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Sauer Compressors

Electronic Compressor Control

S a u e r Electronic Compressor Control

As technological advances continue, Sauer has developed

an intelligent compressor control solution using a dedicated
electronic controller: E CC

RESET ( // )

Sauer compressor electrical control systems have long

had the traditional ability to monitor and control the air
LED s indication compressor functions, such as manual and auto-Starting
and Stopping, and protection.
n STATUS: Green
Standby: intermittent flash Now, the new E C C electronic Compressor Control
Motor start sequence: fast flash
provides additional functionality and features associated
Running: continiuous
with maintenance and monitoring operation, as well as
n FAULT: Red compressor control and protection.
Shutdown error: fast flash
Start inhibit condition: slow flash
The E C C has moved beyond the basic regulation
of compressor functions to offer operators a greater
selection of integrated functions that cannot only
extend the life of the compressor, but add significant
User Interface benefits and maintenance reduction.
n Back-lit LCD display Instead of common pressure and temperature devices,
n Adjustable display units the microprocessor-based E C C relies on electrical
transmitters and sensors. These devices sense air or
n Language-free symbols
gas pressure and temperature values, which are then
n Simple operation with transmitted to the E C C for complete compressor
7 push buttons
protection and optimal operation and future main-
tenance needs.

Operational Display Symbols Fault Display Symbols

n Power failure n General fault

auto-restart (AUTO)
n Remote n Power failure
n Motor running n Over temperature

n Loaded n Emergency stop

n Condensate drain n Lubrication

oil, oil level
n Timer Display
n Motor
n Delivery pressure

n Pressure set point(s) n Menu page number n Excess pressure

n Service due maintenance

n Filter service

Normal Operation
n Item locked
(cannot be modified)
Menu mode
n Page item locked
(adjustment inhibited)
Item identification Value Unit

P00 User Menu Access Code Menu(s)

n T1 Temperature
n P1 Delivery pressure User Level Access Level 1
n P2 Oil pressure n P01 Operation n P03 Shutdown
n H1 Running hours n P02 Error Log n P04 Alarm
n H2 Service hours n P05 Start inhibits
n P06 Diagnostic
Mode of Operation n P07 Configuration
n Manual n P08 Calibration Menu
n Automatic
n Test (leak / safety valve) Access Level 2
n P09 Configuration Access Level 2

If you like to control more ME CC and ME C C

Sauer Compressors can also provide you with higher control n Overriding Control System
systems which are able to operate several compressors together n Consumption-dependent control of up to 12 compressors
in the same pressure range. Typical demands are also equal n All compressors operate in the same pressure range,
balancing of operation hours and a simple connection to super- no cascade control anymore necessary
vision management systems. n Lead / lag Control
n Allocation of priorities
Therefore Sauer Compressors has the new ME CC, for up to n Simple connection to overriding control like Modbus or Profibus
4 compressors, and the ME CC , for up to 12 compressors, n Easy connection between ECC and MECC/MECC + via RS 485 Bus
available in their range of controllers. n Alphanumerical Display language independent
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