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Commissioned for the Mass celebrated by His Holiness Pope John Paul Il in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri, January, 1999 Festival Alleluia Assembly, Cantor, and Organ with opt. SATB Choir, Brass QuartevQuintet, Timpani, Suspended Cymbal, Flute, and Handbells James Chepponis Joyfully (J = 100) Capo 3 (G) (Bm?) Em) (Bm?) «c) (Am?) (Dsus4) (D) (C/o (D) Sar Ge Sar Bea? Ba? Be F —— 7 L ie ff Play cuesize notes only in thé absence of Brass } J ee (Pedy s (Cantor) Al - le-lu- ia, al- le - W-ia, al - te-u - ia G) em?) em) @m) «© (Am?) @suspD) (CD) (D) Bb Dm Gm Dm? B Cm? Foust F EWR OF 2 nf le-lu- ia, al- le - W- ia, em?) em) @m) Dm Gm Dm ‘The English translation of the Gospel verses from the Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Available editions: Full Score MSM-80-847 Choir Score MSM-80-847A Tnstrumental Parts (Brass/Handbells) MSM-80-847B Reproducible congregational part included on page 6. Copyright © 1999 MorningStar Music Publishers of St.Louis 1727 Larkin Williams Road, Fenton, MO 63026. Panted in U.S.A. ‘Alt sighs reserved. No part ofthis publication may be reprodiced, sored in areal system, or tansmite, in ny form or by any eins, mechanical electronic, ecording, photocopying or otberwise anywhere in the world, inchdlng publ performance for prof, witout the por writen permission of MomingSuar Muse Pulser. MSM-80-847A. Refrain (+ Assembly)* “ ft Cantor Assembly E = le-lu- ia, al- Je - lu-ia, al - leu - ia, —<=====a f = Soprano Se alto = NS a Al = Je-lu-ia, al- Je - lu-ia, al-le- lu - ia, al-le-tu - ia a alley ~ ja ds Tenor Bass (Bm?) (Em) (Bm?) (cy (Am?) (Dsusg)(D) (C/D) (D) Dm? Gm Dm? Sm? Rau She? Organ —_ ==} a Last time to CODA © al - le-lu - ia! Last time to CODA @ | FF ai-te-tw- ia, al-le-lu- ia, al- le - wo - ia! Last time to CODA © ) «cy (Am?) (G) Bb Dm? Dm’ ‘ Cm? ‘sb @ en?) Bn? iF *The choir should sing in unison with the assembly the first time the refrain is sung. MSM-80-847A, Verse(s) f t Cantor mf _— ; is SSS 7 1. O— Lord,______ 0 - pen our hearts, to 2. If to day you— hear God’s— voice, om 3. Your_ words— give— joy to my heart, your— 4, Your— word— is a lamp for my feet, ‘and a 5. Your— word, O—— Lord, is— truth; make us 6 I hope in the— Lord, I_ 7. Who - ev- er keeps the word of — Christ grows— Choir optional 1 © - pen our 2. If to- day-— you hear God’s— 3. Your. words— give— joy to my 4. Your word— is a lamp for my $. Your word, O— Lord, is— 6. I hope in the— 7. Who ~ ev- er keeps the word of — Choir optional = a (G) @m7) (G) (Dm?) (G) @m?) «G) m7) Bb Fm? Bb Pm? Br Fm? Bb Pm? te = — 4 | r |? d g zl MSM-80-847A,