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Vol. 18 JULY 2017 No.7
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46th Jeeyar's 62nd

Thiru Nakshatram
The sixty second Tirunakshatra Poorthi
Mahotsavam of H.H. the 46th Srimad
Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Math,
Srimad Vedamarga Prathishtapanacharya,
Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya,
Sarvatantra swathanthrobhaya-
vedantacharya, Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja
Siddhantha Nirdharana Sarvabhauma
Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha

Yatheendra mahadesikan was celebrated on Wednesday the 28th June 2017 (Hemalamba Ani - 14)
at Sri Ahobila Math, DD Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad.
The Ninth Chaturmasya Sankalpa Mahotsavam of the 46th H.H. Srimad Azhagiyasingar Srivan Sathakopa
Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra mahadesikan is scheduled to commence on Tuesday 9th July 2017 at
Sri Ahobilam and would conclude on Wednesday 6th September 2017.


BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday sought clarifications from Finance Ministry on the implication
of GST on Temple Boards and other Hindu Religious institutions. In his letter to Revenue Secretary Hasmukh
Adhia and PMs Principal Secretary Nripendra Mishra, Swamy urged that existing exemption from all
kind of taxes should be maintained for the Temple Boards and other Hindu Religious Institutions and
Endowments. Citing various reports on the burden of more than Rs.100 crore taxes on Tirupati Temple
Board after GST implementation, Swamy said that these organisations are not profit oriented organisations
and deserve the existing exemptions from all kind of taxes.
Although certain items eg : Prasad, sale of hair in Tirupati were belatedly exempted by the recent resolution
in the GST Council, other services offered by the Hindu Religious Institutions were not exempted from
GST. There are apprehensions, for example, that the Guest Houses provided to pilgrims and other services
on nominal rent by Temple Boards and many Hindu organisations are to be adversely affected by GST.
I suggest Hindu Temple and other Hindu Religious Endowments, Institutions and Boards are exempted
as before from taxes, especially those exemptions which they enjoy presently. If GST can avoid new
levies on whopping profit making hard liquor related trades, such relief could also be extended to Hindu
Temple and religious organisations. These organisations are not profit oriented and thus deserve the
right for existing tax exemptions. Thus, status quo on all tax exemptions may be maintained for these
organisations, said Swamy. (Daily Pioneer 26/6/17)
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Thousand years ago Ramanuja reached Sharada Peeth via Lahore. As recent as the 19th Century
i.e. year 1892 as recorded by M.A. Stein in his book Kalhana's Raja Tarangini(Vol. II Page 286)
the Chief Pontiff of Dwaraka Mutt of Gujarat, planned a similar trip to Sharada Peeth via Lahore
but abandoned the same owing to the difficulties of the route. Should we not be greateful to our
beloved Acharya, Bhagavad Ramanuja who took all the pains to travel the same route thousand
years ago to show us the path to protect our Temples and our Dharma. We are starting a serial
on these events from August 2017.... -Editor

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July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 3 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
No GST for Religious Services Please
The New GST regime is a great step in the right direction. However, there is a huge hue
and cry going on among devout Hindus on the new GST Regime. Its applicability to Temples and
Religious Institutions; Whether Pilgrim Cottages and shelters will be taxed etc. , Darshanam tickets
would be Taxed?! Temples Kalyana Mandapas would be taxed?!
GST Act 2017 has no mention of Religious Services.
As per the GST 2017 every activity in the world is seen as a Transaction of Goods or
Services. Most materialistic in nature.
India is a land of spirituality. There is a need for a provision to exempt Religious Services
from the purview of GST.
In the GST Act 2017, Business is defined in Chapter I.
as an inclusive definition, anything under the sun can be included in it. Hence, there needs
to be an exemption. In many countries in the world, Religious services are exempted from
With the GST regime, each and every Temple would have to go through such individual
litigations. There is a need to amend the Definitions clause and exclude Religious Institutions from
the purview of GST. Already temples are shelling out 21.5% towards EAF, AWF etc. Another
18% on GST would be devastating.
In an interesting case few years ago, the Government proposed to levy tax on Prasadam
distributed by temples without exception to the Prasadam in the form of ladoos distributed by
Tirupathi Devasthanam.
Taxmen considered the Prasadam as commercial goods, as some money was being collected
towards distribution of the Prasadam. But the Tribunal applied the principles of sound reasoning,
good conscience and fair mindedness to hold that offerings on the altar of the Lord cannot be
considered as a commercial commodity. The Government later issued a notification exempting the
Prasadam from Tax.
Heeding to the requests of Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, the Centre has already
exempted prasadams being provided/sold at various temples in the country from the GST.
The question now arises on the Taxation on Cottages. It would be contextual to look into
the conflict that arose in 2011 between the TTD and the Superintendent of Central Excise and
Service Tax, Tirupati
The undivided AP Government had given exemption to the TTD in 2012 from the payment
of any such taxes. Now, the situation has come back to square one. In the new GST 2017 regime,
no such exemptions are valid for TTD or any such Temple for accommodation services.
Temples being a premier religious institutions, had been granted immunity under VAT, which
was under the purview of the State government. Now that the Union Government wants to enforce
the GST from July 1, it has to be examined whether the 'Temple' falls under the ambit of the dealer
definition. TTD or any Temple cannot be registered as a Dealer. The Nomenclature would hurt
the Religious sentiments of Crores of Hindus.
We at VAK and Temple's Protection Movement request the Union Government to rethink
and exempt Religious Services from GST.

There should be no regional boundaries for temples.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 4 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 196

Sri V.S.Karunakaran, Chennai

Krishnakumar hailed from an extravagant furious and said that he was also against these
family in Chennai. He always sported a modern imprudent customs like wearing traditional dress
outlook and was against all kinds of rituals and to enter the temple and said that he went to the
traditions. He secured high marks in his higher temple just to know about those vaults and to have
secondary exams and got admission in a renowned a glance at the Kerala architecture. He criticized
medical college in Trivandrum. all kinds of rites and rituals and called them
Due to contact with more like-minded nonsense.
colleagues in the medical college, he rechristened The Head of the Department, Dr. Balagopal,
himself as Krish and carried on with his rational a great research-scholar in Embryology and an
attitude. Anatomy professor, happened to overhear the
Krish had read a lot in newspapers about the conversation of these students and he asked them
hidden treasures in the secret chambers of Sri Ananta to come to his chamber.
Padmanabha swamy temple. So Krish and his friends He told them, I was listening to what you
were curious to go to Sri Ananta Padmanabha swamy were speaking. Please dont criticize any custom
temple, though they were against temple worship. or tradition without understanding its underlying
On a Sunday, as they went to the temple, rationale.
the temple authorities in the entrance asked them The professor added, The Lord creates the
to remove their shirts. Whoever goes inside to whole universe through His navel, you know?
worship the Lord should wear traditional clothes The students asked, How?
only! they said.
He said, If you observe the navel of Lord
The students said, We are not going to worship Anantapadmanabha, you can appreciate the stem
the Lord. We would just see the architecture and of a lotus emerging from it and Lord Brahma would
enquire the priests about those secret vaults and be seated on the Lotus. It means the Lord created
come back. Why should we remove our shirts? the creator Brahma from His navel and Brahma
The officials reiterated, Whether you worship further created the universe. This explicitly shows
the Lord or not, this is the rule of this temple. In the supremacy of Lord Narayana and that is why
Kerala, we follow these customs rigidly. So please Anantapadmanabha swamy is called the creator
go to the closet room, remove your shirts and pants of the universe.
and wear dhotis. Then only you can get into the The professor also asked them, In Embryology,
temple. we read about umbilical cord stem cells. Do you
Krishs friends got annoyed. They ridiculed know about them?
the officials and said they wont remove their shirts. The students exclaimed, Yes! The blood taken
They went to the beach and got back to the hostel. from the umbilical cord (the cord extending from
But Krish was very nosy to go inside the temple. the navel, which is cut during birth) contains many
So he went to the closet room, changed his dress special types of cells which can be used in the
and entered the temple. treatment of stroke, heart diseases, auto-immune
He admired the architecture of the temple, and blood-related diseases and even cancers!
made enquiries to the priests and other temple He asked them, Do you know the exact basis
officials about the hidden assets in the temple, with which these stem cells work?
then worshipped the Lord for namesake and returned The students nodded their heads indolently.
to the hostel.
The professor said, By preserving the stem
The next morning, when the students were cells from your umbilical cord, which are multi-
in the Embryology lab, Krishs friends mocked at potent, we can produce many types of tissues in
him saying that he had removed his shirt to enter your body! The new cells produced by cloning the
the temple of Lord Anantapadmanabha. Krish became cells from the cord from the navel can be used to

x~, x$ =#= e\ # K.
July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
replace the old diseased cells, thereby curing our The Lords navel has a unique attribute too.
diseases! Our human body is a fort containing nine gates.
He continued, Just as the multi-potent cells Of them, seven gates are situated in the head (two
in your navel are capable of creating many varieties eyes, two ears, two nostrils and one mouth). The
of tissues by cloning, the navel of the omni-potent remaining two are situated in the lower part of the
Lord is capable of creating millions and millions body. We have a tenth gate too, that is, our navel
of cells, tissues, atoms, molecules, human beings but it is always closed and nothing comes out through
and insentient things! Since the Lord executes this it. But the Lords navel is inimitable as the whole
activity of endless creation through the Lotus in universe comes out through that navel only.
His navel, He is called Ananta Padmanabha (Ananta As the Lord has such a beautiful navel which
means endless, Padma means Lotus, Nabha means produces all the beautiful things in this world, He
navel). Also, as He lies on the divine serpent Ananta, is called HIRANYANAABHA.
He is called Anantapadmanabha! Nirukti summarizes this as:
He told them, While standing in front of such
omnipotent Lord, we should realize His greatness {t|u|zuo ul Fuo wo:
and also understand that we are nothing in front Those who want to lead a life free of diseases
of such omnipotent Lord. That is why we should and those who are ambitious to achieve in the fields
remove our shirts and stand with utmost respect of medicine and scientific research, can meditate
and devotion before Him! on the divine form of VISA Balajee at Chilkur and
The students realized their mistake and went chant the name, HIRANYANAABHAAYA NAMA:
to the temple in traditional attire with their Professor
and had darshan of the Lord with beautiful navel. H ul : !

All slokas Chant 28 times

FO ~=`< #= G nz :
FO $+H #= For self employed people, for promotions and
G J yNz : success in games.
For overcoming bad habits H_H~, O Lk L# "iH, L#`
^~"@#O_ q=H O^_xH. ^= PtOK "iH.
FO =+\~ #= G bN : FO ` =< #= G o :
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
For better health. =Oz P~QxH.
Interviews, building relationship
"~a=$kH, WO@~ O FO ``< #= G onz :
To remove mental stress and for mental
H=_xH iOKO_.
FO N=` #= G yoz : =# H P~QxH =# H Xu _ #O_
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
s~ O^~xH, O^.
FO JH~ #= G Eq : FO ~} #= G |mz :
For Job Satisfaction
For Education and better Financial strength. L^QO, K x JOH` "xH, `$H.
q^a=$kH =i S~a=$kH.
=[O O\ s~xH....... j y Nz uL Chant 28 times

FO #" <~O =[^O =l}I =[^ =* #" =[ #MKII

H z u \ t b~ u\~ m z @ \~ t z \~ z \~ Q Y @@

~O` = K@=O> `## `# "O KH=@".

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Chant 108 times

FO q #= FO +~H #=
G sue : G Nq :
To keep Evil forces at bay. For overcoming bad times.
^+ #O_ H_H#@. H #O_ q=H O^_xH.

|} q"K# #$O `O Chant one time

1. ^=` H~ ^~O O =^=O 6. ^ =~^O NO ^`~ q^i}O

N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
2. H eOy` "=OQO H<O =~^HO 7. ~Q _`<O, H<=^O
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
8. "^ "^O` *O |~^k =Ok`O
3. PO` =^~O OY KH^ ^i}O
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
9. W^O ~` x`O |}"K# Ol`O
4. ~}` ~O H^[q+<#O J#$}*` ` ^#O j="`
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H
D `x Jx Ji, ^, PiH W|O^`
5. O<^# =` kQOu <#" L#" O =O XHi i KHx
N #$OO =g~O #=q |}=H e`O aOk.
FO `^ #= G otz : FO ^` #= G z :
Chant this name to amend soured friendship For issueless couple. O`# H~
or any personal relationship FO q^` #= G uz :
q`` =O OKH=_xH, ^O` Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
J<#`. P~QH~"# t= H~
Chant one time
Runa Vimochana Nrisimha Stotram
Devataakaarya-siddhyartham Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
sabhaastambha-samudbhavam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
namaami runamuktaye
Lakshmyaalingita-vaamaangam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
kadrooja visha naasanam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
namaami runamuktaye
mochana samjnitam
Simhanaadena Mahataa Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam sheeghram avaapnuyaat

K^" Hh u =x+ F H".

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 7 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Madhura Vijayam - 69 Sri Ranganatha Travel Part II

Tamil Manuscript : Sree Venugopalan, Chennai English Translation : CSL Narasimhan
Story so far: The story based on the 14th century There they met Thriumanathoon Nambi, the son of
incidents, was written by Sri Venugopalan which is Singapiran and was surprised to know many things
based on the historic facts elucidated in Madhura including the secret pooja being done for idol of
Vijayam composed by Maharani Ganga Devi, Chief Ranganatha. On suggestion of Tirumana thoon Nambi
Queen of King Kampanaraya. Two young men Vallabha every one plans to go to Kannanore fort along with
and Dutta set out on an expedition to locate the idol him with gifts including a devadasi girl.
of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, which was saved That day afternoon, Vallabha, Datta, Tirumana thoon
by four Kodavas from being ransacked by Muslim Nambi, Tara and several servants started for Kannanore
invaders. After several adventures the two boys, found
fort. Vallabha and Datta were disguised as ordinary
the idol along with one Kodava who protected the idol
servants. Tara boarded a palanquin. As soon as they
for more than eighteen years deep inside the forest
of Chandragiri. Lord Ranganatha was brought to saw Nambi, the soldiers who were from Europe gave
Tirumala and King Ranganatha Yadavaraya the ruler way to him. In those days also European soliders
of that place patronized the upkeep of the idol with were employed by certain kings with whom they had
daily pujas. Coincidentally Sri Gopanna, commander- friendship. When they went inside in search of the
in-chief of the Vijayanagaras mulvoy province reaches Sultan king, he was not in the palace. They learnt
Tirumala in search of Lord Ranganatha and he promises that he was in the palace gardens. Nambi without
Vallabha to restore Lord Ranganatha to Sri Rangam hesitating went straight to Palace gardens. When
with the help of Vijayanagara king. Meanwhile, as a
he told his name to a soldier by name Ali, the soldier
first step the Vijayanagar army mission was undertaken
went with the message inside and soon came back
to conquer Sambuvaraya of Rajagambhira. Kanchee
puram was conquered and Kampana Rayas army with an invitation to Nambi to go inside with his people.
advanced to Rajagambhira mountain conquered it and In the white coloured building inside the garden, Sultan
killed the Raja Gambhira king. The Madurai princess Fakruddin Mubarakshah was reclined on a pillow. On
was rescued. Vallabha who was on a mission to seeing Nambi the Sultan said Come Nambi, come.
safeguard Pandya princess Makaravizhiyaal to pandya What have you brought today? Did you get western
kingdom fell in love with her but promised to marry wine? Without drinking that I am unable to enjoy.
her only after completing his mission. Meanwhile, Lord My tongue has dried .
Ranganatha has been brought to Chenghee by
Gopanna the commander of Vijayanagar army Looking at the way Sultan was speaking it was clear
belonging to Mulvoy province. Vallabha, Datta and that he was already under intoxication. Around him
Vallabhas mother Vasanthika meet Gopanna to find there were several beautiful ladies displaying their beauties
out about the plans of restoring Lord Ranganatha to and seated at various places. When all of them were
Sri Rangam. It was 10 years since the Rajagambhira seeing Vallabha it was like hundred blue lotus flowers
Kingdom became part of Vijayanagar and still no further seeing him.
advancement action was taken against Madurai Sultan
due to trouble from Bahamani sultans. Gopanna takes Nambi taking all his liberty bowed before the Sultan
up on him and vows to take up the expedition now and said Oh! Lord! I tried a lot. I had sent people to
and reaches Kanchi, the capital of King Kampana Raya. Malayala province too. I could not get western wine.
Kampana who was having fever at that time was feeling But I will soon get it there was lot of humbleness in
guilty that he did not take any action to restore Lord Nambis words.
Ranganatha. In his dream, he felt that Goddess Parvathi
You are not good! Not good! What do you think Laila?
herself comes and blesses him to continue the mission.
Later Vasanthika briefs her son that she is the one
asked Sultan pinching a beauty next to him. Laila
who spoke as Parvathi to Kampana and she has also responded quite beautifully to the pinch.
left the dagger with Kampana which was presented Then what else have you brought? enquired Sultan.
by Makaravizhiyal to Vallabha. Meanwhile Gopanna Nambi signalled and next movement the palanquin
meets Kampana, and the King with all others has an
carrying Tara came in. From the palanquin Tara alighted
extensive meeting with ministers regarding an attack
on Sultan. As per the discussion they all decided to beautifully. Sultans eyes brightened.
send Vallabha and Dutta to study the Mughal army, Wow! Beautiful! Lovely girl! Exclaimed Sultan. As soon
their strengths and weaknesses. Vallbha and Dutta as Tara reached his proximity Sultan pulled her by
set on this expedition and went through different villages hip and kissed her lips for a long period. Blood was
and finally decided to go to Srirangam. On the way to boiling for Vallabha. It was disheartening to see a
Srirangam they reached Azhagiya Manavalam village.
girl who speaks about pure love becoming victim to

`e"# "~ `= J*<x `O_ `O\~.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 8 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
force. Tara released herself from Sultan turned and suggest we should do?
gave a glance to Vallabha and later looked else I am having a mega plan said Datta.
while blinking her eyes.
Tell Datta said Vallabha.
Nambi kept golden ornaments as gifts for Sultan.
Datta started. Sultan has 2 lakh forces among which
He also presented him with silk clothes. Sultans
half are Europeans. The rest of the people are those
eyes brightened. Sultan asked the account of temple
who are born and brought up in this country. Among
lands (which were all in Sultans possession) and
the two lakh army one lakh is in Madurai and another
later sent Nambi back.
lakh is in Kannanore. When we were going around
In the night they all stayed in Kannanore choultry. Kannanore I asked and learnt many items from the
Nambi did not eat anything. Others took fruits. There guide. Only when Sultan orders the European soldiers
were no people in the town who followed vedic route. will fight. They will not listen to anyone else. They
There was meat smell every where in the choultries. have been strictly ordered like that. What we should
Next day Nambi went to see the commander of do is to create conditions that such orders are not
the army who was an European. He was also passed by Sultan said Datta.
intoxicated. Vallabha was surprised to see this. Will that be possible? asked Nambi.
Nambi gave him a golden gift. The commander said
"Yes possible responded Datta.
very nice! Very nice! I am very happy!.
How? Enquired Vallabha.
Nambi told the commander Oh! Commander sir!
These are all my relatives. They have come here I need to know one thing? said Datta.
for sightseeing. They like the fort and all other big what? asked Nambi.
establishments Can we give anything mixed to Sultan in Wine or
Oh! Nambi! Let them go around and see. I will food? asked Datta.
send some escorts for them said the commander We cannot. Whatever is given to Sultan they are
and he sent a soldier along with them for escorting. tested by specialists. These are doctors. They always
The team stayed for one more day in Kannanore, test anything that is partaken by Sultan. When we
looked at the fort and fortification in details, the met Sultan, there were doctors. Did you not notice?
streets, the bastions of army and returned back. Datta started to think.
After coming back, Nambi drank lemon juice and
Later he looked with gleam and said There is a way
broke his fast. He was quite tired and sad.
for that.
Swamy! I have troubled you a lot! said Vallabha.
What is it? said Vallabha.
No Vallabha! It is a hell to go to Kannanore and return.
When the Sultan had a bruise in his leg and the
When ever I go there I fast. Some times I wonder
doctor could not cure it he ordered beheading of the
whether I am doing a great sin by all these deeds.
doctor. Was this right information? asked Datta
But if by all these deeds I am able to save thousands
of people, the temple etc., I feel even if I have to go Yes. Did you learn this item from the guide ? asked
to hell by doing this let me do said Nambi. Nambi.
That night when all met again Nambi looked at Yes replied Datta.
Vallabha and asked Vallabha ! what decision have What I am going to tell may look strange but still I
you taken? How was Kannanore? will tell. We should get a sexually transmitted disease
Vallabha responded Sir I was told there are a lakh to Sultan.
of European soldiers. Actually this forms 50% of Nambi and Vallabha thought.
the army. They are in the fort and immersed in luxury. Will it be possible? asked Vallabha.
The rest of the half are different type of warriors Why not ? Now you have gifted Tara to Sultan. Next
and all of them are outside the fort. time you gift another girl gift to him with the one infected
Will you be able to defeat them? asked Nambi by sexual disease said Datta.
If it were face to face direct war we cannot win Will that be possible? asked Vallabha.
over them responded Vallabha. Yes surely possible. We need a sacrifice from another
Can you win them by tact enquired Nambi Devadasi. Let her interact with a diseased man and
Surely possible said Datta. we transfer the disease to her. Later we gift her to
Vallabha looked at Datta and asked What do you Sultan said Datta.

`C K\xH ` WOH ^xH _=^.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 9 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Datta, all your plans are good. What will happen Dutta replied, Vallabha! Though long this is sure
when we do this? asked Vallabha. way at least. There are even more dangers attached
I have been thinking about this the whole night than what we see now.
yesterday. When I talked to the guide yesterday I What danger? enquired Vallabhan.
learnt that from the guide that after Sultan beheaded Currently Sultan is totally occupied in the fun of
the doctor the other doctors ran away from this alcohol and ladies . Because of this his efficiency
place. Said Datta. in administration is down. I saw the effect in Kannanoor.
I see, then . The commanders, the sub commanders, the army
I would like to create another incident like that. If staff are roaming around freely without any fear for
we can get the sexually transmitted disease to Sultan Sultan. I even saw few soldiers making fun of Sultan.
the European doctors cannot treat him so easily. Do you know what will be the effect of this? Do
Because of this the European doctors fearing Sultans you know what the royal family members of Sultan
wrath will run away. That time our people should would do? asked Dutta.
approach Sultan and advise him to take treatment I know, they would remove Sultan from the seat
from Siddhayogi who lives in Periyamalai near and would take up the control in their hands. Its a
Madurai. We should allure him to get away from known fact to everyone that is their custom replied
kannanore and make him go to Periyamalai by saying Vallabha.
that the smell of the herbs that is there in the hill Very true! They already would have been watching
itself will cure his disease. After he goes there we the pathetic situation of the kingdom under Sultan
should mix poisonous herbs in his alcohol and make with happiness. Now if we make Sultan weak by
him drink. Since no doctors would be there to test poisoning him with disease, his own kith would even
his drink he can be easily toxicated and can be kill him without hesitation. This would create ruckus
made dumb. By this we are achieving two things. among them. At that time we should start attacking
We are relocating Sultan from here and secondly them and destroy them as quickly as possible. The
by making him remain intoxicated all the time, he timing is important. Thats it. Why to hesitate? Let
cannot instruct or order anything to European soldiers us do this with all courage spoke Dutta.
at the time of our attack. We can use this opportunity
Finally when all agreed for it, the course of actions
and carry on our attacks.
happened swiftly. The message was passed on
Vallabha who was listening all this said, this appears to Thirumanathoon Nambi who was in Azhagiya
a little longer route. Manavala village at that time.
(To be continued....)
NEWS ~f H P^uH` ^y LOk
- z# r~ q - J^`OQ f~ J~OQ@ ^~#
^~^ 6 : OKOx u ^O H<x J~` ~` ^Ox H P^uH`, O~O LO@O^x Nu^O_
z#r~q J<~. =x+ i=~# KO^O> H=O`< ^=<~. =OQ"~O ~gO^~u #$` H<~ P^~O
M` #$` Q~= =^o LQu t+~# f~~_ z_ <@O ~OQ"O KOk. D O^~OQ NH Q}n,
[u~O, ^ \a+HO, J#=K~ H~# f~~_ J^`OQ #iOz H =## OkOk. D H~H=xH =Y
JukQ [~# z#r~ q =\_` ZH_` P Ja=$k, H=O LO@O^ JH_ ~[O aHOQ LO@O^<~.
ZO HP~ P Ja=$k HO HOH<~x J~` P P "\H KO^ K ^O` H+} [~Q`<~.
XH HHi}x `~ KO> XH te ~~x qQOQ =ez#>#x J<~. H~H=O ` ^~ _H~ H.q.
~=}Ki, z~ r >O @ .Z. ~OQ~[<, i>~ SZ P~. H~~= `k`~ <~. J#O`~O Q~=
LQuH #OQ Q~`~O K~. (PO^*u 7.6.2017)
\"Q P< JaO Hq+~}
JO|~@, E< : ^# =Ou H~O =r ^~ _H~ ZO.Z. q[~=< ~zOz# \"Q P< JaO
Hq+~} QJO|~@ __ Hhx Ja =~O =OQ"~O [iyOk. D H~H=xH `OQ}, PO^^ ~
L=_ Q=~~ DZZ. #~O<, Ja =~O 46= r~ N=< ~Q N~OQ<^ fO^ =^tH< [~ Hx
Pq+iOK~. N #$O uH O^ J#O`^ <K~, =~O "<[~ Nx"< `k`~ <~. D O^~ O Q
~K~ ` _H~ ZO.Z.q[~ =< =\_ ` H O Ja=~O Ki`, =Y`, qt+` L<x `e~. #O^x
#~OqH O|OkOz# q=~ O^~z#@ "_OK~. (PO^*u 28.6.2017)

F~, <~, ^~O =O> q[ "@O`@" =i~.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 10 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
P^uH` r.Z.\. =^.....
^"OQ # ==#, ^xx~}# =iO` `~O K_xH, H=|^O K_xH `H,
~H # #O A 1#O_ lZ\ (GST) = " # q^<x " \x HO^ `O
x~~OzOk. x*xH Wk =Oz x~O.
J~` nx ik iQHn J=Q<O, qKH}~`O` HxK@ z Z^~H`<~.
=" # K@O 2017 =`~"# ==~ QiOz =< ^. u ==, " H=O ^<~#
^OQ Q ==~OQ K@O iQ}OK|__O P~H~O.
=#^O P^uH` ^=zO`# =Y`xK ^O. Z< OK^ =`O# GST ik#Oz
q#~O xK~. ~`^O _ J@=O\ K~= fH"x Pt<=. Wk "^\ ^< [~Qx
HO^ `x q[ K<=.
GST 2017 x~K< x|O^# 17 H~O ''"~O Jx ^xx x~zOK=K Jx L@OH, "
~=` OQ} "x _ "~OQ x~zOK~. D x~K#O = ^~#O \H@ # @ `^.
H} =O_, H}`" # `^.
20 H =~ P|_ "iH P^O Q ^"h GST H~H ~`<~. ^"^ K@O
H~O W\H EAF, AWF =Q~ HO^ 21.5 `O P^x H`# ^", 18 `O GST H
HH `^... HO^ `O D q+" #~zOKx H\k uxkQ "_O@<=.
O^ ^iH O O|OkOz#O`=~ # D '# @ f=OQ kOK J=H Hx<~.
=YOQ ^, qOu =Ok~(`/H>l) q+O Wk Z=Q Hx<, L`~ ^, PO^^
~R` q#`` ^ =`O HO^O#Oz "HO (q#~O) aOzOk. H>l =`O WOH
q=H aOK^.
Q`O XHi u~u _^x _ 'J=HxH \~ H#H # H\eO^Jx OHiOK~.
P `~` \|# "\H" Jk ~# ^O` K# =`u H^x `^K_O` ^O
q#~O OkOk.
J~` 2012 PO^ ^ `O \\ _ H H>r J^ # H\e# J=~O O_ q#~Ox
L`~ *sKOk. JO`=~ Q< LOk. WC_ =m P q#~O lZ\ ~Ox =<\_
P@ "^\ H KiOk. JO> A 1#Oz qkOK lZ\ H>l =, W`~ ^"^ ^~^ =
HxO\ #"@ _`Ok. " ~=` ^~#O JO> \H@ WH@ `=. H} =O_, J~#
\H@, g\H H.....
O^= J`kHOQ x=OK ^O Hk ~ x`O "^~O` `iOK Z<
^", O^ ^iH O u~E, uH}O W@=O\ Jy sH Z^~H=_O KhO.
^", ^~# ==~, ^, `=O\q "}[OQ , E^Q$Q,
_~Q, \"~^H}Q, ~ _=O_~~O} i+Q Hx#C_ u_ PzOz
`Q q^OQ OkOKe# O^~O =OKH#k.
GST ik #O_ =` O# q#~OK=#kQ '"H =i ^" i~H} L^=O
HO^ `xH q#q#k. !

<uHOQ kQ*~@O _|k =Y"# `.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 11 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

q+<= Q^=o196
~}< #=
POQ=O : N q.. ~}H~< J#"^O : _II =<`
H$+=~, K< XH O# @OxH KOk# H+ q` = z~ _~. "~ JH_
=H . P^ xH " H e y# H $ + =~ Z C _ L^Q# # K, ''"= = O@ +~#
O^, =`~"# ^`# =u~HOK"_. =i OK H@H= Jx K, =^f~O H
J`_H ~ HO_s sH K } =~ ^fi JH_ #O_ `= - `= q^i =u Q$
aOK@O =# u"O_Ox XH ^ "^ H K~<~.
K~QeQ_. J~` H+H =`O =# Q_H "o JH_
"^ q^ J# H=O J`_H `#O\ qx\ QiOz `O_ `H"# l*
J^ " Hey# HO^~ q^~` iKO KQ LO_@O =# H## z# QkH "o `#
aOzOk. JO^H J`_ `#~# 'H+Q =~x |@ =~x, Q_ "tOK\xH J#=uOK
J^ =*x =iO` =O^ yOKQ_. =G^~} K eH J_Q \_.
H+, "~ uH J#O` ^<q Q_ J`_, Q_ "H#, x~} <}x "K
~ "# JO` ^z\ LOz# Q x^ # QiOz <_. JH_ Q_ *~#, `H# |Okx Q_H
K Kk"_. JO^H Q_ - Q~ O^iOz O|OkOz# ~ J~, Qx^# QiOz =z#
[ =O\q K\xH =u~~#\H H+`@ "~ P^~OQ q=~ J_y `<_. H=O JH_
J`x q` _ J#O`^<q Q_x D ~ "ix O`+@\xH#@ J`_ Q=O`_ [ K#@
x^ q # Q iOz ` < O ^ =` " #\Oz `# =u Q$xH uiy =K_.
O^iOK# `O U~_Ok. =~_ H + ` @ J` x q` O^ ~ _
W^ L^O` "~O` Pk"~O<_ Q_H ^i (Embryology) } q*# Q He#C_
"~. J~` "ix Q_ ^~O =^ P"# Q_ H+x J`x q` J#O` ^<qx ^iOK
L^Q - '' Q=O`x JiOK<O^ " <O^ +~ q#"_x iO K~. H+ "i D
"~O^~ O^ ^< ^iOz "tOK# # HO `Kx, '<# _ D J~O - ~Ox
x=O H~O g~ g KH# q_z "O_! JO@ O^# =u~H#. <# "tOK\xH
J_<~. H~}O JH_ ~ J~ QiOz, Q x^ QiOz
^xH D q^~ W ["aK~. - ''"= q=~ ` < O ^ , H ~ " H # K
Q=O`_x lOK_xH =@O^. H=O WH_ P#OkOKO^ =`" "#! Jx K, J`_ _
"H x~} K`~x K, ~ J~ ^z D ~H"# `^` - O^ L` xH~x=x
LOz# Q x^# QiOz WH_ J~# H#x H\~_.
=Kx =`" =K=. JO^=# "= KH "i qQ^_~# Q, }q*# GO,
q=# J=~O U=Ok? s ~ x~} q* # Q ~ Ok#
Q_ |Ok =`O - ''g~ Q_ J~#-[ i^_. P# `# q^~ D O+}# q#@O
K~ ^ =H#=~O. Hx, Q_H "tOK\xH [iyOk. "ix `# QkH ~=x P# P^tOK~.
=`O H~ qkOK|_# D O^x =`O "= "~ ~Q< P# W J<~ - ''<# g O+}#
ZO` x+ Q J# i = . JO^ H g~ |@ q#@O [iyOk. g~ U q+#~<, PK~ ==~
=~<O^ H< L# Qk |@ =~x, OK QiOz J~< OH+OQ `HO_, "\x
H @ x = " = q=e Q _ H O^ iOKHO_. g, ~=` `# <a#O #O_ D
J#=uO! Jx x+~Q K~. q#O`\ h $+_x `<?

J`O h_# #_K"~ JO`$` rq~.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 12 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
q^~O^~ - ''Z? Jx tOK~. 'J#O`^<q J# <=O U~_Ok! JO`HH
JC_ PK~_ W q_=~~ ''g~ J#O` 'J#O`_< k= ~O# xOK@O =# _ P#
^<q"i <ax *Q`Q Q=xOz K, JO^ J#O`^<_x =|_`<_.
#O_ H z # H = <x, JO^ ~ # D q^OQ qnHiOz# PK~ QQ~ `#
|^=_h _ K LO\~. JO> $+H~ J~# q^~ `= =@ W K~ - ''W@=O\ =
|# ~=` `# <a#O_ $lOK_. J@# | ~H O#_~# ~=` =HO x#C_
`H# q#O`\ h $+OK@O [iyO^x J~=~, nx JO`\ ~=` =O^ =#O Ug H= Jx QOz
=# Q=O`_~# N=<~}x ~H=O`=~# ZO` q#OQ - q#=OQ xx LO_e. JO^H
~O =# J=Q`==`Ok. JO^H J#O` ^< =#O ^iOK +~-O@ =O\ D _|i =#
qx D q=O`\ H $+H~ Jx JO\~. =i Ju ^~}=~# =G^~}` #=`Q LO_x
''WO`H =#O Kk" D } q*# GO <a =O.
<O LO_ =H H}# QiOz K^=`= H^!. WO` q=~ } q# P J ^ =*O
"\ QiOz gH=~< iKO LO^? `? Jx H@ H+`@ `H# q^~ _ `= `C
P# `# q^~# tOK~. Q O HzOk. Di ` = Q ~ =Qi`@
^xH "~ ZO` L`OQ - ''J=# `. O^ =G^~} "~ J#O`^<q "ix
<a~A= JO> _ `_ #O_ f " ~HO Z< ^iOK<O^ "~. ZO` JO^=~# <a Hey#
`H=~# H} LO\~. (D _ `_# t= P J#O` ^<qx ^iOKx O`+~.
[xOz# `~"` H@O [~Q`Ok) D H} ^~ ~=` <aH XH `H=~# fH _ LOk.
, $^ ~Q, O x~^H H, ~HO|Ok` =# s~O #=~O^#|_ #=^~` _# H@
"^`@ H#~ =O\ OH~"# ~Q# _ =O\k. JO^ U_ ^~ t~QO LO\~. (~O_
#O K=K. H, ~O_ K=, ~O_ <H ~O^, XH <~) `H#
''g D _ `_x H} xK \xH x["# ~O_ s~ 'J^ QO LO\~. =# <a (_)
J~# P^~O U^ `? J< ^= ~O^O _ LO@Ok. Hx Jk ZC_
=< LO_, JO^ #O_ Ug aOK^. Hx
D P q^~ J=OQ K~. Q=O`x <a=`O ZO` `H"#n qt+"#k.
Q Q~ "iH W ^iK~. ''_ `_x
D H} | [<x Hey LO\~. g\ H ^xx J#HiOK@O J^O $+ =` JO^
Z< q^Q LQHi. _`_x # #O_ L^qOk.
~H`OQ LOz, =#O s~O Z< ~H \+# Q=O`x <a ZO` O^~"#k! ^x#O_
$+OK=K. JO`\ [## H g\ x`" LO@Ok. OKOx =` O^~"# =h $+O|_`<~.
D H_ Z<~@ KQ LO_ D _ `_#O_ Q#H P# '~} <_ J# <=O HeyOk.
f # H` H } # J= ~ O J~# C _ , ` | _ x~H H~O {t|u|zuo ul Fuo wo:
"kQ=~# H} |^Q LOK=K _! Z<
"^# #O K=K. Uq^OQ #~` =# _x Z=~ ~ ` x~= rq`x, JO>
|q^~#, H=O`=~# H} Z< ~H~# P~Q =O` = ~# rq`x Q _ x, " ^ O, q* #
\+# `~ KQ", J^q^OQ ~=` _ GO i^# K =iO` =O^ Q#
`# <a #O_ H - H@ OY H}#, `O`#, O\~ J@=O\"~, z~ " g rQ
J}=#, ~ = }=#, =#+ #, = ~ - kHH# q"i ~x =#~ i, 'FO
[OQ=# $+OKQeQ ~H=O`_. ~}<#= J# <=x H - ^` [~,
"~ `H q[x O^`~.
Q=O`_ x~O`~O H=O `O_ `# <a
H=O #O_ $+H~x x~i LO_@O =< P# ''FO ~}< #=

= i=O P^O - =x+H jO P~}O.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 13 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

=^~q[O ^~"H...69 =^~ q[O - 11

Q` OzH `~"~ QO.... J#"^O : N=u ^ ~OQ~[<
[iy# H^ : Z< Ki``H x* `# O^~K# D ~x ~["# HOzH K~ O\_. ~A# H"x J#O\_. Hh
=^ ~q[O, =~A HO#~x @= + =~} QOQ^qK HO#_ [~ f=` =# J_ Q L<_x `O\_. ~OQ<^ x
~zO|_#k. q[#Q~ =*n _# N |H~x ^ =~_ N~OQxH uiy K~_xH `# Z@=O\ K~ K@^x HO#_
=~HO#~_. H^~OQ q[O^ = =i ^`_ J< ^ _ `O\_. J`x H H` =^ ~ g<H^ q =z, `~Q P
W^~ = N~OQOx N~OQ<^x qQx "^H_xH OHx i K =x P^tOz " O k. `~ "` "OuH, `< g<HQ
|^~`~. # #O #O_ D qQx #Q~ H_=~ HO#x` =\_O^x, =H~qo =xH |=uQ Wz#
H_ ~ ^O ^z_~. Z< Hi, ZO^i< K ~Hu x `# HO#xH WK#x = xH K|`Ok. Wk q# = _
tOz# ^ , KOK`Q "i O` W^~ = N~OQ<^ x `_`_. WO` Q# HO#x HO\_. ~A W`~
qQO =i 18 UQ qQx }kHOQ H_`# PYi =O`` He #x ZkiOK_xH =O`< K Q_. =
H_=~x _ KO^yi J_= H#HQQ`~. ^` _ HO`=Ok ^` N~OQxH |^~~. ^i Z< Q=# ^\~. Jy
"@Q O` P ^< ~*# N~OQ<^ ^=~xH =#" Q=xH K~<~. N~OQxH " ^i "~ Jy
O^x K~"_. ~A \\# #O` H^e=_. ..... =#" Q=xH "` ~, JH_ OQ ~< =~_# u~=}`}
WO` q[#Q~ # O, |OkOK|_# O =~ H@# K~ x #Oax HO\~. H@ ~ `H<O^ u~=}`}
=@_O zOk. = _ =i ~=i =^ ~Oyx H@ [~Q`# #Oa "~ J<H ~H=# H#H =i ^=^` He
^x Z`# ^ O #O_ PHQ K_Q~. .... = ~*x H##~ |^i "~. WH K^=O_...
K~# `~"`, O=~ Pn#O L# Hx z# ~*
q[#Q~~ *xH `= =^` x H\ O Kx, JO^ `# =`$ q P ~A =^ O = _ , ^ ` _ =i
` =OQO _ LO^x = _ `O\_. H=# ` =OQxH u~=}`}Oa, `~ =i W`~ i"~ [#O JO`
"o `ex K ~"#O\_. =^` |$O^O = ~[O He H##~ H@ |^~~. =^` =#
K~ O\~. O =~ Jn#Ox HO^~ ~A `=# q[#Q~ x = =~ " L<~. `~ H ZHOk.
~*xH Jn#=x H\ ~ . JO^ =^ ` Q=O ` =OQO
"o = x `e "OuH^qx He [iy#=x P" q=iOz P"` #Oa Qix K#O`< ~ x ^i WK~. P
W~ ~A LO_ uiy =K~. ^H} O_ ^xH `= }x ~A ~"i` `O|O^ H"ix, HO^~
H#y =#~ ` =~# =K# =O =^" H# U#Q ~A `= #O @<"~. eH "o# `~"`
= ^` |$O^x =@_O KQ, =~}x ~HO K `O W^~ # ~[= _x `eOk. P# ~*^#O
He HO_ #O_ HO^ ^~` _ HO^Q ^@"# J_qH
_`~. JH_"~ =^" `Q KOk# XH [O@# H~. P
L<~x `eOk. "=@ _O_ #Oa JH_H
`Q"i qO` PK~ QiOz =~} =x` Hk =O "_. Jb J# ~Q ^~xH `# ~ K
O+Ok..... "~ Hk ~A JQ }Oz ^~ xH OQ, J`# uiy =z, #Oa |$O^x xH
K~ O\~. `# \# ^ xH K~ <#< L`O` =^ ~ Jx PxOz fH_. =#O XH `x =#O
~\Oz# "QO` ~QuOk. =^~Oy}x `e^O_ =^ Ki # n< =~H XH `Q_ `# Px ~x
=^ ` u~Q }O H\~ . =~= ^ O |K # K@ ~u"
=_ =^~ T F_`O_Q =_ JH_H =z J`x L<_. #Oax K# "O@< ''~! #Oa ~! Di Uq
= `= H ^# P@OHO HQ^x Ki_. =^~ =m fHK=? t=^ =k~# `K"? ^? Jk
=m *H O ~=_O =# = _ `q^~ O q_~# ^ xH uiy H"x < =# `` _`#k. < <H _KH\
"_. JH_ =^~# HO\_. W~=~ "i =# =H ZO_`#k J<_.
~KO\~. =^~ `## o KH=#Q N~OQO ~OQ<^x
# u+O z# `~ "` K O^=x JO\_. Wk W [~Q`O_Q # =\_ f~ K J`# =` =xy
q[#Q~ =[ <ku NQ#Q~ N~OQ<^x = L#@ `#k. P# K@ ZO^~ O^s=}
~*Ox yOw O`xH fx =K_. =H~ qi `## O_ ~H~ H ^ ~x L<~. "~O` = x K_@O
KH=x J_QQ, ~OQ<^x N~OQO # u+Oz# `~"` K =O^ he `=~ `## K#@xOzOk.
O_ K O^=x JO\_ = _. q[#Q~ ~[ ~ < ku #Oa # =O^ ^"#O`Q =Oy #=iOz
Q# N~OQ<^ x *OlH fx =K_. = _ `# `e =i
^`x` He Q## H=_xH =_.. Q# `# =^` ''g! <# ZO`Q< uOK#. = ^xH
` H _` #x "Q#O K, # O` |^i, =~HO # =#+# O "kHOK#. Hh P =k~# <#

`## `# OiOK< "~ =#`.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 14 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
kOKH#. `~ `H kOz f~`# JO@ JH_H "o#C_ <# L"O LO\#. XHHi <
Ju q#O` eH_ #Oa. # <H O^O HQ`Ok. <# K D #h
''#= =Oz"_q H=! H=! U=O\= ? ^ h, nxH x+ $u ^x JxOk. Hh, <#
JO@ H## =ux yK` J_Q_ #. ^xH K # =# Hx " =Okx, Px H_Qey`,
P =u O^~OQ #=` OkOzOk. <# #~HxH "o< ~"^ J<~ #Oa.
''=i WOH Uq fHK=? J_Q_ #. P ~u JO^~ =m H#C_, #Oa =x K
#Oa Q` `~ ~# H eH =zOk. ''=! h x~O Uq\? H##~ Z LOk? Jx
`~ =~OQ H kyOk. # H HtOK~. J_Q_.
''J! ZO`O^OQ LOk! J<_ #. `~ JO^ =_ ''J! # #O H=Ok
J`x ^Q~ "Q<, P"# `# ^Q~ "~@Q x, S~ g~ <~ x q<#. JO> "~ 50 ` O
P" ^=# n~OQ =^@<_. K# J#=@. Hh "~O` H@ ZC_ =` =xy
=x ~HO L_H~Ok. q`= QiOz =\_ P LO\~. qye# 50 `O ^g~, g~O` H@
x J ` "YiH |=O`OQ `_O J<O " LO\~. J<_.
JxOzOk. `~ # Hye#O_ q_=_, =x " ''"ix h= [~OKQ"? J_Q_ #Oa.
K H# ~~ _OzOk. ''=M=d ^O K "ix [~OK= J<_
#Oa |OQ~ P~}, @ =# # K#Q =_.
|=uQ WK_. # H P#O^O` "i~. ''=O` [~OKQ"? tOK_ #Oa.
# PO ~|_ H J_Q_ (# Pn#O< ''`O_ [~OKQ= J<_ ^`_.
P LO_q), `~"` #Oa "#uiQ_. =_ ^`x " K ''h Uq\ ^`?
P~u "~O` H##~ `O |K~. #Oa ''< ^Q~ XH ^ ^HO L#k J<_ ^`_.
Ug u#^. W`~ O_ u<~. "^ O $ux ''Jk Uq\ KC ^` J<_ ^`_.
\OK "~=~ JH_ ~. `O ZH_ K< "# ^`_ KQ_. ''# =^ "`O ~O_ H
=zOk. #O LO_Q, JO^ QO S~ KOk# "~ HQ,
=~\ ~A, <kux H=_xH "~. J`# qQ` "~O` =# ^j, =# ^O \ iy#
~ KOk# =H. J`# _ =` =xy L<_. "~, P ~O_ H XH H =^~ LO_Q qQ` H
=xH Wk K ZO` P~"Ok. #Oa J`xH _ H##~ L#k. H##~ =#O "O_Q <# K@
~ |=`eK_. P JkHi O`+O` ''QOk! H "x qKiOz Hx q+ `<#.
K QOk! Jx J<_. S~ x # P^t =`" ^O K~.
JC_ #Oa q#OQ ''J! <ku Q~! W`~ P^ HiOK~. "iH P ~H"# P^
g~O` = |O^=. g H@, g ~[O K_x H=. H|\ # "iH ^O K=x P^
P_`<~. g~ J#=u.... W=O_ i` =#O HeOKe J<_ ^`_.
''J! #Oa! xH "o K_=#. < ~HH @# ''Jk ^=? J_Q_ #Oa.
_ g` O`# J<_. ''^"! #=HOQ eH_ ^`_.
#Oa |$O^O H##~ WOHH ~A LO_, H@# ''Z? tOK_ =_.
*Q`Q ijeOz, ~ ^~, x H =~# Kx ''< XH q+O `ee J<_ ^`_.
"# uiQ~. WO\H K~# `~"` #Oa x=~O ''Uq\? J_Q_ #Oa.
qOz `# nH# q~qOK_. P# ZO` h~OQ ''# =^=Qh P~O Qh U^< He
HxOK~. W=_xH =# J=HO L#^? J_Q_ ^`_.
''g! q=e K H+\=! J<_ =_. '' ^ ~ ^ . # " P ~ O , x }K
''Jk H^ = ! H##~ "o~=_O #~H ^ $ O. ijeOK|_`Ok. JH_ "^ _ LO\~. #

=Oz xx "~^ " - K_ xx `@.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 15 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
u< z# "` _ "i ~"H} [~Q`Ok. =#O JH_H "o# `~"` # =^= q+ "H
# x H e # _ JH _ " ^ LO_ @ O g~ ~x He W"e. JH_ "^ LO_H=_O =#
Q=xOK^? # q+QO OQ [iy J`xx =Q"xQ
^`_ PzOKQ_. =~ =K #. nx =# =#O ~ O_ q+
JH`Q ^Q HH \ ''WOHH ^i LOk kOK=K#. XH\ #x WH_ #O_ |@
J<_. O`O ~O_=k P## ZC_ =` =Oz
''Uq@k? J_Q_ =_. `_O =#, =#O =@_Oz#_, S~ g~
''# HH ^| `ye#C_ "^_ ^xx P^ W=_. D J=HO ~iOKx =#O
Q}~KH_, JC_ # P "^x ` =@_# x~OK=K.
f~OK_. D q+O x["<? J_Q_ ^`_. W^O` ^Q qO@# =_ ''Wk K ^
''J=#. Wk P =~^~x =# `eO^? ^i H#_`#k.
J_Q_ #Oa. ^ ` _ |^ Q ''= ! ^ ^ ~ < , ` H
''J=# J<_ ^`_. kOKQ^i, D =~O =#O HxOK ^xHO> Z=
''<# Kk g P~x HeyOK =K#. =^ L<~.
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''#Oa, =_ PzOKQ~. ''`O, # =^=, =Q= "A =xy
''Jk ^_`O^O\"? L<_. nx =# J`x # x~} =~=O`OQ
''`H ^_`Ok. WOHH ^=^x =#O |e LO_^. Wk H##~ Q=xOK#. ~<ku,
W"e. P ^=^H Y"k L# ~+x` OQ`O JkH~, W`~ xH < KQ # ~H}
[~e. `~"` P x # |=u"e J<_ OO_ u~Q`<~. XHi^~ x #
^`_. _@O _ K#. nx i}=O Z LO@O^
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Uq\? J_Q_ =_. `? J_Q_ ^`_.
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=~^~x` <# =\_#_ < WOHH q+O JkH~O "i K`H fO\~. Wk JO^iH `e#
`eOk. # P "^xH t~K^O qkOz#_ qQ` q+". W^ "i O^O K_ =_.
"^O` _ JH_#O_ i~ J<_ ''J=#. "O` WC_ ~[O L# n#ux K
^`_. P#O^OQ LO_ LO\~. WC_H =#O #x "k
''JQ, `~"` Qx K, J`x O`=#+ P## "=@O
''JO\ i` =#O =m HeOKe. # O_ KO"~. nx` "i=^ q"^O "^
Y"k H ` , S~ " ^ J` x x O Q =`Ok. D =O =#O "i ^_K ^"#O`
Q } ~ K ~ . nx =# S~ " ^ O` `~ ~<#O Ke. =#O ZO` =YO.
i`~. P =O =# "~ P# ^Q~ "o, JO`. ZO^ O^O. ^~OQ Dxx K^O J<_
=^~ ^Q~ Q i= L# ^y #H ^`_.
"^O KQ_x K=. "^ xq`O ~A# H##~ z=~, JO^~ JOwHiOz# `~"`, H
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"#`< # P~Q=O`_=`_x #q^O. # u~=}`}OaH =K~O O|_Ok.
y z u o z z z z @ o\ z @@
N~= ~= ~"u ~" ~" =<~" I <= ``O ~= <= =~#< II
^~# qiOz#C_ J#~ [~Q`~.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 16 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
tNy ...
Nw u|N zL \yLby z O Qz
z \yLby N t{ EXZ { FN y ut GzT z YuL@ uN z \yLby t{ Nz
zN ut O Nz yY Ny Ey Yy F| {@ ut E{ u|N s y T zT, M y
N}bz\ E{ E Nz y N Nz tz \zT@ t| Nz ubNb y b{M TzT? ut Nz Nm
g y b{M TzT?
\yLby Euu 2017 u|N zE N GzQ {@
\yLby 2017 Nz E u Nz Gnt z Nz Ez \z Ny <<Nwuo {uoN Tuouu>>
u @
o tz Ny u En {@ u|N zE Nz \yLby Ny uu z Qz Ny ENo {@
\yLby Euu 2017 z E <<>> Nz uuo uN T {@
Zb tzz Ny ENo {@ u Nz NF| tz u|N zE Nz \yLby z O Q T {@
\yLby Nz t{ ut Nz uOTo o{ ut z T\ gzT@ \yLby Ny uu Ny u
z N u|N s Nz O Nz Ny ENo {@ z z y ut 21.5 uoo F|LL, LgL
Fnut Ny ^z z @ H z 18 uoo \yLby Ny z FNy o E{ oy z \zTy@
NZ | | LN EzQ z E, N z ut <<t>> b{M ouo uN s,
u\ uouo tzs <<t>> Nz o{ uouo uNz \z z <<gg>> Nz y Zzg T s@
NN z <<t>> Nz y umu[N Gnt , MuN <<t>> uom Nz uL z uz \oz
@ o ub~ z o y ez oN| ut uN T Nz z Eu|o uNz \z z Gnt Nz umu[N
Gnt Nz EoT|o u \ No @ N z t <<t>> Nz N z O Nz Ny EuY y \y
N ty sy@
E tz E{ G\ tz Ny ET Nz yN Noz L N z tz uu ut uNy uNz
\z z <<t>> Nz z z y \yLby z O N ut {@
uouo Nzy Gnt E{ zN Nz EyqN E{ bybygy Nz yY 2011 Vubo ut Nz t E
Geo { uN M Nub Nz N Nz M Nt GezT@
| 2012 Euu\o E tz bybygy Nz uNy y N Nz N To z O Q s@ E
u y z E Ty {@ z \yLby 2017 Nz t{ bybygy Fy N Nz E ut Ny z
Nz N z O Q T {@
ut y Ny u|N Es N Nz { GNz {b z uO [ N Nz Ey ty Ty sy@ E Nz
N ETy 1 \F| z \yLby T Nz y {@ E \Y Ny { uN M <ut>gy Ny u
Eoz @ bybygy E ut Nz gy (y) Nz EoT|o \yNwo uN \zT@ F Nm z Nzg
utE Ny Es Nz ez YzTy@
<}N> E{ ut qm Etz Nzy N z ET Noz uN u\Lby z u|N zE Nz
\yLby z O Nz :uY N@

=@ ~`O x"i` He xK@O H+".

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 17 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

um y Ts - 196
ul :
-y.L. NmN EtN : g} . o
Nw mN Yz { Nz LN u N uO z o y T z @ z t Nz ob TL E{
s@ E u N ubNz m Qz Nw mN , z z Ez Z Y z @
E{ u| N uo N uz No s@ Gz o Nw Nz Et \N oN-^N Nz
z N gy yq G z m y Nz E N uz E{ Ny sy@ Eo: Nz Zz b z z Nz
u g ~ (uo o ) Ny u { N T, Ez Nz t N u t Nz Et {
z u@ Q@
{ u Nz E Noz Ez Tuoy Gz Ny u| m N Ny Ny@ Gz
Nz E N t z uus| z uY E @ Nz \ y E{ E EuNu z u t Nz T o
Gz Ez y <Nw> t N Ez EuN Nq E{ uu Nz z Z oZ Ny@ Nz
Tuoy T o \ Nz ETz jo T@ utQz Nz uL Gz T Ny EY| Ny E{ Z
Nw z Y Eo ty ut Y @
Nz T o Nq uso uu Nz z o N Z ETz ut \ z usy| m ur Ny
j@ FyuL u tz \N \ Nz Nz uz y ( Embryology ) z T sz , o Nw Nz u
z o z L y Nw os GNz u Nz z GNy \N Nz Tz uN T Eo y
E o t y Nz u t \z Ny Gn N o F | , Nz u t \z Nz uL Gz E b| Go { @
o Nz F T j uz oE Nz \z Nz uL Nw z g N N N uN y F z E
y@ yuo-u\ N uz y @ oz u t Nz E t G
Eo: u Nz ut \ z u t tz Q z TL, T o Nq Nz z \z E{ Nz Ny o N
o u t Nz G z N N N T uN - Nz tz Q z T @ Gz y F z yuo u\
<E t T Ny \ Nz \z y \oz , G Ny EzY Noz L N uN z uN zN
To N y m N g o { , Eo: @
Ez b| GoN \L > GNz uTq g. Tz , m ur
F uus| z N - << T Ny \ L y Y ur Nz z No| sz @ G z
Nz \ z @ oz Nz u| m Ny { y Ez F uus| Nz o| Nz G Ez
E{ o N Nz tz Q z \ z @ E{ \ u z Nq Ez N Etz ut@
G T o Nq Nz z Z N Ez z Eoz y Gz N - << EzT N o|
@ Eo: Ez b| Goz Ny M ENo @ E z T uNy yuo u\ Nz Nz \z
{ ? >> u GNy Ez Y N @ M E \oz
u t Nz N| Y u z N - <<E T uN n Ez u s z m | \To Ny
Ny EY| - \ N N o Nz Ny Y Noz ? >>
F Nz Eno ue Nz s E m uus| z Z - <<N{ z ? >>
Noz @ Eo: E G Nq \N Ez b -b|
Go E{ z o y N E @ oy ENz u t G z G\ ut - <<ET E E o
Nz Et z Nz t T z @ >> Ny u Nz z tzQ zT oz z N
N uN E{ G N u\ z y
Nw Nz u \ L @ G z N| Y u Ny tz Q Noz @ Es| o n z Y Nz z
y G g F| E{ N uN Ez b| - b GoN
O`$ x rq`xH Ou ^.
July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 18 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
N w \ Ey u z Ny@ E{ z ETz m | > g { , FNz E z E o Nz ut
Ny Y Ny@ Fz n ym Ny | Noz , Eo: GN g @ uo
o b z o y { @ Fy Nm y E o z ^z Nz Yo G z Ez uus| Nz
Nz Nz w \ N \o { @ >> uoz u O ty - <<Lz z | uO n Nz
EY| Tz z Ez F uus| z q Q g z z z ETo z YuL uN Lz z
uN - << m ur u y Nm Nz z n, \z | uMo { Nz z
joz @ M E Nz FNz z NZ o {?>> N Z y @ Fy Nm Lz z | uO
n Nz t| Nz \oz Ez b|
uus| z gz Gn Nz s G\ ut - T{ Go N Eno u z Qgz z YuL@>>
<< - \oz @ u z z \z z Q
NF| uub Nm Ny Gusuo zoy {@ (u Nz Fz z Nz Yo usy| Ey Toy ^
u \ Nz Nb ut \o {@) Fuz Nm Nz @ ENy Ez EY| \ y Nz s, t
Nz , NF| yu Ny F\ Ny \Noy { \{z m N z u t TL@ Eno t u
uN EVo, t Nz zT, -zT uz Ny uO z O E o y Nz t| N o b L @
E{ Q z uo zT y uN N \{y n Ny u Ny LN uub oyNnNo
N yu Ny y F\ Ny \Noy {@>> y { @ y y { z O LN
EY| Tz z Ez uus| z uN T j Nz { @ G z o uz
uN - <<M o o { uN F y Nz Nm N T @ (tz E Q , tz N, tz uN E{
N Nz N ouN E M { ? >> LN ) Ny Nz tz y Nz Ez T
uso @ z u N t y {
uus| z NZ E\ jT z Ez u uz@ \z t t o { E{ G z N Z uNo
EY| z N - <<oy u Ny y Ny NzuNE @ o n Ny u oz EzQy { \z ENmy
Nz uqo QN oz y NF| ooE Nz \ { M u N m | \To Gy z Eu | o z o { @
ut Nz N \ qo F zoy {@
qo NF| T zoy {@ F uz uNz TF| YuN n Ny u Foy t { E{ u\z
NzuNE z L TL L Nm Nz ENo gz F Foy y t YL z o y , FyuL
z zTTo Nm Nz s Q N, yy n N LN - <<ul>> g @
Nz eyN uN \ No {@>> uuO Nz E - {t|u|zuo ul Fuo wo:
u\ N z u Ny N Ny qo \z u Es| o s \y oyo N
Qz y Nz u NE z N Ny o o E Yoz E{ \z { u Ny os ur Nz z Nz
Ny uo m uN \ No { , eyN Gy N L uo Nz suo N Yoz z uYN
z | uMo n y Ey u z Q u\ y \y Nz u T
Nz g Ny P Nz u NL , o o , Em , m \y Nz N Noz L <ul :>
E{ Nz s-s NF| \ g \ T o E Ny N \ uO E{ z N T z oz G E
y w u b Nz Ny qo Qo { @ o o z T y@
Y u N n u o Ez u N z F @@H ul :@@
w u b N| Nz uo o { , GN <E o All slokas Chant 108 times

FO <~O =+ #= FO H`* #= FO *uO` #=

G u z : G qz r : G [zuooz :
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
For good eye - sight.

P^ L#C_ iOKO_. O`OQ @, WO_ H<## "iH. +"# K H~.

O^ HO ^}# =^.
July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 19 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

uN LzuouN G << u\>> u\ - 69

EtN : g}.L. T
E oN Ez j.... Ny 14 y ty Nz VbE Eo {@ , t\ E{ uoN u\T [ Nz | zy Tz
Euo u\T Ny y TWtzy uuYo u\ z uz Eo {@ Tz z Y ut uN E zT tzT@
N N Euo yzmT z \y Nz G N uty Et z uo uN N, N N Nz [ NYy Y \o {@
uN @ uty o t u oTN N tuqm o Nz \ z u Yo {@ N [ Ny oyo Nz Nm, Ez
ENm z NF| ut ut Eo-o z Tz@ yW y Y Nz Es oo {@ yTs Nz yT z Nz uL N z
y @ y Ws\y Nz Gn uo| Nz {uN z Yoz L 15 NzF| Nt Ge s@ F Nm uso zz To {@ GNz
z tuqm o m N Eoo: Y Nzg Mo YuTu Nz \T [ z z t{ Nz yqy \y Nb zN, F N Nz
zTL@ Gz oy {uN z TL@ LN Nzg Ws \y Nz Yz Nz N Etz tzoy @ FNz Yo uoN z y yqy y o
z L@ 18 t y Ws Nz uo| Nz jj oz L E{ t\ Ny - F o Ny Y Nuu N Nz ooy {@ Nuu
N tz N uN gz@ E{ t\ Gz jj uNz Nz t z Nz LN Nb ty@ y Nb Gz N Nz tzz Ny o
yWs \y Nz YuTu \ Nz z uo suo Noz @ Nz ooy {@ o zo {@ Foz Tz N
uo yWs \y Nz GNz \ u E \ Nz N z u@ \ Ez E u z uN o z bNz Nz
Nz \ Noz @..... yWs\y Nz yW z : uoue uY N s@ y E{ t\ yT Ny Ez Y goz @ oz Nz
Nz Nz uz u\T Nz zq Tzlm Nz zoz {@ YNuo| NF| T Nz Gz uN@ zEuT T Y @z yT Nz
.... Tzlm EQ { o Nz u\o N muN \z Ny uso EuT N T Y oz @ z
z@ t{ Nz lg \Ny Nuu (Wy) Nz z uTu Nz uom\m y z uoz @ yTs Ny To z
Ez uNz z ty N Q {@ Gz Yz N tun E{ t\ \L Yz Ny o uuo zoz @ uom\m y Ny
Nz \ Nm \o {@ tuqm o Nz t{ o z EzN N Nz \z E{ tztu Nz s N Ny Ez uN
O Nz zo Ez u z gz {z uN, -Y gz@ E ETz ujL...
Noz @ G z Nt Nz \Ty [ u\ o N
s@ uY N u@.... z Nt Nz , NYy u\y G ut tz Nz , t\ E{ uom\m y,
zN, N Ny z \Ty |o Nz y \yo zo {@ o os Eu Nz zT uN N uNz Ny Ez
\ z \o {@ \Ny uTy Nz uqo z Y gz@ E{ t\ {uN Nz z sz@ o
g [ Y z N N E{ t\ Nz \o {@ F y Ny Yj {ey. u Nz tzQoz y z Nz {uN z o
\Ny z ut Qz uo Yo { ....@ { [ ut@ G ut z z EXZz Qz Nz, NZ z
Nz Y z Nz Yo, Nz Ey Nz Zzb-z Zzbz [ u\T Ey z s tzoz sz@ yo \z Nz Yo E uN
Nz Ey tt tzz Nz oo z TL@ G GNy owu nT
sy - o Nz uuto F@| F Nm Ey Nz tzQ Ez o \ {@ G E uN \z @
Nz zYo {@ E{ t\ tz Ez us uo { [ Y Ey N z E oN yo z\z , z
\oz @ G E{ t\ N T \z nT No { - z Gz EN y Nz Nz yo z TL@ Nz yo zo
tzQoz @ F Nm Ey Nz N N z uz o Ny N ouQ Nz z {ez utQF| gz@ y
nT \N {boz {@ onYo GNz tuqm-lg tz Nz Nz tzQoz y oo <y E! F M z? uo Ny
\Ny Ny q Nz s uN goz {@ T z t\ sy z ? Gz yz Nz Zbb {@ zy \y
L t\ Nz ENm Noz @ \Ny Ny q Nz n
E{ \Ny tz u g z yYz Ny Ez jNoz yYz Nz
Gz yz Nz Eo z { N@>
Vz \T uT \oz @ z t { \uo Ny LN \zg y z uoz @ G o Ny o z T s uN z {@ GNz
\uo Nz uuY EY Nz z \Ny NZ oN uooy {@ Eo NF| tu o-o Nz s u\ y s@ Gzz
{b N Ez Nz z u zYz o@ z Gy N Nz LNbN tzQ@ Nz T uN \ y-N
N t Y \oz @ Ez \ s Y z Nz Gn z GNy Ez uoz \{z T@
Vzg z Nz ty Tuo z t{goy {@ uTy Nz o-uo Nz N y z o Nz ETz Q ^NN uN@ <<@
E{ t\ Ez T Ny Ez Y g@z T| \ Fz o z o Nzu Ny@ tz Nz Ety z\N jj@
uoF| sy, Nz uY Qz T s@ Fy t\
E@ t\ z Ez u Nz Yzoy ty uN GN z -uo uy @ \ty y Gz N T@>> Eno u
Nb zT - t E y sy@ G s u Nz s N y z@
\o {@ z uo {@ tz Ez - Ez z Nz Mo Noz <<o EXZ Ety {@ {@ M Noy z {?
@ \ u Ny o Geoy {, o b No { uN u \ {ey oy Nz uYNzby tzoz N o z@ F G oy
yTs Ny : s Nz t y zT@ Fy u\T [ z N oz uto F|@>>
Nz zuo y Tz \y yTs Nz { [ Nz uTTy tz z <<E{ M z z?>> Z o z@ y Nz Fz z

=Ozx PKiOK@" ^~O.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 20 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
o Ny Ny yo EF|@ gy \No Nz s-Ny z o z t\ Ny Ez tzQ <<t\! oy M {?>>
Goy@ o Ny EQ {N EF|@ <<zz LN g Ez\ {@>> N t\ z@
<<! uNoy Qo {@>> N o z@ o Nz << M { oEz t\@>> N t\ z@
Eoz y o z Gz Ey Ez QYN, GNz Ezez t\ zz T - <<o Nz N tzQ z {@
Y uN@ tzQ N Q Q{ Ge@ u z Nz z G E z Nz zT @ Ny Fy tzy @ F z
z o Noy oy Nz o Ny Qz z Ny Ez LN Q z {@ Ny LN Q zT N @
jNz Gz E - T@ o GNz EuT z ZbN, N Nz \oz z E Nz zT z NZ oz \
Ny Ez tzQN EQ Nz gg@ @ z Ny z Nz t Nz Etz N y NzTy@
yz zz Nz Em, zy o Nz \z t Nz Etz z goy @ uNy o o Nz Etz
ut@ o Ny EQ Qy z YN Ge@ o z ut Ny Nz uz \{ N {@ Lzy uusuo Nz {t Ny
E Nz z Z@ (G ut o Nz zoz sz@) {@>> t\ z N@
FNz t y yZz b@ <<M {?>> yz Z@
G o z N Ny | E uN@ yz t\ z u Nz s N - <<uN {@>>
NZ Q @ t z Nz Q@ ztNwuo N Ey <<N{z?>> uN z@
NzF| s@ | \T Ez Ty@ <<^z LN o Ny \Ny YuL@>> N t\z@
ETz ut z zuo z uz Tz@ LN zu s@ <<M?>> Z y z
y z Y s@ tzQ YuNo T@ y z Gz <<M o Nz z\ NZ uN
y zz Nz \z utz@ G EuNy z N - <<EXZ {@ o uQz N E uzT?>> t\ z Z@
EXZ {@>> <<! o Nz \z z\ ut \o {, uzr
o y z u|N N - <zuo \y! z z Q \o {@ G { y Tz@ LN ENm y u
uozt {@ EN uN E{ EN [ tzQ Yoz @ GNy yq uNz o Nz \zT@ z { Nz
ENy Er z oz..... > tzQ s ?>>
<<y! \N yo tzQz Nz N@ Ez qN b Nz t\ zYz T@
oz s z\T@>> N@ EYN GNz z LN gy YyQ uNy@ <<LN o
y N N LN E{ z\ uoN, uNz Nz {@>>
Q Q, oz E{ {uN Y{uN Nz tzQ@ V {bz y << M?>> Z z@
z N yN Ez E Nz o uN@ o <<o Nz { \ Yzb EF| o { Gz eyN N
N\z tyQz T@ Nz@ o o z GN u Nb ut@ M o Y
<<! ENz z o Nb ut>> N z@ {?>> Z y z@
<<o ! N \ N {@ \ y <<>> N t\ z@
\o G Qo @ LN LN Ez y N tz << \z Nz \ , Gz o YuNo Tz@
zz To {@ z N| y @ y \o F YuL uN o Nz { zTy z@>> N@
z {@ zz Nz z ut Yoz oz ^z y E{ zY g Tz@
N \z y NzY >> N yz@ <<M zT?>>
G o y uz@ yz z N - <<o um| <<E zT! LN E{ tzty Ny u Yjy
M {? N N{ {?>> Z@ zTy@ G tzty Nz { zTy z uz y
F z N - <<! o Ny z z \zTy@ o Gz o Nz tzz y g \zT@>> N
Nz LN Q {uN @ ouN 50 uoo@ z y t t\ z@
z oz @ Yz 50 uoo y z uNz Nz <<t\! oz N eyN {@ Fz zT M?>>
oz @>> <<N o z F o Q zY@ LN o E{
<<M o G NzTz?>> yz Z@ F|@ o z u\ { N u Nb, o Nz z
<<Ez - z gz z G \yo NTz@>> { T Qgz L@>> N t\ z@
<<nN gF| z \yo NzTz?>> y z uN@ <<t M E?>>
<<E \yo NTz@>> N t\ z@ << Lzy y uusuo Nz \ tz zT@ ut o

|~ Zx HiH LO> JO` JOu.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 21 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
{ zTy zT oz z Nz { Ey z Gz s <<u o ut E{ u Nz T {@
NTz@ z g\T@z Lzy uusuo z o zu{ Nz utzTy F Nm GNy z N u| eyN z z zT@ F
Nz \zT@ F z o Nz NZ ut Nz uL o Nz N E uN@ z Nz E EuNy
zu{ Nz z\ NTz@ o Nz u utTz uN EYm Noz tzQ@ FN um N{z zT \oz z? o
\gy ub z z s Tz@ o Nz \z Nz o Nz uz M NTz \oz ?>> t\ z Z@
\ uN yz Nz tz zT@ { Nz z z << \o @ uN o Nz Ty z Go tTz@
EXZ {N uzT@ Gz yN o z zT@ \oz @ y GN t {@>> N z@
TTzT@ Fz tz o zTy@ LN o Nz z\@ <<! z [ Ny tyt tzQ Q zoz zTz@ ut
t Gz t z Q@ Fz gF| Nz z Nz {uN o Nz y Tz oz GNz Ez Ety zy z
Nz Etz tz NzT@ GzTy ut zT@>> tTz@ G Ey ^Tgz y NgTz@ F yY G
z N - << gy - y Ty@>> t\ ENm N o \ty G b N zT@ Nz EN
z N - <<! Yz gy z, E N NTz@ F N u\y z zT@>> t\ z N@
oz Qoz y o @>> Eo Nz yNz Nz t, \ty-\ty NF| o zoy
<<Qoz M>> z Z@ @ FNy Y EuT Nz uom\y Nz z\y TF|@
PxO\H Ouu!
-P kQ K~ fO\O - H~ P^t 4 < ~=O - c* ZO |=}q "Y
- JO`~f O^ ^iH "<xH [~
^~H u~=, E< 25 : ` Pn#O L# ^" O uu HeyOK kQ K~ fO\=x
c* ZO |=}q J<~. t= Q^=i l ^~H u~=x KHO_ Q| O^
i>* O_+<(rKKZ) " >O P~ ZU, J+< P O_+< P O^ ~bl
JO_ Ki@| Wx@+< U OH P^~O JO`~f O^ ^iH "#O Pk"~O ~O_
~A H#yOk. D O^~OQ |=}q =\_` ^O ` Jn#O L# <Q H
^" Ouu HeOK K~ fO\=x J<~. H~ P^ W <Q < J^
~==Ok~O x~}xH K~ K_`=x J<~. ^O 80`OQ L# O^=O` c*H F@"
QeOKx q H~~. O^ ^iH "#O x~} Ja#O^h=x P# Hx_~. ^"
` Pn#O LO__^x, O uu Hey LO_x, D q+O `#, ~#O^ ~f
OH~ \ +< ^Y K#@ `e~. Ki, =^ Ouu HeO_Q O^ ^"
` J[=~+ ZO^Hx P# tOK~. <`# ^~O OO^ O^ ^~K~O [~Qx
J<~. JH_ =Y=Ou Pk`<^. ^x "n KHx i# JOk<~x, =Oz PK#`
`# #_`<~x q K~. ~f =<" ^|u#O_ QO~H} Kx H~~.
Ja r~q =\_` P "~OQ =~x, q^ OQ LO_x J<~.
^" " q*#O HQ`O^x K~. ^" xK JkH~ PQ=O `e
LO_x J<~. W`~ =` KOk# "~ JkH~Q LO__^x J<~. ZOgP~ =\_`
^" O uu Hey x~OK< O^= K`#=O` H"x J<~. ^=#O K~<
Z ^H~~= =\_` ` J[=~+ O_ ^" O uu HeOKO@
|=}qH =z# PK#, OHO =Oz^x J<~. Q| O^ i>* O_+< O O_
JOl_~ Q[ Nx" =\_` ~`# ^" ~H} `H} H~=OQ D H~H=O K\ #@ `e~.
=# ^O 65 H ^" L<x, ~`# ^", tk= Ki# ^"# #~^iOz
=Oa+H x~OKx `e~. qq^ =~ KOk# =~k`, ~*+<^r, Js, J~,
^=#O H~x~}kHi "O_ u<^~=, =Y, O^ ^~K~ D H~H=O<~.
(PO^*u 26.6.2017)

=# HiOK - O`x PkOK

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Pk` $^O
1. `` ^ iO`O =~ zO` `" I ~=}O KQ` ^$ ^ =`" II
2. ^=` =Q= ^+=Q` ~}" I LQ= |g^="JQ Q"< |+ II
3. ~= ~= = $} QO <`#" I # ~#s< =` =~ q[~+ II
4. Pk` $^O }O ~` q<#" I [=O [x`" JHO ~=O t=" II
5. ~=OQ =OQO ~ }#" I zO`H =#" P~~# =`=" II
6. ~t=O`O =^O`O ^"~ #= $`" I [ q=O`O ~O =<~" II
7. ~^"`H + `[ ~t=# I U+ ^"~ Q}< H< u Qa II
8. U+ | K q+ t= O^ *u I =O^ ^#^ H = " O u II
9. `~ == ^ t< =~` =# I "~ *} |`H~ H~ II
10. Pk` q` ~ YQ Q=< I =~^$ # ~}~` k"H~ II
11. i^ i -~sz=< I uq~#^# O ` =~O_H-O=< II
12. ~}Q~ tt~ `< ~ ~q I JyQ~-k` ` OY tt~<# II
13. "=<^ "n |QA =-~Q I <=$+ ~O q` qO^gn =OQ= II
14. P` =O_b =$` OQ ~`# I Hqi =`* ~H ~"^= II
15. #H` Q `~}" Jk q=# I `[= `[ ^^`< - #"-` II
16. #= ~ y~ t=^ #= I *u~}<O ` k<k` #= II
17. [ [^ ~ #" #= I #" #= O Pk` #" #= II
18. #= LQ g~ ~OQ #" #= I #= ^^ =~O_ #" #= II
19. |<K` ~k` - =~ I ` ~H ~^ =+ #= II
20. `" = ` q``< I H$` ^" *uO ` #= II
21. ` KgH~ = qH~} I #="-a x ~K HH} II
22. <`+ " `O `^= $[u I `+ ``+ =~`+ Qa II
23. U+ + *Qi `+ ix+` I U+ U"y `O K O K"y u}" II
24. "^ H`= H`<O "= K I x H$`x H+ ~ U+ ~q II
25. U# =` H$K+ HO`~+ + K I H~< ~+ Ht< - <=j^u ~= II
26. [ # "HQ ^=^=O [Q`u" I U`` uQ}`O [ ^+ q[~+ II
27. J< H} = ~=}O `O =k+ I U==H `^Q [Q= K ^Q`" II
28. U`K` =`* #+H- =` - `^ I ^~= ` ~= ``"< II
29. Pk`O H [ ` ~O ~=""< I u~K= z~` ^#~^ g~"< II
30. ~=}O H $` ^ =Q=` I ~`# =` =^ ` ^$`-=` II
31. J^ ~q~=^<- xsH ~=O =k`=< ~= O $+=}I
xtK~u OHO qk` ~Q} =^Q` =K ~u II
W`~ N=^=} "bH PkH" ^HO_ OKkH ``= ~ II
PK## OiOKHx"~ i`# ik^H~.
July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 23 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

In the previous episode we saw how VEDACHALAM the biggest musicians. There will be none equal to
or Ahobila Kshetram is completely blessed by Goddess you in singing. Whoever are going to tell about
Lakshmi and her affection is, on this Kshetra. We Parabrahmam using Bharatha shastra
also saw the main locations of Nine Narasimha deities (Bharathanatyam) they are going to sing your praise
of this Kshetram. Lets take a holy trip to each of that you are the best in singing . Any one who sings
these shrines and sing their praise. The Kshetram here in front of the Lord will obtain his blessings and
is so powerful that all sins are washed away merely become a great musician. Many devotees start their
entering the place. If one performs Nrusimha first music concert in front of this deity Chatravata
Ashtakshara Yagnya in this kshetra he will get even Narasimha.
the position of Lord Indira as per the Puranas. In the same way there is a place called Bharghava
Once upon a time Sage Gopila was continuously kshetram. That place bestows Swarga and Moksha.
reciting the Nrusimha mantra called Mantra raja. He It is highly pure place. There is Akshaya theertha
performed great penance in this Kshetra reciting the in that place which is to protect the three worlds.
Mantra rajam and with a desire to become a great On the banks of this water body there is a mountain
scholar. Lord Narasimha appeared before Sage Gopila on which Narasimha is having another abode. The
and said Oh! Gopila! I am pleased with your penance. place is full of Lotus, Sugandha flowers, Blue flowers,
Let goodness prevail on you. I bestow you the complete Kadappa trees, Neervinchi creepers etc. The place
knowledge of all Shastras. Hence forth you will live is full of various delicious fruits and is cool and highly
here with complete Shastra knowledge enabling you pious. Who ever comes here and displays great devotion
to differentiate between what is necessary and what to Lord Adhokshaja Narasimha here, for him even
is unnecessary. Soon you will realize that all other at the entry step the Lord bestows his abode which
items in this world are secondary for you and you is Paramapada. In this Kshetra all devotees get what
will become highly devoted to me and attain my abode. they desire. This Kshetra is Bhargava Narasimha
Henceforth whoever performs penance here with Kshetram.
Narasimha Mantram will be blessed by me and I will Similarly Jwala Narasimha Kshetram is a place where
fulfill his desire. Having said this to Sage Gopila, the devotees will be relieved of evil planet effects
the Lord disappeared there. and effects of evil beings like Pishacha, Rakshasa,
Similarly the Chathra vata kshetra has been worshipped Dhakini, Putana, Revathi etc. Here the sages reside
by Devas like Indira. Here Lord is in a blessing posture without any fear. Whoever lights a lamp here either
and here he is worshipped by not only devas but with oil or ghee they will live here with shining glow
Yakshas, siddhas, Gandharvas etc. The Yakshas and glory and at the end they will attain the lord.
frequent this place and sing and dance in front of Here the Lord shines with a radiance of thousands
the Lord. Gandharvas by name Hahaa and HooHoo of suns, his hair shining like lightening, his fiery eyes
came here and entertained Lord Nrisimha under the and his long nails and teeth shining in fire. He has
tree with their song. The song had all the seven svaras lots of hands which are shining. He has lots of parts
Nishadam, Rishabham, Gandharam, Shatjam, of the demon Hiranyas body and is wearing his
Madhyamam, Daivatham, Panchamam. All the seven intestines as garland. Lord Narasimha is in a gigantic
swaras bestow auspices to people. As the singers form here and bestows all goodness to devotees.
were well versed with the differences in the Swaras, We have now covered all the nine Narasimha Kshetras.
their Kaalas and their applications, Lord Narasimha There are many more Narasimha Kshetras about which
was highly pleased. He gave them great boons From lots can be told.
today onwards in the whole world you both will be (To be continued)

u| o qzTy N \zo@ N|t wu\ |: Nw zo u:@@

Every woman is my direct embodiment. One should not commit a wicked deed involving a woman; one should
not (even) think about sinful acts in connection with a woman. (Source : Lakshmi Tantram 43rd Chapter)

=`#~x` H` w H# [`I # ~^$l#O <~ =$`O # ~` II

u =x` < s~O. 'P_"i@ JOQ =iOK_" H^. qH~OQ PzOK_O _ OK#
JO@<~. J="~. (H~} : H;`O`O 43= J^O)

`C @@O `eH - `C i^H=@O H+O.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
NEWS Andhra Pradesh to go digital to secure \\ _ D"Q L`~k JkH~?
ancient icons ~R ` x~O ~#O^O^ q PQO
Embarrassed by the ease with which thieves smuggled
out antiques, the new Board of Tourism, Culture and u~u, " 7 : OK Mu QOz# Ju^ O^= H`"#
Heritage in Andhra Pradesh will digitize centuries-old u~= N "OH>~q P ## i~HOKO^
The return to India last month of three sculptures from
L`~ kH KOk# SZZ# xqOK_O ^=x, J<z`
the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) has turned the x~=x N ~^ ~ku ~#O^O^ q J<~.
spotlight on icon smugglers. A Seated Buddha in stone, Pk"~O u~u = qq^O gOx F _
a Worshippers of Buddha carving and a 900-year-old
image of Goddess Pratyangira were returned, and went WO\H =z# P# qY~ ="O U~@ K~. D
on show in Delhi last month. O^~OQ P# qY~` =\_` L`~k O`O
The limestone Worshippers of Buddha, from the
Satavahana era dating back to between 1st Century BCE
H LO@O^x J~` PQ= "iH J=Q#
and 2nd Century CE, was stolen on February 2, 2001, LO_^< ~. WO\ i` PQ= PK~} ` Q`#
from the Chandavaram site museum in Prakasam P == J=Q# x JkH~# xqOK_O
district. Ten people broke into the museum around
midnight and made off with it. iH^<~. WO^ O|OkOz `# <~@O K#<~.
The panel shows two pairs of male and female devotees ^H} k ~ L# SZZ JkH~# ~R `O J=~ Q
[partly disfigured] in a standing posture, worshipping a
pillar. They are depicted with the feet of sakhya muni or
K `O K_O ^~^$+H~=x J<~. `Q"~#
Budha padas. It was one of nine objects stolen from SZZ# H^x L`~ k O`xH KOk# JkHix \\ _ D"Q
Chandavaram on three occasions on October 9, 2000, xqOK_O \_ `O K# ^=x Q`O Z=~
February 2, 2001, and March 23, 2001.
One of them was later exhibited in the NGA. On the D x K^<~. \\ _ DFQ J="# =
opening night of the expo, Amareswar Galla, then at the JOkOz, x*~fQ ==iOz# _H~ O|t=~= O\
Australian National University, told the authorities that
the sculpture was from Andhra Pradesh. But he was
JkHix =~_O xH=e# PK# J<~. P#=~e#
assured that it was acquired legally. J=~O Uq@<~. `Q =\_@O, K^=_O ~x "ix
Nobody knew that it was stolen. Interpol had not been `Q ~#, JO^# Ju^ ^iH O J~# \\ _
informed, says Prof. Galla, now an adviser on
international heritage to the A.P. Government, and Chief xqOK_O Uq@<~. `# `O g^< ^ =Hg^
Curator, Amaravathi Heritage Centre and Museum. =u~H``< =\_@O ^<~. PQ=O@ J=Q# x
Seeking return to State
The NGA had bought two of the three pieces in 2005
=# `C|_`<#<~. L`~k PQ=O` O|O^O
from disgraced U.S.-based art dealer Subhash Kapoor, O_ H LO@O^x, ^H}k PQ=` _# H
though not the Seated Buddha. There were no accurate LO@O^<~. D ""# `O QiOKH=_O
images of the objects. Himanshu Shukla, Director,
Andhra Pradesh Heritage, says: The Government will ^H~= <~. W\H \\ _ ~[H x~^Q# ^~ H~
apply for the Chandavaram icon to be restored to the =O_e xq P ==# _K~<~. W^ iu
State. (The Hindu 28.6.2017)
Travelogue on Ahobilam released
H#y` \\ _ =O\ ^iH O #+O `^<~.
A book titled Travelogue on Ahobilam authored by M.S. (PO^q 8.5.2017)
Vijayaraghavan, a former Advisor at the Prime Ministers ^iH i+` U~@ U"Ok?
Office was released by the 46th Jeer of The Ahobila Muth
Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yatheendhra =_ Q_z< Tx "#O, MmQ _=# Hq+#~ ,
Mahadesikan in the presence of the Governor of H~^i J^# ^`< '^"n#O ^"^Y
Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, E.S.L. Narasimhan. ^~^ E< 12 : `OQ} ~RO U~_ =_ Q_z<
The august occasion took place on Tuesday evening at
the Hyderabad office of the Muth and the Jeer blessed '^iH i+`# `O U~@ KH~Ok. ^"^,
the gathering after unveiling the book. Mr. Narasimhan ^~^ Y =` '^"n#O #_Ok. ZO_"O\
respectfully bowed as he accepted a copy.
Ahobilam is a village in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh =OuQ WO^H~}~_ =~`Q xK#\H, D Y
and the over 600-year-old Muth is tucked away in the `y#O` =Ok |Ok H P# W|OkH~OQ< xK<~x
dense forests of the Nallamalai range of mountains in `Ok. ZO_"O\ Y O|OkOz# HH h MmQ<
the Eastern Ghats.
The author described the opportunity to write the L<~. ZO_"O\ Y `=xHOQ LO_e# '^iH
travelogue as one that was divine. i+`# `O U~@ K^. D H iHO
The book, he said, brought out many authentic and
researched information on Ahobilam and its deities. The LO_e# Hq+#~, iHOQ LO_e# H~^i (~"#-
last of the 12 divine saints - Thirumangai Azhwar, is said ZO_"O\) ~ . PiH Y H~^i Z<. t=OH~ ZO_"O\
to have done Mangalasasanam in Ahobilam during the H~^iQ#, Hq+#~Q# J^# ^` x~ =_
8th century. (The Hindu 28.6.2017)
^ ` xK < ~. ^O` P# J<H Xu =^ xK e

<< `eqQ"_x J#<"~ Z=Q "`~.

July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
=Ok. i<~OQ U~_ =# i+iOK_O } =z` #O
W|O^ Z^~=`<x `eOk. - ~.100 H@` } OH = i+` ^H - =^ `~
HP~ =Y=OuQ ^` f# `~` ^iH i= <H#< = 30 `O ~~f - }
i+` U~@ K~ _ [iQ~. D JOO HP~` = ^ ~R } OH = i+` K~ < H .q. ~=}Ki
^"^Y=Ou WO^H~}~_, ` ^~ Hq ^~^ E< 18 : =^`~ i= <H#<
~=}Ki, O|Ok` JkH~ K~ [i~. ^iH i+` } = ~R } OH= i+` ^~ 30
U~@ O|OkOz =~^ `xH OOzO^x U_k `O ~~f W"x x~~ OK=x ~R } OH = i+`
H`" JkH~ =~ ~<~. J~< W\=~ ^iH K~< Hg ~=}Ki "_OK~. z# i= `O
i+` U~@ H^. ZO_"O\ K@O H~O ^iH i+` W\H 25 `O a_ W#^x `e~. }
`xiQ U~@ Ke. qq^ ~OQ x`# D ^gH~} `# JO^* P^ W"x ~R
Hq\ Q, `H Px`Q xqOKx ~ =Y=Ou H. KO^Y~~= x"kH JOkOK=x, }
~<~. = _| _~O WO_ W"x x"k=x ~<~.
~ =Y=OuQ LO_Q 2009 _O|~ ~.100 H@` } OH= i+` ~^O OH=
" ^ \ ~ O ^ iH i + ` U~> O k. P ` ~ ` ^H# ~H# K=x `e~. Pk"~O ~gO^~u
~R } OH= i+` ~^O x~Oz# }
H~}=~~_ =Y=OuQ LO_Q 2014 |=i ~O_
= ^ H g ~=}Ki =\_~. ^O P~^
~O ^iH i+`# U~@ K~. H~}=~~_ HO U ~[huA_ Kx x =Y=Ou HP~
<`$`O U~># ^iH i+` `OQ} ~RO U~@ K~x, } =z` <x WK~x Ja#OkOK~.
`~` P\"\HQ ~^~Ok. HP~ `O U~># `~` U\ 40" =Ok } q^~ "i\ ~+#
J<H H~~+## , JH_g# U~@ K O _@O`@ H JO^*=x `e~. } = ~Q, >iOQ
=O_ x "\H H =O_# U~@ K =<~. O@~, =~H `s, q^O <H_O, ,
J~` ^"^Y ik LO_e# ^iH i+`# =`O KH~ O@~ ~OQ`@ _e =O\ "^ =
U~@ K^. Z ZO_"O\ K\x `OQ} `O _ H # x~OKx H~~. \s H tH} O^
^`^OQ J= KOk. 2014 E< 1= `n =~ J= q^~ "~ tH } Ok# HzOQ O@~ A
L# PO^^ Ki@| JO_ O^ ibl W<@+< s~O|~"O\ W=x, J~" O=`~ ^\# }
JO_ ZO_"O\ ^iH i+` ~ 2009# `OQ} ==$^ "^Y~ Ke=x K~. u }_H
`O J_ K#@ 2014 _O|~ 24# XH rF ~ .2 H =~ " ^ Y~ WK q^ O Q O#
(rF <O|~ 53) "=_Ok. JO> D ~ H~O ^iH ~OkOK=x "_OK~. 75 UO_ ^\# "^, PQ=,
i+`# `O U~@ Ke. O $` O_` < ~.2500 #< WKq^OQ `H
^"^ =Ou K~<Q LO_ D i+` 20 O# `~ K=x `e~. Jx l HO^ H}
=Okx Q, =~ U_Qix ` H Px`Q xqOK =O_, } "^< xiOKO^ K~ fO\=x
JkH~O `xH LOk. ^iH i+` U~@ K ` ~=}Ki K~. ~R QO^ i+` K~< Jz`O
Y*<Qh, ^"^ YQx PiHOQ ZO\ ~O N^~ =\_` `# =[O QiOz PzOK_O }
LO_^. qq^ ~OQ =Y Q LO_@O = =[ QuH x^~#=x ~<~. ~[ _ H<
^ " ^ Y# L Q _ q ^ O Q #_ H;HO`~= =\_` J~, L^Q "`# ==#
J=H<~. XHi ^iH i+` U~>` =_ =~ U~@ KO^ =Y=Ou HP~ `~ q^# H@#
^x Hiqu LO@Ok. K #<~x `e~. _b `OQ} ` uxk =^
U^< |"# H~}O` ^iH i+` U~@ HH` "}QKi =\_` # } = OY
#Q~ JkH~` Zy\" Hq\ xKe LO@Ok. ~Qx J<~. H~H=O } OH= i+` D"
D Hq\ xKe# Hg+#~, H~^i/ =YH~^i KO^"<, i+` ~ =~ K#, =Y=Ou
MmQ LO_@O` K W|OkH~"# iu U~_Ok. H~O P~" =#O *#~O~=, Z"b ~}O
\\ _ D" #O `OQ#x XH ^"O D"# f+, Y=O H~~@~ H;, *`, q^"` Ow`=~, }
" qu ~R J~H =Y J^ _ QOQ LO^~ , `OQ}
^iH i+` Zy\" Hq\ "O|~Q xqOKe
=uH ^#O^_ J+H ~"<, ~R
LO@Ok. P q^OQ _ `O xqOK^. `O "qu J^~ QOQ ~l`~, 31 l #Oz =z#
JkH~O L# HP~ D JOO `y# ^ fH"x } = O J^ , } = D ^
`OQ}x HHO H~`Ok. <~. (#= `OQ} 19.6.2017)
(PO^|q 13.6.2017)
J*#O H< x~HO =# Z= #+`=.
July '17 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 26 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 153 z~ r J#Q O 153

I PASSED ..... q ^` sH J#...

I stay in Kakinada. I lost one subject.
<# HH<_ x=<#. <# _w #
NAMAHA...mantra every day 108 times for
W~ XH sH `#. JC_ 'FO <~O
a period of one month. With the blessings =+#= J# =O`x ~A 108 ~ < ~A
of the Lord Balaji, I passed the exam when Kk"#. q"i ^` <# =m sH "
I wrote it again.
A Devotee XH ~, `.Q.l
East Godavari
Chant 28 times

No| y| \ | z \ @ o mz m To b Y oz @ @
H~g~~< <= ~* "< I ` ~} =`} Q`O #+O K ` II
Karthaveeryarjuno nama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Thasya Smarana Maathrena Gatham Nashtam cha Labhyathe||
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`~# =, == uiy aOK@ D Hx H` iOKO_.
Chant 28 times
Nz N N Nuz @ D Hx iOKO_.
: Nu N Y@@ = o [iy# Hx << P#` q_ fH"x
H"~ H= H= Hq< I x~~ Oz# =O Hx z~ q#_O [iyOk.
#= H=q~ H=~^~ K II ~E i< L<#. P~H~"# su = =^
Kaameshwaraya Kaamaya Kaamapalaya Kamine J=Q# iy K J<#OQ LO@<=.
Namaha Kaamavihaaraya Kaamarupa dharaayacha
Marriages get finalised by Chanting this Sloka. Also XH ~, =OQyi
this sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and = J=~H 38 U. Z< O|O^ =z< o
trust between couples.
q" , ~ ~ #_= u, SH=`xH ^~^. J~` D HO K# Hx ~A =Oz
=~_` o kiOk. XH ~,
QqO^... QqO^.... z~ r PxH >u# H[#O...
"~<^, E< 26 : P~^ ^=O, Hi# HiH f~ W"Q "QO^`# z~ r ^"O QqO^
<=~}` =~"yOk. =~ = ~=_O` q"ix ^iOK<O^ PxH ="~O JkH OY
`~e =K~. L^O #Oz O`O =~ PO ~n H#yOk. POx ~O_ iH_ xO_ |@ "#H
QO =~ # iyOk. QqO^ <=~}` ^" OQ}O =~yOk. L^O =O
^~}OQ L<, 9 QO@ `~"` XHiQ ~n iyOk. nO` u x`O ^"O x~OK 11, 108
^H} xe "~. ~n =OQ P =O_O #Oz ~O_ # ^~ =^~ ^~#O HeOK~. D O^~OQ
P J~ ~OQ~[< P qt+` , O^ ^~ O =Y`, ~f O $u O^ QiOz q=iOK~.
u XH~ P^uH`` * H~H= K_` Q=, @} O`` <HO@O^x `e~. W|O^
O_ ^~#O K< U~@ K~. ="~O `"~*=# q"iH * H~H= x~Oz HO`
Q~Q_ ^~< HeOK~. rx ^iOK# J#O`~O ^" OQ}O O^~~qx ^iOK<~.
="~O H=_O` qH Ja+HO K~. (PO^*u 27.6.2017)

=Oz =" =x+H JOH~O.

Date of Posting 6th & 7th 28 Date of Publication 1st of every month
Registered as a News Paper RNI. No. AP/BIL/2000/2474
Vol.18 VAK / JULY / 2017 Postal Registration No. HSE/738/2017-19 No.7
\T qm qm uWz uWm: The sacred feet of the Lord are purer than the purest. sv Ami points
out that the Deva, Siva attained Sivatva because of contact with the
uo uz To: t@ ganga. How powerful and purifying must bhagavan's feet be where
un Nmq uut u u the ganga originated? If bhagavan has to wash such holy feet before
placing them on the Paduka, how can one estimate the purity of the
Ym u\ umtuo :@@ Paduka indeed? (Paduka Sahasram)
[Q[## ~H} H} Oy< ~Oy} qx $+Oz, ~HOz, O K_xH OHeOK Q=O`_# N~OQu
q``= =k Q=` ^`^"I H J`O` q`"# ^HQx H` q#. t=`x HeyOK
t=` H~}H= uk= O^ O|Ok#O Q` Q QOQ` O|O^= # `# ^# Q = O`_ H_ QHx ^H#
^= K~}Ox[O }^^u` II `_QO\_. (^HO)
z~ r ^"xH xk.... ''_~b * O_^~ =~O_.
D O_H kQ= zOK|_# O KeO HiOK|_#.
1) SB A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of Hyderabad, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) (\ OH P ^~^, "~<^ Y,
~OQ~_ l) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated in any part of the Country.
2) SB A/c No. 091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Andhra
Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch PO^ OH, ^=OQ~O ("~<^ Y)) (R.R. Dist.) from any
branch of Andhra Bank situated in any part of the World. OKOx U O`O #O_< [= K=K.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara Bank,
113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. H#~ OH, 113, "~< ~_, =`#Q~, "~<^
=O_, ~OQ~_ l, from any branch of Canara Bank situated in any part of India. (=#^O x U O`O #O_< [= K =K.)
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with UCO
Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. H OH, z~ Oz, "~<^ =O_, ~OQ~_ l,
from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India. (=#^O x U O`O #O_< [= K =K.)
~.100/- Hh KeO Q D xkH [= K =K.
D ` xkx =~_xH O^ih HiOK=#kQ i<=. J HiOz H=~x OOkOK
qH}"# z~ * q^<x PKO^~O xeK `__#O^ P r H$ `=`~.
The Fund donations can be remitted in the Following Banks with the following Particulars:-
1) SB A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of Hyderabad, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad
situated in any part of the Country. IFSC Code 'SBHY0020637'.
2) SB A/c No.091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained
with Andhra Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch) (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of Andhra
Bank situated in any part of the World. IFSC Code 'ANDB0000911'.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara
Bank, 113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of Canara Bank situated in
India. IFSC Code 'CNRB0003063'.
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
UCO Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India.
IFSC Code 'UCBA0002473'.
Devotees can remit their contributions with a minimum of Rs.100/- to this Fund.
The Devotees who contribute to this Fund will have the blessings of the Lord Balaji for participating
in the continuation of this unique way of worship which inculcates Pure Devotion in the Temple system..
Andhra Bank Ph : 08417-252064, SBH Ph. : 08417-252071, Canara Bank : 08413-235088, UCO Bank Ph.: 08417-200023
All business communications and payments may
be addressed to The Manager VAK, 2-2-647/77/D, D.D. BOOK POST
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Ph : To STAMP
27425640. Only local cheques and DDs drawn in favour
of VAK will be accepted. Subscriptions can be sent
through money orders also. Give your correct address.
Owned, Edited, Printed and Published by : Dr. M.V. Soundara
Rajan, Advocate, 2-2-647/77/D, Andhra Bank Lane, Be-
side Karur Vysya Bank ATM, D.D. Colony, Bagh Amberpet,
Hyderabad-500 013; Website :
Phone : 27425640 Cell : 9246505058
Printed at : M/s. Vakdevi Printers, # 1-8-732/22/B,
N a l l a k u n t a , H y d -4 4 .
If undelivered please return to : VAK, 2-2-647/77/D, Hyderabad-500 013.

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