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A World-Class University Producing Leaders and Change Agents for Social
Transformation and Development.

B. Mission
The Bicol University shall primarily give professional and technical training, and
provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the science
and arts, besides providing for the promotion of scientific and technological
researches (RA 5521, Sec. 3)."

C. Quality Policy
Bicol University commits to continually strive for excellence in instruction,
research and extension by meeting the highest level of clientele satisfaction and
adhering to quality standards.
D. Goals
1. Provide relevant and responsive curricular programs for undergraduate and
graduate education which meet national and international standards of quality and
excellence. The academic programs shall graduate employable citizens in their
2. Generate and transfer knowledge and technology that shall address poverty in
the region, integrating research and extension activities to improve the productivity
of key economic sectors supportive of sustainable barangay, provincial, regional and
national economic development;
3. Optimize the resource-generation capacity of the pursuing academe-based
entrepreneurship anchored on the core competencies of the faculty and the vast land
resources of the University alongside with fund sourcing through partnership
building and networking to support the delivery of quality instruction, research and
extension functions of the university;
4. Effect timely administrative and academic support services through
simplification of process and actualization of the highest degree of efficiency and
effectiveness in the administrative system and operation, therefore promoting the
Universitys mandate of quality instruction, research and extension and production,
5. Provide physical environmental supportive of the instruction, research,
extension and production programs.

An Excellent University Characterized by scholarships engagement for the community
towards sustainable development.
The aforecited vision is rooted in Bicol Universitys mandate as provider in RA 5521
which is to give professional and technical training and provide advanced and
specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, technological
researches (Sec. 3). Hence, the BU graduates shall be distinguished by their industry,
nationalism and integrity. Along its line, extension service to the community and resource
generation through its various mandated instruction-research function.


To primarily give professional and technical training and provide advanced and
specialized instruction in Engineering and Architecture and provide for the promotion of
scientific and technological researches.


To produce professionals in architecture and engineering, in the region with

managerial capability through improved instruction and relevant experiences.
To embark on relevant new programs.
To intensity the development of moral spiritual, social, intellectual and physical
well being of the students.
To improve the competency of teaching Engineering and Architecture in the
Region through utilization of innovative methods and the development and
production of instructional materials.

Research and Extension

To conduct study in industry and energy, culture and heritage, utilities and
infrastructure, environmental protection and control, housing, and instructional
concerns through the use of different research methods for various end users.
To conduct extension activities within the service area of the college through non
formal education, and strengthen linkages with other schools and agencies along
areas in industry, disaster preparedness, heritage conservation, energy utilization,
safety in buildings, environmental protection and control and social sciences.

To increase the financial capability of the college through institutionalized

income-generating projects.

Infrastructure Development Maintenance

To realize the infrastructure development in the University and modernize

classrooms and other instructional facilities and make it a work of art in
engineering and architecture.
To properly maintain the existing facilities and make it a work of art in
engineering and architecture.
To enhance the output of the college through the acquisition of sufficient facilities
and equipment.

Human Resources

To enhance the quality of services through the development of knowledge, skills,

and values of human resources.
Mural Painting

Everyday, we experience the beauty of nature so always be a good steward

of it.

Always extend your hands to those who are in need for God smiles while
looking at you
II. Individual Assessment

A. Assessment to Group mates


Positive Traits: She is very dedicated to accomplish the task as early as

possible, optimistic and has a positive outlook in our activity . She has
a good sense of responsibility and has a leadership skill.
Negative Traits: She wasnt able to express well her thoughts because
of her slight timidity.
Recommendations: Good Job!Keep up the good work! She really
deserved to be called as leader. She contributed a lot to bring this
activity into a successful one.


Positive Traits: Kind and optimistic

Negative Traits: Sometimes she lose the sense of generosity
Recommendations: She must always show willingness for every activity


Positive Traits: Kind, Humorous,Smart and Resourceful

Negative Traits: Sometimes he distracted his groupmates. As a result,
their focus on the activity were lost.
Recommendations: His kindness is what makes him to be admired by
the rest of her teammates! Very nice.

Positive Traits: sanguine, amiable, willing to help, gratified

Negative Traits: Sometimes he became noisy and his group mates were
Recommendations: His positivism inspires the team. He never fail to
make us laugh also.Keep it Up!


Positive traits: Showed eagerness,Generous,helpful,kind

Negative Traits:He also distracted sometimes his classmate who is at
work.He is sometimes pessimist.
Recommendation: Dont be too negative.Just put on your mind that
with God, nothimg is impossible.

Positive traits: Showed willingness, patience and always happy
Negative Traits: Sometimes tardy and slow
Recommendation: Be hopeful always!


Positive traits: Generous, kind,eager to learn action-oriented,

Negative Traits: not be able to express his thoughts in the group
Recommendation: Continue to be kind and humble.Great things will
follow on your way


Positive traits: Never fails to make us laugh,kind

Negative Traits: doesnt know how to cooperate with his groupmates
Recommendation:Be cooperative and participative!.
B. Assessment to Self


1) Do I have a fantastic record of attendance?

Not that fantastic. Sometimes I am late but I am present in each every

crucial meeting and activities the group had done.

2) Do I show commitment to the team?

Yes. Its my passion to extend my hands to people who are in need even in a
simplest way. So, when we were permitted to conduct extension I was in awe
knowing that it is the best thing to do.

Am I reliable and responsible?

Yes. This activity would create a big impact to me. In every task, I show my
willingness by simply participating and share my thoughts to my groupmates. I
want this activity to end as a successful one.

3) When I communicate, do I do it constructively?

Yes. Because I want every activity to be accomplished as early as possible.And

I want to share my thoughts that might help for the sake of group

4) Do I listen actively and respond actively on feedbacks?

Yes. Weighing options is good thing for me to do to achieve the best, if not,
the better idea to work with.

5) Whenever there is a problem, do I at least try to fix or solve it?

Yes. Maybe I am not good at suggesting, but I see to it that through action
and initiative, I can fix things to the best of my ability.

6) Do I treat my teammates in a respectful and supportive manner?

Yes. I respect them because I want to be respected too

7) Am I a cooperative and well-disciplined individual?

Yes. I am very much cooperative and committed in terms of group

activities.This what makes me a better person.

8) Whenever the group experiences changes on plans, am I flexible and versatile

to do it?

Yes. I support and respect what majority of the members had decided. I did
consider unity must lie beneath our group to attain one goal which is to finish the
activity in a way we desired.

9) Am I Optimistic and Enthusiastic while doing my assigned task?

Definitely yes! As what I have said earlier, this activity created a big impact
to me. I want every activity to end as a better one. Despite of many tribulations
we encounter, we never fail to stand up and face it courageously.

C. Assessment to Project
1) Good Things

The project strengthened my relationship with my fellow classmates.

It was my first time to travel to Malinao. I was able to discover its
beauty, their magnificent God-given geographic features.
I appreciated the hospitability of the Malinaonons. They are very
caring. The children are very curious and respectful. It is the precious
wealth of Malinao, the diverse life of their people that significantly
needs to be preserved.
I was able to help to complete a project that will certainly raise
awareness on environmental issues.
The project helped the Burabod Elementary School to continuously
educate the children to certain important issues.
The project helped me to develop artistry, patience and self-reliance.
The project provides good aura right beside the road, making a nice
view that is beautiful in the eyes.

2) Improvement

The project added beauty to the surroundings hence, promoting

The wall was formerly painted by just a simple greetings but now it
contains a beautiful artwork catching the eyes of everyone that goes
The project enables the people especially the children to be aware of
their surroundings, to imagine how it would be nice to live in a
pollution-free Earth.
The project decorated the front-view of the Burabod Elementary

II. Things I learned.

,A. Community:

1. Chi,ldren are our future. When we

finished the mural painting, several children
stop and seem,ed curious about the drawing.
They began trying to conceptualize the
essence of the ,portrait and they understand
it. I learned tha,t mural painting promoting
important issues put great impact on children
giving th,em awareness and knowledge to
certain cause like environmental protection.

2. The activity promotes positive influences

among local settlers and motorists reminding how important it is to live in a safe
environment. Especially in Malinao, water flowing through rice fields is so clear hence,
unity and discipline is needed to preserve this God-given natural gift.

3. The donor of the mural painting activity is the Burabod Elementary School. I was able
to prove to myself that whatever you do, big or small, it does not matter for as long as it
will help other people especially the students to be aware of their surroundings.

4. ,I believe, not just Malinao but other town also, needs extension service like ours. For
it is, another milestone to improve peoples awareness to important issues our world is
f,acing right now.

5. I noticed people are very hospitable. The teacher never forgot to take care of us

,B. Project:

1. The mural painting contains both abstract and realism aura, with different shades of
color and a significant meaning drawn in an extraordinary way. I learned that this is
a,nother footstep to boost Malinaos tourism.

2. We experience several hindrances and obstacles as we complete the mural painting.

These were extreme heat waves, rain, and dust coming from the highway right beside the
wall. But I learned that if you want to reach something, fight for it. Sacrifice and
determination is the key.

3. I learned also that mural painting can be as beautiful as it could be if the paint is
properly mixed and well coated on the wall. Three coats will make a beautiful color
making the portrait more encouraging in the eyes.

4. We went to Malinao for about two times. So, transportation fare is another problem. It
took us sixty pesos fare back and forth. But it does not bother us because we enjoyed
every single second of the activity.

5. I learned that the project must not be considered just a requirement for the subject but
we should do it as a free will, whole-heartedly and voluntarily helping the community.
C. Myself

1. The activity boost my self confidence and that I can do things without hesitations.

2. I learned to be a type of person that sometimes should also spend his time for activities
that help other people to be aware of certain issues.

3. I learned that I must cooperate. For a group will never work if every members has the
mentality of laziness and purpose for self interest only.

4. Artistry is my passion. I love designs, measurements and color. This activity improves
my talent.

5. I learned how to be patient and to consider the final output as my inspiration. It took as
five days to finish the painting because we are giving our best to make the output look

D. Group mates

1. Teamwork and cooperation is very important in a group. If every member is helping,

we can be able to finish our work on time.

2. I learned that every members must adjust with one another. Because not all members
are very good at painting.

3. Mural painting is a student-friendly activity. This strengthens friendship among every


4. I learned that every members must have specific jobs to fulfill. Division of labor is
very important.

5. I learned that I must socialize more with other people. By this, i was able to become
more confident and to know and develop my inner talents.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working
together is success
-Henry Ford