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It 's my job / Where Customer care Find out Listening Reading Speaking Writing Language spot Vocabulary Pronunciation
in the World?
1 What is tourism ? p 4
Andrew Sharpe The customer is Facts and statistics Three jobs Tourism: the Careers Country fact sheet Describingjob Adjectives for Syllables
always right on your country biggest business questionnaire skills job skills
in the world Describingjob Industry sectors
Job skills
routines Personal Learning

2 World destinations p/|2
New Zealand, Different Country t region Where do Where do tourists The biggest Describing a Describing Tourism features Dictionary
The Balearic destinations - fact sheet, tourists go ? come from ? spenders and the destination resources and and attractions transcriptions
Islands different customs brochure, Favourite places biggest earners features
presentation Describing a

Tour operators p20


POJO The personal touch Tour operators in Why choose a The role of tour Talking to tour A web page for a Asking questions Tour operation Word stress
your country package holiday ? operators operators package tour Prepositions
The 'Peace in An inclusive tour Designinga Describing local oftime
Burma' tour package tour tour operations

A Tourist mot ivations p.28

Kenya We k now what Old and new Reasons for travel Why do people
travel ?
Changes in tourist Old and new Talking about Reasons for travel .
ntji j/ /a y
you want tourism and money spent motivation tourism inyour reason
on travel country or region Describing trends
Passenger survey The changing face
Interview with of tourism
a Kenyan tour

5 Travel agencies p.36
The sales process The alphabet
Michaela Identifying needs Local travel All in a day's work Investigating a A report on a Openand Sales terms
Cambelova agency evaluation A new customer The impact of the client's needs travel agency 'closed ' questions
Internet Suggesting Suggestions and
Presenting a
product alternatives advice
and making a
6 Transport in tourism p.44
Cruise ship Exceeding Transport inyour Transport systems San Francisco What is most Transport and Comparingthings Transport words /e/, /i:/, / ei/
expectations country and cable cars in transport important for timetable Adjectives / # /, / a:/ p / ar /
timetables and
Describing a
San Francisco tourists when information timetable describing
schedules travelling ? transport
worker Timetable


Writing bank * p 52

1 Personal statement 3 Email to a client 5 Email to a colleague at work 7 Messages and memos
2 Letter of application 4 Email to one of your bosses 6 Fax Writing bank key p.59
7 Accomodation p.60
Celina Alvarez Smile on the phone Local A pi ace to stay What makes a
Valle Giving information Local Describing Types of Question stress
accommodation good hotel? about hotels accommodation location accommodation
reservation by Accommodation in Unusual Services and
telephone Scotland accommodation facilities
Taking a telephone Describing
booking accommodation:
adjectives and nouns
8 Marketing and promotion p 6S
* ,

Newca stleCate s- Lear n from your Loca I tour ism Analysing your What is marketing? Do you SWOT ? Adverts Verb patterns Marketing Phonetic
customers promotion product terminology transcriptions
Promotional Presentinga Promotional Superlatives
Promotion in techniques campaign campaign news The language of
tourism advertising
9 The airline industry p 76
* .

Javier Diez Questionnaire Carbon offset The ups and Tourism and The air travel Producing a 'like' ordislike ' Air travel Airport names
tactics schemes and downs of flying route map questionnaire
air travel Asking questions Low - cost carriers and codes i l l
blacklists Low-cost or politely and / d /
Revolution in the
traditional? skies
10 Holidays with a difference p.84
Antarctica Ability and Cultural tips At the trade fair The Karakoram Have you ever ... ? Cultural tips Asking and talking Different /b? / v? / w /
p (

suitability Experience about experience holiday types

Inter view with a Questions on
mountaineer Cultural differences Antarctica Describing service Escape and
Tourist types and provision enlightenment
holiday types holidays
11 Reservations and sales p.92
HuayanYe Puttingonthe
Local use of GDSs Taking a booking Holiday bookings - Have you decided Confirming 'IT Reservation
pressure a booking
TheoriginsofCRSs getting the right wheretogo? systems for
information Explaining booking tourism
Handing over
tickets Computer conditions
reservation systems checking the
Abbreviations details
and codes
The small print
12 Airport departures
* pl00

Airport Care or control? Your nearest An airport worker

airport Working in airports The check in and Airportfactfile Responding politely Airport facilities Soundingfimn
Two airport information desks to questions and and services but polite
Air passenger requests
dialogues rights Incident and Airport language
Two more airport action log Giving orders and
dialogues Controlling stopping people
passengers doing something
Prilrwork * plOH Grammar reference p.119 Listening scripts # p.128 Glossary # pT 37
4 Unit 1

1 What is tourism ?

Take off
tour guide
flight attendant
tourist information officer
resort rep

* Vi4
travel agent
hotel manager
airline check-in clerk
1 What jobs do the people in the pictures do? Choose
from the list .
2 Put the other jobs into categories, for example, travel
* .
jobs , hotel jobs .
3 How many different categories are there? Can you
think of other tourism jobs for each of the categories?
If you don't know the name, describe or mime what the
person does.
Tourism: the world's
4 What is the best job in tourism in your opinion ?
biggest industry ...
0 the world's best jobs

! \
i i



- cap

c f

K7 \ I W f
T - 1 md 1 -^ XT

What is tourism ? 5

In this unit
describing job skills
jobs in tourism
describingjob routines
the tourism industry today

Vocabulary Language spot

Adjectives for job skills Describingjob
With a partner, look at the adjectives for describing Look at the sentences for describingjob skills and abilities.
1 Find six pairs of opposite adjectives.
+ infinitive -
+ ing or noun
1 can make people relax. J enjoy meeting new people.
calm friendly flexible extrovert
nervous lazy smart shy 1 know howto use 1 like working independently.
disorganized creative confident hardworking computers.
scruffy practical organized unfriendly
1 am willingto work long 1 am good at languages,
2 Choose one of the jobs in Ta ke off . Say which three hours.
qualities are the most important .
1 am abletodo morethan 1 feel confident about
one thing atthe same time. dealing with money.
Speaking 1 Complete the paragraph. Choose from the words in the
Careers questionnaire list .
1 What is your working style ? Look at the questionnaire be / being understand / understanding
and tick ( / ) the qualities and skills which describe you. smile / smiling use ! using
speak / speaking work i working
QUALITIES So you want to work In tourism ?
I am What do you have to do? What do you need to know?
smart extrovert hardworking In most tourism jobs you different languages and
flexible organized practical have to enjoy 1 cultures, and you need to be
creative creative confident with peo pie - not just the confident about *
SKILLS customers but your the lan guages that you know .

I enjoy meeting new people. colleagues as well. You have Sometimes, especially if you
E enjoy working as part of a team. to be able to 2 as work in an office , you have to
I like working independently. part of a team. You have to know how to 7

Earn good at explainingthings ,

know how to . 3, comp ut ers. It Js also important
I am good at dealing with people. even if you' re having a bad to be flexible, and you often
E can make people reEax . day. Its also important to be have to be willing to
I am able to do moretban one thing at the same time. able to 4 clearly on 8 long or unusual

E like working under pressure. D the phone. In many jobs you hours But most of ail you
I know how to use computers and technology.
J fed confident about dealing with money. D _
need to be good at
5 people with
have to like
with people.

lam willing to work long hours. O

I a m good at languages. ) 2 Look back at the jobs in Take off . What skills an d
abilities do you think they need ?
2 Discuss your answers with a partner. EXAMPLE
3 Which three skills are most important for a career in A flight attendant has to be willing to work J erg hours
tourism ? Go to Grammar reference p.119
6 Unit!

Its my job
Andrew Sharpe Read about Andrew Sharpe from Jamaica.
Personal details 1 WhendidAndrew start working in tourism?
Age 28
2 What jobs has he done in tourism?
Bom in the Parish of Manchester, Jamaica 3 What does he do now ?
4 What does he think is important when you work in
Tourism experience tourism?
Started in tourism at the age of 5 What does he want to do in the future?
twelve, as an assistant in a restaurant
Trained on the Cayman Islands - one - What do you like about tourism ? What do you do to relax ?
yearworkexperienceasa chef 'You get to experience different As a Caribbean, part of our life is
Other tourism jobs: hotel front desk , cultures,coming to Europe to see enjoyment having fun, our music,
car rental supervisor, night manager how they ope rate and live, what they food, culture - it s natural
of a small hote!, checkdnderkfora like . ., InEuropeyou see something for us. I play cricket. I love cricket, with
charter airline done differently which can helpyou friends, on the beach, and football ... '
Present job with the same procedure back home, What 's the future for you?
Runs his own tour company looking at it from a different angle. 'My goal is hopefully to become
(Authentic Caribbean Holidays Ltd / ) Even travelling inter -island, visiting
Minister of Tourism, Director of
various islands,thenyou see "OK, this
Promotes 'Unique Jamaica' Tourism, that's my main goal. You have
island does it this way,we do it that
programme (adventure travel) to have a rounded knowledge of the
way", and so forth/
Attends trade fairs industry from ground level to the top/
Runs in -school programmes for
Jamaican students to teach tourism
development, sustainability, and r W- *
community tourism V
Offers internships and work
experience for university students
'There's so much to do in tourism.
There are many aspects: hotels, water
sports, tour operation, travel agents.'
What do you need to succeed in
' Working in tourism is about love -
love for the industry. If you don't love
it, forget it. It's a people industry. It s
providing service.It 's people enjoying
and experiencing your culture. That 's
cruciaUf you don't have that love, it
doesn't make sense. Ifyou work In
the industry, you' ve got to love It.
What is tourism ? 7

Listening Extract 3
Three jobs We work very 1G ,
especially on changeover

days , We take the 17
who are going home to
the airport at six in the morning , and bring back the
new group. We then have to get them settled , sort out

Kelly John
. any 18 ~ and there always are problems ! -

and dothe paperwork . So I

ml d n ig ht on c ha ngeove r d ay.
19 until

i 2 3 Suzanna

1 Q Listen to three people talking about their jobs

Language spot

1 Which job do they each have ? Choose from the list

in Take off . Describing job routines
2 Which of them EXAMPLE
a enjoys working with people ? Kelly: 7 usually start atsix in the morning ... hut this
b gets one day off a week ? week I m doing the late shift/
c works shifts ?
1 Which of the verbs describes a habitual action and
d works mainly in the back office ?
which describes a temporary activity or arrangement ?
e only works part of the year ?
2 Underline other examples of the tenses in Listening 2.
2 fj) Listen again and complete the extracts.
3 Complete these sentences with the correct form of the
Extract 1 verb in brackets.
2, process
I arrivals, hand out
1 I usually (finish ) at five , but today I
enquiries and 3, that
kind of thing . I work (work) until eight .
4, which can be a drag I
* * start
2 We (not have ) many guests outside the
atsix in the morning , which isOK because Iget off nice
and early but then 6 ! dothe late turn and summer season, but a big conference
I don t finish till after midnight this week I
(take place ) this weekend, so we' re very busy
7 the late shift .
3 Some of the rooms ( not have) private
Extract 2 bathrooms. Which room (stay) in, madam ?
I * directly with the public at the desk . On a 4 1 ( wait ) for a call from the manager . She
typical day, I'm on the phone and the 9
(want) me to show some important
most of the time . I 10 the day by checking
1] , and that clients our deluxe suites They (think ) of
my .uthe agenda

for the first part of the morning at least . I have to talk holding a business meeting there.
to local businesses , hotels, tour companies, to check 5 I (work ) with computers a lot. In fact I
that 13 the service they want , that we re
(do) a special training course at the moment
stocking their brochures and so on. f also 14
I (go) to college every Tuesday evening
presentations, and I get invited to a lot of social events
to network and talk about tourist information services Go to Grammar reference p.119
in the city.
I 1 on a big presentation for some Italian

clients at the moment .

8 Unftl

What is tourism ? This Is the stuff that changed the world . Along
Tourism is the temporary short-term movement with a handful of other things - television , sex,
of people to destinations outside the places where and the computer - the ability to travel the world
they normally live and work, and their activities freely sets those who live in the late 20th century
during the stay at these destinations. (and early 21st century ) apart from those who
Tourism Society lived before it .
UK, 1991 Michael Elliot
1991, The Pleasure Principle'. The Economist , London

Speaking Pronunciation
Job skills 1 O Listen to these words. How many syllables do they
have ? Tick (/ ) the right column .

Number of syllables Strongest

Word 1 2 3
agent / first
1 What questions would you ask to find out this
information about the two people ? guide
Nationality Where does he / she come from? porter
Age tourism
Qualities and skills
Working hours attractions
Typical daily tasks calm
Things he / she enjoys about the job
Relaxing after work 2 Q Listen to the words with two or three syllables.
Own holidays Which syllable is strongest ?
2 Work in pairs. Student A, look at p,108. Student B, look 3 Say e ach word. Let you r partner check yo ur
at p 118 Ask about each other's person.

Industry sectors 6 Public sector 1 Tourist
tourism attractions
1 Thetravelandtourismindustryhas differentsectors.
Look at the diagram and match the descriptions a - f
below with the six sectors ,
5 Retail ^
(Travel agents 2 Transport
a people or companies that organize and assemble and online)
the different parts of a holiday or tour
b places to stay, such as hotels , and the food and A Tour 3 Accommodation
services that are provided there operators and catering

c places that tourists want to visit

d ways of travelling between different places , such as
trains and airplanes
e government organizations that promote and
develop tourism 2 Think of a local example for each of the sectors from
f people or companies that sell the holiday or tour to your city or country, for example, the name of a local
the customer travel agent .
What is tourism ? 9

tourism / ' lusnzam/ NOUN [U] the

business of providing and arranging
holidays and services for people who
are visiting a place

Customer care TH C\fSMe&

The customer is always right * /5 AdW$ MHTf
1 Do you agree that ' the customer is always right ? o
2 Look at this definition. Think of your own goo d XTi 1
experiences as a customer. Tell your partner about them.
Tourism is about customer care:
It 's about people , not just places.
It 's about always smiling.
It 's a bout a I ways listening.
It 's about del Ighting the customer, not just serving
the customer.
It 's about loving yourjob, not just doing it .

Find out
1 Where can you find out
facts and statistics on
tourism in your country ?
FAC!SHEET Name of country / region :
Sources for information and statistics: ..

Website Location
2 What are the names of the
main tourism companies in National tourism board (or office )
your country ? Find their Regional / local tourism office (TIC)
websites and note down Other useful websites
information on what they
do, when they were
founded , what jobs they Sector Example Website Location Other information
provide - and anything else company ( e . g size . no. of visitors ,

that you find interesting. branches , etc . )

Tourism attractions
Country fact sheet
Complete this fact sheet
for your country (or
region ) .
and catering

Tour operators

Travel agents
10 Unit 1

challenge (n) something economy (n) the operation security (n) the state of
new and difficult that forces of a country 's money supply, feeling safe and being free
yo j to make a lot of effort commercial activities, and from worry
currency (n) the system and industry
type of money that a flexible adj) that can be
particular country uses changed easily

Reading In recent years we have seen the

Tourism: the biggest business in the world
1 Discuss these statements with a partner . Write T (true)
or F (false) .
TOURISM growth of the Internet and
globalization, making the world
seem a smaller but very

1 One in fifty of all workers are employed in tourism

related industries,
TODAY fascinating place. The tourism
industry grows faster and faster
each year, inI960, there were 25
2 Thenumber of international tourism arrivals will million international tourist
more than double between 2004 and 2020. Facts and arrivals. In 2004, the figure was
760 million, and by 2020 it is
3 Tourists ofteri worry about international se curity.
4 Tourism has only had a good influence on the
modem world.
challenges predicted to be 1.6 billion.
But what are the challenges
Tourism is one of the biggest today ? The tourism industry is
2 Read the article to check your answers. businesses in the world. There are affected by many different
nearly SOO million international things: international events,
Flu IMys TrIpUl tbf West til fciijrinud tourist arrivals every year. It economic change, changes in
employs, directly or indirectly, fashion, New concerns and

CHARMINC EXCURSION one in fifteen of all workers

worldwide, from A to Z, from
worries appear every year, for
example as people become more
< iii;m:\ ii m, CI.OH ESTER. airport cieaners to zookeepers, worried about security and
and includes bar staff, flight international terrorism, or as the
EXETER ft PLYMOUTH . attendants, tour guides, and
resort reps. It is a huge part of the
value of their currency changes.
But new destinations and new
rUESDAT, JUNE 18, 1850, economy of many countries - in sources of tourists also seem to
SPECIAL TRAINS countries such as the Bahamas, emerge every year.

r 7
tz *

TJtnrtfW I
'" mm
' " *
Jr " over 60% of the economy is
based on tourism.
Tourism survives. It is a powerful
and sometimes dangerous force
Urn M
rtiHTrihT. jcjr
* + MiftitK*: . >*1r *Linmm
jaWM IUU , I i mm.
%-WHII , H . i*.
Tourism is a fasbgrowing in the modern world, Tourism
i nm
- M

- - -
* * TMIHftm
*, Ik I MI I W N, H
^ TM J
business, When Thomas Cook creates many good jobs and
T organized his first excursion from careers, but it also produces
Leicester to Loughborough in many poor and badly paid jobs.
1341, he probably didnt know Tourism can help to protect
what he was starting. Key environments and animal life, but
developments in the last 150 it can also damage them.
iilGHEiS flOUDAf CAMP years or so have led to the rise of Tourism can save cultures and
mass tourism. There have been the local way of life, but it can
-# * * technological developments in
transport, in particular the
also destroy them. Tourism can
change countries - and people -
appearance of air travel and for the better, but it can also
/ charter flights. There have been change them for the worse.

changes in working practices, with
Tourism is one of the biggest
workers getting paid holiday time
industries in the world. It is
and working shorter and more
perhaps also the most important.
flexible hours.

Whatistourism ? 11

Assess your progress in this unit . Tick (/ ) the
statements which are true.
f can understand articles describing the
tourism industry
I can understand people talking about their
jobs in tourism
3 In pairs, answer and discuss these questions,
I can describe job / work routines and skills
1 What do these numbers in paragraphs 2 and 3 refer
to ? J can ask questions about the personal
a 1841 profiles of tourism employees
b 25 million
c 760 million
d 1.6 billion
2 What are the four positive and four negative effects Key words
of tourism mentioned in the article ? Jobs
3 How many jobs in tourism can you think of ? check-in clerk
A is for airline check -in clerk . flight attendant
B is for baggage handler pilot
C is for ...
4 Which of the key developments in tourism do you resort rep
think were the most important ? tourguide
5 Can you think of some recent international events tour operator
that have affected the tourism industry ? tourist information officer
6 Do you think tourism is a positive or a negative travel agent
influence in the world ? waiter
Vocabulary charter flight
Personal Learning Dictionaries ( PLD) destination
1 Look back at the dictionary entry for the word tourism public sector
onp. 9 . How many different pieces of information does
the dictionary give you ?
2 Which of the pieces of information in this list is not in tourist attraction
the dictionary ?
The word ( e.g. tourism ) online
Its tran slat!on in yo ur language worldwide
The phonetic transcription (e.g. / tuanzam / )
The part of speech ( e g noun )

Any relevant grammar or language features

( e.g uncountable )
Next stop
Use in an example sentence ( e g. Tourism is the

worlds biggest industry and employs millions of 1 Which countries have you visited as a
people throughout the world .) tourist ? Which countries would you like to
% Related words (e.g. tourist ) visit ? Why ?
ft Any other important information 2 What famous attractions have you seen ?
3 Select the most important words from this unit. For 3 Which was your favourite, and why ?
each word , prepare an entry for your Personal Learning
12 Unit 2

2 World destinations

Take off B
1 Do you know the names of these famous attractions ?
2 Match them with the outline map of the country
where they are located . What are the names of the
countries ?

3 What type of attraction is each one ? Choose from

the list - :

historic monument beach

theme park cathedral
castle temple
natural geographic feature ski resort
4 Can you find these types of attractions in your country ? 6
Give examples.


A .

* r
^S %
3 w
a 5

* %
_ ft
am ^- *
- w ru
" t
world destinations u

In this unit
tourist destinations and attractions

tourism flows
numbers and statistics
describing resources and features

Pronunciation 3 Listen to the numbers. Which one do you hear ?

a 19,000 / 90,000 c 13.5 / 30.5
Look at the dictionary transcriptions of some countries b 18 million / SO million d 15 / 50
and cities.
spein mo ' dnd 4 Q Listen and repeat the numbers.
fra:ns kamoda psens 19 90 18 80 13 30 15 50
Undon ' noli ' hAijgori
5 Write down some similar numbers.Do not show them
meksikoo mos' koo taokipo
to your partner.Read them to each other. Can you
tjarno eOanz d33:moni
^ bro ' zil
identify them correctly ?

1 Can you find the following places ?

6 O Listen to this presentation describing the top ten
country destinations for tourists. Complete the table.
1 Spain
2 France Position Country Number of tourists
3 Japan
4 China 1st
5 Russia 2nd
2 Identify the other places. 3 rd
3 Listen and identify the ten places you hear . 4th
4 J
( j) Listen again and repeat each place. 5th
5 Practise saying the place names from the dictionary 6th
6 How do you know where the stress is in words with
more than one syllable ? 8 th


Listening 10th

Where do tourists go? 7 What do you know about the ten countries as tourist
1 When we look at the movement of tourists (or tourist destinations ? Think about the following categories and
flow ), there are three types of tourism. Match the words give examples.
below with their definitions ,
Towns and cities
1 domestic tourism Historicalattractions and features (e g. beaches)

2 inbound tourism Purpose-built attractions (e.g theme parks)

andcultur al attractions
3 outbound tourism ,

a people leaving their country to take holidays 8 Think about your own country.
b people taking holidays in their own country 1 Where do domestic tourists go ? What attractions do
c people entering the country from abroad to take
they visit ?
2 What places do inbound tourists visit ? Which
2 Which countries do you think receive the greatest countries do they come from?
number of tourists ? 3 Where do outbound tourists go ? Which r:
they visit ?
14 Unit 2

t Q f ) 0 /0 of all international In 2004, an estimated in Hawaii,

travel is made up of
nationals of just
760 m tourists and Japanese
/ travelled internationally, tourists outnumber
M twenty countries.
or nearly 12% of the world 's
Hawaiians by five to one in
the summer.
Reading Speaking
Where do tourists come from? The biggest spenders and the biggest earners
1 Which countries do yo u think generate the most tourists? 1 Look at the word grid and complete the sentences.
2 Look at this graph of the eleven highest tourist
earn (v ) to get money by working
generating countries. Can you identify each country receive tv ) to get or accept sth that
from the first letter and flag ? sb sends or gives to you
spend ( v ) to give or pay money for sth

Verb spend earn receive

Noun ( person ) spender earner -
I F Noun (thing) expenses
earnings receipt

f R 1 Ifvou more than vou . you

will eet into debt. But ifvou . more than
Ic you , you can save.
2 The IT manager is one of the highest in
I I the company. His total are twice what I

j M 3 When you are on a business trip you car claim

things like travel and hotel costs as But

Ic you must remember to get a

!u I 1111 4 The travel agency didn't make a profit last year

because the was greater than the
from customers.

p I jlll 2 Which of these countries do you think are the biggest

tourist spenders, and which are the biggest tourist
earners ?

I u Austria
the Netherlands
the UK
the USA
France Japan
3 Work in pairs. Student A, look at p.108. Student B, look
at pd!3. Give your information to your partner and
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 complete the blank chart .
million tourist departures per year (2000)
4 Compare your charts, Identify the countries which
3 Does any of the information surprise you ? receive more from tourism than they spend.
World destinations 15

Tourism features and attractions
The things that attract tourists to a particular country can he divided into different groups. Look at the table.

Climate Natural Built Events Food * drink , and Accommodation Transport

features attractions entertainment
rainy beach cathedral carnival restaurant hotel tram
sunny desert museum folk dance bar motel plane

1 Decide which column the words in the list should go in Customer care
(there may be more than one possibility), You can use
an English-English dictionary.
Different destinations - different customs
harbour castle damp
music festival concert metro
campsite countryside nightlife
waterfall art gallery temperate
chilly heritage coastline
2 Complete the sentences.
1 i don 't really like the city. I prefer to live in the
n /
2 There aren't many beaches on the island. The
is mainly rocky with steep cliffs.

3 The Netherlands has a .. climate, with \ t

mild winters and cool summers.
Working in tourism means meeting people from
4 These beautiful old churches are part of our national differentcountries. lt also means sending people to
different destinations with different traditions a ^ d
customs. It is important to respect and understand
3 Can you think of any other words to add to the table? these different traditions and customs .
4 Work with a partner. Use the new words to talk about 1 How can you find out more about the trabitie r. s ::
your region or your favourite holiday destination , visitors from some of the countries listed in this ur.rU
2 How can you help tourists to understand local
and cultures when they visit other destmaUc ns7
16 Unit 2

Where in the world? The Balearic IWi

1 What do you know about New Zealand and the
Balearic Islands ? Think about : climate, geography and Islands - fat
location, natural features, main attractions , and their
Mallorca, 9T
importance as a tourist destination.
2 Now read the descriptions and check your answers. Menorca, f

* -M Jj
3 Which text would you find
1 in a reference book ?
2 in an advertisement or brochure ? Formentera f- *
ew Zealand t

iirff i
Capital: Wellington
Population 4 million
Currency: NewZealand
dollar m
m% f Official languages:
English and Maori


a >
S3 SS 1
i i

New Zealand lies in the South Pacific Ocean and consists of islands North
two -
& I Island and South Island. It is located 1 ,600 km south of Australia
-east and is
nearly 2,000 km long
The climate is generally temperate and damp, although the extreme north has
got an almost subtropical climate and the extreme south is very cold. Winds can
be a problem; the capital (Wellington) is known for its high winds.
The main attraction for tourists is the scenery . The
landscape is largely unspoilt and very varied. There are

t" vr
A -

V _
mountains, lakes, glaciers, rainforests, dramatic
coastlines, beaches, and geysers .
Other attractions include the Maori culture and outdoor
activities such as river -rafting, fishing, skiing, whale

watching, and bungee-jumping (which was a local
invention) .

M: _ ?
I Tourists come mainly from Australia, the United States,
the United Kingdom, and Japan, Tourism is the largest
single foreign exchange earner and continues to grow An
w r.
increase in visitor numbers followed the huge success of
the Lord of the Rinas which were made in New
World destinations 17

0 Sun, sea , and culture with a Spanish style The gorgeous dimace boasts more people. But theres more to these
0 340 days a year of guaranteed sunshine than 300 days a year of guaranteed islands than sun and fun.You can also
Fabulous beaches
sunshine , making the islands the ideal enjoy wonderful architecture (the
setting for a beach hoiidayThe long Gothic cathedral at Palma is well
0 Easy to get to
hot summer stretches from May to worth visiting), hilltop villages, olive
0 Great entertainment October, with temperatures around groves,great food, and hidden beaches.
0 Something for every type of tourist 27 C - just right for relaxing and You can take a relaxing fishing or
getting a tan. sailing trip, or go to one of the many
festivalsJf you go in June, don't miss
Floating between Spain and the North The islands offer a number of
the spectacular Fiesta of San Juan at
African coast, the Balearic Islands offer attractions for tourists. Sun- seekers
Ciutadella on Menorca.
the perfect location for a fantastic holiday. will love the fabulous beaches. Fun-
There are four main islands for you to seekers will enjoy the exciting nightlife Whatever you want from a holiday, the
choose from, each with their own special the clubs and discos of Ibiza provide Balearics will help you find it.
atmosphere. plenty of entertainment for young

Language spot
Describing resources and features
New Zealand The Balearic Islands
Describing New Zealand lies In the South Pacific Ocean.
geographical It consists of two islands. It is located 1,600
features km south- east of Australia.
Describing The climate is generally temperate and damp.
climate The extreme north has got an almost
Describing The main attraction for tourists is the scenery.
tourist The landscape is largely unspoilt and very
attractions varied. There are mounta ins, lakes, glaciers . ..

1 Look at the expressions used to describe resources and 4 Use the sentences you identified in 2 and 3 to help you
features in the text on New Zealand. to write similar sentences for New Zealand,

Does the text on the Balearic Islands use the same EXAMPLE

expressions ? Floating in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand offers

the perfect locationfor an exciting holiday:
2 Which different expressions does it use to describe the
three areas ? The verbs listed below will help you 5 Use the sentences about New Zealand in the table to
identify them. write similar sentences for the Balearic Islands.
float choose stretch provide EXAMPLE
offer boast love enjoy The Balearic Islands lie between Spain and the North
3 The text on the Balearic Islands is trying to attract African coast.
visitors. One way it does this is to use sentences where Go to Grammar reference p.120
the subject is ' you' Find the sentences using 'you'.
18 Unit 2

Favourite places i

n *


ML K- 4 ij
2 What do they like about each of their favourite places ?
5 fji Listen again to Liz. Mat ch the four adjectives with
the four nouns to form word combinations.
remote views
spectacular coastline
ruined cottage
dramatic castle
Match these eight adjectives and eight nouns to form
more word combinations. Then check your answers
l fj) Listen to three people talking about their favourite with the listening script on p. 128.
holiday destinations.
cheap memories
Which of the places in the list do they each say is their cultural bars
favourite ? delicious beaches
London Budapest happy heritage
Scotland Prague relaxing nightlife
Northumberland Barcelona exciting flights
lively break
Zurich Cyprus
Vienna Ibiza crowded food

a Liz 5 Work in pairs. Have you ever been to places with

b Regula similar features, for example, a dramatic coastline ?
c Valery. Tell each other about the places.
World destinations 19

Assess your progress in this unit . Tick { / ) the
statements which are true .
I can talk about tourist destinations and
[ canunderstand and describe statistical
charts and simple graphs
Speaking I can understand peopletalking about their
Describing a destination favourite destinations
1 Work in groups. Think of another destination ( not your lean understand descriptions of resources
own country or region) - Make statements to describe it and features in tourist destinations
to the other students in the group. Can they guess the
I can produce descriptions of resources a nd
place in less than ten statements? You get a point for
features in tourist destinations
every statement that doesn 't lead to a successful guess ,

2 What do you know about the Seychelles and South

Africa ?
Key words
Writing Specialist industry terms
Describing a destination inbound tourism
Write descriptions of two other tourist destinations, outbound tourism
using the information files on p. 109 . Make one a tourist flow
factual description, and the other more like an Nouns
advertisement or brochure , carnival harbour
cathedral heritage
climate historic monument
Find out coastline landscape
1 Think of a country or a region. It could be your own countryside receipt
country or region or a country or region that you know desert temple
well. expenditure theme park
Where can you find out more about the place you have Adjectives
chosen as a tourist destination ? remote
Find out as much as you can and record the temperate
information under the following headings ,
Location and geographic features
Tourist attractions
Next stop

Other information 1 What different types of holiday have you hsc
2 Use the information you have found out on the country in the past ?
or region to
2 What was your favourite holiday? Why ?
write a factual information sheet
3 Howdid you arrange the holiday
writ e a brochure des cription
prepare a talk or presentation. independently ( byyourself }, through a
company, on line , or some other way 7
Use pictures and visuals where possible.
3 Present your talks in small groups. Listen to each
other 's talks, make notes, and ask questions,
urm. 3

3 Tour operators

Take off <

1 Look at the different package holidays What type of

holiday are they advertising ?

2 Which holiday (s ) would you choose ? Why ? TV'

3 Have you or has anybody you know ever been on a 7

package holiday ?
4 Why do you think people go on package holidays ?
Think of three reasons. Compare your reasons with

your partners.
package holiday (US package tour ) noun LC ] a "' yi
holiday that is organized by a company for a fixed
price that includes the cost of travel , hotels , etc.

I Mjf

i \
% f.
m It - A.

Listening 2 Listen again and choose the correct answers,

1 How far in advance do tour operators buy
Why choose a package holiday ? accommodation or transport ?
1 Q Listen to Helga , who works for Das ReiseBuro,a a Six months
German tour operator. What are the reasons she gives b One year
for choosing a package holiday ? Are they the same as c Two years
yours ? d Three years
2 What things does Helga say that people will need
money for on a package holiday ?
a Buying drinks
b Buying souvenirs
c Car hire
d Paying for taxis
3 According to Helga, what does a tour operator's
representative , or 'rep', do ?
4 Helga says that package holidays produce ' peace of
mind '. What does she mean ?
In this unit
advantages of package tours
role of tour operators
a tour operator for information
preparing a tour
of time
brochure or web page

2 There are two other terms that mean the same as

Reading package holiday: What are they?
The role of tour operators 3 To buy in bulk means to buy something
Read the article and find the answers. a on the Internet
1 Package holidays are created by tour operators and b in large quantities
then sold through the chain of distribution. c in secret
d a long time before you need to use it.
a What are the components of a typical package
holiday ? 4 Why is it important to buy in bulk in tour operation?

b Who else forms part of the chain of distribution ? 5 Why do you think specialist tour operators prefer to
sell direct to their clients ?
c How many different types of tour operator are
there ? 6 If you could work for one of the four types of tour
operator, which would you choose?

Putting a package together

Package holidays, which are also known chain of distribution , and this reduces product to customers who want a v(
as package tours, include all of the the final cost of the holiday package specific type of holiday. These sped ;
components necessary for a complete because direct sell operators do not have operators sell adventure holidays,
vacation : to pay commission to a travel agent holidays for single people, holidays
Many smaller tour operators, for motor- racing fans, and so on . Dome;
transport to and from the destination operators specialize in tours for peo
example, prefer to deal directly with
transfers between the airport / station who want to holiday in their own
their clients.
/ port and hotel
Not all tour operators sell the same country, whilst incoming tour opera
food and accommodation at the type of holiday. The really big operators, are specialists in providing holiday
destination the mass market operators, produce low- packages to visitors coming from ab
other services such as a guide or cost holidays to traditional sea , sun , and For example, Vastravel, an Italian
holiday " rep*
sand destinations like Spain , Greece, or incoming tour operator, sells tours o
Turkey Other operators limit their
* Italy to people from the rest of the w
The professionals who bring these
elements together to create a holiday are
called tour operators. They buy in
advance and in bulk from the principles: Principles
airlines, shipping lines, hoteliers, and so Transportation + Transfers + Accommodation + Other services
on . Because they buy hundreds of seats
or rooms from the principle, they pay a
much lower price for them than an
ordinary member of the public. The tour
operator then converts this bulk into
individual packages known technically
as inclusive tours ( ITs ). These are
marketed to the consumer through
Tour operator -- > Direct selling

travel agents or by other systems *

In the past tour operators sold almost

entirely through travel agents, but today Travel agent Clients
they also use direct selling. This strategy
eliminates the travel agents from the

Its my job Listening
The 'Peace in Burma1tour
Begoiia Pozo
Pi Begoha $ main job is organizing escorted tours of

Burma, in south east Asia

- ,

1 Why do you think people visit Burma ?

2 Listen to Begoha describing one of the tours she
organizes. Tick ( / ) the places the tour visits , and the
Fifteenyears ago Begoha Pozo and her sisteropened a activities the tourists can do.
travel agency because they both Jove to travel. Now
she is the European agentfor MyanmarGold, a Place Activity
specialist tour operator for Burma . What do you think
she likes about her job ? Bagan Renta bicycle
Now read on, Bago Spend sometime at the beach
Inle Visit a school of Buddhism
Begoha says:
Mandalay Go trekking En the mountains
... about her job I love to sell and to work in the office ., n Ngapali Practise yoga
to try to introduce the place to my clients, and to show n Sittwe VEsitthe city 's floating markets
them the place and tell them that they have to go there . Thailand Visit some of the many temples
about Burma Burma has sta rted to attract tourists n Thandwe Go horse riding
from all around the world. It's very beautiful and 0 Yangon ' . Visit the capital city

everything is so traditional .
3 Q Listen again. Which activities can you do in which
about Burmese people They 're always smiling. And place ?
very often they give you presents because they are
Buddhists You can tell that religion is really important
, 4 What is the main problem Begoha has when she tries
to them *
to get people to go to Burma ?
... about Asia I think that people In Europe are not as
friendly as in Asia. Asian people are very friendly. On Thai
Airways the flight attendants always bow when you
enterthe plane. On European airlines they often stand
with their arms crossed , Asian culture is more polite*

* .*** g& i

M *

s m T


Tour operators 23

More than 12 ITlNNOn

p60 pl 6 intheUK
take a package holiday each year

Language spot
1 Say the following words. Pay attention to the stress Is it

on the first or second syllable ?


jmg accept agent local travel

*pat wjr
2 O Listen to the words. Were you right ?
3 Listen to the stress pattern in the following words
and then write them in the right column in the table.
m * brochure customer holiday package
& commission discount include providers
component domestic inclusive transfers


One way tour operators like Begona market their

product is by attending tourism fairs. There they can
' oca ^
meet other travel agents and direct -sell clients.
1 Look at the notes below. They were made by a travel
agent who is looking for different types of package
holiday to sell

Brodies of fours ?

PWC- include transfers? 4 Practise saying the words in each column.

PWce include meals ?
Lise baai Mels? Speaking
Accept groups ?
DiSCoUv\f Tor groups? Talking to tour operators
rhli ILOUJ mudk ? 1 Work with a partner . Student A, look at p.109 and study
Travel aqeH- 's commission - kxu muOi ^ the information in the box. Student Bt you are the travel
agent. Look at p.114. Follow the instructions.
2 What were the questions the travel agent asked when Tour operator Good morning. Can I help you with
talking to a tour operator? anything?
EXAMPLES Travel agent Yes, 1 hope so.Vm a trove / agent from
Brochures of tours ? ( your country / region ),Vm locking for
Vo you have brochures of your tours? 1
toursto ...
Price include transfers ?
2 When you have finished , change roles and choose the
Voes the price include transfers?' information from a different tour operator .

3 Can you think of any other questions the travel agent

might ask ?
Go to Grammar reference p.120
24 Unit 3

former (adj) of an earlier time;

belonging to the past
glimpse ( n ) a very quick and not
com plete view of Sb / sth

An inclusive tour A glimpse of the TOUR DESCRIPTION
Visit the three independent

Tour operators regularly use brochures and the
Internet to advertise theirpackage holidays and toms * Baltic Republics af Estonia,
1 Look at the map of the Baltics. Read through the tour Latvia, and Lithuania on
and connect the cities and other places in the order in
which they are visited.
2 One of your clients is interested in visiting the Baltics,
Vilnius Riga Tallinn - this short escorted coach
tour. Hie emphasis is on
6 days by private coach the capital cities ,.
Look at the tour description and find the following
information for the client.
1 The length of the tour FRIDAY VILNIUS Arrival . Transfer with private driver and
2 Departures for the second half of July or beginning guide. Check in at the hotel At 7.00 p.m . welcome drink at the

of August hotel where you will be greeted by tour guide or representative .

3 What type of accommodation will they have?
Overnight at Hotel City Park or similar in Vilnius .
4 The basic price of the tour
SATURDAY VILNIUS - TRAKAI Morning city tour of Vilnius ,
5 How much will the tour cost for one person using a capital of Lithuania for more than 600 years . Afternoon trip to
single room ? Trakai , former capital of Lithuania . Visit to a 14 th century castle .
6 Does the cost of the tour include For oges it served as a defensive structure and residence of
a all food and meals? Lithuanian Grand Dukes . Overnight at Hotel City Park ,

b entry costs to monuments?

c arrival and departure transfers? SUNDAY VILNIUS - RIGA Morning departure by coach to
7 Will there be a guide on the tour? Riga , the capital of Latvia . Visit to Rundale, a beautiful baroque
palace south of Riga , It is a splendid example of the work of
3 Work with a partner. Student A, you are the client.
Italian architect F. B . Rasfrelli , Arrival in Riga . Check in at the hotel .
Student B , you are the travel agent. Ask and answer
Overnight at Hotel Radisson 5AS Daugava or similar in Riga .
questions about the Baltics tour. When you have
finished, change roles.
Guaranteed departures: Fridays 2007
Jun 8, 15, 22, 29
Ju) 6, 13, 20, 27
> Aug 3, 10, 17, 24

v - i o>
f Ft M ft From: $845 per person double
$345 single supplement
Includes: n Err
5 nights of lirst-dass hotels IGI
A - M l*
daily breakfust
1 welcome drink
transportation by air-conditioned coach
private arrival transfer
11 > U t 4 . sightseeing per Nmerory
local tour guides
S0 .v,, tax and service charges
j 1 1 ) frit **
individual information package (city
V guides and programmes)
Tour operators 25

dawn (n) theearfy morning, when light

first appears in the sky
navigable (adj) that boats can sail along
sacred ( adj) connected with God, a god, or
snack (n) food that you can eat quickly
between main meals

b f 1 Match the prepositions at for, in , and on with the time

expressions on the right

- Easter
the weekend
the afternoon
MONDAY RIGA - TALLINN In the morning a city tour of for r ~ "

six days
Riga , visiting the medieval town, Riga Castle, St. Peter 's
Church, the Old Guild Houses. Afternoon departure for Tallinn night
with a stop in Parnu. Arrival in Tallinn. Check in at the hotel.
the summer
Overnight at Hotel Domina llmarine or similar in Tallinn.
4 o'clock
TUESDAY TALLINN Morning city tour of Tallinn, visiting the a longtime
Old Town of Tallinn - an example of Gothic architecture in the
Baltic and Nordic countries. The tour includes theToompea 2007
Castle, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, and the Town Hall
Square. Afternoon Free . Overnight at Domina llmarine or
similar. 2 Use the correct preposition ( at,for, in, on ) to complete
the itinerary.
WEDNESDAY TALLINN DEPARTURE After breakfast, the tour
ends with individual departures. BASICALLY BOLIVIAN
Day 01 Arrive at La Paz International Airport.
121.30h. Transfertothe hotel, check- rnNand
Vilnius light supper.
Day 02 LA PAZ
Half-daytourof La Pazjry 'saltehas', a Bolivian snack
that isonly eaten 2
the morning. Afternoon
free for shopping. Visit a traditional folk music
'peha 3
Leave after breakfast for the Tiwanaku ruins.
more than 500 years Tiwanaku was the

centre of American civilization.


ir r Lake Titicaca, the sacred lake ofthe Incas, is the highest
ILu FT ? navigable lake in the world. We make an early start
r 5 dawn to
seethe sun come up over the lake .

Go to Grammar reference p.120

26 Unit 3

Customer care 2 Look at these phrases. They are often used by people in
The personal touch L 1
Asking for suggestions
What can we call the tour?
Have you got any ideas about a name?
Making suggestions
We could call the tour ,

; Lets call the tour . . .

What about calling the tour ... ?
Agreeing with a suggestion
Yes, OK.
< Good idea.
Thats fine by me.
Disagreeing with a suggestion
I dont know about that
We always call our clients when they are on holiday in
I don t think thats a very good idea.
Burma sothat we can make sure they a re happy and
changeanythingthatthey don 't like . 2 Work in groups of three or four . Nominate one person
Myanmar Gold rep resentative to be the secretary. The secretary must write down the
Coach tours can be very impersonate as the tour guide, decisions about each point you discuss.
I make a big effort to learn each persons name as soon as 4 Plan your tour, and make sure that everybody
possible, and by the end of the second day of the tour at participates in the discussion.
the latest .
Scantours representative
1 Have you ever experienced a holiday or a visit to a Writing
tourist attraction when you felt you received the A web page for a package tour
personal touch?
Use the information from your discussion and write
2 How can tour operators give the personal touch to the text for a web page advertising your tour . You can
tourists before, during, and after their holiday or trip? use the web page for the Baltics Tour as a model.

Speaking I
Designing a package tour
1 You are going to prepare a five-day coach tour of your
country ox region . To do this, you will need to make
decisions about
1 which places you will visit

2 which places you will overnight in
3 how many nights you will spend in each place
4 where your tour will be g in and end
5 which services and meals you will include in the price
6 the different possible dates of your tour
7 the name of your tour
8 three ways you are going to personalize your tour .
rasters 27

Assess your progress in this unit . Tick (/) the
statements which are true.
f can understand someone talking about
package holidays
l can understand articles about package
tours and tour operation
Find out I can ask questions to get information about
1 Who axe the biggest tour operators in your country or a packagetour
region ?
I can produce a tour itinerary for a web page
2 Which are the most popular destinations they offer ? or brochure
3 Which are the new destinations this year ?
4 Do tour operators in your country only sell through
travel agents or do they sell direct ? Key words
5 Are there any specialist tour operators in your country? Nouns
brochure package holiday / tour
6 What type of specialist holidays do they market ?
client provider
{Hint: for answers to these questions, look on the commission representative (' rep')
Internet or talk to a local travel agent ) direct selling tour operator
inclusive tour supplement
itinerary transfer
Writing operator wholesaler
Describing local tour operations Adjectives
Use the information you have collected by answering domestic
the questions inFind out and write a brief description incoming
of how tour operation works in your country. independent
You can begin like this :
in advance

of your country ].
Tour Operation in [ the name include

country /
in [ the name of your
The biggest tour operators

region] are [ the names of

two orthreetour operators
]. Next stop
providers in our country, 1 Doyou have any friends or family who like
There are a number of important going on holiday to places that are
airlines, hotel groups, etc.
] completely different from where they live ?
including [ the namesof any
that the tour operators
2 What about you ? When you goon holiday
The most popular destinations doyou like things that are completely new
offer every year are [the names of
the usual -
or do you prefer things that are fam ilia ' ?

year include ...

destinations ]. New offers this
28 Unit 4

4 Tourist motivations

Take off I [ike to be active on

1 Match the quotes with the pictures . Write quotes for holiday - visit museums,
the other two pictures . galleries, that sort of
thing. [Eh
2 Write down the last three trips you or members of your We spent last Christmas
family made , and the reason. in the mountains
EXAMPLE Paris - weekend sightseeing trip outside Kyoto - that's
3 Work in groups . Show each other the trips you wrote
down. Can you put the different reasons into
1 want to see as much of
where my son lives now,
his wife's Japanese.
categories ? the world as possible. ! 'm
meeting up with a bunch
offriends next month and I have to visit our sales
We go to the beach every we're going hiking in the offices in Poland and the
summer. I just want to Himalayas. Netherlands four or five
relax and switch offand J
times a year it 's hard work,

get some sun. but I really like Poznan and


* a t
r I

7 .
<5 *<
0 |
1 I


kkur -
Tourist motivations 29

In this unit
motivation for travel
describing trends
purpose and reason

changes in tourist motivation and behaviour

Reading Listening
Why do people travel ? Reasons for travel and money spent on
1 Read the text, How many of the types of trip you listed
in Take off can you find ? The pie charts show the relative importance of the
different categories of travel with reference to British
2 Look again at the trips you listed and put them into the tourists ,
categories described in the text .
1 f ? Listen to a lecture extract and label the percentages
for each category.

Inside tourism: reasons for travel
People travel for many different reasons. In the tourism
industry we divide the reasons for travel into three
main categories: leisure tourism, business tourism, and a Reasons

for travel

visiting friends and relatives ( usually abbreviated to
WR ) .
Leisure tourism can mean anything from excursions,
day trips, and weekend breaks to package holidays,
pleasure cruises , and longer independent trips such as
hillwalking or treks in the mountains. It also includes
cultural trips (for example , to music festivals ),
educational trips (for example, study tours ), and
religious trips (for example , pilgrims on a walking tour b Money
to a holy place ). spent on
Business tourism includes any travel away from one 's travel
main place of reside nee , for such events as meetings,
conferences, and trade fairs. It also includes special
trips when workers are given a reward or a thank you'
for good work (this is known as an incentive tour ) ,
Travel in order to visit friends or family relatives is also Leisure tourism
regarded as part of the tourism industry. This could be
Business tourism
for a special family party, such as a reunion or a
wedding , or a regular trip made every year . Visiting friends and relatives


2 Compare the two charts. Why do you think people

travelling for leisure and for business spend more
money than people travelling for VPR ?
3 Use the information from the trips you listed in Take
off to make a pie chart. How is it different from the
chart for British tourists ?
30 Unit 4

Vocabulary Listening
Reasons fortravel Passenger survey
1 Match the words in A with the definitions in B .

A 8
1 Sightseeing a A long hard walk lasting several days i
or weeks, usually in the mountains
2 Trade fair b Tourorexcursionthatleavesinthe
morn ing a nd returns the same evening
3 Study tour c Visiting the famous places in a city i
or town
4 Trek d Trip, often to a city or country side
hotel, that includes Saturday and
S Conference e Religious orartistic celebration that 1 Why do you think people would go to these places?
comes at the same time every year Argentina Italy Mecca
6 Wedding f Large official meeting , often lasting Bangkok London New York
several days, for members of an Edinburgh Madrid Pakistan
organization or company to discuss 2 Q Listen to the conversations at an international
subjects related to their work airport , Where are the travellers going ?
7 Pilgrimage g Large exhibition and meet Ing for 3 Listen again . Complete the information in the table.
advertising and selling a product
8 Day trip h Visit organized by an airline or tourist Where from ? Destination Purpose Length of stay
resort, etc. where tour operators and 1
journalists can get to know the
facilities and services offered 2
9 Festival i Trip to a country or an area that 3
includes visits, lectures, and classes
10 Weekend j Journey or holiday given to a worker
break or group of workers as a reward for 4 fj) Listen to the first two conversations again and
good work complete the sentences.
1 We re collect in g information

11 Familiarization k Travel to an important religious us

(orTanrT ) trip place monitor passenger movements,
2 We ' re going there the Holy Shrine of the
12 Incentive 1 Ceremony where two people get Prophet Mohammed ,

tour married
3 We 'll probably stay for a week or so, to
2 What is the purpose of each of the travel activities : do some sightseeing as well afterwards ,

leisure , business, or VFR ? 4 I have to have my phone on there 's a

problem at the office ,

3 Have you ever travelled for one of these activities ? Tell

your partner about it . 5 Are you travelling trip ?
Tourist motivations 31

The worlds biggest attraction ?
TheHajj is the Islamic pilgrimage
to the holy city of Mecca . There a re
an estimated 1.3 billion Muslims in
the world , and during the Hajj , the
city of Mecca m ust cope with as
many as 4 million pilgrims . aEffiBCB .

Language spot
about reason
5 Complete these sentences spoken by other travellers at
the airport.
1 We're going to Amsterdam visit my
1 Match the questions in A with the answers in B .
sister who's just had a baby,
A B 2 We're just waiting for our connecting flight. It 's been
1 Can 1 ask you a few questions ? a For a week or so. delayed technical difficulties.
2 Where are you travelling to? b OK , thanks. 3 They say the flight may be delayed, so I think I ll
3 What is the purpose of your visit ? c Certainly. phone the hotel we're late.
4 Why a re you visiting d Yes , we want to 4 We're going to Rome we want to see the
London ? go to Scotland . Coliseum,
5 How longareyou planning e For a study tour. 5 I'm going back to my old university a
to stay ?
special reunion. I ' ve just bought a video camera
6 What's the reason foryour trip? f Bangkok .
take a film of everyone ,
7 Why don' t you check ? g It's my brother's
wedding . 6 Use t he 1 nf ormati on in the chart in Lis te ning 3 to role -
play the four dialogues with a partner.
8 Do you have any other reasons h Business . Go to Grammar reference p.121
to be here ?

2 Which of the questions are asking about reason ? Pronunciation

3 Link these sentences with to, for, because, because of or 1 Q Listen to the underlined part of each country. Are
in case. Check your answers with the listening script on they the same?
p.129. Russia China Germany
1 We're doing a passenger survey help 2 Say the name of each country. Pay attention to the
with tourism planning. pronunciation of the part underlined .
2 I've got an open return they ask me to 3 Listen to the part of these words in bold , then write
the word in the correct column.
stay on.
brochure destination package
3 We had to fly to Madrid there were no
change English passenger
direct flights available. chart Egypt pilgrimage
4 We are going to London a study tour for check-in expression religious
cultural language
four weeks.
5 We are here we want to know about the Russia / J/ China / tj/ Germany
culture , and not only the famous sights.
4 Which sentence refers to a reason that might happen ?

4 Practise saying the words from each column-

32 Unit 4

Kenya offers a diverse rangecf interests

for visitors - beaches, safaris, hiki ng ,
culture, and golf We have it all. In a
nutshell , I can saythat Kenya is a wonderful
place for visitors to come. Kenyan people
i ?-* a re very friendly people.
Director, CKC Tours and Travel, Nairobi

Where in the world? 2 What does he enjoy about his job ?

1 What do you know about Kenya ? What type of holiday 3 How much of his business comes from the Internet ?
activities does it provide ? 4 Which of these holiday activities does he mention ?
2 What reasons would a tourist give for choosing Kenya beach safari culture
as a holiday destination ? swimming eating out golf
shark-fishing hiking camel rides
sailing mountain dimbing
Listening 2 Discuss these questions.
Interview with a Kenyan tour operator 1 What type of tourists do you think are motivated to
1 Q Listen to the interview with John Muhoho. go to Kenya ?
Complete the information and answer the questions. 2 H ow is their m otivation different from the to ur ists
to your country?

n John rtjuhoho

11 IM
Started in tourism }.
Started CKC Tours
& y/
l M i o r > v
u ./

tf H
m rs 11 bit
J. N 'A
K E N 1 V mWJ x
" o
Afm >r %
x ' \achakos

^ **
/Tl *


I . f ; 40



1 \
*% / ^ //

Tourist motivations 33

taElor made ( adj) made for a Tourism in Africa popular destination in the
particular person or purpose According to the WTO, tourist African continent with 22% of
and therefore very suitable arrivals in Southern Africa will all international arrivals.
grow by 300% between 2000 Little- known African countries
and 2020. In East Africa they like Ghana and Cape Verde are
will grow by 170%. predicted to be popular tourist
South Africa is the most destinations in the future.

Reading 3 Use informat ion from the text to compl etethesetables.

The changing face of tourism In Africa Old tourism Newtourism
1 Discuss these questions with a partner. 1 What do tourists
1 How do you think tourists reasons for travelling want to do ?
have changed in the last twenty or 30 years? 2 What do tourists
2 What do you think is meant by 'old' and 'new' tourism? want to eat ?
3 Do you think these words are related to 'old ' or 'new

3 Where do tourists stay?

tourism ? Use a dictionary to help you .
high rise package
- long - haul independent 4 Who are the tourism
concrete authentic fly - drive ecotourism employees?

2 Read the article to check your answers .

In general Old tourism Newtourism
1 Types of holiday
Old and 2 Length of holiday
it 3 Types of activities
t 11 -4 i l . on holiday
I tourism
4 Destinations

I In the 1980s the evening they sit round the fire and eat adventure , activity, and authenticity .

and early 1990s, when Africans first realised a traditional Xhosa meal of meat and Adventure travel, ecotourism, cultural

i that tourism could be a way out of their

poverty, they built very large concrete hotels
on the beaches of Kenya , South Africa , and
other cou ntries. For a time the charter
vegetables; they listen to the local Xhosa
people tell folk stories, before going to bed
in simple tents and lodges.The experience
is not offered by an international tour
tours, and sports vacations are taking
people to more exotic destinations: Ch ir B
the Maldives, Botswana . Vanuatu

flights poured in from Germany and Italy. operator but by the Xhosa themselves.The
I The tou rists hoped to see I ion s, but a Iso
wanted to lie by the pool and to eat food
from their own country and enjoy the other
comforts of home. The reven ue from
Xhosa tourguides are paid two and a half
times the average rate of pay.
The change from 'old tourism ' to ' new
tourism ' did not happen suddenly. Interest k
1 V#

tourism rose sharply, but most of it went to in the traditional two- week sun and sea j
international tour operators. package holiday fell gradually towards
That was then. Fortunately, a new kind of the end of the last century. Individual /
travel is now in fashion . Today 's tourists are taifor- made or independent holidays -
such as fly-drive - have steadily become
leaving the high - rise hotels and European
comforts. Instead they are looking for more more popular. Nowadays people are V
authentic experiences. On the wild coast of taking shorter yet more diverse holidays.
South Africa , young tourists ride horses on Long - haul flights are increasing and are
unspoilt beaches and make their way makingfaraway places easierto get to.
through hilts of subtropical vegetation. In More and more tourists are looking for
* unti ^f

Language spot
Describing trends
1 Look at these sentences from the text. Which ones
1 a current trend ?
2 a past trend ? 1 package holidays 2 weekend city breaks
3 a trend from the past to the present ?
a The revenue from tourism rose sharply ,

b Today 's tourists are leaving the high-rise hotels and

European comforts ,

c Interest in the traditional two-week sun and sea

package holiday fell gradually towards the end of
the last century,
d Individual tailor- made or independent holidays -
such as fly-drive - have steadily become more 3 long - haul flights 4 beach holidays
e Nowadays people are taking shorter yet more
diverse holidays.
f Long-haul fli ghts are increasing and are making
faraway places easier to get to.
2 Which tense is used in each sentence?
3 Can you find any other examp lesofcurrenttrendsin
the text ? S online holiday bookings 6 High Street travel agents
Goto Grammar reference p.121
4 Divide these verbs into two groups : go up [A] and go
down [ ], Find out
rise 1 Have there been similar changes in tourism in your
decrease country or region ?
increase 2 What was tourism in your country like (a ) twenty years
fall ago, ( b) ten years ago?
drop 3 Howean you find out ? Who can you ask?
5 Put these adverbs in order -from small change to big 4 What are the main reasons why tourists come to your
change , country or region now ?
dramatically steadily 5 Use the information you have found out to make a list of
gradually sharply 'old ' and 'new' tourism features in your country or region.

6 Use the graphs to write sentences about the current

trends ini - 6, Writing
Start each sentence with: The number of . , ,
Your country or region
The number of people taking package holidays is Use the information from Find out to write a short article
decreasing sharply. - with graphs and charts if appropriate-about trends in
fold ' and ' new tourism in your country or region.
Tourist motivations 35

Assess your progress in this unit Tick ( / )the
statements which are true.

I can talk about purpose and reason

I can understand a simple passenger survey

I can describe past and current trends in

tourism and tourist motivation
I can read articles about changes in tourist
Changes in tourist motivation
Work in pairs. You are going to look at two surveys on
the main reasons given by tourists for their holiday.
One is from 1986 and one is current . Student A, look at
p.110. Student B, look at p.116 . Key words
1 Find out what , if anything, your survey says about Speciafrst industry terms
1 the main reason for holiday travel business tourism
2 attitudes to food and eating ecotourism
3 the importance of having fun fam trip (familiarization trip)
4 the importance of weather and nature Incentive tour
5 wantingnewexperiences leisure tourism
6 meeting people and being with people. VFR (visitingfriends and relatives)

2 Tell your partner and compare answers Nouns

3 Look at the two surveys together. Can you identify any conference
trends in tourist motivation ? day trip
fly - drive holiday
Customer care pilgrimage
'We know what you want .. safari
study tour
trade fair
2,to wedding

* weekend break
A. authentic
tig mou wwr w
g\ jN fryou OcV 'TKHCtJ long-haul
voutfsetrf \\T 7
Staff working in tourism must be able to understand
the different reasons why tourists have come on Next stop
holiday It is important to get to know your customers.
Find outwhythey 'vecomeon holiday what they want 1 Howdid you bookyour last holiday ?
todo and then help them to achieve theirdreams.
Tourism Training Journal
2 Think of a travel agency you know. What kind
of holidays do they specialize in ?
1 Do you agree that people working in tourism should
help tourists and visitors to ' achieve their dreams' ? Or
should they leave them alone ?
2 What questions could you ask to find out why a tourist
has come on holiday and what they want to do ?
36 Units

5 Travel agencies

Take off Listening

1 Which travel agency sells more holidays ? All in a day's work
2 What sort of message do you think each window gives 1 Look at the typical travel agency products and services.
to people in the street ? Which of them are free, and which of them does the
3 What kind of holidays do these two travel agencies travel agent make money from ?
sell ? Who do you think their clients are? 1 Advice on visa and passport applications
2 Airline tickets
3 Brochures for tour operators
4 Coach tours and trips

1 111 5
Foreign currency and traveller s cheques
Hotel bookings
7 Package holidays
8 Train tickets
> 9 Transportinformation
53 10 Travel insurance
*5 ns3 2 Q Listen to these customers. Which product or service
do they want ?

- *
V- I m





M9I i


ar "

Speaker Product / Service

- I 1
Travel agencies 37

In this unit

services and products offered by travel agencies

the stages of sales process

dealing with new

3 Can you think of any other ways of raising customer

Reading awareness ?
The sales process 4 If cust omers are looking at brochure s , why should
Read the article. you leave them alone ?
5 Features, advantages, or benefits - which is the
1 In which stage does a sales consultant do most of
the talking ? hardest for a sales consultant to explain to a
customer ?
2 In which stage does a sales consultant have to listen
most carefully ? 6 The last two stages are not described in the article.
What do you think happens in each stage ?

Six steps (fl) Stage 4

them that you are really interested in
helping them find the right holiday.
When you have selected the most
Of course, sometimes people go into a
suitable products, you need to present

to successful
travel agency just to browse through
them in terms of:
the brochures. In this case, do not
stand next to them and ask questions. Features these are what a holiday
Let them know you are there, but leave has, such as the hotel facilities, transfers
from the airport, excursions, etc.

selling them alone. Give them time.

5 closing
Advantages - these are what make the
holiday better than other similar
holidays. The fact that the price of a
Your job as a travel agency sales 6 after-sales
the sale holiday includes aff the excursions, or
consultant is to help your customers service
all your bar costs, for example, would
to choose their next holiday. This is a be an advantage.
skilled job, and in order to do it well, 1 raising Benefits - why a particular feature is
you need to follow an established awareness
good for the customer you are talking
routine called the sales process. to at that moment.

4 presenting I 2 establishing At this point in the process many

Stage 1 products rapport customers will want time to think. The
To begin any sales process, it is best thing to do is to get their contact
important to raise your customers 3 investigating
details and invite them to take the
awareness of the products your agency needs brochures home and browse through
offers. Adverts in the agency window, them, if you have done a good job of
for example, attract people's attention, presenting the product, they will
and may bring them into the shop.
Stage 3 probably be back a few days later.
When a customer asks for help or
Stage 7 information, we move on to the next
stage - investigating the customer's
Stage 5
This is possibly the most important needs This is also an important part of When the customer returns to your
agency .,.

stage in safes. Many people are nervous the sales process; it is only when you
about buying because they think that have a clear idea about where a client
safes consultants only want to get their wants to go, when they want to travel,
money. From the very first moment who with, and so on, that you can
with a new client, you need to convince select the best products for them.
as u n m

Sales terms
1 Match the words in the list with their definitions.
consultant S I

1 a person who gives information or advice in

2 a useful positive effect that something has M
3 knowing about something and probably being
interested in it
* ?y JAHJ
' J
4 something that helps or that gives abetter chance
of success V5m ' taJ
5 to spend time looking at something without a dear
idea of what you want
6 to succeed in making somebody believe something
A new customer
2 Which words are nouns and which are verbs?
1 Q Karl and Anita want to go to Australia. They go to a
3 Complete the sentences using the words in the list . travel agent 's for advice listen to their conversation

1 A good . ^
doesnot necessarily know the and answer the questions.
answers to every question, but does know where to 1 Which two stages of the sales process do you hear ?
2 Does the sales consultant finish the second stage ?
find the answer.
2 O listen again and write T (true ) or F (false) .
2 Adverts on TV and in magazines are used to create
___ of new products.
Karl and Anita want
1 to travel around Australia with their daughter
3 The of using a travel agent is that they 2 a package holiday for the three of them
3 to fly to Adelaide
can help you to find the best holiday.
4 to travel out to Australia in July
4 The main of learning English is that 5 to stay for longer than three weeks
most people in tourism speak it . 6 to stay in Melbourne for twelve hours.

5 There is so much information to

_ .
3 Do you think the sales consultant did her job well in
these stages ? Why / Why not ?
through on the Internet that it is easy not to find
what you want.
4 Use your dictionary. Find three more terms in the
article. For each one write out the definition from your
Language spot
Open and closed questions
dictionary. Ask your partner to find the word in the 1 O Listen again and complete the following questions .
1 Can I you ?
2 Were you about a ?
3 Where is daughter, by the ?
4 When did you want to ?
~avei sgefKies 39

Travel sales commissions Commission on airticket sate

Travel agencies receive used to be around 8% but is
commission for the sale of now usually 0%, so the travel
different products. For package agency charges the customer
holidays this is usually 10% ffor for this sale instead.
traveller s cheques 1% and for
travel insurance 35 40%.

Customer care
Identifying needs

m a? 0

m WS , B

*nN , a

2 Which of the questions in 1 can you answer with Yes Customer: An individual with a unique set of
or Wo ? characteristics who buys or uses tourism products and
services. Customers Have very different needs and it is a
3 How would you answer the other two questions ? travel agent 's job tofind out what these are.
4 Questions can be open' or 'closed'. What do you think 1 What sort of characteristics can you identify as soon as
this means?
a customer walks into your agency ?
5 Convert the following closed questions into open ones.
2 What other characteristics do you need to determine ?
1 Do you want to be in Australia for a month ? How will you find these out ?
2 Are you interested in visiting Sydney ?
3 Do you want to stay in hotels?
4 Are you travelling in a group ? TRAVELWEU TOURS
5 Can you go in the autumn?
6 Are you willing to pay a lot of money ? Initial Enquiry Form
7 Do you go there every day ?
Customer name
Go to Grammar reference p.122
Booked before with TT? Yes / No

Contact telephone / fax / email;

Holiday type: Adventure / Beach / Cruise Family
Investigating a clients needs Historic / Nightlife / Tour
1 Work in threes. Take turns to be the sales consultant
and the customers. Sales consultant, look Dates: Departure Return
at p.110. Customers, look at p.115, Size of party:
2 The sales consultant should complete the initial Type of party: Married couple / Family . Friends Otbe-
enquiry form where possible ,

Accommodation preferences:
3 When each conversation is finished , check that the
information is correct . Meal preferences:

Needs / Interests:

Other re quiremems useful details:

40 Unit 5

Its my job

Michaela Cambelova
r . m
^ >/
* oh
'4 J m
Michaela Cambelova works in a busy O Whydoyou need psychology ? travel, a nd to keep in touch with your
travel agency in Prague. Thinkabout A YouVe got to know when a customer clients.
the stages in the sales process. Find is ready foryou r hel p,when they O What about the Internet for
out which stage Michaela is best at. need more time, or when theyre information ?
0 Michaeiarwhatdoyou likeabout ready to buy. A it's really important . But you've got
being a sales consultant ? Q And knowledge of the product ? to find information quickly and
A I like the contact with the clients. A Well, aboveaHtyou' vegottoknow efficiently. There's so much on the
People are very different, and for what 's inside the brochures, and Internet that if your reading skills
me, finding out what each not just what s on the page. are poor you' 11 need all day to
customer is like and what they O What do you mean? examine each site. And you haven't
want is fascinating.
A Well, it's not the same talking a bout
got all day
0 What skills does a good sales a place in a brochure as talking
consultant need ? about a place you've been to, or that
A Patience, psychology and a a client has told you a bout You're
comprehensive knowledge of only as good as the information
the productsavaiiable you've got, so you need to read,to

Find out
Title: Travel agency quality assessment
How good is the service in your local travel agencies ?
Think of a holiday or a Journey you would like to go on. Assessor: Put your name and contact details
Visit a local travel agency and ask for information.
During your visit carefully observe Agency: Put the name of the agency you visited

1 the shop window (Attractive ? Original? etc.) Date of visit: Put the full date of your visit
2 the interior (Organized ? Spacious ? etc.)
3 the greeting (Immediate? Warm? etc.) Address: Put the contact details of you r agency
4 the sales consultant's manner (Friendly ? Attentive ?
etc,) Features: Write one or two sentences describingand
5 the result of the visit (As expected? Better than .
evaluating the window Do the same for the
expected? ) interior, the travel agent 's greeting, and their
Writing Result: Write one or two sentences describing and
evaluating the result.
A report on a travel agency
Write up your experience at the local travel agency as a Grade: Give each feature a mark from 0 ( minimum }
report.Use the following structure to 5 ( maximum )
Window interior Greeting
Manner Result
Travel agencies 41

Where do viiitorito Australia come from?

1 New Zealand 6 Korea >
2 Japan
3 UK
7 China
S Malaysia
V S T JR 4 -^ j.

5 Singapore
9 Germany
10 Hong Kong

Listening 3 Listen again and complete the sentences.

1 ... they have two in Australia that you
Presenting a product
think about, in
r 1
2 ... full- board option with all the meals. But if I were
ustna in t o u r s
3 Well then, why don 't you
the Australia 's Best tour ?
halfboard .

All Australia 19 Melbourne Great Ocean Road -


Kangaroo island - Adelaide - Uluru

( Ayers Rock ) - Alice Springs - Palm
VaJ ley Oarwi n Ka kadu Nationa 1
- -
Language spot
and advice
Park - Cairns - Great Barrier Reef - 1 Match the expressions for advice on the left with
Brisbane - Sydney possible continuations on the right
Australia 's Best 13 Melbourne - Alice Springs - Uluru 1 In my opinion , you a Td look on the Internet.
(Ayers Rock ) - The Olgas - Cairns - should ,.,

Great Barrier Reef - Kuranda Scenic 2 Have you t hought b is to look on the Internet
Railway - Brisbane Sydney about .. .
East Coast Highlights 9 Mefbourne-Cairns-Kuranda Scenic 3 How about ... c look on the Internet ?
Railway - Great Barrier Reef - 4 If I were you ... d look on the Internet ,
Sydney 5 Why don't you ... e looking on the Internet ?
Reef and Rainforest 7 Cairns - Great Barrier Reef - 6 Your best option .. , f the Internet ?
Damtree National Park Dunk Island
2 Now do the same with these expressions.
- Kuranda
1 Have you thought about .. . a ... going in the autumn ?
Red Centre and the West 8 Alice Springs - Macdonnell Ranges -
2 How about ... b ... is to hire a car.
The Olgas - U 1 uru ( Ayers Rock) -
Kalgoorlie - Perth - the Pinnacles 3 If I were you ... c . .. taking the coach to

1 Q Listen to the travel agent presenting two products

to Karl and Anita.
4 Why don't you

5 I n my opinion, you
the airport ?
d . .. take a look at these
e ... I'd ask a travel agent.
should ...
1 Which place does Karl want to visit ?
6 Your best option ... f ... travel overnight on
2 Which place does Anita want to visit ?
the train.
3 Which twotours does the travel agent recommend?
2 Q Listen again. For each of the two tours 3 Work in groups of four.
recommended, note down Each person should think of two travel decisions a
1 the length of the tour visitor to your country or region might want arc; ce or_
2 the types of transport each tour uses
Take turns to ask your partners for advice .
3 the accommodation and meals included.
Give marks (a) for each different advice expression
used correctly, and ( b) for each original piece of advice
Go to Grammar reference p.122
42 Unit 5

benefit ( v ) to produce a good or myth ( n ) a n idea or story which

useful effect many people believe but that
career ( n ) the series of jobs that does note*ist or is false
sbhas In a partlcularareaofwork value ( n ) sth that is well worth
expertise ( n ) a h i gh level of *he money costs
special knowledge or s kiJ I

Pronunciation Reading
1 O Listen to the letters of the alphabet and their The impact of the Internet
pronunciation. Write them in the right column.
Many holidays are now sold on the Internet . Travel
Pronunciation agencies around the world are worried about this and
are trying to explain why they are still important . The
/ ei / fvJ /e/ / ai / hui / u: / /a : / American Society of Travel Agents ( ASTA) is using the
b T i o r Internet to do this!
^ 1 Here are five popular myths about travel agencies ,

1 all travel agencies are the same so it does not matter

which one a client uses
2 because of the Internet, people will not use travel
agencies in the future

2 Practise saying the letters column by column.

3 Say the alphabet.

Suggesting alternatives and making a
Travel agents are just glorified sellers of airline tickets.
Travel agents are professionals who provide value by
helping save time and money, They act as travel consultants,
recommendation offering personal service for their clients. Clients who turn to
an ASTA travel agent want the advice and expertise of a
1 Work in pairs. Take turns to be the sales consultant and
professional who
the customers. Student Ar look at p.110. Student B, look
at p.115. Act out a conversation in a travel agent 's going analyses current promotions
through the three stages of the sales process you have explains the small print, such as cancellation charges and
seen in this unit: establishing rapport, investigating restrictions
needs, and presenting possible products. Finish your makes recommendations on travel options
conversation by getting your partner to spell out their gets problems solved .
name ,

2 Now think about your own area of the world . Your The Internet will replace the need for travel agents.
partner will be a customer who does not know the area When it comes to booking travel , travel agents are
experienced professionals.Travel agents sell
suitable recommendations, and then present possible 87% of all cruises
products. And don't forget to get your client's name! 81 % of all tours and packages
I Record your conversation and give it to your teacher to
mark for language and pronunciation.

he 4 ti
Travel agencies 43

Assess your progress in this unit. Tick { / ) the
statements which are true ,
! can investigate a client s holiday needs
I can make suggestions and give advice to a
3 travel agencies are against travel products being on I can make a report on travel agency quality
the Internet and features
4 travel agencies are just shops that sell tickets for I can pronounce the letters of the alphabet
planes and spell aloud
5 young people do not use travel agents
lean understand texts about travel agency
Four of these myths are discussed in the ASTA artide . work today
Which four ?
2 What is the reality for each myth according to ASTA ?
3 How would you answer the fifth myth from ASTA's Key words
point of view ?
advantage product
advice rapport
awareness requirement
benefit sales consultant
contact details sales process
51 % of all airline tickets feature travel insurance
47% of all hotels foreign currency visa
45% of all car rentals. initial enquiry form
The Internet is a valuable resource, but it cannot replace the Adjectives
expertise, guidance , and personal service of a travel agent . skilled
Travel agents do not support use of the Internet. browse
Both consumers and travel professionals benefit convince
from the Internet. The Internet gives travellers the ability to establish ( rapport)
shop for attractive offers or packages. It has also helped many investigate ( needs, requirements )
travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and other travel - related present (a product)
suppliers to grow by bringing in business through websites. raise (customerawareness )

Young people do not understand or value the services

of a travel agent . Next stop
Yes, they do. Of the people who use travel agents
1 How do you prefer to travel - by car, by coach ,
43% are age 35-54 by train , by boat , ... ? Why ?
33% are Generation X and Y travellers, age 18-34.
One of the winners of ASTA's and Hyatt Hotel 's Best Practices
2 What was the most uncomfortable journey
you have ever made ? Tel I your partner
Program has made a point to educate students about the
adventure of travel and of being a travel agent as a career . This 3 If you could travel around the world , but you
arocess has made young people aware of the expertise required couldn't fly, how would you go ?
to be a professional travel agent .

- IT
* *t UTTTL U

6 Transport in tourism

Take off Vocabulary

1 Look at the maphelow. Which countries does each Transport words
route pass through? _

1 Use words from the table to complete the text on

2 Choose one of the journeys. What type of transport ' transport for tourism' ,

could be used on each stage ?

3 Which route would youprefer to take ? Why ? What would
you hope to do and see ? Exchange ideas with a partner.

Method of travel Journey types Transport types Places and features Tourism professionals

Air flight airplane / jet airport pilot

Cfp ( tong-haul) light aircraft terminal flight attendant
u (short-haul ) helicopter runway
Water cruise cruise ship port steward
Jb crossing liner

hyd rofoil
Land ride train station guard

^^ 5 journey
tour guide



f \


* N 1
; * -+ 'j


\r ' <

% 2l \i T7


s It? N


W -

-- ^ ^
Transport in tourism 45

In this unit
describing transport
types of transport and journeys
comparing types of transport
describing timetables

Inside tourism: transport for tourism

Transport for tourists can be divided into three main with a
10 , _ .u in overall charge of
categories: journeys by air, journeys on water, and tourist services. Ferry 12
are usually much
journeys on \ Within each category there shorter journeys connecting two points of land or
are several types of transport. going between islands. The ferries will stop at a large
Air travel usually means a short -haul or 2 *or a small 14.

international 3, operating from large Land travel is probably the most diverse category. It
4 which in big cities often have more than includes rail journeys by 1S , departing from

one 5 building. But in some more remote a large lfi and

stopping at 11 en

places there may be little more than a small airstrip route. Passengers sit in separate 18 or

with only one simple 6 for planes to land coaches. The most common form of transport by road
and take off . At some tourist destinations airtransport for tourists, if they don ' t have their own car , are also
may include short transfers or sightseeing trips by called 19. These vehicles can
either travel
from city to city along fast 20 (or
quieter roads ) , or they can be used for transfers from
Journeys on water can include luxury 8,
airports and other smaller journeys. Very often they
which take tourists on all-inclusive holidays of three
are used for sightseeing trips when as well as a driver
days or more, visiting a number of different locations. 21 to tell the passengers
there will be a
Passengers sleep in and have a full range
about the sights.
of services on board . They are looked after by a team of

2 Can you add any more words to the table ? Look back at Find out
the previous units.
What do you really know about transport in your
1 Which sections would you put these words in ? country ? With a partner, try to guess the facts in the
taxi marina table.
ticket collector jeep
When you have made your predictions, research
hire car service station
websites of national transport carriers and find the
captain scenic route
actual figures. Report back in class. How close were
freeway shuttle
your predictions?
4 How do tourists use the different types of transport ? Your country: Prediction Actual
Put the journey and transport types (from columns 1
No . of city / town bus stations
and 2 of the table) into the categories below.
1 to and from destination only (e.g. international No. of city / town train stations
flight ) No. of passenger airports
2 at destination only ( e.g. taxi ride from airport)
3 as a main feature of the holiday (e.g. sightseeing N o. of k i lometres of road
helicopter ride ) N o. of k i Eometres of rai 11racks
5 Which types of transport have you used ? Think about No of flights per day

the best and worst journeys you have ever made.

Exchange ideas with a partner.
46 Unit 6

Transport In the USA

N umber of cities or towns served Perce ntage of person -tri ps
by different transport types ( intercity )
Bus stations 4r 2QQ Car 80%
Train stations 600 Air
Airports 750 Tram 1%
Bus ( BrE coach 1%

Pronunciation 2 Choose three adjectives that describe what is most

important for tourists when travelling. Are they
1 Q Look at the words about transport . Listen to their different for different types of transport ?
pronunciation. Write three words in each column . Tou rists wa ntplanes to be . a nd ,

dean ferry leisure safe train but they don't want them to be
easy jet plane scenic

ten /e/ see / i:/ day /ei / Comparing

Language spot
1 Complete these sentences with the correct form of the
adjectives:/c?st easy, or comfortable.
1 Trains are than buses, but planes are the
2 Which column has the shortest vowel sounds ?
5 Practise the words. Remember to make them short / 2 The way to buy a ticket is to go online.
long as appropriate.
3 It s . to travel first class than economy.
4 Q Now do the same with these words. Listen and
write them in the right column , 4 Helicopters aren't as as jet planes.
car drive guard harbour track 5 Travelling by bus is usually less _ than
craft fast guide ride travelling by train,

hat /ae/ arm /a : / five /ai / 2 What are the rules for comparing adjectives ? Complete
the table.

Adjectives Example Comparing Comparing

two things more than
two things
One syllable cheap X is cheaper Z is the
than Yor Y isn t cheapest
Vocabulary as cheap as X
Adjectives describing transport Two syllables easy
T Find pairs of opposites from the adjectives in the list. endinginy

boring exciting Twoormore comfortable

cheap expensive syllables
clean fast Irregular good
comfortable punctual adjectives bad
crowded quiet
dangerous safe 3 In pairs, compare the following.
difficult slow
1 ferries / cruise ships
dirty uncomfortable
2 trains ! coaches / cars
easy unpunctual
3 working as a pilot / working as a ticket collector
4 the most convenient ways to get around a city
Go to Grammar reference p.122
Iransport m tourism 47

There are 4 million ITlIleS

[ 6.4 mi 11 ion ki lometres} of road, 51,000 of
which are scenic ' roads.
There are 22 , 000 ITlilGS
(35,400 kilometres) of train track.

There are approximately 25, 000 fl ightS a day

What is most important for tourists when
1 Work in groups. Look at the factors that affect a tourists
enjoyment of a journey. Can you add any more ?

At the airport On a train On a long coach journey On a four- hour ferry crossing
Quick check- in Punctuality A window seat A private cabin
Good restaurants Interesting passengers On - board toilets Opportunity to buy
to talk to tax free goods

Thorough security check Comfortable seats Safe driver Calm sea

2 Discuss which you think are the most important Listening

features for a tourist on each journey. Put them in order.
Transport systems and cable cars in
3 Compare your ideas with other groups. Give San Francisco
arguments why you think your order is correct

ive most important thing on a coach journey is . ,,

Comfort is more important than because ,, .

Customer care
Exceeding expectations
vi -
f ? Listen to the recorded information line on transport
&ofj> ( AmE = transportation ) in San Francisco.
1 Which of the following transport types does the
If information line describe ?
ferries trains bike rental
cruises airplanes coachtours
# L^: buses helicopter rides walking tours
metro cable cars car hire
2 Complete the information sheet on cable cars.

First introduced ; . .
In tourism the most important thing is not justto meet FACT SHEET Number of lines : .
expectations , but to exceed them . Hours of operation :
Do you agree ?
Days of operation :
Hotels try to exceed expectations In many ways, How
can we exceed expectations in the transport sector ? Cost of single journey : ..

Think about the different transport types - air, sea / Board at:
river, rail, and road.
48 Unit 6

Amtrak has 68,000 passengers

per day,
passengers per year.
which means 25 IT1 i 11 iOfl
Amtrak was established in 1971 with
2 5 employees;
it now has 22,000 across the USA .

s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit):
Services between downtown San Francisco and
San Francisco transport timetables SFO (San Francisco International Airport )
and schedules Trains depart every 15 to 20 minutes and take
for (a) trips to
Look at the three timetables approximately 30 minutes.
Alcatraz and Muir Woods
, (b) BART trains to Inbound Outbound
airport , and (c)
and from San Francisco SFO Powell St Powell St SFO
Los Angeles
Amtrak train services between Weekdays First 4:10 am
and San Francisco.
4:39 am 4:57 am 5:27 am

B L U E flno G O island prison of Alcatraz
11:51 pm 12:20 am 1:04 am 1:34 am

Visit the famous Ww ferrv Saturday First 6:05 am 6:34 am 6:34 am 1 7:04 am
Depart Alcatrax
1:15 pm
Last 11:51 pm 12:20 am 1:04 am
1:34 am
9 50 am train
Depart Pier 41 1 :45 pm
12 - 15 pm 10:35 am Sunday First 8:05 am 8:34 am 8:29 am
9:30 am 2:15 pm 9:04 am
12:45 pm 11:10 am
10:15 am
1:15 pm 2:45 pm train 3B
10:45 otn 11 :45 am 3:20 pm
1 -.45 pm 12:15 am Last 11:51 pm 12:20 am 1:04 am , 1:34 am
1 V.15 am 2 , 15 pm 3:50 pm train
11 ; 45 am 12.45 pm 4:30 pm
for Bicycles are not allowed during rush hours
Transport) is available Free parking is available at most BART stations
Easy Access who are unable
Access: SEAT (Sustainable with a mobility need Discount fares available to seniors and people with disabilities
wheelchair users and grade hill.
up the quarter-
mile, 12%

Children under 14 must be escorted

allowed .
by an adult .
0 MG0M081
( 08
between Los Angeles and San Francisco*
Only service dogs
bicycles or scooters
allowed on island . JDec 25 \ of
w m W I w
Tours: No service
Christmas Pay
j | 10 :45a l :15 p
Daytime Acatraz Las Angeles Dep 1:25 a 7:45a
For (Jan 1) 25)
New Year's Day Thanksgiving Day (Nov Bakersfield Arr 4 :40a 10:00a l :00 p 3: 30 p
: No service
For Evening
Alcatraz ToursYears Day (Jan 1 ) I fmS <53
Day (Dec 25) or
Christmas | #711 1 # 713 # 715 # 717

Bakersfield Dep 4:55a 10:15a l: 15 p 3:45 p

muir UJood
walk ^
the coastal tro Fresno Arr 6:46a 12:16 p 3:16 p 5 :46 p
Fresno Dep 6: 50a 12:20 p 3 :20 p 5:50 p
Stockton Arr j 8: 54a | 2:26 p 5 : 26 p 8:01p
Dep 8: 58a 2:30 p 5:30p 8 :05 p
2:15 pm to return Stockton
9:15 am shuttle or the option
round-trip bus minutes
Package includes in the woods Emeryville Arr 10 :43a 4:13 p 7:13 p 9:48p
Muir Woods 45-60
to Pier 41 via
Sausalito Ferry and
ximately 3.5 hours
Total tour length approxt
Woods Tour does no
booth on dayof for
. opera*. Servi
nt weather: check
. No
- i .o
- Emeryville
San Francisco
10:47 a
4:17 p
4: 50 p
7 :17 p
7 :40p
9:52 p
10:15 p

scooters allowed
Day (Dec 25) Notes: Services operate daily. Bicycles can be carried on all trains.
* No service Christmas Buses have some bicycle space but this is limited. Special discounts for
frequent riders
Transport in tourism 49

fUTg - U v\

< i
i; , 1i .; JP*

1 Which trip ( or trips ) 2 Complete this paragraph giving recorded information

on the Alcatraz ferry service.
1 is by ferry ?
2 runs every day ? Ferries for Alcatraz 1 approximately
3 involves more than one form of transport ?
4 provides special transport for people in wheelchairs? 30 minutes. The first ferry 9

5 offers cheaper fares for the elderly or disabled ? 4 Pier 41 5 9 :30

am , and the last
6 offers cheaper tickets for people who travel a lot ? ferry is 6
L Return ferries run
7 allows bicycles?
8 does not allow bicycles ? throughout the day The last ferry
. B Alcatraz
9 does not operate in bad weather ? 9. 10 p.m. Services are n
10 allows dogs ? except for Christmas Day and New Year 's Day You
2 Match the two halves of these exchanges. 12 take bicycles or scooters on to the island.
1 Where does the ferry a It leaves at 2T 5 - Go to Grammar reference p 122 ,

for Alcatraz leave from ?

2 Can I take my bicycle b Ittakes about zo minutes.
on the ferry ?
3 How frequ ent are c No, they' re not allowed , Timetable information
the femes ? Work in groups . Half of you are tourists asking about
4 When is the last d It departs from Pier 41. cable cars in San Francisco. The other half will ask about
ferry back ? Amtrak services from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
5 How long does the e They le ave approximately 1 Think of questio ns you can ask a t ravel information
ferry take ? every 30 minutes. officer about
times and frequency # facilities (e.g . for

Describing a timetable
Language spot first and last services disabled people)
bicycles, etc.
2 Work with someone from the other group and take
A number of different language areas are important turns to ask and answer each other's questions. To
when we describe a timetable answer the questions you should refer to the texts, but
Present Simple some of the information will not be there, so you will
The train leaves at 9.15 a .m. have to think of a likely answer.

Prepositions 3 Return to your groups and compare answers.

The train leaves at 9.15 a m,

Time phrase Writing

Trains depart every 30 minutes .
Transport and timetable information
Modais of possibility and prohibition
Bicycles can be carried on all trains. Prepare a website about transport in your city or
Children under 14 must be escorted by an adult . region. It should include the following sections

1 Can you find other examples of these language areas in A general introduction to transport service =

the listening on cable cars ? Look at the listening script Getting to and from the nearest airport
onp.131. A brief description of each of thedifreTer: types ::
transport, including advantages. frequency h;ur= :r

operation, and any restrictions and reguls:::T i


Where in the world ? 2 Which of the facilities do you think you would use
most as a passenger ?
1 Look at the picture of a modern cruise ship. Find
3 In which of the facilities would you most like to work ?
1 five places where passengers can eat or drink
2 four sporting activities passengers can do 4 In which of the facilities would you least like to work ?
3 three places that are suitable for children
4 two places where passengers can dance
5 one place where you would most like to be.

Sundaes ice
cream bar Rockclimbing
Pacific Blue W .- 11

Marco Polo spa Atlantic Blue

Atlantic Blue
youth area ltalian swimming pools and
restaurant water slides
Cyber cafe
Sports court
Jogging Boutiques Champagne
track (duty-free bar Pools and
shopping) whirlpool


< in
. . *

!! * Tv
. V.

* / SR


- *
irrj *

*** "
--. i

Captain Cook ' s
Pacific Blue diningroom
Casino Royale centre
Hit the Decks
dining room
Transport in tourism 51

Assess your progress in this unit . Tick {/ ) the
statements which are true .
! can discuss and compare different types of
I can discuss customer preferences when
Listening I can understand and describetimetables
A cruise ship worker
1 Work in pairs. Discuss the questions.
1 What do you think it is like to work on a cruise ship? Key words
2 What would the living conditions and hours be like ? Type of transport Jobs in transport
3 Wh at do you think are the advant ages and cable car conductor
disadvantages of working on a cruise ship ? cruise ship guard
2 Listen to Steve Fatrclough from Manchester and
ferry purser
hovercraft steward
answer the questions.
jeep ticket collector
1 What jobs and training did he have before working shuttle
on a cruise ship? yacht
2 Apart from a letter, what two things did he send
Other nouns
when he applied for a job?
cabin runway
3 Where did he join his first cruise ship ? carriage service station
4 What does he say are the disadvantages of the job ? marina terminal
5 What are the advantages ? motorway ( AmE = freeway ) terminus
pier track
19 th Hole
The Greens golf golf bar

Sparkles dancing . Theatre Next stop

lounge 1 Have you overstayed in a hotel or other form

of tourist i traveller accorn modation ? Where

and when ? What was it like ?
^^=0*** 2 What doyou think are the best

. * -K
::E **0'


* *
** n

Trade Winds
piano bar Amerigo 's
fast food
S 2 Writing bank

Writing bank

Personal statements are a way of
stating your interests, skills,
experience, and development
needs in your education and
training. They are useful for seeing
what your strengths are and for
seeing what you need to improve. Name: Gabriela Cometa
You can also send them to
I am interested in tourism because it is an exciting Describing general
potential employers, together
with a CV. industry and it will give me the opportunity to interests
travel to other countries. -
1 Read the personal statement for
The sector of tourism I want to work in Is Describing specific
accommodation and catering, particularly child interests
1 Which of these jobs do you think care and entertainment. _
she wouldbe interested in?
My skills and qualities include thefollowing; I am
hotel receptionist
children 's entertainer very friendly, hardworking , and creative. I am good
at looking after children and I enjoy working with Describing skills and
flight attendant qualifications
tourguide people. I am willing to work long hours, f am quite
nanny good at languages. My English is intermediate
level, and I also speak a little French . J
2 Which of her skills and qualities
will be most usefulfor this job ? \ have had some training and experience in Describing
tourism alceady.This includes an initial tourism experience and
2 Write a personal statement for
training certificate, and experience with chifd care. J training

I need to improve my English language skills in a

n um ber of ways. I need to get more practice at
Describing language
speaking English, My grammar is good, but I need ability
to use it more fluently I also need to learn
vocabulary for tourism.

I am interested in tourism because ...
The sectorof tourism I want to work in is ...
My skills and qualities Include the following:
I have had some training and experience in tourism already This includes ...
I need to improve my English language skills in a number of ways:
2 Letter of The Manager Gabriela Cometa
application S u n nys id e Hoi iday Ca m ps via Stat uto 246
Ipswich Road Milan 1008
1 Read the let t er of a pplicati on ,
1 What job is she hoping to find? Suffolk NR 3 7JN
2 What points does she include UK
from her Personal Statement ?
Are there any extra ones ?
15 April 2006
2 Look at the extracts from a summer
Dear Sir or Madam
jobs book below. Prepare a letter of
application for one of them. Use I am writingto enquire If you have any opportunities for children s
the same layout and some of the entertainers and nannies at your resort this summer,
same expressions as Gabriela .
I am elghteenyears old and I am currently studyingfor a Diploma inTourism
at the College ofTravel and Tourism in Milan . I have also worked as a part -time
assistant at a local nursery. I am fully experienced in looking after babies and
AC Activity young children uptothe age of twelve. 1 am able to help with babysitting ,
59 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2 LQ preparing children s meals, and organizing activities I enjoy looking after

Multi -activity day and residential children and I like working as part of a team .
camps for children aged 5 to 16 My mother tongue is Italian and I have a good spoken level of English. I also
throughout the UK. Positions
available ; Camp Directors , Assistant speak a little French .
Camp Directors , Qualified Instructors 1 would be grateful If you could send me details of any available positions,
( archery, swimming, football , and
tennis ) . Accommodation and food including an application form .
provided . Must have all round sporting I look forward to hearing from you.
ability and be enthusiastic. Approx 40
hours per week . The work is hard but Yours faithfully
good fun and very rewarding. Overseas
applicants welcome . Gabriela Cometa

Butlins Skyline Bognor Regis Address of company Your name and address
you are writingto
Bognor Regis, West Sussex P0211JJ
Summer staff required for variety of
positions in following departments:
Guest Catering , Accommodation , Sports Dear Sir or Madam
and Leisure, Security Retail , Nursery,
Entertainments, Funfair, Administration , I am writingto ...
Lifeg u a rds. Com pet itlve rates of pay a nd
beneflts. Trainlngavailable.
Accommodation available.
De Vere Hotels and Leisure
2100 Daresbury Park , Warrington WA4 4BP
A highly-focused company concentrating on two growth markets -
hotels and health and fitness. Vacancies for Waiting Staff , Room
Attendants , Porters , Bar Staff , Commis Chefs , and Casual Banqueting
Staff . Must be over eighteen and available to work fora minimum c:
four weeks between May and October. Overseas applicants who
speak English and are eligible to work in the UK may apply.
54 Writing bank

3 Email to a client i - lnlx

1 Look at the email. From: | | MURAKAMI , Hiromi <>
1 Who is it from, who is it for, and T | | Abdhol Kaboodvand <>
what is it about ?
2 Where is the client travelling to,
Cc: I pTAJINO <>
and when will the client get
- Subject : [ URGENT: Flight details Tokyo to Lima
back home?
3 What three things does the
client have to do now in
Dear Mr Kaboodvand

response to the email? I have made enquiries

yourinstructions in our telephone conversation of this morning,
about your flights details. These are :
2 Mr Kaboodvand has replied saying Outward journey {14th, December)
that he cannot leave Lima until
Wednesday morning. There's a
Dep: Tokyo Narita ( NRT) 17:25h
flight at 14.3 Oh on the Wednesday.
Arr; Los Angeles (LAX) 10:00h
Email him to ask him to confirm
that this flight is OK for him. Code Share Flight with AA ( American Airlines)
Remind him that he still has not AA601
told you if he wants a paper ticket Dep: Los Angeles ( LAX ) 12:3Qh
or an electronic one. Arr: Lima (LIM) 23:5Gh
Return journey (Tuesday 19 th December)
Send a copy of emails to people
who should know about the
content . Dep : Lima ( LIM ) 00:15h
Arr; Dallas/ Fort Worth(DFW) 06:17h
Make sure the subject line
describes the content of the email JL5011
dearly Dep: Dallas/ Fort Worth (DFW) 10:1 Oh
Arr : Tokyo Narita (NRT) 14:40h ( Arr next day)
Do not address a client with
informal greetings like Hi' or Code Share Flight with AA (American Airlines).
' Hello'. Use Dear '
l have48reserved
a seat in your name but I need to confirm this within the
hours. To make the confirmation ! will need yourfull name and
Always refer to previous your passport number.
communication with the client . I also need to know if you are happy with an electronic ticket, or if you
want me to issue a paper ticket.
Organize your text so that it is
easy to read. Leave blank lines I look forward to hearing from you,
between different parts of your
Yours sincereiy
Hiromi Murakami
If the client has to respond to your .
Assistant to Sumire Tajino Managing Director
email, tell him / her what you
want them to do dearly. If there is
a time limit for their response,
make this clear to the client, or
put the word U RGENT in the
subject line.

Use ' Yours sincerely' when you

know the client's name. If you
know the client quite well, you
can use 'Kind regards ' as an
Writing bank 55

4 Email to one of
your bosses rom: | | Cathie Bailey <cbaitey@travelweb. com >
Cathie works for the travel agency I: | | Elaine Watts < ewatts@travelweb com >

Travelweb where she is a junior C : II

sales consultant Her boss, Elaine

Watts, asked her to find
| Accommodation in Hanoi for Professor Jacoby
accommodation in Hanoi
(Vietnam) for Professor Kate Dear Elaine d
Jacoby, one of Travelweb's
\ have just had a reply from our usual hotel in Hanoi , and I am sorry to
important clients. Unfortunately,
have to teJI you that they are fully booked on toe first two nights of
Cathie discovers that the hotel the Professor Jacoby's stay in Vietnam . I know that Professor Jacoby is an
company normally uses is fully important client so I am not very sure what to do next .
booked , and decides to get help Do we have an alternative hotel that we use in the city that I can put Prof.
from a friend who knows Hanoi Jacoby into?
very well. First , she writes to her Also , would you prefer me to book Professor Jacoby into the alternative
boss to tell her this. hotel for the whole of her stay, or just for those first two nights?
1 Read Cathie's email to Elaine. Alternatively, I have a friend who knows the city very well . Would you give
What things in the email show me permission to get a recommendation for a good hotel from him?
that Elaine is Cathie's superior ? Many thanks
2 Imagine you work in Travelweb. Cathie
You have just been talking on the zi
phone to a regular client , Dr
Leshem . The doctor has made a
mistake with the dates he gave
you for a flight you booked for
him. Unfortunately, the ticket has
already been issued , and the ticket
conditions do not officially accept
changes . In this situation
technically there is nothing you
can do to help Dr Leshem, and he
will have to buy a new ticket .
However, you have friend at KLM ,
the company that issued the
ticket , and you want to ring her
and try to get her to help you.
Email your boss, Elaine, and ask
her permission.
56 Writing bank

5 Email to a m LJdxJ
colleague at work From: | |Cathie Bailey < >
Cathie wrote to her friend who
works in another travel agency,
11 Russell Carter <russcart@>
1 Read CathieJs email. How can you
Jf -

Subject: I Accommodation WHanoilarTravelweb VIP

tell that Russell is a friend and not
a superior ?
Hi Russel!

2 Imagine you are Russell. Write

back to Cathie andrecommend How are things ? Busy as always i guess !
the Lucky Plaza Hotel. Choose four Russell, Ive got a small problem at work and I thought you might be able
or five pieces of information from to help. Weve got a VIP that we usually book into the Guoman in Hanoi,
the web page to describe the key but it 's fully booked right now and so I 'm looking for an alternative. You
features of the hotel. know the place well. Any suggestions ? Something special. Not one of the
big chain hotels - my client really doesnt like them.
(PS Hows Christiana? Did she get the new job?)


sk The Lucky Plaza Hotel is located in the centre of Hanoi, in a
quiet part of the old quarter.
V Built in 1918 this French colonial- style building has been recently
* H

I /
renovated and now offers SO quiet guest rooms with excellent
views over the nearby gardens.
50 rooms and suites equipped with AC, satellite TV, in-house
fDD phone, mini-bar. music system, and executive desk.
Deluxe: 38 large, elegant rooms with garden and city view.
* Suite: 12 larger rooms, double view of garden and city view.
il 1
US$ 45
5 Restaurants and other services:
Y ! I' Restaurant: the cafe serves a variety of European, Vietnamese ,
. * and Chinese specialities.
Y. # Internet , email service available.


1 Sometimes a fax can be more 23 , Cottendge lane
useful than email. Read the fax Birmingham B12 2 HX
and answer the questions. Tel : 0121-485-1478
1 Who is it from and who is it to ? Fax : 0121 -485 -1480
2 Where do these people work ?
3 Why do they know each other ? To: Globe, Travel , Sk&-P-C/dJ Office
4 Why has a fax been used ? From: SaviJra K .umar
2 You work for Globe Travel in Attention of: Anna Hudson
Birmingham. You need to send a Date: ZS ftav 0 b
map of the location of his hotel to
Mr Stuart Hosfield, a client. You are Fax number: OH 4 Z 3b ZbZZ
also going to send him a copy of Phone number: 0114 Z 3b ZbZ
his hotel voucher, and you need
Total pages, including cover sheet : 4
him to tell you if he wants a
smoking or a non -smoking room Comments:
in the hotel Prepare a fax cover
sheet . Mr Hosfield's fax and phone
numbers are 01214561784 and
Here are fhe three paqcs o-f thc tdtoards brochure that
qou needed . I tried Scanning the*u to upu but it didn' t a)ork .
1here are S+ /II Some +k /VujS ukere ood old axes are better
than email / ^
W /ll send Z or 3 full brochures to upu asap .
7 Messages and
memos AT Travel
1 Read these messages.
From: Peter Halford
1 Which one is
a a text message from a To: All staff
mobile phone ? Date: 19 Nov 2006
b a typed internal memo ?
c a handwritten telephone Re: New tours
message ?
2 Which one has a problem with
Just a reminder to you all that we are launching a new range oftoursforthe
a a fax? 18 to 30 age group next season. Please make sure you are all familiar with the
b a delayed train? tours, the details of which are attached to the email I sent to all departments
c people not checking their last week, but which I don't think some of you have looked at .
emails ?
Can you also please make sure you checkyouremail regularly?
3 Find abbreviations for
a as soon as possible Peter
b concerning / about
c November
d See you
e Meeting
a a
f Curriculum Vitae.
Telephone message
For : G-r&q
2 Write the messages from these TRAIN DELAYED.
notes. Decide if it should be a Time: 10 = 00 FriSatf BE AT MTS 5.
memo, a phone message, or a text.
Make sure you include two of each
dok^w * pkon&d. CAA tipu ca\\ k /m. bac\c CU. SIMON
iVs abou -bWe, cV ijpu ax&d
over - k otto 1'!- r&ad eh
1 Any ideas for the hotel end of
season staff party ? Taken by:
2 Ralf can't make lunch today,
Text him with an alternative
time to meet.
3 Reminder about security - after
recent series of thefts from
people walking into the travel
agency office.
4 Zurich office needs to know
when the brochures were sent
out -reply before 5 p.m. today.
5 Johnneeds Frank 's mobile
number immediately.
6 Good luck on your first day in
the new job (from Mum),
7 Youve left your mobile on the
coach. Do you want it brought
over to the office?
[ Ltr
ig uai

Writing bank key

1 Person a I statement (p. 52) not officially accept changes. I know that 7 Messages and memos (p. 58)
1 I children's entertainer or nanny Dr Leshem is an important client sol am
not very sure what to do.
1 1 a3 bl C2
2 ftiendly, hardworkingr cre ative, 2 a2 b3 cl
enjoys working with people, willing Technically he shouId buy a new ticket. 3 aasap bRe cNov
to work long hours, tourism training However, I have a friend at KLM. Would d CU emtg fcv
certificate, experience with you give me permission to ring my friend
and ask herto help metochange Dr 2 Possible answers
childcare, languages
Leshem's ticket ? 1 Memo
2 Letter of application (p. 53) From: Jason Masters, manager
Many thanks
1 1 children's entertainer or nanny To: All staff
2 from her Personal Statement: 5 Email to a colleague at work (p. 56) Date;19 Nov 2006
childcare experience, languages T Hi Russell Re:Staff party
extra: age, current study details How are things ? Busy as always I guess! As you know weareapproachingthe end
Russell, I ve got ... of the season,so ft's time to think about
3 Email to a client (p. 54) the end of season staff party. Please let
1 1 from;Hiromi Murakami me know if you have any suggestions.
For: Abdhol Kaboodvand 2 Possible answer Last year we had a great karaoke
About:Flight details Tokyo to Lima Hf Cathy evening, but perhaps we could do
2 Lima; 1440 on 2 0 December Good to hear from you. Yes, things are something different this time.
3 sendhis full name; sendhis passport busy. As always ! ButCristianegotthejob
2 (text)
number; confirmif he is happy with and is very happy. We both are !
Sorry u can't do lunch. Tmrw 13,00 ?
an electronic ticket Foryour client, 1 recommend the three -
star Lucky Plaza Hotel. It 's located In the 1 (memo)
2 Possible answers
centre of Hanoijn a quiet part of the old Memo ATTravel
Dear MrKaboodvand
quartern's an old building in French From, Peter Halford
t have found a flight leaving Lima on the colonial style so I think your client will To: All staff
Wednesday at 14.30h. Thls flight would like it. It has been recently renovated so it Date: 19 NOV 2DO 6
get you back to Tokyo early the next day has the usual services like restaurant, Re: Security
The flight details are: Internet, etc. We have had a number of thefts recently
Return journey (Wed 20th Dec) AA950 There are 50 rooms with AC,TV, etc.They from people walking into the office, f
Dep: Lima (LIM) 14: 30h all have good views of the nearby would like to remind you all to be extra
Am Dal I as / Fort Worth ( DFW) 20: 35h gardens,There are also deluxe rooms and careful about security.If you see anyone
JL5013 suites and these will be best foryour acting suspiciously please go over and
Dep; Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) 22;iOh client, The deluxe rooms are $ 55 /night, talk to them,
Am Tokyo Narita ( NRT ) 02: 40h and the suite $ 65, Not too expensive. 4 Telephone message
Code Share Flight with AA (American Hope this helps. For Peter
Airlines), Best Tlme:14.00
I need to confirm this as soon as possible, Russell Zurich office phoned - when were the
so could you let me know if this flight is (P.5, When are you coming to see us ? ) brochures sent out ? Can you call back
OK for you. J also need to know if you before 5 p . m. ?
6 Fax (p, 57)
want an electronic ticket or a paper one. Taken by: Aiex
1 1 From: Savita Kumar.To: Anna
I lookforwardto hearingfromyou. 5 (phone message, but couldbe a text)
Yours sincerely 2 Globe Travel, Telephone message
3 Because they work in different For: Frank
4 Email to one of your bosses (p, 55) Time 14,30
branches of the same company.
1 Dear Elaine 4 Savita couldn't scan the pages to John phoned, He needsyour mobile
l am sorry to have to telI you that .., Anna by email, number asap.
would you prefer me to ... Taken by: Alex
2 Possible answer
Would you give me permission to...
Dear Mr Hosfield 6 (text, but couldbe a phone message)
Many thanks
Here is the map of the location of your Good luck! Love Mum xx
2 Possible answer
hotel a nd a copy of you r hotel voucher 7 Telephone message
Dear Elaine Could you tell me if you want a smoking For: Jenny
I havejust been talking to Dr Leshem, I ora non-smoking room ? I need this lime: 15:00
am sorry to have to say that he made a informatlon to com plete the book!ng. Coach driver called. You' ve left your
mistake with the dates be gave me for a Yours sincerely mobile on the coach. Do you want it
flight I booked for him. I have already Edward Ho brought to the office ?
issued theticket, and the conditions do Taken by: Alex
6 0 Unit /

7 Accommodation

Take off 2 Which of these types of accommodation do you have in

your country?
1 Make a list of different types of tourist accommodation
in your country. 3 Think about each type of accommodation. Is it serviced
(meals are provided ) or self -catering ( you cook your
2 Which of these have you stayed in ? own meals) ? Discuss this in pairs or groups and
3 Tell your partners about the best / worst / most complete the diagram. (Hint: Some types will fit into
unusual accommodation you have ever stayed in. either category. Put these into the shaded area .)

Types of accommodation
1 Match the pictures to the different types of
apartment 4 Now repeat your discussion, but this time categorize
bed and breakfast the different types of accommodation as
1 urban or rural
CTJ m chalet 2 static or mobile.
country house Make a new diagram for each discussion.
cruise ship
guesthouse Find out
hostel Go to the Internet or your local tourist information

hotel office. Find serviced or self - catering accommodation in
your area that would be suitable for
log cabin
i- l motel 1 a family (two adults , two small children ) on holiday

6 : *
mountain refuge
university hall of
but with a limited budget
2 a business traveller staying in your area for three
days for a conference
residence 3 a retired couple who want to see the important
villa monuments in your area

4 a student like you .

f a 6
>r -> 1?
' jy
& fmU


K * m mi
Accommodation 61

In this unit
types of tourist accommodation
hotel services and facilities

accommodation enquiries and bookings by phone

What makes a good hotel?
1 What do people want from a hotel? A good bed?
fZfteiiSSO/ - i SAS WM
Nice, France
A comfortable room ? A modem building ? Work in Discover a. new world of sensations at the
pairs. Make a list of five things you would expect from
a good hotel.
French Riviera - stay at the landmark .
Radisson SAS Hotel in Nice where
2 Look at the hotel web pages. Which hotel excellence meets originality in a
modern ambience.
1 is thebest for business travellers ?
2 sounds the most luxurious ? The hotel features 331 rooms fcr
3 is the most attractive to you? and suites decorated in three
imposing and original designs.
With I I excellent meeting mas
EL HANA BEACH rooms, our hotel can
accommodate 400 in the new
Official Rating - 3 * - Bed and Breakfast / Half-board ballroom and 300 for lunch or
dinner on the rooftop terrace.
A comfortable, 3 -star hotel situated in a garden of palm trees,
next to the lovely Sousse beach and within walking distance of
Ideally located on the famous
Promenade des Anglais between the
the Medina.
romantic old town and the Arenas Business
Accommodation Park, the Radisson SAS Hotel in Nice is easily > sS

Twin and family rooms that can accessible by train, plane, and car. The hotel is a five-minute
accommodate up to 4 guests.
- Modem furnishings with bright
colours. Air-conditioning,
drive from Nice International Airport, and a ten-minute walk firor
the train station,

telephone, private bathroom with

WC Balcony with partial sea


i Facilities and Services ' * m.

The main restaurant in the hotel
&2S serves a large American style
breakfast buffet and dinner buffet.

There are 3 indoor bars and a

\ comfortable snack bar
v *
ffS j *

Cork, Ireland
Bailymaloe is a large country house on a 400- acre farm 20 provide fishing, bathing beaches , and beautiful cUff waits
tar ' 7

miles east of Cork City , Ireland. The hotel is family run. Hotel facilities include an outdoor swimming pool sr- 5
Guests enjoy comfortable accommodation and an award golf course, tennis court , woodland walks a - c s chikkmfc

winning restaurant in pleasant rural surroundings. play area, There is often five music in the evening
Balfymaloe is 5 km from several seaside villages that Holiday / vacation and small conference verx,e
62 Unit 7

Worldwide capacity of hotels and similar establishments reached

an estimated total of 17.4 million TOOmS in 2001 ,
almost million more than
5 in 1990 ( + 37%) . Expressed in bed - places

the capacity is roughly double , as rooms on average count two bed -


Services and facilities
Language spot
Describing location
1 Match these facilities and services with the icons. 1 Look at these phrases. They say where the El Hana
hotel is.
AC J p > a air conditioning
b babysitting
in a garden of palm trees

# c beauty parlour
d boutique
e carpark
next to the lovely Sousse beach
within walking distance of the Medina

% ja la conference facilities
g safe box
h direct dial telephone
i gymnasium
Find similar phrases for the other two hotels ,

2 Think of three different hotels in your area. Write a

sentence describing the location for each hotel Call the
hotels Hotel 1, Hotel 2, and Hotel 3.

JJ s| j hairdryer
k internet connection
1 jacuzzi
m laundry service
n millibar
3 Show your partner your descriptions. Do they know
which hotels you are describing ?
Go to Grammar reference p.123

FjT o outdoor swimming

pool Speaking

p pay TV
Giving information about hotels

rf ?s restaurant
satellite TV
t room service
1 Work in pairs. Student A, you are a travel agent. Look at
the information on p.lll.
Student B, you are the client. You want a hotel in
HI -
u wake-up call
v sauna
Tenerife in the Canary Islands , Telephone your travel
agent and ask about
w sea view
1 the location of your hotel
2 hotel restaurants
3 facilities and services for your children
4 car rental


2 In your opinion, which are the five most important
5 night -time entertainment.
2 Now change roles. Student B, you are the travel agent.
Look at the information on p.117.
Student A, you are the client. You want a business hotel
hotel services and facilities in in Frankfurt , Germany. Telephone your travel agent
1 a hotel for business people and conference and ask about
delegates? 1 the location of your hotel
2 a holiday hotel complex on the coast ? 2 access to the financial district of the city
3 business facilities and services
3 a small hotel in the countryside ?
4 access to the airport
3 Explain your choice to your partner. 5 restaurants and bars.
Accommodation 63

profitable (adj) that makes money

pitch (n) a place to put up a tent
seasonality (n) when sth happens
at a particular time of year

It s my job

Celina Alvarez Valle

Campsites are the most economical A Right now it 's got 140 pitches. restaurant, reception duties, looking
form of accommodation, and are O How many people is that if the after the s hop,a nd helping in the
popular wherever the weather Is good. campsite's full ? kitchen, of course.Then there's the
But are they the most relaxing places A Welfyou can multiply that by swimming pool, which also needs
to work ? And would you fit in we 11 three , or sometimes more. It quite careful maintenance.And we
with a team of campsite workers ? depends on the time of theyear. need a person to fook afterthe
Read on and find out. washing machinesand dryers, and
O So with a campsite, there is a
Celina and her family run a small to dean the washing rooms, the
certain amount of seasonality ?
campsite in the Ricos de Europa sinks, and the showers.
A Yes. Here the season for camping is
mountains in northern Spain. O When you decide to employ
very short.The best months are
O Celina,tell us a little bit about how somebody in the campsite, what
May, June, and September And the
Camping Ricos de Europa began. doyou look for in that person ?
really busy months are from mid -
A Well, originally we were farmers, Julytotheend of August. A Well, above all honesty. Next they
but in 19S9 some friends have to be able to get on with
0 How many people work here in
suggested that a campsite would people. Campers are very nice
August ?
be a profitable business here. peop I e but th ey are very d ifferent
A Ten people, more or less. one from each other. And you have
Tourism was just becoming
Sometimes more. to know how to work in a team.
popular in the area then.
0 And what dothey do in general ? That 's essential. And no bad habits !
0 And how many places does the
campsite have now ? A Let's see ... cleaning, helping in the Anon- smoker !

A place to stay
1 Q Listen to these people asking for accommodation.
Which type of accommodation is each speaker looking for ?

Speaker Type Number / guests Length of stay Other details



2 O Listen again. How many people is each enquiry for, and for how long?
3 Q If necessary listen a third time and note any specific details of each call
64 Unit ?

budget (adj) very cheap

budget (n) a plan of how to spend an
amount of money over a particular period
of time
< hic (adj) fashionable and elegant
unrivalled (adj) much better than any
other of the same type

Reading Vocabulary
Accommodation in Scotland Describing accommodation: adjectives and
1 What types of accommodation would you expect to
find in Scotland? Make a list with your partner, 1 You can have a metropolita n hotel but you cannot have
a metropolitan cottage , Why not ?
2 Read the website for Scotland.
1 How many different types of accommodation does 2 Match adjectives from A with nouns from B.
it offer ? A B
2 Which type of popular, budget accommodation is 1 five-star a apartment
not mentioned on the website ? 2 country b bed and breakfast
3 converted c cabin
3 Which are the most unusual types of
4 budget d cottage
accommodation mentioned? e farmhouse
5 friendly
4 Which of the types of accommodation on the web 6 metropolitan f guesthouse
page attracts you most ? Why ? 7 medieval g hostel
8 modem h hotel
AcfamitlodallOif Special fleers How to get ttrere
9 self- catering i motel
10 stylish j villa
5 Which adjective can describe most nouns ? Which
Come to Scotland adjectives combine with only one of the nouns ?
4 How many meaningful combinations can you make
Popular locations with two adjectives and a noun?
Aberdeen Hotels Glasgow Hotels
Aviemore Hotels Inverness Hotels
There is a huge range of modern, budget hotels in
Dundee Hotels Loch Lomond Hotels London ,

Edinburgh Hotels Oban Hotels and Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Edinburgh Pitlochry Hotels and Guest Houses
5 Choose different adjective-noun combinations and use
them to write sentences to describe accommodation
Fort William Hotels Hotels in St Andrews
you have stayed in as a tourist

A Warm Welcome Guaranteed

Scotland's unrivalled range of holiday castle, there are plenty of opportunities
experiences is matched only by the variety available to fire your imagination.
of quality accommodation on offer. Alternatively search our unrivalled array of
Whether for a short break or a longer stay , self-catering in Scotland. Whatever your
youll be able to choose from chic budget or itinerary , you can find your ideal
metropolitan hotels and stylish country place to stay using the online
houses to friendly bed and breakfasts and accommodation search facility or by
comfortable self -catering apartments. getting in touch with our contact centre.
ate* Search our wide range of accommodation All establishments have been inspected
in Scotland to plan your perfect trip. And under the Visit Scotland Quality Assurance
for something just a little out of the scheme and of course, a warm welcome
ordinary - perhaps a converted church, a and true Scottish hospitality come as

CASTLE former lighthouse, or even a medieval standard.

jCpBBj [ ]
Accommodation 65

restored (adj) put back into its sleeping bag ( n ) a large soft bag
former condition that you use for sleeping in
steeped fn (adj) having a lot of, when you go camping , etc.
fufl ofsth
surroundings ( n ) everything
that is near or around you

Mcxmmut Snow Hotel
Type: Ice } Igloo
Location: Finland

U *n
Mamraut Snow Hotel with its arctic surroundings Gamirasu is the name of an exquisitely restored
is a unique place. It is an excellent way to eighteen -room cave house, in Ayvali Village neat
experience the coldness of an arctic night . The Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey In ,

temperature in the hotel rooms is approximately former times housing the cells of a prison , this
-5DC , but guests will have a good night 's sleep in a ancient monastery is steeped in history. A
warm Ajungilak sleeping bag. In Mammut Snow luxurious cave accommodation in a traditional
Hotel there are 30 double rooms , 2 group rooms for Cappadocian village.
five persons , and a suite .

Speaking 5 Present your unusual hotel to the rest of the class. You
can start like this.
Unusual accommodation EXAMPLE
Hotels, guest houses, villas, and campsites are all We have decided to make our unusual accommodation
standard types of accommodation. But what about the from [ name of structure] . This is a natural / built
unusual ? structure in an urban / rural setting ,
1 Look at the hotel descriptions . Which hotel is the most We are going to make serviced / s elf - catering
unusual ? accommodation and it's going to be , , ,
2 Which hotel would you like to stay in ? Why ?
3 If you can , go to the websites for the hotels and find out Writing
more about them. Local accommodation
4 Work with a partner. Think about your local area . Write an introduction to tourist accommodation in
Discuss buildings or natural structures (e.g. caves ) that your area . You will need to include information about
you could convert into ' unusual' accommodation. You s the different types of accommodation
might like to consider the following points:
typical accommodation in (a ) urban areas and
type - details of type + natural or made structure ( b ) rural areas
* location - urban or rural types of accommodation that are typical of your
. serviced or self -catering country
luxury or budget accommodation for people (a ) on holiday and ( b ) on
large or small ( number of rooms - how many business
doubles , singles , etc.) one example of 'unusual' accommodation if you can
details of the rooms , facilities, and services. find one (if there is no unusual accommodation in your
area, include your idea from the Spec king activity
where you can get more informaf :cr websites er;
6 b Unit /

Listening 2 Look at the foliowing questions from the telephone

reservation . Which word will be stressed most in each ?
Taking a reservation by telephone 1 What name is it, please ?
2 Could you spell that , please ?
Main | More Eields | 3 Could you give me the number of the card ?
ft uest Profile 4 Is that Visa, Ms Steinmetz ?
Surname | 5 Could you just tell me the expiry date ?
3 Practise saying these questions with the stress on the
right word.
Reservation Room Type
Arrival I Customer care
Departure [ | Smile on the phone
Smoking ^
T] # Rooms [

Adults | Non -smoking r

Card type
TST Visa r Credit cart # [ P
El ~

Mastercard r Name

r Expiry datu [ Tj
Amhx 3
1 Look at the screen from a hotel computer
reservation system. In which order do you think the
receptionist will ask for the information ? Listen to a
phone call and see if you were right .
2 Listen again and fill in the missing information. JJ3

9Mtl ANP
1 Q Listen to the receptionist again. In each question or unn SCO?
phrase, underline the word that is stressed most .
1 Can I help you ? Taking routine phone calls can be boring , but often a
2 Would that be a single room ? phone call is the first contact a guest has with a hotel ,
3 Would you prefer a twin ... and gives a first impression . So smile as you take the
4 ... or two singles ? booking The caller will notice the smile inyour voice

In phrases of spoken English we stress one word more and respond accordingly.
than the others. This word represents the most Hotel Training Manual
important idea we want the listener to focus on. Try this experiment . Work with a partner. Stand back
to back. Take turns to say one of the sentences in the
Pronunciation section above. Smile when you say some
of the sentences. Can your partner ' hear the smile' in
your voice ?
Accommodation 67

Assess your progress in this unit . Tick (S ) the
statements which are true.

I can organize tourist accommodation into

different categories
i can understand texts describing tourist

Speaking can understand people asking about
Taking a telephone booking different types of accommodation
1 can describe the location, services, and
facilities otf a hotel
> I can take a hote ^ room reservation by
1 Work in pairs. Student A, you are the receptionist at the
\ A Key words
apartment hostel
HadrianHotel.Answer the phone and follow the telephone bed and breakfast meeting room
booking sequence. Take notes of the booking details. campsite refuge
conference facilities room service
State name of hotel. State own name. Greet client . cottage sea view
Q country house suite
Determine client's room needs - dates, number olguest( s ) f
direct dial telephone wake- up call
number of rooms, room type ( s ) guest house

Q Adjectives
Double check dotes and needs air-conditioned
Q en suite (facilities)

Check availability five star


Q metropolitan
Take client 's name self- catering
Request confirmation ( fax , email, or credit cord)
Double check details of the confirmation option taken Next stop
Q 1 Where are holidays advertised in your
Give client reservation number and request its use for booking changes country, and at what time of the year ?
Q 2 What sort of holidays are advertised most
Close conversation on TV ?

Student Bf you are the caller. Use the information 3 Has a magazine orTV advertisement for a
on p.lll. holiday destination ever been the reason for
you to go there ?
2 Now change roles.
3 Make up your own caller and accommodation
information. You do not need to limit yourselves to
hotels. Phone each other andbook accommodation .
68 Unit 8

8 Marketing and promotion

Take off Reading

1 Make a list of five different products from the tourism What is marketing?
1 Look at the statements on marketing. Decide if they are
EXAMPLE a package holiday true orfalse.
2 Think of different ways you could advertise them. 1 Marketing is the same as advertising.
Which ones are the most effective? 2 Marketing means knowing what your customers want.
3 Marketing is what you do before the product is sold.
4 Marketing is done by both public and private

The marketing process organizations.

2 Now read about the marketing process and find out if

in travel and tourism you were right.

3 Which stage are these marketing activities part of
1 develop ?
Every day of our lives we can see examples of travel and 2 monitor ?
tourism marketing around us - adverts on TV, adverts in 3 research?
newspapers and magazines, brochures in travel agencies,
internet pages, posters in stations, etc. This is because all
4 Which stage of marketing
tourism businesses need to market their products if they 1 is the most expensive ?
2 needs most creativity?
hope to be successful. But marketing is not just advertising;
it is about researching and identifying the needs of a specific 5 Which part of the marketing process do you think you
group of customers, and then creating a product that would be good at ? Why ?
satisfies them.

A large hotel chain, for example, will spend a The Marketing Process
lot of time and money finding out what its
guests want - what kind of services and Stage
age 1T :
facilities they need most, which location they customers' needs and wants

prefer, or how much they are prepared to pay.

It will then develop a new product, taking care
to gear it to the customers needs. Then, once

the company has the right product , it will use

different promotional techniques to let its
clients know about it.
e F| bHey
Stage 4:
obtain and
evaluate feedback

Stage 2;
create your products

and ser

Private companies are not the only ones

that use marketing. Tourist boards and other
public sector organizations also have
products, and it is important that their
/ ll
Stage 3:
promote your products
and services

customers are aware that these exist , From The ma rketing process does not end after a customers feel about a product, With the
a museum in a country village to the product has been sold, however. Customers results of the evaluation, it is then possible
multiple attractions of a major city like mtght not be happy with it, and of course to improve your product , and in this way
Sydney, all travel and tourism products need people's tastes change with time, Because continue to meet your customers'
good marketing. of this, it is essentia I to evaluate how expectations.

Marketing and promotion 69

In this unit
what is marketing ?
language of advertising
describing strengths and weaknesses
sales promotion techniques

Vocabulary 4 Complete the sentences using gear , hope , or let .

Marketing terminology 1 We
to have the new product on the
market next year.
Match 1- 9 with a i to produce nine marketing tips.
1 onitor , a .. . and wants are the first thing
2 We 've decided to the hotel to business
J you must find out , tourism,
2 dvertise . .. / b ... your customers' preferences 3 They to increase their profits by using
| by using market research.
3 esearch v c , . the effectiveness of your promotional techniques.
advertising and promotional 4 If you experts do your marketing you
will get better results,
4 nowledge ... d . . . uses questionnaires to find
out what people want . 5 A questionnaire in each room guests
5 valuate .. . e ... of what your clients want is make comments on the room.
essential in marketing.
6 astes ... f ... the market carefully before 6 Tourism providers have to their
you create your product . products to what the customer wants ,

7 dentify ... g ... your product in the places Go to Grammar reference p.124
where your customers will see it .
8 eeds ... h ... your product towards your
clients. Customer care
9 ear ... i ... change with time so products
must change too. Learn from your customers

Language spot s
Verb Sk
1 Look at this phrase using the verb gear.
x e
to gear it to the customer's needs 0
Now look at the dictionary entry for the verb gear. 5
gear verb
PHRASAL VERBS gear sth to / towards sb / 5th ( often
passive ) to make sth suitable for a particular purpose or
person: There i $ a special course geared towards the older
r I
2 What do you think sb and sth mean ?
3 Now look at these other verb phrases from the article Learn from your customers
on marketing. Ask for feedback from your customers, Use a
1 .. . if they hope to make a profit . questionnaire - keep it short and simple , Get customers
2 ... to let its clients know about it . to s u ggest how you cou I d i m prove you r services or even
discover what you are particularly good at .
Which verb patterns do they use ? Choose from the
following What areas would you want to find out about in a
a hope to do sth c let sb / sth do sth feedback questionnaire
b hope sth to sb / sth d let sb / sth to do sth a hotel ? a travel agent ? an airline?
70 Units

array ( n ) a large collection of things , titt (v ) to move , or make sth move , into
especially one that is impressive and a position with one end or side higher
is seen by other people than the other
grain ( n ) the seeds of wheat , rice , etc. warehouse ( n ) a building where large
quantities of goods are stored before
being sent to shops

Where in the world? 2 Read about tourism in NewcastleGateshead. As you

read, link the names in the text to the photos ,

1 Look at the photos of Newcastle and Gateshead. What

sort of cities are they ? What sort of tourism will they 3 Which three attractions appeal to you most ?
attract ? What sort of things will tourists be able to do
there ?

tfi < '
&*** **

*mS& . -
. |-

Fourist l op 10
ere is an ultimate list ol the top 10 founded by Robert Curthose, eldest - a wildly exciting
lust see ' sights in NewcastleGateshead son of William the Conqueror. visitor attraction for all the family.
n no particular order ) ), to make
are you get the most out oi a visit to
the biggest Discover just how truly
extraordinary life is - meet your
commercial arts space in Europe
le city. based in a beautifully restored four-bill ion -year-old family, explore
I Newcastle Quayside and Victorian building that was once a what makes us all different , and
- some of the biscuit factory. test your brainpower.
city 's most contemporary and - once
- a multi

stylish cultural and leisure award winning sculpture created again the largest indoor shopping
attractions can be lound along the by artist Antony Gormley. Standing centre in Europe following
River Tyne. You shouldn't miss the 20 m high , it is seen by more than completion of the new Red Mall.
curved building oi the Sage 33 million people every year. MetroCentre offers a huge array of
Gateshead music centre designed department stores and speciality
- in the heart of
by the architect Sir Norman Foster. shops - all under one roof .
Newcastle's historic Grainger Town
- the and voted the Best Street in Britain by - renowned for its
world's first tilting bridge situated listeners of national station Radio 4. stunning array of watercolours,
on the banks of the River Tyne , costume , silver, glass , pottery, and
linking Newcastle Quayside and sculpture and home to major works
- one of Europe's largest centres
Gateshead Quays. by leading pre - Raphaelite artists,
for contemporary art. An art factory
- the site of The gallery also hosts stunning
based in a converted 1950s grain
the ' New Castle' built in 1080 which touring exhibitions in the newly
warehouse on Gateshead Quays,
gave the city its name and was refurbished gallery space .
Entry is free.
Marketing and promotion 71

Analysing your product
! i
1 A SWOT analysis is a basic technique in marketing. The i
'S' means 'Strengths . Do you know what the other

three letters mean ? r.

2 Q J ean Stewart is the Leisure Product Manager for the Iff
NewcastleGateshead Initiative. Listen to her talking
about NewcastleGateshead. In what order does she
discuss each of the four aspects of the SWOT analysis ?
3 **
O Listen again and tick (/ ) the features that she -

mentions in the table below. itm v

0 the focal people
Q other
1 UK cities with a similar product
2 the beauty of the surrounding countryside 2 poor communications with London
3 the quality of the local food 3 the quality of the hotel bedrooms n
4 the combination of old and new attractions 4 the s hortage of hotel bed room s

1 the opening of the Gateshead Sage Q

1 Bristol , Birmingham , and Manchester
2 the perception people have of the North - east 2 the perception people have of the North east -

3 the increasing number of flights to and from 3 the contamination in the RiverTyne
Newcastle airport

Take turns to ask questions, The winner is the first

Speaking person to identify more than three weaknesses or
Do you SWOT? three threats in their partner's destination.
1 What sort of strengths and weaknesses , opportunities EXAMPLE
and threats do cities have? Make a list . A Is the local food one of your strengths?
B Yes, it is. Our loca lfood is world famous. People come
2 Work with a partner. Student A , look at p.lll. Student B, here especially to try the food .
Ask your partner about different characteristics of his I B No, it isn't It's one of our weaknesses , I' m afraid. Its
her city destination . Put each answer in the not easy to find local food in our restaurants.
appropriate part of your SWOT chart. Ask about
* transport and access the
activities for families B No, it isn' t. In fact, it's one of our opportunities. The
accommodation marketing
food here is very good , but it' s not very well known
* , etc. marketing strategy
local food current advertising 3 Think of a city you know well and decide what you
nightlife and clubbing the image of the city. think its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and ,

museums and
art galleries
threats are. Tell your partner about the city. Car. they
guess which city it is ?
72 Units

Personal selling is the oldest and most widely used

method of creating demand for a product . In the
USA over 13 mf ( / f0H people work in sales
compared to only 500,000 in advertising.

Listening Find out

Promotion in tourism 1 How is tourism promoted in your local area ?
1 Look at the diagram about marketing and promotion. 1 By a government organization like the
Do you understand any of the terms ? Can you fill in any NewcastleGateshead Initiative
of the gaps? 2 By the private sector - Chamber of Commerce , local
tourism associations, etc.
3 By both

2 What promotional techniques do your local tourism

authorities normally use ?

1 Match the words on the left with their pronunciation
transcriptions on the right

1 advertise
Pronunciation transcription
a JIH3 V0trv
2 ancient b ai ' dervtifai

itaai 4
3 campaign
' aedvataiz

5 improve e strer) 0s
2 <t >) Listen to Jean Stewart talking about promotion and
complete the diagram. 6 innovative f ' einjhnt
3 Q Which of the following ideas about promotion does 7 marketing g maikitii]
Jean mention directly ? 8 picturesque h piktfa ' resk
1 To create a demand for a product
9 strengths i 9rets
2 To explain why a product is better than a
competitors product 10 threats j kfem ' pem
3 Tomakecustomersawareofaproduct 11 weaknesses k im pruiv
4 To remin d custo mers about an existing pr oduct
2 Which word looks most / least like its transcription ?
4 Listen again. Write T (true) orp (false) .
1 The marketing mix is made up of product, place, and 3 Look at the transcriptions and try pronouncing the
words. Let your partner listen to you . Now you listen to
your partner.
2 Promotion and advertising are the same.
3 Small operators use email for direct marketing. 4 Listen to the words. How well did you pronounce
them ?
4 Personal selling is about going from house to house
knocking on doors. 5 f ? Listen and repeat each word. Which do you find
easiest / hardest to pronounce well ?
Marketing and promotion 73

In 2004 hotels in the USA spent anything

$ $
between 416 and 4, 464 per room
on marketing themseJves .

Vocabulary b

The language of advertising if4 -

1 Match the slogans with the pictures.
1 A green Mediterranean haven
2 Unforgettable Cruises
3 Kyrgyzstan Breathtaking Natural Beauty
4 Mystical Silk Road Tour
2 What does the word nice mean ? How do you translate
it into your language ?
3 Substitute the ad] ectives in the adverts with the word
'nice'. What is the effect ?
E -

4 Look at adjectives 1- 7. For each adjective, find two

'publicity -style adjectives from a - n.
1 beautiful a ancient h innovative
2 big b diminutive i large
3 cheap c economical j low-cost
4 expensive d enormous k luxury
5 new e exclusive 1 modern
6 old f gorgeous m picturesque
7 small g historic n tiny
5 Choose the best adjective for these advertising texts.
1 The region has a lot of exclusive / historic /
picturesque monuments .
2 Europe's best and biggest economical / low- cost /
modern airline.
3 The new bridge is one of the most innovative / m
modern / pictu resque pieces of engineering in the
M a v

4 Make yourself feel really special - take a short break

in one of our economical / exclusive / modem
country hotels. Writing
5 Go online and search for what your family needs
from our database of hundreds of enormous /
economical / tiny campsites in Europe. How would you promote tourism in the area where
6 Diminuitive / Gorgeous / Large beaches, luxury you live (or any other area you like and know well) ?
accommodation, . . . 1 Make a list of the different aspects of the region that
6 Choose the two adjectives that you like the most and make it attractive to tourists.
use them to write tourism slogans for your country. 2 Prepare a web page advertising the region it will need

images as well as text . Which images can you use ?

3 If you can , make a Jmock - up' of how you would dice
your web page to appear in real life.

fragrance ( n ) a pleasant smell went ( n ) l a pleasant smell

hold (v ) to organize an event 2 a liquid with a pleasant smell
that you wear on your skin to
press release ( n ) an official
make it smell nice
statement made to journalists
by a large organization , a
political party, or a government

Reading 2 Judge each activity in terms of cost ( C ) , logistics (L),

impact ( I ), and originality (O ) . Award each activity a
Promotional techniques score from 1 (very poor) to 10 ( excellent ) .
1 Look at these different sales promotion techniques.
C L 1 O Total
adverts in the media
brochures and leaflets 1 IMorth -east England
discount coupons (in newspapers, etc.) 2 Hong Kong
discounted prices
displays and exhibitions
3 RlodeJaneiro
4 Languedoc
give -aways (free gifts )
te ries and pr i ze draws
3 Add up the scores for each campaign from the scores
reports in the media for the whole class. Which was the best campaign in
websites each category ? Which was the best campaign overall ?

Which techniques are used in the four activities below ?
Are there any other activities in the four campaigns?

North east England Hong Kong Rio de Janeiro Languedoc
The Days Out Campaign was The Hong Kong Tourism Indians from Brazil 's Amazon The Languedoc Regional
launched in July and was Board announced a new region painted an Indian logo Committee ran a campaign
aimed at enticing people to tourism promotion plan on on visitors ' arms at the to draw people's attention to
get out and about within the Sunday , Brazilian International the Languedoc's sunny wide-
region, visiting both paying Selina Chow Liang Shuk -Yee , Tourism Promotional open spaces. An American
and non- paying attractions, chairwoman of Hong Kong Campaign held in Rio de company Prolitec , suggested
The campaign got a 'flying Tourism Board , said in a press Janeiro, Brazil, 26 May 2004. giving the message more
start' with 500 balloons release on Sunday that Hong The tourism promotional impact by using outdoor
released from Durham Kong is to launch a two- campaign attracted several smells Prolitec created a

Cathedral on Monday 19 July month ' hospitality month ', hundred people from more fragrance that would remin:
2004 The lucky person
, during which discounted air than 40 countries. people of the typical regional
finding the balloon which tickets and hotel charges will scent of brush land . The scer1.
had travelled the furthest be offered to tourists. was then used in a seven -day
was rewarded with a free day advertising campaign run in
out visiting some of the winter in major train stations
T in Paris and the south of
region 's best attractions. ifill1J
1 France.
i ll tt

m im m
Marketing and promotion 75

Assess your progress in this unit. Tick (/ ) the
statements which are true.
I can read and understand simple articles
about marketing
1 can understand people talking about
marketing and promotion
Language spot I can use a range of adjectives to write
simple advertising texts
1 Use the words in brackets to complete these I can make a presentation of a promotional
statements. campaign

1 The Brazilian campaign was the (cheap) *

I can write a press release describing a
promotional campaign
2 The Languedoc campaign had the
(high ) impact.
( original) campaign was the one by
3 The Keywords
the Languedoc Regional Committee.
2 Look at the results in your table for the four campaigns. campaign strength
Make sentences to describe what your group voted. expectation threat
Go to Grammai reference p.124 marketing weakness
Speaking ancient picturesque
Presenting a campaign enormous promotional
innovative tiny
1 Work in groups of three or four. Design a campaign for luxury
a tourism area you know well. Think about the four
factors that make a good campaign. Verbs
2 Present your campaign. Award marks for the develop
campaigns of other groups.
Writing improve
ma rket
Promotional campaign news monitor
1 Write a news item for a web page or a travel magazine research
describing your campaign. Use the web pages from
Reading to help you. Think about how you can
illustrate the page , and about which links you would
put to other useful web pages. Next stop
2 Make a mock -up' of youi page as you would like it to
1 How many different airlines can you name ?
appear in real life. Better still if you can, upload your 2 Which of these a re low-cost airlines ?
page on to a suitable server and invite colleagues and
friends to visit it .
3 Tell your partner about the last place you
went to by plane. ( If you haven 't flown yet ,
tell your partner about the place you would
like togo.)
76 Unit 9

9 The airline industry

Take off
1 Match the words and phrases from the list with the
pictures about flying.
boarding card landing take - off
check -in passenger cabin crew taxi
cruise security control
2 Number the pictures in the right order for a typical flight.
3 Q Listen and check.
idTil c

The ups and downs of flying
( j)
1 J Four people are discussing how they feel about air
travel. Listen and mark what they like with a tick (/ ),
and what they don't like with a cross (X).If they don't CHECK
mind, write . - IN
Boarding Card
u = -

g $ # /
Travelling to and from airports
^ t?

Checking in
Going through security
Waiting to embark Jr
Boarding when you haven't
got a seat number
Taking off
3 Q Listen again and complete these expressions.
A window seat
1 I actually to the airport ,
2 AndI landing.
Waiting for your luggage
3 I _ taking off,
Travel delays
4 ... and then just rising in the air suddenly.1
2 Check your answers with your partner, and then listen
again ifyouneedto. 5 I_ _ the delays.
6 ... being in the airport all day I

that .
7 I _ waiting to embark.
8 I for luggage,
The airline industry 77

In this unit
expressing degrees of like / dislike
flying traditional
In the airline industry
preparing and carrying out customer surveys
, airlines and low- cost airlines

Language spot
like or dislike *
Air travel
1 Put the different expressions of Tiking ' in order from 1 Fly, flight. flying - use the correct word to complete each
the most positive to most negative. sentence,
don't like quite like 1 The first powered was made by the
dont mind really don't like Wright Brothers in 1903 .

hate really hate 2 Even though is the safest form of

like really love transport , some people are afraid of it .
love 3 Modern jet aircraft at an altitude of
$,000 to 9 ,000 metres.

2 What is the difference between the three words?

Complete the sentences with a word from the list .
arrivals depart
2 arrive
boarding landing
check in take off
check-in take-off

* 1 The last time I flew, our

over two hours.
was delayed by

2 We can say / like .. or / quite / /fee

, . . , , and we can also say 2 Most airports give information about departures
J really like . What is the difference ? and on TV monitors placed around the
3 Now ask your partners how they feel about each stage airport ,

of flying , especially
3 When you , the clerk asks you if you
getting to and from the airport
have packed your bag yourself .
queuing at the check - in desk
going through security control 4 You cannot use electrical equipment during either
4 waiting in the departure lounge
or landing ,
4 taking off

being in the air 5 Modern navigation systems mean that aircraft can
landing ,
safely at night, in bad weather, and
Go to Grammar reference p.l 24 even without a pilot ,
6 Even if you have a card, some airlines
ask to see your passport as well.
4 Write sentences like this for three of the other words in
the list . Ask your partner to complete the sentences
78 Unit 9

Airtransport accident rates have been reduced by over

This provides 28 million direct, indirect and 50% during the past twenty years
induced jobs worldwide,a figure that is Today's aircraft are 70% more fuel-efficient
expected to rise to 31 million by 2010 . than the jets of the 1960s. Long-term goals
The accident rate for ai r travel rep resents include achieving a 50% cut in C03
one fatality per mil lion flights. Despite the emissions per passenger kilometre for
rapid and constant growth in air traffic, aircraft entering service in 2020 ,

Reading Find out

Tourism and air travel 1 What is a carbon offset scheme ? How does it work ?
(Hint - type 'carbon offset scheme' into an internet
1 Look at the title of the article. What do you think the
search engine like Google.)
article will be about ? Choose from the following
possibilities . 2 Which air carriers are currently on the US and EU
1 Thefutureofair travel blacklists?
2 The advantages and disadvantages of air travel
3 The incredible places you can fly to if you have
enough money
4 How to get the cheapest tickets for different flights 1 Look at the names and codes of these airports. How
many do you recognise ?
2 Read the article and see if you were right,
3 How many million Country Airport name Airport code
a people travelled by plane in 2005 ? Australia Delta Downs DDN
b passengers used Atlanta airport in 2005 ?
c people are employedby the airline industry ? Indonesia Datadawai DTD

4 Find Pakistan Dadu DDU

1 two advant age s of air travel Taiwan Taitung TTT
2 three disadvantages of air travel.
Tanzania Tanga TGT

Tongo Kuini NTT

Vietnam Da Nang DAD

(but at what price?)

making it possible to go much further much faster. New York in the
morning. A meeting and lunch In San Francisco. Then back east to
Airlines work through scheduled flights, which take offandland at
regular published times, or charter flights that are contracted to fly
at a set time. Flights can be short- haul, medium-haul, or long- haul,
Boston, before endingthe day in Washington . Almost anything is depending on the distance covered, but whatever the distance,
possible. passenger safety is at the heart of all operations, making air travel
the safest form of transport by far,
And the airline industry is not just fast. It is big. Very big! In fact it s
huge, starting with more than three million people employed by the inevitably air travel creates problems, beginning with some people's
world's airlines, or with the 14, 000 airports that passengers fly to or fear of flying. M ore recentl y, however, the skies we fi y have begun to
from. How many passengers ? Over 1.5 billion worldwide in 2005, look darker than the industry wants to admit. Security is now a major
with Atlanta International, the world 's busiest airport, handling over problem, especially after the devastating impact of the September
BO million passengers alone. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.
In ordertotry to keep such a complex industry under control, each Also blackening the skies are the emissions from jet aircraft ,
of the world's airports has a special code. The International Air A return transatlantic flight, for example, can produce up to two tons
Transport Association [ lATAj takes responsibility for the designation of carbon dioxide per passenger! So serious is the problem that in
of these codes , and they can easily be found on the Internet. Every 2005 the UK Environment Minister asked travellers to consider
single flight that takes off is also identified by a unique number, subscribing to one of the carbon offset schemes available, 'It 's
called a flight number. This is composed of the airline's code and relatively cheap. For example, the climate change impact of a flight
then three or four digits. to the Mediterranean only costs around 5 to offset.
I he airline industry 79

Return trip
Ove r b coking *

' Air* ticket

Hub Baggage
; > Ur iC

Connecttng Flight* lirst clas ,

. *
Non Stop fti
Direct flight \ mFly fDrive package
Code shartHg \
Frequent flyer
^Scheduled airline

prOgra, trtme
* Open - jaw
airport trip

2 O Listen and repeat the pronunciation of the airport Speaking

codes. Pay special attention to the pronunciation of t
and d . The air travel route map
3 Work with a partner. Ask and answer about airport 1 Look at the route map for Bristish Airways. Do you
codes. know the names of the countries that correspond to
each air travel term ? Ask and answer with your
A What's the code for Da Nang ?
B It's DAD.
A Which city corresponds to Openfawtrip?
4 Say the following words. Pay special attention to d and f. B Australia.
hoarding card take off code 2 How many terms do you recognize ? Work in teams.
ticket flight transit Team A* look at p.112. Team Bp look at p.117. Choose a
airport scheduled transport term and read the definition to the other team. They
depart must guess which term corresponds to the definition
they hear,
Take turns to read a definition. The first team with ten
correct guesses wins,
3 Work in pairs. Choose a term.Tell your partner the
term, Your partner must try to explain the term in her /
his own words.
au urny

compete (v) to try to win, or

achieve sth, ortotry to be better
than sb else
no- frill {adj) without extra
comforts, such as meals, films, etc.

Listening Reading
Low- cost or traditional? Revolution in the skies
1 Think about the disadvantages of flying with low- cost 1 Look at the logos on the aircraft tail fins. Which airlines
airlines. In your opinion, what could traditional airlines are they from?
do to attract customers back ? Exchange your ideas
2 Are these airlines low- cost (like easyJet ) or traditional
with a partner.
(like Lufthansa) ?
2 Listen to Martin Stanton of
3 Make a list of the reasons for the current success of low -
the Birmingham College of Food,
cost airlines. Read the article and see if you were right.
Tourism, and Creative Studies

talking about the advantages and
disadvantages of both types of
airline. Tick (/) the characteristics LOW-COST
he mentions for each.

In the good old days it was easy. Most countries had a

national airline: KLM was the Dutch one, LOT the Polish
Characteristic Traditional Low- cost
national airline, and so on. The exception to this was the US,
airlines airlines
where different major airlines such as Pan Am, American
1 Booking is possible Airlines, or Delta, competed openly for clients. Most of
through a travel agent these airlines offered similar products at more or less the
2 Booking is easy same prices. Of course, some companies concentrated more
through the Internet on short- haul, domestic flights - the sort of flight where you
3 You can check luggage are only just in the air when the cabin crew are telling you to
through to the final get ready for landing. Others like Qantas became famous for
destination their long- haul, Intercontinental routes, offering free
4 You have a seat number stopovers to make eighteen- hour flights more attractive to
before you board customers.

5 You have the option of The air ticket itself was, and still is, a complex business. The
different classes of seat basic return ticket was the commonest: the single ticket was
6 You can go on the plane so expensive that nobody ever bought one except in an
first with small children emergency And of course, the traditional ticket came in
different classes to suit different pockets: economy for the
7 The cabin staff are
masses, business for the executives, and first class for those
more friendly
lucky few who could pay ten times the economy tariff to get
8 There is more legroom
more legroom and a seat that converts into a bed!
duringthe flight
The whole system was turned upside down, however, by the
3 Which type of airline is best for people like Martinin arrival of the low-cost carriers. Ryanair got no-frills flying
your opinion? Why ? going in the early 90s, modelling itself on the American budget
4 Which type of airline do you prefer ? airline, Southwest Airlines. easyJet was quick to follow, and
since then the idea of getting on a plane the same way you
would get on a coach has really taken off, with
l i i t: t a n PI i f c ( t I U U H!)

4 According to the artide, which of the foliowin g Vocabulary

statements are
Low-cost carriers
a only true for major airlines?
b only true for low-cost carriers ? Complete the sentences with terms from the reading.
c true for both types of airline ? 1 A less technical name for a low-cost carrier is a
d true for neither type ?
1 They do not have different classes of seating on
board their planes. 2 A allows you to interrupt a long flight
2 They offer free in -flight food and entertainment. and stay in a city en route to your destination.
3 They offer free stopovers on long-haul flights. 3 A - flight is one that does
4 They often use less important airports ,
not go further than 1, 000 km.
5 They only sell single tickets ,
6 They operate long -haul flights. 4 _ are airlines
7 They operate short - and medium -haul flights. that offer low fares for basic services with no 'extras '
8 They spend as little time on the ground as possible. such as meals on the plane.
9 They use paperless ticketing.
5 Giving the customer a reference number for a seat
5 Why are low -cost carriers less likely to be interested in on a plane but not a ticket they can hold in their
long -haul operations ?
hand is known as
6 The fees an airline pays to an airport for using its
facilities are known as and -

Germanwings, Smart Wings, BMI Baby, VuelEng, and a hundred

others. The rest is history, with traditional airlines going deeper 7 The. is the minimum time

and deeper into crisis in this first decade of the new millennium , between a plane landing and taking off .

he low-cost strategy is based on limited turnaround times at


airports - usually twenty to 25 minutes. This means that the

airlines can get more flights out of a day - eight as opposed to
the normal six , Some low-cost carriers
aiso use secondary airports, with much
tower landing and take - off charges. Paperless
fj cketing and sales over the Internet and the

phone also keep costs down. They also issue H y \

s- ngle tickets only and of course , there are no II
-st dass or business- class seats.
- No free
newspapers nor free food , In fact , no free

arythlng , although you can pay to buy
^ ost things during the flight,

And the future ? Paperless ticketing and

met sales from traditional airlines ? That s
lady here. Low-cost flights to long- haul destinations ?
it s less likely to happen , precisely because of the way low -

carriers make their money by fitting so many flights into

sch day. But who knows ? The sky 's the limit!
Writing 2 O Listen to the interview with Martin Stanton again ,
and complete the polite questions .
Producing a questionnaire 1 you a couple of
Low- cost carriers have been successful because they questions about air travel ?
asked their clients about their preferences. This kind of 2 you
research is essential in tourism.
often you fly ?
1 Use the notes below to produce a questionnaire for an 3 you
airline. you use low-cost airlines at all ?
2 Ask three or four more questions of your own to 5 Now look at Customer Care ,and then use the advice to
complete the survey interview different people in your class.
Goto Grammar reference p!24
* A e?
1 ^ Customer care
* * . Hcutf I
* Reason - buSineSS / lciSuTe?
Questionnaire tactics
use IOA?-C.O$+ crimes, or radl iom
- f * Travel aqe -
^ ^
/ in. erv.e'b bookies tikick
^ ^ ' yW ' XEHtPPYf

* boobies - feel secure Semite} credit a

, etc .
carA Ae aftS
Paperless -t
ickets - happq uli+h hk ru?.
+ choice of class ( buskess / ecoAotvifi iMpor+an-h?
* Checkers. kme - 1 hours before figfet too fo^tfl

i !

Language spot
questions politely When you ask a traveller to answer a questionnaire ,
1 It is very important to ask questions politely when you
carry out a survey. It is not a good idea to ask direct
say what thequestionnaire is about

questions *
ask permission before you ask any questions
tell the person how long the interview will last .
EXAMPLES It is not enough to ask polite questions . You have to
How old are you? sound polite , too. Smile whenyou askyourquestions .
What's your job? Avoid looking down at your question sheet all the time .
Where are you going ? Rememberto look at the person you are interviewing .
Communication Skills Presentation
Instead , try to use polite forms.
EXAMPLES 1 In which of the pieces of advice would you say
Would you mind telling me how old you are? This will onlytakefive minutes.
Couldyou tell me whatyou do? Excuse me, I m doing a survey about air travel
Can I ask you where you are going ? Would you mind answering a few questions?
2 How should you finish a questionnaire? What should
you say at the end ?

Assess your progress in this unit.Tick ( / ) the
statements which are true *

i can understand people talking about how

they feel about air travel
lean discuss my feelings about air travel
with coiteagues and friends
Its my job I can understand articles and news items
1 Look at the photo of Javier. Write T (true ) or F (false) * about the airline industry
1 He 's Spanish. I can produce a questionnaire about air
2 He's a pilot. travel preferences
3 He likes working in tourism.
4 He knows the secret to working in tourism. I can use indirect questions to be polite
when interviewing travellers
2 Wow read about Javier and see if you were right

Javier Dlez
n Keywords
air ticket non -stop flight
baggage open - jaw trip
boarding card paperless ticketing
Name; Javier Dlez budget airline return trip
Job: Sales Representative in the flights and reservations carrier code scheduled airline
section of Aeropostal , the Venezuelan airline connecting flight secondary airport
Based : In Madrid delay security control
direct flight stopover
Education: Three years' study at a university college of
emissions take-off
tourism in Venezuela
low-cost carriers turnaround time
Experience: Fouryears. Started in Venezuela with
American Airlines, then moved to Spain to begin in Adjectives
Aeropostai long - haul (flights )
short - haul (flights)
Future: Become a manager in his present company
Thoughts about:
... his job I like the airline Industry It's what 1 know, and I
like it very much . Next stop
... his career I think this careers beautiful - very 1 What would be a ' normal' holldayforyou ?
beautiful and very interesting. We learn so much about
the people, about other cultures, but above all , about 2 Tellyour partner about the last ' normal '
how to treat the people as we like to be treated , holiday you had . Where did you go? When ?
Who with ? What d Id you do?
. . tourism in tourism your product is a service. Its not a
tangible product, and that 's very important. So | think the 3 What would be a special holiday foryou ?
secret to working in tourism is customer service. You
have to be ve ry pati ent - very, ve ry n ice. You have to give
the service as you would like to be treated . I think that 's
the secret - customer service. And as in other areas, you
have to tike what you ' re doing and doit well . With love.
With care.
^ 1 III MJ

10 Holidays with a difference

Take off
1 What could the two holidaymakers do that is 'different ?
Use the pictures at the side to help you.

2 Have you ever had a holiday that was 'different?

-wM r


At the trade fair
/ mm s' 'iX\

Mariana and Jurgita work for a tour operator. They are Vocabulary
visiting a large tourism trade fair in order to gather Different holiday types
ideas for an ' alternative tourism' programme. They are
thinking about four programmes: 1 Put the s e holidays with a differenee' into the four
1 'Adventure and action'
a tour of Scotland visiting historic castles
2 Ecotourism and nature'
b mountain climbing
3 'Escape and enlightenment
c conservation work helping to repair coastal damage
4 Culture and heritage'.
d windsurfing
1 Match the pictures in Take ojf with the categories. e cycling in the mountains and deserts of Mongolia
f four - week trip to Canada to learn English
2 Whi ch catagory would each of these words and places
g trip to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics
be in?
h whale-watching off the west coast of the USA
diving expedition gastronomic week i week at a health farm to relax and 'de- stress'
working farm Mexico France j long weekend in London to visit museums and art
volcanoes biking cattle ranch galleries
pilgrimage Antarctica Costa Rica k learning survival skills in the jungles of Borneo
white - water spa and health horse riding 1 pilgrimage to Mecca
rafting resorts India m weekend of beauty treatments andrelaxation in a
ecosystem the Caribbean sea -life country hotel
3 Listen to their conversation at the end of the day n off -piste mountain skiing
and check your answers. o weekend break at the Prague Music Festival
p research trip to collect data on ape behaviour in
4 Which holiday do they choose for each category? Malaysia
^ays * 85

In th unit

different holiday types
adventure tourism ecotourism / escape
, lev sm
taJkingabout experience
cultural dos and don ts
language of provision

2 Can you do any similar 'alternative holidays ' in your

country ?
The Karakoram Experience
3 Match words from A with words from B to make
compound nouns for different holiday activities, for 1 Why Is the travel company called the Karakoram
example . sightseeing , mountain climbing How many
, Experience?
different activities can you list ? 2 H ow m arty different a dventu re activities are
A B mentioned or described in the website ?
sight horse seeing climbing 3 What types of scenery and landscape are mentioned ?
cliff mountain boarding walking
noli scuba skiing watching 4 What type of traveller do they try to attract ?
maw water biking riding
whale hang surfing diving
hill wind rafting jumping
skate camel gliding
11 [ ro
white - water
4 Is it possible to do any of the activities in your city or
region ?
s i

About KE
In 1983 two university friends, Tim Greening and Glenn Rowley,

W- decided to take their passion ior travel in Asia and in particular the
Karakoram mountains, and create a travel company with a difference:
The Karakoram Experience. Today KE Adventure Travel has grown to
become one of the world 's leading independent specialist travel
companies. In addition to our extensive range of worldwide
adventures, the staff in our UK and American offices organize tailor-
B made private expeditions, trips for school groups, and charity treks.
Peru - in the footsteps of Swedish Lapland - a Winter Costa Rican adventure
the Incas Wonderland Trekking, rafting , and wildlife
Family adventure in the Andes - A winter activity holiday north of adventures - Challenging ascent
Horse riding, rafting, biking, and the Arctic Circle - Travel by of Volcan Chiiripo (3820 m ), Costa
easy trekking - Indian craft snowmobile and by dogsled - Ski Rica's highest peak - Rafting on
market at Pisac - Magical Machu touring and sno wshoe hiking - the beautiful Pacuare - Fantastic
Picchu - Amazon jungle lodge Northern Lights - Fish in a frozen wildlife - Relaxing on idyllic
visit lake - Visit the Icehotel - Meet the Pacific Ocean beaches
Sami people and their reindeer
86 Unit 10

Interview with a mountaineer
1 Q Listen to an interview with a mountaineer. Answer
the questions.

1 How old was he when he did his first climb without m

his parents?
2 Which of these countries has he been to with a tour
4V :

Pakistan Tajikistan , Jr*

3 Which of these things does he look for in a tour
company ?
a cheap price
Language spot
and talking about experience
b a guide for the whole trip
Look at these sentences from the interview,
c organ!sation of local transport lodging, and permits
I've been to Central Asia , once to Kyrgyzstan and once to

4 How high was the highest mountain he's climbed - Tajikistan.

6,400 m or 7, 400 m ? But both times we used a tour company
5 What 's the worst moment he 's experienced when
The first sentence is looking at general experience with
mountain climbing ?
no specific time reference. The second sentence is
6 What 's the happiest moment? referring to a specijic occasion in the past .
2 fp Listen again and complete the questions that the 1 Which verb is in the Present Perfect and which verb is
interviewer asks. in the Past Simple ?
1 When you mountain 2 Look at the questions you completed in 2 in Listening .
climbing ? Find three examples of the Present Perfect and two
2 What expedition mountaineering ? examples of the Past Simple.
When you that ? 5 Match questions 1- 6 with answers from a - k. There
3 Do you use a when you may be more than one possibility.
organize an expedition, or do you 1 Have you ever been a Yes, I did .
diving ? b Nod didn't ,

2 Did you like it ? c Yes, it was great ,

4 How find a suitable 3 Would you like to try it ? d Not really ,

company ? 4 Where did you do it ? e Yes, I have ,

5 H ave you thought of f No, I haven 't ,

5 What you look for in a
trying a windsurfing g Yes, I would ,

? holiday ? h That 's a good idea ,

6 What s the highest mountain ? 6 Would you like some i Mmm. Tell me more
more information? about it .
7 Have you frightened ?
j In Malta ,

8 Have you thoughts k Yes, please. It sounds

? interesting.
Go to Grammar reference p . 125
Holidayswith a difference 87

Ecotourism = responsible travel You ca n't p rotect wh at you We should have the sense to
to natural areas that conserves don't know. leave just one place alone.
the environment and sustains Lars-Erlc Lindblad Sir Peter Scat!
the well-being of local people Leader of thefirst commercial Founder of the World Wildlife Fund
Antarctica cruise in J966

Have you ever . .. ?
SK 4
4 :

1 Q Listen andtick {/) the word you hear.
[ 41 1 best vest
very i i berry
vine wine
4 veil whale
5 best u vest O west
1 Choose one or two of the activities from Vocabulary: 6 bale veil whale
Different holiday types 3 and one of the KE Adventure

2 Practise the words for each sound.

holidays. With a partner, use the information in the
following dialogue. 3 Say one of the words from each group in1. Your partner
A Have you ever been ? will point to the word he / she has heard.
B Yes,Ihave. / No,Ihaven't 4 Say these words. Think about the pronunciation of b, v,
and w.
A Did you like it ? / Would you like to try it ?
B / b/ fvt /w/
A Have you thought of trying something different ? basic vacation wet
What about ?
Beijing volcano white - water
B That's a good idea. Tell me more about it.
Borneo activity wildlife
bungee diving worldwide
2 Choo se some mor e activities andadventureholidays.
Go round the class and ask different students about Caribbean ever
their experiences. Tell them about one of the adventure rabbits survival
holidays.Try to get theminterestedinbuyingit.
scuba alternative
3 Report back to your partner on what you found out
How much interest was there in the adventure have you ever
holidays ? I' ve been very busy
88 Unit 10

The growth of the adventure tourism market

Growth in adventure holiday market in the last five years - 10-15%
Growth in traditional sunrsearand sand package holiday market in the last five
years = 4-5%

Where in the world? Speaking

Discuss these questions in groups. Questions on Antarctica
1 What do you know about Antarctica - its In pairs, ask each other for information on Antarctic
population, its size and location, the number of cruises. Student A,look at p.112. Student B, look at pJ17 h

tourists who visit ?

2 What type of transport do tourists use to visit
Antarctica ?
3 What activities can tourists do ?
Read the text to check your answers.

Touris I I
A There are no indigenous people in Antarctica, The population varies
from fewer than 1 ,000 in winter to almost 20,000 in summer:
5 ,000 scientists from 27 of the countries belonging to the

IKS Antarctic Treaty, plus 14, 000 tourists.

The nearest land mass Is South America, which is
approximately 1 ,000 kilometres from the tip of the
Antarctic Peninsula.
The surface area of Antarctica is 36 million square
Antarctica currently has no economic activity apart from

A offshore fishing and tourism, and these are run by other

Tourism in Antarctica is mainly by around twenty vessels
carrying 45 to 280 passengers each.
Most trips take about ten days to three weeks from port to port.
Antarctic visits are mainly concentrated at ice- free coastal zones over the vm
Antarctic summer, the five - month period from November to March. In high
summer there will be more than twenty hours of daylight per day.
Holidays with a difference 89

Mongolia fact file Situated between Siberia and China .

Capital: Ulan Bator Terrain varies from desert to mountain. Temperature

Population: 2 , 6 million variations are also extreme ,

Many Mongolians live a nomadic Iifestyfe . ; v^g " spec =a

tents (called gers).
Tourism is growing in importance [by ape fc *
in recent years) .
Most tourists come from China and Russia .

Reading 3 Complete this table of ard don ts for ( a ) your own

country, and (b; another ec unrry you know about.
Cultural differences Mark dos with a tick V dc r :s with a cross k and
1 Work in pairs. Look at this list of 'cultural tips for write - if it doesnt matter.
tourists when mixing with Mongolian people . Which
do you think are ' dosJ and which are doits'?
(a) (b)
2 look at p. no and check your answers. Do any of the Smoke ina public building
tips surprise you ?
Wear a hat in a religious building
Wear shorts in a religious building
Point at someone with your finger

t?of dort ir frr Mornjo|i4 Kiss family or friends in public

Blow your nose in public
Eat withyour left hand

Take photos of local people

Leave food on the plate at the end
of the meal
SB Arrive on time for an appointment

: Writing
Cultural tips
Write a list of cultural tips for visitors to your country.
have long conversations in your own language in The list could appear in a guidebook or on a website.
front of hosts who don ' t understand . Include categories on
sit with your feet underneath you or cross - legged ,
eating and drinking
walk in front of an older person . visiting famous and religious buildings
being a guest in someone's house
let a post or fence come between you if you are
gestures, body language, and physical contact
walking with a Mongolian .
and space
receive food or a gift from a Mongolian with both any other categories you think are important.
point a knife in the direction of anyone ,

Find out
turn your back on an altar or religious object ,

How can you find out about cultural tips for visitors to
take a sip or nibble of drink or food that is offered other countries ? Think of a country that you would like
walk round inside a house or tent in a clockwise to visit . Look at the website of the national tourist
direction. office. Does it give any useful advice ? Ask your local
take food from a plate with your left hand ,
travel agent for useful cultural advice.

keep your hat on when entering a house or tent ,

touch other people's hats.

leave a small gift , other than money, for your hosts
take off your gloves before shaking hands .
90 Unit 10

Vocabulary 0
Escape and enlightenment holidays

V'r i 1
i 1

Language spot
Describing service provision
1 Look at these four ways of describing service provision
taken from the texts. In each case find two other
b examples of the structure.
1 offers, provides, boasts (Present Simple)
It offers the natural beauty of the forest.
S 2 You can + infinitive
You can enjoy daily yoga and water exercise.
1 Choose from these words to label the pictures ,
Present Simple Passive
spa meditation yoga The yoga work is presented as an important part of
shiatsu massage aromatherapy
meditation practice.
retreat ( noun) t'ai chi hikes / hiking
anti-aging treatment 4 Imperative
Depart any day you like from May 1 to October 30.
2 Which two words describe a place rather than an
activity ? Which activities would take place in them ? 2 Complete the description using the phrases in the list .
3 Which of the words would you expect to appear in the book provides
brochure descriptions for these holidays? is held you can
1 Rio Caliente: Hot springs, Spa and nature resort, offers
Primavera Mexico
2 Camino de Santiago: The Pilgrimage Route of St The tour of the Seven Holy Cities of India
James, Spain 1 the chance to rediscover your spiritual
3 Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat, Scotland
energy. * learn about the Hindu
4 Work in groups of three. Student A, look at p.112. religion. 3 visit the sacred town of
Student B, look at p. 116. Student C , look at p. 118. ^

Haridwar. The spectacular Kumba Mela religious

Tell the others in your group about the holiday and
mention festival 4 every twelve years.

the location
early to avoid disappointment
any other
what you can do
Goto Grammar reference p.125
5 Think of three different people you know and
recommend one of the holidays for each of them,
Holidays :nad ffierence 91

Assess your progress frith is unit Tick [ / >the
statements which are true.

I can understand descriptions of a temat ve

holiday types
! can talk about alternative holiday types

1 can ask and talk about past experiences

Customer care
I can discuss cultural dos and don'ts
Ability and suitability
74 I can describe service provision

Key words
It is important for tourism providers to make sure their hilfwalklng
customers are able to do the adventure activities they massage
have signed up for. But at the sa me time, they should meditation
allow and encourage people todo things that are 'out mountain climbing
of the ordinary', t'ai chi
whale watching

1 Do you agree with the statement above ? white- water rafting

2 Do youknow anyone - e.g. friends or family who has
- windsurfing
done an adventure activity or taken a holiday with a yoga
difference that you didn' t think was suitable ?
2 How can tourism providers check their customers' cattle ranch
suitability ? health farm
4 Are there any situations when a tourism provider spa
should refuse to allow someone to do an activity ?
Other nouns
Speaking enlightenment
Tourist types and holiday types
1 Write four different types of tourist on separate pieces wifdlife
of paper ,

young single male interested in water sports
2 In groups of three or four, take ten of the types of
tourist. Take turns to pick one of them and select a
'holiday with a difference '. Say why you think the
Next stop
tourist would like the holiday. The rest of the group 1 How long have we had computers?
should decide if thematch is good.
2 What are computers used for in the tourism
EXAMPLE industry ?
He' ll like the windsurfing holiday because he' ll be able to
3 What was the last tourism thing you did on
develop his skill in water sports*
the internet ?
3 The person with the most accepted matches wins.
11 Reservations and sales

Take off Reading

1 Can you name the different travel documents on this Holiday bookings - getting the right
page ? information
2 Which of these documents do you need for a holiday 1 Make a list of the information a travel agency sales
abroad? consultant will need to take when a customer makes a
3 Have you ever lost an important document ? Tell your booking for a holiday.
partner - explain which one, where you were, what 2 Compare your ideas with the list below. Do you have
you did, and what happened in the end any ideas that are not in the list ?
3 The manager uses etc a lot in the memo. What does

this mean ?
CoKnrmation Tfytygjj
Bo n

Book ngF0 r<n

durance Co 4 Substitute etc. with groups of examples from the list
a transfers, local excursions, car hire
b premier class

c medical condition
d email address if possible
e twin , single , family
f bank transfer, credit card
g B and Bf flight only

I To: all sales staff

Please be sure to enter the

Subject: Key reservations data

9 accommodation - name of
following key data when taking hotel / resort
5* Flight Ticket holiday bookings.
1 date of booking
10 number and type of rooms
required ( double , etc , )
2 booking reference number 11 special requirements ( e .g.
children ,disabled , etc.)
3 full name and contact details
of client ( postal address , 12 meal basis ( full board , half
daytime and evening board , etc,)
telephone numbers, etc. )
13 other services ( e.g. airport
*** * * unflr#ifrfft
IliO.tAfMtNr 4 number of people in party hotel, airport car parking ,
5 names of people in party
Accommodation voucher
6 ages of children ( 2-12 yrs old 14 method of payment (cash

= discount )
cheque , etc. )

7 dates of outward and return 15 deposit details

journeys Please also get clients to doub
8 ticket type ( e.g. economy, check all details before signin
etc.) the booking form.
Reservations and sales 93

In this unit
computerized reservation systems and the travel agent
taking a booking in a travel agency

if clauses holiday terms and conditions

* handing overtickets
toa client

Listening Booking reference dumber

CT 50 bQi,257 l7 H
Cicerone Travel Service*
Taking a booking PWflson Court, tlrfrto
1 Q Listen to a travel agency sales consultant taking a
booking and complete the booking form ,
first name family name
2 Which key data is still missing ? Ve.rujfes
3 What did the travel agent forget to do before Mrs
Venables signed the form?
3 When will Mrs Venables get her invoice and what daytime tel no evening tel no
must she do then?
mobile teJ no
Have you decided where to go? PARTY DETAILS
No of people in party Ages of children
Dote of outword journey Date of return journey
Ticket type

- g g ...
name of hotel / Method of payment
% Deposit details
number of rooms
type of rooms

meal basis Customers signature
Special requirements
Date of booking
Other services
1 Work in pairs. A, you are the sales consultant and
need to complete the booking form. B, you are the
client andshould think of all of the holiday details
the sales consultant will ask. (Hint: Look at the
holidays inUnit 10 and choose the one you like most,
Now add the details of your family and you are ready
to gol) Confirming a booking
2 Act out a booking. When a booking is taken by email,it is standard practice
to confirm the booking either by email, or by letter .
3 Change roles and act out a new booking, with B as the
sales consultant. Use the informationfrom the last activity and send ar.
email to your partner confirming the details of the
booking. (If you cannot send an email, send a letter
accessible (adj) possible to be gateway (n) the place which
reached orentered you must go through in order to
accounting (adj) connected get somewhere else
with the financial
arrangements of a company

Reading Vocabulary
Computer reservation systems Reservation systems for tourism
1 Tourism is full of abbreviations. For example, do you Choose thebest meaning for each word as it is used in
know what CRSs and GDSs are ? Do you know the the text on CRS ,

difference between the two? 1 store = (a) a large shop (b) the place where you keep
2 Where can you find out what tourism terms mean? things until you want to use them (c) to keep
something for future use
3 Look at the definition of CRS and GDS. Write T (true) or F
2 retrieve = (a) to put something back into its original
form (b) to get something back ( c) to move back to a
1 Airlines were the first users of CRS. safe place
2 A GDS is a larger version of a CRS. 3 conduct = (a) to organize anddo something (b) to
3 Only airlines and travel agents can have access to direct the musicians in an orchestra (c) to allow
GDSs. electricity to pass
4 It is now possible to book a car or a hotel room 4 channel = ( a) a television station (b) a route that
through a GDS, information is sent along (c) the part of a river that
5 GDSs give ticket information but cannot produce a boats can pass along
valid ticket.
6 GDSs can tell a travel agents how many tickets they
have sold .
The origins of CRSs
Clemen works at the EU de Turismo de Asturias in
Spain. She teaches students there how to use
computer reservation system computer -based reservation systems like Amadeus or
A computer reservations system, or CRS, is a
computerized system used to store and
retrieve information and conduct transactions
related to travel. Originally designed and
operated by airlines, they were later extended
to travel agents as a sales channel * Major CRS
operations are also known as Global
Distribution Systems (GDS). Many systems are
now accessible to consumers through internet
gateways for hotel, rental cars, and other
services as well as airline tickets. 1 Listen and completethe table.

Today, each system allows an operator to System SABRE Amadeus Galileo

locate and reserve inventory (for instance, an
airline seat on a particular route at a particular Created by
time), find and process fares / prices applicable Created in
to the inventory, generate tickets and travel
documents, and generate reports on the Market share
transactions for accounting or marketing
purposes. 2 Clemen mentions a fourth CRS - Worldspan, listen
again and make notes about it.
Reservations and sales 95

Hotel booking! Nothing is free in business - not even a client

Nowadays, more travel is sold overthe Internet booking a hotel room. Reservations made directly
than any other consumer product. In America by the client using the hotel's own website are
nearly 37 million internet users have already probably the least expensive. In contrast , a
purchased travel products online. Online booking made by a travel agent using a GDS is
bookings were expected to reach $ 63 billion in usually the most expensive

Find out Customer care

Which of the big four GDSs do your local travel Putting on the pressure
agencies use most - Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo,
Worldspan? i /Vr

1 Go to a local travel agency and ask them which system

they use. Ask them what they like about the system they
use, and why they don't use one of the other systems.

2 Report your findings back to your class.

V -
Abbreviations and codes
1 Look at the computer printout for an air fare between Don 't pressure a customerto make a booking if you
Madridand Paris. sense that they are not sure yet. Give them time. Let
1 What are the dates for the journey ? them go away and think about it. Remember that on
2 Can you find the cost of the flight ?
average a satisfied customer wilt tell two friends or
members oftheir family. Adissatisfied customer, in
3 Is it a return flight ? How do you know ?
contrast will teli at least nine people.
4 What is the opposite of a returnflight !
2 There are a lot of abbreviations and codes. For example, Customers sometimes need help making up their
RTmeans round- trip or return; OWmeans one - way , minds. Put a little pressure on them.Tell them that the
Find abbreviations that mean booking can only be held for a short time, and you need
a decision soon, or they might lose the opportunity
1 adult 7 June altogether.You re the professional, you know what 's
2 advanced 8 minimum stay good for them - so push them a bit.
3 airline 9 non-refundable
1 Which of the two statements do youagree with most ?
4 check 10 passenger type code
5 euros 11 Sunday 2 What would you actually say to the customer in each
6 flight type code 12 tariff. situation ?


12 JUN 05 * 19 JUN 05 /MADPAR

03 QKAP2 DN 1 129 NRF S26JUN 26JUN+ +SU+ + IS
FCL : QKAP 2DN1 TRF: 21 RULE: E 2 ?0 BK : Q
96 Unit 11

avoid (v) to prevent sth premium (n) an amount of

happening or to try not to do money that you pay regularly to
sth beforehand (adv) at an a company for insurance
earliertimethan sth against accidents, damage, etc.
guarantee (v) to promise that reserve the right (v) to have or
sth will bedone or will happen keep a particular power

The small print Booking terms and conditions
a We may need to make changes to ask you to pay cancellation charges.
the information in this brochure as We will not refund any insurance
our holidays are planned many premiums you have paid.
months beforehand If we make any
e If you want to change your booking,
changes before you make your
we will try to help you, but we
X booking, your travel agent will tell
cannot guarantee that we will be
you about them before you finish
able to do this. If you change your
your booking.
booking, we will charge you 15 for
b Occasionally we have to change each person in yourgroup .
h your accommodation. If we make a
f If you make a booking with us, you
change after you have made your
must take out suitable Insurance,
% booking, we will put you into
either with us or with another
accommodation of the same

I standard or higher, and in a similar

type of resort .
company. If you have a known
medical condition, please tell our
sales agent when you make your

li The prices in our brochure were

c booking.
correct at the time of printing, but
g We try hard to avoid flight delays ,
we reserve the right to make
but they do sometimes happen. If
changes. If we do this, your travel
there is a delay , we will try to provide
agent will confirm all price changes
extra services , food, and
before you make your booking.
accommodation. If we are unable to
d If you want to cancel your booking, provide these services for any
the person who made the booking reason, then we will pay you

must send us written instructions. If compensation.
you cancel your booking, we may

1 Look at the booking conditions. Match these headings 2 Look at the booking conditions. Which ones are about
with the different conditions. 1 situations / problems the tour operator may have ?
1 Cancellations 2 situations / problems a tourist may have ?
2 Booking changes 3 situations / problems that happen before a holiday?
3 Compulsory insurance 4 situations / problems that happen during a holiday ?
4 Plight delays 3 Have you (or your family or friends) ever had a problem
5 If we change your holiday before you leave when you were on holiday? Tell your partner about it.
6 If we make changes after you have booked your Where were you? When was it ? Who was with you?
holiday What happened?
7 Your holiday price
Reservations and sales 97

_ Plastic society
The UK is the biggest card user in Europe ,
V owning 60% of all credit and debit cards.
Tip Spain is next with 15%. British adults own
r f * an average of 3.5 cards each There are 246

card transactions every second in Britain ,

and the average weekly spend is 100 .
if '
Listen to the words and write them in the correct
1 Look at the booking conditions again.
1 Underline the sentences beginning with if hat /$/ pay /e\ f sit / ] / five / ai /
2 Are these sentences referring to the past, the
planned change in time
present, or the future ?
3 What verb tense is used in the if part of the
sentence ?
4 What verb forms are used in the other part of the if
sentences ? (Hint ; There are/our different forms.)
2 Match phrases from A with phrases from B to create
information and advice for tourists ,
2 Look at all the 'hat ' words. Compare them with the ' pay'
words . What do you notice about the pronunciation of
the letter a ? When is it like Tiaf and when is it like ' pay '?
1 If you travel with us a please ask for assistance - 3 Look at all the 'sit ' words Compare them with the 'five'
to an airport , we serve more than 1,200
words. What do you notice about the pronunciation of
towns and cities in the 1
the letter i? When is it like sit and when is it like ' five ?
2 If the destination you b we cannot accept
want is not listed responsibility for your Speaking
in this timetable, complaint . Explaining booking conditions
3 If you have a problem c tell the driver at the Work with a partner. Take turns to be a travel agent sales
during the journey, earliest possible moment . clerk or a customer. The customer will ask questions
4 If you have a d you may be asked to pay about the booking conditions. Here are some questions.
complaint to make a small surcharge at some 1 Are the prices in the brochure all correct ?
during your holiday, hotels on the tour. 2 What happens if we cancel our holiday ?
5 If you do not contact e you must allow at least 3 Do we need insurance or is that included in the price ?
our representative one hour between the 4 Can we change our booking if we have to ?
before the end of coach arrival time and the
5 Will we definitely get the hotel we asked for in the
your holiday, flight check- in time,

booking form ?
6 If you have asked for a f you must contact our 6 What happens if there are flight delays?
special diet, representative at the resort
before you return home. The travel agent should look at the booking conditions,
but try to answer in her / his own words, like this:
3 Complete these four pieces of information / advice fox CUSTOMER Are the prices in the brochure all
a tourist coming to your country. correct?
1If you are going to hire a car, TRAVEL AGENT Well the prices were right when the
2If you come to our country in the high season, .. , brochure was printed, but if they are different now; the
3If you are a vegetarian , ., , tour operator will tell me when l make the booking . And
4If ... iff he prices have changed , I' ll tell you before you sign
Go to Grammar reference p.126 the booking form.
30 urm. 11

It's my job Listening

Handing over tickets
3 b 1 1U ; UK . HflS




Huayan Ye works with Spanistvspeaking tourists in NONE KMH155.5 HA 0ERH66.9ERF SfiOM CDA
China. What does she think of them, and what does
she do when shes not with her clients ? Read on and
find out.
1 Look at the flight ticket and find
Studies: SpanishPa bit of tourism, and international 1 the name of the passenger 5 the destination of the
relations at Beijing University, 2 the date of travel flight
3 the flight number 6 the flight times
Job: Working in the biggest tourism company in
China - it s called CTS - inthe inbound tourism 4 the origin of the flight 7 the cost of the ticket.
department. I look after Spanish tourists and tourists 2 O Listen to the travel agent handing over the ticket.
from Latin America. We offer them tourism servlces - Which of these pieces ofinformation does he confirm
hotel reservations, transfers, visits in China .. . with the client ?
Why tourism? I like talking to people. ! want to show 3 What does Mr Bordoni ask the travel agent about ?
foreign visitors the best of China.
4 Q Listen again and complete the dialogue .

Likes: I reafly like marketing and sales. Our

department doesn t just look after the Spanish It , T Heres your ticket. Let s just go through the
afso studies the Chinese market . Right now It s \ So, that's Toronto-Buenos Aires
growing a lot. China is one of the safest 2
P leaving August 12 on a
destinations in the world, and the Chinese are kind
and friendly. AC094.. _4 Toronto at 23 ,35h and

Clients: Our Latin-American clients are very friendly J Buenos Aires the next day at 12.10.
Our Spanish clients are a little bit more demandingl B That s not too bad,
The Spanish have a lot more experience travelling, T No, it s a good flight. Then there's your return. That 's
and they know so much about tourism. That 's why
they are demanding, but that 's good for us.
Free time; Young people In China like togo out for a
drink, go shopping, go to stores, study English. I like
reading, listeningto music, and I study Latin-
American dance - salsa, tango. And like all young
women, we like to buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics ...

Reservations and sales 99

Assess your progress in this unit.Tkk ( / ) the
statements which are true.

I can take a holiday hooking from a client in

a travel agency
\ understand basic ideas that I read or hear
about GDSs
August 23 , flight AC093 6
Buenos Aires
at 16 ,55 7
Toronto 06.35 - One passenger - lean ask for the meaning of travel
abbreviations and codes
yourself Total B
i can explain holiday terms and conditions
B Ouch! That indudes taxes, no ?
T That includes taxes, J3, and >. I can issue a ticket and check the booking
B And it is u? details with the client
T One hundred per cent refundable, Mr BordonL If you
don't go, you don't 12. And as r said, you
can change the dates of travel 13
Key words
two hours before take off. Nouns
B OK. That 's good. Will you 15 the abbreviation insurance
company directly? balance inventory
cancellation key data
T No problem.
B Then * . , then that's everything,Ithink,
CRS computerized maximum stay
reservation system meal basis
T Good. deposit details minimum stay
B Thanks for your help. fare surcharge
GDS - global tariff
T Our pleasure,Mr Bordoni.
distribution system tax

Speaking cancel
Checking the details confirm

jaLOBETRrtNS Tft BERLIN 2344 issue (a ticket)
retrieve (data)
JRL_ -
r jW store (data)

f [- | i

OjlWmqT;_rtK ITM
Next stop
1 Do you like being In airports or stations or do
you get nervous before you travel ?
1 Think about a return flight you wouldlike to take. 2 What doyou do whileyou're waiting in
Complete the blank ticket with details of your journey. airports or stations ? What facilities doyou
Make sure all of the information is properly covered ,
normally use ?
2 Give your ticket to your partner. 3 Have you ever had a problem when setting
3 When your partner is ready, ask for your ticket. Your off on the start of a journey ? How did you
partner should check all the details with you. Correct solve it ?
any details that are wrong,
4 Change roles and take the role of the travel agent .
100 Unit 12

12 Airport departures

Take off
1 How many airports have you been to ?
4 - 4. - 4
2 What 's your favorite airport ? Why ?
3 Where do you think would be the most interesting
place to work in an airport ? Where would be the most ; 1

dangerous? B5 a
\JL \
Where in the world?
1 Does the plan show the departures level or the arrivals w:
2 What happens when travellers depart from and arrive
at an airport ? Divide the following into departure and
arrival procedures and put them in the order in which
they occur. V a
a passport control g baggage reclaim
b board the plane h check - in desk
c security check i departure gate
d vmrmgration j get off the plane (disembark )
e departure lounge k customs
f arrivals hall
3 I s the airport similar to yo ur local ai rport ?

. "


f i

Hri "t o ffU

Uttrrl It" M
iinmt 1
Arrport departures 101

In this unit

airport facilities services and

responding politely to
, procedures
questions and requests
giving orders
airport dialogues
, stopping people doing something

Vocabulary Reading
Airport facilities and services Working in airports

ta m
1 What do the symbols of airport facilities represent ? 1 Make a list of the different Jobs there are in an airport.

o Which job would you most / least like to do?

2 Read the article for people training in tourism and
complete the missing sections with the extracts below.

m0H Inside tourism: Getting an

airport job

mn 0 When people think about working in the air travel

industry they usually think of flight attendants and
pilots - the cabin crew and the flight crew. But there are

m m in n
many other job opportunities at airports. These can
include working in the various \or more
specifically tourism related services, such as the 2.

The work of the airline ground crew includes 5

until they board the plane and are handed over to the
m\ cabin crew. Most employers will expect ground crew to
O S0 0
2 Which symbol represents a place where
have a good basic education, including a good level of
English. You should have a pleasant helpful personality.
Previous experience in a job which involves working
with the public (such as 4 ) is preferred.

As with travel consultants and cabin crew, ground crew

a youcanstoreyourbaggage ? are usually employed on permanent contracts but often
b you can get emergency medical treatment? work shifts. Free and discounted flights are usually
c you can rent a car ? offered after a probationary period
d you may have your luggage searched ? Some jobs at the airport do not involve contact with the
e you might find something you have lost ? public. Examples of these are s.

i Match the words in the list with the symbols. For more information on getting a job at an airport, you
a hotel reservations j lost propertyr lifts should ...
b immigration k smoking area s bar
c luggagetrolleys 1 post office t first aid
d restaurant / cafe m information u customs a information desk, the bureau de change, the
e bureau de change n hairdressers v toilets check-in desk, the security check, and customs
f baggage store o escalators w telephones and immigration
g email and Internet p departures x arrivals b shops, hotels, restaurants, and banks
h railway station q shops y car rental c baggage handlers, mechanics, and drivers
i cashier d restaurants, bars, and shops
4 Work in pairs. Five services or facilities do not have a e selling tickets, checking in passengers, dealing
symbol. Design suitable symbols, and compare with with enquiries, and supervising passengers
the class.
102 Unit 12

Listening Vocabulary
An airport worker Airport language

ftp *
Ali Ghoshal was bom and brought up in Pakistan. He
now works at London 's Heathrow airport as an aircraft

technician as part of the turn - around team ,

1 fj) Listen to the interview and answer the questions ,

1 What does the tu rn -around tea m do ? V

2 How many people are in the team ? A
3 Does Ali have any special qualifications?

4 What is the main stress in his job ?
5 What does he like most ?
6 What does he like least ?
7 Does he get any special 'perks or benefits ?
8 What does he plan to do in the future ?
1 Which airport workers are shown in the pictures ?
^ Listen again and complete the questions that the
interviewer asks.
2 Complete the questions with the words in the list, and
say where each question would be asked .
1 What does .

2 How many sharp objects ticket help board

3 What qualifications ? .
meeting point window aisle suitcase
purpose baggage passport help
4 Isit .?
checking in landed meeting
5 What do you .?
6 And J 1 Can 1 have vour . and . .. ?
7 So you re 2 Has the flight _ yet ?
8 Do you .? 3 Did you pack your yourself ?
4 Are you . someone ?
5 What is the of your visit ?
Find out
6 Are you carrying any in your hand luggage ?
Find out about your nearest airport and complete the
7 Could you
fact file.
8 Canl
_ w . me ?
you ?
9 Has your been in your possession at all
times ?

Tra nsport opt IO ns to city:
10 Are there any seats available?
Cost of retu rn trip to city: 11 Can you tell me where the is?
Name of airport: 12 Is it too late to the plane ?
Hotel options (at or near airport ):
Airport code: *
13 Are you any bags today?
Airlines operating:
Restaurant facilities: 14 Would you like an seat ?
Information - telephone number:
Shopping facilities:
3 Which questions are asked by passengers ?
Business services:
Information - website / email:
VIP lounge;
Lost luggage - telephone Car hire companies operating :
Distance from main city / cities in Car park fees (short stay / long
region; * *
stay ):
Airport departures T 03

The world's busiest airports

The world's busiest airports in 2002 5 Tokyo (HND) 58.7
( millions of passengers) 6 Dallas / Fort Worth [ DFW ) 512 PL m
1 Atlanta ( ATI) 75.8 7 Frankfurt ( FRA ) 4S .6 A
2 Chicago (ORD) 66.8 S Paris (CDC) 48.0
3 Los Angeles (LAX) 610 9 Amsterdam ( AMS) 39,5
4 London (LHR ) 60.7 10 Denver (DEN) 36.1

Language spot 2 O Listen again and complete the dialogues.

Responding politely to questions and A Could you *?I'm trying to find out if a
requests flight has arrived or not
B 2. Areyoumeeting someone ?
1 Match the following responses by airport workers with
A Yes,my brother. He was due in on _ 3 from
the five passenger questions in Vocabulary 2 . -

\ Has it arrived yet?

a Certainly. How canIhelp? B Yes, s,Let me check the
b I'm afraid it is. The cabindoors havebeen locked, Here it is. It arrived an hour ago. He should be
c No,I'm sorry it hasn't. There 's been a delay, coming through 7 about now.

d Yes, of course.It s just over there,next to the

A Right,I'll go there _* ,you say ?
B YesForifhe'snotat 9, try the
newsagents ,
e I'm afraid there aren't. The flight's very full. A That'sa good idea. Can u where the
2 Which expressions are used as more polite alternatives meeting point is ?
B , . It s just over there, next to the
toyes and no ?
3 Practise the five exchanges in pairs. A Thanks for your help.
B 13.
4 Note how the airport worker gives a reason when
saying no. This makes the negative more polite. CONVERSATION B

Think of areason for saying no to the following

C Hello. CanIhave your passport and _ _

D Here you are.

C Thank you. Are you 2
any bags today ?
1 Can we smoke here ? D Just this one. The other's 3
2 CanIgo to the front of the queue ? C Can you put it on the 4?
Thanks. Did you
3 Is it OK to take my guitar on as hand luggage ? 5
yourself ?
4 Is there any chance of an upgrade to First Class ? D Yes,I did,
5 In pairs, practise the four situations above. C Has anyone 6
your luggage in any way?
D No,they haven't,
6 Write downthree or four questions that a passenger C Are you carrying any 7 such as
nail scissors ?
might ask -include at least one where you would D No,I'm not Can 9 if there are any
expect a negative response. Ask your questions to a window seats available ?
partner and act out the dialogue. C No, 9
there aren't. The flight 's very full.
Go to Grammar reference p.126 Would you like an aisle seat ?
D Yes that'11 do.

C OK. Here's your 10 You'll be boarding

Listening through 11

in 30 minutes. Have a
Two airport dialogues
D Thank you.
1 O Listen to these two airport dialogues.
1 Where do they take place ?
2 Note down the flight numbers, gate numbers, and
cities that are mentioned. The check- in and information desks
Work in pairs. Student A , look at p, 113. Student B, look a:
104 Unit 12

compensation (n) money that much oryou are not happy with
you pay to sb beca use you have sth you have bought
injured him / herorlostor volunteer ( n) a person who
damaged his/ her property offers or agrees to do sth
refund (n) a sum of money that without being forced or paid to
Is paid back to your especially do it
because you have paid too


Air passenger rights If you are denied boarding oryourflfght is cancelled, the airline
operating your flight must offer you financial compensation
1 What things can go wrong for air passengers ? Think and assistance. These rights apply provided you check in on
about: before boarding, during the flight , after landing, .
time for any flight including charter
2 Now look at the front page of a European Commission * from an EU airportor
leaflet about air passengers' rights. What do you think to an EU airport from one outside the EU, when operated by
air passengers have a right to in each of the four an EU airline
categories ? DENIED B O A R D I N G
If you are denied boarding , the airline must . . When there ane too many passengers for the seats available, an
airlinemustfirstaskforvolunteers to give up their seats in return
If yourflight is cancelled the airline must . . . for agreed benefits.These must include the choice of either
refundof your ticket or alternative transport to your destination.
If you are not a volunteer,the airline must pay you

Having problems with

compensation of:
* 250 for flights of 1,500 km or less
vouriourney ? * 400 for longer flights within the EU, and for other flights
between 1,500 km and 3, 500 km
(tu) I strengthened
jroorngMa. * 600 for flights over 3,500 km outside the EU.
TM European Union *

. . . ...
The airline must also give you;
Here are the most * a choice of either a refund or your ticket ( with a free flight

State,*daTe of ,igt ,
back to your initial point of departure when relevant) or
nso e i

t to alternative
* transporttoyourdestinationrand meals and
refreshments, hotel accommodation when necessary
(includingtransfers), and communication facilities.
your rights. Wheneveryour flight is cancelled, the operating airline must
give you:

a Were yoiHdenied
airline did not have
the flight?
boa rding becau
enough seats on
* a choice of either a refund or your ticket (with a free flight
back to your initial point of departure when relevant) or
* alternative transport to your destination, and meals and
refreshments, hotel accommodation when necessary

(including transfers), and communication facilities.
CANCELLED FLIGHT cancelled? The airline may also have to compensate you at the same level
Has yonr flight been as for denied boarding, unless it gives you sufficient advance
notice. You shall be informed about alternative transport.

layout flight delayed for two hours or


3 Work in two groups. Group A, read about 'Denied
boarding' and ' Cancellation', Group B, read about long
delays and 'Baggage '.
1 Check to see if your answers in 2 were correct .
-in baggage been 2 Find out the level of compensation that the airline
Has your checked
damaged,delayed,or lost? must provide.

4 Explain what you have discovered to a student from

the other group.
Airport departures 105

Refunds may be in cash, by bank transfer or cheque or, with accommodation when necessary (including transfers }, ana
your signed agreement,in travel vouchers, and must be paid com munication facilities.
within seven days. When the delay isfive hours or more, the airline must also
If you do not receive these rights, complain immediately to offer to refund your ticket (with a free flight back to your
the airlineoperatingtheflight initial point of departure when relevant).
LONG DELAVS / IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE ffyoudo not receive these rights, complain immediately to
if you check in on time for any flight, including charters; from the airline operating the flight.
an EU airport, or to an EU airport from one outsidethe EU,
when operated by an EU airline and if the airline operating BAGGAGE
the flight expects a delay You may claim up to 1,000 fordamagecaused by the
destruction, damage, ioss, or delay of your baggage on a flight
* of two hours or more, for flights of 1,500 km or less by an EU airline, anywhere in the world. If the airline does not
* of three hours or more, for longer flights between 1,500 and agree with your claim,you may go to court.
3, 500 km
Fordamage to checked-in baggage,you must claim in writing
* of four hou rs or more for fli ghts over 3,500 km within seven days of its return and for delayed baggage
the airline must give you meafs and refreshments, hotel within 21 days of its return.

Incident and action log
1 In groups, look at this airline 'incident and action log'. 2 Have any incidents like this ever happened to you, or
For e ach of the incidents, decide if the airline acted someone you know ? Teli the rest of the group ab out it.
correctly according to the European Commission leaflet

Incident Passenger action Airline action

1 Five passengers overbooked on No passengers volunteered to go on to Passengers selected randomly and put on
flight from London to Paris alternative flight alternative flight (three hours later). Free
meal and drink given as compensation, plus
50 voucher for the Gift Shop.

2 Flight from Rome to New York All passengers moved on to flight on Hotel accommodation given (plus meals and
cancelled at last minute due to next day transfers). In addition compensation of 250
technical problems pa id to each passenger
3 Flight from Zurich to Dublin delayed n /a Free drink given to all passengers.
by one hourand 30 minutes
4 FlightfromMadridtoTokyo Nearly all passengers agreed to wa It, Meals and refreshments given, plus offer cr'
delayed by seven hours but two wanted to cancel and get a airport hotel accommodation. No refunds
refund given.
5 Baggage lost on Bonn to London Passengertlaimed 2,000 Passenger given 1,000 compensation anc a
flight compensation 10% discount voucher fora future flight.

6 Suitcasedamaged, and some Passenger made verbal report to clerk , Passenger given 100 compensation
contents broken and missing ( on but written claim received eight days
same flight as 5 ) later
iut> unu iz

Customer care 6 I m afraid - the cabin doors have been shut .

7 Sir, the barrier! If you do,
Care or control ? call security.
8 Now, my colleague at the airline desk
cr over there, that you get on the next
ii .
available flight.

4 h'?. Giving
Language spot
orders and stopping people doing
O something
1 Look at the different language areas used in the table
/ below.

1 At airports customers must be cared for, but they must Language (Giving an order / (Stopping someone
also be controlled. Can you think of examples of where area instruction ) doing something)
care and control are needed in an airport ?
2 What are the safety or security risks in the cartoon ?
3 What should the member of staff say to the passenger ?

1 Imperative Take off your jacketl Don't smoke here !
2 Can you / Can you take Can you please
Two more airport dialogues could you? off your jacket ? not smoke here?
1 Work in pairs. What problems can passengers have at 3 I msorry / I'm sorry, but you ' I I I 'm sorry, but you
airports ( a ) with their luggage , ( b) if they arrive late ? I m afraid have to take off can't smoke here .
yourjacket . or I 'm afraid this is a
2 Q Listen to two dialogues. nosmokingarea ,

1 In which dialogue is the airport employee showing 4 If clause If you take off Ifyouwantto
care and in which is she showing control? yourjacket , we can smoke , you'll have
2 Make notes on the problems , let you through or to go to the

3 What solution (s) is / are offered in each case ? Ifyou could just special area ,

take off your jacket.

3 Q Listen again. Complete the sentences. You may need
more than one word per space . 2 Which of the examples seem firm but polite, and which
1 to the oversized baggage desk - seem firm but direct ?
sometimes bags go there
3 Find other examples in the listening script on p. 136.
2 Yes, I
3 In the meantime, fill in this form , so we
4 Write similar sentences for these situations.
can trace it ? Go to departure gate Wail behind
4 If you wait over there, this
immediately the yellow line
5 Excuse me, sir. I'm , but you
through there.
Go to Grammar reference p.126
Airport departures TOT

Assess your progress tn this unit . Tick {/ ) the
statements which are true .
I can describeairport facilities and services
I can respond politely to questions and
lean understand and participate in a variety
Pronunciation of airport dialogues
When we deal with the public we usually want to
I can give orders and stop people doing
sound firm but polite.
1 Listen and decide whether these sentences are ( a)
firm but polite or ( b ) firm but too direct .
(a ) ( b)
1 Can you take off your jacket ? Q
Key words
2 Can you take off your jacket ? Airport staff
3 I ' m sorry, but you can ' t smoke here. baggage handler
4 Tm sorry, but you can 't smoke here. n cabin crew
5 !f you could just take off your jacket. Q ground crew
6 If you could just take off your jacket. Q mechanic
7 I'm afraid this is a no-smoking area ,

Airport places and procedures

8 I ' m afraid this is a no-smoking a re a
aisle departure lounge
2 Q Listen and repeat. Be firm but polite. baggage reclaim escalator
barrier immigration
2 Try saying the following in a firm but polite voice.
bureau de change lost property
1 Can you put your bag in the tray ? customs passport control
2 If you could take you watch off , departure gate security check
3 I ' m sorry, but you can' t take photos here

4 I m afraid you can ' t use your mobile here. Other nouns
boarding pass scales
limousine seatbelt
Speaking passenger flow trolley
Controlling passengers Verb
1 Look at the situations. For each one, decide why it is
wrong , give a possible reason for the passengers
behaviour, and say what level of firmness is required ,

1 Passenger not waiting behind line at immigration Next stop

2 Passenger not wanting to take off shoes at security
check 1 What encounters have you had as a tourist
3 Passenger refusing to open suitcase at customs or visitor in any of these places; a travel
4 Passenger going through a door marked 'Pnvate' agency, a tourist information office , an
5 Think of another airport a hotel , or when using a website ?

2 In pairs, role-play the situations. Passengers should be 2 Who did you meet ?
insistent ; employees should be firm but polite. 3 How did they help you ? How do you rate
the service they provided ?
108 Patrwork

Unit 1 p 3
Job skills
Student A

Information JamyangShiwah Maria Sanchez

Nationality Tibetan
Age 29
Job Mountain tourgulde
Qualities and skills Physically fit
Knows the mountains

Working hours Varies. 24 hou rs a day

when on an expedition
Typical daily tasks Meets and greets the travellers;
guides them alongthe route;
looks after them; interprets
Things he / she enjoys The mountains,the outdoor life,
about the job meeting different people
Relaxing after work Plays music
Own holidays With his family in the city

Unit 2 p.14 Top 10 TourismHamers

The biggest spenders and the biggest earners 90

Student A
Top 10 Tourism Spenders
Position Country Expenditure
( $ billion)
1 the USA 62.1
2 Germany 48.1 I 50

3 the United Kingdom 36.4

4 Japan 35.6
5 Spain 24,7 30

6 France 18.4
7 Italy 17.7
Austria 13.5 TO

9 Canada 12.7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
10 the Netherlands 11.3
Pairwork 109

Unit 2 p.19 Unit 3 p.23

Describing a destination Talking to tour operators
Student A
1 You are the tour operator. Use the information in the
Location and geographic features box to answer your partner's questions.
* southern hemisphere
* between Atlantic and Indian Oceans Tour feature Tour: Beaches of Kerala (Southern India )
* IV4 million square kilometres
* central plateau ( or 'veld ' ) with mountains to the Tour area + Beach resort holiday
south and east type
* dramatic coastline and many beaches
Airfares Not included Client must organize
Climate .

* warm , temperate , and dry Transfers Transfers to and from airport on first and
* 65% of the country has less than 50 cm rainfall a year last day included . Private minibus used
Tourist attractions
* mountains and fabulous beaches
Meals Breakfast & evening meal . Breakfast &
* vineyards lunch on day of departure
* wildlife reserves ( e.g. Kruger National Park - 137
mammal species, 430 bird species ) Hotels All hotels locally owned and managed .
* Cape Town - lively city life and culture Maximum size = 24 rooms . All hotels
have private gardens and luxury- class
Other services, etc .
* tourism is a major industry
* problem of rising crime in some parts Croups Not accepted . Maximum 4 people per
( = 7+ people) booking . Nominimum
Discount for None
Location and geographic features Travel agent 's 10%
* middle of Indian Ocean commission
* 1,500 km east of Africa
* 115 islands Brochures Available next month for next season
* capital is Victoria on is land of Mahe
Climate 2 Now change roles. You are thetravel agent . Ask your
* tropical oceanic partner about culture and folklore tours to Mexico. Use
* only small change in temperature throughout year the ideas in the Tour feature' column of the box to
* rainfall is low, especially in June , July, and August guide you.
Tourist attractions
* fabulous beaches ( e.g. at Praslin )
* the climate
un ique fl 0 ra and fauna, ind uding the gi ant tortoise
* honeymoon island ( ' paradise')
* economy relies on tourism
* tourism employs 30 % of the workforce
110 Palrwork

Unit 5 p . 42 Unit 4 p. 35
Suggesting alternatives and making a Changes in tourist motivation
recommendation Student A
Student A Survey A: What were the main reasons for your holiday
1 Yo u are a sale s consultant. Your partner is a customer. journey? (1986)
Suggest alternatives from the box for the situation the 1 Switching off , relaxation
customer describes. Finish by recommending the best 2 Getting away from everyday life , and having a
option . change of scene
Suggestions 3 Recovering strength
4 Experiencing nature
Situation 1 A trip to the Pyramids and the Nile
5 Having time fox one another (friends or family )
A pass tothe Formula 1 race at Monaco
6 Getting sunshine , escaping from bad weather
A beginners course in scuba diving
7 Being with other people , having company
[Your own suggestion]
8 Eating well
Situation 2 A round -the - world flight 9 Having fun and entertainment
A safari and beach package in Kenya 10 Doing what I want , being free
A cruise around the Caribbean
[ Your own suggestion]
Situation 3 An opera tour of Germany and Italy Unit 10 p. 89
A tour of the Creek Islands Cultural differences
A trip to Patagonia
[ Your own suggestion] Don't have tong convers atio n s in your own language in
front of hosts who don 't understand .
2 Now you are the customer . Go into the travel agency Do sit with your feet underneath you or cross - legged .
and ask for advice for each situation . Ask the sales Don't walk in front of an older person .
consultant for at least three alternatives for each
Don't let a post or fence come between you if you are
walking with a Mongolian .
Situation 4 You and your friends have just left Do receive food or a gift from a Mongolian with both
university. You want to travel together around Canada . hands.
Situation S You want a family holiday for you and point a knife in t he direction of a nyone.
Don ' t
your wife / husband and your two small children. Don't turn your back on an altar or religious object .
Situation 6 You want a very special holiday for your Do take a sip or nibble of drink or food that is offered .
parents who are about to celebrate their 25th wedding Do walk round inside a house or tent in a clockwise
anniversary. direction.
Don't take food from a plate with your left hand .
Unit 5 p. 39 Do keep your hat on when entering a house or tent
Don't touch other people's hats.
Investigating a clients needs
Do leave a small gift , other than money, for your
Sales consultant hosts.
You are the travel agent. There are two customers Do take off your gloves before shaking hands.
browsing in your agency. Go up to them and begin to
establish rapport . Invite them to have a seat and then
use open questions to investigate their initial needs.
Make notes of what they want.
Pairwork 111

Unit 7 p.62
Giving information about hotels
Student A

^ Home

HIO Las Palmeras ( Tenerife )

Hotels Resorts FAQ

The H 10 Las Palmeras hotef is located in Playa de Eas Sports & leisure
Americas , surrounded by generous subtropical gardens
The hotel has two swimming pools ( one heated in winter },
with direct accessto the seaside -promenade and only
15 km from the airport. with a special section for ch ildren, th ree tennis courts , ping
pong , and billiards.
Food fir drink
Facilities & services
In the hotel you can find the Tas Palmeras' restaurant ,
where there is a buffet with show cooking, a Barbecue Hairdresser, internet corner , private parking, souvenir
shops, car rental , money exchange, room service, TV, games
Restaurant nearthe swimming pool, a Pool Bar, the Big Ben *
Bar, which offers evening entertainment, a Piano Bar in the
room , meeting rooms, and day and night - time
Hal ] , and the Ballena Bar ' , a snack -bar near the beach entertainment are also available In thehotel.

Unit 7 p.67 Unit 8 p.71

Taking a telephone booking Do you SWOT?
Caller1 Student A
guest name; Wei-WeiLai
room type: single, smoking transport and access - transport links with the rest of
contact telephone: 669 374 370 7713 the country are very good (S)
arrival: Thursday 23 accommodation - already good and getting better { S)
restaurant etc. - good and varied but not geared to
departure: Monday 27 ^
tourism yet ( O)
credit card type: Visa
cardholder's name: Wei-WeiLai local food- original and tasty but not well-known ( O)
card number; 63818352 7497 6832 nightlife and dubbing - not very good and not very
expiry date; 07/08 safe (W)
museums and art galleries - very good in the other city
Caller 2 in the area (T)
guest name: Regina Loreto activities for families - a very good range of activities
room type: double, non- smoking ( at theback of the (S)
hotel) the weather - unpredictable summers. Cold winters. (T)
contact telephone: 0034 93 863 5569 marketing potential - very high but not yet used to its
arrival: Monday 13 full potential (O)
departure: Friday 17 marketing strategy - no marketing strategy (W)
credit card type: American Express current advertising - only brochures and a poor web
cardholder' s name: Regina Loreto page (W)
cardnumber; 7400 6583 4545 4890 the image of the city - poor, and often identified with
expiry date: 01/09 industry and contamination (W)
112 Pairwork

Unit 9 p.79 Unit 10 p. 88

The air travel route map Questions on Antarctica
Team A Student A
Baggage : Personal possessions taken on to a plane by a Ask B these questions. Make notes and ask for
passenger, including checked and hand luggage clarifi cation and more details if necessary.
Connecting flight : A segment of a flight that requires a 1 Where do ships leave from ?
passenger to change planes, but not change carriers 2 Do we get a chance to go ashore ?
Direct flight: A flight that does not involve a change of
flight number Answer B's questions using this information. Give as
Fly - Drive package: A package that includes the cost of much detail as possible ,

both the flight and hire of a car at the destination

Hub : A central airport used as a connecting point to ANTARCTICA
direct passengers to their other destinations. Madrid No documentation or visas are required to visit Antarctica ,
is the hub for the Spanish airline Iberia but if your cruise stops off at other countries en route ,
Non-stop flight : A flight without any stops visas and documentation may be required for them.
Open - jaw trip: A return air ticket that allows you to fly A variety of passenger ships sail to Antarctica and the
into a country at one airport, and leave the country choice of ship can make a big difference to your journey
by a different airport and experiences.
Return trip: an air journey that departs from and
arrives back at the same airport Antarctic cruises aren t like other more well - known
cruises to warmer climates with discos and showbiz
Stopover : An interruption to a trip lasting twelve or
more hours entertainment , though the larger the ship, the more
Terminal: The airport building that has all the facilities likely there is to be entertainment provided .
for passengers that are arriving or departing What you will find is a number of very well informed
and experienced cruise guides working on the ship who
will give lectures on a regular basis about various
aspects of Antarctic history and natural history. These
will also often be around to socialize in the evenings
along with some of the ship's crew and captain.
Unit 10 p.90
Escape and enlightenment holidays
Student A

Hot Springs Spa and Nature Resort
Primavera, Mexico

Liome Rio Caliente is o natural hot springs spa and retreat centre, only 45
L: - ,

, minutes from the international airport of Guadalajara , Mexico .

TV - L' ^
Situated on the slopes of an ancient valley, it offers the natural beauty
of the forest and mountains and boasts a perfect mountain climate
Rio Caliente provides the ideal secluded location for the spa - goer

| Ma|a seeking rest, relaxation , and rejuvenation .

At Rio Caliente, you can enjoy daily yoga and water exercise , guided
Booking nature hikes, soaks in hot mineral water, horseback excursions,
massage , aromatherapy, beauty and anti - aging treatments .
Recharge your spirit and your imagination . Recharge your body and
soul . Come to Rio Caliente !
Pairwork 113

Unit 12 p.103 2 Now change roles. You are a customer

meeting a traveller . Ask the information
The check- in and information desks clerk questions to find out about the
following .
Student A
Customer meeting traveller 1
1 You are a check in clerk. Look at the departures board and seat

Meeting: Ms Amanda French (business

avaiiibility notes and answer Student BJs questions . contact )
Flight: from Auckland ( NZ 008? )
Flight To Sched . Actual Gate Seats available Note: VIP travelling first class
UA900 Frankfurt 0825 0825 G7 All Customer meeting traveller 2
KL 605 Amsterdam 10.00 10.00 AS No window, no front Meeting: Doris Marshall (your
DL8599 Paris 10.15 1025 A7 No wl n dow, so me a i sle b u t Flight: UA95 5
not two together Front only Note: Never flown before
UA 926 Paris 1130 11.50 G9 Aisle. Customer meeting traveller 3
Window (over wing only) Meeting: Ko Miyuki and family
8A 284 London 11.40 13.10 > Alt Flight : from London hut not sure of number
Note: worried because you arrived late
REMINDERS: Customer meeting traveller 4
^ Check passenger has correct flight
^ Ask security questions Meeting: Thorsten Krebs from Germany
^ Check in luggage
^ Give boarding pass and gate number Flight : VS 019 from London
( hand luggage - one bag only )
^ Point out if flight is on time Note: needs to be at very important
meeting at 1630

Unit 2 p.14 Top 10 Tourism Spenders

The biggest spenders and the biggest earners 90
Student B
Top 10 Tourism Earners
Position Country Receipts ( $ billion)
7 the USA 852 60
2 Spain 36.4
5 the United Kingdom 23.1
6 Austria 18.0
7 Germany 16.3 20

8 China 162
9 Greece 13 ,1
10 Canada 10.8 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
114 Pairwork

Unit 12 p.103 Unit 3 p.23

The check-in and information desks Talking to tour operators
Student B Student B
1 You are a passenger Ask the check-in clerk about 1 You are a travel agent. Ask the tour operator questions
departures and seat availability- about package holidays to the beaches of Kerala in
Southern India . Use the ideas in the 'Tour featuref
passenger 1 column of the box below to guide you.
Flight: UA900 to Frankfurt
Preferred seat: window 2 Now change roles. You are the tour operator. Use the
Luggage : two bags as hand luggage information in the box to answer your partner 's
Passenger 2
Flight: KL605 to Amsterdam Tour feature Tour : Mexico and its folklore guided tour
Preferred seat: Window
Luggage: Very large suitcase Tour area Culture and folklore circular tour from
+ type Mexico City
Passenger 3
Flight : DLS 599 to Paris Airfares Touhshclass ticket included
Preferred seat: No preference , but two together Transfers Transfers to and from airport and all
Luggage: One to check and one hand luggage each transfers during tour included . Coaches
Passenger 4 and local taxis used
Flight: BA 2S4 Meals All meals Included except on the two free
Preferred seat: No preference
days when only breakfast included
Luggage: Hand luggage only (in a hurry to get to
appointment in London) Hotels Only luxury-class international hotels used
2 Now change roles. You are the information clerk . Look Groups Accepted
at the arrivals board and answer Student A's questions. (= 12+ people)
Airport arrivals board Discount for 73% for group 12-20 pax , 9% for groups
r groups 20+ pax
Flight From Sched . Actual Gate Remarks
Travel agent 's 9%
NZ 008 Auckland 1220 13 45
, G In customs commission
UA 955 London 1135 1230 G In customs / Brochures Will send within 48 hours of receiving
cleared address
CX872 X10g 1335 13, 20 A In customs

UA 324 New York 1330 14.20 A Landed

VS019 London 14.00 1530 G Delayed

Time now is 14 30 .
Pairwork 115

Unit 5 p .42 Unit 5 p .39

Suggesting alternatives and making a investigating a client s needs
recommendation Customers
Student 5
1 Students B Sc C
1 You are a customer. Go into the travel agency and ask You and your partner are customers.
for advice for each situation. Ask the sales consultant You are interested in an adventure holiday in South
for at least three alternatives for each situation. America ,

You are not sure exactly where you want to go -

Situation 1 You are looking for an incentive trip for
perhaps Peru, Chile , or Argentina.
your company's best worker.
You would like some time for independent travel.
Situation 2 You are about to get married and are You would like to see some of the famous historical
looking for a place to go on your honeymoon . monuments as well, like Machu Pichu in Peru .
You 've got three weeks in August,
Situation 3 You and your partner are about to retire
You ' ll be travelling with five other friends in a group.
and want to celebrate with a special holiday.
You don 't want to spend very much money.
2 Now you are the sales consultant and your partner is You want to fly direct to South America - you don 't
the customer. Suggest alternatives from the box for the want to change planes anywhere outside Europe .

situation the customer describes. Finish by

recommending the best option. 2 Students C 8t A
You and your partner are customers.
Situation 4 A tour of Northern India including a visit to You are interested in a weekend break in a European city
the Taj Mahal but you want something different - you 've been to
Paris, Rome , Madrid , etc. already.
A week in a luxury spa
An eight - day cruise around the You are not sure exactly where you want to go - perhaps
Mediterranean one of the Baltic capitals (Tallin, Riga, or Vilnius ) or
[Your own suggestion ] perhaps Warsaw or Berlin. You are not really sure.
You would like a tour with guided excursions and visits.
Situation 5 A self-drive tour in a motor home You want free time to do some shopping.
A Greyhound Coach Canada Pass You don 't really want to spend the whole time looking
A pass fortheTrans -Canadian railway at monuments.
[Your own suggestion ] You Ve got four days any time in the spring.
Situation 6 An apartment in a Mediterranean resort YouTl be travelling with a friend.
Atripto Disneyland You want half - board and you want a bit of luxury - it 's
A holiday in a family resort village like a special occasion.
Center Pa res 3 Students A fe B
[Your own suggestion] You and your partner are customers .
You are interested in a beach holiday in Greece.
You'd like to see Athens and a bit of history,
monuments - that sort of thing -but you are really
interested in relaxing on the beach on an island .
You would quite like to do a bit of snorkelling or even
try scuba diving , but nothing strenuous like walking .
You 've got two weeks.
You want try local food.
You want a villa or apartment so that you can do your
own cooking.
You 'll be travelling with a friend.
You want to hire a car and see the island.
116 Pairwork

Unit 8 p.71 Unit 4 p.35

Do you SWOT? Changes in tourist motivation
Student B Student B
transport and access - excellent for both domestic and Survey B : What were the main reasons for your holiday
international arrivals (S) journey ?
accommodation - abundant but expensive and not 1 Going to places I haven 't visited before
very good (W) 2 Meeting new and different people
restaurants, etc. - varied, good food, interesting (S) 3 Opportunities to increase one 's knowledge
local food - world -famous (S) 4 Experiencing new and different lifestyles
nightlife and clubbing - really good but only local 5 Having fun , being entertained
people know about it (O ) 6 Just relaxing
museums and art galleries - not very attractive and 7 Escaping from the ordinary
often closed (W) 8 Being together as a family
activities for families - there aren ' t many (W ) 9 Trying new food
the weather - much too hot in summer. Rains all 10 Talking about the trip after I returned home
winter. (T)
marketing potential - quite limited because most
tourists already know the city (T)
marketing strategy - a group of experts are preparing
a new strategy (O)
current advertising - the city only uses a limited Unit 10 p.90
number of promotional techniques (0) Escape and enlightenment holidays
the image of the city - is often closely linked to other
cities in the area (T) Student B

^ amvrW'

Probably the most famous Christian pilgrimage route of

a / / is the medieval route to Santiago de Compostela in
northern Spain , burial place ofStJames Pilgrimages

began in the 10th century.

We follow the whole route from Le Puy to Santiago in
ten stages . You can choose the section that passes
through the part of the country that interests you , and
you can start at any point along the route .

Your luggage h moved ahead each day, and you are

accommodated in comfortable small hotels and guest
m houses with breakfast and dinner unless otherwise stated.

Depart any day you like from 1 May to 30 October


'work 1t 7

Unit 10 p.88 Unit 9 p.79

Questions on Antarctica The air travel route map
Student B TeamB

Answer A's questions using this information. Give as Air ticket: A contract between an air carrier and a
much detail as possible, passenger that gives the passenger the right to
travel on specific flights
ANTARCTICA Carrier code: A unique two letter code that is used to
identify an airline in official schedules and
Peninsula voyages generally depart from Ushuala in
Argentina. Other South American ports are occasionally used.
timetables. BA, for example, is the carrier code for
British Airways
For trips to the Ross region and Eastern Antarctica , Code sharing: An agreement between two air carriers
commonly used ports are Hobart in Australia , and Auckland that allows the first carrier to use its carrier code on
in New Zealand. an aircraft operated by the second one
Departures sometimes set out from Cape Town and Port First class: The best service and highest fare offered by
Elizabeth in South Africa, and Fremantle / Perth i n an airline
Australia. Frequent flyer program: A programme offered by
One of the main rules that will affect your visit is that only airlines that gives frequent travellers points that are
100 passengers at any one time may be landed in any one valid for free or discounted travel in the future
place in Antarctica. This is to help preserve the fragile Gateway airport: An airport that is the main entry
ecosystem , If you are on a small ship of up to 100 passengers, point to a particular region or country
then you get a chance to go ashore every time. If the ship is Overbooking: The strategy airlines use of selling more
larger, then there will be less opportunity for landings. seats than are available on the plane
RTW trip: An air ticket that allows a passenger to go
round the world, stopping in at least three
Ask A these questions. Make notes and ask for
continents, but always travelling either east or west
clarification and more details if necessary,
Scheduled airline: An airline that offers regular flights
1 Do we need a visa ? that depart and arrive at published times
2 What are the ships like ? Transit: Passengers who are waiting to changes planes
at a hub airport
Unit 7 p.62
Giving information about hotels
Student B

Home Hotels Booking Maps

InterCity Hotel Frankfurt * *

This modem hotel in the city centre, styled for General Services Business Fdcifitfes
the international business traveller's needs, is Diy Cleaning / Laundry Service * Meeting Facilities
24 - Hour Front Desk Secretarial Services
within walking distance of tire citys busy #

fairground and die financial district with its * Safety Deposit Boxes * Internet access
a Left Luggage / Storage Facilities a Black 6c \ \ bite photocopying
characteristic skyscrapers, and offers guests Cots / Cribs
a Fax service
free use of all Frankfurt public transport, a Restaurant TV & Video hire
including the return trip to the airport. a Lounge / Bar
118 Pairwork

Unit 10 p.90
Escape and enlightenment holidays
Student C

Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat

Yoga and Meditation
pm HH
Dhanakosa is a Buddhist , Meditation Retreats are an ideal situation* Yoga and meditation : In these
Lak^a eshdook at yourself retreats the yoga work is presented
and Yoga retreat iadn jl
^ ^

an ideal place for learning

meditation and complementary
activities like yoga , t 'ai chi , hiking ,
'^PPPHfPWRWP ' 1 10
meditate bV idftfyour meditation
further with the help of experienced
as an important part of meditation
practice!. The classes are taught from

principles and can be enjoyed

basic prim
and shiatsu . Dhanakosa sits by the teachers. This can help you develop by people with any level of

shores of Loch Viol and is surrounded clarity, confidence, energy, and experience
experienci .
by the magnificent mountains and positive emotion . These retreats , .
Book r as these re treats a re very

forests of the Scottish Highlands . It provide an excellent introduction to
popu ai

provides a quiet and beautiful setting both meditation and Buddhism ,

for retreats.. ~~~* "*"

Unitl p. 8
Job skills
Student B

Information Jamyang Shiwah Maria Sanchez

Nationality Mexican

Age 25
Job Children 's activity organizer in Cancun Mexico
Qualities and skills Friendly and patient
Good with children
Working hours 8 00 to 12.00 and 16.00 to 20.00

Typical daily tasks Organizes games and activities;

takes children on trips; supervises meal times;
Things he / she enjoys Working with children , being in a holiday resort
about thejob
Relaxing after work .
Reading or sleeping sometimes dancing
Own holidays Visits friends in Mexico and the US
Grammar reference 119

Grammar reference
1 Modal verbs Verbs + -ing form
or the infinitive, Present Simple
Verbs + - ing form or the infinitive
Some verbs and expressions are followed by the - ing
form or a noun. These include be good at , dislike , enjoy,
and Present Continuous feel confident about , like ,

Modal verbs I am good at making people relax.

Modal verbs are special verbs that we use to talk about Other verbs and expressions are followed by the
necessity, obligation ability, and possibility The most infinitive. These include be able to , be willing to. can ,
common are: have to, need to, must, can, could, may, have to (- it is necessary to), k n ow how to.
might; shouldt and ought to. We are willing to work long hoursi.
Modal verbs are followed by the Infinitive. With the Note that some verbs can be followed by to + infinitive
exception of have to and need to, they are not formed in or dug form, with no change in meaning. These
the same way as ordinary verbs . include: begin , continue, dislike , intend, like , love , prefer,
start ,

She likes working independently,

I / You / He / She / It / We f They can start work She likes to work independently.
Present Simple + adverbs of frequency
= subject + can + infinitive Positive
NOT He can Restart work immediately.
I i You i We / They provide good service.
He i She / It provides good service.
I / You / He / She / It / We / They cannot (can't) start
work immediately. = subject + infinitive
= subject + can 't + infinitive
NOT I don't can start work immediately 1 / You } We / They do not ( don't) understand the
Can I / you / he / she / it / we / they start work He ! She / It does not (doesn't) understand the
immediately ? language.

= Can + subject + infinitive = subject + do / does + not + infinitive

N OT Deyou ecm start work immediately? Questions
The negative forms of other modals are must not Do 1 i you / we i they have a private bathroom?
( mustn t ) , could not ( couldn t ) , may not , might not
( mightn t ) , should not ( shouldn t ) , and ought not to Does he i she I it have a private bathroom ?
( oughtnt to ).
- Do / Does + subject + infinitive
Have to and need to are formed in the same way as the
verbs have and need . Be careful with the he / she i it forms.
She has to be flexible. NOTHC provide good service.
We don t have to work long hours. NOT She 4&nf4 understand the language
Do ! need to wear a uniform? We use the Present Simple to talk about things that are
always true.
A tour operator organizes the different parts of a
< j i ar r n r i d i PCICI CI ILC

We can use the Present Simple + an adverb of The islands are very green. There are many beautiful
frequency to talk about habitual actions in the present . flowers.
I usually finish work at 5 p, m. The extreme north has got a subtropical chmate.

To talk about a temporary activity or arrangement in Note: consist + o/ + noun.

the present we use the Present Continuous. Remember that we use There is + singular or
Present Continuous uncountable nouns and There are + plural nouns.
When describing a location we can use verbs such as be
or lie. However, it is also very common to use the
I am working. Present Simple Passive ,
You / We / They are working. Present Simple Passive
He / She / It is working. Positive

= subject + am / is / are + - ing form New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Negative = subject + am / is / are + past participle

I am not (I'm not ) working. Negative
You / We i They are not (arent) working. New Zealand is not (isnt) located in the South
He / She / It is not (isn t ) working. Pacific Ocean.

= subject + am / is / are + not + - ing form = subject + am / is / are + not + past participle
Questions Questions

Am I working ? Is New Zealand located in the South Pacific Ocean ?

Are you / we / they working ? = Am / Is / Are + subject + past participle

Is he / she / it working ? It consists of two islands.
NOT Ip&e&nsisted of two islands .
- Am / Is / Are + subject + ing form *
The Balearic islands are located between Spain and
There are some verbs which cannot be used in the North Africa .
Present Continuous. These are have ( - possess), and NOT The Balearic islands lo&tte between Spain and
thinking and feeling verbs such as dislike , hate , know, North Africa .
like , love , remember , want
Other verbs like be located are be situated and be found .
I hate my new job
Mount Etna is found in Sicily
NOT I ' m hating my new job.
The main harbour is situated on the west mast
The verbs lie , consist , and have got are not used in the
2 Describing features and Passive.
resources, Present Simple
Passive 3 Present Simple questions,
Describing features and resources Prepositions of time
We often use the Present Simple to describe features Questions
and resources.
We usually make Present Simple questions with do / does.
New Zealand lies in the South Pacific Ocean.
It consists of two islandsi Do you have a brochure ?

= Do / Does + subject + infinitive.

Grammar reference 121

We usually answer Yes or No to these questions. for to talk about how long something will last
We wid stay in Barcelona for two days / fora long
With some verbs, questions are not formed with Do /
time / fora short time.
Does. These include the verbs be, can, and have got.

4 Giving reasons, describing

Is the hotel nearthesea ?
Present Simple of be + subject
Can you give me a discount ?
= Can + subject + infinitive
There are several ways of giving a reason for
Have you got a brochure ? something: because, because of to , for, in case ,
I' m in London becauseTmgoing to a university reunion ,
= Present Simple of have + subject + got beca use + subject + verb
Note that it is possible to say both Do you have? and
The flight was delayed because of fog .
Have you got?
because of + noun
Question words We went to Berlin for my sister's wedding ,
Sometimes we begin a question with a question word for + noun
when we want specific information. The most common They' re in New York to attend a conference.
are; who, what, which , where , when , how, and why. to + infinitive
When does the tour begin?
How can I help you?
In case refers to a reason that might happen.
Were leaving early in case there are delays.
What and which can be followed by a noun. ( = because there might be delays )
What class of hotel do you use? These expressions are often used in response to the
Other question words are how much , how many\ how following types of questions .
often , how soon , how far, and how long . Why are you travelling to Madrid ?
How much does the tour cost? What's the reason for the delay?
Whats the purpose of the supplement?
Prepositions of time
We often use the prepositions in , at , on , and /or to talk Describing trends
about time. We can describe current and past trends by using
different tenses.
in parts of days, months, seasons, years
in the morning , in the afternoon Present Continuous describes a current trend .
in March
People are taking more diverse holidays.
in winter
in 2007 = subject + is / are + -ing
to say how soon something is going to happen
Present Perfect describes a trend that began in the past
The tour will start in two weeks.
and which continues up to the present,
at times of the day, mealtimes
at 8 a. m., at 4 p.m. Indep end ent holid ay s have bee ome mo re popalar.
at midnight, at dawn = subject + has / have + past participle
at breakfast, at lunch
Past Simple describes a trend that ended in the past .
also: at night, at the weekend, at Easter
The country 's revenue from tourism increased.
on days of the week, special days, dates
on Sunday, on Saturday afternoon = subject + past form
on Christmas Eve, on my birthday
on 7 June
122 Grammar reference

[t is common to use a time phrase with the different

How did you travel here? By train. / 1 travelled here
tenses to show what period of time we are referring to.
These often go at the beginning of the sentence. by train.

Present Continuous nowadays , today When did you arrive ? at 10 o'clock. / 1 arrived
Present Perfect since + past point in time, so far, at 10 o'clock .
up to now
= question word + did + main verb
Past Simple dates, periods of time in the past
Nowadays, fewer people are using travel agents. Suggestions and advice
Since 1999, the number of holidays booked online has There are several ways of making suggestions and
increased each year. offering advice .
Between 1985 and 1998 Spain's revenue from package
You should + infinitive You should try the Best of
tourism dropped . Australia tour
Adverbs of degree Why don't you + infinitive Why don rtyou take the
full - board option?
We often use an adverb of degree to show how quickly You could + infinitive You could look for
or slowly trends develop. These include:
slowly / gradually / steadily
strongly / sharply /
information on the
If I were you, I'd + infinitive If I were you, I'd travel in
Online bookings have increased dramatically over the the spring .
past five years. Your best option + infinitive Your best option is to hire
is to a car
5 Open and closed questions, Howabout + -ing How about going by bus?
Haveyou Have you thought about
Suggestions and advice thought about + -ing going by bus?
Closed questions can be replied to with yes or no. They 6 Comparatives, Describing a
generally begin with a form of the verb be or an
auxiliary verb such as do , can , or have.
Can she stay for longer than two weeks ? Yes, she can. / Comparatives
No, shecanJt. Look at the table below.
Adjective Comparing Comparing
Do you often go on package holidays ? Yes, I do. /
two things more than two
No, I dont. things

= auxiliary verb + subject + main verb One syllable + -er, -est cheap cheaper
the cheapest
Note that it is more usual in English to reply to a closed
question with a short answer, rather than a simple yes
or no. One syllable + - r\ - st large larger
ending in -e the largest
Open questions are used when we want information.
They begin with question words such as where , who , One syllable duplicate big bigger
what, which , when , why, whose, how. Other question
ending in one consonant + -er the biggest
words beginning with how are :
+ one consonant
how long { = time )
how far ( = distance ) Note: we do not duplicate w.
how often ( = frequency )
how much / many ( = quantity )
Grammar reference T 23

Two syllables replaceywith easy easier 7 Describing location

ending iny f + -er the easiest
Describing location
Two syllables + more / most famous We use certain prepositions to describe where things
more famous and people are. These include at , in , on , between , near
the most famous (to),and next to.
at for a building or an address
Irregular adjectives good better Many people stay at our campsite.
the best The guesthouse is located at 12 Northumberland
bad worse Avenue.
the worst in for a specific street town , or country, and the
far farther / countryside in general
further The hotel is in Northumberland Avenue.
the farthest / the I'd prefer to stay somewhere in t he countryside
furthest on for rivers, the coast , famous streets, and floors of a
Other ways of making comparisons are Tm staying at a hotel on Fifth Avenue.
Our room is on the seventh floor.
( not ) as . .. as A basis not as convenient as a taxi.
Note that both in and at can be used for buildings. In
less + adjective + than The trains are less frequent
generally refers to a position inside, while at suggests
now than in the morning .
the function of the building.
Describing a timetable He's at the gym ( = he is doing exercise)

He's in the gym. his location is inside the gym}

The simplest way of describing a timetable is to use the
Present Simple and a time or place phrase. In , at , and on are used in many other expressions to
at 9 00. describe location , which need to he learnt individually,
The train departs ,

e , g. in the middle, at home , on the top.

= subject + present simple + phrase Between means in the middle of two things.
A phrase can consist of The gymnasium is between the car park and the
a preposition of time, e.g., at midnight m the morning , swimming pool
on Tuesdays
Opposite means on the other side to a person , building,
a preposition of place, e.g ., from platform one, in the
or other object.
main square, at the bus stop
My hotel is opposite the station ,

We use verbs such as leave, depart , arrive , run , operate , NOT My hotel is opposite to the station.
take .
Near (to) means not very far from something or
The ferry takes one hour and thirty minutes.
To describe special rules or instructions on timetables,
I'd prefer to be near ( to ) the financial district.
a passive form is often used e.g may / can / may not /
must / must not + be + past participle Next to means at the side of something or someone.
Iam standing next to the conference centre.
Baggage must not be left unattended .
124 Cram mar reference

8 Verb patterns, Superlatives Irregular adjectives good better

the best
Verb patterns
bad worse
There are several types of verb patterns: the worst
verb + object The hotel provided a far farther /
provide, offer questionnaire for each g uest. further
verb + to + infinitive The company is prepa red to the farthest /
be prepared to , invest heavily the furthest
hope to , need to We are hoping to attract a lot
more customers, Italy's tourism campaign was judged to be the best
The hotel needs to develop a The highest number of people voted for New York s
leisure programme. campaign.
All the campaigns highlighted the most interesting and
verb + object + to We asked him to write a report. unusual aspects of the country.
+ infinitive
give , send , ask , tell In the same way that less is the opposite of more , most
is the opposite of least .
verb + object Let your customers know about
-f infinitive changes to your services. The least successful campaign was also the most
let , make The hotel made him pay a single innovative .

Superlatives 9 Like or dislike, Polite questions

When we are comparing more than two things, we use Like or dislike
the superlative form. Compare the rules for formation
There are several ways of talking about things that we
of the comparative and the superlative.
like or dislike.
Adjective Comparative Superlative
Strongly like really love
One syllable + -er , - est cheap cheaper love
the cheapest really like
One syllable + - r, -sf large larger prefer
ending in -e the largest quite like
Neutral don't mind
One syllable duplicate big bigger don't like / dislike
really don't like
ending in one consonant + - er the biggest
+ one consonant Strongly dislike reaUy hate
Note; we do not duplicate w. All these expressions take the same structure: verb +
-ing or verb + noun.
Two syllables replace y with easy easier 1 really hate queuing at the check -in. / 1 really hate the
ending iny i + ~er the easiest check - in.
She doesn't mind waiting in the departure lounge.
Two syllables + more / most famous more Do you like landing ?
the most famous
Note that mind can only take verb + inq. -
Gramma '

Polite questions Questions Short answers

We usually make questions with an auxiliary verb and Did you visit the famous Ice Hotel ? Yes, I did .
a main verb. No, I didn 't .
Can you answer a few questions ?
= Did + subject + infinitive
= auxiliary verb + subject + main verb
We use the Past Simple to talk about something that
Where do you work ? happened on a particular occasion in the past . We often
= question word + auxiliary verb + subject + main verb use time expressions with the Past Simple.
They found a much better travel company.
We can make questions more polite by phrasing them
1 tried windsurfing last year.
in a less direct way.
Would you mind + - ing Would you mind telling me Present Perfect
what you do? Positive
Could you + infinitive Could you give me a few
minutes of your time? I have tried white - water rafting .
Cun I ask you + indirect Can J ask you where you work ? = subject + have / has + past participle
Note the difference between a direct and an indirect
I haven 't found a suitable company.
question .
Direct question = subject + have / has not + past participle
Where do you work ? Questions Short answers
Have you visited the famousmarket? Ye s , I h ave .
= question word + auxiliary + subject + infinitive
No, I haven't .
Indirect question
- Have / has + subject + past participle
( Can you tell me ) where you work ?
We use the Present Perfect to talk about things that
= question word + subject + infinitive have happened to us at some point in our lives. It is
generally not important when these happened because
10 Talking about experience, the Present Perfect focuses on the experience itself .
Vve climbed Costa Rica's highest peak .
Describing service provision When talking about experiences, we often use ever
Talking about experience with questions in the Present Perfect to mean 'at any
time in your life'.
We often use the Past Simple and the Present Perfect to
talk about experience. Have you ever visited Machu Picchu? No, I' ve never
been there.
Past Simple
Describing service provision
We can use several tenses and verb forms to describe
1 enjoyed the tour. the services that are available to customers.
^ subject + past form
Present Simple
Verbs such as offered provide are a better choice than
I didn t see the Northern Lights. have, while boast is often used In persuasive styles of
text .
= subject + did not (didn t) + infinitive
New York offers a wide range of attractions to suit all
Costa Rica boasts fantastic wildlife.
126 Grammar reference

can We will offer a 50% refund if you cancel your holiday.

You can + infinitive describes a range of possibilities. Note that there is no comma between the two parts of
the sentence when if is in the second part of the
You can learn about the Hindu religion and see the last
unspoilt place in the world
Present Simple Passive
12 Responses and orders
We can use verbs such as present, provide , and offer in
this form. Responding politely to questions and
Many opportunities are provided to learn about the requests
important ecological work in the area. When responding politely to requests and questions,
Imperative we often give expanded answers rather than simply
sayingyes or no.
This is another structure that is often used in Cou /dyou help me? Yes, of course .
persuasive texts, as it addresses the reader directly. Do you know if the train is on time? Yesf I think so.
Book now for the thrill of a lifetime! Has the plane left? Yes,Vm afraid if has .
We often begin a refusal or other negative response
11 // sentences with an apology.
Do you know where the nearest chemist is? No, sorry I .

// sentences dont know the area very well

We use if to describe actions or situations that are Have you got a pen? No, I' m sorry, I haven t.
conditional on other events. The if clause describes the Couldn't you upgrade me? Vm afraid not The flights
condition, while the main clause describes the action full
or consequence.
Giving orders and stopping people doing
If you require a special diet, please let us know .
We can talk about conditions in the past , presenter
Some orders are more direct , and therefore less polite.
Some are indirect and therefore more polite. However,
Condition a lot will depend on the tone of voice used to give the
If + Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect
If you are travelling alone, you may have to pay a Imperative
surcharge for your room. The imperative takes the infinitive form. In the
Note that we don 't use will after if . negative , Do not or Don't come before the infinitive.
This is the most direct way of giving an order.
NOT If you wiU require a special diet, please let us know.
Fasten your seltbeats.
Consequence Don't smoke in this area.

Present Simple, imperative, can, will may, might , must , Please + imperative
Please 4 imperative is more polite than the imperative
If you decide to stay for longer than a month, we will on its own , but still rather official.
offer a discount
Please take your jacket off .

It is not always necessary to begin the sentence with Don t use your mobile, please
the if clause ,
Can / Couldyou ... ? + infinitive
Can is relatively informal, and is often used with please,
while could is generally more polite than can .
Can you wait behind the yellow line ( please)?
Could you fill in this form?
Vm sorry / Vm afraid
It is polite to apologize when stopping someone from
doing something.
Vm afraid this is a non-smoking area.
Vm sorry, you can't take photographs here.
If clause
An if clause can be used to ask someone to do
something. If is often followed by the Present Simple or
could This is the most polite form of instruction.

If you could just take a few moments to fill in this form.

128 Listening scripts

Listening scripts
Unitl Listening Unitl Pronunciation because 1 work with people all the time,I
just want to escape whenIJm on holiday.
So,most years I rent a remote cottage in
Three jobs agent guide pilot the Borders, just inside Scotland. It's a long
1 attendant porter attractions way from anywhere.It's got spectacular
manager tourism calm views,but the only building you can see is
Ilike the job.Ilike being the front line, the
catering an old ruined castle, andthat 's five miles
first point of contact.IthinkIm quite good at
dealing withpeople.Iknow how to smile,
I So what do you do there ?
although sometimes on a bad day, it 's hard, 1
guess the tasksIdo are a bit routine ifI'm
Unit 2 Pronunciation L Lots of walking throughthe hills. Or
sometimesIdrive over to the east where
honest -1check in arrivals,hand out room
Russia London China you've got thedramatic coastline of
keys,process enquiries andreservations, that
kind of thing.I work shifts, which can be a Madrid Italy Japan Northumberland.It's stillunspoilt. No one
can get hold of me. The cottage doesn't
drag.Iusually start at six in the morning, France Mexico
Tokyo even have electricity, so there's no phone,
which is OK because I get off nice and ear Paris
no TV, andthe mobile doesn't get reception,
but then occasionallyIdo the late turn andI
unless you climb the hill at the back of the
don't finish till after rrudnight - this weekI'm
doing the late shift , Unit 2 Listening cottage,but that 's 600 metres - so it s got to
be a real emergency !
There's always something different going on, I Sounds great. What about you, Regula -
For example, we had a group from Japan Where do tourists go? what 's your favourite destination?
arrive yesterday and they were so polite and Exercise 3 R Isuppose you could say that Andreas -
nice andpleas ed to b e here. TheyJre visiting that 's my boyfriend - andIcollect cities.
a We had a total of 19,000 visitors last year,
the Snoopy Museum in Santa Rosa today and These days with cheap flights, it s almost
were so excited about itI'm waiting for them b The population is 80 million,
c The average age of visitors to the museum cheaperthanstayingin Zurich. We go
to come back, soIcan see how they all got on. away for long weekends about five or six
is 30 .S years,
2 d It takes about IS minutes to get to the airport. times a year. We 've been to Vienna,
lstartedhere about two years ago. As the Budapest,and Prague this year already.I
Exercise 4 love art galleries and walking through the
manager,I'm mainly in theback office.I don't
deal directly withthe public at the desk. On a 19 90 IS SO 13 30 15 50 streets of the ancient city. You get a feel for
typical day,I'm onthe phone and the email Exercise 6 the cultural heritage of a place. But my
most of thetime. 1 start the day by checking my favourite place at the moment has got to
OK,I'm going to tell you the top ten tourist
email,andthat sets the agenda for the first part be Barcelona.Ilove the Gaudi architecture,
destinations inthe world. The top country is a and of course the delirious food.Ithink it's
of the morning at least,Ihave to talk to local
European country - can you guess which? To the complete city. Its also the place where
businesses,hotels, tour companies, to check
make it more interesting for you T m going to Andreas and 1went for our first holiday, so
that we're providing the service they want,that
start at the bottom with the tenth place,
weTe stocking their brochures and so on.1 also it's got happy memories for us.
where we have Germany, whichhad a total of I And finaliy, Valery, Where do you spend
arrange presentations, andIget invitedto a lot
19 million tourist visitors last year . Inninth
of social events to network andtalk about your holidays ?
place, we have Canada which had 20 million V Usually,Igo to the Mediterranean. My
tourist information services in the city.I'm
visitors , Thenthere are two countries father has a villa on Cyprus - my parents
working on a big presentation for some Italian
together in seventh place: Mexico and Russia, go there for a relaxing break,but It's not so
clients at the moment.
both with 21 million. In sixth place comes the
interesting for me.ilike to go to dubs with
3 UnitedKingdom with 2 5 million visitors.
This is my second season, A lot of reps only my friends, meet girls, dance, and drink a
Then in fifth place, and the highest Asian few beers.Ithink thebest place is Ibiza.I've
survive one season,because it 's very country - any ideas which one ? (Japan? ) No, beenthere for two summers and it's a good
demanding work - wedontgetpaic not Japan.It 's China with 31million.In fourth
we only get one day off a week .Ifeel a lot scene with exciting nightlife and lively
place, we have Italy: 41 million;third is Spain bars.I don't go for the sun. 1think there are
more confident about things this time . I with 48 million. Which leaves the top two: the too many crowded beaches. Last year,I
couldn't do the job all year,but as the season United States in the silver medal position, if
only lasts three months,it's OK. We work very stayed on for the season since I got a job in
you like , with 51million. And top of the
long hours, especially on changeover days. a bar. That was cool! Maybe f 11go back this
charts, by a long way, is . France with 75 summer.
We take the guests who are going home to million tourist visitors. Did anyone guess I Thanks everyone.
the airport at six in the morning, and bring right ?
back the new group , We then have to get
themsettled, sort out any problems - and
there always are problems! - and do the Unit 2 Listening Unit 3 Listening
paperwork. SoIoften dont finish until
midnight on changeover day, Why choose a package holiday?
Favourite places
Ilike working with people and on the whole I=Interviewer, H=Helga
I=Interviewer, L=Liz,R=Regula, V - Valery
the guests are good, but some of them can be 1 Helga, what would you say were the
very annoying - although f never show it of I Liz,how do you like to spend your holidays ?
advantages of a package holiday ?
course , because the customer is always right! L Well,I'm a teacher inLondon andI think
H Well,Ithink the most obvious advantage
Listening scripts 129

is the saving in cost. Package holidays are B Well, cultural attractions are the most leisure tourism is the main reason for travel
che ape r than the s ame holiday bo ught common reason for visiting Burma . with 53% travelling for this reason . Visiting
independently. We re tour operators , and I Can you give us details of what sort of friends and relatives, VFR, is the next biggest
so were buying in bulk, and we buy in things people see? reason with 3 2% .Business tourism is
advance - sometimes as much as two years B Yes. We always sta rt with Ya ngon or relatively small at 11%.
in advance - and this means that we get Rangoon, which is the capital of Burma, We When we look at the money spent on travel
good prices for airline seats, for hotel stay there overnight the first night and the by British tourists, the order is slightly
rooms, for accommodation in general, and last night , when we enter and leave the different. Leisure tourism accounts for 70% of
for other services. The independent country. And we always visit Bagan . Baga n expenditure , then business travel at 16% ,

traveller simply cannot get prices as good is full of temples . It has more than 2, 000 Tourists and travellers who are visiting
as ours. So yes, I'd say the low cost is the temples so our groups always stay there friends and relatives, not surprisingly
most important advantage . three nights , and they get to see a lot of the perhaps, spend less money and this is only 11%,
I Are there any other advantages ? temples. Also they can rent a bicycle , they
H Well, yes , there are . Another important can go by horse-drawn carriage and it's a
advantage of the package holiday is that
you know how much the holiday will cost
very interesting place. You can go down
the river in Bagan too, and that's very nice .
Unit 4 Listening
before you've left home. The I Where do you go after Bagan ?
accommodation, transport , transfers , a lot B After Bagan the second place we go to is Passenger survey
of excursions - all this is included in the Lake Inle, which is also amazing. We do a lot 1
price. In fact, we call it an all inclusive price of trekking by Inle and also in the A Can I ask you afew questions ?
- the only other money you will spend is mountains , which are about one hour away B Certainly,
buying souvenirs , drinks, or small things by car.And we go to the floating markets A We re collecting information to help us
like that. With a family where the money there- people always like that. And then we monitor passenger movements.
they have might be limited, you know how move to Mandalay, which is in the middle of B OK .
much the holiday's going to cost you the country and is very traditional And we A Can I ask where you are from?
before you leave home . go to the school of Buddhism, also in B We re from Pakistan.
I Can you give me one mo re reason for Mandalay. A And where are you going ?
taking a package holiday? I Wow. That sounds interest!ng I B To Mecca,
H Well, another thing is the fact that it's been B Yes , Mandalay's lovely. And then we move A Is that for a pilgrimage?
organized by professionals. So, as tour to the beach. We use Ngapali beach. We B That's right. We 're going there to visit the
operators we've been to the destination. have to fly from Yangon or Mandalay to Holy Shrine of the Prophet Mohammed .
We 've confirmed that the hotel meets our Th andwe, and then to Ngapali. We stay 1' ve been to Mecca many times, but this is
standards and we 've checked with local there two nights , and the beach is very, the first time for my family, so we are very
guides . verybeautiful. excited.
I So this means that you won't have any I Is it difficult to persuade people to go to A l see. And how long are you planning to
problems -you can relax, and ,. , Burma? stay?
H Yes, you're on holiday with nothing to B A little. The thing is t hat we find that B We'll probably stay for a week or so,
worry about. And if you do have a problem, people don't know anything about Burma . because we want to do some sightseeing
there's a rep, a representative of our They are very scared, so we try to teach as well afterwards.
company, on site. So if you have any them, we try to tell them where it is A OK , thanks very much , I hope it goes well.
problems , there 's somebody who speaks located that it's a very safe place, and we B Thank you,
your language that you can go to and this are like teachers with them , because they 2
person will find a solution to your problem. don't know what it is. A Hello, madam . Were doing a passenger
And this also produces peace of mind. survey to help with tourism planning. 1
Unit 3 Pronunciation wonder if I could ask you some questions ?
Unit 3 Listening C All right
A Where are you travelling to ?
Exercise 2 C Bangkok, Thailand. One moment please ...
The 'Peace in Burma1 tour accept agent local travel No, it's nothing. Sorry about that , 1 have to
have the phone on in case there's a
I- Interviewer, B =Begona Exercise 3 problem at the office.
I What are the f e atures of B urma that brochure discount inclusive A No problem What is the purpose of your
interest people from Europe ? commission domestic package visit ? Are you travelling for a business trip ?
B It's ve ry pe aceful. That 's an important component holiday providers C Yes, rsuppose so, but it s, well, yes, it's also
feature, Burma doesn 't have a lot of customer include transfers pleasure too, at least I hope so. It's a fam
tourists compared to Vietnam, Cambodia,
especially compared to Thailand.
trip a familiarization trip . I' m a tour

I What else does Burma offer ? Unit 4 Listening operator, part of a group of tour operators
from Italy We 're being taken out to

B There are very good beaches and we are Thailand because we need to see what the
starting to have very good hotels also. Reasons for travel and money facilities will be like for our tourists. We
I Is it mainly beach tourism , or are there want to start a new tour programme there
cultural attractions that people are going
spent on travel
for the Italian market,
to Burma to see ? For British tourists, like most countries , A How long is the trip?
130 Listening scripts

C Five days,
A Great . Thank you, and good luck .
Unit 4 Listening Unit 5 Listening
A Excuse me, have you got time to answer a Interview with a Kenyan tour AM in a day's work
few quick questions ? operator 1
D Ithink so, IHnterviewer, J-JohnMuhoho Hi.I'mtaking a year off whenIfinishmy
A CanI start by asking where you've studies andIwant to go around the world.
travelled from this morning and where I John, tell us a little about yourself and
I'm told there are round-the- world tickets,
you're going to ? how you started working in tourism,
andIwanted a bit ofinformation about
J I'm 39 years old.Istarted working in
Dim fromLondon andIdrove here this them,
morning.I'm off to New York. tourism in 1994, after finishing a degree in
Geography and Political Science at the 2
A And what's the reason for your trip ?
University of Nairobi.Istarted my Could you book me a double somewhere
D It s my brother's wedding andIm his best
company, CKC Tours in 2000 with some central inHelsinki for next weekend? Arrive
friends. Fridaymidday. Depart Mondaymorning. Oh,
A Avery import ant job. Does he live in New
I What do you enjoy mo st about the job? and non-smoking.
York ?
D Yes, he went there a few years ago to start a J Meeting as many different people as 3
software company - he's been very successful, possible ,I'm able to understandthem,I'm Hello,I wonder if you can help us. We want to
A How long are you staying? abl e to understandtheir culture, and of go to Mexico to see the Aztec ruins,but we're
D Well, probably four days,but Irve got an course Tm able to get some money ! a little nervous. We don't speak Spanish, you
I Do you get people from all over the world ? see. And at our age we don't want too much
open return in case they ask me to stay on
for a bit Iong e r. You never know .., was that .
J Yes 1 get people right now be cause of the adventure,
the New York flight they just called? internet. Our site is able to generate 4
A IJm not sure. Why don't you check? I business because we have registered with Hi. Can you tell me whatIneed for
haven't got any more questions, severalsearch engines,like Google and Kazakhstan? WillI beOK with US dollars ?
D OK, thanks! Yahoo.It s able to give us business from all AndIsupposeIneed a visa?
over the world.
4 I Doesmostof your business come through 5
A CanI ask you some questions for a survey the Internet ? Hi, Webooked with you last week to go to
we're doing ? J Not exactly, but a good portion of it - Orlando - you know, Dis ney andallthat. But
E Yes, of course. maybe 25 % . we're just a bit worried about itImean if
A Have you just come in on the Madrid flight ? I In Kenya, is tourism regarded as a good something happens while we're there.Im
E Yes,but we started in Buenos Aires. We are industry to work in? not saying an accident,but anybody can fall
from Argentina, but we had to fly to J Yes, it 's the biggest.It's a very important ill
Madridbecause there wereno direct industry.
flights available.
A Where are you going to ?
I So, why should 1come to Kenya ?
J Kenya offers adiverserangeofinterestsfor
Unit 5 Listening
E To London. visitors. We have 300 kilometres of coast,
A Why are you visiting London? with some lovely long beaches . There are A new customer
E We are going to London for a study tour for coral reefs, and swimmingin the sea is safe T=Tiavel agent, K =Karl, A=Anita
four weeks. We are learning English.
A Ap art from learningEnglish,do you have
from sharks and sea creatures That 's one
T Hello. CanIhelp you?
side, that s thebeach holiday.Then Kenya
any other reasons to be here, any other is famous for safaris. There are 45 national K Hello. Yes . We want to go to Australia.
things you want to do ? parks, where clients can come and visit T Australia ? OK. Have a seat and we'll see
E Yes, we have a lot of day trips and and see exotic animals like flamingos - what we can do,
excursions to famous places,and we want there are about two million of them. You A Thanks. Our daughter 's there and we want
to go to Scotland to see the Edinburgh can also go hiking inthe hills and to go out and do a bit of travelling with her,
festival. We want to do sightseeing,but not mountains. There is the culture aspect, T So, were you thinking about a package
just sightseeing, we are herebecause we such as the Masai, who are not very tour, perhaps ?
want to know about the culture, and not exposed to Western civilization. Basically, K Well, we were, but the problem is that
only because of the famous sights. that's the safari andbeach side. You can Nicki's already out there.Imean, there's
also come for golf. We have 39 golf courses, not much point paying an airfare for her.
so you can integrate a golfing holiday - A We haven't really got a lot of money for
Unit 4 Pronunciation safari, beach, golf. We also have some this.
camels, where people can just go for a K We just want to travel around out there
Exercise 1 camelride. In a nutshell,Ican say that with her, you know.
T So you'd prefer to do things on your own?
Russia China Germany Kenya is a wonderful place for visitors to
Be free to move around in your own time ?
Exercise 3 come. Kenyan people are very friendly
K Yes!
brochure destination package people.
T You want somethingnot too expensive ...
change English passenger K No.
chart Egypt pilgrimage T ... but you want to book your flights and so
check -in expression religious on before you go ?
cultural language
Listening sc " 131

K Yes,that's right , What do you think ? What coaches when you go anywhere by road,
should we do ? K And the hotels ? And all the meals ? Unit 6 Listening
T Well,probablyyourbestopt ionis totravel T The hotels . ,, and you can take the full
out to Australia independently, andthen board option with allthe meals.But ifI Transport systems and cable cars
once you're there, take a tour run by a local were you,I'dtake half- board.Full- board is in San Francisco
tour operator. Where is your daughter, by too much foodfor most people,and with
the way ? half-board you have the funof choosing Welcome to the San Francisco public
A InMelbourne. where to have luncheach day. transportation informationline. San
T Ah, that s great. There's loads you can do A That's a goo dideal Franciscohas a variety of transit options for
from there. And when exactly did you K Nineteen days did you say ? visitors.For information on ferry crossings in
want to travel? T That s right . the Bay Area,press1.For information on
A Well ideally on the 20th of July. We can't K Hmm,It 's abit long,perhaps, It doesn' t MUNIbuses and metro services,press 2, For
ready go any earlier. leave much time inMelbourne. information on the BART,Bay Area Rapid
T And what about your stay ? How long A No. Transit train system,including services to
would you want to be away ? T Wellthen, why don't you think about the San Francisco International airport, press 3 .
A Three weeks, we thought.It would be nice Australia's Best tour ? That's only thirteen For information on the world- famous cable
to stay longer, but ... days. Here we are. It's likethe last one but cars, press 4. For any other Information,
T Three weeks is fine. Now,let's see. Your you go direct from Melbourne to Alice includingbike rental, coach tours, and car
daughter's inMelbourne, you said? Springs . rental please hold for an operator.
K Yes, so we thought we'd spend a couple of A That's where you go to Ayers Rock ? You havechos en option 4. San Francis co s
days there at the beginning while we get T Thats right . historic cable cars have been running since
used to the time difference, K And it goes to the Great Barrier Reef ? 1873. They provide an unusual and
T Good idea.It's a big difference. It s a bit of a T And Sydney. And asIsaid,it's only thirteen interesting way to see the city with stunning
shock for the body dock. So, let's see ... it's days so you'll have more time in views. There are threelines: Calif ornia-Van
Mr and Mrs ... ? Melbourne, Ness, Powell-Mason, andPowell-Hyde, The
A Chodkiewicz. K This is harder than J thought. cable cars run from 6 a,m. to 1a,m,Monday
T And have you booked withus before,by A Yes,it's complicated. through Sunday. At peak times they are
any chance ? T Look, why don't you leave your contact approximately every five to ten minutes ,
A We haven't actually. We were passing and details with me andIll have a look on the Tickets can be bought at special booths or on
Internet andin our brochures,and see ifI the car at $ 3 for a single ride,Tickets arenon-
T That rs no problem,Mrs Chodkiewicz,It was can find anything else for you. Thenif you transfer able. Special one-day and one - week
just to see if we had you on the computer. cancome in some time next week . .. passes are available. You can board at any of
Now what have we got that might interest K OK, the stops Indicated with the browncable-car
you ,.. T Could you give me your name soIcan set sign. Cable-car riders shouldhold on tight
up a file for you? and take great care when getting on and off.
A Chodkiewicz . Anita Chodkiewicz,
Unit 5 Listening T CouldIask you to spell that ?
A Yes,It'sC H- O'D- ... Unit 6 Listening
Presenting a product T C -H'O-D - ...
T ... what have we got that might interest
A cruise ship worker
you ,.. Hmm, let 's see , . there are a couple
of things thatIcan think of straight away.
Unit 5 Pronunciation Istarted out as a junior waiter m the
restaurant of a four -star hotel They gave me
Of course, a lot depends on what you're
interested in doing in Australia,Did you ... . .. . .
A, B,C, D E F G,HI, J,K L M N,0 P,Q,R, S, T,U
. . ..
. a thorough training in all aspects of waiting,
including silver service - thats w here you
have anything in mind ? serve the diners at the table - which you need
K I'd like to see Ayers Rock, to know for jobs on cruise ships I stayed there
A r want to go to the Great Barrier Reef.
T Ah. They re quite along way ap art.
Unit 6 Pronunciation for about two years before moving to work in
a French restaurant inManchester whereI
K Yes, we saw that - we were looking at the was deputy head waiter.
map.It's big! Exercise 1
Id heard on the grapevine that jobs were
T Notto worry. Melbourne is a good b ase, dean jet safe available on cruise lines. So,Iput together a
and if 1 can just show you this. This easy leisure scenic letter explaining what t was looking for and a
company specializes inindependent tours ferry plane train CV listing my work experience.1 sent these
and they have two in Australia that you Exercise 4 off, with a photo, to some of the cruiselines
should think about, in my opinion. Ones car fast harbour and cruise line employment agencies. One of
called All Australia. That's nineteen days. It craft guard ride them accepted me after an interview and put
goes along the coastto Adelaide thenby drive guide track me on their waiting list.Four months later,1
train to Ayers Rock, Then you fly to Darwin was on my way to Miami to join the Crown
in the north andthen to Cairns. That Princess.
means you both get to see what you want .
Our hours of work are quite long and we
A Is everything included?
don't get a regular weekly day off. This ship
T Everything. The flights, the t rain, the
cruises around the Caribbean but we dont
132 Listening scripts

get to go ashore at every port. We're not name is it, please ? side we've got some fabulous new
allowedto mix with the passengers off duty C Steinmetz.Barb ara Steinmetz, attractions such as the Gateshead
or use any passenger facilities. But we have R Could you sp ell that,pleas e ? Millennium Bridge and the Baltic. An
got our own social facilities , all food and C Yes, its S-T- E -I-N-M-E -T-Z. excellent product showing theold andthe
accommodationis free, and the social life on R I-N-M- E-T-Z . new together.
board is amazing. C That 's right. I And you' ve got the Sage , of course ,
R We need you to confirm this, Ms Steinmetz. J We've got the new S age Gateshead, which
By fax or email. Or you can give us your is a home to music,musical discovery, and
Unit 7 Listening credit card details. education, too.
C Credit card is easiest. I OK, fant astic How about opportunities for
A place to stay R Could you give me the number of the card? the city ? For the cities!
C Just a moment ... Yes,it's 49 double 2 6481 J For the cities. Well, we call
1 6262 double 3 83. NewcastleGateshead a destination. Our
Hi,Ineed a room for tonight ,.. No, ju st R So that's 49 double 2 64816262 double 3 S 3. airport has grownmassively over the last
myself . . . That's right. Just for tonight ,,, C Yes, that sit eighteen months. That gives us many
You've only got doubles ? No singles ? ... No, R Is that Visa, Ms Steinmet z ? opportunities to speak to new markets, to
no. Non- smoking ... Mm, OK. Til take it,I C No, it 's Mastercard, bring people from outside the UK into
guess. Thank youvery much. R And what's the name on the card,please? NewcastleGateshead.
2 C My own name. It 's my name. 1 A threat?
Hello,Is that Sea View ? ,.. Do you have a room R OK. And could you just tell me the expiry J We have a threat with regard to the
for two for tonight and tomorrow ? , . , Yes, a date ? perception that people have of the North

double or a twin.Either wouldbe perfect . Is C It expires August 200S. east. They see the area as quite an
the bathroom en- suite ? . . A washbasin and R That's fine then, Ms Steinmetz, Your industrial place, which in reality it isn't at
shower is fine ,,. Oh, supper would be reservation number is H- A-D, 280, 6 double all, so we dohave to change that
wonderful. That saves us going back out 5 , double 03. perception.
again .., Davidson . .. Yes, OK . Wellsee you
this evening, then,
C ,,. double 5 double 03.
R CouldIask you to use this if you need to
I Right .
J So the perceptions in the UK,Iwould say is
3 modify or cancel your booking? our main threat,
Hello.Ive been looking at your website and .
C Yes ofcourse. 1 A major weakness ?
Tm ringing to see if you wouldhave a space R An d we look forward to seeing you on the I A major weakness ? Well, all the other cities
for a family of five - that 's my wife and me, 12th. Thank you for calling. in the UK, such as Bristol and Birmingham
and our children? ... No, allin the same tent. C Thank you.Goodbye. andManchester, all these cities are using
It's a standard tent. A frame tent,Ithink you R Goodbye. the same product concept, which is the
say ... Electricity? No ,, no, we don't ... No, vibrant European city. Andit's all very
muchthe same offer, so that's a major
actually ... Imean, to tell you the truth, we d
like not to be near the shower block. As far Unit 7 Pronunciation weakness.
away as possible in fact ... For two weeks 1 Any other weaknesses ?
from July 22nd ... A deposit of 15%? OK.How CanIhelp you? J Another weakness wouldbethenumber
shouldIsendthat ? Would that be a single room? of hotel rooms we have.If you think about
Would you prefer a twin ,,, the city of Glasgow in Scotland, they have
... or two singles ? got fifteen thousandbedrooms in the city.
Unit 7 Listening We have just over five thousand, so its very
difficult because sometimes the hotels are
Taking a reservation by telephone Unit 8 Listening full, so that's a difficult problem for us.
I But that's a weakne ss which is the result of
R=Receptionist, C =Caller so many people wanting to visit
Analysing your product NewcastleGateshead,isnt it ? Imean,it's a
R The Hadrian Hotel, Sara speaking. CanI
help you? 1=Interviewer,I=Jean weakness because of your success in
C Hi. Would you have a room for next week ? I Jean, what would you say the strengths of marketing, surely ?
R For next week , madam ? When would that the NewcastleGateshead productare ? J Yes,it is really.
be exactly ? J Iwould s ay we have three main strength s, I Well, that 's a nice weakness!
C From the 12thto the 15th. the strongest of which is the people that
live here. They're very proud of their
R And would that be a single room?
C No, it 's for me and my daughter. origins, and of theNorth-east, and they
Unit 8 Listening
R Would youprefer a twin or two singles ? show it to the visitors. Another strength is
C A twin,please. the place because we're surrounded by Promotion in tourism
R Smoking or nonsmoking? wonderful countryside and areas that are
1 Jean, can you tell me about the connection
C Non-smoking. very beautiful, between marketing and promotion?
R So that's arriving Monday the 12th, depart ure I And yo ur third strength?
J Well,promotionisoneofthefourPsof
Thursday the 15th, twin, non - smoking? J A third strength is that we' ve also got two what we call the marketing mix,
C That 's right, very vibrant cities. We've got the old parts I The four Ps ?
R One moment,pie ase,I'll just check of Newcastle - the castle andthe area J Yes, the four Ps Product , in other words,
availability. Yes, we can do that , What around Grey Street, and on the Gateshead what you're offering. Price, which is how
Listening scripts 133

much it 's going to cost. Place, which is

more about where you show the product Unit 9 Take off 4
I don't mind waiting to embark. You usually
to the client than about where the holiday have places to look around, or I take a book
itself actually happens. And number four , A typ al flight ? Well, for the passenger the and read, and it doesn ' t bother me too much
promotion. ^
whole process begins on arriving at the I prefer window seats. I love having a window
1 Which is your area, if I m not mistaken? airport. Check -in first, and then you go seat when you can see a new place, some
J That 's right through security control. After that it 's a place that you haven 't seen before. But if it's a
I So, tell us a little bit about promotions, then. question of sitting around waiting for the place I ve seen before, and it doesn't have
J Well, the idea of promotion is to sell your flight to be called. Boarding next - which is anything special in it, I like an aisle seat so I
product. But the interesting part is, 'How the first time we come into contact with the can get up ,
do we do this ?', and the answer begins passengers, although of course , weve been
with awareness, with making the I hate waiting for luggage. It's one of the
on board for a while by then. Last passenger
customer aware that the product exists , on, doors shut, push off from the finger, and things that often takes too long.
I So p romotion is making customers aware ? then we' re taxiing towards the runway for
J Yes , but it's also about ere ating a demand. take -off . A lot of people get nervous just Unit 9 Pronunciation
And then of course , another use of -
before take off , but it's over in seconds and
promotion is to make customers suddenly we're up, we're in the air, we're
understand that your product is better flying. Speed 550 km an hour, cruising at DDN DDQ TKT DAD
than other similar products , 33,000 feet, way above the clouds. Wonderful. DDG nr NTT
I S o we know why we use promotion, but DTD TGT DHT
how does promotion work ? How do you
create a demand, for example? Unit 9 Listening Unit 9 Listening
J Well, creating a demand is a question of
promotional techniques , The ups and downs of flying
You mean advertising?
Yes . Advertising is one of the things we do I -
Low cost or traditional?
1actually love travelling to the airport, driving I =Interviewer , M = Martin Stanton
in promotion, but it's not the only
technique. Apart from advertising - you to the airport, because it's usually that I Martin , would you mind answering a
know, magazines , TV, the media in general moment when you're getting away from couple of questions about air travel ?
- there's also PR. That's short for Public work, and it's just a pleasant thing to do. M Of course not . Fire away.
Relations. This could be an article in a And I don 't mind landing. It doesn 't bother I Could I ask you how often you fly ?
newspaper or magazine . An article is free me. I know a lot of people get very nervous, M Quite often. Once a month, perhaps.
publicity, though it 's never really free! and of course it's much better when it's a Sometimes twice.
I So we ' ve got advertising and PR. Is there well -done landing, but it doesn 't bother me. I You travel on College business. Can I ask
anything else ? 2
you if you use low-cost airlines at all ?
J Yes, there's what we call direct marketing. MI sometimes use them, but I use traditional
I really don't like checking in. It's very rare
r You mean going straight to the customer? that you don't have to stand in a long queue,
airlines more.
J Yes, The provider - that could be a tou r and that there don't seem to be any I Does it bother you to fly with a low - cost
operator with a package holiday, or an carrier ?
airline with a special offer - the provider M No, not especially. Basically, 1 use what 's
contacts the customer directly, usually by And I really don't like embarking when you best for a given trip,
mailing information and news directly to haven't got a seat number - going into the -
I Which do you prefer - low cost or
the customers on their database. airplane and putting up with people pushing traditional ?
I And is that emailing, or do you use normal around and trying to get to their seat, and not M In the air there isn't much of a difference .
post? being able to sit with whoever you're There's more legroom with a traditional
J A lot of small tour operators us e email, but travelling with. So, no, I much prefer airline, perhaps, but that's about all, except,
for most big companies, direct marketing companies that give you seats. of course ,for the chance of business class
is letters through your door, 3 seats, which are great if you can pay for
I Any other promotional techniques ? I don 't mind going through security if there them. And having your seat number in
J Theres also personal selling. Now that does isn 't a long queue, but I hate it when it advance. I hate the race for seats on budget
need an intermediary, because personal happens in places like London. Some of the aircraft.
selling is a travel agent sitting with a client. London airports have several hundred people I What about on the grou nd ?
And it's knowing who you spoke to last in the queue, and even though they go quite M Well , with traditional airlines you don't
week and what they want. Personal selling's fast, I really dislike that. need to check in as early. But the biggest
your smile. It 's the human touch. 1 quite like taking off. I've always loved the difference is when your journey involves
feeling of leaving the land down there and then two flights, Traditional airlines check your
luggage through to your final destination,
Unit 8 Pronunciation just rising in the air suddenly, I really love it.
But I hate the delays. This is something that
which is great.
1 So, for you cost is the only real advantage of
has happened a lot to me, as well as missing low-cost airlines ?
advertise improve strengths connections, and being in the airport all day. I M It s the biggest one, and if you ' re travelling
ancient innovative threats really hate that
campaign marketing weaknesses as a family that 's a real advantage , Flus the
fact that internet booking seems easier
identify picturesque
134 Listening scripts

with budget companies for some reason . I ve climbed quite a few summits around
I But wou Id you say that for the business
Unit 10 Listening the 6 , 000 -metre mark. In fact the last one
traveller the traditional airlines are still was last month ,
best ? Interview with a mountaineer I H ave you ever been frightened ?
M Yeah , definitely And I don 't see that M Who hasn t ?! Yeah, of course. There isn't a
Is Interviewer , M = Mountaineer
changing . mountaineer who hasnt been scared at
I Well, thanks for your time, Ma rtin, I Whe n did you start m ountain climbing ? some time. If someone says they 've never
M That's OK . A pleasure. MI went walking with my parents when I been frightened, they ' re lying.
was eight, just in low mountains - hills I Have you ever thought of giving up ?
really. Then I went off with a friend and M Well, I've given up on individual summits -
Unit 10 Listening climbed the same mountains when we
were thirteen . I' m surprised our parents let
Pic Communism, one in Bolivia, too, a nd
Ive had accidents , though I've never had a
us go, but we got back OK . And we had a bad accident. And I 've lost friends who've
At the trade fair great time, so we did it again . .. and again , been killed in accidents. That was the
M = Mariana, J= Jurgita and again! worst moment. That hurts for a long time.
M Wow! That was a tiring day I What about ex peditionmountameer mg ? But I 'd never give up mountaineering . I
I Yes, but wasn't it interesting ? Id quite like When did you do that ? couldn't. Some of my happiest moments
to go on most of those trips myself , M That was in 1974. We organized a small have been on big mountains , on the top
MI know what you mean. OK, what have we expedition. In the end there were two of us , with friends , or back at base camp
got ? We went to Norway to the Troll Wall. enjoying what you did. Fantastic!
J We11, in the advent ure a nd action section I I Ah. Do you use atour company when you
thought the water- based activities would organize an expedition, or do you do it
be good - divin g in the Caribbe an, that sort yourself ?
M For trips in Europe we do it ourselves , and
Unit 10 Pronunciation
of thing.
M There's also a great trip to Costa Rica:you can we often do it ourselves in b igger
1 vest 3 vine 5 best
combine white water rafting and biking mountains, in fact. I 've been to Kenya ,
2 berry 4 whale 6 veil
beneath active volcanoes . You could also do Bolivia, Pakistan, Peru - all without a tour
horse riding and stay on a working cattle company. I've been to Central Asia, too -
ranch, once to Kyrgyzstan and once to Tajikistan.
But both times we used a tour company
Unit 11 Listening
J Sound s good . 1 think we should
recommend a feature on Costa Rica. I Why was that?
M Agreed. What about ecotourism ? M Well, it s still quite hard to organize Taking a booking
J I liked t he Antarctica section. internal transport and permits in these T -Travel agent , S = Susan Venables
M Me too. There are some fascinating places,
T Hi. Can I help you ?
expeditions . There was a great cruise 1 Hmm. How did you find a suitable
S Yes. We were here last week. We were
where you get to observe the landscape company ?
thinking about a holiday in the Dominican
and the sea -life. and work alongside some M Through the Internet,
Republic. And you gave us this brochure,
of the people down there who are helping 1 The Internet ? So, what do you look for in a
and we went away to think about hotels.
to preserve the ecosystem. tour company ? I imagine there 's more
T Mrs Venables, isn 't it ?
J Good . Then we wanted to have a section on than one!
S Yes , that's right.
' escape and enlightenment'. There are the M Good question. Well, obviously price is
T And have you decided on a hotel, or do you
regular spa and health resorts of course - important , That rules out most UK or
need some more help ?
there was a good one in Mexico I saw. European companies. Local companies are
S No, we 've made our mind up. We thought
M 1 also liked the pilgrimage to the Seven always cheaper. Then there 's the services.
the Playa Tropical seemed the best for us.
Holy Cities of India. You want them to provide theservices you
T Mm . Good, A lot of our clients go there .
J OK, lets go for that - it would be a good need , but without obliging you to take on
You ' ve made a good choice. So, let me just
contrast to the Costa Rica and Antarctica all the services they offer. WeYe
experienced mountaineers- We don't need
get a few details down and we can make
experiences . Finally cultural tourism- the booking.
what did you get ? a guide from start to finish. Basically, we're
S OK ,

M Well , its such a huge range. There are so looking for a company that will organize
local transport up to base camp, base camp
T Could you tell meyourfirst name, pleas e ?
many possibilities. But the one Hiked was S Susan.
the gastronomic week in Prance staying on food and lodging, permits , and not much
T OK . And co uld you give your contact details
a working farm, learning how to cook with else really, So, price, range of services , choice
of services , and some indication that they
- your postal address, a daytime telephone
natural ingredients, and fitting in with the number, and an evening number, as well .
are specialists in mountaineering. Do they
local life,

use guides who've climbed in the .

S Yes it s 64 Bridge Lane, Lazenthorpe.
J OK, we've got a lot of information and T Is that with a Y and a final 'e ' ?
some definite recommendations to give to Himalayas ? That sort of thing.
S That's right - L-A-Z -EN-T- H-OR - P -E.
head office . Did you get all the contact I Uh huh. What s t he highe st mountain
T OK. And a tele phone number ?
details ? you've climbed ?
S Er, ItJs p robably eas ie st to ring my husband
M Yes, I think I managed to . .. M One in Tajikistan - a rather pathetic 6,400
on his mobile. Thats 0 double 7 479 797
metres high. I ' ve been on higher mountains,
for example Pic Communism at 7,400
double 9.
T ... 7 double 9 , You don't have an email
metres high, but r didn't get to the top. But
address , too ?
Listening scripts 135

S Yes,it's 'vert abtes ,.s r'. it gets shortened to SABRE. travel, and it's fully refundable if in t he end
T ... dot V hyphen Vat hobnaildot com. OK. 1 Ah, right . SABRE. And is that the same as you can't go,
Now, let 's see . Is it just the two of you Amadeus ? B Oh well, that 's good to know,
going? C No, no.Imean, they're both computer T Anyway, here's your ticket andlet's just go
S That's right. reservation systems.In that sense they're throughthe details.So, thats
T And it was for the end of September ? the same.But they were created by Toronto-Buenos Aires return^ leaving
S You've got a goodmemory? The 21st of different people at different times, SABRE August 12 th on flight AC094. Departing
Septemberto the 11th of October. is an American Airlines creation. That was Toronto at 23.35 and getting intoBuenos
T OK. 21st of the 9th to the 11th of the 10th. in 19 59.But Amadeus was Air France, Aires the next day at 12.10,
And to the Playa Tropical? Iberia, Scandinavian Airlines, and B That 'snot too bad,
S Mm. Lufthansa, And that was quite a lot later, T .
No it s a good flight. Thenthere's your return
T And what about meals ? Did you want full I Quite a lot later ? That's August 23rd,flight AC093.Depart
board or half board? C Mm. In 1987. Buenos Aires at 16,5 5. Arrive Toronto 06.3 5.
S .
Halfboard 1think . We want to get out of I So there's SABRE and there's Amadeus. Are One passenger - yourself.Total cost Mm,thus
the hotel and try the local restaurants .,. there any other systems ? might hurt.Total cost 3,950 dollars 74 cents .
T Which are very good.I'll see if Ican find a C There's Galileo,and Worldspan, but the B AyaI Thatincludes taxes, no ?
couple to recommend. two biggest are Amadeus and SABRE. T That includes taxes, fees, and surcharges
S Oh, that wouldbe nice. They 've each got about about 30% ofthe B And it is refundable ?
T OK, ne arly finished. Let s see if t here are market, Galileo's about 25 % and T One hundred per cent refundable, Mr
any problems. There shouldn't be.No, look, Worldspanis much smaller. Its only about Bordoni.If you don't go, you don't pay. And
it's come through straight away. Playa 15% ofthe market. They're all very big, of as I said, you can change the dates of travel
Tropical, course. Today we callthem GDSs - Global up to two hours before take-off.
S Oh good. That's lovely. Distribution Systems. Do youknow the B OK. That's good. That 's great. Will you bill
T So if you leave me the deposit we can term GDS ? the company directly ?
confirm the booking. I Yes. GDSs . And whendo Galileo and T No problem,
S Howmuchisit ? Worldspan date from? B Then that's everything,Ithink,
T 120 per person. So that 's 240 for the two C Galileos from 1993,It was a product of T Good.
of you. British Airways, KLM, Swissair, andAlitalia B Thanks for your help.
S AndIcan pay that by ere dit card? joining forces. T Our pleasure,Mr Bordoni
T Yes, of course.If you give it to merI'lljust I Uh-huh. And Worldspan?
swipe it C That was in 1990.
S And when do we pay the rest ?Ididread it 1 And was that a consortium too ? Unit 12 Listening
in the conditions ,, . C Yes, Worldspan was Delta, Northwest
T You need to pay the balance at least eight Airlines, and TWA - American companies. An airport worker
weeks before departure . That wouldbe ... I OK, that's interesting. And what about
I Interviewer, A= Ali Ghoshal
July twenty seventh. Could you just sign before GDSs .. .
here ? So, this is your copy of the booking I Ali, what does your job involve?
form. Now, you'll get an invoice through A Well,I'm part ofthe tum-a round team as
the post within the next two weeks,Mrs Unit 11 Pronunciation it's called, We're responsible for meeting
Venables. Could you be sure to check the aircraft when they come in, servicing
details, and if there were to be any finish same planned them, and getting them ready for the
mistakes,let me know, andI'll sort it out time written change outgoing flight,
for you,OK ? may cannot will T How many people work in the team ?
S Lovely. Thanks very much for your help, standard cancel right A There's about twelve of us_ Three
T My pleasure And we re here for anything price pay higher technicians like me working on the
you need. if take flight engines and so on, andthenanother eight
S That 's gre at. Bye, then, happen in or nine who are responsible for the cabin
T Goodbye. andin flight entertainment.My particular
responsibility is servicing - putting oil in

Unit 11 Listening Unit 11 Listening the engine, checking the technical log for
defects reported by the flight crew, that
sort of thing.
Handing over tickets I What qua!ifications do you have ?
The origins of CRSs
T= Travel agent,B= Mr Bordoni A Istudied engineering at university, andI
I=Interviewer, C = Clemen have an Air craft Maintenance Engineers'
T Mr Bordoni, nice to see you. You've come
I Clemenr could you tellus something about for your ticket, licence from the British Civil Aviation
the first computer reservation systems ? B Yes, Your colleague,Margaret ? She rang the Authority,
C Well, the first system goes back to the 5 Os, office and saidIcould pick it up.Didyou I Is it a stressful job ?
when American Airlines andIBM decided manage to get it any cheaper ? A Yes and no.It's onlyreally the time
to work together on a computer based T I'm sorry,Mr Bordoni. We had no luck there, pressure. We have to get the tasks done in a
reservation system. The result was known 3 Ididleaveit quite late. minimum time.
as the Semi- Automatic Business Research T It was a bit late, but with this fare there's I What do you like most about your job ?
Environment, which is quite a mouthful, so no fee if you need to change the dates of A I suppose the sense of completion. Once
136 Listening scripts

the flights gone and there are no D Yes, 1 did. Conversations

problems, thats it. And being part of a C Has anyone interfered with your lugga ge C Excu se me, sir.I'm sorry, but you cant go
team and working to a deadline . in any way? through there.
I And least? D No, they haven't. D Why not ? We 're going to miss the flight
A The noise pollution, andthe dirt and oil C Are you carrying any sharp objects , such as otherwise.
and grease.But I can live with that. nail scissors ? C Im afraid youYe too 1ate - thecabindoors
I So, you're happy in your job ? D No,lfm not.Erm. Can you tell me if there have been shut,
A Yes, andIget free air travel which helps . are any window seats available ? D But I cansee the door. Surely they can let
I Do you have anyplansforthe future ? C No,I'm afraid there aren't . The flights very us in - we're only five minutes late.
A 1m not sureI want to do this for ever.I'm full. Would you like an aisle seat ? C I'm afraid that rs not pos sible, Onee the
taking more engineering qualifications, D Yes, that'll do cabin doors have been shut,no one can go
andId like to become a certified engineer C OK. Heres your boarding pass . You'U be on,
eventually. boardingthrough Gate 23 In 30 minutes. D That's ridiculous! What are we supposed to
I Well, good luck, and thanks. Have a nice flight . do ? It 's your stupid security procedures
D Thank you. that made us late in the first place. Were
going through anyway. Come on . . .
Unit 12 Listening C Sir, do not go through the barrier ! rf you do,
Unit 12 Listening I'llhave to call security.
Two airport dialogues D Hmm.
Two more airport dialogues C Thank you, sinNow,if you see my
Conversation A
colleague at the airline desk over there,
A Could youhelp me ?Im trying to find out if Conversation A she'll make sure that you get on the next
a flight has arrived or not. A Iwonder if you could help me.Iwas on available flight. You may not have to wait
B C ertainly. Are you meeting someone ? flight AZ4 Q 2 and my suitcase hasnt come long - there's another flight in anhour or
A Yes, my brother. He was due in on UA19 through yet, so,
from Atlanta. Has it arrived yet ? B Flight AZ4Q2 ? Yes, t hat should be through D OK.
B Yes,it has.Let me check thestatus. Hereit by now. Go over to the oversized baggage
is.It arrived an hour ago. He should be desk - sometimes bags go there by
coming through Gate G about now.
A Right , HI go there . Gate G, yousay ?
mistake .
A Ive already done that . It's not there. This is
Unit 12 Pronunciation
B Yes, or if hes not at Gate G try the meeting very bad, you know. This sort of thing has
Exercise 1
point, never happened to me before.
A That s a good idea. Can you tell me where B Yes, 1understand. OK, fll phone through to 1 Can you take off your jacket ?
the meeting point is ? the baggage people to see if there's 2 Can you take off your jacket ?
B Yes, of course.It's just over there,next to anything left below.In the meantime, can 3 I'm sorry,but you can't smoke here.
the news agent's. you start to fill in this form, so we can trace 4 I'm sorry,but you can't smoke here,
A Thanks for your help, it ? What does the bag look like ? 5 If you could just take off your jacket .
B Youre welcome. A It's a smallbrownleather suit case with a 6 If you could just take off your jacket.
blue ribbon on it.I'm a bit concerned:my 7 JJm afraid this is a no smoking area.
Conversation B
sister 's meeting me andIknow she 's going 8 I'm afraid this is a no- smoking area.
C Hello. Can 1have your passport and ticket ?
D Here you are. to be getting worried. Exercise 3
C Thank you. Are you checking in any bags B OK,Ill put a message through to the staff 1 Can you take off your jacket ?
today? in arrivals. What 's your sister 's name? 2 Lf you could just take off your jacket.
D Just this one. Theothershandluggage. A Esther Morgan. 3 I'msorry,butyou can't smoke here.
C Can you put it on the scales ? Thanks, Did B Thank you. Right. If you just wait over 4 Im afraid this is a no- smoking area.
you pack it yourself ? there, well sort this out.
Glossary 137

i: jeep 0 push ai advice
i ferry u: crew LLO out
1 shift u evaluate 01 unspoilt
e seatbelt A budget IS here
bag 3: service ea airline
a: market 3 carrier uo tour
D holiday el day trip
0: form 00 code


P pilot f fare h hostel

b baggage V visa m marina
t take- off 0 theme park n runway
d direct 6 there a long- haul
k cabin s sea 1 land
9 gate z visit r room
tj check-in i ship j yoga

<3 jet 3 leisure w waiter

abbreviation 3 , bri : vi eifn, nashort authentic o: 0entik ' adj natural and sleep in and a meal the next morning
form of a phrase, word, etc real; like real life in private houses and small hotels
advantage ad ' va:ntidy n a detail awareness aw ennask n the fact of benefit / benefit naheipfuland
that makes a product, for examples knowing that something, for useful effect that something has
ho 11 d ay, bette r tha n si m iI a r products example a particular company or boarding pass / boarding card
advertise itrdvataiz / vtotellthe public productf exists pu s/ , ' bo:din ca:d/ n a printed card
about a product or service in order to baggage b;eyid 5 n personal that airline passengers are given
e nco urage peo pie to buy or u se it possessions taken on to a plane by a when they check in, that shows their
advice ad ' viiis n suggestions to passenger, including checked flight and seat number,etc, and
somebody about what they could or luggage and hand luggage that t h ey s how befo re they get on
should do baggage handler bitqid li;endta( n the plane
airconditioning co kon dijomn na
na person whose job is to load brochure brooj ^( r ) a a free
system that cools and dries the air in pa sse ngers' luggage on to a nd off magazine that gives information
a building or car air conditioned adj planes about a company's products and
airticket eo ukn n a ticket to travel baggage reclaim breciid rfklevm n services
in a plane
the place at an airport where you browse brut ., v to look at different
aisle ail n the passage between rows collect your luggage after yourflight parts of a magazine , the internet,
of seats in a plane balance bielns/ r? an amount of etc., hopingto find something that
ancient em.fnt /' adj very old money still owed after some interests you
apartment pa:imam n a set of payment has been made budget nl. the amount of
rooms used for holidays barrier ' b #rb( n n an object like a money that you have to spend on
aromatherapy A raoina ' Oernpi nthe fence that stops people from going something
use of sweet- smelling natural oils to into a particular area adj
control pain or to encourage bed and breakfast bed r>n hreklbM budget airline bAd rt ' eolam nan
relaxation n a service that provides a room to
airline that is cheaper than most
138 Glossary

airlines, and that usually offers a cattleranch ktctl ru:nlj rcavery contact details koniaki di :ieilz/ n
more basic service large farm, especially in the US or youremail address and phone
bureau de change . bjusroo da Australia, where cows are kept number, and possibly your home
| a :nd; n an office in an airport, charterflight t fu: ta flan n a flight address, fax number, etc.
etc., where you can exchange which a travel company paysforand convince / kan ' vins vtomake

foreign currency then sells seats to its customers, somebody believe something so
business tourism / biznos tuanzam/ especially as part of a package holiday that they fee! confident
n travel that is donefor business check-in clerk t.fek m klu:k na cottage kntid , n a small house,

reasons, for example in order to person who works for an airline, especially in the country
attend meetings, conferences, and who checks passengers' tlckets and country house kAntri huus/ na
trade fairs passports when they arrive at the large, expensive house in the
cabin , chin n a small room in a ship
airport, takes their luggage, and country
or boat, where a passenger sleeps gives them a boarding card countryside KANLRISARD n ! and
cabincrew / ' kurbin kru : nthepeople chef id n a person whose job isto outside towns and cities, with fields,
whose job is to take care of cook food in a restaurant, hotel, etc. woods, etc .
passengers on a plane client klaiont n a person who uses CR 5 r computerized reservation system
cable car keibl ku : ( n n a form of the services of a company / si; a;r es/ /kom,pju:lora [ zd
publictransport using carriages that climate ' kluirrm nthe normal rezo ' veijrt ,sisterii/ n a system for
are pulled along rails by moving pattern of weather conditions in a booking a hotel room, a flight, etc.
cables particular place on the Internet
ca m paign k;em ' pein. n a series of coastline ' koosUain n the land along cruise ship kru ;/ jjp n a large boat
planned activities with a particular a coast, next to the sea that carries passengers to different
aim,for exam pie to encourage commission / k ^ ' mijn n an amount of places as part of a holiday
people to visit a place or to buy money that is paid to somebody for customs ' kAStamz/ nthe place at an
something selling something, that increases airport where your bags are checked
campsite kannpsnil/ n a place where with the amount they sell as you come into a country
people on holiday can put up their concrete konkrki n a hard, grey daytrip dei trip n a tour or
tents, park their caravan, camper, building material excursion that leaves in the morning
etc., often with toilets, water, etc. conductor / kan ' dAktat 1 1 n a person and returns the same evening
cancel kitrnsl vtodecide thatyou no whose job is collect passengers' delay di 'leiz n a period of time where
longer want to do what you have fares on a bus, tra in, etc. you have to wait
arranged to do, for exampie go on a conference knnlarans n a large departure gate d ] pa : I Jo gen n a
holiday official meeting, often lasting numbered area in an airport where
cancellation leifn. n a several days, for members of an passengers get on their plane
decision thatyou no longer wantto organization or company todiscuss departure lounge /di partjo laundj/ zi
do what you have arranged to do,for subjects related to their work an area in an airport where
example go on a holiday conference facilities k onions passengers wait before getting on
carnival kii:nivl/ na public festival Ih . sibtiz rtthe rooms, equipment, their plane
with lively musicand dancing in the services, etc. that a re necessary for deposit details di ' po /u dkleil/ na
streets holding a conference record of the amount of money that
carriage Lvnd;v n a separate section confirm / kan 1h: m vtocheckorto a customer has paid as the first part
of a tra in, tram, o r s imifa r fo rm of announce that something wfff of a larger payment
publictransport definitely happen as originally desert ' dezol n a large area of land
carrier code kxris kdod n a series of planned that has very little water and very
numbers that identify a particular connecting flight leklni ' flmt na few plants growing on it
airline segment of a flight that requires a destination destiVnfn n a place
catering jkeitann n the work of passenger to change planes, but not that peopletravel to, for example on
providing food and drinksfor people change carriers holiday
cathedral yGixiral n a large church conservation k omo veij'n n the develop df \ cbp v to think of a new
that is the most important one in a protection of the natural product and work on it so that it will
city environment be successful
Glossary 139

direct dial telephone Jm . rckt ' dail n should be like, forexample a product charge of a train and travels with it,
a telephone that allows you to call expedition ek.spYdijn nan but does not drive it
somebody directly without having organized journey to a place that guesthouse qesi haos. n a small
to speak to reception or a not many people go to because it is hotel, usually run by the person or
switchboard first difficult to get to family that owns it
direct flight n a flight expenditure /iks ' pejidnjatr )/ nthe harbour ho :b ?( r ) n a place on the
that does not involve changing amount of money that a person or coast where ships can be tied up,
planes company spends that is protected from the sea and
direct selling din rek i selln rr the fam trip, familiarization trip bad weather
practice of selling products and trip/ /fejimlprar zeijn trip n a visit healthfarm hdE > fa: m n a place
services directly to the public, organized by an airline or tourist where you can stay for a short
without using shops, agents, etc. resort, etc., where tour operators period of time in order to try to
diving Viaivin n the activity of and journalists can getto know the improve your health by eating
swimming under the surface of the facilities and services offered special food, doing physical exercise,
sea , a lake, etc. fare n the money that you pay etc.
domestic d.Vmesnk adjoperating to travel by plane, train, taxi, etc. heritage ' heritid nthe traditions,
inside its own country feature kMr n one of the details ^
culture, and history of a place
domestic tourism 'do mesuk
that describes a particular product high - rise adj (used about a
' toanzom n the activity of people or service building) very tall, with many floors
ta king holidays in their own country ferry Yen n a boat that carries hillwalking ' hrl , w;i: kin nthe activity
ecotourism ! : bu ' \ oorizoni / n
passengers between two points of of going for long walks in the hills
tourism designed so that the land, between two islands, etc for pleasure
tourists damage the environmentas five- star \ faiv ' sto :( r ) adj (used historic monument hi stonk.
little as possible, especially when about a hotel ) of the highest quality mtmjumont n a famous building,
some of the money they pay is used flight attendant Hart > Lendonb n a column, statue, etc . that has special
to protect the local environment person whose job is to serve and historical importance
and animals take care of passengers on a plane hostel ' hostel n a building that
emissions i ' m i fan / n gases that are fly- drive holiday , fl;n drarv ' holidcr provides cheap accommodation,
sent out into the air n a package that includes the cost of often in rooms with several beds,
enlightenment m ' laitonmm n a both the flight and hire of a car at and meals for travellers
deeper understanding of life, the destination hovercraft ' hnvokrti / n a vehicle
especially of feelings and beliefs foreign currency tbran ' kAronsi / n that travels just above the surface of
outside the physical world the notes and coinsthat are used as water or land, held up by air being
enormous [ ' no:mas adjvery big money in another country forced downwards
e n- su ite { fad I ities ) nn swi : i
tVsiLMiz/ adj (of a bedroom) having
gastronomic cjLeslcVnonirl adj
connected with cooking and eating
identify iu ' denulbi vtofind out or
discover what something is
a private bathroom joined on good food immigration nthe place
escalator ' eskoleitsO ) n moving GOS, global distribution system d i : at an airport where the passports
stairs that carry people between .
di: W / glaobl distri bju| :n ^ and other documents of people
different floors of a large building . sistom n a very large system that coming into a country are checked
establish Vsnebhj v to form or create allows you to book hotels,flights, Improve un ' pru : vtomake
something forthe first time etc. in different parts of the world on something better
evaluate Wljuen vtomakea the Internet inadvance , in odvbefore
judgement, for example about how ground crew graond kru nthe thetimewhen something will
successful something is, after people at an airport whose job is to happen, be used, etc.
thinking about it carefully take care of planes while they are on In bulk adv in large quantities,
excursion iks ' k : Jn n a short journey the ground and usually at a reduced price
for pleasure that is organized fora guarantee gicranYi : i/ tomakea
. inbound tourism inbaond
group of people firm, official promise that ' toonz m n the activity of people
expectation ekspek ' teijn na belief something will or will not happen entering the country from abroad to
about what something will or guard und n a person who is in take holidays
140 Glossary

incentive tour in ' senm too( n na land keiuf v {used about a plane) to meditation nnedi ici.fn nthe activity
journey holiday given to a worker
or arrive at an airport of thinking deeply in a quiet place, in
or group of workers as a reward for landscape ' kendskcjp/ n everything order to make your mind calm
good work you ca n see wh en yo u loo k ac ross a meetingroom rum/ na
include rn kki:d vto have something large area of land, especially in the designed for business meetings to
as one part country beheld in
inclusive tour in klu: siv toofr ) na leisure tourism msnzorn n metropolitan / jmciro'poluan adj in
holiday that includes transport, travel that is done just for pleasu re, or connected with a large or capital
accommodation, and sometimes rather than for business or for a city
otherthings such as meals and specific purpose minimum stay minimum stci nthe
excursions limousine luWzi shortest possible time between
incoming mk .u - rmj. adjconnected bus that takes people to and from travellingto a place and travelling

with travel into the country from an airport 2 . a large, luxurious, back
abroad chauffeur - driven car monitor ' monitor ) v to watch and
independent J ndi ' pendant ae/jl. long- haul loil ho : ! adj (of a flight) check something over a period of
{used about a traveller) makingtheir covering a longdistance time
own arrangements for travel, rather lost property , lost pmpoii nthe motivation mootivetjn n
than going on a package holiday place at an airport, etc. where items something that makes you want to
adj 2. {used about a country ) having its that have been found are kept until doa pa rticutar thing, for example
own government they are collected travel to a particular place
Initial enquiry form fnij'l m ' kwuiri low- cost carrier loo kost kaerb/ nan motorway ( AmE = freeway)
tb : m n a form on which a company airline that Is cheaperthan most 'mouLAvei n a wide road, usually
records details about the type of airlines, and that usually offers a with three or more lanes in each
product or service a new customer is more basic service direction, where traffic can travel
looking for, and the customer 's luxury ' I ARJOIT adj very comfortable fast for long distances between
contact details and high quality large towns
innovative adj new and marina no ' rimo i specially mountain climbing 'maunim
interesting designed harbour for private boats .klaimir) . a the activity of climbing
insurance m ' jkvr an n an
market / ' ma:kn v to show and mountains as a sport
arrangement wit ha company where advertise a product to the public mountaineer inaunti ' molr ) na
you pay them a small amount of marketing iu; kitin a the activity of person who climbs mountains as a
money before you travel, and they showing and advertising a sport
agree to pay the costs if you are ill or company 's products in the best non - stop flight non slop " flan na
die, or lose or damage something possible way flight without any stops
inventory rnvantri/ n details of a massage m;usa: a the activity of
online oniain adj operating on the
flight booking, including flight having your body rubbed, pressed, Internet
number, time, route, seat number, etc. etc. in order to help you relax open- jawtrip ?op?n dp: trip n a
investigate n ' vesucjtMi v to find out maximum stay m^ksimom ' slei n return air ticket that allows you to fly
information, for example by asking the longest possible time between into a country at one airport, and leave
somebody a number of questions t rave 111n g to a p I ace a nd t ravelling the country by a different airport
issue \fu : vto give somebody back operator nporeit3(r ) / n a company
something official, for example a meal basis 'mill , beisis nan that provides travel services
ticket, passport, etc. agreement of how many meals will opportunity / ops ' tjicnati / n
itinerary ar ' unarari i list of things be provided as part of a holiday something that gives you the
that will happen, for example on a package, for example bed and chance to be successful
tour, and their times breakfast or full board outboundtourism notbaond
jeep <-hf p n a small strong vehicle mechanic ma ' kamik n a person toarizam/ n the activity of people
used especially for driving over whosejob is to make sure that a leaving theircountry to take
rough ground plane's engines are working holidays
keydata ki : dcit . nthemost correctly, and to re pair them if overnight aovonail vto stay for one
important information, necessary night
Glossary 141

package holiday / tour pitkidj who ts responsible for taking ca re of customers information and advice
hDlidcr / tx O/ rta holiday that
Includes transport, accommodation,
the passengers, and for the accounts
raise rci/ vto increase something
inorderto helpthem buy the
product that is right for them
and sometimes otherthEngs such as rapport nepxi ri n a friendly and salesprocess Vnlz . prouses nalithe
meals and excursions understanding relationship activities that happen between a
paperless ticketing peipohs tikitii] between two people customer first knowing that a
n a system where passengers book receipt n ' si: t n a piece of paper that product exists, and buyingthe
air tickets on the Internet or over the is given to show that you have paid product
phone. No ticket Is necessary as the for something scales skeil /.n a machine for
information is stored on the airlines receptionist rfsepjamst na person weighingthings, forexample bags
computers. whose job is to deal with people at an airport
passengerflow p:u $md;p fl; nthe arriving at ortelephoninga hotel scheduled airline pkedju:ki ealam
number of passengers coming into refuge ' vfju : J; era very simple n an airline that operates to fixed
and going out of an airport building that provides shelter and timetables and on fixed routes, and
passport control pa : s|m kan inof protection from the weather which seifs tickets to the public
n a place in an airport where you remote . n' mjuj adj (used about a ratherthan to package holiday
have to show your passport to an place) faraway from other places companies
official as you pass through where people live sea view si: vju n the possibility to
picturesque pikljVresk adj (used rep , representative / / see the sea from the window
about a place) pretty and old- reprs zentotiv n a person whose seatbelt ' d:lbellna belt that is
fashioned job is to look after people who are on attached tothe seat in a plane and
pier pi : ; ( n, n a long, low structure a package holiday that you fasten around yourself
built in the sea and joined to the requirement n' kwaionun n secondary airport sekondri Yap n
land at one end something that a person needs a small airport that is not one of the
pilgrimage ' niL | ; m , n a journey to research i sa i .l vto make a careful main ones in a country
an important religious place studyof something in order to find security check Vk - o ^roii ijek /? the
pilot ' pailoi n a person whose job Is out information process of checking passengers and
to fly planes resort rep n 'ZD:l rep n = rep their bags at an airport to make sure
porter ' po : [ otri n 1. a person whose retail Vi . teil / n the business of selling that they are not carrying anything
job is carrying peoples bags and things, for example holidays and dangerous
other loads, especially at a train tours, to the public security control / sYkjoarati kon . trouly
station, an airport, or in a hotel retreat ri ' ; n : l n a quiet, p rivate pi ace nthe place in an atrportwhere
2 . a person whose job is to be in that you go to in order to get away passengers and their bags go
cha rge of the entrance to a hotel from your usual life through a metal detector to make
present prizem v to show retrieve data J i tri. v Vki vtofind sure they are not carrying
something, for exam pie a new and look at information that has dangerous objects
product to people for the first time, been stored on a computer self- catering / Jsdf ' keiionri od/ (used
and tell them about it returntrip ri . taui trip nanair about holiday accommodation ) in
product pii\ : \ n something that a journey that depa rts from and which you provide your own mea ^
company sells arrives back at the same airport service station sicij n nan
promotional ptomoufeiil adj used, room service m , sa: vis naservice area and building beside a
done, etc, in order to advertise provided in a hotel, where guests motorway where you car r - -:o:.
something can order food and drink to be and petrol, go to the tr e:r.:
provider pr ? ' vafdo(rl; n a company brought to their rooms serviced QC used arout

that provides a particular service, for runway YAM we i n a long narrow strip h o Ii d ay accom modation) m
example an airline or a hotel group of ground in an airport, that planes meals a re provided
public sector p.\btik ' scktafi nthe take off from and land on shift rt one of the .so * ng

part of the economy of a country safari sn ' fu n a trip to see wild periods that a 24-hour CA 5 c oer
that is owned or controlled by the animals, especially in Africa into. When a sh T " CS : i
sales consultant /'sellz kan Altflt na workers stops arc arottv|
purser n an officer on a ship person whose job is to give ^ begins.
142 Glossary

short - haul hr. l adj (of a flight) temple cmpi/ A a building where arranging hotel rooms, or selling
covering a short distance people of some religions, for example package holidays
shuttle J \ U n a plane,bus, or train Hindus and Buddhists, go to pray travel insurance ' irievl in Joarans, n
that travels regularly between two terminal 11 x minI. rrtheairport building an arrangement with a company
places that has afl the facilities for passengers where you pay them a small amount
skilled sk ild adj (used about a job) that are arriving or departing of mon ey before you travel, a nd th ey
that requires special ability or terminus l aminos n the last station a gree to pay th e cost s if you are i 11 o r
training attheend of a railway line or the last die, or lose or damage something
spa spt /1 a place where people can stop on a bus route trek irek n a long hard walk lasting
relax and improve their health, often theme park ' Oiim pu:k rJ a large park several days or weeks, usually in the
where hot water comes naturally to with rides, such as roller coasters, mountains
the surface from underthe ground and many other kinds of trend l rend /7 a general direction In
specialist ' spejolist adj dealing with entertainment which something is increasing or
one kind of thing only; not general threat '' Orel n something that could decreasing
spectacular spek ' uekptefr ) urfjvery stop you being successful, for trolley ' rnli. n a small vehicle with
impressive to see example a strong competitor wheels that you carry your luggage
steward ' sUrwod n a man whose job ticket collector ikit kojvkuMr ) na on and push around at an airport
is to take care of passengers on a person whose job is tocheck turnaround time ' tainaraond ,iami/
ship, a plane, ora train and who passengers tickets for travelling on n the time between a plane landing
brings them meals, etc. a train, boat , etc, at an airport and takingoff again
stopover / ' stOpnavn( n nan tiny ' t ami / adj very small unspoilt AII ' . [ Oih adj (used about a
interruption to a trip lasting twelve tourguide : ud na person place) beautiful because it has not
or more hours whose job is to show tourists been changed or built on
store data sto: ' dcii v to keep around places VFR , visiting friends and relatives , vi :
information on a computer until you touroperator tor> oporeitad na .
ef a:( r )/ / vrzitiq /rendzand
'relatrvz / n travel that is done in
need to use it person or company that organizes
strength / sli eijh n a good quality that
and sells package holidays order to visit friends or family
you have that gives you an advantage tourist attraction i&mt a , track J n/ n
visa ' viza nan official mark or piece

study tour stAtJi ioofr ). n a trip to a a place that tourists visit of paper that shows you are allowed
country or an area that Includes tourist flow lonrist fbo nthe to enter, leave, or travel through a
visits, lectures, and classes movement of people into, out of, and particular country
suite swi: t n a set of rooms In a hotel inside a country, when they a re on volcano VDl 'kemoo n a mountain
supplement - \ plimnt / nan extra
amount of money that you have to
tourist information officer onst
with a large opening at the top
through which gases and hot, liquid
pay for an additional service or item mfa 'meij n pofisa(r )/ n a person
rock sometimes come out
surcharge \ xkfa: d" n an extra whose job is togive advice and help waiter vveuo(n n a person whose
amount of money that you have to to tourists who are visiting a city, job is to take food orders and serve
pay in addition tothe usual price town, etc. food in a restaurant, bar, etc.
t 'airhi tar ' rji: n a Chinese system of track / i i x l n metal rails that trains, wake- upcall ' weik Ap ,ko: l na
physical exercises designed trams, etc. travel along telephone call that you arrangeto
especially to make your mind calm trade fair hreid fea{ r ) n a large be madetoyou in a hotel, in order to
take- off ( eik of n the process of a exhibition and meetingfor wake you up
plane leaving an airport advertising and selling products weakness ' wiiknns naqualityyou
tariff Uml n the fixed price for a transfer nsf:i:( r ) nl. travel to and have that makes it more difficult for
service from the airport and your hotel you to be successful
tax ks nan amount of money from v 2 . to travel to or from the airport wedding Wduy n a ceremony where
your income that you have to pay to and your hotel two people get married
the government travel agent tivevl eid nt na weekendbreak wi;kond breikna
temperate i cmparol adj (used about
person or company whose business trip, often to a city or countryside
a place's climate) not very hot and is to make travel arrangements for hotel,that includes Saturday and
not very cold people, for example buying tickets, Sunday
Glossary 143

whale- watching n wildlife n animals, birds, yacht n a large sailing boat, often
going on a boat trip to see whales etc. that are wild and live in a natural also with an engine and a place to
swimming in the sea environment sleep on board, used for pleasure
white- water rafting windsurfing n the sport trips and racing
' ra : ft 113 n the activity of travelling of sailing on water standing on a yoga ' pi , n a system of exercises

down a fast-flowing river in a rubber long narrow board wrth a sail and breathing that helps you control
boat worldwide odyinall and relax your mind and body
wholesaler ' h ;Mlseib( r n a company parts of the world
that sells goods or services in large
quantities toother companies,
which sell them to the public
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