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Ms Beatrice Chong, Principal of Dunman Secondary School Angeline Tan , Class Chairman of Secondary 4B 10 June 2010

Report on Class Outing to celebrate the end of the school year I am the class chairman of Secondary 4B. Recently I have been tasked with organizing a day¶s outing in Singapore for the members of my class to celebrate the end of the school year. After many meetings with the class committee to discuss about this outing, we have finally reached a concensus on a class barbeque at Pasir Ris Park. Pasir Ris Park was chosen as it is in close proximity to the school and has options for many activities such as cycling, swimming and walking as well as picnic area where the class can hold their barbeque. This will cater to the diverse interests our class may have. A shuttle bus will be booked to ferry the students from school to Pasir Ris Park. This is so that the class can go as a group to their destination. This will also ensure nobody misses out on the fun because they have lost their way. We chose to have a barbeque at Pasir Ris Park as the scenery there is wonderful and it is easy for the class to move around to use the various facilities available there. In such a relaxing environment, the students will be able to enjoy the company of their friends and relieve the stress they faced in the run-up to the exams. Each student will have to pay about six dollars each, which will be used to pay for the shuttle bus as well as the food that would be catered for. Once we have reached our barbeque pits, the class will be split into groups of three, one group to set the fire for the pit, one group to cook and the last group to help out. The groups will rotate their tasks to allow everyone to interact and enhance their friendship. As this is a class outing, food is included hence the class need not worry about settling their own meals. It would also be different from the previous barbeques the class had attended before as it would be the first time having a barbeque with the whole class present. The form and co-form teacher will be accompanying us on this trip. As such parents need not worry as we will be in good hands. Our teachers will be able to guide us in our activities and be there for us should the need arise.

With the many advantages of this location, it can be seen the students will indeed have an enjoyable time and have a fulfilling trip and have fond memories of their time together. I hope you will take this into consideration and look at this suggestion favourably. Reported By : Angeline Tan

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