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Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Introduction, body Does not have Three paragraphs Uses at least three Uses three
and concluding three are present but do paragraphs to paragraphs or
paragraphs paragraphs/Does not form the form intro, body more to form
not include correct structure. and conclusion. proper essay
introduction, body structure with a
and conclusion. high degree of
Thesis stated in Does not include Argument is not A thesis is stated A clear and
Introduction main argument. stated explicitly in the concise thesis is
but the reader has introduction. stated within the
a sense of what introduction.
the thesis would
Introductory and There is no There is some It is clear that the The introductory
concluding evidence of evidence of a introductory and and concluding
paragraphs are connection connection concluding paragraphs are
connected between between paragraphs are masterfully
introduction and introduction and connected. connected.
conclusion. conclusion.
Three supporting There is less There is evidence The three There are at least
points than/no evidence of supporting supporting points three supporting
of three points but they are present and points woven into
supporting points. are net explicitly explicitly stated. the body of the
stated. essay structure
with a high degree
of effectiveness.
Provides specific No specific Some general and Specific evidence Specific evidence
evidence from evidence some specific is provided to provided and used
articles provided. evidence support three with a high degree
provided. points. of effectiveness.