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Name of organisation Thematic Focus


Africa, Asia, Europe, Education and youth, governance

Middle East, Latin America and accountability, Health, Media
and the Carribean, US and information, Rights and justice
Open Society Foundations
Accountability and Transparency
Policy Debate and Dialogue
Latin America Human Rights
Citizen Security

Facilitate and promote the

V4 countries development of closer cooperation
Visegrad+ Fund also among citizens and institutions in the
Visegrad Fund includes Western Balkans, region as well as between the V4
EU Eastern Partnership region and other countries,
countries especially the Western Balkans and
countries of the Eastern Partnership.

Promotion of peace
Links between peoples across
cultural, religious and ethnic
Education of children and teenagers
Anne Frank Foundation Worldwide Combating racism, prejudice and
Women's and children's rights
Refugee relief
Holocaust survivors

Peace and Security, Power and

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Accountability, Rights and Justice,
Trust Sustainable Future, Northern Ireland,

europe,integration, climate change,

Stiftung Mercator Europe cultural education

Democratic Practice, Peacebuilding,

NY, Southern China,
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Western Balkans and Sustainable Development, Policy
and Advocacy, Diversity

environment, issues affecting

Oak Foundation Worldwide women, human rights, learning
human rights and international
justice, peace and security,
conservation and sustainable
MacArthur Foundation Worldwide development, girls' secondary
education in developing countries,
migration, and population and
reproductive health.

Social justice for LGBT (Global

Arcus Foundation Worldwide Religions, Human Rights)

advance health, revalue ecosystems,

Rockefeller Foundation Not specified secure livelihoods, and transform

Southeast Europe (SEE),

which includes Bosnia,
Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo,
Montenegro, Romania,
Serbia and Turkey; and the Civil society
Western Former Soviet
Charles Stewart Mot Union (WFSU), which
includes Belarus, Moldova,
Russia and Ukraine.

Worldwide Environment

Health, international relations (civil

society and good governance, peace
etc.), society, education, culture
Robert Bosch Stiftung Worldwide
EU Neighbourhood:
Algeria, Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt,
European Endowment for Georgia, Jordan, Libya, Actions for democratic change
Democracy Lebanon, Moldova,
Morocco, the occupied
Palestinian territories,
Syria, Tunisia & Ukraine.

Action for Change: The Action for

Change programme aims to alter
government policies and the
behaviour of citizens and businesses
Hivos Worldwide in the North to bring concrete
improvements to the living and
working conditions of people in
developing countries.

peace education, media education,

Evens Foundation EU european journalism,

Bewegungsstiftung Not specified Ecology, peace and human rights

Population growth, nonsustainable

corporate, government, and
miltilateral development bank
Wallace Global Fund Worldwide policies,poverty,global climate
change,pollution, waste and over
consumption and threats to
The foundation commits its
resources, in the fields of
governance, ethics and transition
toward a sustainable society, to:
Charles Lopold Mayer - the development, reinforcement,
Foundation for the Progress of Not specified and globalization of networks;
Humankind (fph) - work contributing to the
emergence of diagnosis and
- strategies of advocacy and
dissemination of these proposals.

reducing poverty and injustice;

promoting democratic values; and
Ford Foundation Worldwide advancing human knowledge,
creativity and achievement.

Advocacy, Research and Litigation

Detention, Torture and Death
Human Rights Defenders
Free Expression
Sigrid Rausing Trust Worldwide Transitional Justice
Women's Rights
LGBTI Rights
Xenophobia and Intolerance
Transparency and Accountability

Gates Foundation Worldwide Global Health, Global Development

Economic justice, environmental

Solidago Foundation Not specified justice, electoral justice, global

Humanity United Not specified human rights, peaceful world

CoE focus area:
European Youth Foundation CoE member countries

Environment, climate change and

Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, renewable energy, civil society,
Czech Republic, Estonia, human and social development,
EEA Grants and Norway Grants Greece, Hungary, Latvia, protecting cultural heritage, research
Lithuania, Malta, Poland, and scholarships, carbon capture and
Portugal, Romania, storage, green industry innovation,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain decent work, justice and home

Key Action 2 (KA2) Cooperation

for innovation and the exchange of
good practices
Strategic partnerships in the field
EU Member states, of education, training and youth
Erasmus + EFTA/EEA countries, Knowledge Alliances
Candidate countries Sector Skills Alliances
Capacity building in the field of
higher education
Capacity building in the field of

Strand 2: supporting projects

gathering citizens in activities directly
linked to EU policies, providing an
EU Member states and opportunity for direct participation
Europe for Citizens other participating in the policy making process. Funded
countries activities may include: promotion of
societal engagement and solidarity,
gathering of opinions, volunteering

Tehnical assistance and capacity

EU Volunteers EU Member states building
Priority 1: Focus on country level:
enhancing CSOs' and LAs'
EU Delegations contributions to governance and
development processes

EC CSO-LA Thematic Priority 2: Reinforcing regional and

programme EU member states and global CSO networks and
partner countries associations of LAs

EU member states and Priority 3: Development Education

partner countries and Awareness Raising
Activities funded Size of grants Deadlines


See on website, calls

N/A for proposals

N/A Ongoing

Small Grants: March

Festivals, exhibitions, 1, June 1,
Small Grants:
seminars, academic September 1 and
workshops, conferences, Max. 6,000 EUR December 1
youth exchanges, cross- Grants: Standard Grants:
border cooperation, March 15 and
1015,000 EUR
promotion of tourism September 15

Not specified Not specified Ongoing

1 August for
Crosscutting Not specified projects and 1
unding-priorities September for other

various Not specified Ongoing

various Not specified

various min. $25.000 Ongoing

Depending on focus
various Not specified areas

General operating
Project support for
specific programs
Public policy
advocacy/organizing Not specified Not specified
Public policy
Capital projects
Capacity building
Multi-year support

various Not specified Ongoing

Capacity building,
networking activities
Between $15,000 and At least four months
before the planned
$250,000 annually starting date

Not specified/not limited N/A N/A

to specific activities
Between 10,000 and Ongoing
Not specified 150,000.

Not specified N/A Ongoing

Prizes awarded bi-

Not specified variable annually

Medium to long term

campaigns, that can
include, but not limited the sum applied for
to, forms of public should be at least 10- first Tuesday in April
protests, ranging from and September,
15 % of the campaign's each year
online-petitions via overall budget
websites, to small visible
actions to mass

Advocacy, capacity
buildings, collaboraative
efforts, education
(public), feasibility N/A Ongoing
studies, innovative
programs, policy
Not specified Not specified Not specified

Not specified N/A N/A

Not specified N/A N/A

different for each

Not specified variable Request for

Not specified Not specified Not specified

in-country, regional and

international efforts that
restore peace and Not specified Not specified
security, prevent
atrocities and enable
sustainable change
Other Donors/Institutions
EUR 20.000 (for
Awareness raising, skills
development, international activities) 1st October 2015
and EUR 50.000 for
collaborative work annual workplans

various depends on calls depends on calls

EC funding

partnerships in the field of youth DL
grammes/erasmus- ogrammes/erasmus- on 1 October
plus/discover/guide/inde plus/discover/guide/in Capacity Building in
x_en.htm dex_en.htm the field of youth
DL on 2 September

Civil society projects:
eu/sites/eacea- The maximum eligible 1st of March 2016
site/files/documents/co grant for a project is
mm2013003670000en.p 150 000 EUR
volunteers/actions/techn min. EUR 100 00 - max. 1st of September
EUR 700 000 2015
Check open calls here:
do=publi.welcome&userlanguage=en More information here
Additional info for grantseekers Other comments

Organizations with headquarters abroad are only
eligible for funding if they meet all the
requirements of German non-profit law.
support/social-justice-lgbt/ Leters of inquiry need to be submitted online

Leters of inquiry can be submitted, but unsolicited
full proposals are not accepted Grant inquiry can be submitted online, unsolicited full proposals not accepted
Organisations don't have to be based in an EU neighbouring country, but requests for support
and-answers should have a strong involvement of actors from
the transition countries/societies EED works with

After 2015, in its commitment to an open and

green world, Hivos will focus on six key themes:
democratic reform, freedom of expression, sexual rights, women's rights, productive ecosystems and green energy. We will be making less of a
distinction than before between low-and middle-
income countries because the majority of poor
people currently live in emerging economies. Next deadlines for proposals are not yet available Applications for activities abroad, or applications

that cooperate with foreign partners, can only be
html?&L=1 made by organisations within Germany. Grant inquiry can be submitted online, unsolicited

ns-seeking-grants full proposals not accepted

They dont accept unsolicited proposals, they

identify their own grantees. If their participation is confirmed, the PF could be an opportunity for
them to talk about their priorities and identify
potential grantees

They dont accept unsolicited proposals, they

identify their own grantees. If their participation is confirmed, the PF could be an opportunity for
Work/General-Information/Grant-Opportunities them to talk about their priorities and identify
potential grantees. They also have regular requests
for proposals.

Grantmaking ctieria and guidelines not specifically

mentioned on their website, but funding is

They dont accept unsolicited proposals, they

identify their own grantees. If their participation is confirmed, the PF could be an opportunity for
them to talk about their priorities and identify
potential grantees
Individual country pages calls should be consulted before the Partnership Fair
capacity-building_en The issue date for Priority 2 and Priority 3 calls has
More information here: not yet been communicated by the Commission.
/fc/2014_12_16_PFD_Working_Document_MAAP_CSO_LA_DE Estimated dates are: June 2015 for Priority 2 and
O_B2.pdf First half of 2016 for Priority 3.