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Robert and the Three Envelopes

1. Write the past forms of the following verbs.

sail, watch, buy, look, see, think, feel, drop, read, open, fly, happen, decide, try,
carry, put, take, leave

Infinitive form Past form
Sail Sailed

2. Classify the past forms of the verbs into regular and irregular.

Regular Irregular
Watched Bought

busy. Pay special attention to the use of “so”. j. a. Robert’s mother had to work at stay in a hotel.3. a train and a i. f. big. Robert and his mother didn’t have h. They couldn’t go on holiday. young . Describe the characters using comparatives and superlatives. thin. buildings and lots of roads. He wished he could travel in all of e. Robert lived in the city so. old. 5. They couldn’t buy train tickets or b. Match the halves. d. small.      4. home by bus so. He walked. tall. c. g. the busy hospital so. Robert didn’t want to go back them one day. He could only see tall grey enough money so. wonderful. Choose five of the previous verbs and write sentences about the story. plane when he was on the bus so. nice. fast. Robert saw a boat.

Robert The grandmother The mother  Eg: Robert was the smallest character in the story. Order the scenes from the story.          6. .

find (something). under/on a bridge. the top/bottom of a hill. out of/through the window. spend (time/money) pick up. PREPOSITIONS: across the river. give. fall out.  Eg: Robert’s mother spent money on tickets to stay on an island. believe.7. near the station. put (the phone) down. sit down.          . VERBS: go (to bed/on holiday). speak. know. on an island. run. buy. Write sentences to describe each scene using the following verbs and prepositions.