Volume 8, Issue 3

“Progress through Leadership”

March 2010

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Office of Public Affairs
1Lt Rob Davidson Wing PAO Maj J. Brandon Masangcay Assistant Wing PAO WingTips Editor-in-Chief

WingTips is published monthly by the Arizona Wing · Civil Air Patrol, a private, charitable, benevolent corporation and Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of CAP or the U.S. Air Force. WingTips welcomes manuscripts and photographs; however, the Arizona Wing · Civil Air Patrol reserves the right to edit or condense materials submitted and to publish articles as content warrants and space permits. Please send all correspondence to WingTips Editor-in-Chief, Maj J. Brandon Masangcay, e-mail: wingtips@azwg.us

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Volume 8, Issue 3

Command Staff News
Lt Col Brian N. Ready Vice Commander Arizona Wing

March Madness is not just for College Basketball
The thought of March Madness usually brings images of the college basketball championship tournament’s sweet sixteen and final four. I also think Arizona Wing has it’s own version. March is the time of the year when we start to recover from the Arizona winters. While some of the Squadrons in Northern Arizona remain buried in snow, others are warming up to one of the finest times of the year to be outside in our Great State. It seems every weekend is packed with outstanding opportunities for all CAP members. The month started with Commanders Call on the first weekend, a weekend long training session for our Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team, an Operational Exercise (OPEX) and all culminating with one of the largest fund raising opportunities of the year. Arizona Wing has a fantastic opportunity this year to raise funds for cadet encampment and other programs while supporting our troops at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base’s Aerospace and Arizona Days air show March 20-21. Major Ryan Glass is the project officer for this event and I am sure he can use all the help he can get. Join Major Glass and his team raise money for Arizona Wing, support the Air Force, our troops and watch an outstanding air show highlighted by the Air Force Thunderbirds, all while spending time the beautiful Arizona spring. How could it get any better? Pilots, if you are still in possession of a paper FAA pilot certificate they are no longer valid after March 31, 2010. After this date you must have the new plastic double-sided version to exercise your pilot privileges. Direction for replacing your paper certificate can be found on the FAA website or from your Unit Standards and Evaluation Officer. To all our members and their families, the Arizona Wing Command Staff thanks you for your commitment, dedication and support. It is your efforts which make our program outstanding.

Happy Spring!

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Faith and Begorrah, me Great Grandmother Kelley reminds me the day is fast approaching when almost everybody finds an excuse to wear Green. That would be March 17th which is known as St. Paddy’s Day. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17, his religious feast day and the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years. On St. Patrick's Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink and feast—on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage. Also in March, Daylight Savings Time begins on the 14th, the first Day of Spring is the 20th, Palm Sunday is the 28th and Passover begins on the 30th. And, we will also quite likely be hearing all the news and changes resulting from the National Board meeting and conference. It is imperative that we all be patient and NOT listen to rumors and second guesses. Our Commander and staff will get the word out to all of us as soon as they see how it will affect Arizona Wing and subordinate units. The arrival of Spring is frequently a time of house cleaning, cleaning out the debris of Winter and preparing for the arrival of a fresh new Summer. It is also a good time for each one of us to do a mental, Physical and spiritual house cleaning :

Make a list of anything you've been procrastinating over, and ask yourself why you have been putting it off. What can you tackle and what can you let go of ?

Stop worrying. There is nothing constructive about worrying - it won't help you avoid the outcome you're worrying about and it'll destroy your ability to enjoy the present. Focus your energy on what you'd like to happen instead. Follow through on promises and commitments. When you've said you'll do something but you keep putting it on the long finger, it drains you of energy. Let go of anger and forgive. When somebody hurts you badly, it's a normal response to feel anger, and to not want to forgive. Maybe the other person doesn't deserve forgiveness, but don't you deserve to move on and leave the pain behind? Say no to people and activities that drag you down. Instead, surround yourself with people who uplift you and do things that make you feel great!

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Safety Tip
by Lt Col Daniel F. Myers
AZWG Safety Officer

DEHYDRATION, A YEAR-ROUND PROBLEM Our dry, relatively cool, October through March climate in Arizona is deceptive regarding dehydration. We usually associate this phenomenon with warm weather activity during the summer months. However, illness, including fever or any physical activity can cause water evaporation through the skin in order to cool the body. In fact, low humidity or windy conditions can accelerate water loss. Dehydration symptoms include: • Thirst • Dry skin or mouth • Fatigue or sluggishness • Light headedness • Dizziness • Confusion • Increased heart rate and breathing According to the CAP Sentinel: “Mild dehydration can be corrected by drinking proper fluids…..water…and sports drinks like Gatorade can restore bodily fluids. It can be prevented by drinking enough water to satisfy …..thirst, and a little extra if….a fever, upset stomach, or involvement in physical activity. Fluids to avoid are sodas, and surgery drinks like sweet tea, fruit punches, lemonade, power and energy drinks.” SAFETY SURVEY RESULTS Our thanks to all who participated in the Annual Safety Survey. Much improvement was noted. However, we need continued emphasis in the following areas: • Operation CAPSAFE. This is the monthly safety improvement suggestion program located onthe left side of E Service.

Bulletin Boards. Another means of communicating the safety message. Units without permanent meeting areas may fulfill this requirement with portable safety bulletin boards. Mishaps as reported through the Form 78 trended up in 2009. We need more emphasis on cadet safety to include proper nighttime lighting and hydration during activates. Aircraft ground safety is a continuing need area. Make sure enough personnel are available and used for movement in and out of covered shelters/hangars.

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Volume 8, Issue 3

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Aerospace Education Arizona Wing Becomes Involved with Area High Schools
Article by: Maj Phil Hubacek, AZWG DDAE

Through the AZ Wing Aerospace Education staff, CAP has recently established a relationship with Phoenix area high schools that are initiating a new education enhancement program called Center for Research, Engineering, Science, and Technology (CREST). With Paradise Valley High School as the physical location of the new curriculum, the program is drawing highly motivated students from three other valley high schools that begin the four year program in August, 2010.

The CREST program was envisioned by Paradise Valley High School to provide a focused, structured, and rigorous 4-year curriculum to academically qualified and technically inclined students. Once achieving enrollment, students will choose specialization in one of three technical areas of education: Biotechnology – Research and Development, Biotechnology – Sustainability, and Engineering. During their courses of study the students will work with faculty and professionals in a project-based learning environment with emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Beginning in August, the program will add approximately 120 new students per year until the maximum of 400 participants is reached.

Along with The Foundation for Public Education and Quantum Engineering Group, CAP has signed on as a “Foundation” and “Industry” partner with CREST. We have volunteered to share the aerospace education publications and experience resources of our organization with the students and faculty in the program. The extent of CAP’s involvement is still being determined through ongoing program steering committee meetings, but the goals of the program are in line with CAP’s External AE Mission of presenting aerospace education to the public through academic programs within the educational systems. More information about this partnership will be shared as the program and roles evolve.

For more information about the CREST program, see the link: http://cmweb.pvschools.net/pvhscrestweb/

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Volume 8, Issue 3

Professional Development

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Ground Team Training
Article and Photos submitted by Maj Michael Hoaz

The Arizona Wing was privileged to have several ground team exercises and training opportunities over the past month. Group IV held an extensive training weekend at Luke AFB on 29-31 JAN. SSgt. Kittleson, Squadron 356 ES Officer, led the way with several instructors. ICS classes were held to assist new members in taking the tests online. Participants engaged in several activities, including ELT search, map, compass and other Ground Team 2 and 3 skills. CAP members that participated in the training bivouacked on the northwest side of the base. The team ate at the dining facilities and held class both indoors and out. Squadron 308 held an ELT academy on 13 FEB at Glendale Airport. Both seniors and cadets learned to use the Direction Finding (DF) sticks. Several exercises let the group gain proficiency with the units. Finally, the Ground Team 3 and Urban Direction Finding (UDF) teams put their newly found skills to work at the funded OPEX on 20 at Deer Valley Mission Base. The team was tasked with finding a practice beacon in the morning, and ended up chasing an actual beacon that afternoon. The team traced the beacon to the southwest portion of the valley. The CAP ground team that was dispatched to Gila Bend to work with Air Ops was in the vicinity and turned off the beacon at a wrecked aircraft holding pen near 27th Ave. and Buckeye. If you are interested in ground team activities, please talk to your squadron ES Officer or Commander. Training such as this takes place every month throughout the state!

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Volume 8, Issue 3

Sky Harbor Composite Squadron 301 Cadet Change of Command
Article and Photo submitted by: Sgt John Horne, SHCS 301 PAO

C/SMSgt Jairus Nero (left) relinquishes command to C/CMSgt Chase Brant (right). Guidon C/SMSgt Jacob Ellegde (center) stands at attention.

In February 2010, Sky Harbor Composite Squadron 301 had a Change of Command ceremony for its cadet commander. C/SMSgt Jairus Nero transferred command of the flight of cadets to C/CMSgt Chase Brant. The outgoing cadet commander and incoming cadet commander have both been members of SHCS 301 for a number of years. In 2010 Sky Harbor Composite Squadron 301 will celebrate its 65th Anniversary. The squadron was originally based in a government surplus Quonset Hut located at Sky Harbor Airport in 1945, then a building built by Navy SeaBees in the 1970s. After several location changes within the airport grounds over the years the squadron is presently based at the Arizona Air National Guard Base at the airport.

Frank Luke Jr. Cadet Squadron 356 Present Colors at Mariners Home Opener
Submitted by 1Lt Cesar Lora, FLCS 356/CC
Peoria Az- Well Baseball fans, the spring training season is finally here, and the Frank Luke Jr.Cadet Squadron 356 color guard team was in the house, to help get the season started. The color guard team presented the colors at the Mariners spring training home opener, on Wednesday 03 March 2010. The Mariners opened their spring training season with game Vs the Giants. The game was played at the Peoria Sports Complex. Spring Training home to both the Mariners and Padres. The following color guard team members made the presentation, C/A1c Andrew Martinez, C/A1c Steven Lacey, C/SSgt Matthew Cardona and C/SrA Gustavo Silva, the team was escorted by 1st Lt. Cesar Lora. Lt. Lora stated that he was very happy with the performance of the color guard team; C/A1c Andrew Martinez did a great job of leading the color guard team.

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302 Cadets Spend Day at Arizona High Power Rocketry Association
Article and Photo submitted by C/SSgt Anthony Costable, DVCS 302 C/PAO

On February 28th, Cadets from the Squadron 302 Model Rocketry class spent a day learning the basics of high power rocketry at the Spring Launch of the Arizona High Power Rocketry Association (AHPRA). All nine Cadets from the Model Rocketry class were in attendance and were led by C/SMSgt. Tanner Matheny, who is the Cadet instructor for the course. Senior Members present were 2Lt. Matthew Costabile, AEO and 1Lt Mike Matteson. Cadets met at the 302 Squadron building at 0700 Sunday morning even though it was raining heavily. On the way to the launch field, the group was delayed by a river that flooded over the country road that led to the site. After waiting over an hour to cross safely, everyone arrived at the launch field by 1100 hrs only to find that launches were delayed due to the weather. While waiting, Cadets built a working shelter area that doubled as an outdoor classroom with lessons on model rocketry led by C/SMSgt. Matheny. The weather cleared in the afternoon and the group was able to see the launches of some really large and powerful rockets. Cadets had an opportunity to assist an AHPRA member disassemble his 16ft. tall rocket after a successful 6700 ft. flight on a home-built "M" class motor. This was an a great trip even with the weather and we hope to have an opportunity to visit the AHPRA group again to see the launch of even larger rockets.

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Volume 8, Issue 3

David B. Mickle, Sq. 313

Arizona Wing Promotions
Joshua La Foy, Sq. 209

David L. Gregor, Sq. 308 Fidelia C. Newell, Group IV

Ivan Manoogian, Sq. 314 Ron Smith, Sq. 314 Tanner C. Matheny, Sq. 302 Shad A. Melvoin, Sq. 305

Cindy Beck, Sq. 314

Marcella J. Hall, Sq. 501 Jerard P. Hoff, Sq. 302 Paul D. McIntosh, Sq. 302 Joshua M. Morrison, Sq. 302 John T. Mullen, III, Sq. 308 Trenton W. Stokes, Sq. 302

Brandon M. Hughes, Sq. 310 Bryant R. McArdle, Sq. 501 Daniel M. Pida, Sq. 501 Adam M. Spanier, Sq. 106 Jesse J. Starkey, Sq. 106 William J. Mitchell, Sq. 501 Skylar S. Willson, Sq. 302

Randy Brierly, Sq. 304 Paul D. Hein, Sq. 105 Zackary Hoover, Sq. 105 Noah M . Wenger, Sq. 201

Ryan P. Anderson, Sq. 501 Bethany Cathcart, Sq. 205 Steven A. Fulkerson, Sq. 106 Christopher Gould, Sq. 209 Cora Scholz, Sq. 304 Colin K. Skoog, Sq. 302 Charles A. Braden, Sq. 508 Jeremy W.Emery, Sq. 201 Rosario A. Delsorbo, Sq. 302 Johnathan Hinchliffe, Sq. 304 Andrew T. Miller, Sq. 310 Andre D. Popovic, Sq. 310 Matthew A. Schirmers, Sq. 302 Forrest Benson, Sq. 304 Chris Brown, Sq. 101 Ryker Gillespie, Sq. 316 Zachary Harney, Sq. 209 Sean J. Kolder, Sq. 316 Cleveland Mitchell, Sq. 310

Kyle A. Corales, Sq. 302 William R. Meade, Sq. 302

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Upcoming Events March 2010
1 Monday 2 Tuesday 3 Wednesday 4 Thursday Sq 304 [06:30 PM09:30 PM] Squadron 304 Meeting 5 Friday 6 Saturday AZWG HQ [08:00 AM05:00 PM] Group 2 SUI AZWG HQ [08:00 AM05:00 PM] ICS/EOC Interface Course AZWG HQ [09:00 AM04:00 PM] AZ Wing Commanders Call and Staff Meeting 7 Sunday 8 Monday 9 Tuesday Sq 305 [18:30-21:30] Meeting 10 Wednesday 11 Thursday Sq 304 [06:30 PM09:30 PM] Squadron 304 Meeting 17 Wednesday 18 Thursday Sq 304 [06:30 PM09:30 PM] Squadron 304 Meeting 19 Friday 12 Friday 13 Saturday AZWG HQ Individual Crisis Intervention/Peer Support Class 20 Saturday AZWG HQ AZ Wing Opex AZWG HQ [09:00 AM01:00 PM] SAFETY STAFF ASSISTANCE VISIT- SQ 310 & SQ 314 26 Friday 27 Saturday AZWG HQ [09:00 AM01:00 AM] SAFETY STAFF ASSISTANCE VISIT SQ 501

AZWG HQ Sq 305 AZ WG LST [18:30-21:30] CERT ACHIVE- Meeting MENT DUE NTL HQ SE AZWG HQ Group 2 SUI Worksheet Due

14 Sunday AZWG HQ Individual Crisis Intervention/Peer Support Class

15 Monday

16 Tuesday Sq 305 [18:30-21:30] Meeting

21 Sunday

22 Monday

23 Tuesday Sq 305 [18:30-21:30] Meeting

24 Wednesday

25 Thursday Sq 304 [06:30 PM09:30 PM] Squadron 304 Meeting

28 Sunday

29 Monday

30 Tuesday

31 Wednesday

Sq 305 AZWG HQ Sqn 212 SUI [18:30-21:30] Worksheet Due Meeting

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