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Pre Engineered Building Primary Framing Systems

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Pre Fab Steel Multi-storey Office Buildings - Creating Off-site Pre fabrication - the Quality and safety advantage
Fascinating Skylines Ta l l , Ta l l e r , Ta l l e s t
Use of pre-fabricated components reduces site activity for frame construction by up to 75%.It also
gives site engineers the freedom to operate. A controlled, manufacturing environment ensures high
Multi-storey office buildings built in steel quality and improves safety on site.
Thanks to its wide range of benefits, steel is the Construction Schedule
preferred material of construction in the A typical 6 storey commercial building in steel.
commercial sector. Added to this, steel-framed
systems provide a high level of pre-fabrication. Months 0 4 8 12 16 20
Thus they can be used for projects within the
city, guaranteeing speed of construction and Foundations
Steel enables builders to offer buildings of high
minimum on-site storage of materials. quality, flexibility and energy efficiency, while Superstructure
ensuring speedy construction. Therefore, steel
commands over 70% market share worldwide. Cladding
Benefits of Constructing with Steel
At a glance economic benefits of steel construction in commercial buildings
Finishes and fitments
Factor Improvement Economic benefit
30 to 40% reduction in The economic benefit depends on
construction time relative to the business operation. In terms of
Speed of The steelwork package is a single point of procurement and often includes decking and through
site-intensive construction, overall building cost, a saving of 1% in
construction deck welding of shear connectors, and in some cases, concreting.
depending on the scale of the interest charges, and 2% in early
Detailing is carried out by the steelwork contractor and all design information is integrated into a
project. rental or use of the space is predicted.
client's Building Information System by Architect.
Cladding and services are integrated with respect to the steelwork design.
Site management costs are
Site management costs can be
Site reduced because of the shorter Fire Protection
reduced by 20 to 30% which can lead
management construction period, and the
to a 3 to 4% saving in terms of overall
costs packaged nature of the Fire engineering is widely used in large, complex and uniquely designed steel buildings. In a fire
building cost.
construction process. accident, such buildings will be safe. Advanced fire protection is dominated by boards.
In a commercial building, the floors could provide Steel decking and light steel infill walls use
The integration of services in the A 5% reduction in floor to floor height
a vertical acoustic separating function, and the galvanized steel and are protected against
structural zone leads to reduction can lead to one additional floor in 20,
Service internal walls between individual occupancies could corrosion in an internal atmosphere. In infill walls, the
of 100 to 300mm in floor to floor and to a similar reduction in cladding provide a separating and often a fire resisting light steel components, which are also galvanized,
zone and hence to savings in cost, which is equivalent to about 1% function. are weather protected by the cladding system and
cladding cost. in total building cost. by the external insulation.
Floors are required to provide a minimum level of
Foundation costs depend on the sub- acoustic attenuation (sound reduction), but this Facade / Wall / Cladding
Steel construction is less than half structure and factors such as requirement is normally easily satisfied by the depth The types of facade systems that are used are
of composite floors that are also designed for a decided depending upon the scale of the building
the weight of an equivalent underground services and represent
minimum of 1 hour of fire resistance. and its location. For premium, city center projects,
Foundations concrete structure, which is up to 5% of the building cost . A 30%
Acoustic curtain walling systems are generally used and
equivalent to a 30% reduction in reduction in foundation loads can
A raised access floor and suspended ceiling these systems assist in providing internal climatic
overall foundation loads. lead to a significant overall saving in
provides some additional benefits, but are not control.
terms of construction cost.
generally taken into account in terms of their Separating walls are often in the form of double skin
Long span steel construction A large column in the middle of the acoustic attenuation. light steel walls, and in steel framed construction.
provides more flexible use of space leads to a loss of space of Corrosion Protection These walls should be aligned with beams.
Column space. approximately 1m2, which represents Steel frames do not generally require protection In smaller projects, more traditional cladding
free space about 1% of the floor area, and may against corrosion. Exceptions may be made for systems are generally used, which would include
lead to an equivalent loss of rental steelwork in coastal and hilly areas. brickwork and stone veneer panels. Light steel in
income. fill walls are often used to support the cladding.
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Flooring choices Cold Storage / Room

Flooring choices Shallow composite slabs Alfa is the only company in Industry which offers Alfa specialized in state-of-the-art cold chain solutions that
all 3 combination of cold chain solutions under cater to all types of cooling needs in the industry. Our
Floors completed and decked are used as a Using steel deck profiles typically of 50 to
one roof esteemed clients are from industries as diverse as Agro, Food
safe working platform for subsequent 80 mm depth. 1.PEB Building for cold storage Industrial Processing and Pharma. Tailor-made solutions enable us to
installation of steelwork. For this reason, the The slab depth is usually 130 to 160 mm, Refrigeration meet customers cooling needs. Alfa specializes in a wide
higher floor in a group of floors (usually three depending on the deck depth and fire range of refrigeration suited to the food industry, including
2. Sandwich Puff Panels
storing farm produce, freezing, storing cooked and semi-
floor levels) is often concreted first. insulation requirement. 3. Refrigeration Equipment & Solutions
cooked, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables.
Typical spans are 2.5 to 4.5m depending on
Industrial refrigeration Temperature control wearhouse
Steel framed office buildings built for offices and the deck spanning capabilities.
commercial establishments most commonly
use the following flooring choices. Precast concrete slabs
Generally used in the form of hollow-core
Below are the generic forms of flooring units of 150 to 300 mm depth with an in-situ
systems most commonly used in steel framed concrete slab of 60 to 100 mm depth.
office buildings. Typical spans are 5 to 10 m depending on the
depth of the hollow-core units.

State of the art refrigeration

How to control floor vibrations?
The fundamental vibration frequency of (normal walking) the floor is
controlled by maximising stiffness of the floor grid structure.

Site Preliminaries
Site preliminaries include costs of site management and on-site
facilities, including hiring of construction and transport equipment. Site Clean Room Partitions / Cold Storage Door
preliminaries depend on the scale of the project. Approximately 15% of
the total project cost is considered for site-intensive construction. In
projects involving higher levels of off-site prefabrication, such as steel construction, this figure could
be 10%.

Insta Build / Shelters Light Guage Steel Building

Prefabricate Kiosk Portable Site office

Types of Deck Profiles used in composite
Prefabricate Low cost Housing Portable Bank House
Prefabricate Row Housing Container Office
Prefabricate workers accombdation Portable Seltzers
50.0 12.3
Prefabricate Labor Room Security Cabins
130.9 230.0 230.0 230.0 110.5 Prefabricate Staff Room Portable Toilet
931.3 Porta Cabins Labor Colony

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Other Components goes into PEB Cold Chain Solutions
Prefabricated Low Cost Housing Cold Storage Door / Clean Room Door
Alfa possessing a huge production and project execution capability and
experience, is looking forward to associate with major organization to serve
the better living to people. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of
Low cost housing. We offer high quality range of prefabricated low cost
housing. These are quite popular with our clients as they can be easily
installed, assembled and dismantled. We can make these houses as per
the specification of the clients. This can be availed from us at market
leading prices.

Security Cabins Clean Room Partitions / Ceiling Panels

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Security cabins. These
cabins are offered in custom built range to suit the exact needs of the client. Sandwich panels are produced in a continuous manufacturing process ,
Our offered Security cabins features internal lockable drawers, The top and bottom coil (sheet metal)are clamped onto the plants
Compartment and Adjustable Shelving. These cabins are designed and unwinding unit and fed into the machine. In the first step, corona system
manufactured using supreme quality raw materials by our experienced cleans both reverse sides of the sheet metal using high frequency to
professional. This cabin is highly demanded in both, residential and remove greases and dirt and to guarantee the best possible subsequent full
commercial sector for making rooms for guards. These cabins are fitted spread adhesion between foam and sheet metal, thereafter the protective
with water proof doors and windows. films are rolled onto outside of both metal sheet.

Labour Colony
As per the requirements of the clients, we are engaged in providing Labour
Colony. This Labour Colony is provided by our experienced team of
professionals. They are capable to provide best services and products to
clients and satisfy them in all possible manners. The Labour Colony work is
provided by us as per the requirements of the clients and we strive hard to
complete the task in speculative time frame.

Standing Seam Roofing & Wall Sheet

Sandwich PUF / PIR Panels Louvers

Standard Gutter Flashing