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1. Who developed the new form of literature known as the essay?________________________
2. Who was getting married the day of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre?__________________
3. What was the major dynasty that ruled France during the Age of Absolutism?________________
And who was the first of this dynasty?_________________
4. What was the Edict of Nantes?_____________________________________________________
5. Who was Louis XIII’s major advisor?__________________________
6. In what two ways did Louis XIII advisor strengthen the French Monarchy?__________________
7.What dynasty did Louis XIII’s advisor felt was the biggest threat to France?__________________
8. What is skepticism?______________________________________________________________
9. Who is considered the most powerful leader in French history and the ultimate absolute ruler?
10. What did the motto “L’etat, c’est moi” mean?_______________________________________
11. Who was Cardinal Mazarin?_____________________________________________________
12. What event in Louis XIV life made it so he wanted to be an absolute ruler? ________________
13. Who was the Louis XIV’s brilliant economic advisor and what economic system did he believe
in? _______________________ and ______________________
14. What had been the purpose of art during the Middle Ages?__________________ and during the
Renaissance it was to _____________________ now during Absolutism the purpose of art was to
15. What term means to have alliance’s so no one country is too powerful?____________________
16. What alliance was made to keep Louis XIV at bay?_________________________________
17. During the War of Spanish Succession what dynasty died out?_______________ and what
dynasty actually became more powerful?______________ what was the name of the treaty that
ended the War of Spanish Succession?_______________________ what was the name for the war
in the America’s?_______________________. What country actually gained the most from the
war?___________________ The War of Spanish Succession also allowed what dynasty to condense
its holdings?___________________________

Central Europe
1. What allowed German rulers to pick the religion best suited for their people?________________
Except what religion was not allowed?______________________
2. How did the Thirty Year’s War start?________________________________________________
3. What King and his little army turn the tide of the war?__________________________________
4. Though a religious war what Catholic country sided with the Protestants?___________________
why did the leaders of this country do this?_____________________________________________

5. What did the Thirty Year’s war do to the area we call Germany today and what did it prevent?
6. What treaty ended the Thirty Year’s war and what 5 important things came out of this treaty?
7. What ultimately was the most important result of the Thirty Year’s War?____________________
8. Why did Central European nations take so long to mature compared to the West?_____________
9. Unlike the west Central European countries still had a threat from _________________________
10. Charles VI of Austria had to do what to insure that his family would stay in power?__________
________________________________________________ This is known as Pragmatic Sanction
your book did not name it but you should know the name.
11.What two royal families had designs on Central Europe?______________and_______________
12.What war was ended with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle? ________________ that was was also
Known as ______________________ in the America’s.
13. During what war was Austria,France, and Russia against Great Britain and Prussia?
________________________ that war was known as the _____________________________ war
in the America’s. This war saw no territorial changes in Europe but ________________ lost all her
colonies in North America to ________________ and ________________ gain sole economic
domination in India.
** Maria Theresa’s rule marked the beginning of the Hapsburg-Lorraine dynasty also one of her
daughter’s was Marie Antoinette of French fame that we will talk about later****

1. Why is Ivan III so important? ______________________________________________________
2. Who was the first Absolute ruler of Russia?________________________ what title did he take
For himself?________________________
3. Upon the death of his wife _______________________, Ivan blamed the ________________ for
poisoning his wife.
4. Upon the death of Ivan’s remaining son Russia went through the_______________________in
1613 _______________ became the new Czar thus establishing the _______________ dynasty.
5. Because of the Mongols what two major time periods did Russia not go through that Western
Europe went through thus making Russia backwards?_____________________________ and
6. At this time the only major sea port for Russia to the west was?______________________
7. What religious difference did the Russia have?______________________________________

8. What Russian leader was the first to travel west and what was his journey called?_____________
9. What are some examples of Peter’s westernization of Russia?_____________________________
10. What city finally became Russia’s “window of Europe”?______________________________

1. Who had been England’s major leader at the beginning of the Age of Absolutism?
2. King James I had problems with what religious group?_________________ what is actually his
greatest contribution to religion?______________________
3. _______________followed King James I and was forced to sign the _____________________
by Parliament which included the following four points a)________________________________
4.From 1629 until 1641 Charles I dissolved _______________________
5. From 1642 until 1649 England fought a _______________________, those that supported the
King were known as _______________ (nickname). The major general for those that were proparliament was _____________________.
6. With the public execution of ________________ it marked the first time a reigning monarch in
Europe faced a public trial and execution.
7. Cromwell at first established a ___________________ in England and his good friend
_______________________ even established a written constitution the first in Europe but
Cromwell tore it up and formed a _____________________
8. With the victory of Cromwell what religion became dominate in England?__________________
9. What religious group did Cromwell allow to return ________________ but he did not tolerate
what religion?_________________________
10. When Cromwell dies the people of England ask who to rule them?________________________
His reign is known as the ______________________
11. Why is the Habeas Corpus Act important?___________________________________________
12.What gave rise to England’s first political parties?_____________________________________
13. When Charles II dies who becomes King?___________________ why did many people in
England dislike him?__________________________ so Parliament invited ___________________
To overthrow the King, this bloodless revolution is known as the ___________________________
14. In 1688 England became a ______________________________ no longer any form of
Absolute Monarchy. Parliament drafted the ____________________ that made clear the limits to
the English Monarchy.
15. What became the link between monarchy and the major party in power in parliament in
England?_____________________________ thus the leader of the majority party in parliament is
known as the______________________ .