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Student name: Jhon Heberth Rojas Delgado

READING: Frida Kahlo (1.75 points).

I. After Reading the passage about Frida Kahlo answer the following
comprehension questions:

1. Where and when was she born?

Solution: Was born on July 6 of the 1907 in Coyoacn.
2. Why did she spell her name Frieda?
Solution: For the word "Frieden" which means peace in German.
3. Why was she associated with the Mexican revolution?
Solution: Frida was born in 1907 but the Mexican revolution began in 1910, so
she changed her date of birth in 1910 to associate her with the revolution.
4. What did she use to paint and Why?
Solution: He devoted himself to painting while recovering from his illness for
three months.
5. Who was Frida influenced by?
Solution: Was included by the Mexican Indian culture
II. In your words, express your opinion about Fridas quote I hope the exit is joyful
and I hope never return (100 words).

Solution: Frida had a very stormy and rugged life, beginning with a terrible illness
at the age of 6 that affected her right leg and had to hide it in long skirts. In 1922
when enrolling in the school met the leader of a gang and fell in love and began to
participate in the streets of Mexico during the revolution. In 1932 left the study of
medicine and dedicated to the painting and was invited to France in 1939 to
exhibit one of its works.
In 1929 he married Diego Rivera, a painter, too. This marriage was very stormy by
the multiple infidelities of the two, in addition to the bisexual inclination of Frida,
they separated but were remarried in 1940 and this second marriage was just as
complicated as the first.
Besides all these torments, after his death in 1954 it was said that he died from an
overdose and not from pulmonary disease. After her death, her husband
recognized how wonderful Frida was as a person and she had realized it very late.
His cigars rest in the blue house of Coyoacan.
III. Make a Mind map about Frida Kahlo. Use relevant information about her life.


born in 1907
Is Dead in 1954

Student of

Revolution of Separation an new

Mxico marriague in 1940

Paiting Loving

Diego Rivera

READING: Sir Tim Berners-Lee (1.75 points)

1. After reading the text about Sir Tim Berners-Lee, design and complete a Concept Map
that summarizes the most relevant aspects of the reading.


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2. What do these acronyms stand for? What are they important? (1 point)

HTML: HTML is a markup language that is used for the development of Internet pages.
This is the acronym for HyperText Markup Language.
URL: Are Uniform Resource Locator, which in Spanish means Uniform Resource
Locator, URL is the specific address that is assigned to each of the resources available
on the network.
HTTP: Abbreviation for the English form Hypertext Transfer Protocol, 'hypertext
transfer protocol', which is used in some Internet addresses.

3. Find a person who has made major contributions to humankind and write a summary
(in your own words) in relation to his/her life. (100 words approximately). (3 point)


Manuel Elkin Patarroyo is a Colombian scientist, born in 1946, is a graduate of the

National University of Colombia, is a very important scientist for humanity since he
made a great contribution developing and discovering the vaccine against malaria in
1984, although economic interests of The great pharmaceutical companies wanted to
hinder the investigation, Dr. Manuel Patarroyo donated his scientific discovery for
humanity without obtaining economic benefits of this work. It did not obtain economic
benefits, but in return a great recognition by the WHO and to give a reputation and to
emphasize the good scientific works of the Colombians, standing out or trying to dwarf
little the civil conflicts and violence of our country.

READING: John Forbes Nash, Jr. (1.5)

1. Find the following words in the text. Explain the meaning according to the
context of the reading and make one sentence about a free topic with each one.

The meaning is award and it is part of a sentence that speaks of the Nobel award
Free oration: In the music award have been awarded Latin singers
Talks about parents povisioning books for learning.
Free oration: The field crops are those that provide food to a city.
The word refers to a film that is loosely taken from his biography.
Free oration: The universe has been loosely explored.
The word refers to the screenwriter of the movie.
Free oration: The actors must always follow the script written by the scriptwriter
Is not found
The word refers to continue studies and also to complement
Free oration: A professional has the option of pursuing his studies of socialization.
The word refers to who arranged or coordinated to take advanced courses
Free oration: The terms of a labor contract can be arranged according to the
agreements of the two parties.
The word refers to that attended an educational institute.
Free oration: The President of Colombia attended the inauguration of the President
of the United States.
The word refers to that although he sometimes took medications.
Free oration: Although it rains, the clouds go their way.
The word refers to his studies provided a insight of the factors of chance.
Free oration: The insight of a president can lead a country to grow economically
and progress.
The word refers to the accounting profession.
Free oration: Accounting is essential in an organized enterprise.
The word refers to that shared the Nobel award with the attendees.
Free oration: The professors share their experience with their students.
Is not found.
The word refers to who obtained a doctorate.
Free oration: The company coca cola earn profits in 2016 for 655,000,000 million
The word refers to Nash's illness in 1959.
Free oration: Parkinson's illess is due to an alteration in the hormone dopamine.
Is not found.
2. How did Nashs parents influence on Nash Education?

The influence of the parents of Nash was through the books that provided him
and looking for opportunities of study.

3. What did Nash think about the film A beautiful mind?

Nash says the film was blamed for taking antipsychotic drugs.