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How to Sell Over

$50 Million in
Health Supplements

Everything You Need To Know To Start, Profit, and Scale A
Health Supplement and Product Business While
Avoiding The Hidden Landmines And Sinkholes
Ready To Take Your Money!

Dear Friend,
When smart and successful people look at all the reasons why they should get into the health
supplement or product business, it becomes clear why its one of the best long-term, sustainable,and
profitable businesses to be in.

In fact, Theres never been a more important time to launch or solidify, strengthen,
probably (for some of you) reinvent your health business.

This book is written very conversationally and designed so that you can enjoy reading a matter of 1 or 2 sittings. PLUS, give you some VERY specific strategies today...that you
can use.

Think about it; when this business is properly run...

Time + Effort = Money Correlation Does NOT Exist. Unlike most businesses, if
you you can generate $1,000 a day profit or $10,000 a day profit with the same
effort when you improve key leverage points.
When you invest in acquiring customers they will buy and re-buy ongoing! Some
will stay with your company for life!
High margins! You can mark up your product 3-10X and customers will gladly
pay for it allowing you to spend a good amount in acquiring customers.
Systematize and Leverage the Entire Business; putting it on near auto-pilot as
you add more profit centers
You can work from anywhere! giving you total freedom, flexibility, and
consistent income as you build a lifestyle business.
You can be a highly successful in multiple-channels: build it online, in direct
mail, radio, newspaper, and even on T.V. Having Multiple channels can give you
a sense of stability and security than just relying on 1 media source! Do this on
the side to simply have fun while increasing your income...or
Add on to your existing business to instantly drive profit to your bottom-line
Move your existing supplement business from offline to online...or online to
And/or completely re-invent yourself, your business, your future by jumping into
this amazing market
The Ones Who Make it to the TOP OF THE PYRAMID in this business, and do
it right, stay in touch with the ever-changing medias, messaging demands, and
ever-increasing short attention span of customers, can absolutely dominate for
years and years to come!

However, even the smartest, brightest, and best entrepreneurs enter the health supplement
and product business with the best of intentions, a great product, plans, and dreams find it all going
into the graveyard like so many of people before them due the unknown traps, sinkholes, and
landmines disguised ahead.

If you are serious about building a real, sustainable, and long-term profit machine online and
want to avoid the graveyard of broken dreams, while skipping to the front of the line that is waiting to
take a few to the Top of the Pyramid; then I would literally stop what you are doing, shut the door and
devout the next 60 minutes to reading this entire report!

Sidenote before we get started: I highly recommend a highlighter,

pen, note-pad. Turn off your phone and get to work here as this report
literally has well over $1,000,000 worth of insights and advice that
you can implement immediately. I promise you that there is nothing else
on your to-do list that is this important!
Secondly, this letter comes with a two private invitations. First,
I run bi-monthly trainings called Health Marketing Intensives, in a very
small group setting in order to give you the results you desire at rapid
speeds (usually maximum allowed is 12) if you plan on selling
supplements, health info- products, or any other type of product for
ecommerce. Its not cheap and youll see why when you go through this
book, but you dont want to be left out on the waiting list if this is
what you decide you want to take seriously and succeed at. You can learn
more about the Health Intensive:

If the LIVE training doesnt work out for you, Ive created a
bi-monthly group coaching format teaching EVERYTHING I give you in this
book in more depth. Cash Surge Strategies, Conversion rate optimization
hot seats, and Whats Working NOW. This literally is what Im focusing
on while my team runs the healht supplement business for me. THEY run
the business- and I design marketing campaigns that I give to them AND
my Silver Inner Circle Clients. You can check it out here:

Last: We all have had days in our life where something came across
our desk, or someone we met, came into our lives at the right time for
the right reason. This is THAT moment for a small, select group of
serious entrepreneurs, and I cant promise it is you but if it is and
you snooze on this, you will not be happy)

One more thing before we dive in: anything is possible with the health business. There are
companies doing a couple million a year to a few hundred million (and billion) a year. If you have
failed before in your attempts to get your supplement or product business working online and you are
even the slightest bit embarrassed, please stop, its not your fault.

As youll see through my story, there are sooo many misconceptions, conflicting advice, bad
teachers, confusing issues, and ways to mess this up. My goal and job is to clear it up for you...and
make it as simple as possible:-)
My Crazy (And Embarrassing) Story
Fully Revealed

My name, is Ed OKeefe, Im the ridiculously proud Father of 7 Amazing kids and married to
my best friend and superstar Wife Nola Jean. We grew up on the southside of Chicago 4 blocks from
each other and didnt actually meet until college. Didnt start dating then married 9 years later.

We now live a few blocks from where I grew up and love

raising our kids, coaching, and being normal down-to-earth
people. I wanted to share this first, as it sets some context to
who you are talking to and where Im coming from.

The Beginning

9 years ago, I sold off a highly successful coaching and

consulting business to pursue my Next Big Thing in life. I
researched tons of different markets, attended seminars, and
ultimately dove in head first into the supplement business.

As youll find out in my story, the health supplement business, when done right, is one of the
best online (or offline) businesses you could possibly start and grow if you are a health expert or
entrepreneur, but is filled with unknown hidden landmines that even the most well-prepared will miss.

I was excited, because it promised recurring revenues, long term customers, the ability attract
customers automatically online. The idea of having a real business with a scalable product where
there are new customers entering every single day was very exciting.
I had a couple experts offer to help me to get started. They helped me choose my product,
my offer, get merchant accounts, connect me with a clean traffic source (if you dont know what that
means it will become clear in a minute), and all the other vitals I needed to get live.

Just so you know, Ive always prided myself on taking action fast and being literal when
learning from someone who has been there and done that. I did exactly what they told me.

Launch Day!

So at this point, I felt really, really comfortable and confident that I had taken every single step
imaginable in order to set up myself for success. After everything was tested, our website was live, and we
turned traffic on. This is one of the first big lessons to me regarding dealing with affiliate networks and traffic

The really, really good traffic guys already have traffic waiting there. They can instantly take your product
from zero to 50 sales a day if it can convert.

I still remember being up at my lake house with my family. It was snowing outside, and I saw the first
batch of customers coming in. We were offering a free trial. The free trial gave them 15 days, and then it would
go into a $79 a month continuity.

We had the dashboard setup. I saw these numbers coming in. I left my computer on in the kitchen, and
every half hour or so I would go back there. I would press refresh, and I would see the new batch of customers
that just bought the product.

I remember literally that night saying to my wife that THIS is the way to our
retirement plans!

Auto-pilot riches...or so that is what I had thought.

The numbers from our traffic people were showing how the sales funnels was converting

really well. How its going to be great offer and they wanted we jump up to 50 sales a day. I
was really excited about this because, if you start doing the math, 50 sales a day was more
money than we were currently making in our other business.

Thats $5,000 a day on the front end. You can crank that up to 100 sales a day which would
take you to approximately $10,000 a day fast. (The good news: even though Im telling
you my disaster story...which I learn from quickly. The numbers Im talking about
are VERY real. I have clients doing over $100K a day right now and many clients
doing $3K-$20K a day very consistently. Which stresses the importance of getting
these fundamentals dialed in at the beginning)

It was very exciting if you factored in that 50% of the rebills would stick, and they would stick with you
as a customer and then the certain percentage would stay at our second month, third month, fourth month.

We had everything in place to make sure that we were protected.

2 TRAPS Were Set...And I Had No Idea!

There were two traps that I didnt know even existed, and one of those traps, they both came
true, but one of them, was a complete rookie mistake that I didnt even know you could make.

The rookie mistake was, we were dealing with a traffic network whom I had been promised
were good people. The had good, clean traffic. We were only going to have private mailers, whom
my connections knew to give us good quality traffic.

If you are confused at this point, so was I. That confusion set me up for failure in a BIG way!

After 15 days of doing 50 sales a day, all the numbers looked great except for the number
that actually went through.

The first day, we had 10 sales that actually went through out of 20. These guys were telling me
it was a good thing, but after that the two day, three day, four day, five about 90% of the sales that
were supposed to be rebilled; were NOT going through!
The credit cards didnt work!

The few that actually did work were stolen credit cards from someone else. As you can imagine, the
mistake I made, is I had already paid out the commission to the traffic networks.

What that means is that every product that didnt go through on the rebill, they had to pay shipping and
handling to get their product for nine dollars.

We were given, we charged a credit card for nine bucks and we sent the customer their package. We
paid out a commission.

We were negative anywhere between $30 to 45. Hoping that a certain percentage are going to re-bill at
$79. Some people would take two products and bill at $120. That was how the company was supposed to
make profit, but all those sales were fake.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds maybe thousands of customers came through our system, and at
the end of the day it was all fraud.

When this happens: all of the sudden your merchants account get shut down.
You start getting phone calls to your customer service from customers complaining someone stole their credit
card. They think that we were the scammers, when we werent. It sucked.

In a very short period of time, in a matter of six weeks I went from so excited from starting this new
supplement business to literally losing more than $125,000 of pure cash, out the door with these affiliates.

Another $50,000 I refunded to the actual few customers who were real customers in a display of good
faith to the merchant company in order to not get blacklisted. That happened anyway.
Overall damage was probably in the couple hundred thousand dollar range right there. Not to mention
all of a sudden we lost six to nine months of preparation and work in order to get us ready for that launch.

As you can imagine, I was extraordinarily frustrated. During this time, I still owned one of my
businesses in the coaching and consulting business. That is what allowed us to stay afloat a little bit, but at the
end of the day, that was right after 2008, and I think early 2009.

The economy was actually crashing.

One of the key notes that I want to make sure that I put forth here is, I didnt go into the blame game and
start blaming everybody involved.

It was my own fault!

There were certain things that I could have done to prevent all this, but I didnt know it. Even if I knew,
something didnt feel right. There was a few gut feelings were going on, and I didnt follow my intuition and I
should have.

The Silver Lining appeared!

What I will say is that, very shortly after that I had a friend of mine who said to me, Why dont you

try out direct mail?

I was introduced to a direct mail list broker. Hired a consultant who was in the direct mail space. She
found a great longevity doctor, a clinical researcher, a copywriter. She helped put a team together to create a
great product and a message that could go into direct mail and do very, very well.

Why I Fell In Love With Direct Mail

For Health Business!
What excited me, about was in direct mail, was that customers have to call and talk to a real person to
put in their phone order. They know exactly what they purchased. If they chose to be on the auto-ship program
it was explained to them and they purposefully accepted it.

Sometimes online, a customer gets confused and agrees to auto-ship on accident.

When I step back and look at the free-trial model the way it was being used, I can see why its a flawed
system in and of itself. That is why I wont run a business with that specific model.

We went ahead and launched this direct mail, and very quickly we tested out 60,000 direct mail pieces,
the numbers look great. I think we doubled it up to 120,000.

Within a matter of six months we were mailing over half a million direct mail pieces, and the company

went from zero to doing 400-800,000 a month in sales very rapidly.

It was very exciting to be honest with you. I think our best month was around 850,000 of direct mail
pieces. There are a lot of lessons in that. At the time, looking back, there was some key things I didnt know
about direct mail, that if I knew now, I probably would have stayed in direct mail the entire time instead of
moving entirely online. (In fact, as Im writing this, we are doing very well offline and gonna start direct mail

Two of those things really quick are, that you are hitting this saturation point where you are mailing a lot
of the same names over and over again.

I probably would have scaled the number I mailed back instead of trying to push to over two million
direct mail pieces, I probably should have dropped back to 300,000 to 500,000 every 6-8 weeks in order to stay
in the mail and build the back end of my business faster.

I was prepped and ready to scale the business. I had zero back end ready to roll out.

I think that was a fatal flaw, but is easily fixable if you plan it out.

The next thing that was a fatal flaw at the time was that I didnt understand inventory lines of credit.
I didnt have enough personal capital to set aside to allow me to float the 60-90 days or that I was going
negative to acquire customers. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone and got financial leverage in
order to be capable of staying in direct mail and scaling. (Note: there is a science here. I pretty much taught it
myself, because while marketing spreadsheets are great, a cash flow projection sheet is VITAL.
A good CFO should be able to lay this out for you so you know exactly what you need. However, they can be
expensive ($150K)...which is NOT where I suggest putting your money if you are still dialing in your offer,
your plan, etc.... I didnt one at this time. I thought I did. To help my Silver Inner Circle Members, I
provide my inventory templates and cash flow templates as well)

So at the time, we had a successful direct mail campaign going, but I was cash tight. I had no back end
products to sell to my existing customers. More importantly, I didnt have the sales copy to use. Knowing what
I know now, products are easy to get, but sales copy is where the GOLD is at.

There were some flaws in my thinking that, again I would change now, and I think I would have had a
lot more success faster. It illustrates this point: I was sitting there with a lot of revenue flow, a lot of
customers coming in, but we werent monetizing them properly.

The Decision To Move My

Direct Mail Business Online!
I asked a friend who had been in both the direct mail world and had a successful online business, I said,
If you had a sales letter that has converted to in direct mail, and you wanted to bring it online?

She said, I would just start doing direct solo ads. I didnt even know what that meant.

I quickly learned what direct solo ads were. The first couple that we did, they were like direct mail
pieces, or email drops to newsletters. I put an opt-in web page together.

The first one I mailed made over 120% return on ad spend within two days. I had ad also generated a ton
of leads.

Whats important for you to understand is that, in direct mail, I would make 120-140% return ad spend
in 30-60 days.
I very, very quickly bumped that up to a couple hundred thousand dollars in ad spend a month online.
The speed at which the customers were coming in had me hooked on moving my business
to the online model.

(Note: Was it the right move at the time? At the time it was, but what I knew then it was. Could I
have stayed in both locations? Direct mail and online? The answer, absolutely yes knowing what I know
now. However, while I have a few friends that do multiple 8 figures off-line its SOOOO much easier to
get started online. Faster to scale...and easier to make adjustments. Remember, its not just about what
you could need to think through how these decisions impact your lifestyle.)

I started building strategic relationships, started buying solo ads, started optimizing my funnel, changing
a lot of things to work differently online.

Even though we were experiencing success right away, it took me about a year to finally knock it out of
the park. Once we did though, we went from doing $500,000 a month in October and by February we were
doing 1.6 million a month, and that grew and grew in the next year and a half to two years.

The Business Tripled in Less Than 3 months!

In a VERY short amount of time, I was able to make up for all the losses I previously, plus catch up on
my cash flow. The best month was 3.6 million!

Wanna know what I did to knock it out of the park? Keep reading. Ill share some of it below, but I cant
give it all away here. There are a few things that you will only get by being at the Health Intensive or in my
Health Marketing Silver Inner circle.

With success came some really interesting things.

A large, well-known company offered to buy me out. When they went through all of our sales copy,
they started hammering me over compliance. This particular buyer had had issues with the FDA in the past and
were paranoid about everything. Im not saying they were wrong, but my response was a knee jerky one.
I, stupidly, decided to pause everything and create 4 info products as I was thinking I was going to
change my business model to a information first, then backend with supplements.

But one thing held me up; I needed to test a fully compliant video salesletter (VSL) before I went.

The VSL converted well enough to jump back up our sales to doing over 2 million a month for the next
6 months straight.

When You Have Momentum Online You Need To

Ride The Wave While Building Your Next Big Thing!

This could have been a number of reasons by the way: when affiliates are HOT on an offer and/or you
have momentum, the last thing you want to do is pause.

In hindsight, what I would have done is kept the existing video salesletter running as I edited our new
much more conservative VSL. With focus, this could have only taken 10 days.

But, I allowed others to get inside my head. There is an assumption among a lot of marketers that the
more claims you make in your salesletter the better it will do.

This is not true. In most cases, a sexier way of telling the story can position the product much better and
allows a lot of the benefits up to the imagination. I didnt have Facebook at this time to advertise on, but today,
you can use great education based videos that have ZERO claims...and teach the audience something they didnt
know about helping them...which leads to a highly interested prospective customer.

Imagine if you take the quality of the story telling that offline direct mail copywriters can do, what
Billion Dollar Infomercials have done (like Pro-active, P90X, and many others) then combine it with the
formulas that work online...with potential access to your ideal customer using Facebook, Instagram,
Youtube, and Native Advertising! There is UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for a person who is passionate about
impacting the world in the Health Business!

Now-a-days you can actually make the online experience so good that you end up creating a better
quality customer than even direct mail does. Even more exciting is the potential of acquiring customers online
and then segmenting your best customers AND communicating with them using direct mail. Pro-Tip: 99% of
online marketers are NOT doing this. What they dont realize is that email open rates are dropping
rapidly...which is crushing life-time value...making an integrated, multi-channel approach to marketing a

There has NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BE USING the internet to grow a very profitable
health supplement or product business!

There best news is that there are so many ways to do this. whether your ambitions are to scale to 30,000
or multiple hundreds of millions...or keep it really small, lean, and profitable.

You get to decide this.

While the past 9 years have been riddled with embarrassing mistakes, and near business death
experience, I was able to profit while accumulating this wisdom by getting hammered in the trenches and
coming out alive on the other end. There were no books or training courses on how to get into the health
supplements business that actually worked. It was all garbage.

Today, I get to raise my 7 kids, coach my kids team, last year we have traveled to Florida, colorado,
Hawaii, having total time freedom while also making enough money to start building my own wealth.
Becoming one of the first Investors in KNOW FOODS (a gluten free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free,
peanut-free bread company that tastes amazing AND has sights on disrupting a multi-Billion Dollar Market)
You can get a free bag of KNOW Donuts when you go to their site and use EOK as the code.

In October of 2015, at the age of 40, I did a 51 Hour Hell-Week Experience called Kokoro!
Ive never been prouder than that experience as an athlete. The photo below shows our
class in the Pacific Ocean at approximately Hour 45. It was an amazing experience.

Why do I share this with you: this business is, in my

opinion, the ultimate lifestyle business that works for
you when you do all the things you want to do in your
life. Travel, be with family, do adventure, work on your
own time-line, become an investor...and much much

One thing became crystal clear to me was that.

For Me, Ed OKeefe, The Lean Model of Running A

Supplement Business is WAY more Fun, Enjoyable, And
MUCH More Profitable.
If you havent read the book Exponential Organization- I highly recommend it.
It really spoke to me about how the way we are taught to build businesses for todays day and age is
wrong. I made a key decision to move myself out of the day to day completely...and only be an advisor to my

I put a quarterback in charge of the company. He is now my key contact of our supplement business and
all my communications go through him. We put in this amazing system that allows us to execute on our ideas
while protecting the company from too many ideas from yours truly. Yep, me.

My personality (unique abilities) combined with my past 16 years of learning marketing, copywriting,
selling, and being a CEO has all been from being the in-the-trenches. No traditional schooling. No short-cuts,
just grindin man.

I read like a mad man, attended seminars, and studied from many of the greats. (Dan Kennedy, Cory
Rudl, Gary Bencivenga, Jay Abraham, etc..) while, also studying and becoming friends with a number of
current online experts.
The Problem With Too Many Ideas

So, as you can imagine, I can SEE 100 different ways we can improve our business, but a great idea
without execution is worthless.

I created a game plan that allows us to run a nice systematized and highly effective model of execution.

The rule is simple: we test 1-3 BIG things a month.

Thats it!

This usually takes me literally a couple minutes to figure out.

Then I give it to my quarterback...and bada boom bada bing. That is how we are operating and it works
better for everyone involved.

We have a few high level strategic relationships that help with:

a. driving new customers to the business through multiple sources. This includes affiliate traffic, CPA
traffic, direct ad buys, email solo-ads, and a few more.
b. monetize, nurture, reactivate, and ascend existing leads and customers.
C. I have a virtual affiliate manager who already has dozens of relationships and is already trained.
d. We rent our list out to other marketers. This is a SMART way to make extra Free money for doing
practically nothing.

Think about it; those are 4 ridiculously high value activities that we now have strategic relationships
DOING all the leg work and grunt work. (Note: we have multiple means of acquiring customers, but we changed our
operating model from: lets hire someone to do Lets find an expert who is already doing this...and cut a
deal that is win-win for everyone involved. Ill talk more about this later, but its impossible to become an expert on
everything when it comes to this business. So, you cant live in a bubble and hide under a rock. When you act like a pro,
you will attract all the real A+ players that are awesome to do business with!)

My main role in the company has changed to something Im really loving.

It is:
bring ONLY million dollar breakthrough ideas and plans that can be executed by our lean
bring strategic and synergistic relationships to the business that are complete win-wins for the
spend most of my time learning what is new with facebook, youtube, retargeting, and
integrating e commerce into a direct response business. Where it fits and where it doesnt!

Those are my best core gifts.

Having those filters up have provided me with a different level of thinking and goal of surrounding
myself with a different quality of individuals.

My calendar freed up completely, because I no longer am in meetings or working on daily or weekly

needs in the business.

Im hanging with my family. Working out...and have the free mental space that allows me to provide
some crazy awesome value for others. (YOU!)

The big question became:

What Am I Going To Do With All The Other Ideas, Strategies, and
Assets for Growing IN the Health Supplement
and Health Product Market?
This leads me to doing something that I havent done in over 9.5 years and have been reluctantly
unwilling to do until now.

Ive decided to pull back the curtain for a small group of serious marketers, entrepreneurs, experts,
investors, and/or current supplement owners...and give them my UltimateShortcuttoBuildingYour

In this 2 day event, right here in Chicago, there will be no question unanswered, no stone
unturned. I will walk you, literally, by the hand and show you everything you need to know to get
started online, offline, and in print.

You will be given all my shortcuts and best relationships, best funnel models that are working
right now, so you can experience profit as quickly as humanly possible.

Plus, show you how to scale big intelligently with the right people helping you along the way.

This system is flexible to your personality, your goals, your values, and what you personally
want for you business and life. No one, that I know of, has ever gone through the story that I did...
tested practically every single media, lost as much as I did, then came back to the not only recover it,
but continues to excel in this business!

Most people quit. Move on...unknowingly leaving years of future profit untapped, because they
stopped too early.

After all there are easier ways to make money, but there are not that many businesses that
are as profitable and sustainable for the long-term once you figure out how to make it work!

My job is to short-cut all the pitfalls, sinkholes, and landmines!

Im going to tell you everything about the intensive shortly, but first Id like to share with you
some hard core value so that you can feel and experience what Im all about. To give you a glimpse
into what a full 2 days would be like.

Let me give you three quick examples so you can see how BIG this market and the potential

Joe, 54, wakes up at 6:20 am every morning. His 3 kids are all stirring and heading off to high
school, except his youngest Julia. She is 14 and is finishing up her 8th grade year. He doesnt know
why, but she puts her headphones on, stairs out the window the entire ride to school.
Must be a phase, he justifies to himself. Afterall his two boys at least talked to him. When Joe
gets into work, he receives the results from his recent blood work.

His cholesterol is high, he now officially has high blood pressure, and even though he has
been 40 lbs overweight for years. He has now come to the holy sh$$ moment realizes he must do
something about it.

How could I have let this go for so long? He desperately wonders.

A few minutes later Joe is reading his daily conservative website when an image (a disguised
Ad) calls out to him:
Are You Worried About Your High Blood Pressure?
Take a 30 second evaluation to find out how you can naturally
experience health blood pressure.

Do you think Joe clicks on that Ad?

Do you think he takes that Survey?

Is there a high potential that he becomes a customer of that product?

Lets assume the answer to all three of these is yes, yes, YES. Now, heres the magic
bullet question.

How many people like Joe are going through this experience every day of the week? Lets just
say, for speed sake, A LOT.

This is what is called,Anevergreenmarket.

An Evergreen Market is where there are always new people coming into it every day, every
week, every month. So, if you create an offer that converts and gets people to buy, you can have a
long term, highly profitable business while creating enormous value for people!

Meet Sandy- she is 49 years old and feeling great. 4 years ago at a Christmas party while
holding her new Granddaughter Sandy looked in the mirror and was stunned at what she saw.
She didnt recognize the obese woman looking back at her. It shocked at the core. That was it.
She would never feel that way ever again she told herself.

The next day she went online searched: Best Diet For Weight Loss. She found a woman
who was giving away a 5 day video course titled: Eat Your Way To Weight Loss!

Sandy joined the free course and committed to doing exactly what this lady taught her. Afterall,
she was the same age. Looked Great and was very kind and helpful.

When the 5 days were up, she joined her membership program that she offered and has
become a loyal follower and raving fan.

Now its a few years later and Sandy takes every supplement this lady recommends. An
omega-3, protein pack, greens, amino acid recovery, to name a few. Her investment in supplements
and education is easily over $250/month, but its the best money ever spent.

At the age of 49 she has become an inspiration to her friends and family. People ask her all
the time how she did it. She happily directs them to her website.

Ed Questions: How many people are like Sandy, living the life of quiet desperation and need
someone with good marketing and a great product who can give away enormous value to gain
According to Journal of American Medicine, 34.3% of the population are obese! Researchers
indicate that Americans will most be affected by obesity, with 81 million expected to be
overweight and 113 million obese by 2022.

If you arent an expert, dont worry, there are thousands of them out there who dont know how
to market?

If you are an expert and you are teaching people right now, look at how much money you are
leaving on the table by NOT selling supplements. A typical information buyer might spend $69-$120
on the high side.

Our average sale was $199-$250 on initial transaction. Imagine if 10-20% of your information
customers upgraded into full on supplement profile plan. Youd be adding $100-$250 a month per
customer with that type of customer.
Rocko was named after Rocky! Yep, his dad was a big Sylvestor Stallone fan. Bartended for
years and had aspirations of being a professional boxer. His son Rocko was not going to live his life,
but have opportunity he never had.

Rocko did just that. Instead of working in the bar, he owned 3 bars and invested a good
percentage of his portfolio. He was the ultra man!

He drank Bullet Proof Coffee, ate Paleo religiously, hit the Cross Fit box 4 times a week, and
trained in Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ) the other 3.

Even though he was now 35 years old, he secretly told himself that he was the new
Superman. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and nutritionally in beast mode.
He read newsletters from T-Nation. Critiqued the advice and religiously made sure he had all
the pre, during, and post workout nutrition. He bought all his muscle building products from
T-Nation, but would find all his anti-aging, brain/focus products from, or other cool

Rocko easily spends $3500-$5000 on nutritional supplements and programs. This doesnt
include his bi-annual blood testing and DNA analysis.

If you owned a business that catered to a guy like Rocko, just imagine what it would be like
having him as a customer for 3 years. What if he stuck with you for 5 years or beyond. You can
acquire 100 customer and if you get 1 Rocko, you can build a pretty amazing, long term business.

Now, youve met 3 examples of people out there right now in the world who are supplement
buyers. But there are more:

The 65 year old woman who is terrified of getting Alzheimers or Dementia. She buys
every brain thing on the market. How do I know this? Our facebook marketing most profitable
demographic was over the age of 65.

26 year old competitive Martial Artist. Even though he is broke...he buys his Supplements!
He will give up everything that has Zero to do with his performance in order to

Survivalist guy- he already knows the world is going to end for everyone else, but him and his
cronies...he hates Big-Pharma and will buy anything that sounds like its against the
government and will help him live longer.

Financial Investor Newsletter Reader- has money. Wants to live a longer, more enjoyable
life, feeling like a young virile man without pain as he sees his money grow.
He loves to read and will buy almost everything in front of him that promises to help him.

Out of all of these examples, have I shown you one bad customer? Nope!

This business, when done right, can give you everything youve ever wanted and more.

If you are thinking small, secretive, and that there is not enough for everyone to make a killing in this
business, you are not thinking accurately. There is no saturation of a market, only a blockage in your

The Baby Boomer market in just the U.S. population is projected to grow from 314 million in
2012 to 420 million in 2060, an increase of 34 percent.

This is just the United States. However, with the internet you can now market to this demographic in
Australia, Europe, and Canada to name a few.

The Senior Market: By 2030, there will be about 72.1 million older persons, more than twice their
number in 2000. People 65+ represented 12.4% of the population in the year 2000 but are expected
to grow to be 19% of the population by 2030.


The Cross Fit Market is growing at ridiculous rates!

the graph shows just under 6000 affiliate gyms, but
now there are over 10,000.

The Tough Mudder was shown as the #2 Fastest

growing businesses in Crains New York in 2013.
They literally went from zero to $73,000,000 in just 2 years. An unheard of 3,291% Growth Rate!

Spartan Race: In 2010, Spartan Race ran its first event and miraculously inspired 1,500 people to
show up and complete an obstacle course built to challenge even the most fit competitors.
Three years later Joe De Sena, CEO and Founder of Spartan Race predicts that a total of 650,000
people will compete in the 60 events hosted in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

Running USA reporting that in 2013, over 42-million Americans ran six or more days per week. That
is an increase by 70-percent 2004.

Zumba Fitness: Fourteen million people in 150 countries take Zumba classes at least once a week.
Zumba Fitness has 250 employees and a reported valuation of more than $500 million. (The
company does not release revenue figures. CEO Alberto Perlman says it grew 4,000 percent from
2007 to 2010 and 750 percent in the past three years.

What is great about these raves like Cross Fit, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or Zumba is that they
spin off billions of dollars and create new markets: equipment companies, clothing businesses, and
yep- supplement businesses!

These new participants run out and buy

MORE...not less!

Billion Dollar Businesses like Guthy Renker

are selling Cindy Crawfords beauty skin cream.
This not only creates awareness of skin and
beauty, but also creates a tidal wave of new
buyers into the market.
Larry Kings heart infomercial selling Krill oil has been running for over a year and is still pumping
strong. This is creating buyers.

You cant turn on the TV, read the newspaper, or get on the internet without seeing ads about
nutritional supplements, weight loss, anti-aging, or beauty. WHY? BECAUSE it is a never-ending
booming, recession-proof, market that is only going to grow!

There is no shortage of buyers out there...because there are new buyers entering the health, beauty,
fitness, and growth hacking market every day!


Here Are A Couple Real World Examples Of
Businesses Selling Supplements Right Now...and
How I Would Reverse Engineer Their Process for
Guaranteed Success!

The two photos here are real live examples of text link ads on a site where I buy advertising. The top photo is
a screenshot I took 2 years ago of all the advertisers on this popular conservative news site.

The photo of the bottom is a screenshot I took today in 2017. What do you see?

#1: There are more advertisers! I conclude that it means the health market has gotten stronger online the past
2 years.
#2: The same offers that were working 2 years ago, are still working now!
Conclusion: Create a compelling bad ass offer and it can be a long term asset
that consistently puts cash in your bank account.

This will tell you what offers have been there for a longer period of time; thus
allowing me to know what offers would have sustainability.

Youll notice that COQ10, Prostate, Testosterone, Diet Pills, Belly Fat, and
Erectile Dysfunction are on both screen shots.

Conclusion? knowing just this would let you know that

Now, at the intensive, Ill take you WAAAAY deeper into how I deep-dive into
these funnels and use other competitive tools to validate my conclusions.

Then Ill show you how to identify everywhere else these offers are running so you can have a media plan
based on someone elses proven spend if you like.

The trick to Validate Their Traffic is To Use A Tool Like

This site example that Im showing here is featured in one of the text link ads above.

200,000 visitors a month isnt a big deal, but what grabbed my attention is that when I went to see where they
were getting their traffic...I noticed a CHANGE in their Top 3 Traffic Sources and an increase.
What you see above is that they are getting 51,000 visitors from Facebook and it is a 47% increase, Google,
34,928 (a 108% increase), and a 294% increase from Yahoo.

I would then take this, use either Facebook Insights or another tool to see what they are running and doing on
Facebook that has created the bump.

Are they running a ton of traffic to articles, then using retargeting?

Are they going to a lead generation page?

What is their main offer?

Since Ive been in the game for 6 years, one thing I know that no tool would tell you, is that they used to get all
their traffic from GOOGLE.

Things have changed:-)


You Find their Ads(s). This takes me about 30 seconds using another tool.

You set up another email that you dont mind having a ton of junk email in.

Video tape the process of opting in using a free tool like JING or Camtasia.
Create a folder to hold all the assets and create a mind-map of the entire process.

You now have a blue-print of a successful online health business.

This particular example is an information/health news site that actually lead generates then sells
some ebooks and advertising. They make all of their money selling advertising.

This is one more way to monetize your list and at the private event Ill show exactly how to do
this AND who can help monetize your list for you.


By being on their email list, youll start seeing other offers via their emails coming out. But you
dont care about EVERY just want to see the most successful ones, right?

Here is 1 of the 2 ways to do this: let the emails from that media source and other media
sources accumulate.

After a couple months, you simply sort your email inbox by Subject line. Youll see that there
will be some subject lines that will be identical. If you are following a few different newsletter lists,
then youll probably see the same subject line from multiple sources.


There is a 95% chance that the reason they are running that subject line in multiple places is
because it is working. Just look at the example below from one source. The Source of the emails are
deleted but you can see the subject lines and dates the email arrived.
This offer has been running every 7-14 days to probably 400,000 -800,000 subscribers in just
1 newsletter. They are spending a LOT of money to do this.

If I had a testosterone product, or a product that can make men feel stronger, younger, and
more viril. This list would do VERY well. I would also be looking at how they structured their offer.

The process that Im trying to show you is literally bullet-proof if you follow the steps and
understand the rules.
After you have the assets, the offer, the lists, and the gameplan, now what?

Well, one way to scale this is to work with a trusted and well-experienced media buyer and a do a
couple minimum buys to some lists and sites that have potential for scale.

This could cost you anywhere between $2,500-$5,000 to do. If you are working with a pro (whom Ill
introduce you to) and you have followed all the steps laid out, you will not bomb. You will have the best
opportunity for success out of the gate possible.

Every time, you need to set up a testing game-plan for these ground zero tests.
This way, you are setting yourself up for a real plan, rather than haphazardly going at it. It amazes me
how people say they want to have an 8 figure business, but they plan like a 5 figure thinker!

If you want to create an extra $3,000,000 to $20,000,000 a year in revenue, then you must have a split
testing game-plan and understand you will be INVESTING in this business. If you dont have that mindset, then
this business is not for you.

Sometimes an offer will be crushing it out of the gate. At this point, the buyer I work with will come back
to you and tell you how much more testing they need to do and how much traffic you should expect.

Once they have enough data, they will be able to consistently predict that how many sales they can get
you at a certain cost per click (cpc) or cost per acquisition (cpa).

What happens if the offer is a little below break even or at break even?

Thats up to you, but my suggestion is to think: not a problem. we have a testing game-plan and if we
are a little negative while optimizing this, then lets keep doing our minimum viable tests

This allows you to acquire customers (who you put on your backend)...while you are learning by
running tests...and working with a highly viable scalable traffic source!

That is what it looks like when you are acting like a pro.

Sidenote: As I write this, I am doing this exact process offline as well. the fundamental are the same,
but the key is WHO you are working with, what are the key areas to test, and how do you line everything up to
work smoothly.

There is definitely an art and science to it, but you also need to realize that you are INVESTING in a
business. Not a shiny object that will be gone in 1 month once Google or Facebook changes their algorithms.

To Stand On The Shoulder of

Giants or NotThat is the Question!
By now, if you have read this far, you are probably already in or pretty sure to dive into the Health
Supplement business, the only question is how systematically and effectively are you going to shortcut
the path from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Your question now is more about the pain you are willing to sustain unnecessarily, money that
you will go down the drain, and most importantly the lost opportunity from missing out on what has
become obvious to me through my adventures.

This business is unlike the shiny object things most of our Internet Marketing friends bounce
around chasing. Its a real living thing that you need to treat rightor else it can blow upor net get off
the ground.


If you are currently in the Health Supplement Business (Direct Mail Or Online).
unless you are absolutely killing it, raking in millions and millions a month, and have no reason to
improve your business, then you should be at the intensive or minimally be in Silver Inner Circle

The funny thing is: I bet the ones who are doing best are the first to sign up. Always looking for the
slight edge...easily willing invest in themselves and their business without hesitation, because they
know the power of just 1 idea.

If you are currently an expert in the health, exercise, lifestyle, growth hacking
movement, and/or anything like that circle you are missing out on big profits that could be coming in
your bank account instead of someone elses. If you want to easily increase your profits fast with your
existing customers, then adding a line of supplements is an easy way to give you an instant bump!
A few years ago, no one knew who Drew Canole they are doing a couple million a
month with their best-selling product Organifi!

Dr. Axe is everywhere including being inside local health stores.however, before facebook
and one knew him.

If you have a facebook account, you cant go no there without seeing the ads from Gundry
MD its because they are absolutely KILLING it...and doing it in a VERY classy way!

Another group of guys that are doing an amazing job are from Truth Nutra. They are doing
very simple video ads...and blowing the doors off.

If you are a marketer, entrepreneur, and/or investor looking for your next big
opportunity: you might be wondering if the supplement business is for you or you are already going
to be go into it, but you need the short-cut. This is who I was. I was out looking for my next thing and
after looking at all the benefits of this business: chose it.

The Health Information, Supplement, and Product business landscapes are changing rapidly
with the newest and latest splintering of medias, mobile devices shifting customer usage, content
marketing, retargeting, and lack of attention from consumers just to name a few.

Recently, a lot of Amazon only nutraceutical guys are joining our Silver Inner Circle
Membership, because they need to learn things like Lead generation, Conversion Optimization, and
how to actually run a business! Reason being is that Amazon has just changed the algorithm once it scares the hell out of guys who only have the 1-legged stool approach to money.

If you only have 1-leg or more specifically one source of attracting customers THEN you are
potentially DOOMED. Trust me, Ive seen it and been a victim to it.

We were doing 10,000 bucks a day on Facebook... when they changed their ad policy. So, we
went back to ZERO. Same thing happened in Google. The good news was that I had affiliate
marketing, email marketing, CPA marketing ALL going on at the same time.

Some of my friends went out of business-


Thats why: You NEED the most timely and up-to-date, verified by real world experience and
legitimate experts who actually do the business (not just teach) avoid business-killing errors.

The IMPORTANCE of all this is pretty simple: Ive seen dozens of guys try and follow me
into the health supplement space without success. The few who blindly followed that actually got
traction had certain assets in place that allowed them to be sustainable: media buying partners,
information businesses to support their other business,

However, the guys I personally helped early on and gave access to...are all humming along
nicely. One of them is doing $60K a day consistently while another is happy doing over $10K a day
very profitably.

Another example of topics that rely onTIMELINESS:

MOBILE VS. DESKTOP- when I started we were 90% desktop...10% mobile. Now, its
easily 50/50 and in some traffic channels is MOSTLY mobile.
EMAIL DELIVERABILITY- the craziest change this year has been the death of
email. Not really dead, but the importance of removing bad emails...and monitoring
which emails are getting blocked has become an art and science. Who to work with
has become MORE important than ever.
FACEBOOK ADs Training- Messenger Ads, Facebook Video Ads, Retargeting...and
much more!
80/20 Pareto Principle Marketing Applied: in 2017, relevant, specific, and targeted
marketing that feels personalized has NEVER been more important. In a world full of
clutterhaving marketing that gets response is SOOOO exciting. Its like having a
super-power while everyone else is walking around doing shot gun marketing.
When Media Buyers and Affiliates ChangeIve seen and work with some
of the top affiliates. I see how they have changed their businesses to accommodate
for these changes and by being aware of it; you can dramatically gain from this as
Health Info Marketers Are FOOLS For Not Selling Supplements...heres why:

I see great information businesses blindly sending their customers to other supplement
businesses, because they think they do a better job of making money for them. But what they forget
is that making 30% of a sale (as an affiliate) might be better than ZERO, but making and keeping
70% of a sale is WAAAAY better.

That Extra 40% Not Only Puts More Profit In Your Pocket, But If the Market Ever
Changes That Extra Money May Be A Necessity To Your Survival!

Theres never been a greater window of opportunity.

I know I mentioned the markets booming before, but in the past 9 years, there has never been
a perfect storm with all these markets, medias, convergence of need, desire, people needing instant
results, and vacuums in the market waiting to be filled...never seen a better time than right now to
launch, re-invent, grow, expand, and multiply your health supplement or product business!

I made a short list of all the barriers to entry I had a few years ago when I started and just
looked at them today. ALL THOSE BARRIERS ARE GONE!

Frankly, if you cant reach your personal financial goals through a well designed and executed
health supplement or product business now, then I dont know when or where you can.

BUT, you NEED the right information, the right game plans and blueprints and real-world
examples,the right contacts, the right support system of key vendors.

Listen, Nola and I were talking the other night and she asked me why I started teaching again.
I admitted that it would be good money, but then I sat back took a sip of wine and said to her:

Babe, I didnt have a guy like me when I first started. I could have saved hundreds and
hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes and years in wasted time by knowing a guy like me.
Im not trying to sound corny, but I give a shit. And I want to make an impact in this world my
belief is that there are health experts and marketers who can do 10X to 100X what Ive done in this
business, because they WILL become better at it.

They have a passion about topics that the world NEEDS to know about. Thats why I invested
in KNOWFOODS....first, because I believe it will be financially ridiculously lucrative. (This
sounds like a blunt statement, but if you think about the key leader of my household- making
sound financial decisions is not only something you should DO...but also be PROUD of)

Secondly, its business that will dramatically impact the world AND it scratches my own itch. I
LOVE the food...and am working on getting my kids to love it to.

My point being: by helping KNOWFoods...I gain financially and am HIGHLY leveraged

because the CEO (Steve Hanley) and his team are working 24/7 to transform the bread industry. I
believe my coaching club is another example of this extension. The more people I help, the more
impact we make...and yes- I enjoy more abundance as well. Its the ultimate win-win-win.

Thats why: I want YOU to win...and win big. Which leads me to

The Acid Test

Let me ask you a version of the old Gary Halbert (World-Famous Copywriter) question:

If we kidnapped your child and threaten to cut off a finger each time you fail. We give you
the choice of having a hard earned, battle-tested, blue-print that cost someone else over a million
bucks in failures, rabbit holes, wrong turns, and breakthroughs to create, or you can take what
you know and bounce around for a while with the probability and hope of eventual
successwhat do you choose?

Unless you are most eager save money for a new lake toy this summer or have a nice vacation for
the family that you need money for, you would pick the first option.
If you went to all the real-world experts in business building in direct response and posed the
same question- they would all chuckle, because they got to that level by doing this. I can name 5 who I
helped as a friend when they first started and gave them what I knew then, who are doing multiple 7
and even 8 figures.

When one of my close friends decided to open a supplement business, he and his partner came to
visit me. I showed them everything- introduced them to my media buyers and affiliate relationships.

Told them all the things to avoid...and

Within 2 Months, They Were Doing $80,000/Day!

So, you know that Im not full of crap, in my inner circle and live intensive I will tell you about each
of these stories and the lessons behind them. Some you will want to model, and many you wont. For
reasons that will be clear when we meet, there are advantages to each model as well as disadvantages.

My job is to take the best practices from each one, including my own, and show you the Ultimate
Shortcut to Health Supplement Millions!

The 9 Wealth-Making Pillars For Growing

A Highly Profitable,
Systematic, While Creating Life-Time
Residual Profits!
When I started studying the supplement business, there was this disillusion in the
marketplace that if you get a customer on continuity they will stay 2.5 months on
The model back then was: Offer a free trial, start billing them at 15 days, then
youd lose 30% the first month, then 50% more the next month, and it would divide by
that very rapidly.

Think about this: At Day 0, the day they buy the product, 90% of the customers are
trying to leave those businesses and the owner is hoping they stay long enough for them
to make profit.

As I shared earlier, I foolishly and naively followed this system when I first got up n
running, because it was the only one being taught. It was the model that lost me $125,000
in less than 6 weeks. Destroyed my ability to get merchant accounts for 4 years. Then
sucked up another 3 months of giving refunds to customers who had their credit cards
stolen. (Warning! I dont do free trial memberships at All! Heres why: There is an entire
underground market of affiliates who buy stolen credit cards on the black market and use
them to buy products for commissions. The deal is they end up getting paid and before you
can catch up on ityou can lose everything if you dont have the proper systems in place.)

The total damage was around $250,000. But the blow to my ego, identity, any
momentum, and lost time was immeasurable. I thought I was listening, studying, and
working with all the right people, but this STILL happened!

How could that be?

Quitting Does Not Exist in my Veins...Nor

Should It Exist In Yours Either!
The only reason I was able to stick it out was that I saw the value in what a
successful supplement business could look like.

Think about it: to have good customers who happily pay every month to get
products that help their lives!

Most guys I know make money by teaching people how to make money, but have
never run their own business.

A lady I workout with literally told me today, I cant ever go another day without
your supplement. My Doctor think is its a miracle pill because of how my body has
changed. (Sidenote: She had major inflammation and our top-selling product is
great for helping create healthy inflammation responses. Its not a miracle pill, but
it sure helps!)
Today, I went online and bought $283 dollars worth of coffee, proteins, and
supplements from someone I follow. I easily spend that with him every month.

How is that NOT a great business?

Pillar #1: Choosing Your Market:

I've already covered a lot on this topic. I believe the amount of markets available are
infinite. We are in an exponential age and the amount of opportunity is unbelieveable.
According to Peter Diamandis most recent book Bold, the number of people who are on the
internet will expand by BILLIONS world-wide over the coming years.

I will show you exactly how I Think about markets and my exact process for researching
the best places to advertise, how to disrupt the competitors that are in your space, and how to
enter with a fury!

This literally IS my favorite topic when starting in the health business, because if you get
this wrong, nothing else matters!

Pillar #2: Choosing Your Product

You have to decide what kind of product you are going to have.

If you are a true marketer looking at it the supplement business, you are probably thinking,

Hey, what is selling? I am going to go get that and I will private label it. We will figure out a
funnel and see where we can drive traffic to it and see what our numbers back out to be. We can build
a business off of that.
This is what a lot of marketers would do.

Maybe you are someone who is a health expert or a passion ambassador about some kind of
ingredient or product idea that you have.

Even with that, you may look at private labeling as an initial step to get in the game. Private
labeling means that you go to manufacturers that already have products. Similar to those you would see
on GNC. The benefits of this is SPEED, flexibility, as well as keeping your start-up costs.

There is a third option. You custom formulate. This means you go ahead and build your own
formulation with your manufacturer. The key benefit is that you come to market with something that is
unique and different. You might be the only person in the world who has it. a few of my products
are custom formulations.

I have opinions on all of these options. Depending on where you are in your journey, I would
possibly have different advice. I like custom formulations, especially as your lead sale, as your lead

My belief is that in the long run you end up putting a wider moat around you and competitors.

I can say this because the products we have sold that are custom formulations have generated
repeat purchasing that is unbelievable. Our customers love them because they see and feel a difference.

With that said, there is an argument to what I just said and I am not even disagreeing with it.
Lets say you wanted to go into a certain market such as a diabetes angle/blood sugar angle and you
look at some one's sales process. They have three different ingredients that help regulate blood sugar,
reduce cravings, and whatever else might be a third benefit.

You can go get a similar product that has similar benefits and be up and running within 30 days
depending on who you private label from.

The other thing is that private labeling affords you is that you can test an offer in the market
without waiting three months while dealing with formulators. They may want you to buy 5,000 bottles.
Lets say you are paying $6 bucks a you are out $30,000 without even knowing if your
message works yet.

If you follow my blueprint, you will not have those issues. However, this is a real argument
towards private labeling. I have a couple of sources that I will share at the Intensive that you can
literally get product very, very quickly at minimal cost.

Front End A Product That is Not A Supplement;

And Make A Killing By Selling Supplements ON Backend!
Here is a big idea: Some of the biggest supplement sellers are selling information products
while they are back ending supplements. Maybe you look at the ebook market, the medical device

You look at anything that people would buy and be predisposed to also buy supplements. You
sell that as a lead generation mechanism in order to then sell supplements to these people.

If you could break even or better or even lose a little money on that while acquiring the
customer, you will definitely kill it in the supplement space.
There is no question on that.

Some friends approached me recently who had a skin cream. This is a health product, right? Should
they be selling supplements on the back end of their business? Absolutely, they should.

There is no question there.

If someone is selling a Pilates DVD, they should be selling supplements.

If you are a CrossFit box owner and you have all of these people walking through your gym, why not
have your own supplements?

Instead of promoting these other companies, buy them wholesale and keep the money yourself.
Do not send them elsewhere. You are taking all the risk anyway.

The amount of opportunity of products and the way you can make it work are unlimited.

There is not one model; there are many models. This is why the idea of competition is kind of
silly unless you are all sitting in one little pond doing precisely the same things.

That would be stupid anyway for everybody to follow each other. You have to do different
things. This is where the breakthroughs happen anyway.

Pillar #3: Choosing Your Customer Acquisition Model:

How to Get A Flood Of Supplement Buyers Storming
Your Website Every Day On Auto-Pilot!
Lets talk about customer acquisition. This is what is going to be what I call probably the most important
aspect of the health supplement or product business. If you cant generate customers at a break-even or profit,
then you wont be able to stay in business.

My observation is that: Marketers tend to focus on customer acquisition first, while people who are
passionate about products tend to want to focus only on the product. A healthy combination is best.

At the live intensive, one of the things Ill do is walk through a process where you can actually analyze
markets that you are already in or considering going into. See how products are being sold currently in those

There are a lot of ways to acquire customers and there is a lot of

different models to follow as well.

Lets go over a couple simple basic models and look at how they

Lead Generation Model

You can run lead generation off Facebook, You Tube, direct email drops, also known as solo ads, which
we will talk about in the media buying demystifying section.

The main reason why I like lead generation on the beginning side is that is allows you some time to
actually warm up your leads, and it also allows you to gather data.

You survey them. You send them emails with your own offers. Other peoples offers.

You look at what they respond to, you look at what they dont respond to.

You send them offers, and you see what they buy and what they dont buy.

Early on in a business, this is one of the smartest moves simply because you can become way more
profitable faster by treating customers better and creating more value for them.
Ryan LaVesque, author of the book ASK, has created a lot of great things with the survey funnel

What is great about the survey funnel model is that you are lead generating and then you can choose to sell
people with a video sales-letter, long form letter, or any other manner that works for you.

Ad Goes Direct To A Presell Page

The next funnel model to look at for customer acquisition is an ad going to direct to a pre-sell page, which is an
article type page. A lot of people are calling this native advertising.

It has been around for years and years and years. Whats great about this is that it sets up a pre-frame in
the customers mind that they are providing value. What happens chemically in the brain is that when they are
reading an article they feel very, very at ease.

It allows them to get into a buyer state quicker.

Whereas sometimes going direct to a video sales letter,

even though it still works, your bounce rate is super
high, because people generally dont want to be sold.

One other great benefit of driving people to a pre-sell

or article page first is that your average transaction size
will be higher most of the time.

If you split test direct to video sales letter versus direct

to a pre-sell page, then to an order page or video sales letter.

The Pre-sell page will generate a higher average ticket.

You will find similar results in the lead generation survey model funnel as well. One quick tip here to consider
when you are doing that is that, if you position scarcity properly, people will want to buy more of your product.
Thus they choose four bottles or eight bottles or 12 bottles.
This one tip can drive your initial transaction value much higher and allow you to grow your business much

If you have a really good product, they buy that product over and over and over again.

Action Steps and things to test: You have to choose what your sales process is going to look like.

What I would recommend, and we will talk about in the intensive more in depth when we go through each
model is either

A: you build out two different funnels. One straight to a lead generation, survey funnel,


B. Ad drives people straight to a VSL


C: Winner of the above test goes against a Pre-Sell Page.

At the end of the day, you want to have a baseline test. It is easy to do. It wont take long to do.

Once you have your baseline model of acquiring customers, then you can go ahead and start looking at testing
messaging, offer, structure of offer, and fun stuff like that.

We use visual website optimizer to run our tests and its EASY! All of this is easy. Its just a matter
of planning it out.

One more vital point I want to make, as we talk about the conversion funnel, is that youre going to find
that what converts best off of Facebook may not be what converts best off of You Tube, Google, a direct solo
ad email, or other networks.

I will show you examples from every network of offers that are working RIGHT NOW! No theory.
You will be given the exact examples to model. This will save you enormous amount of time and guesswork.
Since we are talking about different modes, there are definitely some different strategies that work for
mobile that DO NOT work at all for a desktop.

Those are distinctions that we will go over and you need to test them.

Pillar #4: Traffic and Media Buying Demystified

I am excited about this topic because he is one of the most mystical components of growing any
business, let alone a health supplement business. Every business online needs to get traffic to its site, but
profitable traffic is the most important.

Media Buying, when I first started, was one of the big things I wanted to understand. Theres some areas
of it that is very, very simple, and theres some that are a little bit more complicated.

Heres the bottom-line about getting traffic: if you can get your product offer to convert at a very high rate,
and your average ticket is high, then you will most likely never have to worry about getting traffic.ever!

The reason is that you can pay a higher commission or cost per acquisition (CPA), than the competitors.

If you have a really hot offer, you can grow your business at a very, very fast pace. It all comes down to
your earnings per click (epc). That is what affiliates, joint ventures, and media buyers care about.

The earnings per click is the main thing that we will always be talking about when we talk about your
conversion rate.

Here is why: if a media buyer can pay $1.00 cost per click (cpc) and the earnings per click are a $1.10
(epc), then they can go out and get every imaginable targeted click on the Internet that is $1.00 cpc or lower.

Whether or not you decide to use media buying outside of your company or internal, theres a couple
basic best practices you have to understand.
Number #1: You will never be able to buy all the traffic on the Internet. So, relationships will
become a massive part of your ability to buy media.

Number #2: you need to know the rules! You need to know: what is my allowable money to spend
on your minimum test buys? What is my maximum Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per acquisition (CPA)?

Once we set the rules of your company and your game plan, we really dont want to deviate from them
at all.

Early in my career when I was running a business, a $1,200 buy as a first test was very, very stressful.
Not stressful in the sense that I was terrified, but it was like,

Man I am on top of that buy. I am looking at the sales actually come in through my visual website

I was very aware of what was working or not working.

As I got more mature in the business, I also found myself getting sloppy, meaning I would do a $4,000
or $5,000 or $10,000 buys out of the gate, because at the time, we were doing $100,000 a day in revenue.

So why not do a $10,000 buy, because we know we can make it up when we are profiting five or ten
grand a day.

Why not just keep pressing the envelope? The problem that happens, if you get away from your rules, is
that your team, your vendors, your media buyers will also get away from the rules.

Now you are losing money unnecessarily!

Couple things we are going to do is: A: You have to be willing to determine what you are able to spend
for minimum test buys. This will vary based on the source that you decide to go through. Whether it is You
Tube, Facebook, direct solo email ads, direct media buys or network media buys or a CPA network.

One quick tip there is that we will identify a ground zero.

What location is our highest probability of being successful, that if
it doesnt work here, its probably not going to work anywhere else.

There may be a few couple locations, but heres a quick example.

Our joint pain offer has done very well on Facebook.

My 55 and 65+ females who were subscribers of conservative fan pages, absolutely crushed it.

We were getting 300% return on investment. It was doing amazing. I would spend $300 or $400 a day on just
getting a baseline test data to see which worked best. I went in running. That was very easy to do.

Today you could still do the same: heres the strategy for Todays changes!

Step 1: Target that Ground Zero Audience. For our company, we targeted Glen Becks audience,
because they fit our ideal profile.

Step 2: Send that visitor to a landing page or a value driven article with a presell component to it.
Step 3: Drop a pixel on their browser

Step 4: Run ads through YouTube, Facebook, or other ad networks driving them to a lead generation
page...or straight offer page.

Step 5: Follow up with emails and offers to convert the targeted customer

This is just one of many strategies that represent the future of our Internet marketing world.

Sidenote: If you are looking for black hat strategies and want to figure out ways to constantly Game Facebook or Google,
then my memberships are not for you. Its designed specifically for people who want results fast, but who are in it for the long


By now, Im assuming that you already know what
retargeting is. You visit a site and then when you leave the
siteyou start seeing that companys ads everywhere you go.

Where this has evolved tremendously is that Ryan

Deiss said it from stage last week, at Traffic and Conversion
Summit, that they are focusing on Retargeting List building
as almost a MORE VITAL asset than emails lists.

This is important for many reasons:

#1: Compliance with the biggest traffic networks is becoming THE most vital part of the
business. What does Google, Youtube, and Facebook want for their users? Good Content!

A year ago, we could just run Facebook ads to a Video Salesletter and make 200% ROI easily.

Now, one great strategy is:

Step 1: Post a GREAT Topical Article On Your Blog: 3 Foods In Your Kitchen That Can
Relieve Joint Pain. This article must be jam packed with actual content that creates value for the
Step 2: Promote it Via Facebook to A Targeted Audience (Ground Zero or expanded)

Step 3: When they visit the article; you drop a remarketing pixel. (Advanced Tip: One
suggestion is that you have a custom script on there so that you only pixel people who have stayed on
your page for 90 seconds or longer. This shows a higher level of interest than someone who bounced off
your page or stayed only for a few seconds.)
Step 4: Run your advertisements for your product, free report, book, etc.. ONLY to that
retargeting list. It reminds me of our old days of triple hoop marketing. The benefit here is that it puts
YOUR interest list in a competitive vacuum. (*The advantages of a competitive vacuum has never been more
vital, because of the distraction economy we now live. Getting people to buy with just 1 interaction is almost near
impossible today. That is why magalogs work so well via direct mail, because the people are sitting there enjoying,
engaging, salivating over the benefits, and their emotional buying desire is so heightened by the time they buy.
Whereas online, we have made the mistake of asking the Girl to Marry us on the first date before you even bought
her pizza. A change is here my friends. This will be a deep dive topic at the Intensive!)

The Fastest Way to Get Face To Face (Virtually)

With Your Customers!
I love solo email ads, because you can pick a targeted list of subscribers and get traffic ridiculously fast.

The emails tend to appear to be an endorsement from the newsletter or magazine. Another thing I love
is that you do not have to have complicated skills in order to make it work.

If you can write an email- you can be LIVE with Solo Ads very very fast.

I will go through exactly how to find sites to mail to. Who I talk to... What I say...How to get minimum
buys, Test Multiple Creatives (i.e. emails, subject lines, etc..), and introduce you to brokers who can do all of
the legwork for you.

If you want to get test an offer, and you dont have a ton of a budget, you can go to solo ad buys, you
generate them, and then you have a long term follow-up sequence following up.

The chances of you becoming profitable, if you are targeting the right lists, is way higher than going out
to a cold network trying to buy traffic.

If you have a decent offer, you can be buying $10,000-$20,000 a Month, but if you dial all of this can be doing multiple hundreds of thousands a month with this one strategy!

How to integrate online and offline channels for maximum effect.

99.9% of the internet marketers are leaving money on the table by not doing direct mailand
offline marketers are missing the boat completely, because they fail to understand how to move online
profitably. Which brings me to


How to take your offline direct mail campaigns online profitably! I can tell you a funny story about
being at the health expo in Anaheim California. I was at my list brokers party he was hosting.

Everyone around me had been in Direct Mail the past 20+ years or so.

Fact #1: they were all worth more than me. Yep- I admit it. Theses guys have been killing it in
direct mail for the past many years and have HUGE buyer list files, many millions in wealth stacked away,
but they were missing something.

Fact #2: they all believed that what they did offline wouldnt work online. None of this
works online, the grey haired man who was buying everyone drinks had told me.

The rest of the group nodded in agreement. I didnt say a peep. Not that I didnt want to, but quite
frankly, they wouldnt believe me.

They had good reason not to. After all, every attempt they made to bring their offers online were
met by ultimate doom.
Why Direct Mail Companies Fail When Trying
To Bring Their Offer Online!

Heres my opinion whyand its simple:

They hired the wrong people (subcontractors, media buyers, creative),

asked the wrong questions,
played thehope and see game, and/
or the process they built to convert customers was wrong for the internet
Or they didnt have rules set up properly like they did in direct mail.
Why? Probably because no one ever told them how to think properly for online

This opens the door for media buyers and agencies to come in and lie!

To say the Internet Doesnt work is simply put, not true. Its a cop out!

Ad Agency B.S Wastes More Money Than Washington!

The most common lie they will tell you: We need to spend $10K -50K to even see if the offer has a
chance. Then we will optimize from there.

Man, Im smart and seasoned and I still fell for this a couple times! UGH. At the intensive, Ill share
the story of how I actually agreed to a $120,000 insertion order with a media company...and it totally
bombed. More importantly, Ill share how I handled it...and how to NEVER be as dumb as I was in that

Heres the truth: if you take a winning offer from direct mail and build it out properly onlineas
long as you dont look like a rank amateur (which I promise you wont); I can get people to start
promoting your offer and start testing it RIGHT NOW. without you ever coming out of pocket.

Think about this: Direct Mail has THE best copywriters in the business- without question. (I
know that will piss off a few others lol so I will digress and say there are few exceptions)

The problem is: the businesses dont know how to take the copy and make it work for online.
This is easy to fix. Get the targeting downget the right plan mapped out... and these off-line guys can add
25% to their business pretty damn fast.

The other advantage that these guys who have been in business 20 years that a new online
marketer does NOT is a treasure chest full of copy and backend products.

But most will ignore this message. Chalk it up to been there, done that and continue to drink
whiskey in circles with blind approving head nodders. Defiantly ignoring the fact that their customer
base is getting older the number of files to mail is shrinking daily (unless of course more of them start
acquiring customers via the web)

Can this one thing possibly save the entire Direct Mail community?

Maybe, maybe not, but Ive rented and re-rented my online buyers to direct mail companies who
kept repurchasing them. Why would they rent a list from online buyers if it wasnt profitable? They
wouldnt This is big peoplereally big.
*Side-note: theres a bigger secret revealed inside this topic that most will miss. Its BIG. And it can simplify your
strategy, business, and wealth building plan. Figure this out just once and it will put loads of cash in that box you keep
deep in your backyard. It will show you THE magic secret to turning your business from an offer business to a
wealth building machine. No guessing- perfect sniper like, battle-tested game-plan on someone elses dime. It doesnt
require technology, new software, or much other than your thinkingyou just need your mental filters expanded!

Pillar #5: Affiliates/Strategic Relationships: (ROLODEX: Contacts are held in reserve for
You will get access to my rolodex. Everything you need to know about building an affiliate army
will be taught at this event. Nothing held back!

Pillar #6: Life Time Value Accelerator

The KEY in building a multi-seven figure supplement business is going to be found right here in
increasing the lifetime value of your customer!

While my model and blue-print is designed for you to be profitable at day 1, the reality is that once you
have a backend process that can get customers to buy more products, you can now go negative to acquire
Most marketers, even pro marketers, treat this haphazardly and recklessly. Admittedly, we didnt even
have a true backend for 18 months in the business. It makes me want to puke

It embarrasses to even admit it, but its true. (*Ill share the entire story at the Intensive! I ignored my common
sense, my gut, and everything I know about marketing, because I was listening to someone who I thought was smarter
than me.)

See, the challenge you run into here is: If you focus is supposed to be constantly on my lead gen and
customer acquisition process, how am I supposed increase the lifetime value of my customers?

You will need inventory, sales copy, and a mapped out process. The Trap here is to overload on
inventory, over-spend on sales copy, and get too busy that this becomes a mess.

Here is 1 of 5 easy tips that you can do which will save you time, money, and give you data so you
can grow your business much faster:

Find a friend who runs a comparable supplement business. Simply ask him or her:

Hey, can I put your product in my upsell sequence and Ill pay you wholesale or a buck extra
per bottle in the beginning to test this out.

When one of my probiotic product upsells ran out of inventory; I contacted a buddy of mine that I
knew who was selling a similar product. This product would work perfectly with my probiotic while
allowing me to keep cash in my own bank account instead of increasing my debt with a manufacturer.

Take this is step further. Ask permission to use his sales copy. Most people will say yes, no
problem, because its a win-win AND you are moving his inventory with a little bit of profit for him as


If you are wondering, But Ed, wont they see me as competition? Why would they ever work with
me? Their business is so successful. Mine is just starting!

Thats silliness. That means you are talking to the wrong people. You are correct; you will come
across some ego driven dudes out there, but just move on.

The people I surround myself have an abundance mentality. Do you honestly think I could sell
all my products to every potential customer ? The market is just too big!

Ill answer this with a quick funny example. When I used to help Implant Dentists get patients,
they all thought that if I helped other dentists in their area, it would take away competition.

Makes logical sense right?

newspaperads,thewayItaughtit,endedup improvingthe

My belief is that the increased awareness and repetition of seeing similar messaging moved
more customers faster to take action.

Here is one more Real-World, Proven And Tested Tip that will drive profits, help your customers,
and give you data for ascending customers faster.

One thing I did early that worked like gangbusters is

another tip I used from Dentistry. I found out that if you gave a
person a coupon, youd get a decent response, but if you

you will get 2-3X the response rate!

So, in our post-purchase emails and direct mail bounce-back letters (*a bounce back is any offer
that gives your customer a compelling reason to come back and invest more money in your
company) we started using $30 Credits.

In our first month of launching this to our existing customers, we made $400,000 in Gross
Revenue just from launching this one campaign. Think you should try it?

Did I invent this?

Id like to say yes, but I think I got the idea from an old John Carleton Letter. Plus constantly seeing
Victoria Secret sending me Free Panties offers.

No matter where you are at with business, this one idea can be a game-changer.

One of the first questions the average marketing consultant and business and business owner will
ask you is: What is your average lifetime value of a customer?

So, you take the total revenue by a certain period and divide it be the number of X customers.

Lets keep it simple: you generate $90,000 revenue from 1,000 customers.

Your average lifetime value of a customer = $90 per customer


If you are ONLY looking at this, then you are making rookie mistakes and acting like an amateur.
You will never be capable of GROWING PROFIT and expanding your wealth by looking at averages. You
will be like all the other average marketers out there.

See, inside that 1000 customers were

Avg. Value: Total Value: Cost to Acquire: Profit:
600 customers who spent: $40 $24,000 $90 - $30,000

200 customers who spent: $120 $24,000 $90 $6,000

100 customers who spent: $250 $25,000 $90 $14,000

50 customers who spent: $400 $20,000 $90 $15,500

Total Profit: $5,000

Average Profit Per Customer is: $5

Now, with this information: if you only look at the bottom-line average information,
does this look like a fun business to be in?


However, if you created campaigns for each segment that was equal to their ability to spend
money and recency of purchaseetc you can get really creative, fun, and simultaneously create
ENORMOUS VALUE for your customers who are willing to invest in themselves!

This, my friend, is one of the biggest breakthroughs we made in our business. It took me 3 years
to figure out how to implement, but we are doing it now and profits are better than ever.

Last point here; there are sub-points that I will go into at the INTENSIVE and they will
shortcut the process without question. But if you have customers or leads right now in an
existing business, you could implement this and easily put a system in place that will add a TON

Moving on
Pillar #7:
How to Rank Fast On The #1 Shopping Center In The World!

Do you remember the days when people would brag about how many store outlets they are in?

Amazon is that the new scalable platform that can get you LIVE instantly and

If you are selling health products (or any products for that matter) and you dont have them on then you REALLY need to open your eyes to what is right in front of you.

Ill show you behind the scenes of how we consistently, EVERY DAY, make $5,000 a day on Amazon
without doing any of the Amazon hacks that are being taught.

However, because I believe that there is sooooo much untapped potential here and that even my
company is leaving a ton of money on the table... I WILL have a guest speaker at the intensive.
This individual is an absolute PRO at Amazon and will give you the exact roadmap to getting ranked on
Amazon very very fast.

Amazon provides an enormous amount of benefits, a few which Ill point out now:
You can get started in the business VERY VERY fast! Have an idea and need to get it live post it
on amazon. You dont need to deal with merchant accounts, web designers, or programmers.
You can start lead generating and drive your leads to Amazon
You can use it as a retargeting conversion strategy
Overflow from your direct mail, your media buys, and your joint venture strategies will look you
up and end up buying on
Your return rate from amazon will be under 3%. Unheard of for traditional direct response
Plus much much more!
Pillar #8: Cash Flow Management/Financials and Accounting System
The financial pillar is a huge one. Especially at the beginning, but even more important as you scale.
The key thing early on is to know the speed at which we get our money back from our ad spends, while
knowing our true cost.
Factoring in All Imaginable Costs!
If you are looking to break even (or better) at acquisition (Day 0), you need to take into consideration all
of the merchant fees, reserves, refunds, cost of goods sold, shipping/handling, phone calls for sales and
customer service.

Most people do not even consider thinking about phone call fees on refunds as far as adding it as a
contribution to overhead. However, you need to look at it.

Another quick thing you have keep in mind is: if you are paying consultants, sub-contractors, and other
soft costs, you need to be aware of the speed you are moving their input to money.
If your throughput is too slow, then you need to either stop having so many soft costs, or you need to
solve the throughput problem.

When you back all of that stuff out, you have to come to a point where you look at your allowable CPA
(cost per acquisition).

What are you willing to spend to get a customer? If all of those fees are, say, $30 and my average sale is
$100 and my goal is to break even, then my allowable cost per action $70.

If I want to net profit 15% at acquisition, then my allowable CPA now becomes $55.

Do you remember when I talked about the secret to getting as much traffic as you want as your ability to
have a higher earnings per click?

You need to know that the guy who is willing to pay $70 cost per sale versus the guy who is willing to
spend $55 cost per sale, assuming that they have the same conversion rate, will get a lot more traffic.

It will probably be exponentially more traffic if the conversion rates are the same. Their EPCs would
back out differently.

CPA is $70 = 1000 Clicks @ .5% Conversion Rate = 50 Customer

($70.00 CPA * 50 Sales)/1000 = $3.50 EPC

CPA is $55 = 1000 Clicks @ .5% Conversion Rate = 50 Customer

($55.00 CPA * 50 Sales)/1000 = $2.75 EPC
If all things are equal, the guy who is paying out $70 CPA is getting his affiliates .75 cents more per

Which offer would you promote if you were the affiliate? The more profitable one obviously.
Maybe you are the owner of the product and you only are able to pay $55 CPA. You need to get
strategic to move your dollar per customer up as quickly as possible so you can pay more.

Get Your Backend Sales Going As Soon As You Can!

This is why, from a financial perspective, you have to have your back end ready to rock and roll. You
can only move the conversion rate needle so much if you are following best practices. There is a time and point
where it becomes a game of, who can run the better business by moving their customers up the ladder

Where else does cash flow become extraordinarily important? It is the amount of inventory you buy.
The key here is to look at your throughput: which is the speed of which your inventory goes in and goes
out so that you are paying your vendors from sales and not from your bank account.

There are some manufacturers with whom you can build a relationship so that you can do a
print-on-demand type of model. You have to have a certain amount of sales to get there.

We have some relationships we can introduce you to if you want to go bare minimum inventory as you
grow. It is not as possible when you are doing custom formulations.

Monthly Rhythm
Underneath financials you are going to look at your daily rhythms, weekly report, and a monthly report.
You also have your affiliate report, daily email report, and we will have all of those things. We will show you
exactly how we use them to help manage and run the business at the intensive. All of these things can seem
overwhelming, but don't worry, once you have it in place you are off the races.

CFOs and Accountants

I have tried a few different accounting firms and I have found one that works perfectly. The best part is
that they have businesses similar to ours, so they know what is expected. They know when errors happen.
Where there are problem areas and they let us know it. They actually act as your virtual CFO and it works very,
very well.

Pillar #9: Legal

Legal is a necessity in any health product business, but for supplements and health information
its a MUST. Knowing who to trust to give you the best advice, in my opinion, the most important thing.

We wont spend a on of time on this, but I will share stories, insights, and my opinions from
personal experiences over the past 6.5 years. Furthermore, Ill give you the contact information for the
two attorneys I work with and how I work with them.

Like I said, we wont spend a lot of time on this, but having peace-of-mind that you are making the
best moves for yourself allows you to accelerate your growth.

Pillar #10: Planning Your Exit Payday:

A health supplement business is sellable asset. It is unlike a guru business, because you can build
a brand that has nothing to do with you. I have personally not sold my business, so I wont go deep into
this topic.

However, I can tell you that EVERYTHING we go over is preparing you to be capable of taking this
next step for Wealth Building if that is your goal.
Special Invitation To 25 Serious and Highly Motivated Individuals
Who Want The Ultimate Shortcut To Health Supplement
and Product Millions Intensive!
In my past life of growing Dentist Profits from scratch to helping over 5000 dentists world-wide
in growing their dental practices.

Running seminars, coaching programs, and high end consulting, as I might have explained earlier I
chose the supplement business, because it allows me to make money and have a great life without having
to deal with hundreds of clients.

With 7 kids and a wonderful lifestyle, to allow people to go behind the curtain and to mentor them
was something Ive avoided for a while, However, Ive created a plan that can allow me to help YOU a
small group of highly motivated entrepreneurs, business owners, health experts, or supplement
businesses to come to my town (Chicago).
Over a period of 2 days hand you on a silver platter The Ultimate Health Supplement Best
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21 Reasons Why You Should Crawl Over Broken Glass,

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2. How to absolutely Guarantee You Have the Best Chances To Succeed In The Supplement
Business Online Fast AND For the Long Term While growing it on your own terms, according to
your values, and enjoying the life you were meant to live.

3. Avoid Landmines, Sinkholes, and Vultures ready and waiting for the next well intentioned
Health Supplement Owner coming online! (You name it: designers, media reps, affiliates,
manufacturers, call centers, fulfillment centers, hosting companies, etc...the list goes on of people
who will suck you dry of your hard earned money if you dont know the best practices and rules
to follow.)

the curtain of media source, split tests, ad reps, backend emails, Video Sales Letters, opt-in pages,
etc and my best thinking today-given to you!

5. Would you like to know what the Top 5 Internet Supplement Businesses Are Doing To Grow
their Business? (Ill give you my reverse engineer and market research system that anyone
on your team can implement.)

I will show you everything I can find and how I personally process it.

You will get my eyes and experience at researching all the top supplement businesses and what
they are doing.

You will see:

a. Top Ads
b. Their Top Affiliates
c. Best Landers and Offer Pages
d. Where they get their traffic
e. Where it all fits in a much bigger picture for their businesses

One of my unique gifts is seeing what no one else sees.

I had a very successful, under-the-radar, friend show me his step-by-step formula for modeling
what is working online.

I will give it to give you a TON of examples for you to model, improve, to then go out and
create greatness into this world!

6. Priority Assessment and Accurate Thinking Game Plan- what you need to do first, second,
third to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I already know that we will have a
mixed group of entrepreneurs in the room.

Some entrepreneurs that are completely new to the supplement space (but have had success
elsewhere), some that are UBER-successful in the Direct Mail, TV, and Radio space that are looking
to get walked by the hand by a friend to expand market reach the right way, and other health
experts who want to blow up their profits by adding supplements to their backend.

Im sure we will have a mix bag of copywriters, media buyers, affiliates, amazon ninjas, who are all
looking to build the business out properly.

What that means is: you will all have different perceptions as to what your next steps are! This
is the problem when you go to big seminars and even smaller ones where they are spending more time
on shiny objects and concepts rather than specific blocking and tackling.
That is why I will be keeping the room to a maximum of 25 primary slots with 1 Employee or
Partner allowed (see below for specific details on who is allowed). You will get my personal attention
on YOUR Game-Plan.

This is a no B.S. time for you, because these decisions will have 6 month to 36 month impacts! We
must get this right!

Think about it this way: if all I do is prevent you from going down the wrong rabbit holes and
provide you with validation of your best thinking;how much would that be worth to you (personally),
your team, and your future wealth?

Ill let you decide, but the key to working with high performers is that 1% slight edge, and if that is
you- youll LOVE this time together.

7. Ascend your Customers Fast and Strategically: You will get a mapped out plan and proven
multi-channel copy. The key here is combining your bounce back offer and other products that the
customer wants. once they become a buyer, its our job to help them buy more things that will
help them.

LIke I said before, I waited waaay too long to have all of this in place. It was an immature business
move that cost me millions of dollars and took me out of doing direct mail. (Which we are going
back into by the way).

Anyhow, I will share with you one strategy that is working like gangbusters that put $46,000 of
net profit in our bank account in the past 45 days.

Imagine starting with this strategy already in your pocket.

If you already have customers and leads, imagine implementing it right away! This one thing easily
pays for your investment in this event.

8. Proven Lead Gen Templates/Messaging: Ill show you exactly what we use and have used to
generate leads. Who we buy the media and how you need to set up this funnel to make profit.

Admittedly, I got away from lead generation, because all my media buyers and affiliates wanted to
send to a video salesletter. When we scaled our online sales to $3,600,000 in a month; I allowed
my business to placate for them.

You should do some of this if is working, but you should also stick to list building on certain
sources of traffic. Ill show you what ones you do that for

9. Full Funnels Evaluation and Checklist System! You will get our internal checklist for ensuring
that we have both the psychology and the process dialed in before we ever launch!
10.Media Buying Plan: you will walk away with a plan on where to start your ground zero testing
and how to expand it. Plus you will meet actual media buyers who could help you make this thing

11.Multi-Channel Marketing Game Plan: you will see how we use newspaper, direct mail, and
online to work simultaneously.

12.Whats New With Facebook Right Now! You will get first-hand what is actually working and my
best thinking and strategy behind making it rain from facebook!

13.Capitalizing on the Cheapest, Yet Most Targeted Clicks On The Internet: Youtube: I will show
you real live case studies of what is working on Youtube right now. There are some businesses
that are more predisposed to advertising cold on Youtube, but EVERYONE should be retargeting

14.Dominate and Build A Long Term Asset on the worlds largest shopping cart
wants to help make you money! Use your media spends to get you ranking high and sticking there!

15.Secrets to Affiliate Recruiting Blue-Print- you want to be in this business at and have almost
zero risk? Build your very own affiliate army! There is an art and science to it, but its not hard.

16.Retargeting Magic- this is the biggest thing online right now and Im all over it! I promise you that
99% of the companies out there are doing this wrong it doing it at all.

17.Create Your Own Quarterback And Have Them Run A Division, A Profit Center, Or an entire
Business- Ill share with you exactly how we got to this point. The mistakes I made prior to it and
my good friend who mentored me and kathleen through the process!

18.Million Dollar Vendor List: You will get my Media Buyers, copywriters, best affiliates, key
contacts online and offline, and everyone else we work my reviews. Who to stay away
from. This list is GOLD! Literally!

19.Split Testing Game-Plan: you will get my entire split testing gameplan laid out for you to model
and follow. One of the hardest things is finding people who can learn and think like a split tester.
However, this roadmap will save you an enormous amount of time, headaches, and confusion!

20.A Fail-Proof Offline Marketing Game Plan: if you are going to go offline, you want to have this
plan locked and loaded. Once again- the key here is knowing who to work with so you have the
best people in the world working for your best interest.

21.How to Work With Super-Affiliates: Ive had the biggest guys (and still do) drive traffic for me.
Want to know exactly what they want...and what needs to be in place BEFORE you even approach
them? I'll give it to you. Plus, ensure you dont look like an amateur or another person begging for
traffic. These guys are hard to find and you want to keep them in your tightest, closest circle.
Plus we will go into any topics youd like to hear. Questions you might have...and/or ideas.

1. First, it takes nothing away from me to share and allow you to expand your awesomeness. Seriously,
like I said, we have a rule in our business where I am ONLY allowed to give Kathleen 3 new ideas to test
each and every month. She already has the calendar for the next 6 months and they are in execution
mode. As an organization, we function MUCH better and more profitably staying lean and keeping
things simple, rather than focusing on trying to do all of my ideas.

So, frankly, there is the bottleneck of ideas, strategies, and awesomeness that I can see in almost
anyones business in a matter of minutes (based on real world testing) that would allow YOU to make more money
without having to go through what I did.

We have zero desire to add more team members and focus on growth and scale beyond doing what
we already have planned.

So, why not take the past 6.5 years of lessons and share them with some high level, like-minded
individuals and get paid nicely to do that.

I wholeheartedly believe that many of my Intensive clients are going to take their business to 8 figures or
add another 8 figures to their business, because of this workshop.

Just because Im cool with us doing multiple 7 figures a year at a fatter profit doesn't mean you cant take
this blueprint and drive it to the moon.

One of the top new supplement businesses online is now doing 8 figures a month. Good for them. Should we
sit in awe of them and nod our heads in disbelief?


They arent doing anything rocket scientist like, they are just doing great fundamentals at a bigger scale.
They have teams, employees, cash flow, strategic relationships, professional media buyer, and
infrastructure. While building infrastructure and teams is not my mode of working, but it might just be

However, I promise you one thing: you WILL walk out of there with the blue-print to take this business
to the LEVEL you want to.
2. Instant Strategic Relationship and Joint Venture Builder: if its not obvious to you. There is POWER in
being in the circle of like minded entrepreneurs who can support each other. I guarantee, if you are doing
anything of value to this world, you will meet instant joint ventures and strategic relationships at this

You will leapfrog to having MANY instant relationships that we can promote and have them promote you.
After you go through this intensive, I can literally introduce you to a dozen people that will promote your
products and make you WAAAAAY more money than I will be asking for this event.

I made the mistake, as I was growing this business, of isolating myself.

I was like: Man, I dont want anyone to see or know what I was doing. That is scarcity and foolish thinking.
You grow by having the right relationships who WANT you to succeed.

If your success simultaneous helps their vision, then both of win faster.

Ive always believe in the idea of rising tides raise all ships! My main role in our company is now
bringing amazing relationships to grow the business from a LEVERAGED PERSPECTIVE.

See, I believe you and I can both grow our businesses exponentially by using leverage rather than
building more and more infrastructure. So, the win-win-win for all of us will come from this
leverage..and the best part is it will happen in an accelerated format.

In Michael Masterson's book, Ready, Fire, Aim, he talks about how Agora figured out that once
the divisions all realized that if they promote each other, the entire business grows faster.

In Direct Mail, there co-ops of buyer files. The only way you are allowed to mail to that
hyper-responsive list is if you rent your own buyers as well. Who wins? Everyone!

Im taking the same philosophy by creating a room full of winners!

3. I can cash in some chips by preventing YOU from making my mistakes. I like making money
and doing it with great people. Why not recoup some of the 6.5 years of experience and lost
money, lost opportunity, and well over a million dollars of mistakes that I made, by preventing you
from making the same mistakes.

4. You have to invest money to have chips in the game. The reality is: if you dont invest in
yourself and in your business to be in this intensive, then you will never value the information I
share with you.
You just wont. You know it and I know it.

Think about this: a good friend of mine just told me yesterday that he lost multiple 6 figures
doing a free trial offer in the health supplement space.

This is a guy I would have given him my right arm to stop him from making these mistakes. All the
signs were there...sigh. I bet if I charged him for my consulting he would have actually listened.

Heres another example: A very well-known Infomercial company hired one of my old employees,
because he positioned himself as a traffic and conversion guy for supplement businesses. This guy
was a complete disaster in my company, yet this 9 figure company hired him. Oh my goodness!

Im not sure if they will be attending this intensive, but they are going to be sent this special
invitation as well. (PS: the guy didnt last too long as their consultant. After a few months of
wasting their money, they finally changed directions.

But here is the sad part: THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM...and they will leave that relationship

Im not going to tell you that Im here to be the savior, but my goodness, if you are a bad ass and
cant seem to figure this Online Supplement thing out, then I wholeheartedly would LOVE to help
you make your Vision become a reality.

I see these things happen all the time. I just never had the space and time to support people
through this intensive. .

So, my motives are a bit: Capitalist, Opportunist, and Synergistic. The question now shifts to you why you should
be here

You are Probably In 1 of 2 Categories

Or Slightly In Transition Between The Two

If you are already THERE, meaning you are already killing it and happy financially, then you
should act to safeguard it: I cant think of a better way to do it than by strengthening your present
health information, supplement, or product business. Adding a new funnel, new media, new strategic
relationships, new product line, or a dozen other strengthening strategies alongside what is already
People ask me all the time, What should I invest in? I inevitably always come back to lecturing them
on the value of skill-set development, business building online, and rigorously studying what is
trending. Identifying target markets, buying good media, building quality funnels, and ascending
customers over time are all skillsets that are on one hand staying the same, but also dramatically
changing at light speed.

Keeping a pulse of these things for your company are much more valuable than putting time or
money into investing in other places. If you took the fee required for this Intensive, put it in your best
financial options, might yield an extra $1000 bucks annually if you are lucky, but if you cant walk out
of this training with a plan to add multiple 7 figures in your bank account; then something is seriously

If you are NOT yet THERE, dont sweat it, but be real with yourself: If not now, then
when? Someone asked me today if I got my college degree. I said, Yes, in nursing. Then the
obvious question came next: How do you know how to start businesses, clothing lines, supplement
businesses, and TV Shows?

I get this question a LOT. Answer: you just do it.


You move from the thinking quadrant to doing it. That is where the magic begins to happen IF
you have the correct FRAMEWORK.

Which leads me to my real answer is: I go out and find out who the best people are in X.

I find 3-5 examples and counterexamples. Then I go and find outside the market examples that
have something unique that I can bring to this market.

Then I go find the key players in the market who would benefit massively from my success. (Note:
that is a new question I started to add to my businesses and new ventures. Its a phenomenal question,
because it puts me at the cause of massive value. how can anyone say no to a guy bringing them massive
value? They cant. So, if you bring massive value to the key players in the immediately
become a key player in the industry.)

I pay for consulting when it makes sense, but I have a strategy and criteria for doing that as well.
Im looking for time-compression and most of the consultants out there are, quite frankly, full of sh*#.
Zero real world experience...and if they have some, its outdated.
This may sound self-serving (because in a second Im going to be asking for money), but i NEVER
worry about the money it costs to get access to someone. Im always thinking about the speed of
recovering that investment and then accelerating the value of that investment for the rest of my life.

I pay once; then have that wisdom for the rest of my life.

Once I identify the top players in a market: I get on mailing lists, buy products, and have my inner
circle of people who I will bounce my ideas, strategy, game plan off of!

There is A LOT of thinking and strategizing...but once I make the decision to be IN then we
are in and the brakes are taken off the wheels. The horses are allowed to run, we move and we go until
we win.

I still remember a Thursday night, Age 26, reading an email from a couple successful guys in the
information publishing business who were selling products worth thousands and claiming to make
hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

That night, I said to myself, Im in the wrong business.

Within a year, I was in a new market, teaching marketing to people were 15-30 years older than
me. This business generated multiple 7 figures for 8 years.

Then I did the same thing with the Health Supplement Business it took me longer to crack the
code, but my decisiveness on jumping in was unquestionable.

NOTHING has ever worked well for me by waiting.

When I decided to launch a new business recently, I paid $70K to get access to a pro in that field.
once I made the decision to do it it took me 1 minute to send a note over to Diana (my bookkeeper to
send over the money via a wire).

Decisiveness ALWAYS separates the categories of people thinking about it vs. the people who are
doing it.

Over time, the doing it group ends up at the top of the pyramid while the thinking about it
group ends up feeling like a victim.

Now, lets answer an obvious question:

Before I tell you about your investment, Im going to bring up a couple things:

First, you need to apply to attend the intensive. Im not going to be taking everyone. I have already
turned a few people down. (One was because he didnt fill out the applicationjust sent in his contact
information. This told me that if he isnt willing to fill out the applicationhe isnt going to do a thing I
coach him on doing). Im looking for winners, not whiners, or people who want me to baby sit them. I
dont need clients, I need to individuals who are serious about winning!)

People who are motivated, hungry, and passionate about taking their business to an entirely new
level. Im pouring my heart into this, so I only want people who are willing to make things happen and
succeed! This is the closest thing to Special Forces of the Health Supplement Business that you can get!

Second, you need to have an open mind; be willing to try new things and willing to fail at some
things and succeed faster.

You need to know that some ads, some funnels, some medias might not work (this is true even if
they are proven)and you need to understand that when an ad or direct mail piece doesnt workall it
means is that it didnt work. That is why you will have a minimum testing plan with rule and a

I read somewhere that Guthy Renker went negative $75,000,000 with their Cindy Crawford
campaign until it turned around now it is just pouring cash! It was an ASSET they were building.

Now, I dont plan on any of us to go negative by more than a few thousand dollars here or there,
but your speed to cash positive is the #1 goal.

You cant be emotionally nuts about everything you test. Marketing is a process of testing and
most people never spend any effort and time on this. They usually test 1 thing, then quit if it doesnt
workrather than tweaking something that will make a million dollar difference!

With that said, you have the luxury of Multiplied Testing. By you testing 1 new thing a
month would give us 3 results every quartersome will work greatsome wont. By being a part of my have access to dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of test results.

Third, you must have a positive attitude, be enjoyable to be around, be willing to work the
system, and understand the more you work the systemthe more money youll make, the more
control youll experience, and the more freedom youll have.
If you are a whiner, complainer, moaner, or need to be babysat, then this is NOT for you.

You need to realize that I will be opening up my rolodex and my relationships are WAY more vital
to me, then making a few bucks. You are investing in access to my mindset, my past failures, strategy, and
marketing knowledge. This IS the ultimate shortcut!

Whats the Investment?

$20,000? $30,000? Or $40,000?

Well, by this time you gotta be thinking that Im going to charge between $20,000, $30,000, or
$40,000 for thisas I can easily justify it.

Let me explain: If I charged $40,000 bucks as an initial investment all you would need to recoup your
initial investment would be have one good month. One good cash surge. Or even more easily; 10 months
where your net profit is at $4,000. Or 10 weeks where your net profit is at $4,000.

Either way, you would get all of your investment back, PLUS have this wisdom, shortcuts, and
relationships for the rest of your life!

Ive FORKED OVER $40,000 For A Weekend Of

Consulting And Coaching
Ive paid $40,000 for a weekend coach who helped me sell from stage years ago. Why would
I do that? Because I made $250,000 that one weekendand most importantly I had the new skill
set, knowledge, and guidance for the rest of my life.

So, in essence, I really didnt spend a thing on him. I received $40,000 of brilliant coaching and
consulting for FREEand was ALSO paid $210,000 that I wouldnt have made because of my

The second thought is if you were going to buy a Franchise it would cost you over $100,000
and youd owe them % of the overall profits for the rest of your life. This way, if made you an extra
$1,000,000, youd be writing me a check for an additional $70,000 buckaroos. And there is a good
argument as to why thatd be completely justifiable.

But thats not my dealand thats not the way I want to work. I like working with
groupsand that is why I can keep your investment down to a reasonable fee
Your fee is just $7,500 upfrontwhich you can cut into 2 installments of $3,750 or pay in full
and knock off $500 bucks and pay just $7,000.

Thats it. For just $21 bucks a day; you get to skip ahead of the line. Have my contacts, the best
way to work with them, the best practices for EVERY part of this business.

Why This Should Be An Easy Investment

For You To Swallow and Rationalize
Im not sure if what I explained to you sounds like a lot of money, cheap, or just right, but what I
can tell you is how you can come to a very logical conclusion as to why this is a no-brainer.

Here are 4 things you need to think about to rationalize this and understand why this is a
bargain of a lifetime

Rationale #1: There will be people IN the room who will want to help promote your
business...FOR FREE! You will have access to people who can literally get you going at zero risk. I dont
know how we can make it easier, but this one thing can easily bring you back your $7,500, while adding
customers to your funnel. If you tried to do this all on your own, even if I told you who they were, theyd
ignore you.

Rationale #2: You dont want to be left on the outside looking in. I have no idea if Ill ever do
this type of event again. There will not be any recordings. I will NOT ever sell these online.

Rationale #3: If you dont do it, whats going to change in your life, business, and financial
situation. Im not one to lecture, but if you are reading this far, then you are obviously interested in
improving some aspect of your financial/business life.

Rational #4: No Matter What You DoYou are Investing Something! If you talk to your wife or
partner about something like bet is they will look at this as cost. Well, that is the wrong
thinking. See, one of the key strategies and secrets that I teach is that as you evolve as an entrepreneur
you need to start investing in your RESOURCES:

and MONEY!
By investing in this system, you are trading a small investment of money to instantly be given a
quantum leap in Knowledge, Tools, EXPERIENCE, PEOPLE.. Simply putyou are paying for SPEED. The
opportunity to getting you there MUCH MUCH fasterand quicker than any other way!

Which in return will make you more moneymuch faster, which allows you to enjoy more of your
time with the people you want to spend it withwhile also giving you a ton of knowledge and

This is how Multi-Millionaires think!

Heres What You Need To Do To Secure Your Spot!

Step #1: Go To:

Step #2: Choose Your Payment Options:

The fee is: $5,000 for the eventYou can pay upfront and save $500 or pay in 2
installments of $2,500. Everyone must be paid in full at time of event.

Step #3: My bookkeeper, Diana, will send you a message that payment has been
received and that you are approved! Her email is: for you to confirm
payment or receive any details regarding the event. If you want to pay via wire that is
cool. Email Diana about wiring info...and shell hook you up

Step #4: Book Your Hotel and Travel. When you register, we will send you

My Final Thought!
Ed, Ill just think about it. Well, if you chose this one, then heres my electric prod to tell you Why
thinking about it isnt a Decision!

The first thing Id ask you is what system of helping you make the decision are actually going to
through in order to help you make a decision? Andwhen are you going to make the decision? if you can
honestly tell me that you have a process and youll decide by a certain timeline, then I guess you have some
However, the question isnt is this going to be a smart investment?the real question is What do you
want out of your lifeand what are you doing differently today to get you there faster, smarter, and more
enjoyably than your past? If you cant give a good answer to that, then its time to make a decision that is
going to benefit your life in a very positive and dramatic way!
Then Lee Iaccoca was asked what single quality he looked for in the people he chose as his top, key
associates, he instantly said: the ability to make a decision.

Even though Im giving you an opportunity to get in on something that can dramatically transform your
bank account your business, and your life, I know that this IS a significant decision for a whole lot of folks.
Maybe for you.

But if you do have to struggle over such an amount, I have to tell you: that's the best reason of all to act
on this opportunity immediately - so two or three months from now, whatever is holding you back, you can get
past it and are NEVER financially embarrassed again.

Alright, that is enough of me ranting and raving about this intensive. You are either inor notbut I
wouldnt put this off too long once this message gets out; putting 25 in a room will be easy.


Ed OKeefe