicer
For the New Modes of Art Writing organising committee