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(Single-Minded For God)

1. To realize or true worth of as sons and daughters of God.
2. To understand our value and purpose according to Gods plan.
3. To know the importance of protecting our worth by living a life of integrity.

1. Registration
2. Opening Worship
3. Activity: The Price is Right
a. The group can be divided according to their households.
b. The game master will present one item at a time to the audience. Items
should be vary in look, in usage and in category (ex. trashcan, earrings,
c. Each household will choose one representative.
d. When the game master presents an item, each item will try to guess the right
e. Whoever is the closest to the right price gets the point.
4. Processing
5. Talk Proper
6. Group Discussion
7. Closing Prayer

Man judges by appearance, but God looks on the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7


I. Introduction

How did you determine the prices of the things that were presented to you?
Did you set the price too high or too low? Some of us judge things based on what
they look like or on what they are known for. We rarely recognized their real value
unless we know how they are made and where they came from. Same thing with
what we do with people. Same thing with what we experienced in our lives.
We are often misjudged by other people around us. We feel hurt whenever
label us differently from who we really are. Because of this, we either live up to the
preconceived labels or work hard to rebel against it. In effect, we live our lives
completely different if not opposite of who we really are. Thus, we fail to recognize
our true worth.

II. Your True Worth

Jesus knew very well His true worth. He knew that He was the Prince, the Son of
Man, destined to be King. Even though people regarded Him as a carpenters son, a
crazy man, a blasphemer and a criminal, He still knew who He was. We, too, should
be the same. We too should strive to look at our hearts and see who we really are.

a. Special because we are children of the King.

b. Privileged because He provides for everything we need
c. Made to be great because we are made in His image and likeness

The heart is where our true worth lies. We are special, privileged and made to be
great. Your heart will be where your treasure is. Matthew 6:21

III. Posture of the Heart

Here in YFC, we now realized and discovered what our real worth is. All these
will replace how the world defines us, a worth not based on money, on labels,
material things, positions, status in life, etc. Therefore, we should always see to it
that our heart, which is the true measure of our worth, maintains a certain posture
at all times.

A. Joyful Heart
Have joy because you know your worth. When you know this, you
are contented in everything you are. It doesnt matter what you have and
you dont have for real happiness comes from within.

B. Prayerful Heart
Be continuously dependent on God to remind us of our
worthiness. A prayerful heart allows us to be mindful of the things that
can be tarnish our real value.

C. Grateful Heart
Be thankful of everything and anything that is happening to us. No
matter what happens in our lives, we should always see it as a blessing
from God. You, O Lord, know me, you see me, you have found that at
heart I am with you. Jeremiah 12:3 (The New American Bible)
God sees our hearts. God knows who we really are. He sees our
value in spite of our doubts, fears, sins and insecurities. Therefore, we
should always be confident in Him.

D. Man and Woman of Conviction

We should fight for what we believed in. Having conviction and love for
the things that God is calling us to do. We should be steadfast in faith and
put all of our trust in Him.

IV. Guard Your Heart

Even if you already know your worth, the evil one will always try to deceive
you. He will constantly shake the posture of our hearts. There will be come a time
that he will lead us to doubt our real worth. If we give in, this might make us
compromise ourselves and allow the world to define who we are once again. This is
where we can use our integrity to guard our hearts, to keep our true worth intact.

Integrity is

A. Being true to your self

You are Gods child. You bear the name of your Father, who is the
King of all Kings. Therefore, you should not be ashamed of who you really
are. When you try to do good things because of the Father, it should not
stop you when people think youre weird or different.

B. Being true to others

What you say, you do. Dont pretend to be something else just to
satisfy other people or just to fit in. Fulfill your promises to the people
around you. Be honest at all times.
We need to be true at all times. This allows us to protect our
worth from being tarnished or stained by lies. It motivates us to
constantly seek the one who gives us worth and anchor ourselves on
Him. Having integrity brings us right back to Him and keeps us fixed on
God alone.

V. Conclusion
Never forget how much God saw us worthy enough for Jesus to die on the
cross. He sees our sins and loves us despite of it. We have worth because He made
us worthy. Let us always strive to protect this worthiness. Let us all strive to live
according to how He has designed us to be.
1. How do you see yourself right now?
2. Are you struggling to be true to yourself and others?
3. How do you value and live out your worth as a son and daughter of God?
4. In what ways can you show and apply the value of integrity in your everyday life?