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Colour Palette

Brand Guidelines

Red Black White

Pantone 186 C 100% Black 100% White

C: 16 C: 0 C:
M: 100 M: 0 M:
Y: 90 Y: 0 Y:
K: 6 K: 100 K:

Japans official colour. Used 100% black. Used more The most commonly used
sparingly to draw attention to commonly for any text that colour across branding
important elements. has low hierarchy. material; lots of white space.


This extremely simple colour palette enforces the museums

identity as a minimalist design museum.

V. Brand Guidelines 15
Type Specification
Brand Guidelines

1. Headings

2. Sub-Headings

3. Sub-Headings
4. Body Roboto condensed will be used accusantia corporio. Ut quia nima
for body copy and small type. Its coriorepel iusa pro te nonsed ulles
condensed form contrasts well dipsa quam expla provit aut laut volori
with the more rounded geometry officiisque prerepror am eicipsuste
of Raleway. The rest of this text is volum ut et reic to expeliquo id quatat
dummy copy to demonstrate how this reresti dunt volorest, cullabo ritatas
typeface looks in columns. Maio ipiet verum alique poreperupta non nulpa
qui coresequae voluptur aliberem aut peles vera veligendi ommolo
il ium re mosa quis dolest odia beaque dus dolesto voloriam, qui hi.

4. Katakana

(Its Kozuka
Gothic Pr6N)

V. Brand Guidelines 16
Brand Guidelines

The Rising Sun (Hinomaru)

The red circle in the center of Japans flag symbolises the

sun, and its surrounding white space represents purity and
sacredness. The shape in itself is a very minimal and balanced
object that ties perfectly with the museum.

Japanese - Empty

The english word void translates to this single character

(pronounced phonetically as kyo), which can be interpreted as
empty in Japan. As white (empty) space is a core component
of minimalism, it seemed appropriate to elect this symbol. Its
square format allows it to partner well with the English text as
seen below.

English - Void

The letters are arranged in this way to match the square

format of the above symbol it is positioned next to. During
the development of the logo, it was important to consider the
spacing of the letters to ensure good readability.

V. Brand Guidelines 17
Brand Guidelines


When placed on 100% white, or paper, the logos symbol is

Pantone 186C and the type is 100% black. For a single colour
print, the entire logo must be printed in 100% black. On a black
or red background, the logo becomes inverted in 100% white.
The logo must not be placed on any other solid colour. The most
contrasting colour option must be used when placing the logo
on an image background, prioritising: default > white > black.

V. Brand Guidelines 18
Brand Guidelines


When the logo is scaled below a width of 5mm, the text is

removed, leaving only the symbol. This version is also used
for the website favicon.

The logo is weighted lightly, with thin strokes and letter forms
to increase the amount of white space and open it up.

V. Brand Guidelines 19
Brand Guidelines

Minimum Clear-space

To ensure there is an adequate amount of white space

surrounding the logo, a minimum clear-space has been
provided to increase the logos clarity. This has been set to the
size of the symbol. No other page elements (such as text, images
and graphics) may enter this area. When placing Japanese word
translations next to the logo or its environmental applications,
the clear-space is reduced to 1/3 of the symbols height.

V. Brand Guidelines 20
Brand Guidelines

Rotation Unspecified Colour White box around logo

Stretching or Squeezing Low-resolution, non-vector versions Unspecified Background Colour

Layer effects (eg: Drop Shadow/Emboss) Changing structure Cluttered and busy background image

Prohibited Styling

To ensure the brand remains consistent and professional, the

logo must not have any of the above effects, transformations,
and/or placements applied to it under any circumstances.

V. Brand Guidelines 21
Brand Guidelines

Cap height: 27.6% of symbol

English: Raleway Bold

1/3 height of red symbol

Narrow letters are always centered
to their vertically adjacent partner

Signs: 4 Letter Words

When creating environmental signage for rooms with four

letter titles (eg: a sign on the Cafes outside wall), use the
above guidelines to ensure consistency. Raleway bold is used
for the English text, and Kozuka Gothic Pr6N Regular is used
for the translation.

V. Brand Guidelines 22
Brand Guidelines

Signs: Words Greater than 4 Letters

When creating environmental signage for rooms that have

titles greater in length than four letters, follow the above
format. Raleway bold is used for the English text, and Kozuka
Gothic Pr6N Regular is used for the translation.

V. Brand Guidelines 23
Brand Guidelines

Desaturated or Red Monochrome

No images in any of the museums material - physical, digital

or environmental - are to be presented in full colour. Images
must be desaturated, or presented as a red monochrome
image by using a channel mixer adjustment layer in Photoshop
(see above).

V. Brand Guidelines 24