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Project Management Policies and Procedures

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Making Project Management Work
Need or reason for Project Management Policies and Procedures
A procedure is a series of steps to be followed as a consistent and repetitive approach to accomplish
an end result. Together Policies and Procedures are used to empower a process with the direction and
consistency necessary for successful process execution and improvement.

A policy is a guiding principle used to set direction in an organization and to ensure a consistent
approach to managing projects. The policy is always supported by procedures.

Overview of the Project Management Policies and Procedures

Project Management Policies & Procedures are guidelines which defines the processes and methods
followed by any project team to manage projects. This guideline standardises all projects across the
company/business unit and ensures that projects are managed in the same way.

It also ensures that all projects have a similar administrative structure and organises project
documentation and deliverables in such a way that it can be easily found and managed. Projects
can, over time, generate a substantial number of documents. Good project management practice
indicates that these documents must be stored in such a way that it can be retrieved without much

This Packaged Solution is organised in two sections i.e., Policies and Procedures. The Policies section of
the guideline defines "what" must be done, the Procedures section defines "how" it must be done.
How the Policies and Procedures are Implemented

Two options are available for implementing this Packaged Solution:

Customise/Revise/Optimise current Project Management Policies and Procedures; or

Develop a completed new set of Project Management Policies and Procedures to fit your
company needs.

A complete assessment is done on current Policies and Procedures where a decision is then made if the
Policies and Procedures will be optimised or if a complete new set of Policies and Procedures will be

The documents are developed in conjunction with the Project Team and tailor made for your specific

Benefit Measurement of Project Management Policies and Procedures

Better efficiency of delivering projects

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Increased Quality

The deliverables from the Packaged Solution are as follows:

Customised Project Management Policy.

Project Management Procedures which may include but not limited to:

Project Change Management. Project Authority Manual.

Project Procurement and Commercial Project Scope Management.

(Contract) Management.
Work Breakdown Structure Development
Engineering Management. Procedure.

Contractor Management. Project Schedule Management.

Construction Management. Business Case Development.

Operational Readiness Planning. Project Estimating.

Commissioning Planning. Project Cost Management.

Project Close-Out. Project Risk Management.

Project Management Integration.

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